Sunday 30 November 2014

Jumbo Special, Sunday 30 Nov 2014, Arden

4 answers per commenter (with annotations) upto 6 PM

11  Fit two tables- resolve what's going on between us now (6,2,4)
12  Come on, switch it on again (4,4)
13  Animal is badly ailing (6)
14  Incisive style cut short by sloganeering (9)
15  Romeo remains reckless (4)
16  He was said to be a quick thinker (5)
18  It's cast for healthy returns (3,6)
20  Clamour for an ex PM on radio (5)
23  Exhortation for moderation and to shun a drink (8)
24  Theoretically, a professor's aide (12)
26  Public utility adds dimension in energy space (6,4)
28  Like wearing the cross, perhaps makes waste (5)
30  One in front was terrible (4)
31  Senior pulls beginner off river (4)
32  Spaniard not well, sadly at the bottom (5)
34  They are devastating for one on the run in metros (10)
35  Cologne spray used by ENT specialist (12)
37  A rock for German scientist (8)
39  Snake regularly seen under tree (5)
41  One would be very careful walking over them (9)
42  Evenly metred among half a dozen he composed (5)
45  Method followed not for tax (4)
46  Find out, if it's sectarian fracas (9)
48  Drink up- inside it's so hot (6)
50  Nothing caught when you trawl for fish (8)
51  Trap essentially for gents and later a gentleman, perhaps (12)

1    Such talk isn't good at home, grow up (8)
2    It will droop over time for a male (4)
3    Communist leader replacing head of state (5)
4    It is absent there, line not to be quoted (3,3,6)
5    Thrown in play Charlie in cast (4)
6    The way he follows a movie - he is nuts (10)
7    Money one paid to get a drug (8)
8    Keen to get across a tribe (5)
9    Some Oriental aroma- up to no good (6)
10  Announcement giving contrary orders (5,7)
17  Slightly he advances- in a crooked way (9)
19  Hand holding school song (5)
21  Girl's anger about active support (9)
22  Characteristic- Fast to get in teams essentially (9)
25  Alterations not an irregularity for a philosopher (9)
27  Climber having streaks of grey (3,4,5)
29  The bright side of  money and protection (6,6)
33  One records novel church feature (4,6)
34  Material perforce not for tailor (5)
36  Wisdom before urban lore, perhaps (8)
38  Lazy at home, act fast (8)
40  Answering wrongly- no war flag (6)
43  Force is relatively wasted (5)
44  Traded keeping constant rate (5)
47  Bet the volcano will erupt (4)
49  Morning- up and about with a fast runner (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at the following link BIG 3


No 2819, Sunday 30 Nov 2014

1   Runs excellent competition (4) RACE {R}{ACE}
3   A theologian is given a couple of degrees in African capital (5,5) ADDIS ABABA {A}{DD}{IS} {A}{BA}{BA}
9   Old robber in bottom flat (7) FOOTPAD {FOOT}{PAD}
11 Captivate some in French Antilles (7) ENCHANT [T]
12 Locum's posting is spurious reveals journalist (6,9) GOSSIP COLUMNIST*
13 Leaves here, perhaps (3,5) TEA CADDY [CD]
14 There's nothing, nothing like an egg (5) OVOID {O}{VOID}
17 The Parisian's left object in lorry (5) ARTIC ARTICle
18 Leaves, describing a ship's journeys (8) PASSAGES {P{A}{SS}AGES}
21 Console and look after one member of the government (7,8) CABINET MINISTER {CABINET} {MINISTER}
23 CD containing lively minor hymn tune (7) CRIMOND {C{MINOR*}D}
24 Last character to leave town in Cornwall in sackcloth and ashes? (7) PENANCE PENzANCE
25 Run away with one chum to find fair (10) LEGITIMATE {LEG IT}{1}{MATE}
26 I spot game (1-3) I-SPY {I}-{SPY}

1   Good for son inside to turn down asylum (6) REFUGE REFU(-s+g)GE
2   Platform for Landseer? (5,4) CROW'S NEST [CD] Got this from the answers at Everyman
4   Gathered action involves Italy's leader (7) DEDUCED {DE{DUC}ED} Where did the 'E' go from Duce?
5   In a perfect world, I'd join forces to conserve energy (7) IDEALLY {I'D}{E}{ALLY}
6   Housing agreement (13) ACCOMMODATION [DD]
7   A coaster, one showing violin-maker (5) AMATI {A}{MAT}{1}
8   Gift tied up at resort (8) APTITUDE*
10 Albert, for example, arranged prison concert (6,7) PRINCE CONSORT*
15 Implications, obvious ones (9) OVERTONES {OVERT}{ONES}
16 Female Commander-in-Chief dropped into Asian sea? Absurd (8) FARCICAL {F}{AR{CIC}AL}
18 Crazy to stay over in German city (7) POTSDAM {POTS}{DAM}<=
19 Turned legs on favourite piece (7) SNIPPET {SNIP<=}{PET}
20 Voracious Greek eyed nervously (6) GREEDY {GR}{EYED*}
22 Get bishop on phone (5) BRING {B}{RING}

Saturday 29 November 2014

No.11253, Saturday 29 Nov 14, Gridman

Typical satisfying fare from Gridman who seems to be on an extended run? Liked BAD EGG, NOTE, ALLURE, INBORN, NEST, CAESURAE, SALMON and ON IT. Despite my reservations, HAPPY HOURS tells a nice story too. Thanks to the setter for the daily fix.

