Thursday 31 August 2017

No 12100, Thursday 31 Aug 2017, Arden

1   Live with man without love and complain (6) BEMOAN {BE}{M{O}AN}
4   Family in panic, could it be cosmetic? (8) SKINCARE {S{KIN}CARE}
10 Knowing how to work out tan and cosign (9) COGNISANT {TAN+COSIGN}*
11 Right in step with judge (5) TRIER {T{R}IER}
12 Dupe, escape and retreat (7) CONVENT {CON}{VENT}
13 Fish and wine bottles — put two and two together (7) HADDOCK {H{ADD}OCK}
14 Cut back and forth, no union leader can demand (5) EXACT {AXE<=}{CuT}
15 Final count accepted and honoured (8) ENNOBLED {EN{NOBLE}D}
18 Endless noise — breaking into a song on the island (8) SARDINIA {lesS}{AR{DIN}IA}
20 After two times ring the muse (5) ERATO {ERA}{T}{O}
23 Fire dummy projectile, keep it subsonic (7) IMPEACH {1}{M{Pr...lE}ACH} Anno for I not clear See comments
25 The empty train moves — goes on and on (7) ITERANT {ThE+TRAIN}*
26 Curbs placed on vegetation (5) SCRUB*
27 A crowd gets wild perhaps when terrified (9) AWESTRUCK {A}WESTRUCK Anno pending (Addendum - {A}{WEST}{RUCK} - See comments)
28 Half the country live in ordinary surroundings, not getting paid (8) HONORARY {HO{NORway}ARY} Hoary/Ordinary?
29 "No sir, please send some of them back to jail" (6) PRISON [T<=]

1   Call frequency entered as one rode a bike (8) BICYCLED {BI{CYCLE}D}
2   Spy chief meets spy under a shade (7) MAGENTA {M}{AGENT}{A}
3   Daniel met cook who fed him (9) ALIMENTED*
5   Meat serf may play an advisory role (7,7) KITCHEN CABINET [DD] Serf or Safe?
6   Acknowledged promotion from day school (5) NOTED {D}{ETON}<=
7   Fat girl in a display (7) ADIPOSE {A}{DI}{POSE}
8   Vacancies at the top, make sure characters shout — bingo! (6) EUREKA {mAKE+sURE}*
9   A and the, articles in use — not a practical idea (6,2,3,3)  CASTLE IN THE AIR {A+THE+ARTICLES+IN}*
16 He guards the winner who gets increased payment (9) BEEFEATER {BEATER} over {FEE<=}
17 Hide difficult task — enter 'enter' (8) GOATSKIN {TASK}* in {GO IN}
19 Drug is good, one is hoping (7) ASPIRIN ASPIRINg
21 Warning signals as booze gets bottled, unfortunately (7) ALARUMS {ALA{RUM}S}
22 Provide uniform for half the academy, it's tacky (6) KITSCH {KIT}{SCHool}
24 Warning light, as child leaves the room (5) AMBER chAMBER


Wednesday 30 August 2017

No 12099, Wednesday 30 Aug 2017, Arden

9   Come forward with scheme (7) PROJECT [DD]
10 Kill and annex large country (7) ICELAND {ICE}{L}{AND}
11 Drunk retains wine (7) RETSINA*
12 Boeing design includes long base (7) IGNOBLE {L} in {BOEING}*
13 Order is a nice one, missing submission (9) OBEISANCE {OBE}{IS}{A}{NiCE}
15 Finally cabbage goes into head of cauliflower and salted (5) CURED {c...gE} in {CURD}
16 As per law, binding on one's associate (7) LEGALLY {LEG}{ALLY} Anno for LEG pending See comments :-)
19 Trained to agree on the mission (4,3) TOOK AIM {TO}{OK} {AIM}
20 Have lumps inside the soft palate (5) VELUM [T]
21 Very small but a negative cryptic clue (9) MINUSCULE {MINUS}{CLUE*} Didn't know of this variant spelling See comments
25 Following on money, used regularly (7) RETINUE {RE}{TIN}{UsEd}
26 Endless choice, like so many of his paintings (7) PICASSO {PICk}{AS}{SO} Semi&lit
28 Birds took on westbound Columbus, perhaps (7) GENOESE {GE{ON<=}ESE}
29 Nearly gone, taking hundred by stealth (7) LARCENY {C} in {NEARLY}* By stealth? See comments

1   Old wine, only here in European city (6) OPORTO {O}{PORT}{O}
2   Perhaps David's taken it up round his neck (3,3) BOW TIE  {IT<=} in {BOWE}
3   Food shipment reduced by 50% (4) DELI DELIvery
4   A kind of exertion (6) STRAIN [DD]
5   Hard working man, chasing capital (8) DILIGENT {DILI}{GENT}
6   Maybe precious metal is hoarded — extremely harmful (10) PERNICIOUS {NI} in {PRECIOUS}*
7   Possible terrain in the centre of the capital (8) CANBERRA {CAN BE}{teRRAin}
8   Supplement on lace curtains, basically clumsy (8) ADDENDUM {ADD}{END}{clUMsy}
14 Arsenal mad to play poker (10) SALAMANDER*
16 "Purchase large rum bottles, girl" (8) LEVERAGE {EVE} in {LARGE}*
17 Explosive language used in exclamation (8) GELATINE {LATIN} in {GEE}
18 Howled at setter in dreamy, confused state (8) YAMMERED {ME} in {DREAMY}*
22 Staff getting round up on weapon (6) NAPALM {M{LAP}AN}<=
23 Bad result in Northern Ireland (6) ULSTER*
24 Making money gets first priority — an example is Washington (6) EPONYM {Pr...y} in {MONEY}*
27 Complain about the missing picture on the mat (4) CARP CARPet


