Thursday 31 October 2013

No.10918, Thu 31 Oct 2013, Mover

Mover gives you an opportunity to move in sync with the Mariachi, with copperheads and dovetails !

1 Bouncer coming back for ID (7) NAMETAG (GATEMAN<)
          Rare full word reversal !
5 Condensed agreement (7) COMPACT (2)
          I thought of Contract first and ran out of space, so I had to further reduce it
8 Timid gentleman clutches fly (5) MIDGE (T)
9 Napoleon at a distance, wearing an off-white colour (9) BONAPARTE (APART wearing BONE)
11 Bemired post for a staid conservative? (5,2,3,3) STICK IN THE MUD CD,DD
13 Medicine man producing counterfeit article (6) SHAMAN (SHAM AN)
16 Overwhelm one sister keeping tryst (8) INUNDATE (1 NUN DATE)
          Yesterday, too, we were Inundated ! Truly, it does not rain, but pours
18 Somehow twice I charm a group of Mexican musicians (8) MARIACHI (IX2 CHARM A)*

19 Over-producer could provide capital cover (6) BOWLER (2)=cricket player/hat
24 Mortality census perhaps for sailing blindly (4,9) DEAD RECKONING (2)
26 Quacking civil servants? (9) MANDARINS (CD) ref to ducks and bureaucrats
          Some turn out to be quacks and some turn out to be toadies
27 Roman goddess fifty found in meeting-places (5) FLORA (L in FORA)
28 Set of baby’s clothes even in the past (7) LAYETTE (YET in LATE)
29 Loose coat for a wan-looking toddler (7) PALETOT (PALE TOT)

1 Siemens could be a source of harm (7) NEMESIS (SIEMENS*)
2 Wine and cheese brought back to revolutionary group? (7) MADEIRA (EDAM< IRA)
3 Adjust to initially having very little strength (5) TWEAK (T WEAK)
4 Board-game sounds as if it could explode (6) GOBANG (GO BANG)
5 Child’s play on a tree (8) CINCHONA (CINCH ON A)
          Remembered the old malaria days !
6 Biting copperhead found in desert conditions (5) ACRID (C in ARID)
7 Ranks knot makers (5) TREES (2) = organisation charts / trees make knots (Addendum - TIERS [DD] - See comments)
10 Irrational men to get pepper (7) PIMENTO (PI MEN TO)
12 Dovetail at end of animal enclosure may result in inflamed swelling (4) STYE (E at the end of STY)
14 Equal share in a fishing ground, reportedly (4) HAAF (~HALF)
          New word for me. Had to cheat for this!
15 Watch tower at a secular academy (7) ATALAYA (AT A LAY A)
          And this!
17 Incendiary gas entering an isopteran (8) THERMITE (H entering TERMITE)
20 Explained how ill-behaved fellow accepted help (4,3) LAID OUT (LOUT accepted AID)
21 Heading off with child leading (7) REGNANT (pREGNANT)
22 Catsup in a salad; What a fellow does to give trouble? (4,2) ACTS UP (CATSUP*)
23 Lawrence of Arabia’s transport arrived and left (5) CAMEL (CAME L)

24 Shabby, dirty-looking boat (5) DINGY (2)
25 Refuse dyke-builder left (5) OFFAL (OFFA L)

Wednesday 30 October 2013

No 10917, Wednesday 30 Oct 2013,Scintillator

Scintillator in tune with the NE monsoon. Missing the lightning though :-)
1   Potter possibly is no wizard, in retrospect (6) ORPHAN {ORP}{HAN}<=
4   Relative’s about to get married in the States (5,3) UNCLE SAM {UNCLE S}{A}{M}
9   Capital is excessive and unavailable, mostly (6) OTTAWA {OTT}{AWAy}
10 Managed with excessive drama, say (8) OVERSEEN {OVER}{SEEN}(~scene)
12 Hour of need, not just for drought-hit areas (5,3) RAINY DAY [C&DD]
13 Man with specs getting a kind of penguin (6) GENTOO {GENT}{OO}
15 Writer had reflected on lake (4) DAHL {DAH<=}{L}
16 Chaotically disperse with no feeling of sadness (10) DEPRESSION*
19 Persistent rain to let river to gush out (10) TORRENTIAL {RAIN+TO+LET+R}*
20 Stupid mum (4) DUMB [DD]
23 Indescribable bet not originally placed on antique (6) UNTOLD {pUNT}{OLD}
25 I do price ridiculously once in a while (8) PERIODIC*
27 Breakdown of fine hair fine with everyone (8) DOWNFALL {DOWN}{F}{ALL}
28 Small with modified lid; i-pad has one on top (6) LITTLE Anno pending (Addendum - TITTLE (-l+t)TITTLE - See comments)
29 Worried: in France, the insane stress is overwhelming (8) RESTLESS {REST{LE}SS*}
30 Second home for the dead ghosts (6) SHADES {S}{HADES}

