Friday, 20 July 2018

No 12374, Friday 20 Jul 2018, Arden

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers till 2 PM thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM after which anyone is free to comment.

1   Time to review lack of interest in sex — it will blow you apart! (6)
4   Wine bottles — seal regularly missing from sideboard (8)
9   Languages go into creative works (6)
10 Means to fight wild watchers (3,5)
12 Find abnormal gain in medicine (8)
13 Two men find shelter (6)
15 Sentence partly overlapping, pan India maybe (12)
18 Hijacked, need resolve — it portends danger (12)
21 Shops here are to protect heel (6)
22 Maybe clean spike before the top (8)
24 Delivery work on land (8)
25 Essentially kept to stop attack, it's settled (6)
26 Fire on soldiers at the scene of warfare (8)
27 Master's changing course (6)

1   Pomelo supplement for parting hair (8)
2   Setter gulps second single malt, gets headache (8)
3   Need tolerance — it can lead to better relations (7,8)
5   Spurious cheese? (4)
6   Can love over long term run the town council? (5,10)
7   Runner promoting drink is allowed (6)
8   Lead time, it's everywhere (6)
11 Moving mountains? Not on, it could be catastrophic (7)
14 Engineer silent about Charlie's design (7)
16 Carry on, take care of the debris (8)
17 Supplement to port — dig up soil to gain depth (8)
19 American port's mark on the sailor (6)
20 Writing sure to transform into holy books (6)
23 Lecture heard about a mineral (4)


Thursday, 19 July 2018

No 12373, Thursday 19 Jul 2018, Arden

1   Go with nurse, he will operate (7,7) PLASTIC SURGEON {GO+NURSE}* [RA]
10 Here in Paris, even beer is much colder (5) ICIER {ICI}{bEeR}
11 Engineer wires this to a dish (5,4) IRISH STEW*
12 Main round, it has no shell (3,4) SEA SLUG {SEA} {SLUG}
13 Originate from sea cow's tail, going to its head (7) EMANATE (+e)EMANATE(-e)
14 Breast, caught by hand (5) CLIMB {C}{LIMB}
16 Sign of nervousness between armies, refusing a truce (9) ARMISTICE {ARMIS{TIC}E*}
19 He is out of jail, so checks into a lodge (9) FREEMASON {FREE MA{SO}N}
20 Reject, reject as someone who is untouchable (5) LEPER <=
22 A minister got right on top and bowed (7) ARCUATE {A}{(+r)RCU(-r)ATE}
25 Soldier's code — a pity (7) REMORSE {RE}{MORSE}
27 Earth shattering win for Madhya Pradesh perhaps (9) HEARTLAND {EARTH*}{LAND}
28 He gets one quarter of the state (5) MAINE {MA{I}N}{E}
29 Set free — hundred on conservative list on board (9,5) REFECTORY TABLE {FREE*}{C}{TORY} {TABLE}

2   Ladies in distress got help, saved (4,5) LAID ASIDE {L{AID}ASIDE*}
3   God resurrected, left a buck (5) SOREL {EROS<=}{L}
4   I croon over girl making jelly (9) ISINGLASS {I}{SING}{LASS}
5   Mocking a player in the team (5) SNIDE {S{N}IDE}
6   Actual dresses — picks up on dry run (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL}
7   Additional summary, court rejected (5) EXTRA EXTRAct
8   Present in this place? Not so (7) NOWHERE {NOW}{HERE}
9   Bearing a cross, initially as a breather (3,3) AIR SAC {AIRS}{A}{Cr..s}
15 Huge flop, wine's cold (9) BOMBASTIC {BOMB}{ASTI}{C}
17 Find Mary with a reformed fellow like Jeeves (3,6) MAN FRIDAY {FIND+MARY+A}*
18 Just average — breaking a limit, perhaps (9) IMPARTIAL {PAR} in {A+LIMIT}*
19 Achievement by girl — it goes on her cap (7) FEATHER {FEAT}{HER}
21 Soldiers free to remove jacket (6) REEFER {RE}{FREE*}
23 Roast corn husk (5) CHAFF [DD]
24 A muse and writer, at once allowed in (5) ERATO [T]
26 Uncle in Chennai caught black snake (5) MAMBA {MAM{B}A}


Wednesday, 18 July 2018

No 12372, Wednesday 18 Jul 2018, Gridman

1   In mixed doubles, Rex rocks (8) BOULDERS {DOUBLES+R}*
5   Worsted rebel leader’s taken away in a rush and kept (6) STOWED WOrSTED*
9   Some lads set fire to central stumps of tree (8) LABURNUM {LAds}{BURN}{stUMps}
10 Good ones make good neighbours, according to Robert Frost (6) FENCES [CD]
12 Partition with everybody coming together (4) WALL {W}{ALL}
13 Chilling out, family member hosts central Texans (10) RELAXATION {RELA{teXAns}TION}
15 Mend and match again (6) REPAIR {RE}{PAIR}
17 Fruit's spotted — cut both sides (5) APPLE dAPPLEd
20 It is surely a part of crown jewels (5) TIARA [CD]
21 Stomach having to accept Bedi, starting late, showing monotony (6) TEDIUM {T{bEDI}UM}
24 Enough ribs about people living close (10) NEIGHBOURS*
27 Long for evergreen tree (4) PINE [DD]
29 Interfere with announced decorative piece (6) MEDDLE (~medal)
30 Fetching big ornament in gold (8) BRINGING {B{RING}{IN}G} I seems to have been overlooked (Addendum - {B}{RING}{IN}{G} - See comments)
31 The idea of not one working! (6) NOTION {NOT}{1}{ON}
32 Outfit acts in a certain manner about university (8) PLAYSUIT {PLAYS{U}IT}