Tuesday 29 August 2017

No 12098, Tuesday 29 Aug 2017, Arden

1   Mineral rights included — means lower pound (6) CORRAL {CO{RR}AL}
4   Stop a stowaway coming into country (8) BOTSWANA {B{STOW*}AN}{A}
9   Minister and lawmaker have a patch-up (6) REVAMP {REV}{A}{MP} A for and? See comments
10 John’s house has birds (8) CANARIES {CAN}{ARIES}
12 Complaints from Mumbai suburbitems go missing regularly (8) MALADIES {MALAD}{ItEmS}
13 "Give evidence on total utility" they say (6) ADDUCE {ADD}{UCE}(~use)
15 Not expensive to admit parent, pay at the end for treatment (12) CHEMOTHERAPY {CHE{MOTHER}AP}{paY}
18 Two fruits in one (6,6) CHERRY TOMATO [CD]
21 Distant meteor showers (6) REMOTE*
22 Out on a limb? Take cover, save neck basically (8) INSECURE {INS{nECk}URE}
24 Bearings damaged, gate crashes (6,2) BARGES IN*
25 I'm back playing this shot (6) MISHIT {IM<=}{THIS*}
26 Shorter version of game? Engage county (8) CHESHIRE {CHESs}{HIRE}
27 Yanks go wild, injecting drug in a furtive manner (6) SNEAKY {E} n {YANKS}*

1   China relay race, associate announced (8) CERAMICS {RACE*}{MICS}(~ mix)
2   Arm over minister's girlfriend (8) REVOLVER {REV}{LOVER}<=
3   Well equipped to fight, tethered them to a building (5,2,3,5) ARMED TO THE TEETH*
5   Two rounds to lift stone (4) OPAL {LAP}{O}<=
6   He jokes about losing his seat (7,8) STANDUP COMEDIAN [CD]
7   A rain cloud, not black but threatening (6) ANIMUS {A}{NIMbUS}
8   Americans catch up with writer (6) AUSTEN {A}{US}{NET<=}
11 Cap on the hooter (7) LEGHORN  {LEG}{HORN}
14 Short border — one yard of inclusion is creating friction (7) FRAYING {FR{A}{Y}INGe}
16 Old woman's headscarf (8) BABUSHKA [DD]
17 City in UK — passage featured in business line (8) COVENTRY {CO}{VENT}{RY}
19 A teacher discards book about language (6) ARABIC {A}{RAbBI}{C}
20 Surface energy will blend (6) EMERGE {E}{MERGE}
23 One occupying vacant place by river landing (4) PIER {Pla{1}cE}{R}


Monday 28 August 2017

No 12097, Monday 28 Aug 2017, Arden

1   Pain goes away after winner gets the cake (8,6) VICTORIA SPONGE {VICTOR}{PAIN+GOES}*
10 Ship's engine part (5) LINER [DD]
11 Resolve to become a President (9) ROOSEVELT*
12 Give it up, offer it in other words (7) FORFEIT*
13 Additional measure taken to reach the farthest points (7) EXTREMA {EXTR{EM}A}
14 Composed hymn about poise of a young woman (5) NYMPH {NYM{P}H*}
16 Born on the day one goes for full replacement necessarily (9) NEEDFULLY {NEE}{D(-a+full)FULLY}
19 Breaking a bond and drinking wine — it’s torture (9) BASTINADO {ASTI} in {A+BOND}*
20 Stick to the law always (5) LEVER {L}{EVER}
22 Players have one in and one out of the game (7) CANASTA {C{AN}AST}{A}
25 Criminal goes outside to bug secret police (7) GESTAPO {GOES}* over {TAP}
27 Cow's wet, one goes to rock bottom (9) LOWERMOST {LOWER}{MOiST}
28 Colour touch — horse has it regularly (5) OCHRE {tOuCh+hOrSe}
29 Spooner’s happy, looking at cheating at the polls (14) GERRYMANDERING {(-m+g)GERRY}{(-g+m)MANDERING}

2   It maybe amusing to have a choice, but he doesn't know (9) IGNORAMUS {AMUSING}* over {OR}
3   Brief stay in Battersea (5) TERSE [T]
4   Indian businessman takes train, travels to a mythical place (9) RURITANIA {RUIA} over {TRAIN}*
5   Repent when you have lunch (5) ATONE {AT}{ONE}
6   Fill up ten fragments, they're more than enough (9) PLENTIFUL*
7   She’s relatively fine, taking drug (5) NIECE {NI{E}CE}
8   A true story about missing a peak for a creek (7) ESTUARY {A+TRUE+StorY}*
9   Organic compound busy protecting life forms (6) OLEFIN {ON} over {LIFE}*
15 Heard beneficiaries' appeal to keep the locks in place (4,5) HAIR SPRAY (~ heirs){HAIRS}{PRAY}
17 Happy to hold on, good when stretched (9) ELONGATED {EL{ON}{G}ATED}
18 Large built, have it with an even larger monstrosity (9) LEVIATHAN {L}{HAVE+IT}*{AN}
19 Support Indian people, work pending (7) BACKLOG {BACK}{LOG}
21 Ways to be heard in Greece (6) RHODES (~roads)
23 Post changed hands, it's relatively recent (5) NEWER NEWE(-l+r)R
24 Possibly no-go-area, one avoided the old market (5) AGORA {no-GO-AReA}*
26 Look minutely for Carbon in an acidic environment (5) SCOUR {S{C}OUR}