1 Anna, bail out a foreign national (8) ALBANIAN [ANNA BAIL]*
5 Imposed one's will on fourth assault group? (6) FORCED [assault group=FORCE + fourth=D]
9 The fellow-publicist passes over second executioner (8) HEADSMAN [fellow=HE + publicist=AD MAN outside Second]
10 Scoundrel beckoned girl after girl (3,3) BAD EGG [beckoned=BADE + Girl + Girl]
12 Pay heed to // piece of music (4) NOTE [DD]
13 Shh — pay up or look for bar discount times (5,5) HAPPY HOURS [SHH PAY UP OR]* Not sure how 'look'  or 'look for' serves as anagram indicator
15 Charm everybody at university by reading English (6) ALLURE [everybody=ALL + University + Reading + English]
17 Delete article in Scottish language (5) ERASE [article=A inside Scottish language=ERSE]
20 A pawnshop’s offering declared without assistance (5) ALONE [A + pawnshop offering=~LOAN]
21 Father fesses up to grimaces (6) FROWNS [FatheR + fesses up to=OWNS]
24 Fancies one small bend in bags (10) VISUALISES [one=1 + Small + bend=U inside bags=VALISES]
27 Angry one leaving charge (4) RATE [angry=iRATE]
29 Hardwired hotel admits cheat back (6) INBORN [hotel=INN outside cheat=ROB<-]
30 USA mints destroyed in large waves (8) TSUNAMIS [USA MINTS]*
31 Country fellow's collection of reminiscences (6) GUYANA [fellow=GUY + collection=ANA]
32 Impulse of this month to have can checked first (8) INSTINCT [this month=INST outside can=TIN + Checked]

1 Present in the vicinity (2,4) AT HAND [E]
2 Food preservative kit assembled in devotion in India (6) BHAKTI [food preservative=BHA + KIT*]
3 From where flying starts happen (4) NEST [CD]
4 Rope-making fibre used by Colaba cattlemen (5) ABACA [T]

6 Nothing char disposed of is vegetable (5) ORACH [nothing=0 + CHAR*]
7 Use care — a review is needed of poetic pauses (8) CAESURAE [USE CARE A]*
8 Taken in, went out to catch heroic deed (8) DIGESTED [went out=DIED outside heroic deed=GEST]
11 Ill-gotten dope's about eastern auto instrument (6) SPEEDO [DOPE'S* outside Eastern]
14 Down-in-the-dumps // shade (4) BLUE [DD]
16 Discriminatory in world show (6) UNFAIR [world=UN+ show=FAIR] world or world organisation?
17 Bird has no luck almost in Swiss city (4) ERNE [Swiss city=lucERNE]
18 Discerning about Indian magazine in Gujarat's capital (8) SAVVYING [Indian magazine=SAVVY + IN + Gujarat]
19 Give accommodation to lad — one among estate staff (8) HOUSEBOY [give accommodation to=HOUSE + lad=BOY]
22 Male entering barbershop is a swimmer (6) SALMON [Male inside barbershop=SALON]
23 If you need some larger beds, it won’t do! (6) BEDSIT [CD & T?]
25 Automobile Association's run on high priest (5) AARON [Automobile Association + Run + ON]
26 Seen wandering round southern city (5) ESSEN [SEEN* outside Southern]
28 Have zero complaint when pursuing an assignment (2,2) ON IT [0 + complaint=NIT]

Friday 28 November 2014

No.11252, Friday 28 Nov 2014, Gridman

Some amazing clues from Gridman... 29a probably takes the cake and eats it too ... not forgetting the two long ones on the lateral extremes ...and quite a few tails cut-off today. Stumped by 14d

1 Emperor about to admit fighter to haul back (8) CALIGULA (CA to admit ALI LUG<)
          Remembered old Caligula Minus from Asterix
5 Women mix up in duckwalk (6) WADDLE (W ADDLE)
          A waddle is considered comical while a goose-step is considered martial (while still being comical)
10 Cattle disease brought by endless fog and deluge (7) MURRAIN (MURk RAIN) New word for me
11 Finale has mice spreading out over a wide area (7) ENDEMIC (END MICE*)
           The Finale coming up shortly will have ace solvers coming in from a wide area
12 Merchant tarred badly (6) TRADER (TARRED)*
13 A doctor almost got up with one drop of amrit — food for the gods (8) AMBROSIA (A MB ROSe I A)
15 On top of which, a house is nothing (4) ALSO (A LS O)
           That house is now in session ....
16 Reader's voluminous notes by the side (10) MARGINALIA (CD)
           Fermat's Last Theorem was arguably one of the most intriguing bits of marginalia (Hanc marginis exiguitas non caperet-Wiki).. I still don't get it ... the proof, I mean ...
18 No siren is for such a situation (10) UNALARMING (CD)
           But after an air raid siren there used to be an all-clear one too, signalling that the situation was now unalarming ;-)
20 It's half-kind to writer (4) SAKI (it=SA KInd)
23 Having alighted, I rate assembled intellectuals (8) LITERATI (LIT (I RATE)*)
24 Fruit — old chum almost swallows it (6) CITRON (IT in CRONy)
26 Drink quite mixed by the French (7) TEQUILA (QUITE* LA)
          Mixed, yes ... but shaken or stirred?
27 Was father mean until he became this? (7) GRANDPA (CD)
28 Baby, go with grass endlessly (6) PEEWEE (PEE WEEd)
          If you gotta go, you gotta go, man ...
29 Eat, perhaps, besides drinking during this time (3,5) TEA BREAK (EAT*) (CD)

1 Thus some sentences might end (4,2,1,4,4) COME TO A FULL STOP (CD)
2 They are often cast in Westerns (7) LARIATS (CD)
3 State support for beard (6) GOATEE (GOA TEE)
4 Single bunch: novel without energy (4) LONE (NOvEL)* fodder deletion error?
6 Moreover, smoothens the firewood holders (8) ANDIRONS (AND IRONS)
7 Mother's sole provision for old girl (7) DAMOSEL (DAM SOLE*)
8 Once the silent one's state took away opening sign! (11,4) EXCLAMATION MARK (EX CLAM nATION MARK)
9 Whose target man? Perhaps! (9) TERMAGANT (TARGET MAN) (CD)
14 Cultural centre? (9) -A-M-T-A-  Did not get it ... Addendum FARMSTEAD See comments
17 United, perhaps, following husband, victim of recession (8) HAIRLINE (AIRLINE following H)
19 Old lark, we hear (7) ANTIQUE (~ANTIC)
21 Shorten a game (7) ABRIDGE (A BRIDGE)
22 About to run into feeding-time requirement — tummy soother (6) BICARB (CA R in BIB)
25 Fever? Dispute rightaway! (4) AGUE (ArGUE)

