Saturday 30 September 2017

Special, Saturday 30 Sep 2017, Dr Satyen Nabar


Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Associate kissed without consent! Essentially molested (6)
5   No longer effective but cleaned the dishes? (6-2)
9   Shortly get divorced from a man wanting hot time with secret lover (8)
10 Student yearning to get one fruit (6)
11 Damn fraud beginning to ensnare princess (8, 2)
12 Shape of eggs laid initially (4)
13 Shy men! Lot perhaps wanting maiden under cover (2, 3, 3)
16 President is in charge of appeals (6)
17 Business has improved? Become more stable (4, 2)
19 What Saurav Ganguly could do perfectly to be on good terms (3, 2, 3)
21 Shoot husband in error (4)
22 Bouncer -- Peril to man batting (10)
25 Blue deer drinks water finally (6)
26 Get rid of betrothed perhaps to show opposition (8)
27 What's seen on a football field? Bad-tempered obstruction (8)
28 Become very angry about boring issue (3, 3)

2   Hired assassin? Well done! (5)
3   Club for employees (5)
4   Parachutes starting to drop villains (7)
5   Sophisticated material (7)
6   Poor supplicant cannot divorce (5, 2)
7   Valuable discovery largely in use -- Mixer (9)
8   Found criminal arresting judge? That's unprecedented (7, 2)
14 One next door girl in hot robe for all to see! Fantastic (9)
15 Extremely large drone about to leave America (9)
18 Soft broth prepared having taste ultimately of culinary plant (7)
19 Duck caught by stronger magpie (7)
20 Prompts fights around post office (3-4)
23 Abandon holiday (5)
24 Fastidious about husband calling (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at Dr SN 16


Friday 29 September 2017

No 12125, Friday 29 Sep 2017, Arden

1   Should be given death sentence – get off high horse (7) MUSTANG {MUST}{hANG}
5   Bishop broke rule perhaps – contracted the French disease (7) RUBELLA {RU{B}EL*}{LA}
9   Stoned, exhausted (5) JADED [DD]
10 Edition on communist movement (9) REDACTION {RED}{ACTION}
11 Vehicle with insurance – you finally enter the city (9) VANCOUVER {VAN}{CO{yoU}VER}
12 Bard's golden enclave (5) AUDEN {AU}{DEN}
13 Final scene by girl in Tempest (4) GALE {GAL}{s..nE}
15 Initial delivery receipt misplaced infirm (8) DECREPIT {De...y}{RECEIPT*}
18 Disease treated, physiologist to go away (8) SYPHILIS PHYSIoLogISt*
19 Drink up some of the potion (4) TOPE [T<=]
22 In Africa primates are found on this island (5) CAPRI [T]
24 Live in more modest accommodation, it doesn't matter (5,4) SMALL BEER {BE} in {SMALLER}
26 Serenade opponent briefly in rocking chair (9) CHARIVARI {RIVAl} in {CHAIR}*
27 Associate that's canned (3-2) TIE-IN {IE} in {TIN}
28 Bidding system yet to be perfected by novice (7) ACOLYTE {ACOL}{YET*}
29 He knows about costing (7) GNOSTIC*

1   Desert transport, Germans agree to hop in (6) MOJAVE {MO{JA}VE}
2   Depression in the ocean – underline there's no activity (9) SEDENTARY {SE{DENT}A}{RY}
3   Car's old, makes noise (5) AUDIO {AUDI}{O}
4   Aim to check off drive? He's written volumes (4,5) GORE VIDAL {DRIVE}* in {GOAL}
5   Tracker tracks up and down (5) RADAR [CD] (Correction - <=> - See comments)
6   Lost everything, reach out, infused capital (9) BUCHAREST {BU{REACH*}ST}
7   Landowner raises money in foreign currencies (5) LAIRD {D}{RIAL}<=
8   A side gets new cover (6) AWNING {A}{W{N}ING}
14 A social group in the troubled metropolis (9) ETHNICITY {IN+THE}*{CITY}
16 Cover over heel coming down (9) CASCADING {CAS{CAD}ING}
17 Tool put in place (9) IMPLEMENT [DD]
20 Starts acting crafty again, spies hide behind tree (6) ACACIA {Ac...g}{Cr...y}{Ag..n}{CIA}
21 Metal discs regularly go missing, it's strange (6) IRONIC {IRON}{dIsCs}
23 Philosopher extremely peaceful at Oxford (5) PLATO {Ph...eR}{AT}{O}
24 Old? Makes least difference (5) STALE*
25 There's much to gain if you win it (5) LOTTO {LOT}{TO} &lit


