Tuesday 31 July 2018

No 12383, Tuesday 31 Jul 2018, xChequer

7   Not taking sides, not having the heart — it's affecting the nerves (6) NEURAL NEUtRAL
8   Inherently careless, honks endlessly blowing loud horn (6) KLAXON {LAX} in {hONKs}*
10 Praise horse, extremely frisky in canter (8) PHARISEE {PRAISE+HorsE}* Canter/Pharisee? See comments
11 Simply not showing resistance, essentially looking subdued like a lamb (6) MEEKLY {MErE{looKing}LY}
12 Back to back housing rows, originally more uncommon (5) RARER {R} in {REAR<=}
14 Bagging fish and chips (7) LANDING {L{AND}ING}
15 Fancy El Dorado, an area said to be quite out of this world? (4,2,1,8) DEAD AS A DOORNAIL {EL+DORADO+AN+A+SAID}*
18 For X to embody a variable … (7) PROTEAN {PRO}{TE{A}N}
19 … domain provided must reflect baseline and delta (5) FIELD {IF<=}{E}{L}{D}
20 Warning in church primarily at prayer breaks (6) CAVEAT {Ch...h}{AVE}{AT}
21 Soft touch with keys, arm advanced freely (4-4) EASY-MARK {KEYS+ARM+A}*
23 Insignificant silver lining is inadequate (6) MEAGRE {ME{AG}RE}
24 Daring, hot, raunchy, stripped nude, etc (6) HEROIC {H}{EROtIC}

1   Run in stockings appearing below sole seems inconsequential (3-5) ONE-HORSE {HO{R}SE} below {ONE}
2   Reading for one to polish up Scottish accent (4) BURR {R}{RUB}<=
3   Noted lady as per Spooner's cable (6) HAWSER {(-s+h)HAW}{(-h+s)SER)
4   Main motive in playing golf — to get a birdie? (8) FLAMINGO {FL{MAIN*}GO*}
5   Professional time spent, one therefore heading off personal involvement (10) EXPERIENCE {EXPERt}{1}{hENCE}
6   Entertainment starting late, commercial creating clear obstruction (6) UNPLUG {fUN}{PLUG}
9   Recall bendy gyrating performer? (5,6) BELLY DANCER*
13 Charitable occasion for Comic Relief, needy sad or screaming? (3,4,3) RED NOSE DAY*
16 Covers case in brief, brief brief? (8) SHELTERS {SHELl}{TERSe}
17 Devious in command (8) INDIRECT {IN}{DIRECT}
18 State of matter for instance, occupying place, having Mass? (6) PLASMA {PL}{MASS*} (Addendum - {PL}{AS}{MA} - See comments)
19 Briefest erotic takes continue to irritate (6) FESTER [T]
22 Siemens conserving energy in modern homes (4) MHOS HOMeS*


Monday 30 July 2018

No 12382, Monday 30 Jul 2018, xChequer

7   Common person's word primarily for Yankee peace officer (6) LAWMAN LA(-y+w)WMAN
8   Party's election setback resulting in a blob (6) DOLLOP {DO}{POLL<=}
10 ‘Lifting weight's silly’ against ‘Bravo, good lifting weight’ (4-4) DUMB-BELL {DUMB}{B}{wELL}
11 Some growth in moles (6) PLANTS [DD]
12 Figures cheat is captured (5) ICONS {I{CON}S}
14 Readily drained a dram poured at sea, traditionally drink when the sun's over this? (7) YARDARM {Re...lY+A+DRAM}*
15 Option taken in legal self-defense, copper for one gets the picture (3,5,7) THE FIFTH ELEMENT THE F{IF}TH {ELEMENT} Anno pending (Addendum - {THE FIFTH} {ELEMENT} - See comments}
18 Recreation perhaps in China for 9 months, do hang around sweetheart (3-4) MAH JONG {M}{AH{JO}NG*} What's the role of 9? See comments
19 Split seconds to go below (5) UNDER sUNDER
20 Fabric lining in pricy kid gloves (6) TRICOT {T{pRICy}OT}
21 Key in the hour leaving alarm set to ring around one (8) MATERIAL {ThE} in {ALARM}* over {1}
23 Left isolated by female, a cross to bear (6) AFFORD {A}{F}{FORD} What's the role of  'Left isolated'? See comments
24 Halcyon days on earth? Delightful conclusion at first (6) EDENIC {E{D}E}{(+e)ENIC(-e)}

