Friday 31 May 2013

No 10787, Friday 31 May 13, Neyartha

Neyartha wants us to figure things out today. Have a couple of doubts on the annos and spellings.

Note: There are five 3D shapes in the solution set. Their corresponding clues don’t carry a direct definition
1   Throw the crumpled pita receipt (11) PRECIPITATE*
9   Agent to secure counter when the standards body is besieged (7) LIAISON {LIA{ISO}N<=}
10 Speaker’s aid in the skating areas announced by the French initially (6) LARYNX {LA}{RYNX}(~rinks)
11 Relationships may get spoilt when this is driven (5) WEDGE [CD]
12 Ski haphazardly on seeing cheese-making byproduct around the alcoholic drink (7) WHISKEY {WH{SKI*}EY}
15 Some go to great lengths for the giant troll (4) OGRE [T]
16 Elizabeth goes out of the decentralized organization with the lathe part (4,6) DEAD CENTRE DECENTRAlizED* Should have been CENTER.
18 A journalist’s bug catcher? (4,6)  COPY EDITOR [CD]
20 Open jar with lithium went missing from the overnight bag (4) VASE VAliSE
23 Anticipate crooked Peter’s provision of shelter for the politician (3-4) PRE-EMPT {PRE-E{MP}T*}
*24 Frenchman, at the wrong place, dresses with great nicety (5) PRISM PRI(-m)S(+m)M
26 He may pay particular attention to the crease (6) UMPIRE [CD]
27 Praise censored notice in address (7) ORATION adORATION
28 Contaminated nature of many soft drinks was spread around by the Democrat last month (11) ADULTERATED  {A{D}{ULT}ERATED}

2   Reddish-brown ship takes over the Dutch brook (6) RUSSET Anno pending (Addendum - {RU(-nl+ss)SSET} - See comments)
*3   Leaders of the camps opened near Erode (4) CONE {C}{O}{N}{E}
*4   Deploy horn indiscriminately (10) POLYHEDRON* Like we Indians do!!
5   Farm machine’s harsh rate briefly adjusted (8) THRASHER Anno pending. Shouldn't it be a Thresher? Something's not right here.
6   Inappropriateness of raising an insect in the medical department (7) TANGENT {TANG<=}{ENT}
7   American wild plum reported to be on the train with the dawdler (9) SLOWCOACH (~sloe){SLOW}{COACH}
8   Look for a bird (6) GANDER [DD]
*13 Cook hires help to entertain me in retreat after the trainee’s departure (10) HEMISPHERE {H{EM<=}ISPHEREl*}
14 Delay resulting from intimidation by the female overwhelms Tesla (9) DEFERMENT {DE(-t+f)FERMENT}
17 Some extreme dialogues might be therapeutic (8) REMEDIAL [T]
*19 Drop back to surround assembled army (7) PYRAMID {P{ARMY*}ID<=}
21 Account by the captured police unit turns sour (6) ACIDIC {A{CID}{I}{C}
22 Sedative obtained by northbound Greek character after work on island (6) OPIATE {OP}{I}{ATE<=}
25 Trace the Greek letter (4) IOTA [DD]

Thursday 30 May 2013

No 10786, Thursday 30 May 31, Gridman

End of another good round from Gridman. Need to tighten my belt for the Neyartha week ending.

1   Brief part undertaken by admirer in re-investment (8) ROLLOVER {ROLe}{LOVER} My COD
5   Recalls numbers at a musical performance (6) SONATA {SON<=}{AT}{A}
10 List in chief corporator’s business (7) INCLINE {IN}{C}{LINE}
11 Herb used by a pair to contain wild anger (7) OREGANO {O{ANGER*}O}
12 Even enough notice disallowed (6) EQUATE adEQUATE
13 Don’t allow the attendant to get the strike (8) STOPPAGE {STOP}{PAGE}
15 That man, a journalist, would take care (4) HEED {HE}{ED}
16 See Ceylon apes doing a somersault (4,4,2) CLAP EYES ON*
18 Keeps cash box fixed (10) STOCKSTILL {STOCKS}{TILL}
20 Cunning principal (4) ARCH [DD]
23 See, English are appreciative (8) BEHOLDEN {BEHOLD}{EN}
24 A couple of learners in tow get fat (6) TALLOW {T{A}{LL}OW}
26 Al leaves colleague with revised pastoral poem (7) ECLOGUE COLlEaGUE
27 Studio that is later remodelled (7) ATELIER {IE+LATER}*
28 Tamilian leader defeats interfering old persons (6) TROUTS {T}{ROUTS}
29 Abducted detective in hide-out (8) HIJACKED {HI{JACK}ED*}