Thursday 28 September 2017

No 12124, Thursday 28 Sep 2017, Arden

1   "I will return" – breaking story on being human (8) FALLIBLE {FA{I'LL<=}BLE}
5   Huge growth of blood samples (6) BAOBAB {B}{A}{O}{B}{AB}
10 One caught inside – come in, he will tempt you (7) ENTICER {ENT{1}{C}ER}
11 Exotic, tropical, large forbidden fruit (7) APRICOT TROPICAl*
12 Variation at last in country dance (5) CONGA CONG(-o+a)A
13 Get a fix with China tea, perhaps (9) ORIENTATE {ORIENT}{TEA*}
14 Rituals he may perform in an unprofessional manner (12) AMATEURISHLY*
18 One goes for 'in camera', like Obama (4-8) AFRO-AMERICAN {A}{FOR+IN+CAMERA}*
21 Garam masala, it goes into artist's cocktail (9) MARGARITA {GARAM*}{R{IT}A}
23 Long story about Spain (5) YEARN {Y{E}ARN}
24 It's exhausting, so Carol’s taken a seat (7) SPEWING {S{PEW}ING}
25 Figurative writing, picture on line (7) IMAGERY {IMAGE}{RY}
26 Things reviewed by an artist (6) TITIAN {IT<=}{IT<=}{AN}
27 Obscene minded, exposed for a change (8) INDECENT {mINDEd}{CENT}

1   Cheat and run away – close borders (6) FLEECE {FLEE}{ClosE}
2   Prayer at sea – salinity is gone (6) LITANY sALINiTY*
3   Complaint that each aim is different (9) ISCHAEMIA*
4   Saga about fighter on entering the test arena (4,2,3,5) LORD OF THE RINGS {FIGHTER+ON}* in {LORDS}
6   Taxi rank allowed in old US city... (5) AKRON {O} in {RANK}* Taxi as Anind?
7's long after second complaint (8) BACKACHE {ACHE}<=>{BACK}
8   Incidentally, extras swallowed half of them (2,3,3) BY THE BYE {BY{THem}E}{BYE} Famous line in old Malayalam movies
9   Run initial data, characters become broad-minded (14) LATITUDINARIAN*
15 However, it could be canine, say... (2,3,4) IN ANY CASE*
16 ...rodent in shop, not acceptable for monkey (8) MARMOSET {MAR{MOuSE}T}
17 Turn ripe, red and blue (8) PRURIENT*
19 Opponents in a game played at the riding school (6) MANEGE {N}{E} in {GAME}*
20 Criminal syndicate loses aid, will go into a shell (6) ENCYST SYNdiCaTE*
22 I'm going through two articles on our inner self (5) ANIMA {AN}{I'M}{A}


Wednesday 27 September 2017

No 12123, Wednesday 27 Sep 2017, Arden

6   Stole fruit — it came in two sizes (5) SHAWL {S}{HAW}{L}
7   Sacrifice unacceptable, making a mistake right away (8) OFFERING {OFF}{ERrING}
10 Old woodcutter's business in China (3,4) ALI BABA [DD]
11 Creeps out — time to show deference (7) RESPECT {CREEPS*}{T}
12 Saw globetrotter in lead (7) PROVERB {P{ROVER}B}
13 Hello! Come in, can't I get some wine? (7) CHIANTI {C{HI}ANT}{I}
14 I act in order to make it rigid (11) DOCTRINAIRE*
19 Horse's neck free to dig into fodder (7) HACKNEY {NECK*} in {HAY}
21 Use leaf to make it comfortable (7) EASEFUL*
23 First news breaking in — end of a country (7) FINNISH {FIN{News}ISH}
25 Turner in kitchen, Paul sat out (7) SPATULA*
26 Take in small pouch, it has some teeth (8) SPROCKET {S}{P{R}OCKET}
27 Religious doctrine works both ways (5) TENET <=>

1   Staff I gather will be many (8) MANIFOLD {MAN}{I}{FOLD}
2   A large case transported from French wine region (6) ALSACE {A}{L}{CASE*}
3   Fruit — began transport in truck (10) LOGANBERRY {LO{BEGAN*}RRY}
4   Nomad at a distance (4) AFAR {A}{FAR}
5   Inducted for short period as bar trainee (6) INTERN {TERm} in {INN}
6   Sleeper gets to sleep, in brief (6) SNAPPY {S{NAP}PY}
8   Composer is back in? No sir, out (7) ROSSINI {IS<=} in {NO+SIR}*
9   Stuck in the mud, on the way to help (5) STAID {ST}{AID}
13 Send at once — flowing fresh water, perhaps (10) CONDENSATE*
15 Change part of colon (7) CENTIMO [CD]
16 Left open, flowing waste (8) EFFLUENT {lEFt}{FLUENT}
17 After drink forces kid (5) CHAFF {CHA}{F}{F}
18 Flexible part, nail pushed up a bit (6) PLIANT [T<=]
20 Seat lets you take a snooze in church (6) CANAPE {C{A}{NAP}E}
22 Dropping tally, not everyone's absent-minded (6) SCATTY {SCAT}{TallY}
24 Fish pond, water level dropped initially (4) HAKE H{lAKE} H from?