1   ‘Smelly’ is equated to 'gloomy' in dictionary (7) ODOURED {O{DOUR}ED}
2   Page with rhetoric composed for the scent of rain (9) PETRICHOR {P}{RHETORIC*} I love this smell after the first rainfall
3   Like to embrace liberal lifestyle forever (6) ALWAYS {A{L}{WAY}S}
5   Blue vehicle parked over edge of gateway (4) NAVY {NAV<=}{Y}
6   Present gearless scooters (8) LARGESSE*
7   Ambassador determined to go out for cover (5) SHEET {S{HE}ET}
8   Workweek starting with early rains (7) MONSOON {MON}{SOON}
11 Mom and dad cut expenditure on housing costs (7) PARENTS {PARE}NTS  Anno not clear (Addendum - {PAy}{RENTS} - See comments)
14 Scottish mountain overlies highway stretch (7) BROADEN {B{ROAD}EN}
17 Swamped in incessant … (9) INUNDATED [CD] (Addendum - {IN}{UNDATED} - See comments)
18 … degree, fully-focussed to comprehend Latin? That’s too much! (8) BELLYFUL {BE}{L}{LYFUL*}
19 The hedging capitals inferior to boom (7) THUNDER {T}{H}{UNDER}
21 Unexpectedly be stuck in rains (7) BUCKETS* Specially at night in Bangalore.
22 Perfect ending (6) FINISH [DD]
24 Small cities won battles in the banks of Tigris (5) TOWNS {Tig{WON*}riS}
26 Question’s out: misgivings or givings? (4) ALMS quALMS

Tuesday 29 October 2013

No 10916, Tuesday 29 Oct 2013, Arden

Trust Arden to throw in some Naval terms. Samosa days are over, time to gear up for Scintillator and onwards.

9   Country music is about people (7) ARMENIA {AR{MEN}IA}
10 Angry to have lost direction? Time to do one better (7) UPSTAGE {UPSeT}{AGE}
11 Mark a large fat bird (7) MALLARD {M}{A}{L}{LARD}
12 What the family gets time and time again by literally splitting hairs (7) KERATIN {K{ERA}{T}IN}
13 Poise company doctor has it definitely (9) COMPOSURE {CO}{M{P}O}{SURE} 'P' for 'it'?
15 Morons lose nothing, break rules (5) NORMS MORoNS*
16 It is fantastic when unstable (7) ROCKING [DD]
19 Doctor needs transport to a city (7) DRESDEN {DR}{NEEDS*}
20 A girl gets a bad start, spits venom (5) COBRA {CO{B}RA}
21 A boy will face the bowler and another is on course for a good score (9) ALBATROSS {AL}{BAT}{ROSS}
25 Two opposing players with two kings, on a square grid, say (7) NETWORK {N}{E}{TWO}{R}{K}
26 Condemned to free work outside (7) DERIDED {DE{RID}ED}
28 Measure and drink up oriental stuff (7) ENGORGE {EN}{GORG<=}{E}
29 Edward provided diamond structure (7) EDIFICE {ED}{IF}{ICE}

1   Act strangely keeping a hand on pavement (6) TARMAC {T{ARM}AC*}
2   It represents something extremely beautiful, in equal measure (6) EMBLEM {EM}{BeautifuL}{EM}
3   These people had a place in Poincare’s heart (4) INCA [T]
4   A Russian physicist’s carriage (6) LANDAU [DD]
5   Big chief makes a partition (8) BULKHEAD {BULK}{HEAD}
6   A severe kind of witch hazel perhaps (10) ASTRINGENT {A}{STRINGENT}
7   Struck time out for queen exchanged (8) BARTERED {BA(-t+r)RTERED}
8   He announced “the game has started’’ and wrote ‘Break, break, break’ (8) TENNYSON (~tennis)(TENNYS}{ON}
14 When two Europeans agree over the table, it will send a message (5,5) OUIJA BOARD {OUI}{JA} {BOARD}
16 Tilted again as one withdrew (8) RECANTED {RE}{CANTED}
17Confine boat built internally to coastal navigation (8) CABOTAGE {CA{BOAT*}GE}
18 Girl will torment the French birds (8) GRACKLES {G}{RACK}{LES}
22 Harry provides token resistance (6) BADGER {BADGE}{R}
23 Invest in gold midway amidst all the confusion (6) ORDAIN {OR}{D{wAy}IN}
24 Study below the earth and you get wet (6) SODDEN {SOD}{DEN}
27 Annoy the Russian leader and it may be called crude (4) ROIL {R}{OIL}

Monday 28 October 2013

No.10915, Mon 28 Oct 2013, Arden

Arden's beautiful, evocative surfaces can even get your pulse racing. Ref. 18d. I went, like, woof ! I cannot share the intended sketch on public channels !

