Wednesday 31 January 2024

No 14085, Wednesday 31 Jan 2024, Lightning

Solution to 14A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Glow in arcade, perhaps (8) RADIANCE*
5   Number nine in standings at first in game (6) TENNIS {TEN}{Nine}{In}{St...s}
9   Over concerned with correctness, engineer cited a new paper at first (8) PEDANTIC {CITED+A+N+Pa..r}*
10 Astuteness of copper aboard - so be it (6) ACUMEN {A{CU}MEN}
12 Mimicry by primate on railway line (5) APERY {APE}{RY}
13 Awareness of king currently on narrow platform (9) KNOWLEDGE {K}{NOW}{LEDGE}
14 Story not essentially missing skill (6)  ?A?E?T (Addendum - TALENT {TALE}{NoT} - See comments)
16 Tiredness of stout one regularly missing gluten (7) FATIGUE {FAT}{1}{GlUtEn}
19 Invalidate fully in new order (7) NULLIFY {FULLY+IN}*
21 Clergyman to heal without a hint of therapy (6) CURATE {CUR{A}{Th...y}E}
23 Not good working to conceal fortune - racket may be involved in this (9) BADMINTON {BAD}{MINT}{ON}
25 Doctor cutting tea for coffee (5) MOCHA {MO}{CHA} What's the role of cutting? (Addendum - {MO}{CHAi} - See comments}
26 Encroachment at home beside street (6) INROAD {IN}{ROAD}
27 First to last shoe splitting tumble in kicking game (8) FOOTBALL {F{(-b)OOT(+b)B}ALL}
28 It may be played by pawn easily losing heart (6) HOCKEY {HOCK}{Ea..lY}
29 Source of light on carrier - one that may fly through space (8) STARSHIP {STAR}{SHIP}

1   Repeat broadcast of race outside Portugal (6) REPLAY {RE{P}LAY}
2   Grand old blade used in sport where one may have to evade (9) DODGEBALL {G+OLD+BLADE}*
3   Can no Yankee conceal anger? (5) ANNOY [T]
4   What an insect may play? (7) CRICKET [DD]
6   Crate also transported in device that moves up (9) ESCALATOR*
7   Part of piano made for one that keeps moving (5) NOMAD [T]
8   Star in retrospect embarrassed with editor, split away (8) SUNDERED {SUN}{RED<=}{ED}
11 Whip returned for sport (4) GOLF<= 
15 Expel one minister in delight (9) ELIMINATE {EL{1}{MIN}ATE}
17 Charges a tenor in a bad way to enter a party uninvited (9) GATECRASH {CHARGES+A+T}*
18 Condescending aristocrat follows saint initially, braking is hard (8) SNOBBISH {NOB}<=>{S} and {Br...g}{IS}{H}
20 Mythical creature at this time on island (4) YETI {YET}{I}
21 Make up of criminal, firm on court (7) CONCOCT {CON}{CO}{CT}
22 Everyone amidst German operation to quickly make progress (6) GALLOP {ALL} in {G}{OP}
24 Physicist split direct and alternating current (5) DIRAC {DIRect}{AC}
25 Doctor on small hill to move fast (5) MOTOR {MO}{TOR}

Reference List
New = N, Railway = RY, King = K, Doctor = MO, At home = IN, Portugal = P, Grand = G, Editor = ED, Minister = MIN, Tenor = T, Saint = S, Hard = H, Court = CT, German = G, Operation = OP

Tuesday 30 January 2024

No 14084, Tuesday 30 Jan 2024, Vidwan

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Fact: Hard to follow faith without slightest self-doubt (5) TRUTH {H}<=>{TRUsT}
4   Tiny tiger represented completeness (9) INTEGRITY*
9   Letter - English, sounds like a gun (7) EPISTLE {E}{(~pistol)PISTLE}
10 Broadcast attack on King and feel nauseated (7) AIRSICK {AIR}{SIC}{K}
11 Conservative and smart, not bold (5) RIGHT bRIGHT
13 This lesson ban could be abnormal! (5) MORAL {+BAN=ABNORMAL} [CA]
15 Like small donkey (3) ASS {AS}{S}
16 Brews IPS drink (3) SIP*
17 Boyfriend was in trouble (5) SWAIN*
19 Sounds like tick? East European one! (5) CZECH (~check)
21 Bear's bendy weapon (5) SABRE*
23 Large place like Mahe provides cotton fibre (5) LISLE {L}{ISLE}
24 Man's address is possibly royal (3) SIR {IS}*{R}
25 Endlessly press for discharge (3) PUS PUSh
26 A longer route avoiding Panama Gulf (5) ABYSS {A}{BYpaSS}
28 Small, firm and mostly fresh cake (5) SCONE {S}{CO}{NEw}
29 Small picture about ultimate material (7) PLASTIC {P{LAST}IC}
31 One serving coffee in Zanzibar is Tanzanian (7) BARISTA [T]
33 Said to be first rule (9) PRINCIPLE (~principal)
34 University replaces very device that controls flow rate (5) VALUE VAL(-v+u)UE