Tuesday 26 September 2017

No 12122, Tuesday 26 Sep 2017 Arden

1   Crafty bird takes measure to go sub-sonic (13) MACHIAVELLIAN {MACH 1}{AV{ELL}IAN}
10 Stuck in traffic, I'm so upset over smell (5) OSMIC [T<=]
11 Likely top line at random (9) POTENTIAL*
12 Dog crosses river, one to capture the moment (3,6) BOX CAMERA {BOX{CAM}ER}{A}
13 After greeting, poke under cover (5) HIJAB {HI}{JAB}
14 Period when one's not big-hearted (7) S?S?O?E (Addendum - SYSTOLE [CD] - See comments)
16 Setter had managed to get power tool (7) GRAPNEL {RA{P}N} in {GEL}
18 Ex-British PM's day out with Netanyahu, say (7) ISRAELI dISRAELI
20 A few have another name, tails clipped in the country (7) SOMALIA {SOMe}{ALIAs}
22 Seats distributed according to what one has (5) ASSET*
24 Demand for boy to get into mutual arrangement (9) ULTIMATUM {TIM} in {MUTUAL}*
26 It's largely an assembly on the voice box (9) LARYNGEAL {LARGELY+AN}*
27 High rent all around, it pricks (5) THORN {TORN} over {H}
28 Power behind the throne, Cardinal will revolt after midnight (8,5) EMINENCE GRISE {EMINENCE} {niGht}{RISE}

2    Combines runs — made six (7) ADMIXES*
3    Stable gear — cut a little extra (9) HACKAMORE {HACK}{A}{MORE}
4    Enough help making it go up a bit (5) AMPLE [T<=]
5    Alienates sergeant's order (9) ESTRANGES*
6    Change at the top, group gets a meal (5) LUNCH (-b+l)LUNCH
7    A month to accept offer — capital! (7) ABIDJAN {A}{BID}{JAN} This id the economic capital of Ivory Coat or Cote D'Ivoire
8    Pompously it's rejected, call placed in Mumbai once (13) BOMBASTICALLY {ITS<=}{CALL} in {BOMBAY}
9    WW III? China is a threat to the world (6,7) GLOBAL WARMING {GLOBAL} {WAR}{MING} What's the role of III?
15 Colossal gain finally — fertiliser input is unrestrained (9) EPICUREAN {EPIC}{UREA}{gaiN}
17 Change over — uncle in Chennai's from old school (4,5) ALMA MATER {AL{MAMA}TER}
19 After meat and drink, a deserted platform (7) ROSTRUM {ROaST}{RUM}
21 Applications only time pride is dented (7) LOTIONS {O}{T} in {LIONS}
23 Famous address in and out of joint (5) TENON {TEN}ON Anno pending 
25 Character detained inside until departure (5) TILDE [T]


Monday 25 September 2017

No 12121, Monday 25 Sep 2017, Buzzer

1   Daring to let slip initial view about outdated superstition (3,5,4) OLD WIVES TALE {bOLD} {VIEW*}{S TALE}
8   Narrow alley town bound ultimately (4) WYND {n...oW}{a..eY}{t.wN}{b..nD}Semi &lit
9   Better half or a mom, entertaining characters briefly (3,1,6) FOR A MOMENT [T]
11 King after king inheriting first-class/special title (6) KAISER {K}{A1}{S}{ER}
12 Heartless, the painful profession of education (8) TEACHING {ThE}{ACHING}
14 As a wild animal, I live by ... (4) IBEX {I}{BE}{X}
16 ... element of ideology, filling but hard (7) BISMUTH {B{ISM}UT}{H}
18 Fellow beating it, edgy and nervous (7) FIDGETY {F}{IT+EDGY}*
19 Units of pressure and size say (4) PSIS {PSI}{S} (Addendum - (~size) - See comments)
22 Wicket secured, run rate pulled back to a strangle (8) GARROTTE {RR}{TO<=} in {GATE}
23 Act as a secretary? One would to make money (2,4) BE PAID {BE} {PA}{I'D}
24 Squeaky clean room, ambient temperature in a resort (5,5) MONTE CARLO {CLEAN+ROOM+T}*
26 Biblical book character ultimately belonging to another age (4) EZRA {E{Z}RA}
27 Perhaps a church body's mean position (6,2,4) CENTRE OF MASS [DD]

2   Veggie garden is fly-free (5,6) LADYS FINGER*
3   Extravagant fare on top of wedding cake (5) WAFER {W}{FARE*}
4   Truth is extremely constraining thing (6) VERITY {VER{IT}Y}
5   Minutes after going to North America maiden ties the knot right away (9) SUMMARIES {US<=}{M}{MARrIES}
6   Ability to hurl weapon (3) ARM [DD]
7   Rubbish a myth as false (2,3) MY HAT*
10 Number of years pursuing ENT? (6) NINETY Anno pending (Addendum - {N}{IN}{E&T} from ENT then {Y} - See comments)
13 Placing emphasis on accepting love is being human (4,7) HOMO SAPIENS {O} in {EMPHASIS+ON}*
15 Station wagon say entering race, turned over (6,3) ESTATE CAR {STATE} in {RACE}<=
17 Translating it, a nomad at heart (6) GITANO [T] Semi &lit
20 Alternative word describing eccentric individual primarily (6) WEIRDO {Ec...c}{In...l} in {WORD}* Semi &lit
21 Fluid tar be distilled periodically for capacity measurement (5) LITRE {fLuId+TaR+bE}
23 A pursuer to appear with a flower (5) BLOOM {aB}{LOOM}
25 Can midget be short (3) TIN TINy


Sunday 24 September 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2962, Sunday 24 Sep 2017