1   Bengal leader's control back over many rules (6) BYLAWS {Be...l}YLAWS Anno pending (Addendum - {Be...l}{Y{L}AWS<=} - See comments)
2   In trouble, ire leaves and settles. That’s release (6) UNBOLT {iN+TrOUBLe}*
3   Girl's right! It's gossip (4) DIRT {DI}{RT}
4   Unusual urge to keep old compact stuff (5) ROUGE {R{O}UGE*}
6   The incomplete Greek letter is a Greek letter (5) THETA {THe}{ETA}
7   Cup Kiwis upset in crude huts (8) WICKIUPS*
8   Some of the board is interested to expose (8) DISINTER [T]
11 Poet's said to be kept away (6) BARRED(~bard)
14 State Bank conceals rolled-back software version (4) BETA [T<=]
16 The powers that be dropped it with unknown writer (6) AUTHOR AUTHORity
17 Rest on a protester's word (4) ABUT {A}{BUT}
18 Dwarf chaps could well be acrobats (8) STUNTMEN {STUNT}{MEN}
19 American uncle and I get last letter with incomplete date — it's Soviet contraband self-publishing (8) SAMIZDAT {SAM}{I}{Z}{DATe}
22 Mother and I relax at our central habitat (6) MILIEU {M}{I}{LIE}{oUr}
23 Stature of Hornblower's first crew (6) HEIGHT{Ho...r}{EIGHT}
25 Shakespearean hero forgets extremely overt greeting (5) HELLO otHELLO
26 River, long river, out in the country (5) RURAL {R}{URAL}
28 Single working woman loses heart (4) ONLY {ON}{LadY}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 91

No sooner the DUST had settled, Clement's NOTION was to get a permanent RELAXATION. Using the same ploy he spoke to the AUTHOR of the BYLAWS and made him MEDDLE with the rulings and BRINGING about a small change in the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

The ex-Moulin ROUGE dancer who wore a TIARA and PLAYSUIT lingerie (the APPLE of the eye of many) thus came to have a "No holds BARRED" relation with the said author. 

All of Clement's actions seemed to be in a "Owner's pride and NEIGHBOURS envy" mode. His social MILIEU widened by leaps and bounds and his business seemed to be reaching dizzy HEIGHTS. "HOSHIYAR BETA" soon began collecting double the amount of money from people to whom he had unwillingly parted  for favors received!!

ONLY Uncle SAM IZ DAT person who was turning a blind eye to the goings on for reasons best known to him.

What happened next?

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

No 12371, Tuesday 17 Jul 2018, Gridman

1   Boy bowled wildly without a bit of elegance resulting in big hit! (8) BODYBLOW {BOY+BOWLeD}*
5   Write about lawyer — model quibbler (6) PEDANT {PE{DA}N}{T}
10 Naive young lady is real, putting bin without cover at the back (7) INGENUE (+in)INGENU(-in)E
11 Binge and regret? Accurate, sadly (3,4) TOO TRUE {TOOT}{RUE}
12 Go, date comic in waning years (6) DOTAGE*
13 State tribal leader's with fellow in continent (8) TASMANIA {Tr...l}{AS{MAN}IA}
15 Stupid person from meaner dormitory (4) NERD [T]
16 Not odd. In point of fact, account disappeared after a passage of time (10) EVENTUALLY {EVEN}{acTUALLY}
18 They come to aid: cleaners go through upper case (10) SUCCOURERS {S{UC}COURERS}
20 Saint dissociates from agreeable petition (4) PLEA PLEAsant
23 Weapon is Spooner's chief triumph (8) CROSSBOW {(-b+cr)CROSS}{-cr+b)BOW}
24 Bird regularly spotted in EU country (6) BRUNEI {BiRd}{IN+EU}*
26 Once meter ran beyond a norm (7) EXTREME {EX}{METER*}
27 Call into question mischievous boy taking on everybody (7) IMPEACH {IMP}{EACH}
28 Gives up and idles awkwardly at day's end (6) YIELDS {daY}{IDLES*}
29 On stage performers — they are sources of energy (8) REACTORS {RE}{ACTORS}