Sunday 27 August 2017

Special, Sunday 27 Aug 2017, Springer

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Gander hobbles around goose's empty cage (7)
5   Delhi uncle's doublet? (6)
11 Girls heard to have hang overs! (5)
12 Subject of French writer's study time (9)
13 Clean curb -unearth stone (9)
14 Animal enjoying popular flower (5)
15 Spot online agent (4)
17 Cry for  Zulu leader missing-dead (7)
21 Daily becoming more hygienic  (7)
22 Football club's progenitor (4)
26 Picture game I played  (5)
27 Phone talk that won't cost much (5-4)
29 Editor's in to purchase set of rules (9)
30 Wasim Akram perhaps loved exciting, fast, toe-crunching yorkers primarily (5)
31 Least error done in Sunday (6)
32 Bring in surreptitiously lame mules and horse pack (7)

2   Fifty six deliveries to Anushka's Kohli, say (5)
3   Think with hesitation at the gallery (6)
4   Score corner by captain (6)
6   Second man's grasp (8)
7   Pearl coat made for Antony's love (9)
8   Golds brought in paper's writer (6)
9   Master having drink with singer (7)
10 Requests for a quite chime on Sunday (7)
16 Ask old pot to make pattern (5,4)
18 American uncle's oriental present; for me too! (4-4)
19  Green-eyed, fervid Jack replaces Zulu (7)
20 They yank with pronounced ease (7)
23 Bobby's dent? (6)
24 Shout son! Best is to follow (6)
25 Aged girl returns having served time-many times (3
28 Legalised capital punishment is horrible (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at SPRINGER 6


The Sunday Crossword No 2958, Sunday 27 Aug 2017

1   Move right ahead, providing support for rider (7) STIRRUP {STIR}{R}{UP}
5   Influence delay in hearing (6) WEIGHT (~ wait)
10 Messy plate, smoothed, left out (11) DISHEVELLED {DISH}{lEVELLED}
11 Try to win without oxygen (3) WOO {W}{O}{O}
12 Limit creep (4) EDGE [DD]
13 Some scary, misshapen trees (9) SYCAMORES* How many here have visited the spot in this photo?
14 Job for five hundred I count involved in phase of film-making (4-10) POST-PRODUCTION {POST}-{PRO}{D}{I+COUNT}*
17 Nasty taunt sad people adored (3,2,1,8)  PUT ON A PEDESTAL*
20 Heroic expression of doubt about endless danger in pursuit of pleasure (9) EPICURISM {EPIC}{U{RISk}M}
22 Daring to ignore bishop, talk wildly (4) RAVE bRAVE
24 Firm time for bed (3) COT {CO}{T}
25 Planned translation of note in Latin (11) INTENTIONAL*
26 Work hard in effort to get prize (6) TROPHY {TR{OP}{H}Y}
27 Echo followed by answer in open gorge (7) OVEREAT {OVER{E}{A}T} E/Echo from NATO phonetics

1   Froth from south of France, latest from Cannes (4) SUDS {SUD}{c...eS}
2   Home team blossoming thoroughly (6,3) INSIDE OUT {IN}{SIDE} {OUT}
3   Return again and stagger European court (2-5) RE-ELECT {REEL}{E}{CT}
4   Quiet resolution on certain aims in sensitive areas (8,6) PRESSURE POINTS {P}{RES}{SURE} {POINTS}
6   Common tip with villainy rising? Run away (7) ENDEMIC {END}{CrIME<=}
7   Travel west, climbing about in part of Wales (5) GOWER {GO}{W}{RE<=}
8   Number with you on beach? (8) THOUSAND {THOU}{SAND}
9   Opera singer in mood, idol pacing restlessly (7,7) PLACIDO DOMINGO*
15 New commercial vehicle restricted by freeze beforehand (2,7) IN ADVANCE {I{N} {AD}{VAN}CE}
16 Punch from senior hack? (8) UPPERCUT {UPPER}{CUT}
18 Demeanour I shall partially sustain (7) NOURISH [T]
19 User, not first with bad habit in use (7) SERVICE {uSER}{VICE}
21 Keen on including rook in opening (5) INTRO {INT{R}O}
23 Blemish in book collection (4) BLOT {B}{LOT}


Saturday 26 August 2017

No 12096, Saturday 26 Aug 2017, Buzzer


1   Casual wear, straight out a good fit (1-5) T-SHIRT {STRaIgHT}*
5   Support group left off a young one (4,3) BEAR CUB {BEAR}{ClUB}
9   T-square use for instance (7,7)  SURFACE TENSION {USE+FOR+INSTANCE}* T is on surface of Tension? See comments
11 Freshwater mammals rest when temperature gets hot (6) OTTERS {OT(-h+T)ERS}

12 Ridicule penned ably by Goldsmith for one (8) JEWELLER {JE{WELL}ER}
13 Dramatic works of Shakespeare popular all-round (5) OPERA (T<=)
14 Recipe of publisher to make savoury snacks (9) BHELPURIS {PUBLISHER*}