1 Sprinkle some water in the garden plot, silly (14) SCATTERBRAINED (SCATTER, RAIN in BED)
10  A super hero has no black soul (5) ATMAN (bATMAN)
11 Rapid rise comes to ruin (9) DISREPAIR (RAPID RISE)*
12 Escort a dilapidated ship (7) COASTER (ESCORT A)*
          I had always thought coasters were those thingies that supported your glass when you took a respite
           from drinking
13 Bread and some butter one gets after drink (7) CHAPATI (PAT 1 after CHA)
14 A man of god from the past (5) PRIOR 2
          Every saint has a past and every sinner a future. So, better be sinners: you have a future ...
16 Opening with a composer about love — no good exaggerating (9) OVERDOING (O VERDI about O NG)
19 A secluded place for prayers, one in front of church (9) PLEASANCE (PLEAS AN CE)
Read with 18d

20 Managed child property (5) RANCH (RAN CH)
22 Lassitude makes a monkey go round a hoop (7) LANGOUR LANGUOR (LANGUR around O)
25 Article on Rome’s difficult proposition (7) THEOREM (THE ROME*)
          Ref. 3d
27 Policy aims often are different (9) MANIFESTO (AIMS OFTEN)*
          In the next few months, lots of parties are going to pull this out of their hats
28 A lightweight animal (5) OUNCE 2
          However much it gains weight, it remains an ounce
29 Fireworks when a girl overtakes Daisy, say (9,5) CATHERINE WHEEL (CATHERINE overtakes WHEEL=as in Daisy wheel)

2 Tower in the outskirts of Pisa is between two rivers (9) CAMPANILE (PisA between CAM and NILE)
3 Rise or fall, it’s the same principle (5) TENET <>
          What goes up must come down and what goes down must go up. Except our age and my weight 
          are exceptions to the first part
4 Comforter distraught, owner died (9) EIDERDOWN (OWNER DIED)*
5 A rudimentary language of sorts (5) BASIC CD
6 He was great, relaxed, an exceptional sort (9) ALEXANDER (RELAXED AN)*
7 Animal found in Chechnya largely (5) NYALA (T)
8 A flower for the beloved (7) DARLING 2
9 Crazy to store up having small capacity (6) MADCAP (DAM< CAPacity)
15 Change positions of soldiers with riffle (9) RESHUFFLE (RE SHUFFLE)
          As more skeletons tumble out of cabinets, reshuffles are on the cards. A reshuffle is the ultimate 
          sleight of hand. Nothing really changes. All the cards are still there, only hidden away from view.
17 The conductor will allow about a hundred in South Indian city (9) ELECTRODE (LET about C in ERODE)
          24's favourite town
18 Topless Spanish missus is nice — leaves one in bliss, perhaps (9) IGNORANCE (sIGNORA NiCE)
19 Controversy about corrupt policeman (7) POLEMIC (POLICE M)*
21 Impede selection of food (6) HAMPER 2
23 Good book having a single verse (5) NONET (NT having ONE)
24 Teacher will rise and greet a holy man (5) RISHI (SIR< HI)
          What's happened to his white thatch of hair ?
26 Age record? Nothing with church (5) EPOCH (EP O CH)

Sunday 27 October 2013

No 2762, Sunday 27 Oct 2013

1   A bishop's sermon is profound (8) ABSTRACT {AB'S}{TRACT}
5   Field event record set by American (6) DISCUS {DISC}{US}
9   Prepare to fire at ducks and a parrot (8) COCKATOO {COCK}{AT}{OO}
10 Dominating woman in house hiding key (6) VIRAGO {VIR{A}GO}
12 Gentleman's gentleman mislaying article at end of dance (5) VALET VALETa
13 Horror novel: males butchered in opening (6,3) SALEM'S LOT {S{MALES*} LOT}
14 Seen reaching out for Internet facility (6,6) SEARCH ENGINE*
18 Flog dish, potty, and basin in place lacking privacy (8,4) GOLDFISH BOWL {FLOG+DISH}* {BOWL}

21 Having a litre in bar is common (9) PREVALENT {PREV{A}{L}ENT}
23 Man in Bible, one backing church (5) ENOCH {ENO<=}{CH}
24 A place where event is held in broad road (6) AVENUE {A}{VENUE}
25 Simone's dishevelled after party game (8) DOMINOES {DO}{SIMONE*}
26 Sample taken from plant by botanist, ultimately (6) TASTER {T}{ASTER}
27 Contemporary, a top duet in variety (2-2-4) UP-TO-DATE*

1   Capone's chap in corner (6) ALCOVE {AL}{COVE}
2   Head of state, in a hostile manner, leaves Mediterranean island (6) SICILY {S}{ICILY}
3   Meat dish - best fare, possibly, around centre of Bologna (5,4) ROAST BEEF {R{bolOgna}AST BEEF*}
4   Transvestite annoyed actor's assistant in the theatre (5-7) CROSS DRESSER {CROSS}-{DRESSER}
6   Nothing seen in one obscure turn of phrase (5) IDIOM {1}{DI{O}M}
7   Take tea with ordinary clergyman (8) CHAPLAIN {CHA}{PLAIN}
8   Fielder, not long a member (5,3) SHORT LEG {SHORT} {LEG}
11 What may be clearly listed in an ABC Food Guide? (8,4) ALPHABET SOUP [CD]