1   It takes interest in providing shelter to the public (8,7) BUILDING SOCIETY [CD]
2   Follow a celebrity actor's bright spot (3,4) DOG STAR {DOG}{STAR}
3   Kind boy's standard not beginning to show (6) BENIGN {BEN}{sIGN}
4   Old walker's short newspaper section (2-2) OP-ED {O}{PEDe...n}
6   More on us is hurled — it’s massive (8) ENORMOUS*
 Lad near-damaging gland (7) ADRENAL*
 Shiny head valets featured in old Hitchcock film (3,4,8) THE LADY VANISHES*
9   Small coaches — they will never hold water (9) STRAINERS {S}{TRAINERS}
14 Defeats some running under cover with captain having moved up (9) OVERCOMES {SOME}* under {(-c)OVER(+c)C}
17 Noticed: among leaderless relatives, there is something to be tied up (5,3) LOOSE END {bLOO{SEEN}D}
19 Indian thief let out a gleeful laugh (7) CHORTLE {CHOR}{LET*}
21 Yearn for a try from far back (4,3) LONG AGO {LONG}{A}{GO}
22 Subject matter about royal is warm (6) TROPIC {T{R}OPIC}
25 Starts with infinite fear to take (at last) a partner (4) WIFE {With}{In...e}{Fear}{takE}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 90

So it was not a PLEA but a ploy!

Clement OVERCOMES the situation and the LOOSE END is tied.

THE LADY VANISHES with the NERD official who returns and EVENTUALLY YIELDS.

TOO TRUE. Such incidents do occur whether US or TASMANIA or elsewhere.

What happened next?

Monday, 16 July 2018

No 12370, Monday 16 Jul 2018, Gridman

1   Smash against section of fortification (7) RAMPART {RAM}{PART}
5   Small groups beginning to cut clusters of plants (6) CLUMPS {Cut}{LUMPS}
9   Drink pair imbibing is not so ruddy (5) PALER {P{ALE}R}
10 Bully gets gun moved to the front for astronaut (9) ARMSTRONG (+arm){ARM}{STRONG}(-arm)
11 There's more to court passage (7) EXTRACT {EXTRA}{CT}
12 Palace attendant with no time for messenger (7) COURIER COURtIER
13 Avoid wily deva at entrance to estate (5) EVADE {DEVA*}{Es...e}
14 Feel low as every daughter's in line, with a bit of nastiness (5,4) REACH DOWN {R{EACH}{D}OW}{Na...s}
16 Leader to stop losing head and being almost wacky (3,6) TOP BANANA {sTOP}{BANANAs}
19 Thai travels to one West Indies nation (5) HAITI {THAI*}{1}
21 Still a generation takes part in cultivation (7) TILLAGE [T]
23 What brings radio programmes to listeners (7) AIRWAVE [CD]
24 Officer-in-charge going around wild Riga street is debauched (9) ORGIASTIC {O{RIGA*}{ST}IC}
25 This and this forming the incomplete set (5) THESE {THE}{SEt}
26 Mischievous announcement is difficult to understand (6) KNOTTY (~naughty)
27 Shout top principal is in hospital department and scramble (7) ENCRYPT {EN{CRY}{Pr...l}T}

1   Complaint on show (14) REPRESENTATION [DD] (Addendum - {RE}{PRESENTATION} - See comments)
2   11, with Tamils, leave section and run to become reservists (7) MILITIA {11+TAMILs}*
3   Measure of faulty care takes a long time (7) ACREAGE {CARE*}{AGE}
4   Place to eat pastry brought back to matriarch's centre (9) TRATTORIA {TART<=}{TO}{matRIArch}
5   Firm note to city’s top wag (5) COMIC {CO}{MI}{City}
6   Aunty's heart badly hurt by lie (7) UNTRUTH {aUNTy}{HURT*}
7   Condition in favour of all but disguise (7) PROVISO {PRO}{VISOr}
8   Estranging dame in move for promotion (14) AGGRANDISEMENT*
15 Runs away from cattle farm in a valley in flood (9) AVALANCHE {A}{VAL{rANCH}E}
17 Only GOP can make out the figure (7) POLYGON*
18 Obstinate woman worker beginning to trouble (7) ADAMANT {ADA}{MAN}{Tr...e}
19 Dissident's present with sign of nervousness (7) HERETIC {HERE}{TIC}
20 One line about dirty game raises mind pictures (7) IMAGERY {1}{GAME*}{RY}
22 Guard doesn't start to make admission (5) ENTRY sENTRY

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 89

​To avoid being reprimanded for not adhering to a certain PROVISO in the local community rules Clement had to please a TOP BANANA.

To get out of the KNOTTY situation that might arise, he arranged for a naughty ORIGIASTIC dance ( to some tunes played on the sax by a person resembling Louis ARMSTRONG) exclusively for the ADAMANT officer and also allowing ENTRY to some of his friends.

Clement also had to REACH DOWN to the bottom drawer in his desk and take out a fat envelope to be handed over to the officer.

Later Clement was asked to send a written reply through COURIER mentioning some UNTRUTH. 
The matter was hushed up.

What happened next?