1   Wave to show meal is hot (8) FLOURISH {FLOUR}{IS}{H} Flour is foodstuff alright, but can one call it a meal? See comments
2   Expression expressing American seaman? (4) SWAB Anno pending (Addendum - {SaW}{AD} - See comments) &lit
3   Pointers for additional entries, to show caution on the way up (6) CARETS {CARE}{ST<=}
4   Rule, one of the finest covering examination of the body (8) CORPORAL {CO{R}P}{ORAL}
Murky scam lured a deviant (5,2,3) CLEAR AS MUD*
6   Matter orally expressed in conversation, a little hiding place (6) SPUTUM (~ ???) Anno pending (Addendum - {S{PUT}UM} - See comments)
9   Empathy left out, legal acts to follow established rules (4,3,4)  PLAY THE GAME {EMPATHY+lEGAL}*
13 Rotten chef sacked over tofu served without preparation (3,3,4) OFF THE CUFF {CHEF+TOFU}*{FF} FF from? Not sure of Anno (Addendum - {OFF} {CHEF+ToFU}* - See comments)
16 Ironclad weathering a lot, regularly scrubbed rust spots in sight (8) FLOATERS {F{A+LOT}*E}{RuSt}
17 Usual condition in Japanese theatre: shut up in line (8) NORMALCY {NO}{R{CLAM<=}Y}
18 Being fabulous point in time? Just the opposite (6) MORTAL {MOR{T}AL}
19 Self-possessed family member losing head, messed up (6) UNTIDY {aUNT{I'D}Y}
22 Children take over flat overhead? (4) RENT [T]


Sunday 29 July 2018

Special, Sunday 29 Jul 2018, Cryptic Clinic

Welcome to 'Cryptic Clinic' run by Dr Ami Deokar, Dr Amit Mehta, Dr Ashit Hegde, Dr Ashwini Nabar,  Dr Harshad Argekar, Dr Jyotsna Deo, Dr Mukund Jagannathan, Dr Satyen Nabar, Dr Suresh Hemrajani, Dr Vishnu Madhav.

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)

Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Passionate, gay mathematician dumps University for love with partners (8)
5   Creamy pastry in city hideaway (6)
9   'Incoherent speech' unit for Doctor Bannister (8)
10 Rank and file supporting this French side primarily (6)
12 I despise wife nastily passing critical remark (9)
13 Tree covering is used to make rope (5)
14 Star high on creative activity (4)
16 Split 50 Rupees by 100 in Yen (7)
19 Barrel stiff until sides breakdown (7)
21 Took rasam extracted from vegetable (4)
24 What women may go on while shopping with excited peers (5)
25 Jack quits shoot, covering retail sense (9)
27 Bachelor of engineering enthralled by baffling echo from tropical tree (6)
28 What women use to get high? (8)
29 North-east rues turbulence, must fortify (6)
30 Picked up one catalogue of visual gauge (3, 5)

1   Writhe but refuse to take in heroin (6)
2   Replaced word? That is eccentric (6)
3   Limits, to what can be downloaded from the cloud, announced (5)
4   Heads for small quantities of drink (7)
6   One of the friends smothered by blanket on bridge (9)
7   Can tyres get damaged by strain? (8)
8   Worked out with determination and element of dedication (8)
11 Advanced sound of heavy metal (4)
15 King of England discourteous to the Queen for an activity that invigorates (9)
17 Serving fresh food endlessly at sea (8)
18 They forcibly take purses, essentially turn criminal (8)
20 Put down phone in lift (4)
21 Old-fashioned brace to last longer (7)
22 Fiber that's hidden in collar of lace (6)
23 Enormous but mostly contained (6)
26 Some optical illusions take up a purplish hue (5)

Across Lite version can be downloaded from CRYPTIC CLINIC 1


The Sunday Crossword No 3006, Sunday 29 Jul 2018

1   Nervous about insect in hut (6) SHANTY {SH{ANT}Y}
4   Flowering plants reptile shortly consumes (8) CROCUSES {CROC}{USES}
10 Group of stars plus artist holding revolutionary protest (9) ANDROMEDA {AND}{R{DEMO<=}A}
11 Band's work after stardom devoid of odd pieces (5) TROOP {sTaRdOm}{OP}
12 Equipment in belt (7) CLOBBER [DD]
13 Restart of play using fine round racket (5-2) THROW-IN {TH{ROW}IN}
14 Backing instrument and others were distorted in mystery series (6,3,5) MURDER SHE WROTE {DRUM<=}{OTHERS+WERE}*
17 Application referring to good, absorbing time with craft in training period (14) APPRENTICESHIP {APP}{RE}{N{T}ICE}{SHIP}
21 State clear answer after fiasco with power off (7) FLORIDA {RID}{A} after {FLOp}
22 Composition featuring animal in a bed, turning (7) TOCCATA {CAT} in {A}{COT}<=
24 Point after last pair in tower, united, break out (5) ERUPT {PT} after {towER}{U}
25 One can rant wildly, energy personified (9) INCARNATE {1}{CAN+RANT}*{E}
26 Doctor, before losing heart, getting gloomier (8) DREARIER {DR}{EARlIER}
27 Not moving from theatre stalls (2,4) AT REST [T]