Thursday 27 November 2014

No 11251, Thursday 27 Nov 2014, Gridman

Gridman's CD/DvD player got repaired as he was cluing the Down set ;-)

1   Old chair found broken in crashed car (7) ARCHAIC {A{CHAIR*}C} There's an extra R in the fodder (Addendum - {AR{CHAIr}C*} - See comments)
5   Nearly glowed with great numbers of flowers (6) LILACS {LIt}{LACS}
9   Male has primarily able and extremely robust organ (5) HEART {HE}{Able}{RobusT}
10 Sailor with people gets eternal punishment (9) TARNATION {TAR}{NATION}
11 Accept first-class master to prepare for firing (4,3) TAKE AIM {TAKE} {A1}{M}
12 The French fellows in court are merciful (7) CLEMENT {C{LE}{MEN}T}
13 New leader very distressed and anxious (5) NERVY {New}{VERY*}
14 The painting comes down on head (9) LANDSCAPE {LANDS}{CAPE}
16 Pinpoints some Canadian dwellings? (5,2,2) HOMES IN ON  {HOMES} {IN} {ON}  ON for Ontario
19 Defeats in circuitous tours (5) ROUTS*
21 Noise for more superior, limitless eating place (7) DINETTE {DIN}{bETTEr}
23 When first of computers was put into reboot mode (7) OCTOBER {O{Co...s}TOBER*}
24 Uttered sharply in a couple of pages in colour that are published (6,3) RAPPED OUT {R{A}{PP}ED} {OUT}
25 Sturdy material dacoits' leader looted out of Maharashtra town (5) KHAKI KHAdKI A cantonment would be more appropriate rather than a town
26 Sort again and do some more keyboarding (6) RETYPE [DD]
27 Obtains information all around to get back salted-away savings (4,3) NEST EGG {NE{ST EG}G}<=

1   Hopeful attempt that can cheer you up at night? (1,4,2,3,4) A SHOT IN THE DARK [DD]
2   Attractive girl may be in the soup (7) CRACKER ? [DD] Girl? Does one put crackers in Soup ?
3   As a point of fact, learners went for radical insurance employee (7) ACTUARY ACTUA(-ll+r}RY
4   Acumen lot needed in what you may do for a fruit salad (3,1,5) CUT A MELON*
5 Poem from the really rich (5) LYRIC [T]
6 They jump, they are people born on February 29 (7) LEAPERS [DD]
7 Monster! See him involved in terrible race! (7) CHIMERA {C{HIM}ERA*}
8 At dinner table, it is second or more than that (7,7) ANOTHER SERVING [CD]
15 Some — but not making a XI, obviously (4,2,3) NINE OR TEN [CD]
17 A handful for Roman foot-soldiers (7) MANIPLE [DD] Handful?
18 Surfeit from a connection in a dirty place (7) SATIETY {S{A}{TIE}TY}
19 Captures again — what a dissatisfied film director orders (7) RETAKES [DD]
20 One takes this to show offence (7) UMBRAGE [CD]
22 Take the honey and run! (5) ELOPE [CD]


Wednesday 26 November 2014

No 11250, Wednesday 26 Nov 2014, Gridman

Can't get samosa's very easily today. Plenty of little things strewn around today.

1   Indicates place to shoot from commander's vessel (8) FLAGSHIP {FLAGS}{HIP}
5   Not much silver found in lake (6) MEAGRE {ME{AG}RE}
9   Female personnel attached to the princess (7) DISTAFF {DI}{STAFF}
10 At home, young reporter has you and me in old nightmare (7) INCUBUS {IN}{CUB}{US}
11 Bride, with these chemical experiment substances, becomes scatterbrained (9) REACTANTS SCATTERbrAiNed* Definition in the middle
12 Diminutive born back in the limits of Thalassery (5) TEENY {Thala{EEN<=}sserY}
13 Very small can pray finally (4) TINY {TIN}{Y}
14 Theatrical behaviour of buck in Egyptian vessel (9) STAGINESS {STAG}{IN}{E}{SS}
17 Accounts for lists city having a distinctive manner of its own (9) STYLISTIC*
19 I study the sacred picture (4) ICON {I}{CON}
23 Release a preview of art production made by one learner (5) TRAIL {ART*}{1}{L}
24 She and inmate together contrive what's used to control the boat (9) MAINSHEET*
25 Little mother gets half-a-century — barely adequate (7) MINIMAL {MINI}{MA}{L}
26 A grand ring on the shore (7) AGROUND {A}{G}{ROUND}
27 Date not subject to change (6) STEADY [DD]
28 Sculptures remain around north Indian clan (8) STATUARY {STA{TUAR<=}Y} North being the reversal indicator (Addendum - {STA{TUAR}Y} - See comments}

1   To form a union, take dear around in gala event (8) FEDERATE {FE{DEAR*}TE}
2   Lay off sailor with stigma (7) ABSTAIN {AB}{STAIN}
3   Thin, lean in shadowy case (6) SCANTY {Shad{CANT}owY}
4   Briefly, about the thing mali's broken — it's negligible (13) INFINITESIMAL INFINITE{SIMAL*} Anno pending (Addendum - {IN)(FIN{IT}E}{SIMAL*} - See comments}
6   Stimulating, going out holding chick's top (8) EXCITING {EX{Chicks}ITING}
7   Bits from marsh retrieved to get best treatment (7) GOBBETS {GOB<=}{BEST*}
8   Tracts from eastern and southern states (6) ESSAYS {E}{S}{SAYS}
10 It's meaningless in character, provided one tilt (13) INSIGNIFICANT {IN}{SIGN}{IF}{1}{CANT}
15 Took a zigzag course in dirty old Salem (8) SLALOMED* Dr DS will object to this!
16 All together, world leaders have south Indian dish thrown around central step (8) UNITEDLY {UN}{I{sTEp}DLY}
18 Student's fall getting support all round (7) TRAINEE {T{RAIN}EE}
20 Pause, vehicle stops short, about to turn a trick (7) CAESURA {CAr}{ESUR<=}{A<=}
21 Totally baffles those behind the batsman (6) STUMPS [DD]
22 Implike person sends up English in quick wit (6) ESPRIT (+e)ESPRIT(-e)


Tuesday 25 November 2014

No 11249, Tuesday 25 Nov 2014, Gridman

I love to start my day with a Gridman CW, and he doesn't fail to delight in this opener today. 