1   Orbiting object's business fulfilled (5) COMET {CO}{MET}
4   Joker with trick taking in broadcasters? (8) COMEDIAN {CO{MEDIA}N}
8   Novelist, ace in treatment of good raw matter (8,6) MARGARET ATWOOD {A} in {GOOD+RAW+MATTER}* Thanks to Google
10 Democrat in range with a quiet plan (4,3) ROAD MAP {ROA{D} M}{A}{P}
11 Projection: one Oscar for production company (6) STUDIO {STUD}{1}{O}
13 Principal speaker's head of hair (4) MAIN (~mane)
14 Tomfoolery from poet going into air guitar initially (10) SKYLARKING {SKY}{LARKIN}{Gu...r} Thanks to Google again
17 Potter's eye transformed conventional image (10) STEREOTYPE*
18 Song in particular I admire (4) ARIA [T]
20 Handy tips for novice after bounty (6) NEARBY {No..cE}{AfteR}{Bo..tY}
22 Former partner stopped missing husband? That's grand (7) EXALTED {EX}{hALTED}
24 Communication between writers in agreement (14) CORRESPONDENCE [DD]
25 Second novel in stark language (8) SANSKRIT {S}{IN+STARK}*
26 Hides from king in crowd (5) MASKS {MAS{K}S}

1   Making concessions can be embarrassing (12) COMPROMISING [DD]
2   Spread ruin, vicious in rage (9) MARGARINE {MAR}{IN+RAGE}*
3   Shock shown by artist with uncertain expression amid cheers (6) TRAUMA {T{RA}{UM}A}
4   Miserly type, cold fish occupied by collection (10) CHEAPSKATE {C}{HEAP}{SKATE}
5   Flightless bird caught finally in ditch (4) MOAT {MOA}{c...hT}
6   Decline drink with convert (8) DOWNTURN {DOWN}{TURN}
7   Keen to retain old bypass (5) AVOID {AV{O}ID}
9   Opera spoilt by grand poses (5,3,4) PORGY AND BESS*
12 Applauded then dismissed, being of no more use (7-3) CLAPPED-OUT {CLAPPED}-{OUT}
15 One rages about endless ceremony and annoyances (9) IRRITANTS {1}{R{RITe}ANTS}
16 Bar, secure, managed without a fearsome guard dog (8) CERBERUS {BaR+SECURE}*
19 Published title for monk? Not planned (6) RANDOM {RAN}{DOM}
21 Supply answer about love for perfume (5) AROMA {AR{O}M}{A}
23 Ruler in for astonishing upset (4) TSAR [T<=]


Saturday 23 September 2017

No 12120, Saturday 23 Sep 2017, Gridman

1   Work in concert like members of a cast do? (3,8) ACT TOGETHER [C&DD]
9   Touching on a brown sahib? (7) TANGENT {TAN}{GENT}
10 Non-professional in a mature turn-out (7) AMATEUR*
11 Gather a large amount (5) AMASS {A}{MASS}
12 A helper madly embraces Gridman - it's short-lived! (9) EPHEMERAL {ME} in {A+HELPER}*
13 A jewellery that goes to one's head (5) TIARA [CD]
15 Time minister turned into a theologian (9) TERMINIST {T}{MINISTER*}
18 Bad guy supported by mother in city (9) ROTTERDAM {ROTTER}{DAM}
21 The end reached in the home game (5) OMEGA [T]
22 Lack of hope from admit fees being outrageous (9) DEFEATISM*
24 Do what you do! (5) SOLVE [CD]
26 Somehow clear it for performance (7) RECITAL*
27 Fine. Almost with reservations, reaching island (7) OKINAWA {OK}{IN A WAy}
28 Slogan to get hold of wandering seraph (5,6) CATCH PHRASE {CATCH} {SERAPH}*

1   Students will draw at his bidding (3,6) ART MASTER [CD]
2   Indian vehicle from South Pacific kingdom (5) TONGA [DD]
3   Clearing old writers with speed (4,5) OPEN SPACE {O}{PEN S}{PACE}
4   Beg hospital department to repair tear (7) ENTREAT {ENT}{TEAR*}
5   Get the news about the plant (7) HEATHER {HEA{THE}R}
6   Kingdom not fancied by a great number (5) REALM {REAL}{M}
7   Ursine - describing a panda? (8) BEARLIKE [CD]
8   Spoken lesson doesn't start (4) ORAL mORAL
14 React if I carry off a deceptive manoeuvre (8) ARTIFICE*
16 This minor turned into a metal worker (9) IRONSMITH*
17 Deter a man misusing business identity (5,4) TRADE NAME*
19 Crane, for one, goes up with permitted small quantity (7) DRIBLET {BIRD<=}{LET}
20 A couple of Frenchmen in light aircraft appear bulky (7) MAMMOTH {M{A}{MM}OTH}
22 Daughter on boat is not light (4) DARK {D}{ARK}
23 Excited father abandons ludicrous act (5) ANTIC frANTIC
25 Am completely raising the beast of burden (5) LLAMA {AM}{ALL}<=

Reference List
Sahib = GENT, Mother = DAM, Fine = OK, Crane = BIRD, Frenchman = M, Boat = ARK, Father = FR,

Colour/Font Scheme
DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 22 September 2017