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Special, Sunday 15 Jul 2018, Sri

Welcome to yet another new setter. Bouquets and brickbats welcome

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)

Please provide all your answers in one comment

7   Stranger returns with hesitation, takes students to the banker (6)
8   Accept honour (6)
11 Ref's rants about shifts (9)
12 Manipulate/edit book entry that’s on the left side of ledger (5)
13 Skirt of girl, fashionable tee-shirt/tops shines (6)
14 Leaderless protestors are people having quivers (7)
16 Handle boss (4)
18 Sales - including drink (3)
19 Close small cabin (4)
23 Notice vehicle in front of church, move forward (7)
25 Father left at home, a material (6)
28 Question a model (5)
29 No more energy to crush (9)
30 Entices casual worker with timely salary initially (6)
31 Inspect, say a bill of payment (6)

1   At first Rahul with great happiness formed alliance (8)
2   New clothes husband removed out of storage area (6)
3   Forces son to leave operators (5)
4   Slipping ace strikes short sportsman on rink (3,6)
5   Jury results against orders without a bit of reform (8)
6   Active doctor jumped into river (6)
9   Dais gates broken (5)
10 Hide belt worn by model (5)
15 Depot here was built around old university (9)
17 Punk brat badly ruined (8)
20 Peacekeepers locked the leader, a dreadful criminal (8)
21 Vehicles loaded with soft fish (5)
22 Partly open, trying an access (5)
24 Gives seller some craft (6)
26 Very large catch for hawk (6)
27 Violation! Right, get out of this volleyball venue (5)

Across Lite version can be downloaded from the following link SRI 1


The Sunday Crossword No 3004, Sunday 15 Jul 2018

 Cold island, country without an insect (6) CICADA {C}{I}{CanADA}
4   Write song that's repetitive, showing weakness (8) PENCHANT {PEN}{CHANT}
9   Postal system in trouble after beginning to reach breaking point (7) AIRMAIL {AI(Re..h}M}{AIL}
11 Deceiver hearty about retiring (7) BLUFFER {BLUFF}{RE<=}
12 Resilient soul had got perturbed and moved to sob (5,2,3,5) TOUGH AS OLD BOOTS {SOUL+HAD+GOT}*{TO+SOB}*
13 First letter from Lauren? Not right – second letter from Lauren (5) ALPHA {rALPH}{lAu..n}
15 Popular appeal that is receiving cheers around launch (8) INITIATE {IN}{IT}{I{TA<=}E}
18 Ancient monument from century before end of paganism in part connected with church (8) CROMLECH {C}{RO{p...sM}LE}{CH}
19 Tree of greater age (5) ELDER [DD]
21 Property with fleas on ground in absolute mess ultimately (8,7) PERSONAL EFFECTS {PER{FLEAS+ON}*FECT}{mesS}
24 Revolutionary artist, bitter, turned and left (7) RADICAL {RA}{ACID<=}{L}
25 Put forward gold in dramatic scene (7) TABLEAU {TABLE}{AU}
26 Thinker, hot, tires badly (8) THEORIST*
27 Push lever operated by foot in pronounced way (6) PEDDLE (~pedal)

1   Nonsense about large fitting followed by rebuke (8) CLAPTRAP {C}{L}{APT}{RAP}
2   Island held by fanatic or fugitive (5) CORFU [T]
3   Not clear about a graph distorted in partition (9) DIAPHRAGM {DI{A+GRAPH}*M}
5   Varied in themes, securing honour with lines providing decorative detail (13) EMBELLISHMENT {MBE}{LL}  in {IN+THEMES}*
6   Funny in taxi? Not a bit (5) CRUMB {C{RUM}aB}
7   Outraged article supplied, filled with pretence (9) AFFRONTED {A}{F{FRONT}ED}
8   Tango with husband ill-judged in party (6) THRASH {T}{H}{RASH}
10 Novel end for festival with electronic beams wrapping displays up (3,10) LES MISERABLES {f...aL}{E}{SMI{BARES<=}LES}
14 Game bird with split rib (9) PARTRIDGE {PART}{RIDGE}
16 Translation of fine story beyond description (9) INEFFABLE {FINE*}{FABLE}
17 Quiet resolution with certain force (8) PRESSURE {P}{RES}{SURE}
20 One in climbing stumbles, showing courage (6) SPIRIT {T{1}RIPS}<=
22 Award mark below zero (5) OSCAR {0}{SCAR}
23 Belief in team lacking weight with editor (5) CREED {CREw}{ED}