1   Drunk sans pizazz, having lost head, in elevated region (8) HIGHLAND {HIGH}{bLAND}
6   Block southern revolutionary (4) STOP {S}{TOP}
9   Defiant to accept the backward man, see? (6) BEHOLD {B{EH<=}OLD}
10 They may be just in Sahara and Gobi, for instance (7) DESERTS [CD]
13 A steel application that may be music to your ears (5,4) PIANO WIRE [CD]
14 Best part of engineer in English river (5) CREAM {C{RE}AM}
15 Ritual is correct, we're told (4) RITE (~right)
16 He insists a pro lutist needs to be resettled (10) STIPULATOR*
19 Champion who has no angularities, perhaps (3-7) ALL-ROUNDER [CD]
21 Expert has great many to motivate (4) PROD {PRO}{D}
24 Got to know of a cattle group, by the sound of it (5) HEARD (~herd)
25 Take the place of great progeny, say (9) SUPERCEDE {SUPER}{CEDE}(~seed)
26 Graduates meeting shortly — it may produce a blow (7) BASSOON {BAS}{SOON}
27 Farm worker is boundlessly free mimic (6) REAPER {fREe}{APER}
28 A Roosevelt has no time for little spin (4) EDDY tEDDY
29 Taylor is bent on being alone (8) SOLITARY*

2   I get a piece of note on former legislation lacking precision (7) INEXACT {I}{Note}{EX}{ACT}
3   Who did you say? American poet? That bird? (6) HOOPOE (~who){HOO}{POE}
4   Moreover, pay attention: inland set is acting funny (3,6) AND LISTEN*
5   But you may not want to evade this vehicle (5) DODGE [DD]
7   Abuse fellows involved in wrong (7) TORMENT {TOR{MEN}T}
8   Late in the day, it may be shortened for a chief of government (4,8) POST MERIDIEM {PM}
11 In a tricky situation, forget head of police, take strong hook (6) SICKLE (-p+s)SICKLE
12 You can go near such an official (12) APPROACHABLE [CD]
17 Real, upper disposition relating to childbirth (9) PUERPERAL*
18 English poet getting two ducks — bad luck (6) HOODOO {HOOD}{OO}
20 Ladies I gathered around had close relationships (7) LIAISED*
22 Affectionate advice to boating companion uttered for one buck (3,4) ROE DEER (~row dear)
23 Not completely correct: worker is a shirker (6) ERRANT {ERR}{ANT} (Addendum - TRUANT {TRUe}{ANT} - See comments)
25 Countless, you of old leave on the beach (5) SANDS thouSANDS


Monday 24 November 2014

No.11248, Monday 24 Nov 2014, Anitya

In true Anitya style, the clues are short, crisp and entertaining

7 Speaker with one old musical composition (8) ORATORIO (ORATOR I O)
9 OK-to-eat food item (6) EDIBLE (2)
10 Off with a method (4) AWAY (A WAY)
11 Cravings for advertisement locutions (10) ADDICTIONS (AD DICTIONS)
12 Bar special champion, right? (6) SPACER (SP ACE R)
14 Nope, get a change that allows free access (4,4) OPEN GATE (NOPE GETA)*
15 Repeated a profit with a profit (5,3,5) AGAIN AND AGAIN (A GAIN AND A GAIN)
17 Support tilt in compilation of books still in print (8) BACKLIST (BACK LIST)
19 Essays he's written in setback (6) THESES (HE'S in SET<)
21 Monsoon out to pour all the same (10) MONOTONOUS (MONSOON OUT)*
22 Black hat crushed for Thailand cash (4) BAHT (B HAT*)
23 Detenu ancestors secreted shade of meaning (6) NUANCE (T)
24 Maintain the pace to stay up-to-date (4,4) KEEP STEP (KEEP STEP)

1 Act your age with good line at the top (4,2) GROW UP (G ROW UP)
          I have, Anitya, but I have ... ;-) Now it is DG (not Col.Gopinath!) and Renga's turn ...
2 Remain, saint — always! (4) STAY (ST AY)
3 Test managed in rehearsal (5,3) TRIAL RUN (TRIAL RUN)
4 About small hint in heroic act (6) RESCUE (RE S CUE)
5 Yet one may have to die for this salary (6,4) LIVING WAGE (CD,DD)
          Reminded me of that great cemetery where people were dying to get in ...
6 Board with big load of fish food (8) PLANKTON (PLANK TON)
8 New York bold to break seniors' complex (3,3,7) OLD BOY NETWORK (NEW YORK BOLD TO)*
          I knew a group of old men who used to meet every week to engulf Gobi Manchurain. I used to call them the Gobi network
13 Suppresses ace's crossword entries (10) CRACKDOWNS (CRACK DOWNS)
          To nitpick, suppesses = cracks down and suppressions are = crackdowns
15 One — one record almost due in similar version (8) ANALOGUE (AN A LOG dUE)
16 Witness at trial has hesitation (8) ATTESTER (AT TEST ER)
          In 3d test became trial and here it is the other way around !
18 I, with two boys, pressed (6) IRONED (I  RON ED)
20 Mimics Election Commission's tools (6) ECHOES (EC HOES)
22 Low pedestal (4) BASE (2)


All the best to the participants. My apologies for not being able to make it as my class reunion is there on the same day at 1030.  I will attend if that programme gets changed.