1   How a levitator may broach (5,3,7) RAISE THE SUBJECT [CD]
2   Dressing down by professor? (7) LECTURE [C&DD]
3   Dull love to sea rover not right (6) OPIATE {O}{PIrATE} Is the tense correct?
4   Unlike one fully avenged (4) EVEN [DD]
6   Gives too much on French land (8) OVERPAYS {OVER}{PAYS}
7   Vishnu had ten of these (7) AVATARS [GK]
8   How a solitary earthling would feel (5,2,3,5) ALONE IN THE WORLD [CD]
9   Help Ron to transform Arctic region (5,4) NORTH POLE*
14 More level queen is one who does apple-polishing (9) FLATTERER {FLATTER}{ER}

17 A window to the blue (8) SKYLIGHT [CD]
19 Play, book and magazine (7) OTHELLO {OT}{HELLO}
21 I will return, get involved in a music genre and have fun (7) ROLLICK {RO{LLI<=}CK}
22 Snappy apparatus? (6) CAMERA [CD]
25 Wise men’s endless charm (4) MAGI MAGIc

Wednesday 29 May 2013

No.10785, Wednesday 29 May 13, Gridman

One down in the fifth ball in Gridman's over reminded me of Ms Kamra, whose 'kamar' was as big as a 'kamra' and had to be replaced with a smaller one. Talk of downsizing, huh ! Of course, it was done 'in camera', Kamerad.

1 The kind of laughter that’s loud and inextinguishable (7) HOMERIC (CD) The last one to fall accompanied by some belly laughter remembering H. Simpson
5 Disabled person loses hundred in rush (6) RIPPLE (cRIPPLE)
9 Steer the first person to get into the conspiracy (5) PILOT (I in PLOT) Debatable whether Pontinus Pilate was the first person involved in a conspiracy in the AD era
10 What an eagle from high would do on sighting a prey (5,4) SWOOP DOWN (CD)
11 Master, find fee to be disbursed (7) EFFENDI (FIND FEE)* I had come across this word for the first time in War Comics based in North Africa
12 Turtle loses soft ground (7) TERRAIN (TERRApIN)
13 Endless fortune! Prem’s no limits to wealth (5) LUCRE (LUCk pREm)
14 Locales for Romeos? (9) ROADSIDES (CD) Ability to deliver shrill whistles is a minimum requirement to qualify as a Roadside Romeo. At one time a comb was also required.
16 How the clipped hair rose? (7,2) CROPPED UP (CD)
19 Endlessly praise artist girl (5) LAURA (LAUd RA)
21 Inmate runs away to the English show (7) MATINEE (INMATE* E) Monday's matinee idol has now lost the idol
23 Select decoction (7) EXTRACT 2
24 Gone in a rush to one in the gallery to work a deal (9) NEGOTIATE (GONE*, 1 in TATE)
25 General perception is I am taking a long time (5) IMAGE (I'M AGE)
26 Contrary to fact, nut resolved to feel sorry (6) UNTRUE (NUT* RUE)
27 Horribly mined ship in gloom (7) DIMNESS (MINED* SS)

1 Informed about change in a surgery? (3,11) HIP REPLACEMENT (HIP as in well -informed, up to date). Once all the parts are replaced whither the original individual ?
2 Man, female in charge is nasty (7) MALEFIC (MALE F IC)
3 Regret about the withdrawal of night train (7) RETINUE (NITE< inside RUE) A ruler's train
4 Head of clan has less healthy-looking journalist dismissed (9) CASHIERED (C ASHIER ED)
5 Resting place for jumper on street (5) ROOST (ROO ST), a place to rule
6 Personal assistant misspelt ‘syrup’ in ancient manuscript (7) PAPYRUS (P.A. SYRUP*)
7 Sign to father on road: “Big cat” (7) LEOPARD (LEO PA RD) I spotted it first ! An old leopard cannot change its stripes ...
8 After disbursing tons, Los Angeles is very tired (2,4,4,4) ON ONES LAST LEGS (TONS LOS ANGELES)*