Saturday, 14 July 2018

No 12369, Saturday 14 Jul 2018, Gridman


1. Draw near a very soft insect (8) APPROACH {A}{PP}{ROACH}
5. Generates small tools (6) SPAWNS {S}{PAWNS}
9. Group is right out of share (7) FACTION {FrACTION}
10. Upstart with average, limited means (7) PARVENU {PAR}{VENUe}
11. They make many a stiff preservation (9)  EMBALMERS (CD)
12. Where an Eskimo goes into — a police officer's washroom (5) IGLOO {IG}{LOO}
13. Cook some lunch effortlessly (4)  CHEF (T)
14. Official making many an impression authoritatively (5,4) STAMP USER (CD?)
17. Give an exaggerated picture and receive trouble in public (9) OVERPAINT {OVER{PAIN}T}
19. Indian spinach’s over, here’s palm starch (4) SAGO {SAG}{O}
23. Exercise high and get impish (5) PESKY {PE}{SKY}
24. Accept an increase and go away (4,1,4) TAKE A HIKE {TAKE}{A}{HIKE}
25. 1 is gone for pronouncedly rough retort (7) OUTDOOR {OUT}{~DOH} 1 down=Alfresco {OUT}{~RUDE<=} See comments
26. As a result, multi-coloured production ignored lurid Left (7) OUTCOME {MUlTiCOlOurEd}*
27. Plucks idlymust somehow go through some time (6) THRUMS {MUST*} around {HR}
28. Small boy rides happily without Indian haulers (8) SKIDDERS {S}{KID}{RiDES*}


1. A student, almost new, gets company in the cool air (8) ALFRESCO {A}{L}{FRESh}{CO}
2. Father's guy is forgiving (7) PACABLE {PA}{CABLE}
3. Love one in part of colourful flier (6) ORIOLE {O}{R{I}OLE}

4. Can mere contracts get leading member of orchestra? Yes, in a way (13) CONCERTMASTER {MERE+CONTRACTS*}
6. Open-minded, each village officer embraces one university student (8) PERVIOUS {PER}{V{I}{O}{U}{S}
7. We go over the man's 'invention' in bike trick (7) WHEELIE {W{HE}E}{LIE}
8. Puts out nothing to royal in trance (6) STUPOR {PUTS*}{O}{R}
10. Now it's hardly heard when mails arrive (8,5) POSTMAN'S KNOCK (CD)
15. Caterpillar? My marrow's hit (4,4) ARMY WORM {MY+MARROW*}

16. How fish is served by boy — with not all offered (8) BONELESS {B}{ONE LESS}
18. Guest gets rotis served after 6 (7) VISITOR {VI}{ROTIS*}
20. A girl model is fat (7) ADIPOSE {A}[DI}{POSE}
21. French author promotes son: "Begin to blossom!" (6) SPROUT {(+S)PROU(-s)T}
22. Tangled from being crazy about railway official (6) MATTED {MA{TTE}D}

Reference List
Very soft=PP, Small=S, Right=R, Average=Par, Police officer=IG, Over=O, Exercise=PE, Left=L, Indian=I
Student=L, Company=Co, Love=O, One=I, Each=Per, Village Officer=VO, University=U, Student=S, Man=He, Royal=R, Boy=B, 6=VI, Girl=Di, Railway official=TTE

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 88

​All the money made Clement a vain man!

PARVENU Clement soon became IMPERVIOUS to criticism.

When customers were not prepared to TAKE A HIKE he increased the charges arguing that there was no competition.​

Instead of serving Roasted Brussels SPROUT with Pecans  he had his CHEF prepare SAGO soup and it was served with a fancy name: SAI MAI LOU.

He set up an OUTDOOR BBQ which hardly had any takers.

Contract with the Landscape company was not renewed and the lawn and much of the crops was damaged by ARMY WORMS.

A WHEELIE with his frequent APPROACH into the dance area turned out to be PESKY to the VISITORS.

Meanwhile SS strengthened his own FACTION.

What happened next?

Friday, 13 July 2018

No 12368, Friday 13 Jul 2018, Vulcan

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers till 2 PM thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM after which anyone is free to comment.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Brave headline to run — it's shocking (4-7) LION-HEARTED {HEADLINE+TO+R}*
8   Talented American actor that needs no introduction (4) ABLE gABLE
9   Breaking the lawit's basically easier for the most affluent (10) WEALTHIEST {THE+LAW+ITS+Ea...r}*
10 Boxer eats leafy stuff for the most part, something to neutralise acid (6) ALKALI {AL{KALe}I}
11 Freezing cold and left to live outside in a vehicle (7) BICYCLE {B{ICY}{C}{L}E}
13 DEA agent is Southern American, young man (9) NARCISSUS {NARC}{IS}{S}{US}
15 City of Bhopalmagnificent (5) PALMA [T]
16 Prejudice over country (5) SPAIN {SP{A}IN}
18 Alcoholic drink infused with Vapour, it produces odour (9) PERFUMERY {PER{FUME}RY}
22 For starters, love eating fresh jelly (7) GELATIN {Love+EATING}*
23 Trainee with all good habits (6) NOVICE {NO}{VICE}
26 Wrong measure in Italy for pasta (10) TORTELLINI {TORT}{ELL}{IN}{I}
27 Plumbing problem ending in bad burst (4) DRIP {baD}{RIP}
28 Columnist's first article has a saying about duck, very large bird (6,5) CANADA GOOSE {Co...t}{AN}{ADAG{O}{OS}E}