1   Variety of cashmere I don't know (6,2) SEARCH ME*
2   Sound area, artist's workroom, not street (5) AUDIO {A}{stUDIO}
3   Worry that's beginning with Russian currency (7) TROUBLE {Th..s}{ROUBLE}
 Hear editor, struggling with sensitivity, give severe warning (4,3,4,3) READ THE RIOT ACT {HEAR+EDITOR}*{TACT}
6   One providing refreshments in that place, not hot, in saloon? (7) CATERER {CA{ThERE}R}
7   Timing device showing best in sample (9)  STOPWATCH {S{TOP}WATCH}
8   Curls up in enclosure, partly docile (6) SUPINE [T]
9   Delegate, always up, receiving gift at start of investiture (14) REPRESENTATIVE {EVER<=} over {PRESENT}{AT}{In...e}
15 Imitate professional, in trim (9) REPRODUCE {RE{PRO}DUCE}
16 Obvious dismay, endlessly torn (8) APPARENT {APPAl}{RENT}
18 Revel in resistance, stirred to rise (7) ROISTER {R}{TO+RISE}*
19 Run into bar in passage (7) EXCERPT {EXCE{R}PT}
20 Away goal? Shock (6) OFFEND {OFF}{END}
23 Marble and silver put away (5) AGATE {AG}{ATE}


Saturday 28 July 2018

No 12381, Saturday 28 Jul 2018, Neyartha


1. (with 5 Ac.) I accept corn for roasting in a special circle parallel to 12 Ac. (6,2) TROPIC OF CANCER {I ACCEPT CORN FOR*}
5. See 1 Ac. (6)
9. Desires, after losing the opener, to slip away inside to find some bovids (9) ANTELOPES {wANT{ELOPE}S}
11. Letters from a lecturer unable to compete again in an election (5) RERUN (T)
12. Zero latitude to place fish eggs from the east around a chewable leaf (7) EQUATOR {ROE<=} around {QUAT}
14. No benefit from scoring one (3,4) OWN GOAL (CD)
15. Yours truly tore noisy quilt draped around the uniform in an unjust manner (12) INIQUITOUSLY {I}{NOISY QUILT*} around {U}
17. Herb said to be behind the response to something that increases with alcohol intake (8,4) REACTION TIME {REACTION}{~THYME}
20. Leftover bit from the tirade interrupted by the men at sea (7) REMNANT {R{MEN*}ANT}
22. I give a sudden push in retreat to the Bengali checking in with a dog (7) BASENJI {{JAB}{I}<=} around {SEN}

23. Note, half in Arabic, on an ornament for the head (5) TIARA {TI}{ARAbic}
24. Can he allow rude aliens bribing a naive conductor originally on an old bus? (9) CHARABANC (Acrostic)

26. Metal worker with a rolling add-on for furniture (6) CASTER (DD)
27. Upset typesetter cut short missing Yankee's musical composition (8) SEPTETTE {TyPESETTEr*}


1. Time to take out the German leader in a road-levelling machine to find a merchant (6) TRADER {(-g+T)RADER}
2. Strange-looking virus to be made conspicuous (9) OBTRUSIVE {VIRUS+TO+BE}
3. Weak Greek character discarded a pungent pepper after a roll-back (3) ILL {chiLLI<=}
4. Top trip cousin planned is self-seeking (13) OPPORTUNISTIC {TOP TRIP COUSIN*}
6. Dangerous reactions involving gold leading to the science of flying machines (11) AERONAUTICS {REACTIONS*} around {AU}
7. Oscar goes after concealing the shipment (5) CARGO (T)
8. Hurried to get on top of the large deer coming up to annoy (6) RANKLE {RAN}{ELK<=}
10. Reduce speed after filming an estate car (8,5) SHOOTING BRAKE {SHOOTING}{BRAKE}

13. A chatty waiter, one cooking to get the water out and find the salt (11) THIOCYANATE {A CHATTY waIter ONE*}
16. Ambush's a result of fiction in the reported impact (3,2,4) LIE IN WAIT {LIE}{IN}{~WEIGHT}
18. Volunteers making way for the king lacking motor coordination with an American overshoe (6) ARCTIC {A(-ta+R)CTIC}
19. Go around with an unofficial association (6) CIRCLE (DD)
21. Healthy finances result from living within this (5) MEANS (CD)
25. Insect found by model going down to bake in the sun (3) ANT {(-t)AN(+T)}