Sunday 23 November 2014

Special, Sunday 23 Nov 2014, Bruno

Three answers per commenter (with annotations) as usual till 6 PM

1   Hope this text is intercepted by an intelligence agency (7)
5   Nearly full with drink, holds counter-top for support (7)
9   Both hands on wheels? (9)
10 This vehicle regularly went around in the past (5)
11 Crude income tax error lands one in soup? (6)
12 Goes along with sweetheart’s failings (7)
14 Vagrants’ essential instrument (4)
15 Entrepreneur organised upscale tour - not for everyone! (10)
19 Venomous snake from marsh somehow left river, got into chest brought by Queen (10)
20 Chip hit back after losing cap (4)
22 A cat in a city structure (7)
25 Chinese Premier disowned Captain training with foreign honcho in China (6)
27 Claim medic has zero sex-appeal (5)
28 Exposes manually-operated vehicle to aerial assault (3-6)
29 Judge has difficulties with top-ups (7)
30 Many go around believing essentially, that it’s a way to get rich! (7)

1   De-marginalised population’s currency (4)
2   Medical specialist’s knowledge about core of principle is very annoying! (9)
3   Raid on establishment? (6)
4   Covers with even running strides (9)
5   Joke that is right in front of one! (5)
6   Underestimates shooters? (3-5)
7   Indian Ocean swells with Indian music (5)
8   Football team’s caught recruiting rival’s top one quietly; that must be peer-reviewed! (10)
13 Lara Croft: Cat Stylist! (4-6)
16 A rare cult made up of living beings (9)
17 Bait set out to trap the greatest brown forward (9)
18 Evil - imbibing core of virtues becomes God, perhaps (8)
21 Kid upset at that heartless rule (6)
23 A mug turned cold (5)
24 Curbed new desires for a long time… (5)
26 A group of girls, maybe, start to behave with spite after warden finally leaves (4)

Across Lite version is available at the following link BRUNO 3


No 2818, Sunday 23 Nov 2014

1   Remnant, keepsake close to heart (6) RELICT {RELIC}{T}
4   Cola - a cup drunk in Mexican resort (8) ACAPULCO*
9   End of play is completely perplexing (6) STUMPS [DD]
10 Copper - check it in chemical vessel (8) CUCURBIT {CU}{CURB}{IT}
11 Pet using force digging out new plant (3,6) DOG VIOLET {DOG} {VIOLEnT}
13 In favour of retaining the old entrance hallway (5) FOYER {FO{YE}R}
14 Makes a faux pas plugging bishop, American, with old handgun (11) BLUNDERBUSS {BLUNDER{B}{US}S}
17 Nobbled proceeds - men indemnified (11) RECOMPENSED*
20 Boy round cliff (5) OSCAR {O}{SCAR}
22 Slash girls with swords (9) CUTLASSSES {CUT}{LASSES}
24 Generate changes in youth (8) TEENAGER*
25 Sign, say, knocked over by car (6) GEMINI {GE<=}{MINI}
26 Article on sailor, vice, and drink (8) ABSINTHE {AB}{SIN}{THE}
27 Notice slit in garment is good for appearance (6) ADVENT {AD}{VENT}

1   Live on edge (6) RESIDE {RE}{SIDE}
2   Boulanger playing in part of hotel, perhaps (6,3) LOUNGE BAR*
3   Cold month, mostly, in Bay of Naples island (5) CAPRI {C}{APRIl}
5   Forge iron bar originally on it (11) COUNTERFEIT {COUNTER}{FE}{IT}
6   Sportswear, and more feminine, belonging to us (4,5) PLUS FOURS {PLUS} {F}{OURS}
7   Solicit in entrance (5) LOBBY [DD]
8   Shed tears after blooming protest (6) OUTCRY {OUT}{CRY}
12 Ably matched, surprisingly, in a Shakespearean role (4,7) LADY MACBETH*
15 Slaughtering centaur popular? Not sure (9) UNCERTAIN {CENTAUR}*{IN}
16 Criticism of face-lift? (9) SIDESWIPE {SIDE}{SWIPE}
18 Left one by a rich heiress (6) PORTIA {PORT}{1}{A}
19 A Society is in street to help (6) ASSIST {A}{S}{S{IS}T}
21 Some coaches spoil game (5) CHESS [T]
23 Correct soldiers in short commercial (5) AMEND {A{MEN}D}

Saturday 22 November 2014

No.11247, Saturday 22 Nov 14, Mac

What a good start to the weekend with this smooth and entertaining puzzle. Easier to say liked all the clues than list them all again here. Thank you Mac.

6 Language of north India (5) HINDI [T]
7 Dupe/liar misused a drug (8) EPIDURAL [DUPE LIAR]*
10 Animal work sounds wonderful (7) OPOSSUM [work=OP + ~wonderful=AWESOME]
11 A torque about Earth’s central line (7) EQUATOR [A TORQUE]*
12 Puzzled by not making a profit (2,1,4) AT A LOSS [DD]
13 Guided a horse without hesitation (7) STEERED [horse=STEED outside hesitation=ER]
14 Primarily, Asian men are captivated by divine pickle (11) PREDICAMENT [Asian + MEN inside divine=PREDICT]
19 Airlines to repair its missing wing part for flight control (7) AILERON [AIRLINES TO - ITS]*
21 Sailors' remains at sea (7) MARINES [REMAINS]*
23 Massive trouts I zealously netted (7) OUTSIZE [T]
25 Essentially crisp fish, meat and spice dish (7) RISSOLE [cRISp + fish=SOLE]
26 Behead/murder for amusement (8) LAUGHTER [murder=sLAUGHTER]
27 Military unit's essential, I hear (5) CORPS [~essential=CORE]