16 Brexit perhaps is all about ultimately unwanted quarrel with European Union to leave victor (5,4) VOGUE WORD {{unwanteD}{ROW} {EU}{GO}{V}}<=
18 KO’s resulting in grunts? (5) OINKS {KOS}={O} in {KS} = {OINKS}
20 I had gone through Sholay front to back in leisure time (8) HOLIDAYS {(-s)HOL{I'D}AY(+S)}
22 One feeling sentimental for very fine couple (6) SOFTIE {SO}{F}{TIE}
24 Crafty writer to term one plot — nothing hard (11,3) CALLIGRAPHY PEN {CALL}{I}{GRAPH}{hY PhEN}

25 To gripe uncontrollably, that inflates self-importance for some (3-4) EGO TRIP {TO+GRIPE}*
26 Encouragement for Spanish learner taking very English GCSE exam (1-5) O-LEVEL {O-LE}{V}{E}{L}


2   Close by regular topline public transport (7) SHUTTLE {SHUT}{TopLinE}
3   Blowing top off, quantifier for anger? (9) INFURIATE {qUANTIFIER}*
4   Staple course (4) TACK (DD)
5   Part with drug, stopping craze and finishing, however unpleasant it is (6,3) BITTER END {BIT}{T{E}R END}
6   Name for woman or women taking care of children endlessly (5) ANNIE {nANNIEs}
7   Chapter getting more feverish in exciting story (7) CHILLER {CH}{ILLER}
8   10 is 2 here? (6,6) BINARY SYSTEM (CD)
10 From limo to RV, eh I clean any conveyance (5,7) MOTOR VEHICLE (T) See comments
14 Express disapproval by rejecting role of mine (5,4) BOOBY TRAP {BOO}{BY} {PART<=}
15 Pope to try dancing for example (9) PROTOTYPE {POPE+TO+TRY}*
17 Gravity a little lower, not oddly, going up for an astronomer (7) GALILEO {G}{A}{L'IL}{lOwEr<=}
19 Letter about girl being absent (3,4)  NOT HERE {NOT {HER}E}
21 Appliance in a club to turn down volume (5) DRIER {DRIvER}
23 Till//able? (2,2) UP TO (DD)

Reference list  

Good=G, Left=L, Temperature=T, Hot=H, European Union=EU, Victor=V, I had=I'd, Fine=F, One=I, Hard=H, Encouragement for Spanish=Ole, Learner=L, Very=V, English=E
Drug=E, Chapter=Ch, Gravity=G, Little=Li'l, Girl=Her, Volume=V

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 25 August 2017

No 12095, Friday 25 Aug 2017, Gridman


1   Author possessing Central leader's work in printout (4,4) HARD COPY {Ce...l}{OP} in {HARDY}
5   Follow a daughter going into exhibition (6) SHADOW {SH}{A}{D}OW}
9   The first priest's restless — one who might give inside information (7) TIPSTER {The}{PRIEST*}
10 Taking care of man in department with wild flu (7) MINDFUL {M}{IN}{D}{FLU*}
11 One who is necessarily driven (9) PASSENGER [CD]
12 Right-hand page on court's order (5) RECTO {RE}{CT}{O}
13 Branches spring from this genealogical chart (4) TREE [CD]
14 Sundry recall of leader, causing amusement (9) DIVERSION {DIVERS}{NO1<=}
17 Entered, having had a terrible bash, seeking bathroom facility (9) WASHBASIN {BASH*} in {WAS IN}
19 A small measure of rounds (4) AMMO {A}{MM}{O}
23 Happen to be commanding officer's incomplete remedy (5) OCCUR {OC}{CURe}
24 Ignorant, without any illumination (2,3,4) IN THE DARK [C&DD]
25 America in a spot to keep going (7) SUSTAIN {S{US}TAIN}
26 No to working for 24 hours — only 12 (7) NOONDAY {NO}{ON}{DAY}
27 Constant sufferer to destroy try-out (6) MARTYR {MAR}{TRY*}
28 You and I will take food, reportedly of good stock (4-4) WELL-BRED {WE'LL}-{BRED}(~bread)

1   Head office has model posts established in zones of conflict (3,5) HOT SPOTS {HO}{T} {POSTS}*
2   Tripos team does have a quick answer (7) RIPOSTE [T]
3   Peasant farmer caught with mammal (6) COTTER {C}{OTTER}
4   Digression by father in France coming to grips (no afterthought) with country (13) PEREGRINATION {PERE}{GRIps}{NATION}
6   Vandal gets locks of Diana, for one (8) HUNTRESS {HUN}{TRESS}
7   Actually, old author's unfinished work locked inside (2,5) DE FACTO {DEFOe} over {ACT}
8   Moving part in a film? (4-2) WALK-ON [DD]
10 This won't do for a person's life to be considered great (4,9) MERE EXISTENCE [CD]
15 Drugstore organises a march in the limits of Pondy (8) PHARMACY {A+MARCH}* in {Po...rY}
16 Bird seen to be crooked (8) COCKEYED {COCK}{EYED}
18 One who makes a chargea small measure by customer (7) ACCUSER {A}{CC}{USER}
20 Gridman and Cockney woman ramble (7) MEANDER {ME}{AND}{'ER}
21 Briefly raise problem of a marsupial (6) POSSUM {POSe}{SUM}
22 Shrink back from dirty core — almost sick (6) RECOIL {CORE*}{ILl}