15 Anticipate arrest? (9) APPREHEND 2
17 Officer Commanding secured label on figure (7) OCTAGON (OC TAG ON)
18 Punjab University’s stern treatment of funny person (7) PUNSTER (PU STERN*) I have not taken Richard's permission to post his photo here, so I cannot
19 Element put a spot on man embracing union leader (7) LITHIUM (LIT HIM around U)
20 Ignorant girl taking pottery (7) UNAWARE (UNA WARE) Reminded me of the Una-bomber, who, if you are 20d, tried to 22d quite a lot of things
22 Destroy royal steeped in comfort (5) ERASE (R in EASE)

Tuesday 28 May 2013

No.10784, Tuesday 28 May 13, Gridman

Gridman's fine run continues. Specially liked the LUNATIC, FASCINATE, SURE-FIRE and PHYSIOTHERAPY

1 Confine a Tamil leader inside as being inexperienced (8) IMMATURE (A T inside IMMURE)
5 I therefore block line on map (6) ISOBAR (I + SO + BAR)
9 Crazy person involved in a cult (7) LUNATIC (IN A CULT)*
10 Soldiers look back for umbrella (7) PARASOL (PARAS + LO<=)
11 Haphazard pals working hard to get PC program by end of July (4-5) SLAP-HAPPY (PAL* + H + APP + Y)
12 Levels // apartment building? (5) FLATS (DD)
13 Surpassing // deliveries? (4) OVER (DD)
14 One women’s institute gets result after kilo of something to eat (4,5) KIWI, FRUIT (1 W I + FRUIT after K)
17 In a different way, fiesta can charm (9) FASCINATE (FIESTA CAN)*
19 The national who goes free, so to speak (4) SCOT (CD)
23 Apostrophising a fellow, one foreign national (5) OMANI (O'MAN + I)
24 Efficient // spy (9) OPERATIVE (DD)
25 Bulk of allotment? (7) QUANTUM (CD)
26 Scholars wrongly made expert to go around (7) ACADEME (ACE outside MADE*)
27 Tempt ten cunningly with diamonds (6) ENTICE (TEN* + ICE)
28 Exercises by tribal chief at a riding event (8) GYMKHANA (GYM + KHAN + A)

1 Fancy changing head of reference (8) ILLUSION (ALLUSION with I for A)
2 Muni rejected one European’s routine (7) MUNDANE (MUNi + DANE)
3 Sir leaves stitchery terribly cross (6) TETCHY (sTiTCHErY)*
4 Welcome part of a building? (9,4) RECEPTION, ROOM (CD)
6 The kind of success an arsonist would like to have? (4-4) SURE-FIRE (CD)
7 Rice for mother in Indian slum (7) BASMATI (MA inside BASTI)
8 Enjoy // pickle (6) RELISH (DD)
10 The art of the rubber? (13) PHYSIOTHERAPY (CD)
15 Quote recalled about scene showing round figure (8) ECLIPTIC (CITE<= outside CLIP)
16 Alien may react wildly about quarter and so on (2,6) ET, CETERA (ET + REACT* outside E)
18 A bar on worker is hard (7) ADAMANT (A + DAM + ANT)
20 Fancy ring given to the artist (7) CHIMERA (CHIME + RA)
21 Right quote circulated for a kind of necklace (6) TORQUE ( R QUOTE)*
22 Daughter and Mother to inquire about table linen (6) DAMASK (D + MA inside ASK)

Monday 27 May 2013

No.10783, Monday 27 May 13, Gridman

Two awesome reversals in 26 and 27a.  No Monday blues with Monastic Monstrance rubbing shoulders with a Vibrant Steel Band, a Minx and Matinee Idols. Sushi being made in a Wok-en !

1 Antics played after a short while for the recluse (8) MONASTIC (MOment NASTIC*)
6 Fool loses point, buddy (4) CHUM (CHUMp)
9 It has uniform content (6) KITBAG (CD)
10 Energetic brother and worker come after six (7) VIBRANT (VI BR ANT)
13 Hot air and special light solution for the head (4,5) HAIR SPRAY (H AIR SP RAY) Some hairsprays can be so sweet smelling that they attract insects, necessitating use of pest sprays
14 Chinese cooking vessel English became aware of (5) WOKEN (WOK EN)
15 For half-a-minute kiss pert girl (4) MINX (MINute X)
16 Strong protest about leaving sacred receptacle (10) MONSTRANCE (reMONSTRANCE)
19 Got on possessing vision? No, more than that! (10) FARSIGHTED CD (FARED around SIGHT)