No 12119, Friday 22 Sep 2017, Gridman

1   Release grip of property ownership (8) FREEHOLD {FREE}{HOLD}
5   Transfer prisoner so unrightfully (6) CONVEY {CON}{VErY}
9   Bordering on what Ram may be doing (8) ABUTTING [DD]
10 Glittery decoration in a mart in Selaiyur (6) TINSEL [T]
12 Refer to location that is mentioned (4) CITE (~site)
13 End of dispute in colony (10) SETTLEMENT [DD]
15 What is left in central fresco gallery (6) ESTATE {frESco}{TATE}
17 Small, stony archaeological piece (5) SHARD {S}{HARD}
20 Doctors as a group give limited picture (5) IMAGE {IMA}{GivE}
21 Require note having Latin version (6) ENTAIL {E}{LATIN*}
24 No general detail (10) PARTICULAR [DD]
27 It's a terrible old custom of our country (4) SATI* &lit
29 What springs from rubbing off lustre (6) RESULT*
30 That woman keeps single weaver's device as cherished possession (8) HEIRLOOM {HE{1}R}{LOOM}
31 Time to make certain there's no second term (6) TENURE {T}{ENsURE}
32 Legal right of English people in Orient (8) EASEMENT {EAS{E}{MEN}T}

1   Ref can emerge from this country (6) FRANCE*
2   Ownership that's fair and just (6) EQUITY [DD]
3   Dislike 'cover point' (4) HATE {HAT}{E}
4   Look! No-good weapon (5) LANCE gLANCE
6   State work in a direction (5) OPINE {OP}{IN}{E}
7   Deeply felt, six accept agitated scaler (8) VISCERAL {VI}{SCALER*}
8   King left eruditely disconcerted in late-December period (8) YULETIDE ErUDITELY*
11 Way a marginal marking is made about the engineer (6) STREET {ST{RE}ET}
14 Tennis player clobbered limitlessly (4) ASHE bASHEd
16 A place to meet in boulevard (6) AVENUE {A}{VENUE}
17 Hurries up with political gloss (4) SPIN <=
18 Discourage girl's rip-it posture (8) DISPIRIT {DI'S}{RIP+IT}*
19 So raring to break the defence force (8) GARRISON*
22 The old man's part in prisoner's break (6) PAROLE {PA}{ROLE}
23 Thousand times felled by fate (6) KISMET {K}{TIMES*}
25 You needn't do anything to earn this title (5) IDLER [CD]
26 Ring a note for new arrival (5) ARENA {A}{RE}{N}{A}
28 Correct time to feel sorry (4) TRUE {T}{RUE}


Thursday 21 September 2017

No 12118, Thursday 21 Sep 2017, Gridman

1   Spook not left in marsh (8) FRIGHTEN {F{RIGHT}EN}
5   Dissertation of the relative is cut by half (6) THESIS {THE}{SISter}
10 One takes this to show offence (7) UMBRAGE [CD]
11 At first tipping lumber off cart (7) TUMBREL {Ti...g}{LUMBER*}
12 Damned — two cards come together (6) DEUCED [DD] (Addendum - {DEUCE}{D} - See comments)
13 Not being attractive, Chennai leader leaves and is quite safe (8) HARMLESS cHARMLESS
15 List of tasks of tribal, not ace, getting old (2-2) TO-DO {TODa}{O}
16 Full gathering, at 10, has a ball (10) ATTENDANCE {AT}{TEN}{DANCE}
18 No US goalie would buckle and be smarmy (10) OLEAGINOUS*
20 Indian garment — it's trim without borders (4) SARI {SA}{tRIm}
23 Fitting a lawyer's put in large hotel room (8) SUITABLE {SUIT{A}{BL}E}
24 What may be thrown off one's head as out-of-date (3-3) OLD-HAT [DD]
26 Gap in job available (7) OPENING [DD]
27 Caution about a kind of sale (7) AUCTION*
28 Area covered once by the big top (6) EXTENT {EX}{TENT}
29 Tie great made-up feathery ornament (8) AIGRETTE*

1   Basically it's laid to start building up (10,5) FOUNDATION STONE [CD]
2   Such trains arrive at the railway station (7) INBOUND [CD]
3   Vehement, the man pushed date away (6) HEATED {HE}{DATE*}
4   Flat proceeding stopped short (4) EVEN EVENt
6   It's plain he's adopted mantra to get dame disguised (8) HOMEMADE {H{OM}E}{DAME*}
7   Gush over one who operates (7) SURGEON {SURGE}{ON}
8   With this, all the commercial pitch fails (5,10) SALES RESISTANCE [CD]
9   Indignant son joined forces (7,2) STEAMED UP {S}{TEAMED UP}
14 Studying race hotly gone wayward (9) ETHNOLOGY*
17 Rural city needs rain to fall (8) AGRARIAN {AGRA}{RAIN*}
19 Clear vie maniacally to make a bit of progress (7) EVIDENT {VIE*}{DENT}
21 A primarily terrible crime by non-believer (7) ATHEIST {A}{Te...e}{HEIST}
22 Deposit of soft, soft material at bottom of river (6) PLACER {P}{LACE}{r..eR}
25 Author leads to some atrociously killer instincts (4) SAKI Acrostic