1   Projection, large one on a flower (7) LOBELIA {LOBE}{L}{1}{A}
2   The end of game-changing over at the start (5) OMEGA {O}{GAME*}
3   Narratorin the story's beginning, follows a predator (7) HAWKINS {HAWK}{IN}{St...y}
4   A container that's half open (4) AJAR {A}{JAR}
5   Small piece of food bird nibbled (6) TITBIT {TIT}{BIT}
6   A large number from the south covered miles to find this milk supplier (5,4) DAIRY FARM {DAIRY{FAR}M<=}
7   A poor neighbourhood outside the city finally gets protection (6) ASYLUM {A}{S{citY}LUM}
12 Somewhat gauge rightly with a tool (5) AUGER [T]
14 Something to do with the weather, caught cold and it’s critical (9) CLIMACTIC {CLIMA{C}TIC}
17 Disinfectant's of no help otherwise (6) PHENOL*
19 Enclosure for sport (7) FENCING [DD]
20 Relax in a park with a band (7) RECLINE {REC}{LINE} Rec/Park?
21 Act as substitute and provide information (4,2) FILL IN {DD]
24 See with old electronic medium (5) VIDEO {VIDE}{O}
25 Surface with gold reflected in diffused light (4) GILD [T<=]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 87

LION HEARTED Clement soon became the WEALTHIEST person in the locality. 

He was not the type to be found RECLINING in his office. He was on an expansion spree and improvements to existing facilities.

He bought a PERFUMERY and a DAIRY FARM which came up for sale. 

The Apollo school was converted into a VIDEO games parlour.

New FENCING and DRIP irrigation for his farm were the other things which were ordered for.

What happened next?

Thursday, 12 July 2018

No 12367, Thursday 12 Jul 2018, Skulldugger

5   Bookmaker's clerk (6) WRITER [DD]
6   Morning songs by birds leaving riverside (6) MATINS MArTINS
 Exist permanently in this world (6) INHERE {IN}{HERE}
10 Mountie or centaur! (8) HORSEMAN [DD]
11 Battle of titans to add up to nothing (4) SUMO {SUM}{O}
12 Spooner's big boozer gets the bird (10) SANDGROUSE (-gr+s)SAND(-s+gr)GROUSE
13 Disregard for Dobby by Lucius ultimately manifests as carelessness about own well-being (4-7) SELF-NEGLECT {l...uS}{ELF}-{NEGLECT}
18 Communities going after automobile plants (10) CARNATIONS {CAR}{NATIONS}
21 Ingredients in crank looked up by DEA agent (4) NARC [T<=]
22 Bob's erotic shenanigans outside clubhouse (8) RICOCHET {RICO{CH}ET*}
23 Narrow escape from treacherous quakes (6) SQUEAK*
24 Desire to shadow partner till we meet again (2,4) SO LONG {SO} {LONG} So from? See comments
25 Conjunctivitis from cheap whiskey! (6) REDEYE [DD]

1   Guide once used regularly by Roman statesman (8) CICERONE {CICERO}{oNcE}
2  Holiday depression (6) RECESS [DD]
3   The King and I described by livid lady in poem (8) MADRIGAL {MAD}{R}{I}{GAL}
4   Eat risotto without stuffing, dough (6) DINERO {DINE}{Ri...tO}
5   Terminate in anger (4,2) WIND UP [DD]
7   Slight leads to flight with Sudanese outsiders (6) SPARSE {SPAR}{Su...sE} Flight or Fight?
8   From that point forward, was sassy to the French (11) THENCEFORTH*
14 Attractive, makes fine impression (8) FETCHING {F}{ETCHING}
15 Mistakes Tesla for Faraday due to injuries (8) CONTUSES CON(-f+t)TUSES
16 Are they found on lazy rivers? On the contrary! (6) RAPIDS [CD]
17 Cultivated primitive poison (6) URBANE {UR}{BANE}
19 Simpleton on dole, sadly (6) NOODLE*
20 Group of six performing part of poem (6) SESTET [DD]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 86

Uncle Sam told Clement, "SO LONG it was different but now there is  no need for two clubs IN HERE! " 

THENCEFORTH it was decided to WIND UP Apollo.

Without SELF NEGLECT Shangri-la began FETCHING much more income.

One of the SUMOS was made a CICERONE.

Clement frequently was found singing

Yo quiero, quiero dinero (ay)
Yo quiero, quiero DINERO (ay) [ Jennifer Lopez]

What happened next?

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

No 12366, Wednesday 11 Jul 2018, Sunnet

1   Wrongly steers and takes it back to the origin (6) RESETS*
4   Civil telegram followed a note (8) AMICABLE {A}{MI}{CABLE}
10 Wizards' staff and policeman split tarts (9) PRODIGIES {P{ROD}{IG}IES}
11 Alarm a web (5) AMAZE {A}{MAZE}
12 Runs and cuts off East inside (5) LOPES {LOP{E}S}
13 Coarsest granite is relaid (9) GRAINIEST*
14 Most of beach is near 10's dock (7) SHORTEN {SHORe}{TEN}
16 State has time for animal (4) GOAT {GOA}{T}
19 Cast of 'Adolf' is heterogenous (4) FISH [T]
21 Remnant poise (7) BALANCE [DD]
24 Reduction of religious education by church without resident minister (9) REMISSION {RE}{MISSION}
25 Show a terrapin's wet (5) WATER [T]
26 Pilgrim ate at Jamia Islamia initially (5) HADJI {HAD}{Ja..a}{Is...a}
27 Most heroic lot have one in pain (9) PLUCKIEST {P{LUCK}{1}EST}
28 Modest about wearing (8) RETIRING (RE}{TIRING}
29 Carelessly use any tense (6) UNEASY*