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Friday 27 July 2018

No 12380, Friday 27 Jul 2018, Anon

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers till 2 PM thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM after which anyone is free to comment.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Restrained lawyers, communist (6) BARRED {BAR}{RED}
4   Savage accommodated right partner (6) FRIEND {F{R}IEND}
9   Uncertain minute, having lost opener (4) IFFY jIFFY
10 Nuts in brew for communist at sea (10) BEWILDERED {BE{WILD}ER}{RED} Anon has an extra R in the fodder. A common error by solvers to either overlook or repeat an alphabet
11 Streamer for Hulk’s alter ego? (6) BANNER [DD]
12 Traitor detonates grenade around East (8) RENEGADE {REN{E}GADE*}
13 Cruise past metal in Ghana (4,5) GOLD COAST {COAST} after {GOLD}
15 Sarcastic northerner initially introduced in team (5) SNIDE {S{No...r}IDE}
16 Leaders might shelter a scared animal in African shrub (5) MSASA Acrostic
18 Trouser-theft of one who worships many gods (9) PANTHEIST {PANT}{HEIST}
22 Wandering fleas fall nearly into Middle Eastern dish (8) FALAFELS {FLEAS+FALl}*
23 Flawless titanic struck tip of iceberg, disintegrated (6) INTACT TITANiC*
25 Appealing in favour of experimentation (10) PROTESTING {PRO}{TESTING}
26 Animal returns to writing instrument (4) REED<=
27 Tyrant sitting initially in terminal (6) DESPOT {DE{Si...g}POT}
28 Iranian language poetess beheaded gruesomely (6) OSSETE pOETESS*

1   City for bison (7) BUFFALO [DD] USA has 25 cities named Buffalo!!
2   Regular greasy Goan fabric (5) RAYON {gReAsY+gOaN}
3   Therefore, without degree, ban... (7) EMBARGO {E{MBA}RGO}
5   …principal left leader who admitted to being sorry (6) RULING {RU{L}ING}
6   Disaster cut short by Oriental’s arrival (9) EMERGENCE EMERGENC(-y+e)E
7   Feared father admitted regularly free journalist (7) DREADED {D{fReE}AD}{ED}
8   Skill in fencing, discussions by chap from South in steamer (13) SWORDSMANSHIP {S{WORDS}{MAN}{S}HIP}
14 Philosopher does regularly upset actress (9) DESCARTES {DoEs}{ACTRESS*}
17 Cut off listener in outhouse (7) SHEARED {SH{EAR}ED}
19 Sorts a tiger’s resort (7) TRIAGES*
20 Leak confidential matter to enemy leader (7) SECRETE {SECRET}{En..y}
21 Oddly need Indian spiritual guru at American river (6) NEOSHO {NeEd}{OSHO}
24 Endlessly aim at shield (5) TARGE TARGEt


Thursday 26 July 2018

No 12379, Thursday 26 Jul 2018, Lightning

 Ill spies could be (8) ELLIPSIS*
5   … released by peacekeepers and brought together (6) UNTIED {UN}{TIED}
9   Rejected second act breaking a process (8) CASTAWAY {S+ACT}*{A}{WAY}
10 Thwart sham perfectly concealed (6) HAMPER [T]
12 Doctor coloured liquid to get beer say (5) DRINK {DR}{INK}
13 Annoyed and unsettled I tried art (9) IRRITATED*
14 Blunder right away disassembling package (6) BUNDLE BLUNDEr*
16 Support along with press (7) ANDIRON {AND}{IRON}
19 Rather maltreated clothing, it could keep you warm (7) THERMAL [T]
21 On the way back, I viewed sailor tucking into spicy sauce (6) WASABI {I}{SAW}<= over {AB}
23 One entering factory provided force for one with a case (9) PLAINTIFF {PLA{1}NT}{IF}{F}
25 Regularly excels getting a ton of praise (5) ECLAT {ExCeLs}{A}{T}
26 Fuss about lapse by handsome young man (6) ADONIS {ADO}{SIN<=}
27 Philanthropist with a liberal belief saving institute (8) ALTRUIST {A}{L}{TRU{I}ST}
28 Measure spirit with European instrument (6) ENGINE {EN}{GIN}{E}
29 Alienate sloppy sergeant (8) ESTRANGE*

1   Firm breaking last electronic cipher (6) ENCODE {EN{CO}D}{E}
2   Lack of enthusiasm from girl with appeal — guy loses head (9) LASSITUDE {LASS}{IT}{dUDE}
3   Trick in page order (5) PRANK {P}{RANK}
4   Fancy independent accessory for gun emptied (7) IMAGINE {I}{MAGazINE}
6   Idea spent reviewing moderate changes in water levels (4,5) NEAP TIDES*
7   At home impose advice (5) INPUT {IN}{PUT}
8   Reign did turn out to be insulting (8) DERIDING*
11 Major constellation? (4) URSA [CD]
15 Low intensity commotion — upset about new feature (9) DIMENSION {DIM}{NOIS{N}E<=}
17 Uprising about inventor turned leader (9) REBELLION {RE}{BELL}{NO1<=}
18 Strike containers returned by attendant (8) STOPPAGE {POTS<=}{PAGE}
20 Foreign currency sent back to hideout (4) LAIR<=
21 Dwells on breakfast items (7) WAFFLES [DD]
22 Sculpture standing without resistance (6) STATUE STATUrE
24 In the midst of a snake fighter partly (5) AMONG {A}{MONGoose}
25 Panic after losing opener to mistake (5) ERROR tERROR

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 95

The proposed REBELLION was cancelled after Smith's long cherished dream was to soon become a reality

On the appointed day SS WAS A BIT excited. Felt like ADONIS and was expecting Venus.