Wednesday 20 September 2017

No 12117, Wednesday 20 Sep 2017, Gridman

1   Take in a drop of sherry and luxuriate (7) SWALLOW {Sh...y}{WALLOW}
5   Strut about, say, having taken care of deposit (6) SASHAY {S{ASH}AY}
9   Private lodging provided with a little hesitation (5) INNER {INN}{ER}
10 Off-the-cuff admission by early arrival to union leader (9) IMPROMPTU {I'M PROMPT}{Un..n}
11 Free from distress fifty-one held by bailiff (7) RELIEVE {RE{LI}EVE}
12 Competitor who is out-of-place in a race (4-3) ALSO-RAN [CD]
13 Fidgety Verne loses a bit of energy; yet at end of day is bold (5) NERVY {VERNe}*{daY}
14 Amaze Chinese military group with new building schematic (5,4) FLOOR PLAN {FLOOR} {PLA}{N}
16 Teacher's highly valued, they say. Left awestruck (9) SURPRISED (~ sir prized)
19 Publicity head's work on show – a kind of online ad (3-2) POP-UP {Pu...y}{OP}-{UP}
21 Name in French what goes on the book cover (7) ENTITLE {EN}{TITLE}
23 You said to be in credit getting debt notices! Odd! (7) CURIOUS {C{U}R}{IOUS}
24 Cheat to try endlessly a lot of variation in voice (9) CONTRALTO {CON}{TRy}{A+LOT}*
25 One has to be elsewhere for this defence (5) ALIBI [CD]
26 Military station detains second oppressor (6) DESPOT {DE{S}POT}
27 Learn variously by holding books in light (7) LANTERN {LEARN}* over {NT}

1   Would any mixup result from this rousing talk? (8,6) STIRRING SPEECH [CD]
2   Cancel central part shaped like a ring (7) ANNULAR {ANNUL}{pARt}
3   Gallery's refurbished for the most part (7) LARGELY*
4   Complete failures heard immediately by son (5-4) WRITE-OFFS (~ right off){WRITE OFF}{S}
5   Colour of paise minted afresh (5) SEPIA*
6  Trail taking Poles to financial backer (7) SPONSOR {SPO{N}{S}OR}
7   Clothes appear crumpled on many (7) APPAREL {APPEAR*}{L}
8   Unsparing, big (no good), son displaying the zeal of an arsonist (7,7) BURNING PASSION {UNSPARING+BIg+SON}*
15 Conventional way of thinking from what brings alumni together (3,6) OLD SCHOOL [C&DD]
17 Regret is about the withdrawal of said night train (7) RETINUE (~night){NITE<=} in {RUE}
18 Artist's sober criticism of device to catch pest (3,4) RAT TRAP {RA}{T T}{RAP}
19 Have relevance to bold article about India (7) PERTAIN {PERT}{A{I}N}
20 Supporting document gives view from the side (7) PROFILE {PRO}{FILE}
22 Extremely nice talc drawing acclamation (5) ECLAT {nicE}{TALC*}


Tuesday 19 September 2017

No 12116, Tuesday 19 Sep 2017, Spinner

1   Cross The Iron Lung Point, where marathon athletes make their name! (2,3,4,3) IN THE LONG RUN {THE+IRON+LUNG}*{N}
10 Posts negligible returns on investment of capital amount (5) MAILS {SLIM}* over {Am...t}
11 Vet deceit extraordinarily like Holmes, say (9) DETECTIVE*
12 Very old learner adopts church’s doctrine (6) SCHOOL {S{CH}O}{O}{L}
13 Motorcyclescost rose uncontrollably (8) SCOOTERS*
15 Election features first mandate being upturned on intervention of India’s head of the state (9) POLITICAL {POLL} over {AC{In..a}T}{I} <=
16 Mark Twain’s cardiac arrests (4) SCAR [T]
20 Paddles ball to vacant regions with middle of bat (4) OARS {O}{bAt}{Re...nS}
21 Positioning defender extremely wide, working to win ball (9) DEPLOYING {D}{widE}{PL{O}YING}
24 Bird noise basically grows on flocking (8) CROWDING {CROW}{DIN}{Gr..s}
26 One’s money, after loss, is disposable (6) LIQUID {L}{1}{QUID} &lit
28 Arrested revolutionary holding meet, after pressure (9) PREVENTED {P}{R{EVENT}ED}
29 Medic’s poor procedure (5) DRILL {DR}{ILL}
30 A graduate’s short speech cut down by diplomat (12) AMBASSADRESS {A}{MBA'S}{S}{ADdRESS} S for Short?

2   Stay next to husband, overwhelmed by our being drunk (9) NEIGHBOUR {H} in {OUR+BEING}*
3   Renowned choir is touring around end of August (8) HISTORIC {CHOIR+IS}* over {a...sT}
4   Seals living in squalid surroundings (4) LIDS [T]
5   Prominent celebrity in possession of diamonds (10) NOTICEABLE {NOT{ICE}ABLE}
6   Suspect about to conk out (6) RECKON {RE}{CONK*}
7   Interfere with setter, creating disturbance (5) NOISE {NO{I}SE}
8   Employ a maiden upfront to entertain (5) AMUSE {A}{M}{USE}
9   Regularly lie to firm to get holiday (7) LEISURE {LIE*}{SURE} Regularly as Anind?
14 Dislikes drinking brine solution, stays hidden during times of cold (10) HIBERNATES {H{BRINE*}ATES}
17 Hundreds of calls about extraordinary tune (9) CENTURIES {C{TUNE*}RIES}
18 Narcissism basically provides for Spinner’s idea (7) CONCEPT CONCE(-i+p)PT
19 Compose lyric about broken end of drum (8) CYLINDER {LYRIC}* over {END}*
22 One used to describe an act of cooking bread with a little vinegar (6) ADVERB {BREAD}* over {Vi...r}
23 Student drowned in alcohol, scratching head weirdly (5) ODDLY {tODD{L}Y}
25 Conditioned ear to follow some obvious patterns in form of music (5) OPERA {Ob...s}{Pa...s}{EAR*}
27 Spinner’s love doesn't end in proposal (4) IDEA {I}{DEAr}