15 We come in barking about ten, in a state (3,6) NEW MEXICO {NEW ME{X}ICO*}
16 A vegetable in, for example, good plot close to quickset (8) EGGPLANT {EG}{G}{PLAN}{T}
17 Stupid sort of crossword that nobody can solve? (8) CLUELESS [C&DD]
19 Girl ringing about ring (6) CORONA {COR{ON}A}
20 Henry in class, modest (6) CHASTE {C{H}ASTE}
22 A pleasantly appealing French accent (5) ACUTE {A}{CUTE}

Saturday 26 October 2013

No 10914, Saturday 26 Oct 13, Arden

 Found it tough going initially, unusual for an Arden CW.

1   Lord said to have looked back making such proclamations (6) FATWAS ? {FAT}{WAS<=} Is that a misprint for LARD? Or is it (Lord = ~lard = FAT) ?
4   Study face and breast (8) CONFRONT {CON}{FRONT}
9   Again assemble the soldiers before water rises (2-4) RE-EDIT {RE}-{EDIT<=}
10 Wild animal caged in this French lotion (8) CALAMINE {C{ANIMAL*}E}
12 Child to imitate a boy guide (8) CHAPERON {CH}{APE}{RON}
13 It is mostly the fault of economy (6) THRIFT {THe}{RIFT}
15 It explains everything in a line (6,6) STRING THEORY [CD]
18 They open many doors without muscle power (8,4) SKELETON KEYS [CD]
21 Drink and reverse vehicle inside boat (6) ARRACK {AR{RAC<=}K}
22 A group within a group can play music (8) CASSETTE {CAS{SET}TE}
24 Admitted American railway guard (8) SENTINEL {SENT IN}{EL}
25 Twins may be brilliant in one (6) GEMINI {GEM}{IN}{1}
26 Finding food for one involved in metal working (8) FORAGING {FOR{A}GING}
27 Hard set building a cathedral city (6) STEELY {SET*}{ELY}

1   Accountant involved in wild growth prediction (8) FORECAST {FORE{CA}ST}
2   A true composition about his books (8) THESAURI {A+TRUE+HIS}*
3   What a hale and hearty footballer is found to be doing (5,3,7) ALIVE AND KICKING [C&DD]
5   Back in history, Vietnam once annexed this country (4) OMAN [T<=] Too much padding.
6   See Anne set forth and make money illegally (7,4,4) FEATHER ONES NEST*
7   No time for wild rioting in the beginning (6) ORIGIN RIOtING*
8   Go and have food inside, it is agreed upon (6) TREATY {TR{EAT}Y}
11 Forbidding to see it’s back in the socket (7) HOSTILE {HO{STI<=}LE}
14 Alter United Nations constitution to make it non-aligned (7) NEUTRAL {ALTER+UN}*
16 Most comfortable journey cannot be side-saddle (8) BESTRIDE {BEST}{RIDE}
17 Since each city lacks a bit of civility, it is hard to endure (8) ASPERITY {AS}{PER}{cITY}
19 Service provided within range (6) MASSIF {MASS}{IF}
20 Clipper puts pressure and sprinter loses direction (6) PRUNER {P}{RUNnER}
23 The writer’s got nothing orderly (4) PEON {PE{O}N}

Friday 25 October 2013

No.10913, Friday 25 Oct 2013, Arden

5 letters from 4 gives us a US Prez and a British PM as a part of his 1a

1 Unofficial advisors for cooking Tibetan chicken (7,7) KITCHEN CABINET (TIBETAN CHICKEN)*
          And Thukpa
10 Remove ten penny from fish’s gut (5) EXPEL (X P in EEL)
11 When others have coach, there is discipline (9) RESTRAINT (REST has TRAIN)
12 Evenly value hybrid trees in plain (7) AUSTERE (vAlUe TREES*)
13 One may face the other in confrontation (7) EYEBALL CD

14 The bishop can’t stand the balloon (5) BLIMP (B LIMP)
          Like the Hindenburg
16 Evidence that Blair, say had difficult times (9) TESTIMONY (TONY (Blair) has TIMES*)
19 Open elegance of an event (9) FREESTYLE (FREE STYLE)
          Anything goes - like in Indian politics
20 Avarice makes the animal return after midnight (5) GREED (niGht DEER<)
22 A dimple holds the odd secret on progeny (7) DESCENT (DENT holds SeCrEt)
25 Contact in Somalia is only with the pirates (7) LIAISON (T)
27 In it one gets a prominence, he admits (9) INITIATOR (IN IT 1 A TOR)
28 Flyer fighting rebels within (5) GREBE (T)
29 Breathe hard, run after publicity and escape one who is no more (14) HYPERVENTILATE (R after HYPE, VENT 1 LATE)