21 Clinched the game from the cooler? (4) ICED 2 Not very sure if iced a game is same as clinched a game, but I am game to further information on this. See comments
24 Cared about a tree (5) CEDAR (CARED)*
25 Greens keeper (5,4) SALAD BOWL (CD)
26 Artists return small prize (7) DRAWERS (S REWARD<) The reward was taken back after it was found that the athlete had used a banned substance - will power
27 Lincoln and old mother back formless organism (6) AMOEBA (ABE (Abraham Lincoln) O MA<)
28 Nevertheless I follow Himalayan hoax (4) YETI (YET I) Remembered the Himalayan blunder of the '60s
29 In the gloaming, not entirely visible, attempt business (8) INDUSTRY (IN DUSk TRY) Sometimes the whole business is not visible

2 Nothing to hold down one on a point of view (7) OPINION (O PIN 1 ON)
3 Head nun has a former actress accepting book (6) ABBESS (A BESS around B) Ref. to 'Liz' Taylor or some other Bess/Elizabeth ?
4 Animal and insect in old plane (5,4) TIGER MOTH Reminded me of Biggles' Camel Squadron
5 A man with extremely dirty flock of birds (5) COVEY (COVE Y)
7 Daughter leaves shade to get the man to listen (7) HEARKEN (HE dARKEN)
8 Old amenities refurbished for greatly admired film stars (7,5) MATINEE IDOLS (OLD AMENITIES)*  Sometimes created at the 330pm show only to be ushered out by the 630pm show
11 Perfect example through warrant officer on road (6) BYWORD (BY W/O RD)
12 Ace had myself squirming in a very bashful manner (12) SHAMEFACEDLY (ACE HAD MYSELF)*
17 Ned ablest in assembling West Indian drummers (5,4) STEEL BAND (NED ABLEST)*
18 Bit about right knife (6) PIERCE (PIECE about R)
20 Bright girl nearly eaten by rodent (7) RADIANT  (DIANa inside RAT) Reminded me of The (New) Radiant Reader
22 Jimmy, bird’s on perch (7) CROWBAR (CROW on BAR)
23 Overdraft and debt notices are loathsome (6) ODIOUS (OD IOUS) In one word, two ways to owe money
25 Exotic food for you and me in boat (forget puris to begin with) (5) SUSHI (US inside SHIp)

Sunday 26 May 2013

Special, Sunday 26 May 13, Spinner

Each commenter may give upto 3 answers each, with annotations.

1 Turns the other way due to mushiness, before guy left gladly (6)
4The wrong one to execute old style artist (6)
9 To expire is an effect of falling short of the line (3-3)
10 Horror at Regional Office, Chennai, for instance (8)
12 Goes bonkers with feelings of self-esteem (4)
13 Small lady wearing ringswas caught and stumped (10)
14 No worms left for them? (10)
18 Almost everyone is after starfish related to rocks in a belt! (10)
23 A grim, stern version of a whip wielder (10)
24 Semiconductor shunned stardom in life at first and became a hero (4)
26 The spokesperson maybe the guy standing square on the offside (5, 3)
27 He who points to the heavens to accept plea (6)
28 Original concepts cultivated after first experience were imitated (6)
29 Manhandles places setter would love to exploit? (6)
1 The curator at the Eden, maybe? (8)
2 Those put in the wrong net possess targets (3, 5)
3 Accredit twofold returns (4)
5 Choose one wordless quantity that’s favourable(7)
6 Paid for small water body containing small mineral (9)
7 Material from upset plate(6)
8 Most artful style renewed after beginning of Seventies (6)
11 Galvanise last letter in first column (4)
15 Maybe blood a prospective partner in an affair that lasts five days or lesser? (4, 5)
16 Playing a shot to the 22D amounts to frequency drubbing(8)
17 You may smell leather facing these ejectors (8)
19 Catch owl that escaped New Orleans somehow (7)
20 Complete camouflage lacking touch of chameleon (4)
21 Politician and setter housed in craft at least desirable place (6)
22 Minions ideally own one half of the field (6)
25 Be present singularly to cut down, say, cartridges (4)