Thursday 24 August 2017

No 12094, Thursday 24 Aug 2017, Gridman

1   Son's caught — bound to be in need of money (8) STRAPPED {S}{TRAPPED} Two defintions
6   Fiddles by company partners (4) CONS {CO}{N}{S}
9   Ignores loss of direction in parts of the crossword (6) LIGHTS sLIGHTS
10 Nothing right with ferocious dog, maybe — it goes round and round (7) ORBITER {O}{R}{BITER}
13 Patience an elector developed and displayed (9) TOLERANCE*
14 Cine disaster sets off emotion in relative (5) NIECE {CINE*}{Em...n}
15 Despot, losing cart in crash, gets another vehicle (4) AUTO AUTOcrat
16 No good space? Sort out first — it has to be a safe place (10) STRONG ROOM {SORT*}{NG} {ROOM}
19 Army officer, alas, loses head in a statement that lacks details (10) GENERALITY {GENERAL}{pITY}
21 Get news of vital organ losing its edge (4) HEAR HEARt
24 Rex, in small projection, has to pay for everyone (5) TREAT {T{R}EAT}
25 Make more than one range in different piles (9) PLURALISE {URAL} in {PILES}*
26 Hell! Finer settlement meets with refusal (7) INFERNO {FINER*}{NO}
27 Water-heater from big crude carrier (6) BOILER {B}{OILER}
28 Tell trade union to brighten (4) GILD (~guild)
29 Banner: King goes aboard ship (8) STREAMER {ST{R}EAMER}

2   Journey allowed for one in a big carriage, perhaps (7) TRIPLET {TRIP}{LET}
3   Wood and roe scattered on the beach (6) ASHORE {ASH}{ROE*}
4   Wrong stop somewhere in South Africa in period after birth (9) POSTNATAL {STOP*}{NATAL}
5   Herd chauffeured (5) DROVE [DD]
7   Busy, stopping nowhere (2,3,2) ON THE GO [CD]
8   Indian woman abstainer goes over fifth brand in public shopping area (6,6) STREET MARKET {STREE}{T {MARK}{abcdE}T}
11 Good, live with as many as grahas, say (6) BENIGN {BE}{NIGN}(~ nine)
12 It is odd — will it result in night? (7,5) STRANGE THING {NIGHT}* [RA]
17 Make public an issue and have numerical advantage (9) OUTNUMBER {OUT}{NUMBER}
18 A Tamil leader is caught between two alternatives for speaker (6) ORATOR {OR}{A}{Tamil}{OR}
20 Paying attention, husband leaves for new requisite (7) NEEDFUL (-h+n)NEEDFUL
22 Its look is no good (4,3) EVIL EYE [CD]
23 Plate creature tossed up (6) LAMINA <=
25 Devout supplement about debt notice (5) PIOUS {P{IOU}S}


Wednesday 23 August 2017

No 12093, Wednesday 23 Aug 2017, Gridman

1   Rajini, for one, who ensures a large audience (5-6) CROWD-PULLER [CD]
9   Worker's back, carrying an Indian wrap, for an empress (7) TSARINA {ANT<=} over {SARI}
10 Bad dogs, say, among a set of fishermen, say (7) BAITERS (~biters ?) Not sure if this is right (Addendum - {B{A}ITERS} - See comments)
11 Mean person is dumped in French river (5) MISER {M{IS}ER} I thought Mer in French is Sea?
12 Odd sort of fighter? (9) IRREGULAR [DD]
13 Put back into shape fire-damaged top of turret (5) REFIT {FIRE*}{Tu...t}
15 Mother finds the French Right bungling (9) MALADROIT {MA}{LA}{DROIT}
18 Story is of local resident going round a luxury car (9) NARRATIVE {N{A}{RR}ATIVE}
21 A section, in short, is skilled (5) ADEPT {A}{DEPT}
22 It may go to the dull-headed (6,3) DUNCES CAP [CD]
24 Miss West has ultraviolet shade (5) MAUVE {MA{UV}E}
26 Somehow I must start living with essentially big activity promoters (7) STIMULI {I+MUST}*{Li...g}{bIg}
27 Divert tourer racing to the East (7) REROUTE {TOURER*}{E}
28 Peeling hood discarded — put away where it may belong (11) PIGEONHOLED*

1   Tin goes across English river in this boat (9) CATAMARAN {CA{TAMARA}N} Is the river Tamara or Tamar?
2   Approves timeless wine variety, begins settling (5) OKAYS {tOKAY}{Se...g}
3   I get a raid foiled, by the grace of God (3,6) DEI GRATIA*
4   Element makes posh queen essentially chummy (7) URANIUM {U}{RANI}{chUMmy}
5   Free artist involved in defamation (7) LIBERAL {LIBE{RA}L}
6   Regretting bankruptcy, with a little gravity (5) RUING {RUIN}{G}
7   Thoroughly cooked! Sabaash! (4-4) WELL-DONE [DD]
8   He employs you and me with odd leer (4) USER {US}{lEeR}
14 Forces in a revamp connected with court (8) FORENSIC*
16 Not a parade for the living (4,5) DEAD MARCH [CD]
17 LET edited dubious property document (5,4) TITLE DEED*
19 Moving slowly in great part of a country with girl (7) INCHING {IN}{CHINa}{G}
20 Seaport dispatched grass (7) ESPARTO*
22 Time of day that had us kneeling in part (4) DUSK [T]
23 Provide a shade of elegance to joke (5) EQUIP {El...e}{QUIP}
25 A learner goes after American university that is regular (5) USUAL {US}{U}{A}{L}