2 Stoical climber said to be caught in a Mexican standoff (9) IMPASSIVE (IV ~ivy in IMPASSE)
3 Job partly for a practical veterinarian (5) CALVE (T &semi&Lit)
          Reminded me of James Herriot stories and by connection, Richard Gordon
4 Ardently unravelled ten layers (9) EARNESTLY (TEN LAYERS)*
5 An Indian identity finally, just in case (5) CASTE (jusT in CASE)
6 A U.S. president’s heart is set in land trading (9) BARTERING (cARTEr (Jimmy) in BRING)
          Jo tera hai woh mera hai, jo mera hai woh ter hai
7 May be a 5 in Kerala accepted some money (5) NAIRA (NAIR A)
8 Drink with a friend completely (7) TOTALLY (TOT ALLY)
9 Boyfriend gets daughter, and boy cake (6) BEDAUB (BEAU gets D, B)
          Reminded me of the pancake you find bedaubed on some female faces
15 Bill around the port is back (9) POSTERIOR (POSTER around RIO)
           Thought of drawing for this, but could not get to the bottom of it
17 Suspect it may be a smaller model (5,1,3) SMELL A RAT ((A SMALLER)* T)
          Time to called the Pied Piper
18 Finished twice in the red (9) OVERSPENT (OVER SPENT)
19 Supplement found in cod, it is the in thing (7) FADDISH (ADD in FISH)
21 Germany always had new state capital (6) DENVER (D EVER had N)
23 Miss having millions to save (5) SKIMP (SKIP having M)
24 The thing inside is exact (5) TITHE (THE with IT inside)
26 Falls with one leg up (5) ANGEL (AN LEG<)
          Falls nearly a km uninterrupted! As pretty as other Venezuelan beauties

Thursday 24 October 2013

No 10912, Thursday 24 Oct 2013, Buzzer

Take a bow Buzzer for the excellent surfaces. Got just a couple on the first round, the others gradually dawned on me during the subsequent passes.

9   When husband is new, paying attention is vital (7) NEEDFUL (-h+n)NEEDFUL
10 Agent in charge taken by the French model (7) REPLICA {REP}{L{IC}A}
11 Unacceptable and revolting racket by ducks (5) TABOO {TAB<=}{OO}
12 Thief to steal wearing a mask (5,4) ROBIN HOOD {ROB}{IN HOOD}
13 Important surgical agent (9) OPERATIVE [MD]
14 Say casual shirts for kid (5) TEASE (~tees)
15 Knitter made a cheap ornament for clothing (7) TRINKET*
17 Simple savoury drink taken in a small measure (7) CLASSIC {C{LASSI}C}
19 Man perhaps following accepted path (5) AISLE {A}{ISLE}
20 Inside duplex, one rat escaped free (9) EXONERATE [T]
22 Extend drapes? (6,3) SPREAD OUT [DD] (Addendum - DRAPES* (OUT) - See comments)
24 Coach attendants (5) TRAIN [DD]
25 Small bottles are for cocktail (7) MARTINI {M{ART}INI}
26 Heel or a different part of the body (7) EARHOLE*

1   Engineering cuts into price of making a product (4,4) UNIT COST*
2   One starting off was familiar with Buzzer reportedly (6) NEWBIE {NEW}{BIE}(~knew bee)
3   Toxic fume is okay in my opinion (2,3,3,2) IF YOU ASK ME*
4   Gangster with gun, first one to scare people (8) ALARMIST {AL}{ARM}{1ST}
5   Don’t start a story till ready? (6) ARABLE pARABLE
6   Turn round lisping issues (4) SPIN [T]
7   Line of basic corrective specs (8) BIFOCALS {L+OF+BASIC}*
8   Deal with retail merchant lacking credit (6) HANDLE cHANDLEr
14 Flight to carry jet set (10) TRAJECTORY*
16 Elected by certain leaders of Rajya Sabha, they provide protection (8) INSURERS {IN}{SURE}{RS}
17 Routine jobs over time end in minimal laughs (8) CHORTLES {CHOR{T}{L}ES}
18 Channel’s starting to bank on serial/soap (8) CLEANSER {C}{LEAN}{SER} 
19 Pretend to understand (6) ASSUME [DD]
20 Unusual example of the ear (6) EXOTIC {EX}{OTIC}
21 River in American anterior region mostly (6) AMAZON {AM}{A}{ZONe}
23 Enthusiastic like an upcoming singer (4) AVID<=

Wednesday 23 October 2013

No 10911, Wednesday 23 Oct 2013, Buzzer

Wow! anagram cum &lits.