To attempt the crossword on a separate page follow the link SPINNER'S WEB


No 2740, Sunday 26 May 13

5   Some in opposition secretly follow taxi I catch (6,7) SHADOW CABINET {SHADOW} {CAB}{I}{NET}
8   A table in a train, say (6) ABOARD {A}{BOARD}
9   Animal in area - tent abandoned (8)  ANTEATER*
10 Eats in Lemnos hotel (4) NOSH [T]
11 Practical person's grim past at camp (10) PRAGMATIST
13 Point of land facing tornado? It's hard to say (6,7) TONGUE TWISTER {TONGUE} {TWISTER}
15 Desert deal possibly in the frame (10) SADDLETREE*
17 Shrewd tramp, not married (4) ARCH mARCH
18 Stephano crashed carriage (8) STANHOPE* Put in Phaetons and was confused for a long time
20 Artist losing knight in game (6) HOCKEY HOCKnEY
21 Family magazine disagreed, strangely, with others around (7,6) READERS DIGEST {RE{ADERS DIGE*}ST}

1   Mother runs with ghastly hat on in race (8)  MARATHON {MA}{R}{HAT*}{ON}
2   What could be done with me about choice of pseudonym? (3,2,5) NOM DE PLUME {NOM DE {PLUM}E*}
3   Touch a bottom? Almost (4)  ABUT {A}{BUTt}
4   Really popular female turn (2,4) IN FACT {IN} {F}{ACT}
5   Who might supply our best stamps? (13) SUBPOSTMASTER* &lit
6   Nondescript figure, to a smaller extent (13) CHARACTERLESS {CHARACTER}{LESS}
7   Box of valuables found in wreckage of usherette's car (8,5)  TREASURE CHEST*
12 Fern's first musical (10) MAIDENHAIR {MAIDEN}{HAIR}
14 Which dear French PM? (8) THATCHER {THAT}{CHER}
16 Gloomy pub in Scottish town (6) DUNBAR {DUN}{BAR}
19 Exposed old writer (4) OPEN {O}{PEN}

Saturday 25 May 2013

No.10782, Saturday 25 May 13, Gridman

1 Being rash, didn’t reflect much (11) THOUGHTLESS (THOUGHT LESS)
9 Girl, stupid person, losing head, to move abruptly (7) FLOUNCE (FLO dUNCE)
10 Zero! I’m taking hours going round in circles to take root (7) RHIZOME (ZERO I'M H)* Students of Botany would dispute a rhizome being called a root, since it is a stem. However, it is also called rootstalk.
11 Customer’s top pile is inexpensive (5) CHEAP (C HEAP)
12 Hard coming? On the contrary, placid (4-5) EASY GOING (Opposite of Hard Coming) I initially put in Soft Going, since Soft is also an opposite of Hard, but crossings led to corrections.
13 Working, one’s working in plant (5) ONION (ON 1 ON)
15 A town in MP has acari crawling all around tree (9) ARAUCARIA (A RAU ACARI*) but I did not get the town See comments
18 Quarters for fugitives from justice (4,5) SAFE HOUSE CD
21 Trap and alertness needed to capture beast (5) PANDA (T)
22 Summons to Royal Marines in unpleasant weather (9) HAILSTORM (HAILS TO RM)
24 Hospital located in congenial nook (5) NICHE (H in NICE)
26 Reviewing riches about Berlioz’s last musical compositions (7) SCHERZI (RICHES Z)*
27 Keep South American volunteers at home (7) SUSTAIN (S US TA IN)
28 Fictional character Norman wowed excitedly (6,5) WONDER WOMAN (NORMAN WOWED)*


1 Workers confront us holding round kind of rock (9) TUFACEOUS (TU FACE (O) US)
2 Air layer in NE zoo analysed (5) OZONE (NE ZOO)*
3 Strike delivered by a group of rowdies? Not exactly! (4-5) GANG-PUNCH
4 She has two articles placed around the thing (7) THERESA (THE and A around RES)
5 Continental merger? (7) EURASIA (CD)
6 Australian’s bribe for an American drink (5) SLING 2
7 One is charged with distribution of portions (8) POSITRON (PORTIONS)*
8 Mountain of ice for second unit of work (4) BERG (B ERG)
14 On a plane, apparently running away (2,6) IN FLIGHT CD,DD
16 Was returning after managing carpenter’s cutter (6,3) COPING SAW (COPING WAS<)
17 Amman gone to fetch a Greek hero (9) AGAMEMNON (AMMAN GONE)*
19 Ideal state of a book? (7) UTOPIAN (CD)
20 Man sees revised letters in a bunch (2,5) EN MASSE (MAN SEES)*
22 Beginnings of health and safety plan for door securer (4) HASP
23 Keep quiet on woman, notably Kate (5) SHREW (SH RE W)  Kate from The Taming of the Shrew
25 Yawn from little boy at end of term (5) CHASM (CHAS for little Charles and M)

Friday 24 May 2013

No.10781, Friday 24 May 13, Gridman

I notice a distinctive loco-motive in this great opener from Gridman, who transports us to a world of transportation devices. We have a snow vehicle in 5a, a water vessel in 26d, an airport in 21a and an assorted bunch of land (rail, road and cross country) vehicles (powered (by animal, fuel, human) and non powered) in many other clues, including a vehicle of last resort in 10a.  Amazing how so many  themed entries appear in one single crossword !