1 Carped on about pit found in a fruit (8) ENDOCARP [CARPED ON]*
2 Saif turned up at officer's mess (6) FIASCO [SAIF<- + officer=CO]
3 Authorisation for every assignment (10) PERMISSION [for every=PER + assignment=MISSION]
4 Extra // thick (4) WIDE [DD]
5 Following obtained from flattery, essentially (6) LATTER [T]
6 Catch hold of a heroin-smoking pipe (6) HOOKAH [catch hold of=HOOK + A + Heroin]
8 Stringed instrument Luke played in the French University earlier (7) UKULELE [LUKE* inside University + the French=LE]
9 A bit crass and vulgar (5) CRUDE [Crass + vulgar=RUDE] &lit
13 They c-can get r-repetitive in speech? (10) STAMMERERS [CD]
15 Working grannie's making money (7) EARNING [GRANNIE]*
16 Brown in color with extraordinary odor, one's been cooked in an Indian oven (8) TANDOORI [brown=TAN + ODOR* + one=1]
17 Boat for stormy ocean (5) CANOE [OCEAN]*
18 Escorts the woman (head of state, previously) into the United States (6) USHERS [State + the woman=HER inside US]
20 Unusually tall, he can be deadly (6) LETHAL [TALL HE]*
22 Internally, entire section's surgically cut out (6) RESECT [T]
24 Has tea mixed with a bit of sugar (4) EATS [TEA* + Sugar]

Friday 21 November 2014

No.11246, Friday 21 Nov 2014, Exa

Nice one from Exa. Liked 11a 16a 21a 26a 2d

1 Transfer certificate's fit in, many need hard covers (11) TABLECLOTHS (ABLE=able LOTS=many Hard in TC) Is the insertion of LOT H indicated sufficiently? (on the presumption that the 'in' applies to ABLE) See comments

9 Stress to get back son across the current (7) TENSION (NET< SON across I)
10 It heats or tears apart (7) ROASTER (OR TEARS)*
          Reading this with 17a made me think that Exa was cooking something ...
11 Leave late one time (4) EXIT (EX I T)
12 Surprised to find doctor into wearing blue shades (10) ASTONISHED (INTO* in SHADES*)
13 Shakes taste extraordinary on adding ginger in bits (8) AGITATES (TASTE* on A G I)
16 Gently touch bare girl inside (5) NUDGE (G in NUDE)
17 It may be used for cooking Pesto Veggie sandwiches (5) STOVE (T)
19 Damage outside ship is not easy to understand (8) ABSTRUSE (ABUSE outside STR for steamer)
21 Cycles pick up next to the first route and second (10) HEARTBEATS (HEAR=pick up, T=the first, BEAT S)
23 Digital camera captures a rare mineral (4) TALC (T)
26 Get back on vessel after an examination (7) REGRESS (RE GraduateRecordExaminations SS)
27 Idea of working at home's popular with the old (7) OPINION (OP IN, IN with O)
28 Sent a short note to help dear get adjusted (11) TELEGRAPHED (HELP DEAR GET)*
          Remember the use of the 'telegraph' in The Count of Monte Cristo?

1 Will I let out after a dose of torture? (5) TITLE (T + I LET*) not sure if defn. is enough
2 Twisting book’s introduction/conclusion (7) BENDING (B ENDING)
3 … are rejected as offensive (4) EVIL (LIVE<)
4 Roads, one for a plan (5) LANES Anno not sure See comments Looks like the answer may be LINES

5 For slow ones: 'supply' is 'to store' (9) TORTOISES (IS TO STORE)*
6 Publisher's son to retain novel (9) STATIONER (S TO RETAIN)* not sure if publisher=stationer?
See comments

7 Scratched out chit; ultimately some note (6) ITCHED (CHIT* E D)
8 Game link (6) BRIDGE (2)
14 Present tense describes men getting medical attention (9) TREATMENT (TREAT T around MEN)
15 Bill takes a left moving across (9) TRAVERSAL (TRAVERS A L)
          I personally like Uncle Tom (Travers) and his wife better
17 Field a ball perhaps (6) SPHERE (2)
18 Mineral’s concealing a good colour (6) ORANGE (AN in ORE) is a=an or should it have been 'a new' instead of 'a good' a=AN, good=G See comments

20 Language to stretch his jargon (7) SPANISH (SPAN HIS*)
22 Leather item I stripped for love (5) THONG (THING-I+O)
24 Break dance hit (5) CANED (DANCE*)
25 Singer used up help with vocal intro (4) DIVA (AID< with V introduced)

Thursday 20 November 2014

No 11245, Thursday 20 Nov 2014, Spinner

Relief after the fiasco yesterday. Spinner has spun some amazing stories today with no googlies.

1   Chauvinist sets about taking a side (6) SEXIST {SE{XI}ST*}
4   Eager for painkiller before start of game (8) ASPIRING {ASPIRIN}{Game}
10 Summon phoney friends with love but forget Spinner (4,3) SEND FOR {FRiENDS+O}*
11 Play involving singing and dancing is calm, with a bit of uptempo (7) MUSICAL {M{Up...o}ISCAL*}
12 Freak sailor meets average criminal (8) ABNORMAL {AB}{NORM}{AL}
13 After triumph, Germany sidelined footballer? (6) WINGER {WIN}{GER}
15 One billionth newborn a national obsession, primarily (4) NANO Acrostic ;-)
17 A novel pastry with a touch of cream and ice mostly from polar region (9) ANTARCTIC {A}{N}{TART}{Cream}{ICe}
20 Cook pesto stew at a confectionery store, maybe? (5,4) SWEET SPOT*
21 Fastener or fast runner? (4) BOLT [DD]
24 Raiganj, a guaranteed sanctuary for cat variety (6) JAGUAR [T]
25 Spinner’s against Spinner for the time being (8) MEANTIME {ME}{ANTI}{ME} My COD
28 Church vocal performance ending with hymn sung by congregation (7) CHORALE {CH}{ORAL}{p...cE}
29 Chapter is, in a nutshell, covered by electronics engineer (7) EPISODE {E{P{IS}OD}E}
30 A rainbow could be one, being a band of seven (8) SEPTETTE Definition by example
31 Ambassador car primarily running with second alternate fuel (6) CONSUL {Car}{ON}{S}{fUeL}