1   Master one shorthand language (6) DANISH {DAN}{1}{S}{H}
5   Doubly evil sailor of folklore (6) SINBAD {SIN}{BAD}
10 Natural at weaving (9) TARANTULA* &lit
11 Club made of wood is common (5) DISCO [T]
12 Layer protecting yard area animal (5) HYENA {H{Y}EN}{A}
13 Segregate out hidden code in software (6,3) EASTER EGG*
14 Back trail surrounding Nova Scotia (7) SPONSOR {SPO{NS}OR}
16 Remains on edge concealing uneasiness at first (7) RESIDUE {RE}{SID{U}E}
18 Horse has to skip over the edges of range (7) MUSTANG {MUST}{rANGe}
20 Confusion about top heroine of Austen (7) DILEMMA {DIL<=}{EMMA}
21 Novel yet not new! (6-3) TWENTY ONE*
23 Bag a suitable person to marry her (5) CATCH [DD]
25 Tearful film about love (5) MOIST {M{O}IST}
26 Grade 2 writer (4,5) MARK TWAIN {MARK} {TWAIN}
27 Struggling endlessly yielded in a cover for spectator (6) EYELID YIELDEd*
28 One on the mend with a habit (6) DARNER [CD]

2   Concede match (5) AGREE [DD]
3   In Asia, one flowing water body (6,3) IONIAN SEA* &lit If you concede that it is bounded by Asia to one side
4   Arrogance show by hot filmmaker (7) HAUTEUR {H}{AUTEUR}
5   More scattered boxes he left here (7) SPARSER {SPARS}{hERe}
6   Push new umpire to give opener out (5) NUDGE {N}{jUDGE}
7   Capital morning’s spell-binding indeed in Moscow (9) AMSTERDAM {AM'S}{TER{DA}M}
8   Still in unison (2,3,4,4) AT THE SAME TIME [DD]
9   Raving e.g. in onslaught (6-7) TONGUE LASHING* &lit
15 Bad language used by notices (9) OBSCENITY*
17 Very legitimate alternative for a lawyer (9) SOLICITOR {SO}{LICIT}{OR}
19 Flea-bitten dog, more neat in appearance! (7) GROOMED*
20 Ruby is set firmly, not too raised (4,3) DEEP RED {DEEP} {bRED} (Addendum - {DEEP} {Root<=ED} - See comments)
22 Nearly bag a large sum (5) TOTAL {TOTe}{A}{L}
24 Copy of drawing put up by civil engineer (5) TRACE {TRA<=}{CE} Reminded me of how we used to copy drawing assignments in engineering college by placing them on glass with a light underneath.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

No 10910, Tuesday 22 Oct 2013, Neyartha

Welcome to Neyarthas kitchen.

1   Trick to get hold of gold left by doctor in a cooking utensil (8) CAULDRON {C{AU}{L}{DR}ON}
5   Busy Henry to make reference to returning Cuban leader being involved (6) HECTIC {H}{E{C}TIC<=}
9   Global warming may lead to a rise in this (3,5) SEA LEVEL [GK]
10 Harass king to get rid of new cooking utensil (6) KETTLE (-n+k)KETTLE
11 Clumsy man feels effect of withdrawing into the background (4-10) SELF-EFFACEMENT*
14 Peace results when trial in California gets dismissed (5) AMITY calAMITY
16 Bring order to the messy site somehow (9) SYSTEMISE*
17 Settles for disturbed siestas when conditional return is introduced (9) SATISFIES {SATIS{FI<=}ES}
19 Mark’s time out with a Greek character (5) SIGMA StIGMA
20 What a good disguise may make one (14) UNRECOGNIZABLE [CD]
23 Lathe operator’s cooking utensil (6) TURNER [DD]
24 I missed Ray’s audit unfortunately on the Jewish Sabbath (8) SATURDAY {RAY'S+AUDiT}*
25 Contributions from a Democrat, hero-worshipped to some extent (6) RATHER [T]
26 Traffic signal telling you to keep the brakes applied? (3,5) RED ALERT [CD]

1   Shy auditor’s order (4) CAST Anno pending (Addendum - (~caste) - See comments)
2   Imperial decree from European monarchy to usurp Switzerland in pursuit (5) UKASE (-ch+uk)UKASE
3   Method to cook a vada may defy rep at sea (4-3) DEEP-FRY*
4   This may render the oceans bare (11) OVERFISHING [CD]
6   Engineer cut off crossing to receive the religious expert (7) EXEGETE EXE{GET}E Anno pending
7   Nervous laughing from abstainer participating in secure call (9) TITTERING {TI{TT}E}{RING}
8   Talk on mastication of oily foods? (4,3,3) CHEW THE FAT [C&DD]
12 Dispatch the killer with a revolutionary Greek character (11) ASSASSINATE {ASSASSIN}{ATE<=}
13 Musical instrument in the battered aurist’s bag (4,6) BASS GUITAR* My grand-daughters latest past-time
15 Explain being put to rest before the brisk Oriental’s step down (9) INTERPRET {INTER}{P(-e)R(+e)ET}
18 Hide discharge (7) SECRETE [DD]
19 Cooking utensil and faucets turn up at the university in Los Angeles (7) SPATULA {SPAT<=}{U}{LA}
21 Ingredients of the salad left in the cooking utensil (5) LADLE [T]
22 Closed sac found in the cinerary urn on the radio (4) CYST (~cist)

Monday 21 October 2013

Results of Prize Special, Sun, Oct. 20, 2013

The above is the numbered solution grid of the crossword.