1   Philosophers toss their curls (9) THEORISTS*
2   Foolishly suing Indian state can be exhausting (5,2) USING UP {SUING}*{UP}
3   Hot sex is a rage (3) HIT {H}{IT}
4   One light kind of structural element (1-4) I-BEAM {1}{BEAM}
5   Drink and eat liberally (3) TEA*
6   Having circular movement during high-energy rallies (5) GYRAL [T]
7   Ape a friend having sex (7) IMITATE {1}{M{IT}ATE}
8   Expression of fear? Yes...of an ex-USA President (5) YIKES {Y}{IKE'S}
12 Try and sample to evaluate basically (5) TASTE Acrostic &lit
14 Ancient German characters go with emphases on both sides (5) RUNES {RUN}{Em...eS}
18 Almost complete place of calm (5) ALLAY {ALl}{LAY}
19 Malt and this game could be matchless (5) CHESS (+MALT=MATCHLESS} [CA]
20 Patronise this derby perhaps for operations research (5,4) HORSE RACE {O+RESEARCH}*
22 Staple batsman, mostly playing as opener for India (7) BASMATI {BATSMAn}*{In..a}
24 No principle backing the marriage ceremony (7) S?O?S?L (Addendum - SPOUSAL eSPOUSAL - See comments) ESPOSAL and SPOUSAL mean the same
25 Appear suddenly, quietly with ordinary young dog (3-2) POP-UP {P}{O}{PUP}
26 One with tact makes room at the top (5) ATTIC {1+TACT}*
27 Small fit for fur (5) SABLE {S}{ABLE}
30 Exceed limit (3) CAP [DD]
32 Title in some measure for evangelists (3) REV [T]

Reference List
Hard = H, English = E, King = K, Bold = B, Small = S, Large = L, Royal = R, University = U, Very = V, Hot = H, Sex = IT, Yes = Y, Operations = O, Quietly = P, Ordinary = O

Monday 29 January 2024

No 14083, Monday 29 Jan 2024, Karaoke

Solution to 23D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

9   Product price without payment essentially? Say again (7) ITERATE {ITEm+RATE}
10 Happy countries without borders, yet to be born (2,5) IN UTERO cOUNTRIEs*
11 Abdominal pain? Apply oil in small measure (5) COLIC {C{OIL*}C}
12 A thinker'd work without any knowledge (2,3,4) IN THE DARK*
13 Determined to trespass and overwhelm first love with precious stone? Yes, but parents essentially rejected (6-6) SINGLE-MINDED {SIN}{G{Love}EM}{INDeED}
15 Buses etc use mainly poisonous lubricants on roads (6,9) PUBLIC TRANSPORT {Po...s}{LUBRICANTS*}{PORT} Port/Roads?
18 Heart of great importance? (5-7) EARTH-SHAKING {HEART}* [RA]
22 Supper club in dark place (9) NIGHTSPOT {NIGHT}{SPOT}
24 Maybe Santa's reindeer comes to rest, destroying shops (5) COMET {COMEs+to+resT}
25 Puzzle -! (7) NONPLUS Rebus
26 Joint at present near lake for nightbird (4,3) BARN OWL {BAR}{NOW}{L}