Tuesday 22 August 2017

No 12092, Tuesday 22 Aug 2017, Gridman

1   Admirer and karate competitor attempt Spanish dance (8) FANDANGO {FAN}{DAN}{GO}

5   Destroyer vehicle used by Indian party (6) VANDAL {VAN}{DAL}
9   You've to give it to prove who you are (8) IDENTITY [CD]
10 Delivery charges? (6) RANSOM [CD]
12 For one, that is Sri Lanka — in the middle (4) ISLE {I{SL}E} Semi&lit
13 Preliminary task has gone through the mill without extreme risk (10) GROUNDWORK {GROUND}{WO}{RisK}
15 At first, boys in school took rolls out of restaurant... (6) BISTRO Acrostic
17 ... and put in pouch the Spanish breakfast item (5) BAGEL {BAG}{EL}
20 Six brought under cover are angry (5) LIVID {LI{VI}D}
21 Change men at university gallery (6) MUTATE {M}{U}{TATE}
24 A rule that may not be known for civility (7,3) MARTIAL LAW [CD]
27 Just charge, we're told (4) FAIR (~fare)
29 Sweet emergence from IGNOU gathering (6) NOUGAT [T]
30 Desis' strange movement over said judge is aslant (8) SIDEWAYS {DESIS}* over {WAY}(~weigh)
31 Be curious about wife leaving for the unknown over there (6) YONDER (-w+y)YONDER
32 Rough, according to setter, with extremes of temerity (8) ASPERITY {AS PER}{I}{Te...tY}

1   Female's stiff and cold (6) FRIGID {F}{RIGID}
2   Want the French stylus? (6) NEEDLE {NEED}{LE}
3   Being pretentious, do leave out pawn (4) ARTY pARTY
4   Reptile found by girl on a mountain (5) GATOR {G}{A}{TOR}
6   Honour a tie-up (5) AWARD {A}{DRAW<=}
7   Digger so worked up as to pour out (8) DISGORGE*
8   Mile travelled by relative to get large oven (4,4) LIME KILN {MILE}* {KI{L}N}
11 Leave home in a hurry, having no provisions whatever? (3,3) RUN OUT [DD]
14 Chance upon flipper on far end of mound (4) FIND {FIN}{m..nD}
16 Roll over — with son, it will be nearly a fall (6) TUMBLE sTUMBLE
17 Quick snack may be dentist's request (4) BITE [DD]
18 Readiness to forgive fellows involved in cycle collapse (8) CLEMENCY {MEN} in {CYCLE}*
19 Upset open vessel (8) OVERTURN {OVERT}{URN}
22 After Oriental greeting, one put away a sausage (6) SALAMI {SALAaM}{1}
23 Father, with old pen, is cold and unfriendly (6) FROSTY {FR}{O}{STY}
25 Buccaneer, on losing power, is angry (5) IRATE pIRATE
26 Pitiful expression about one's false identity (5) ALIAS {AL{1}AS}
28 Party by model-in-charge (4) FETE {FE{T}E}


Monday 21 August 2017

No 12091, Monday 21 Aug 2017, Spinner

1   THOSE WHO PUT UP GROUP OF HOUSES FOR RENT? (5,7) BLOCK LETTERS {BLOCK} {LETTERS} & Definition by example or REBUS - See comments
10 Pan graduate’s mistake (5) BASIN {BA}{SIN}
11 Utter curse ceaselessly to change shape (9) STRUCTURE {UTTER+CURSe}*
12 University’s top lady kidnapped by two knights? That’s rough! (6) UNEVEN {Un...y}{N}{EVE}{N}
13 Quotes by nearly forgotten wise men (8) PASSAGES {PASt}{SAGES}
15 Obliterated legal document to hide problematic story (9) DESTROYED {DE{STORY*}ED}
16 Leave out classroom items/bottles (4) OMIT [T]
20 Keep quiet about you and me in hotels! (4) HUSH {H}{US}{H}
21 Emerging software destroyed in rage (9) APPEARING {APP}{IN+RAGE}*
24 Aroused by gyration done kinkily (6,2) TURNED ON {TURN}{DONE*}
26 Unending onslaught with hard strap (6) ATTACH {ATTACk}{H}
28 Renovate crumbling dome’s surface with resin, at last (9) MODERNISE {DOMEs*}{RESIN*} (Addendum - {DOME*}{R{resiN}ISE} - See comments)
29 Almost overwhelmed by course (5) ROUTE ROUTEd
30 She caters to arrangement with the heart of a soprano, scores music! (12) ORCHESTRATES {SHE+CATERS+TO}* over {sopRano}

2   Frolicking, less inert audience (9) LISTENERS*
3   Shows firms taking over Indian Educational organisation (8) CONCERTS {NCERT} in {COS}
4   Final bomb fails to take off (4) LAST bLAST
5   Pressurised, making a dent there! (10) THREATENED*
6   Changed sexes to overcome primarily chauvinistic overindulgence (6) EXCESS {SEXES}* over {Ch...c}
7   Hurt, upset, crazy girl! (5) STUNG {NUTS<=}{G}
8   One upside down container having ring around (5) ABOUT {A}{TU{O}B<=}
9   God protects disheartened nuns, giving solidity (7) DENSITY {DE{NunS}ITY}
14 Cops memoir altered to get deal (10) COMPROMISE*
17 Adult drinks a bit of Indian native intoxicant, becomes baby (9) MINIATURE {M{In...n}{Na...e}{In...t}ATURE}
18 Extremely rubbish myths busted by recurring patterns (7) RHYTHMS {Ru...sH}{MYTHS*}
19 Note practice bringing up voice standards (8) CRITERIA {C}{RITE}{AIR<=}
22 Spinner’s endless deception — The standard to compare against! (6) METRIC {ME}{TRICk}
23 Perhaps, there’s a crowd? (5) THREE*
25 Commercial appearing in city’s broadcast medium (5) RADIO {R{AD}IO}
27 Make a crossword about cool community (4) SECT {SE{C}T}