1 Worn-out cars negotiate a slope, Ji (8) JALOPIES (A SLOPE JI)* Archie Andrews' proud (?) possession
5 Tool for Arctic vehicle? (6) SLEDGE 2
9 Part of passenger train with no passenger (5,3) GOODS VAN (CD) Remember the so called Brake Van  where we had to stow our luggage in olden days if it exceeded limits? Nowadays, everyone seems to carry everything in the passenger coach itself . As if to balance this, people may be traveling in goods wagons. 
Khuda bhi aasman se jab zameen par dekhta hoga, mere train-ko kisne banaya sochta hoga !

10 Transport for those who are late (6) HEARSE (CD) Reminded me of the joke about the undertaker who married a snake charmer. Their towels were labeled Hiss and Hearse. 
12 Combat venue has no new patch (4) AREA (AREnA)
13 Strange desire to change scene endlessly in houses (10) RESIDENCES (DESIRE SCENe)*
15 Time to bleat about PC (6) TABLET (T BLEAT)* Nowadays people seem to resort to the pill regularly, to start or stop things. Also, income tax return is the time people bleat about Palaniappan Chidambaram
17 Didn’t go out to partake of food (3,2) ATE IN (CD) As rightly noted yesterday, nowadays doctors don't make house calls, while caterers do
20 Group extremely ebullient after a month (5) OCTET (OCTober E T)
21 New train to a Japanese city (6) NARITA (TRAIN A)* The airport city
24 Agra fussed about protective measures (10) SAFEGUARDS (AGRA FUSSED)* These can work as an alternative to the pill referred in 15a, unless, of course, it was blue 
27 A couple of unknowns removed from a group of stars in festival (4) GALA (GALAxy)
29 No advertisement in Greek islands for vehicles (6) CYCLES (CYCLadES)
30 One Naxalite leader’s referring to spurring (8) INCITING (1 N CITING)
31 Scold engineer’s charge (6) BERATE (BE RATE)
32 Solid figure in part of an automobile (8) CYLINDER (CD,DD) Solid, but is still hollow in an automobile
1 Sleek cat or sleek car? (6) JAGUAR 2 Both are cool things. Was it a car or a cat I saw ? < >
2 Provide new equipment over to robber (6) LOOTER (RETOOL<) When the pills don't work ?
3 Mail an advertisement without hesitation (4) POST (POSTer) Dedicating this to the poster girls and boys of this blog 
4 Avoid the first woman holding notice (5) EVADE (AD in EVE)
6 Town fit for a lord (5) LIEGE 2
7 Wrong credit the journalist ran (8)  DIRECTED (CREDIT* ED)
8 Nevertheless no good service (8) EVENSONG (EVEN SO NG)
11 A state of confusion in the palanquin? (6) LITTER 2 The state of confusion could get even more   compounded and confounded it a cat started a family in the said palanquin and all those kittens started their output processes   
14 Arc around Tamilians’ capital transport (4) CART (ARC* T) Most Indian hill stations seem have a Hill Cart or Hill Track Road  
16 Laud lavishly, taking a new carriage (6) LANDAU (LAUD* around A N)
17 Photographer’s setting for a public transport in Indian cities (4) AUTO 2
18 Broaches hesitantly about what used to be known as “growler” (5,3) HORSE CAB (BROACHES)*
Try this

19 Facts far cooked up over transport for employees (5,3) STAFF CAR (FACTS FAR)* Brings up images of the WW II German officers in their staff cars  
22 Different article seen in haphazard drive (6) VARIED (DRIVE* around A)
23 Bachelor’s rage for decrepit car (6) BANGER (B ANGER) Chitty-chittier and bang-banger  
25 Girl slashes rate. Marvellous! (5) GREAT (G RATE*)
26 Vessel for a ladies’ man? (5) DANDY 2 Can a dandy be randy ? The only water transport here, also called the yawl   
28 Car figures in reminiscences (4) MINI (T) Remember the awesome Mini Coopers in The Italian Job, (the older version with Michael Caine) ?