1   50% walk out of lectures for music (5) DISCO DISCOurses
2   Unit of a large group is growing (5) TESLA {A}{L}{SET}<=
3   Split hairs and almost pick Indian game (8) PARCHISI {HAIRS+PICk}* Actually PARCHEESI is only a Registered brand name of the Indian game PACHISI, shown below
4   Killed top to bottom for money (4) CEDI (-i)CED(+i)I
5   Hi-tech task is resolved. Call it a day (3,3,4) HIT THE SACK*
6   Maybe Scottish philosopher with religious instruction reveals what skeletons have? (6) HUMERI {HUME}{RI}
7   Anodynes relax to a certain degree (3,3,2) YES AND NO*
8   Pattern of padlock to be broken unplugging camera mainly (5,3) POLKA DOT {PADLOcK+TO}*
14 Troubling deep thoughts? Don't be dismissed from job (3,3,4) GET THE PUSH {dEEP+THoUGHTS}*
15 Big-bellied parent anxiously considers good name (8) PREGNANT {PARENT}* over {G}{N}
16 Machine pistols burn up extremely strong building (4,4)  BURP GUNS {BURN+UP+St..nG}*
17 Happy to get popular job without much work (8) SINECURE {S{IN}ECURE}
19 Fashionable belles often drop in these places (6) HOTELS {HOT}{bElLeS}
20 They are fired by army regularly from mobile operating systems primarily (5) AMMOS {ArMy}{Mo...e}{Op...g}{Sy...s} Not a valid plural
21 I agree, there is no law in this country (5) ITALY {I}{TAlLY}
23 Set to be replaced only for upper-class (4) T?B? (Addendum - TUBE {T(-o+u)U}{BE} - See comments)

Reference List
Lake = L, Large = L, Religious Instruction = RI, Good = G, Name = N, Popular = IN, Fashionable = HOT, Only = O, Upper-class = U, Law = L

Sunday 28 January 2024

Special, Sunday 28 Jan 2024, Driver

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3291, Sunday 28 Jan 2024

1   Excellent timing's provided by such sozzled comic at bars? (6,6) ATOMIC CLOCKS {COMIC+AT}*{LOCKS}
10 Top spy is key (7) CONTROL [DD]
11 Girl to have crush on is different (7) UNALIKE {UNA}{LIKE}
12 Minimal cutting of purple aster (5) LEAST [T]
13 Irrelevant fellow? (8) ACADEMIC [DD]
15 Editor flipped about paper's covering unreal spectacle (10) DREAMSCAPE {ED<=} over {REAMS}{CAP}
16 Pronounced virtuous, married off (4) ORAL mORAL
18 As they say it, man-to-man combat's involving a pair (4) DUAL (~duel)
20 One that's intended to be good moving to end of game room (10) BRIDEGROOM {BRID(-g)E(+g)G}{ROOM}
22 Unaware, as session's incomplete? Have second thoughts (8) REASSESS [T]
24 Newspaper not paying for articles? (5) THEFT {THE FT}
26 Technology adopted by one born in retreat somewhere in Kenya (7) NAIROBI {AI} in {1}{BORN}<=
27 Jazz fan with period of time in retirement for restful moments (7) CATNAPS {CAT}{SPAN<=}
28 Book is describing a set heading west (towards town famous for cake) (12) ECCLESIASTES {I{A}S} and {SET<=} after {ECCLES}

2   In temper, find fault with weight (7) TONNAGE {TON{NAG}E}
3   Make minimal progress with book, magazine (4,4) MARK TIME {MARK}{TIME}
4   Mobile market's announced (4) CELL(~sell)
5   Eats stuff including starter of arugula with son in places you'll find rocket, etc (6,4) LAUNCH PADS {L{Ar...a}UNCH}{PAD}{S}
6   Leafy greens. Cold. Tough. (5) CHARD {C}{HARD}
7   Primarily, someone who's immersed, maybe making efforts racing? (7) SWIMMER Acrostic &lit
8   Weather system – horrible – often coldcrud! (8,5) OCCLUDED FRONT*
9   Unusually, cities are calm; find your way around again (13) REACCLIMATISE*
14 Pop star Cliff getting year with a Red Hot Chili Pepper? (5,5) SCARY SPICE {SCAR}{Y}{SPICE}

17 Eats? A contemptible type had seconds (8) AGITATES {A}{GIT}{ATE}{S} 
19 Greed's a sin, a rector's gathered (7) AVARICE {A}{V{A}{R}ICE}
21 Wagner piece? Tiresome, vacuous work (7) OPERATE {OPERA}{Ti...mE}
23 With Everyman dropping in, family mostly uncomplaining (5) STOIC {STO{I}Ck}
25 Quinoa, garlic, chia, goji: finally, a 'superfood'! (4) ACAI Tail acrostic

Reference List
Editor = ED, Married = M, Good = G, Newspaper = FT(Financial Times), Tecchnology = AI, Son = S, Cold = C, Year = Y, Seconds = S, Rector = R