1   Experiences of American entering soil with slim capital (8) SUSTAINS {S{US}TAIN}{Slim}
2   Ten’s Neon. In order, what’s 54? (5) XENON {X}{NEON*}
3   Fashionista’s tips to wear ethnic dress on trip (6) SAFARI {SA{Fa...tA}I}
5   Brand of wrestling primarily showcasing uncontrolled male obesity? (4) SUMO Acrostic &lit
6   Character of Tintin’s revolving around curiosity, primarily (8) INSTINCT {INSTIN{Cu...y}T*}
7   Love comes after noticing model in plain clothes (9) INCOGNITO {NOTICING*}{O}
8   Abundant bloodshed surrounds gangster (6) GALORE {G{AL}ORE}
9   Celebrity earns, gets corrupt (9) GREATNESS*
14 Labourer, with broken remote, reads pressure (9) MANOMETER {MAN}{REMOTE*}
16 Internet forum where grownups assembled to drink ethanol, primarily (9) NEWSGROUP {N{Et...l}WSGROUP*}
18 To drive a 5, it’s 18 (5,3) LEGAL AGE [CD]
19 Ghostly alien male’s existent (8) ETHEREAL {ET}{HE}{REAL}
22 Discharges electron stream around primary circuit side (6) EJECTS {E}{JE{Ci...t}T}{S}
23 Current avatar of god in shade of blue (6) INDIGO {I}{GOD+IN}*
26 Antique centre sold broken statues (5) IDOLS {antIque}{SOLD*}
27 Amazes trainers with enthusiasm (4) ZEST [T]

Wednesday 19 November 2014

No 11244, Wednesday 19 Nov 2014, Aspartame

Sorry folks I've been disturbed by the news of a death in my wife's family. Leaving some  blanks due to that. Some iffy definitions.

1   Colour of mythical creature’s skin fades at last (6) ORCHID {ROC+HIDe}* Where's the Anind? (Addendum - {ORC}{HIDe} - See comments)
4   Drunk mob finally to divide into groups inside (6) BLOTTO {moB}{LOT}{TO}
9   Team breaks up, dies (4) SIDE*
10 Leader among leaders (10) HEADMASTER ? [CD]
11 The French sat back with support (6) TASSEL {TAS}{SEL}<=  Support? See comments
12 Interpretation of six geese flying? (8) EXEGESIS*
13 Grading Industrial Engineers as described by HR are key to the auditor (9) HIERARCHY {H{IE}R}{ARCHY}(~are key)
15 Dry water body reportedly has little rubbish (4) SERE R from rubbish in ~sea?
16 Ready pope regarding containment (4) PREP {P{RE}P} ?? - See comments
17 Influenced fake media nearly using newspapers (9) IMPRESSED {IM{PRESS}EDa*}
21 How is wine made from walnuts? It’s not easy (8) ACROSTIC Supposedly a definition by example??
22 Hostile African country beside borders of Gabon (6) MALIGN {MALI}{GaboN}
24 Characters ‘CDEFGHIJKLJack erased for Tesla on a runway (6,4) FLIGHT DECK CDEFGHI(-j+t)TKL*
25 Standard label (4) FLAG [DD]
26 Insecurity in Jordan, Germany (6) DANGER [T]
27 Lively oriental ghost killed Indian leader (6) ESPRIT {E}{SPiRIT}

1   Craft finally leaving during dawn without a Frenchman (7) ORIGAMI {ORIG{A}{M}In}
2   Are the cells used in this game grey? (5) CHESS [CD]
3   Without ecstasy, doctor House rose to get healing tool (7) INHALER ? (Addendum - {IN}{HeALER} - See comments)
5   Awkward bits and pieces (6) L?M?E? LUMBER [DD] - See comments
6   Boring set 11 played (9) TASTELESS {TASSEL+SET}*
7   Then, at 12:00 AM maybe… (3,4) ONE TIME ?
8   … tease and pull a little trick on male cartoon character (4,3,6) TAKE THE MICKEY {TAKE} {T}{HE}{MICKEY}
14 American president left America and travelled back inside with instrument (4,5) REED ORGAN {REa{ED OR}GAN}
16 Crisis daughter contained (7) PICKLED {PICKLE}{D}
18 Pictures that were flops on the first attempt? (7) REMAKES [CD] Not necessarily
19 Shoot broken fragments missing some now and then (7) ENGRAFT {FRAGMENTS - SoMe}*
20 It can cause instant freezing among kids (6) STATUE [GK]
23 Flier displaying criminal (5) LIFER*


Tuesday 18 November 2014

No 11243, Tuesday 18 Nov 2014, Afterdark

Leaving the CW with some question marks as I have to make an early morning trip to the airport. A double Pangram (Addendum - Less I).

9   Take offence to umpire's support having lost middle of game (7) UMBRAGE UM{BRA}{GamE} Where's the P gone from the Ump?
10 Real confusion, former spouse returned with Regina's lotion (7) RELAXER {REAL*}{XE<=}{R}
11 Directs foreign office about operations... (7) FOCUSES {FO}{C}{USES}
12 ...on sailor having a large with close friends like animals (7) JACKALS {JACK}{A}{L}{S}
13 Launch weapon at captain (9) SPEARHEAD {SPEAR}{HEAD}
15 Oxford's also known as a city (5) OMAHA Anno pending (Addendum - OSAKA {O'S){AKA} - See comments)
16 Vigilant against dog, run a program (2,5)  ON GUARD*
19 Coats in English style has large shoulder cap (7) ENAMELS {E}{NAME}{L}{S}
20 Fancy Jaya short of sleep inside (5) JAZZY {JA{ZZ}Ya}
21 A person beyond criticism is ridiculously scared with women's company inside (6,3) SACRED COW {SACRED*} {CO}{W}
25 Staff allowed Latin wizard to return with a dish (7) CALZONE {CA{L}{ZO<=}NE}
26 Trust engineer's undertaking (7) BEQUEST {BE}{QUEST}
28 Whatever esteem holds is the peak (7) EVEREST [T]
29 For instance, test party leader with large note (7) EXAMPLE {EXAM}{Party}{L}{E}