The clock was ticking and SS staring at the STATUE of Aphrodite in the corner of the room was beginning to get IRRITATED as he lay in the LAIR expecting the BUNDLE of pleasure...

How could he IMAGINE the PRANK? 

STOPPAGE of a heart beat for SS as Kayal and Rita with whips enter the room with ECLAT!! SS had just finished his eighth DRINK....

Rita gets her negligee UNTIED by SS and Kayal thereafter ties up the hands and feet of SS who is thinking of a new DIMENSION...

In one quick move Kayal throws the whip and takes out a knife. AND IRON soon is dripping red. The stoppage of the heart is permanent and OPERATION URSA HUG is over.

What happened next?

Wednesday 25 July 2018

No 12378, Wednesday 25 Jul 2018, Incognito

1   Magical trap's built considering practical issues (11) PRAGMATICAL*
9   Cat jumps endlessly (5) OUNCE pOUNCEs
10 Throw, with anger, retirement clothes (9) NIGHTWEAR*
11 Downspouts pried in spa renovation (10) DRAINPIPES*
12 Setter left intellectual some health food (4) BRAN BRAiN
13 Stainer wrongly writes Sine 0 (5) EOSIN*
15 Like goats, huh? Confused? (2,6) AS THOUGH*
17 Stop by left part, for example, of edge of footpath (8) KERBSIDE {KERB}{SIDE}
19 Snake's companion in game is decapitated and becomes a snake (5) ADDER lADDER
22 North eastern UK is devastated by modern day weapon (4) NUKE {NE+UK}*
23 Goop slurry adheres to transport for hoppers (4,6) POGO STICKS {GOOP}* {STICKS}
26 Starve on rail, but expedite (4,5) FAST TRACK {FAST} {TRACK}
27 Take advantage of Ms Gardner, a student (5) AVAIL {AVA}{1}{L}
28 I hear that bird seen on beastly accommodation Erne designed produces some kind of plastic (11) POLYSTYRENE (~polly){POLY}{STY}{ERNE*}

1   PA's animal (5) PANDA {P and A}
2   Quaking aspen falls around 9 in European mountains (9) APENNINES {APEN{NINE}S*|
3   Insect found in German tisane (6) MANTIS [T]
4   Daring woman wears well-designed gaiters without a hint of sauciness (7) TIGRESS {GaITERS}*{Sa,,,s}
5   Whips feline creatures (4) CATS [DD]
6   Relax! Tell untruth ... more or less ... (3,6) LIE AROUND {LIE} {AROUND}
7   Stupid person's food? (6) NOODLE [DD]
8   Badly burn chilli hotdogs, for starters, for a late breakfast (6) BRUNCH {BURN*}{Ch...i}{Ho...g}
14 Labour unrest has started — can make super kits (7,2) STRIKES UP*
16 Listen! At first, the robin consumed pulse (5,4) HEART RATE {HEAR}{The} {Ro..n}{ATE}
17 King, peacekeepers and leaders of great fighting units formulated Wu Shu (4,2) KUNG FU {K}{UN}{Gr..t} {Fi...g}{Un..s}
18 19 twists after consuming bone in trees (7) DEODARS {ADDERS+O}* O/Bone? (Correction - {ADDER+OS}* - See comments)
20 Rob from ranch stock in the Wild West? That's sound! (6) RUSTLE [DD]
21 A Scotsman's chief animal (6) MONKEY {MON}{KEY}
24 Returning bird can be seen nesting in Dresden arcade (5) CRANE [T<=]
25 And others returned late (2,2) ET AL<=

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 94

A bright Sunday morning - 9 AM.

Clement was having his BRUNCH and watching KUNG-FU PANDA with his daughter. 

Uncle Sam came and told Clement that the MONKEY business of SS and his team had reared its ugly head yet again and they had annOUNCEd that the STRIKES UP.

Uncle Sam told Clement that this time the situation had to be PRAGMATICALLY handled. "We should not LIE AROUND doing nothing."

They quickly called Gombu to hatch a plan. Clement should call aside SS and talk to him AS THOUGH almost every demand of his would be met.

And then Gombu came up with his FAST TRACK solution which seemed to increase the HEART RATE of the other two. " We shall AVAIL the services of the Bengal TIGRESS (Kayal)  who will take care of SS within a week."

What happened next?