Sunday 20 August 2017

Special, Sunday 20 Aug 2017, Dr Satyen Nabar

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM.
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

6   Stand and obstruct (5)
7   Cancel decision to spend too much time on horseback (8)
10 Cheat, lie endlessly? Become scrupulous (7)
11 Versatile Creole, originally Greek artist (2, 5)
12 Complete mutation of lice with similarly placed gene variants (7)
13 Fickle drug courier conceals pill (7)
14 What my agent having power of attorney can do is remarkable (11) (Note: Clue edited here but not in Across Lite version)
19 Warning of danger, fled desperately wearing tattered cloth (3, 4)
21 Pus collection? To operate, pay me thousand extra at first (7)
23 Place offering best view to notice fleeing beauty (7)
25 Hot in Vegas? Usually it’s butter (2, 1, 4)
26 Abstain from food, become lean? Hectic life (4, 4)
27 Accessory of a Mafia member kidnaps daughter (3-2)

1   Characters taking shower to get rid of bedbug at squalid places (8)
2   Bottle of astonishingly colourless liquid used as antifreeze (6)
3   Lively reprimand (10)
4   Bare in pond (4)
5   Boy raved about modifying word (6)
6   It goes up and down! Understand? Understood (6)
8   Breeze great at yacht races (7)
9/17 Many work too hard, get stroke (5, 5)
13 One can’t score with young lady above (6, 4)
15 Fearless monster disregarding bit of injury captures everybody (7)
16 They help climbers repair tool shed (8)
17 See 9
18 Killed for having lost honour (6)
20 Disturbed dealing endlessly with rejection (6)
22 Blueprint with detailed design of flat (6)
24 Supermodel angelically shows poise (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at Dr SN 15


The Sunday Crossword No 2957, Sunday 20 Aug 2017

1   Game reserve captured by writer, opening out (8) CRIBBAGE {sCRIB{BAG}E}
5   Dispute bringing strikes about (4) SPAR<=
10 Child led by mother to become builder (5) MASON {MA}{SON}
11 Inherited bric-a-brac finally in a home artist left (9) ANCESTRAL {A}{N{b...aC}EST}{RA}{L}
12 Warning about bone I name wrongly in humorous story (5,3,2,1,4) THREE MEN IN A BOAT {BONE+I+NAME}* in {THREAT}
13 Took off from Maine, going west, having wandered around (7) REMOVED {R{ME<=}OVED}
15 Petty details in dogma I virtually reversed (6) TRIVIA [T<=]
17 One fishing in lake consumed by exasperation (6) ANGLER {ANG{L}ER}
19 Element of false humility not unknown (7) LITHIUM HUMILITy*
21 Actually in bad form, fat cat at sea (2,1,6,2,4) AS A MATTER OF FACT*
23 Arise and make speech about island spirit (9) ORIGINATE {OR{I}{GIN}ATE}
24 Flower ending in display behind platform (5) DAISY {DAIS}{d...aY}
25 Speaker's way of walking, making entrance (4) GATE (~gait)
26 Can old favourites, coming back, hurry up? (4,2,2) STEP ON IT {TI N}{O} {PETS}<=

1   Burial ground encountered between church and eastern railway (8) CEMETERY {CE}{MET}{E}{RY}
2   Play recruit, receiving thanks led by popular player (15) INSTRUMENTALIST {IN}{STRUM}{EN{TA}LIST}
3   Begin disorderly spree (5) BINGE*
4   State of India with leader in authority (2-5) GO-AHEAD {GOA}{HEAD}
6   Embodiment of spirit once in a broadcast (15) PERSONIFICATION*
7   Connect with engineers behind schedule (6) RELATE {RE}{LATE}
8   Text about split accepted by saint (6) SCRIPT {S{C}{RIP}T}
9   Writer with influence in fight, not right (8) ESSAYIST {rES{SAY}IST}
14 Explosive in large container carried by express, mostly (8) VOLCANIC {L}{CAN} in {VOICe}
16 Satisfied with hotel in fantastic stay? It's a gem (8) AMETHYST {MET}{H} in {STAY*}
18 Trade union in retreat overturned custom (6) RITUAL {RI{TU}AL<=}
19 Greatest finish from scorer, for example, coming up in final (7) LARGEST {LA{s...eR}{EG<=}ST}
20 Excerpt from Caesar on Gallic garment (6) SARONG [T]
22 Agent, out of bed, tired (3,2) FED UP {FED} {UP}