1   Shine once more on European (8) REPOLISH {RE}{POLISH}
2   Stinger from company in Mumbai neighbourhood (8) SCORPION {S{CORP}ION}
3   Sometimes succeeds in doubles (5) TWINS {Ti..s}{WINS}
5   Fool holds half-normal horse (7) MUSTANG {MU{STANdard}G}
6   Moor has to dispatch armour (5,4) CHAIN MAIL {CHAIN} {MAIL}
7   Caught simpler owner (6) BEARER (~barer)
8   Employs former brewster (6) EXERTS {EX}{STER*} 'Brew' being the Anagram indicator
9   Roman man to trap a maiden (6) VIRGIN Anno pending (Addendum - {VIR}{GIN} - See comments)
15 More eager to rank new shirt on top (9) THIRSTIER {SHIRT*}{TIER}
17 Aversion to article by 'Dream Girl' (8) ANATHEMA {AN}{AT}{HEMA}
18 Behind closed doors Crete assembly stopped scheming (8) SECRETLY {S{CRETE*}LY}
20 Edge of bureauThis can be used to secure locks (7) HAIRPIN b...aU is a 'Hairpin bend'
21 Play 'Ghost' in bar near Queen's Circle (6) BANQUO {BAN}{QU}{O}
22 Perhaps Tell and bow to the lady (6) ARCHER {ARC }{HER}
23 Surrounded by a central road (6) AMIDST {A}{MID}{ST}
25 Roused by Pan's measure (5) WOKEN {WOK}{EN}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 85

Marudhu LOPES away like a MUSTANG!

Clement, the bouncer, was UNEASY when he was WOKEN up to the fact that Marudhu, CHAINMAIL apart was trying to bring EXERTS upon him from some quarters to sell his portion of Shangri-la.

Marudhu must be made to know that he is out to FISH in troubled WATERS. Clement had two PRODIGIES in his side, Uncle Sam and Gombu. He swung into action.

The three SECRETLY hatched a simple plan. They took the help of Kayal who went to the Police Officer and foisted a case on Pandi who was taken into custody. This spelled further trouble to Marudhu.

Marudhu was AMIDST his own problems in Tamil Nadu and he realized that buying some business in another country and trying to control it remotely was not his cup of tea. He sent his deputy to reach an AMICABLE settlement.

By a strange turn of events Clement came to be the owner of Apollo instead of Marudhu becoming the owner of Shangri-la!!

What happened next?

1. There was a music band who went by the name MUSTANGS some 40+ years back in Madras.
Their most famous number ESCAPE has been uploaded in youtube.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

No 12365, Tuesday 10 Jul 2018, xChequer

 A beast's extremity in flight, a rabbit's foot for one (6) AMULET {A}{MULE}{f...hT}
8   The one put on to firmly close — one thousand rubbish bins? (6) KIBOSH {K}{1}{BOSH} As per the clue this is {1}{K}{BOSH}? What is 'bins' for? See comments
10 Dinner possibly ordered late with mum around (8) MEALTIME {M{LATE*}IME}
11 Direct boss forbidden to return (4-2) HEAD-ON {HEAD}{NO<=}
12 Nut being potty on exercise (5) PECAN {PE}{CAN}
14 Cock's time to walk like a duck (7) TWADDLE {T}{WADDLE}
15 Maddening to adult when toddlers won't wash (6,4,5) DOESNT HOLD WATER {TO+A+WHEN+TODDLERS}*
18 Computer saving energy during inactivity makes sense (7) RESPECT {RES{P{E}C}T}
19 Acute pain of officer in command (5) COLIC {COL}{IC}
20 Fifty years to develop films? (6) LAYERS {L}{YEARS}*
21 Rocky projections seeing cut in public spending at first (8) OUTCROPS {OUT}{CROP}{Sp...g} Out/Seeing? See comments
23 Roams around carrying large grinders (6) MOLARS {MO{L}ARS*}
24 Men with power in the village (6) THORPE {TH{OR}{P}E}

1   Cosmetics also finally banned in court (4,2,2) MAKE UP TO {MAKE UP}{TOo}
2   Coil of hair on tip of tail (4) FURL {FUR}{taiL}
3   Kind of navy, being blue (6) BENIGN {N+BEIGN}*
4   Mountainous area in wasted state (8) HIGHLAND Anno pending (Addendum - {HIGH}{LAND} - See comments)
5   Data point shifted left to remove both extremes (3,3,4) TOP AND TAIL {DATA+POINT}*{L}
6   John replaced, another leader bites the dust (6) THRONE aNOTHER*
9   Let crops not get affected with this? (4,7) PEST CONTROL* Semi&lit
13 Use basic reforms beyond limits in legal justification for war (5,5) CASUS BELLI {LegaL} in {USE+BASIC}*
16 Adjustment of rate bound to create wealth (8) TREASURE {RATE*}{SURE}
17 Code 10, not starting, nobody to support (8) ENCIPHER {tEN}{CIPHER}
18 Areas respecting charity (6) REALMS {RE}{ALMS}
19 Problem ending in difficulty easily remembered (6) CATCHY {CATCH}{d...tY}
22 Unusual cobra revealing coils (4) RARE [T]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 84

Somewhere in Tamil Nadu.