Tuesday 24 July 2018

No 12377, Tuesday 24 Jul 2018, Incognito

7   Mad to make an engine without purpose (4) LOCO LOCOmotive
8   You can only go north from here (5,4) SOUTH POLE [CD]
10 Overpower the journalist expected to come (6) SUBDUE {SUB}{DUE}
11 Irrigate toilet at railway station (8) WATERLOO {WATER}{LOO}
12 Unusual to house Norma in a renovated lab (8) ABNORMAL {AB{NORMA}L*}
14 Put gun back and obtain a piece of gold (6) NUGGET {GUN<=}{GET}
16 Character of German city before Christian Era (7) ESSENCE {ESSEN}{CE}
18 Telecom Regulatory Authority of India returned junk to the disloyal one (7) TRAITOR {TRAI}{ROT<=}
21 Alien gave up a bird (6) MARTIN MARTIaN
23 Ruin princess's flower (8) DISASTER {DIS}{ASTER}
25 Torch little sheep restrained in iron and gold (8) FLAMBEAU {F{LAMB}E}{AU}
27 Breech and butt (6) BOTTOM [DD]
29 Iguana was mutilated when car ran through country (9) NICARAGUA {NI{CAR}AGUA*}
30 Nothing given back by European bar (4) LINE {NIL<- p="">
1   Load first half of lumber into company vehicle in Ohio city (8) COLUMBUS {CO}{LUMber}{BUS}
2   Espionage agent in vestment married (4) BOND [MD]
3   English and Scottish leaders meet on return showing respect (6) ESTEEM {En...h}{Sc...h}{MEET<=}
4   Good peacekeepers stationed at Western port at upper edge of the side of boat (7) GUNWALE {G}{UN|}W}{ALE}
5   Correction fluid made by Caucasian nerd after first dropping out (8) WHITENER {WHITE}{NERd}
6   Back-room for a north African (4) MOOR<=
9   Run away when eastern pole recedes (5) ELOPE {E}{POLE}<=
13 Open balls and add the final pellet (5) OVERT {OVER}{p...eT}
15 Throws rings and smiles (5) GRINS*
17 Cook crab near city (8) CANBERRA*
19 Injection at 12:59 (3-2-3) ONE-TO-ONE [DD]
20 Award present referee (7) ADJUDGE {AD}{JUDGE}
22 This type of key is possessed by all Englishmen (5) ALLEN [T]
24 Underground path for U-boat route (6) SUBWAY {SUB}{WAY}
26 Spice weapon (4) MACE [DD]
28 First teller is sick to put money into cash register (4) TILL {Te...r}{ILL}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 93

To improve the BOTTOM LINE Clement had gone in for an ABNORMAL expansion in unrelated businesses which was to be his WATERLOO.

The oncoming DISASTER could have been averted had Clement heeded to the NUGGET of wisdom given by Uncle Sam in their ONE TO ONE meeting. 

This despite Clement holding Uncle Sam in high ESTEEM and the BOND between them being quite strong - nurtured over many years.

Would a businessman in America in his right mind ADJUDGE CANBERRA as a suitable place to open a SUBWAY? Only a LOCO.

What happened next?

Monday 23 July 2018

No 12376, Monday 23 Jul 2018, Arden

1   50% risk — doubtful to discard one as something useless (6) CHAFFY {CHAnce}{iFFY}
4   One gorged on rice bowl for starters, make it sour (8) ACERBATE {ACE}{Rice}{Bowl}{ATE}
10 Bargained to tailor the material (9) GABARDINE*
11 Patrick must settle, intake doubled (5) PADDY {PA{DD}Y} (double)(d)=DD
12 Supervise? Finished watch (7) OVERSEE {OVER}{SEE}
13 Market runs on back of Italian town (7) SALERNO {SALE}{R}{ON<=}
14 Half removal, it's additional (5) EXTRA EXTRAction
15 Call and follow Middle Eastern country (8) THAILAND {HAIL}{AND} after {easTern}
18 Submit to Casanova's charm (4,4) BOWL OVER {BOW}{LOVER}
20 "Maidens' song" incorporated in this electronic device (5) MODEM {M}{ODE}{M}
23 Farmer has left, was friendly (7) PEASANT PlEASANT
25 Show what you have during naughty act (7) CABARET {CA{BARE}T*} &lit
26 Caramelit even has some cream (5)  ELITE [T]
27 Girl takes test — it doesn't say right or wrong (9) AMORALITY {AM{ORAL}{IT}Y*}
28 Music presenter on 1 — “modern art is capital!” (8) DJAKARTA {DJ}{A}KA{ART*} Anno for KA pending (Addendum - {DJ}{AKA}{ART*} - See comments)
29 Camping idea? (6) INTENT {IN TENT}