1   Drinks first quality, high-class coffee extract in hollow absinthe-glass (6) QUAFFS {Qu...y}{U}{Ab...e-{coFFee}g..sS}
2   Probe cheats smuggling a tree (6) OBECHE [T]
3   Jack and Rose sank, according to sources in vessels (4) JARS Acrostic
4   General takes in oriental guards as tenant (6) LESSEE {L{E}{SS}EE}
5   Presume Juliet joined duper, wrong company (8) PREJUDGE {J+DUPER}*{GE}
6   Voters tolerate Chief Election Commissioner's blunders (10) ELECTORATE {TOLERATE+CEC}*
7   Cut former spouse about to fly leaving Italy (8) EXCAVATE {EX}{C}{AViATE}
8   Encroach the well in lock (8) TRESPASS {TRE{SPA}SS}
14 Needy Mayor manipulated cash (5,5) READY MONEY*
16 Opposed to criminal job, easy so it's said by Edward (8) OBJECTED {JOB*}{EC(~e~c)}{TED}
17 Animals look to capture English learners with school head (8) GAZELLES {GAZ{E}{LL}E}{S}
18 Stressed about making sweets (8) DESSERTS*
22 At first, caught opening bat at point; Venkatramana's second ball, all out. Spinner's trap! (6) COBWEB {C}{O}{B}{W}{vEn...a}{Ball}
23 Transport cabs leased out from cyberspace can be horrible (6) CREEPY cYbERsPaCE*
24 Conditions to let go one animal (6) WETHER WEaTHER
27 First question unknown alien yachting at the wharf (4) QUAY Acrostic

Monday 17 November 2014

No.11242, Monday 17 Nov 2014, Afterdark

A Beaut from Afterdark. I could sense a link between 10a(as Gibrael), 1d (as Musa), 2d and part of 11a (ALI) along with parts of clues with Iran, a couple of messengers (both divine and from father's company), Muslim leaders and magic carpets ... but I am not sure if this is what AD has up his sleeve ... 

9 Outdoor work primarily excites Keralite perhaps (4-3) OPEN AIR (OP E NAIR)
          Things like Golf, perhaps ...
10 God, 'Animal ate the bishop', said the divine messenger (7) GABRIEL (G, B in ARIEL)
           Gabriel and Ariel are both angels ...
11 Sustain fighter and soldiers with a bit of tequila (7) ALIMENT (ALI MEN Tequila)
           Remembered the one word song: an early version and a later one. Bring out your salt, guys. Time to take a lick at it
12 In fact, hugging one veteran is immaturity (7) NAIVETY (NAY hugging I VET)
13 Merchants caught Henry and the French robbers heartlessly (9) CHANDLERS (C H AND LE RobberS)
15 Go around stirring with a rod out to find excrement of birds (5) GUANO (GOAROUND-ROD)* Does 'a rod out' mean 'a rod' to be dropped? Then we'll be short an A ...
          Remember Ace Ventura and Shikaka? Well, that was bats, anyhow ...
16 Rome at odds with Vatican on gangster's eviction (7) REMOVAL (ROME* V AL)
19 Hide party-drug taken before in a fabric (7) DOESKIN (DO E SKIN)
20 Don Pedro initially at, say Pondicherry, had a ball with Napoleon (3-2) PUT ON (P UT O N) My COD because of Don Pedro who hides the definition perfectly, but not sure of N for Napoleon
21 Significant other, in a frenzy, removed torn nightie in parts (9)  FRACTIONS (SIGNIFICANT OTHER - NIGHTIE)* Awesome abstraction of the nightie
25 Spirits with Midas touch playing inside (7) DAIMONS (MIDAS* with ON inside)
          A F Ritchie puzzles could sometimes be really demonic ...
26 Travelling? No. Half of Madras is closed at first (7) NOMADIC (NO MAD I C)
28 Magic carpets seen in rainbows, perhaps (7) SPECTRA (CARPETS)*
29 From 1200 to 300 BCE, Iran had nothing to worry with Spain (4,3) IRON AGE ((IR O NAG EspaƱa)

1 Many missed a cosmic design pattern (6) MOSAIC (A COSMIC-C)*
2 Muslim leader emerges first above pandemonium at a sacred city (6) MEDINA (M E DIN A)
          Bill Gates lives there
3 Messenger is from father's company (4) PAGE (PA General Electric)
4 Squirm in the company of redhead in England (6) WRITHE (R in WITH E)
5 Struggled earlier, end is disrupted (8) AGONISED (AGO ENDIS*)
6 Reduction in margin debt worked out (10) ABRIDGMENT (MARGIN DEBT)*
7 Collect baked cakes in a barrel (4,4) WINE CASK (WIN CAKES*)
8 Minimize the importance of police chief, discard... (4,4) PLAY DOWN (P LAY DOWN)
14 ...say, furniture made with diamond found on road and harbours (10) DAVENPORTS (D AVE 'N' PORTS)
16 Fastest strike at ODI/Test without captains (8) RAPIDEST (RAP oDI tEST) How does DI become ID?
17 Determinants' partner found in textbook? (8) MATRICES (CD - GK maths as in this example)
18 In the time between life and death, self-pain is absurd (8)  LIFESPAN (SELFPAIN)*
22 For starters, a pulmonologist never entertains infant cases pertaining to breathlessness (6) APNEIC (A P N E I C -Acrostic)
23 Unfashionable to withhold hatred inside (3-3) OLD HAT (T)
24 Woman took the bill, model has the perfumed bag (6) SACHET (SHE takes AC, T)
27 Crazy women endlessly make cat's sound (4) MEOW (WOMEn)*


For those who missed it yesterday, here are some snaps from the Impromptu S&B Gathering. Nice to see the 'Who's who' of IXL