It was just after MEALTIME.  Marudhu was relaxing on his "THRONE" watching the CATCHY "Do Peg Maar" on his smart phone and asking his girlfriend to FURL his favorite 420 betel quid. He never commanded any RESPECT but demanded it from everyone around.

The RARE TREASURE in the THORPE - Shangri-la - He wanted the whole of it and in double quick time.

He wanted the collection figure for the previous day.

1250 dollars Sir.

What? What is Pandi TWADDLING about? Did you cross check with SS? When I was there we collected 2600 dollars isn't it? 1250 -  DOESN'T HOLD WATER.

Tell him that his lentils won't cook here.(" Un paruppu inga vegadhunnu solluda")

What happened next?

Monday, 9 July 2018

No 12364, Monday 09 Jul 2018, KrisKross

1   Naked, skinny baby had to get nurse (8) INCUBATE {skINny}{CUB}{ATE}
5   Perhaps quite brave, starting to dress differently (6) ADVERB {BRAVE+Dr..s}*
9   Criminal tailing model to party (8) LITIGANT {TAILING*}{T}
10 Agent in conversation with the German Web architect (6) SPIDER (~spy){SPI}{DER}
12 Any long stocking material (5) NYLON [T]
13 A puzzle, reportedly intended to create awe (9) AMAZEMENT {A}{MAZE}{MENT}(~meant)
14 New dune buggy to go around America (6) UNUSED {UN{US}ED*}
16 Vessel and ship at sea (7) DISHPAN*
19 Auditor enters home, very close (7) NEAREST {N{EAR}EST}
21 Both sides hold an advantage — records could be created here (6) LEDGER {L}{EDGE}{R}
23 Organised sloppily, but magnificent! (9) GRANDIOSE*
25 Looks and counts, say (5) PEERS [DD]
26 Accepted old clothes again (6) AGREED {AG{RE}ED}
27 A step-by-step guide? (8) BANISTER [CD]
28 Leg twisted, chasing wrong one (6) SINGLE {SIN}{LEG*}
29 Touching look finally leaves sailor in a depression (8) ADJACENT {A}{D{JACk}ENT}

1   Country to the south of India is Sri Lanka, perhaps (6) ISLAND {I}{'S}{LAND} &lit
2   Agents to guard a chess champion, playing in region of Spain (9) CATALONIA {C{A}{TAL}{ON}IA}
3   Started to plead with international organisation (5) BEGUN {BEG}{UN}
4   Soldiers drank rum in cup (7) TANKARD {TA}{DRANK*}
6   Blue force in action (9) DEPRESSED {DE{PRESS}ED}
7   After death, get extremely unique gift (5) ENDUE {END}{Un..uE}
8   Appeal accepted by noble European singer (8) BARITONE {BAR{IT}ON}{E}
11 Girl leaves magnificent African capital (4) RAND gRAND
15 Veronica is in good health after race (9) SPEEDWELL {SPEED}{WELL}
17 She gets a gift now — coat of ermine (9) PRESENTEE {PRESENT}{Er..nE}
18 A horse hits Ramon and Norma, say (8) ANAGRAMS {A}{NAG}{RAMS}
20 Instrument is excessively long at the tip (4) TOOL {TOO}{Long}
21 Pull fish up, away from the wind (7) LEEWARD {DRAW}{EEL}<=
22 Traipse around, exuding a zest for life (6) ESPRIT TRaIPSE*
24 Overall, chairperson forced to give away riches, perhaps (5) APRON chAirPeRsON
25 In Madras, I, a politician, refund money (5) PAISA [T<=] I wonder which politician this is?

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 83

Well BEGUN is  half done. 

Marudhu's SINGLE thought now was to take over the ADJACENT Shangri-la property too. But this GRANDIOSE plan  had an INCUBATION period....

He was hesitant to state his strategy to brother-in-law Punk Pandian. Can I even bank on Pandi to maintain a proper LEDGER and account every PAISA? He felt somewhat DEPRESSED on this thought but in the given circumstances this was the only available option.

To his AMAZEMENT he saw SS standing near the BANISTER with the Swahili snake dancer dressed in  green NYLON and a snake on her shoulder. SS told Marudhu that the snake dancer should be given a chance to which he AGREED.

SS had been told that Marudhu was the BIG BOSS and every action required his permission.

SS was an UNUSED TOOL in his plan and Marudhu will come to know of it soon...

What happened next?