Saturday 27 January 2024

No 14082, Saturday 27 Jan 2024, Gussalufz

1   Dismiss ordinance, but with a bit of drama, divided hundredfold! (5) EVICT E(-d+v)VICT (1/100 of 500 = 5)
4   Ran off (bad, bad, overwhelming energy-moving-to-the-rear No. 2!) (9) ABSCONDED {BAD}* over {S(-e)COND(+e)E}
9   Orb in dilapidated shrine near the beach (7) INSHORE {INSH{O}RE*}
10 Spooner's "stay happy" approach (7) GATEWAY (~wait gay to gateway)
11 Is network dead in kitchen area? (6) ISLAND {IS}{LAN}{D}
12 Musical composition in four parts (on rhinos), oddly scrapped (8) ORATORIO {fOuR+pArTs+On+RhInOs}
14 List featured in Fortune magazine's review (4) MENU [T<=]
15 Made of striking diamond core, optical device breaks on the way (10) COMPRISING {CO{diaMond}P}{RISING} Not sure of Anno (Addendum - {COM{PRISm}ING} - See comments)
18 Get ready, Yale BA has different positions requiring advance remittance (10)  PREPAYABLE {PREP}{YALE+BA}*
19 Get rejected following false charges (4) FEES {SEE}<=>{F}
22 Getting shot ruined a romance (2,6) ON CAMERA
24 Lunar mission's over after a survey (6) APOLLO {O}<=>{A}{POLL}
26 Gave support to Taiwan's leader during lively debate (7) ABETTED {ABE{Ta...n}TED*}
27 European taken in by small deception (7) SLEIGHT {SL{E}IGHT}
28 I primarily resent being placed among awfully choosy young performers (9) CHOIRBOYS {I}{Re...t}{Be..g} in {CHOOSY}*
29 She enjoyed a chat now and then as release (5) EJECT {shE+enJ+oyEd+aChaT}

1   Some feel it is male snobbery (7) ELITISM [T]
2   Pub carries fish with this French sauce (9) INSOLENCE {IN{SOLE}N}{CE}
3   God's partners' strong points (6) THORNS {THOR}{NS}
4   Top balance sheet entry is a hundred short (4) APEX cAPEX
5   A tabloid spinning boring plastic fruit (5,5) SUGAR APPLE {A}{RAG}<= in {SUPPLE}
6   Cycling peddlers rush to get ahead (8) OUTSTRIP {(-t)OUTS(+t)T}{RIP}
7   Very impressed all around with royal Scottish inventor (5) DEWAR {AWED<=}{R}
8   Messed up lady's on ganja, chiefly, from dawn to dusk (7) DAYLONG {LADY*}{ON}{Ga..a}
13 Extraordinarily radical loo that provides sound service to an entire region, say (5,5) LOCAL RADIO*
16 "Wide? Go slog — no covers!" (extremely unwise fan) (9) IDEOLOGUE {wIDE}{gO}{sLOG}{Un..sE}
17 Salt in egg, perhaps with a touch of rice, is a fixture in my house (3,5) GAS METER {GA{S}METE}{Rice}
18 Priest's car is running over old pedestrian (7) PROSAIC {P}{CAR+IS}* over v{O}
20 Substantially lash out, attacking? (5,2) SHOUT AT* (Addendum [T] Semi&lit - See comments)
21 Ball's getting soft at this point (6) SPHERE {'S}{P}{HERE}
23 Have another go after initially cold-shouldering faith (5) CREDO {REDO}<=>{Co...g}
25 Demands man's face to be covered in veils (4) ASKS mASKS

Reference List
Energy = E, Dead = D, False = F, Over = O, European = E, This in French = CE, Partners = NS, Hundred = C, Royal = R, Salt = S, Priest = P, Old = O, Soft = P, Man = M