1   Also known as wheel, by only ladies (8) COGNOMEN {COG}{NO MEN}
2   In the immediate surroundings of Paris, it's good in morning time (7) AMBIENT {AM}{BIEN}{T}
3   Perhaps Arden with everyone's support could stop it (9) FORESTALL {FOREST}{ALL}
5   Charlotte races around the city in a four-wheel drive (7,7) CHELSEA TRACTOR*
6   Untouchable will rise and counter attack (5) REPEL<=
7   Base for log and metal (7) ANDIRON {AND}{IRON}
 Origin of a wordtime to stop money flow (6) ETYMON {E{T}YMON*}
9   What's written under the biscuit is alimentary (9,5) DIGESTIVE TRACT {TRACT} under {DIGESTIVE}
16 Fool's menial work gains support (9) LAMEBRAIN {LAME{BRA}IN*}
17 Stone them and stay away (8) AMETHYST {THEM+STAY}*
19 In the middle of dock yard find lab instrument (7) OCARINA {dOCk}{yARd}{fINd}{lAb}
21 Democratic set up, cat goes for its meal (7) DORMICE DEMOcRatIC* Semi&lit
22 Party allows cooking, cutting out lavish meal (6) SPREAD {SP}READ Anno pending (Addendum - {S{PREparing}AD} - See comments)
24 Ring up one time (5) ARENA {AN}{ERA}<=

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 92


If only Clement had concentrated in his farm and the paddy fields SPREAD therein, he would have led a happy  PEASANT'S life with his lone CHELSEA TRACTOR, dresses made of GABARDINE , his wife Linda and kid.

But the CHAFFY LAME BRAIN was INTENT in amassing wealth and seen around an ELITE crowd. His past experience as a bouncer made him get into the bare acts CABARET shows and the AMORALITY that came with it.  And all the EXTRA effort to BOWL OVER people in key positions. Thus a person who should have been in love with his ploughs of wood AND IRON was after fame, money, gems, AMETHYSTS and what not.

Soon he would have to FORESTALL the steps initiated by SS and REPEL his team and their mischievous acts.

What happened next?

Sunday 22 July 2018

Sunday Special: A 'Times' crossword from long ago

The image of a paper cutting of this old Times crossword (No, 9,443), solved by J. R. R. Tolkien but most of the clue text covered by his beautiful, studied doodling with colour pens, appeared on the web recently.

The other day The Crossword Centre, owned by Derek Harrison, gave us a link to the crossword after Mark Thakkar traced it to its source.

I have created the grid and typed out the clues.

ONLY TWO  answers per commentator till 6 pm (Annotations must be appended. Clue type may be identified and mentioned.) Quota must not be exceeded.

This gives us an opportunity to see how the UK crossword has changed over the decades. 

Thanks to everybody. Copyright  setter/paper/legal heirs concerned.  

Acknowledgement made gratefully.

1   Turbulent Alsatians on the attack (9)
5   "The hour is ill which severs those it should ___" (Shelley) (5)
8   Packers vainly hope it will take a quart (4,3)
10 Well-arranged under instructions (7)
11 Aside from such notions... (5)
12 Somehow he does get things done (9)
13 Status of married barmaids ? (8)
15 Such a remnant may still conceal beauty (5)
18 Mark possibly just two (5)
19 Dissipation in a castle ? (8)
21 Very small type, but outstanding (9)
22 Dashing fellow, but liable to cut one (5)
24 Reasonable style? Pretty too (7)
25 Sort of breach to take no peg in (7)
26 He exchanged smiles with a native of Riga (5)
27 Yet he's not assessed as a rare type (9)

1   Romantically, he wants a hand-out ! (9)
2   Scorch, yet not all that fast (5)
3   Presumably they hang about at the Embassy (8)
4   Like the upbringing of one "bawn in a brier-patch" (6)
5   Not a creditable locality in the late evening (5,3,5)
6   State of gear which precludes any advance (2,7)
7   Duck down here! (5)
9   "There has fallen a splendid tear from the ___ at the gate" (Tennyson) (7,6)
14 Paper marking process ? (9)
16 Office-boy for the secretary-bird (9)
17 Final catch could one call it ? (4,4)
20 It seems a cockney workman spotted you (6)
21 Health slogan should suit (5)
23 Friendship that begins early (5)

Across Lite version can be downloaded from the link at TIMES 9443.


The Sunday Crossword No 3005, Sunday 22 Jul 2018

On the tougher side today.

1   Snake by water's margins covered with dark seaweed (12) BLADDERWRACK {BL{ADDER}{WateR}ACK} Thanks to Google
9   Give answer, then pull back (5) AWARD {A}{DRAW<=}
10 Alertness from soldier joining unruly clan in struggle (9) VIGILANCE {VI{GI}{CLAN*}E}
11 Made calm declaration initially during sitting (7) SEDATED {SE{De...n}ATED}
12 Note duck around river, towards the side (7) LATERAL {LA}{TE{R}AL}
13 Agreement about fashion in urban area (10) CONFORMITY {C{ON}{FORM}ITY}
15 Worry constantly occupying outlaw anguished in retreat (4) GNAW [T<=]
17 Tense, given instruction in hearing (4) TAUT (~taught)
18 Speaks about church with love, and former time as pupil (10) SCHOOLDAYS {S{CH}{O}{OLD}AYS}
21 Carry on with revolutionary bet (7) WAGERED {WAGE}{RED}
22 Support, led by bishop with hesitation, becoming more uneven (7) BUMPIER {B}{UM}{PIER}
23 Skilled workers around farm sent all over the place (9) CRAFTSMEN {C}{FARM+SENT}*
24 New pub, unknown quantity for buffoon (5) NINNY {N}{INN}{Y}
25 Obtain competent conclusion from pro enthralled by obscure plant extract (9,3) VEGETABLE OIL {GET}{ABLE}{prO} in {VEIL}