The clues with the annotated solutions:

1   See doctor's operation on outskirts of Bellary (4,2) DR OP BY
4   Makes fast sale by using a devious method (6) BELAYS*
8   A good shrew not starting attack (7) A G [o]GRESS
9   Bathroom fixture manufacturer using voice booster for dish (7) CERA MIC
11 Instils awe into concerns of dieters (10) WAISTLINES*
12 Sharpness of knife cutting sides of account book (4) [l]EDGE[r]
13 Mother's working to be a novel lawyer (5) MAS ON
14 Delicacies for attractive women in the U.S.? (8) CUPCAKES
16 Shoe for spymaster losing tip of Oxford in big event (8) M OCCASI[o]N
18 Agreements with Comrade may get cars, perhaps (5) [com]PACTS
20 Requests for jobs taking no time (4) [t]ASKS
21 Disregarding a group working in Gujarat's capital (10) A BAND ON IN G
23 Office aids turning out the same again and again (7) COPIERS
24 News is this is the time when everything is a problem (7) MESS AGE
25 Lacking refinement, but could be hearty (6) EARTHY*
26 Tell it's creative work by rascals (6) IMP ART

1   Follow mother's principle (5) DOG MA
2   Roots of cars from which money is thrown out (7) [m]ORRISES
3   Extremes in Wimbledon producing mean verses (9) BASELINES
5   They are against all odds (5) EVENS
6   In the manner of dame relaxing in Californian city (7) A LA MEDA*
7   Such bees have no bite in them, obviously (9) STINGLESS
10 These snakes disturb Nana's coda (9) ANACONDAS*
13 Doctor on saint -  one in a Wilkie Collins classic (9) MO ON ST ONE
15 A hope that may go up in smoke - or down the drain (4,5) PIPE DREAM
17 Dismiss bank employee (7) CASHIER (double def)
19 Card game in which players hold a new ace (7) C(A N)AST A
21 Expression of dismay as raga's stretched to ultimate stretch (5) AARG* H
22 Time to be near pet at last (5)  NIGH T

Director and Col. Deepak Gopinath thank the following (in no particular order) who sent in their entries:

Ajay Chadha, New Delhi
Bhalchandra Pasupathy, Chennai
Gita Balakrishnan, Kolkota
Gita Iyer, California
Kishore M. Rao, Bangalore
Lakshmi S. Vaidyanathan 
Mohsin Ahmed, Bangalore
Mrs. Pavalamani Pragasam, Madurai
Prasenjit Bhowmik, Bangalore
Raghunath, P., Hyderabad
Ramesh Jagannathan,Hyderabad
Prof. Nadathur S. Rangarajan, Hyderabad
Rangarajan, K, Bangalore
N. Rengaswamy, Chennai
Sandhya Paruchuri, Hyderabad
Suresh Dorbala,Vizag
C. N. Umamaheshwar (Raju), Coimbatore
Dr. S.Venkatesh, New Delhi
Vinayak Rao Ekbote, New Delhi

From among all the eligible entries, the following was selected by an online computer randomization process as the winner of the single book prize. 

The winner is

Ajay Chadha, New Delhi

The book will be sent to him by courier as soon as possible. 

(PS: The book was sent by SpeedPost at 11-30 a.m. on Tue, Oct.22) 

(PS 2: On on-line tracking, I understand that the packet has been delivered.)

Thanks are due to Director for contributing the puzzle and to Col. Deepak Gopinath for hosting this competition. It was fun conducting the event. 

No.10909, Mon 21 Oct 2013, Neyartha

Neyartha takes us to the workshop, possibly for carpentry

7 Orderly’s reluctance not about to change (5-3) CLEAN CUT (reLUCTANCE)*
          The type of cut a novice carpenter tries to achieve but messes up as the last part splinters
9 Part of the hardware testing is in the mountain ridges (6) ARETES (T)
10 Recommendation by the novice to include the four… (10) INITIATIVE (INITIATE to include IV)
11 …options for a computer user in the bill of fare (4) MENU 2
12 Yahoo stock dropped in the crash (4) BUMP (BUMPkin)
13 Ideal American lawyer and king enamoured by the viewpoint (8) STANDARD (DA R in STAND)
          This one could be apart of the theme ...
16 Lunacy to check retreat in the north-east with saints (7) MADNESS (DAM< NE SS)
18 Polite set entertains upset teen (7) GENTEEL (GEL entertains TEEN*)
20 Drying aid in the kitchen (3,5) TEA TOWEL (E)
21 It might be hit on the head to come to the point (4) NAIL (CD)
23 Dislike urgency when disheartened (4) HATE (HAsTE)
24 Speaker’s standing with the letter paper (10) STATIONERY (~stationary)
25 Pole entering Chile’s awful with a hand tool (6) CHISEL (S entering CHILE*)
26 Watch the beaker with a monocle (8) EYEGLASS (EYE GLASS)