Saturday 19 August 2017

No 12090, Saturday 19 Aug 2017, Aspartame

9   Performance money Mets guys, union squandered on repairing windows, maybe (9,6) OPERATING SYSTEM  {OPERA}{TIN}{METS+GuYS}*
10 Briefly release gas to control riot that has been created by Mexicans (7) BURRITO {BURp}*{RIOT}*
12 Passport and note Chinese people took out for United States citizen (7) IDAHOAN {ID}{A}{H{O}AN} Anno pending See comments 
13 Guys are not able to accept princess becoming a beggar woman (9) MENDICANT {MEN}{DI}{CANT}
14 Nine-voiced musical composition about a piece of wood (5) TENON <= Definition is a bit of a stretch
15 Prankster gets seduced by volunteers having note, becomes plaything (7) TIMPANI {T{IMP}A}{NI}
18 Change the appearance of steel railway trains (7) RESTYLE {STEEL+RY}
21 Racecourse has cottages inside (5) ASCOT [T]
23 Measure of canine velocity — a true function (9) CURVATURE {CUR}{V}{A+TRUE}*
25 It is required for us to listen to somewhat fathom all EU sanctions (7) MALLEUS [T]
26 Fancy piece of music (7) CAPRICE [DD]
29 Lineman? (9,6) TIGHTROPE WALKER [CD]

1   Search for makeup aid (4) COMB [DD]
2   Abuse comedian lacking main content (4) JEER JEstER
3   Church built using barium and quartz (8) BASILICA {BA}{SILICA}
4   I'm about to consume starters of snack & drink (6) MIMOSA {IM<=}{saMOSA}
5   Often got retail dresses that are sparkling (8) AGLITTER {GoT+RETAIL}*
6   He reportedly is on par with resistance worker? On the contrary (6) TYRANT (~tie){TY}{R}{ANT} Par/Tie? Definition?
7   Lawyer at medieval competition audition (8) ATTORNEY {AT}{TORNEY}(~tourney)
8   Notable presenter almost admitted playing with entertainment leaders (8) EMINENCE {EM{IN}{ENtertainment}CEe}
11 Starts to use the experimental results in creating organs (5) UTERI Acrostic
15 Cooked meats for colleague (8) TEAMMATE {MEAT+MEAT}*
16 Setter's self-effacing diary entry — 'Study' (8) MYCOLOGY {MY}{CO{LOGY} {MY}{CO{LOG}Y} See comments
17 Cut thief gets is one-thirds of income upfront (8) INCISION {INcome}{C{IS}{1}ON}
19 Press to impeach government duty (5,3) STAMP TAX {STAMP} {TAX} Impeach /Tax? See comments
20 Mellow poem (5) LYRIC [DD]
22 Bush t-told convention... (6) TREATY (~ tree t)
24 ..."Right wings' coke usage to go up quickly" (6) ROCKET {COKE}* in {RighT}
27 Troublesome to clean street that's unclean (4) ICKY stICKY
28 It lets you buy our oriental designs (4) EURO {OUR+E}*

Friday 18 August 2017

No 12089, Friday 18 Aug 2017, KrisKross

1   Pop off to participate in race — it's not hard (6) FLOPPY {FL{POP*}Y}
4   Inexperienced girl ran into criminal (8) IGNORANT {G+RAN+INTO}*
10 Control the others outside school (9) RESTRAINT {RES{TRAIN}T}
11 Bird, first from England to go around the world (5) DRAKE [DD] First was Magellan See comments
12 Incentives limit us, unfortunately (7) STIMULI*
13 They are involved in rows every day (7) OARSMEN [CD]
14 Understand it could be anything from 0 to 9 (5) DIGIT {DIG}{IT}
15 How to make taco for a traitor? (8) TURNCOAT {TACO}* [RA]
18 Practice on vehicle, for the ultimate ride (8) REHEARSE {RE}{HEARSE}
20 Like to arrange one's home, say (5) ASSET {AS}{SET}
23 Unprofessional friend in a city of ancient Mesopotamia (7) AMATEUR {A}{MATE}{UR}
25 Shake three times, adding a drop of milk inside (7) TREMBLE {TRE{Milk}BLE}
26 Intensify beginning of rapid change in India, after leader is removed (5) RAISE {Ra..d}{pAISE}
27 Pant, tired, worn and scared (9) TREPIDANT*
28 Drinking cups in brown, dark, blue, and a shade of silver (8) TANKARDS {TAN}{DARK*}{Si...r}
29 Setter and the lady had become engaged (6) MESHED {ME}{SHE'D}

1   Evergreen tree finally dies…perhaps it could provide warmth (8) FIRESIDE {FIRE}{DIES*} (Correction - {FIR}{treE}{DIES*} - See comments)
2   Coup — essentially, a covert operation for removing leader (7) OUSTING {cOUp}{STING}
3   Leg spin? (9) PIROUETTE [CD]
5   What you do while playing in the beach to get experience (3,4,4,3) GET YOUR FEET WET [DD]
6   Stranger from revolutionary Communist party (5) ODDER {RED}{DO}<=
7   Following a treatment for amnesia, son dies — it could be a life-threatening condition (7) ANAEMIA {A}{AMNEsIA}*
8   Maid from bar near small US city (6) TWEENY {T}{WEE}{NY}
9   Reprinted items could be understood wrongly (14) MISINTERPRETED*
16 Auditor's notices to cashier for an amicable settlement (5-4) CEASE-FIRE (~sees){CEASE}-{FIRE} Nice one. My COD
17 Gave evidence — "Had to win cricket match by fraud eventually" (8) ATTESTED {AT{TEST}E}{f..uD}
19 Daughter perhaps runs away to get happiness (7) ELATION rELATION
21 Back in Calais, sailor gets a shower and time to rest (7) SABBATH {c...iS}{AB}{BATH}
22 Struggling actor wins Oscar ultimately — it's an incentive for performance (6) CARROT {ACTOR}* over {o..aR}
24 Swelling a bit, excitedly made out (5) EDEMA {Ex...y}{MADE*}