1   Novel began a trend, holding food up as symbol of Berlin (11,4) BRANDENBURG GATE {GRUB<=} in {BEGAN+A+TREND}*
2   Extra commercial issue, not first (8) ADDITION {AD}{eDITION}
3   Psalmist showing depth, devoted (5) DAVID {D}{AVID}
4   Leave, in anger, dry old opera (9) RIGOLETTO {RI{GO}LE}{TT}{O}
5   Run over story, coming up with electronic link (6) RELATE {R}{TALE<=}{E}
6   Antagonistic business of country holding leading position (15) CONFRONTATIONAL {CO}{N{FRONT}ATIONAL}
7   Strike northward, dry for long distance (6) PARSEC {RAP<=}{SEC}
8   Elf distracted sad man (6) FELLOW {ELF*}{LOW}
14 Parrot mostly perched on barrier, one above a tree (9) MACADAMIA {MACAw}{DAM}{1}{A}
16 Sweetheart and sergeant possibly dance (8) FLAMENCO {FLAME}{NCO}

17 Change course, taking in hot western belt (6) THWACK {T{H}{W}ACK}
19 Scatters branches bearing flowers (6) SPRAYS [DD]
20 Legal document with explosive twist (6) WRITHE {WRIT}{HE}
22 Exclude a line lacking originality (5) BANAL {BAN}{A}{L}


Saturday 21 July 2018

No 12375, Saturday 21 Jul 2018, Arden


9. Spurious drug — keep 50% in reserve (7) PLACEBO {PLACE}{BOok}
10. Show workers (7) PAGEANT {PAGE}{ANT}
11. He follows what is cast in the river (7) DEVOTEE {DE{VOTE}E}
12. Work's very regressive, problem for phalanger (7) OPOSSUM {OP}{SO<=}{SUM}

13. Drinks break, stump on pitch (5,4) SALES TALK {S{ALE S}TALK}
15. Window gives option to get money back (5) ORIEL {OR}{LEI<=}

16. One is envious hearing the bell (7) ANGELUS {AN}{~JEALOUS}
19. Overarm — It's disadvantageous and hurts (7) TWINGES {SET<=} over {WING}  Disadvantageous = Set back
20. Saying the Chinese leader only comes in the morning (5) AXIOM {A{XI}{O}M}
21. Heard after midnight, caught one's eye... (9) GLISTENED {niGht}{LISTENED}
25. ...As in races, perhaps (7) ARSENIC {IN+RACES*}
26. Countryman repatriated by European airline without hesitation (7) NAMIBIA {MAN<=}{IBerIA}
28. Wine is free inside plane (7) TRIDENT {T{RID}ENT}

29. Delay in animal retracting tongue (7) TAGALOG {GO{LAG}AT<=}


1. Suit those for digging trenches (6) SPADES (DD)
2. "Wonder maiden", Ravel's composition (6) MARVEL {M}{RAVEL*}
3. Found it soft to touch (4) FELT (DD)
4. Smell of sweat emanating from old boozer (6) BODEGA {BO}{AGED<=}
5. First two sputniks, one with a wheel (8) SPROCKET {SPutnik}{ROCKET}
6. Expert on growth prospects — "After silver, iron most used" (10) AGRONOMIST {AG}{IRON+MOST*}
7. Has to throw, it's annoying (8) HASSLING {HAS}{SLING}
8. Simultaneous play, not one with a cue (8) STIMULUS {SIMULTANEOUS-{ONE+A}}*
14. Harry reads about the Frenchman's poker (10) SALAMANDER {READS*} around {LA+MAN}
16. A month end in Delhi for Herb (8) AMARANTH {A}{MAR}{ANTH}
17. Get up the platform when it's denied (8) GAINSAID {GAIN}{DIAS<=}
18. The wisdom of Washington, in a way supports the legend (8) SAGACITY {SAGA}{CITY}
22. Fire! I get in or out? (6) IGNITE {I+GET+IN*}
23. Cloud unable to burst (6) NEBULA {UNABLE*}
24. Girls get into horse drawn cart, find it boring (6) DRAGGY {DRA{GG}Y}
27. They were wise to join college, it was enchanting (4) MAGI {MAGI+C=MAGIC}

Reference List
Worker=Page, Worker=Ant, River=Dee, Work=Op, Very=So, One=An, Chinese leader=Xi, Only=O, Morning=AM, Hesitation=Er
Maiden=M, Smell of sweat=BO, Silver=Ag, The French=La, Girls=GG, College=C

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