1 Flat panel with Elizabeth for the king (5) PLANE (PLANK-K+E)
          Loved the way Neyartha took the above route instead of using Panel*= Plane
2 Does this final announcement steal the show? (4,3,3,5) LAST BUT NOT LEAST (CD)
           Of course, the enu does not match, but for a moment I thought of 'famous last words'
3 Eager to make straight the German’s dismissal (7) ATHIRST (STRAIgHT)*
4 Touch up on the Oriental band (4) TAPE (PAT< E)
5 Damaged mail-bag returned to a supposedly mysterious part of the Atlantic ocean (7,8) BERMUDA TRIANGLE (MAIL BAG RETURNED)* 
          I drew a cartoon for this, but it went missing ! That happens with most of my tools too ...
6 Returns to Turkey with Indo-European leaders subject to ridicule from the south (9) REENTRIES (TR IE in SNEER<)
          Followed by splashdown, as NASA use to call it in the pre-shuttle era
8 Slap the Frenchman coming in with a holding tool (5) CLAMP (CLAP with M coming in)
          Not Bond's boss, but M. Poirot !
14 Had a meal with a number on the radio (3) ATE (~EIGHT)
15 March easy at sea, hoping to avoid being shot? (6,3) CAMERA SHY (MARCH EASY)*
          Not only camera, I don't like being shot with other things too
17 Proverb showing return of a historic verb? (3) SAW (WAS<)
19 Vagrant’s answer gets rid of the upper-class satirist (7) FLOATER (FLOUTER-U+A)
           I have many vagrants gallivanting in my eyes
21 Candid letters from a Chennai veterinarian (5) NAIVE (T)
22 Rat in the lawn (5) GRASS 2
           All flesh is grass
24 Classes where the Pole’s out of place with kimono fabric (4) SILK (ILKS with S out of place)

Sunday 20 October 2013

Prize Special, Sun 20 Oct 2013, Director


Today's special is a prize crossword set and contributed by Director.

Please do not post any answers in the Comments section today.

Answers need to be sent to before 10 PM IST Monday 21 Oct 2013. Real name, e-mail ID and complete postal address to be included in the mail.

Solve the puzzle completely and send your answers in text form thus:

Across:  1..., 4 ..., 8 ... etc.
Down: 1 ..., 2 ..., 3... etc.

Or, if you can, as a filled-in grid form. Either method is OK.

The winner of the single prize (a slim book of Tamil stories by Narasiah translated in English by C. G. Rishikesh) will be chosen by draw from all all-correct entries received any time till the closure of the competition. Entries received after the closure will not be considered. Nor incomplete or mutilated entries.

The competition is open to anyone living anywhere in the world but the prize can be sent only if the winner is resident in India. The names of all all-correct entrants will be notified on this blog.

The decision of Director and of the blog-owner is final.

1   See doctor's operation on outskirts of Bellary (4,2)
4   Makes fast sale by using a devious method (6)
8   A good shrew not starting attack (7)
9   Bathroom fixture manufacturer using voice booster for dish (7)
11 Instils awe into concerns of dieters (10)
12 Sharpness of knife cutting sides of account book (4)
13 Mother's working to be a novel lawyer (5)
14 Delicacies for attractive women in the U.S.? (8)
16 Shoe for spymaster losing tip of Oxford in big event (8)
18 Agreements with Comrade may get cars, perhaps (5)
20 Requests for jobs taking no time (4)
21 Disregarding a group working in Gujarat's capital (10)
23 Office aids turning out the same again and again (7)
24 News is this is the time when everything is a problem (7)
25 Lacking refinement, but could be hearty (6)
26 Tell it's creative work by rascals (6)

1   Follow mother's principle (5)
2   Roots of cars from which money is thrown out (7)
3   Extremes in Wimbledon producing mean verses (9)
5   They are against all odds (5)
6   In the manner of dame relaxing in Californian city (7)
7   Such bees have no bite in them, obviously (9)
10 These snakes disturb Nana's coda (9)
13 Doctor on saint -  one in a Wilkie Collins classic (9)
15 A hope that my go up in smoke - or down the drain (4,5)
17 Dismiss bank employee (7)
19 Card game in which players hold a new ace (7)
21 Expression of dismay as raga's stretched to ultimate stretch (5)
22 Time to be near pet at last (5)

To attempt the Crossword on a separate page follow the link THCC PRIZE SPECIAL

All the best, may the luckiest person win.