Monday 18 September 2017

No 12115, Monday 18 Sep 2017, KrisKross

1   Knockabout: A man without a land (8) PARAGUAY {RAP<=}{A}{GU{A}Y}
5   Blue clothing is cast off (6) DISOWN {D{IS}OWN}
9   Cheering a software firm controlling USA, surprisingly (8) APPLAUSE {APPL{USA*}E}
10 Cars wrecked near the outskirts of Pune, creating a mess (6) SCRAPE {CARS}*{PunE}
12 Opening cold port (5) CLEFT {C}{LEFT}
13 Alert everyone about weapon — live and loaded, primarily (5,4) ALARM BELL {AL{ARM} {BE}L}{Lo...d}
14 Light breakfast dish, including a bit of eggplant (6) BEACON {B{Eg...t}ACON}
16 Escape from criminal so naive (7) EVASION*
19 Stiff test? (7) AUTOPSY [CD]
21 Smart doctor with pretty girl (6) MODISH {MO}{DISH}
23 Former girlfriend hung around, switching partners, becoming tired (9) EXHAUSTED {EX}{HAU(-n+s)STED}
25 Arrest tramp in cheap housing (5) PINCH [T]
26 Mostly cut through unimportant stuff (6) TRIVIA {TRIm}{VIA}
27 Close a bar inside, before it's too late (8) INTIMATE {A}{T} in {IN TIME}
28 Badly singed pattern (6) DESIGN*
29 Travelling salesmen could become bald (8) MANELESS*

1   Scientist's scheme hacked midway (6) PLANCK {PLAN}{haCKed}
2   Designate is again here (9) REPRESENT {RE}{PRESENT}
3   Couple of soldiers reaching Titanic (5) GIANT {GI}{ANT}
4   Go without a black mark (7) ABSTAIN {A}{B}{STAIN}
6   Like a CEO, chap’s starting to despair after salary's reduced (2,7) IN COMMAND {INCOMe}{MAN}{De...r}
7   Egg-shaped/round container, close to stove (5) OVATE {O}{VAT}{s..vE}
8   Wanting to catch freshman for ragging (8) NEEDLING {NEED{L}ING}
11 Healthy food court (4) DATE [DD]
15 Top scientist taking over (9) CAPTURING {CAP}{TURING}
17 Playing a tennis set, nearly becomes unconscious (9) INSENSATE*
18 Brilliant chess champion came in without hesitation (8) TALENTED {TAL}{ENTerED}
20 It is about to chase the old monster (4) YETI {YE}{IT<=}
21 Mary's party ...tucked into heavenly food (7) MADONNA {MA{DO}NNA}
22 Milk product, not fully covered, essentially injurious to your health (6) CHEERS {CHEE{i..uRi..s}Se}
24 Showers honours (5) HAILS [DD]
25 Ego breaks model’s self-confidence (5) POISE {PO{I}SE}


Sunday 17 September 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2961, Sunday 17 Sep 2017

Again on the tougher side today. Actually went down for breakfast after seeing 18A and completed this after breakfast :-) When I solved it some weeks ago.

1   Minstrel with instrument entertaining king, old and gloomy (10) TROUBADOUR {T{R}{O}UBA}{DOUR}
6   Perch for member of male voice choir (4) BASS [DD]
10 Beams, having last bit of summer pudding (7) RAFTERS {s...eR}{AFTERS}
11 Fantastic day, none getting fed up (7) ANNOYED*
12 Checks acts designed to get publicity (6) STUNTS [DD]
13 Work concerning small car (8) RUNABOUT {RUN}{ABOUT}
15 Theologian, until converted by article, right behind revolutionary force (6,6) MARTIN LUTHER {RAM<=}{UNTIL*}{THE}{R}
18 Diamonds in big scene get tossed in dish (4,8) EGGS BENEDICT {D} in {BIG+SCENE+GET}* WOW, this looks Yummy. I'm off for my breakfast
21 Enter without permission, using pressure when breaking lock (8) TRESPASS {TRES{P}{AS}S}
22 Area in good order around university hall (6) ATRIUM {A}{TRI{U}M}
24 Criticise expert with a remedy (7) PANACEA {PAN}{ACE}{A}
25 Opening home with key, not against letting one in (7) INITIAL {IN}{vIT{1}AL}
26 Brute with book out to make a point (4) EAST bEAST
27 Live with desires for possessions (10) BELONGINGS {BE}{LONGINGS}

1   Wearing fresh rose in season (8) TIRESOME {TI{ROSE*}ME}
2   Unprepared, not operating with screen (3,5) OFF GUARD {OFF} {GUARD}
3   Pause, having broadcast bare facts with rapidity (9,5) BREATHING SPACE {BARE*}{THINGS}{PACE}
4   Deer receiving small quantity of medicine (4) DOSE {DO{S}E}
5   In difficulty? Meet guru, unusually enthralling old man (2,1,3,4) UP A GUM TREE {PA} in {MEET+GURU}*
7   Hospital in no way working carelessly (6) ANYHOW {H} in {NO+WAY}*
8   Calm lawyer on time in spot (6) SEDATE {SE{DA}{T}E}
9   Call after battle for sign of promise to unite (10,4) ENGAGEMENT RING {ENGAGEMENT} {RING}
14 Fail to keep quiet in underground chamber, making narrow escape (5,5) CLOSE SHAVE {C{LOSE} {SH}AVE}
16 Inspector with dream department (8) DIVISION {DI}{VISION}
17 Stubborn type, endlessly engaged in legal actions, raised motivation (8) STIMULUS {MULe} in {SUITS}<=
19 Fastener's main element (6) STAPLE [DD]
20 Misbehave and catch up in game (6) TENNIS {SIN}{NET}<=
23 Floor covering useful in our houses (4) LINO [T]


Saturday 16 September 2017

No 12114, Saturday 16 Sep 2017, Afterdark


1. Disagreements in residence get sorted out when females enter (11) DIFFERENCES {RESIDENCE}* around {FF}
9. Sunday's outing with reporter is barred (7) STRIPED {S}{TRIP}{ED}
10. Realize former lover's attractive bettering wife in the end (7) EXECUTE {EX}{wifE}{CUTE}
11. Song about censoring unfinished song (5) RHYME {R{HYMn}E}
12. Announced that force marched across river to reach capital of Denmark (9) EXPRESSED {EX{PRESS}E}{Denmark}
13. Perquisite for working in a vehicle (5) BONUS {B{ON}US}
15. Operations in guise fail, stupid errors creep in, there's no alternative (9) SURGERIES {GUISE+ERRorS}* Seems to suggest {GUISE*} around {ERRS*}
18. Happy getting involved in Id fiestas (9) SATISFIED {ID+FIESTAS*}
21. Police officer in vehicle gets something to smoke (5) CIGAR {C{IG}AR}

22. Electronic fraud? Clowns are skimming the surface to a degree, say (9) ECONOMICS {E}{CON}{cOMICS}
24. Irritation is contributed by unclean germicide bottles... (5)  ANGER (T)
26. ...means clean compound is adulterated with hydrogen and nitrogen (7) CHANNEL {CLEAN*} taking in {H} and {N}
27. Dismisses medical officer as part of cutback (7) REMOVES {RE{MO}VES<=}
28. Passes away. His heart wasn't there. Cold extermination by workers and successors (11) DESCENDANTS {DiES}{C}{END}ANTS}


1. Tells about strange desires of having some coffee adding a dash of beer (9) DESCRIBES {DESIRES}* around {Coffee} and {Beer}
2. When anger consumes redhead, it’s hairy (5) FURRY {FURY} around {Red}
3. Electronic media feature commercials at the end showing a mouth having coffees (9) ESPRESSOS {E}{commercialS}{PRESS}{OS}
4. Selection of Lendl essentially boring (7) ENDLESS (T)
5. Man wearing hat and odd beard looks poorer (7) CHEAPER {CHA{E}P}{bEaRd} HAT=E?, Odd beard suggests BAD not ER (Addendum - {C{HE}AP}{bEaRd} - See comments)
6. I left niece's dance on stage (5) SCENE {NiECES}*
7. Terribly disturbing to lose leaders; aching (8) BURSTING {diSTURBING}*
8. With Ex not being there, reach out to nurse (4) TEND {exTEND}
14. News on a criminal Latino subject (8) NATIONAL {N}{A}{LATINO*}
16. At last, Scorsese shot climax, last scene of Departed and cried out (9) EXCLAIMED {scorsesE}{CLIMAX*}{scenE}{D} Departed=D?
17. Starts steady, almost applies pressure on revolt at school (9) SURPRISES {SURe}{P}{RISE}{S}
19. Unemotional people are like isle, shy, keeping cold, independent and crusty primarily (7) ICICLES {ISLE*} around {C}{I}{Crusty}
20. Code developers avoid loss of pay to earn (7) DESERVE {DEVElopERS}*
22. Burn wet charcoal partially (4) ETCH (T)
23. Had one wonton, noodles, egg, dumpling for starters (5) OWNED (Acrostic)
25. Disposed liquor boxes very early to begin with (5) GIVEN {GI{V}{Early}N}

Reference list  

Females=FF, Sunday=S, Reported=Ed, Former lover=Ex, About=Re, River=Exe, Working=On, Alternative=Or, Police Officer=IG, Electronics=E, Hydrogen=H, Nitrogen=N, Medical Officer=MO, Cold=C, Workers=Ants
Electronic=E, Mouth=Os, News=N, Pressure=P, School=S, Independent=I, Loss of pay=LOP, Very=V

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