Friday 26 January 2024

No 14081, Friday 26 Jan 2024, Avtaar

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Besieged by dystrophySickness is natural (6) PHYSIC [T]
5   Fine grey cross-bred ducks seen in 5 Down (4,4) VERY GOOD {GREY}*{OO} in {V}{D}
9   Beneath one island close to Northern France, Russia evacuated mine (5,3) INFRA DIG {I}{N}{FR}{Ru..iA}{DIG}
10 Credit repeatedly starting to stifle small land holdings (6) CROFTS {CR}{OFT}{St...e}
11 Cutting edge tool for artists? (7,5) PALETTE KNIFE [CD]
13 Long bag, trimmed on either side (4) ACHE sACHEt
14 Spooner says, "Try dance bar" (4,4) BEER HALL {~ hear ball to beer hall)
17 Corner, perhaps, in steep ice rocks (3,5) SET PIECE*
18 Regular helpings of creacake and cut of meat (4) RACK {cReAm+CaKe}
20 Hindi novel about a daring, dynamic woman leader (6,6) INDIRA GANDHI {HINDI}* over {A+DARING}*
23 One absconding European recalled by king (6) ELOPER {POLE<=}{ER}
24 Country detective arrests judge before international match (8) DJIBOUTI {D{J}I} and {I}<=>{BOUT}
25 Bright pink 2-wheel vehicle carrying a Frenchman and woman at the rear (8) CYCLAMEN {CYCL{A}{M}E}{w..aN}
26 Stylish shot over boundary (6) TRENDY {TR{END}Y}

2   Spook killed a hound (4) HUNT HaUNT
3   Junkyard fight - the chap gets a punch at the start (9) SCRAPHEAP {SCRAP}{HE}{A}{Pu..h}
4   Clue about stealing theologian's pet (6) CUDDLE {CU{DD}LE*}
5   Where you may find heads of eggplant growing amidst very large beet and bananas (9,6) VEGETABLE GARDEN {Eg...t}{Gr...g} in {V+LARGE+BEET+AND}* Semi&lit 
6   Shot upwards, ends of the drills oscillated (8) ROCKETED {ROCKE{ThE}D}
7   Adult actress, completely nude, dons robe (5) GROWN {G{actRess}OWN}
8   Repaired pool faucet is not fitting (3,2,5) OUT OF PLACE*
12 Yes-man strangling nation's leader is part of murder script (10) SCREENPLAY {CREE{Na...n}P} in {SLAY}
15 Heading out from the Ob river, after getting muddied like an elephant (9) HERBIVORE {tHE+OB+RIVER}*
16 Small drink bottles, say, containing circa 10g (8) DECAGRAM {D{E{CA}G}RAM}
19 Commercial break without anchor (6) ADRIFT {AD}{RIFT}
21 Force India's leading politician to join Oriental league (5) IMPEL {In..a}{MP}{E}{L}
22 Boss in daze after note is sent out by head of Department (4) STUD {STUn}{De...t}

Reference List
5 = V, Down = D, Island = I, Northern = N, France = fR, Credit = CR, King = ER, etective = DI, Judge = J, International = I, Frenchman = M, Theologian = DD, Very = V, Circa = CA, Commercial = AD, Oriental = E, League = L, Note = N

Thursday 25 January 2024

No 14080, Thursday 25 Jan 2024, Bruno

Solution to 24A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Style of some pathetic US tomboy (6) CUSTOM [T]
4   Holy man at America has prestige (6) STATUS {ST}{AT}{US{
8   Lower prices of apparel showing wide rip at the edges (7) DEPRESS {D{widE}{riP}RESS}
9   Before noon, turn around ship (7) STEAMER {STE{AM}ER}
11 Scientist's concerned with small trine finally appearing over Sagittarius (10) RESEARCHER {RE}{S}{t..nE}{ARCHER}
12 Find space computer infected with viruses at the core (4) HAUL {HA{virUses}L}
13 Cognac's flowing endlessly... dance! (5) CONGA COGNAc*
14 Sits oddly on passage's steps (8) STAIRWAY {SiTs}{AIRWAY}
16 Online video starting to take one at college on the sun's path (8) ECLIPTIC {E CLIP}{Take}{1}{C}
18 Hoard of money reported (5) CACHE (~cash)
20 Commanding officer's fine with mess officer? (4) COOK {CO}{OK}
21 Pandemic's silent - spreading through gym and church (10) PESTILENCE {PE}{SILENT*}{CE}
23 Ground's emergency room relocated to the back by coach (7) TRAINER T(-er)RAIN(+er)ER
24 Performance of middle violinist blocked in from the back (7) ?E?I?A? (Addendum - RECITAL {REC{violInist}TAL} - See comments)
25 Weapon put on the counter to obtain piece of gold (6) NUGGET {GUN<=}{GET}
26 Before end of June, 4 Ac finally goes bust (6) STATUE {junE}<=>{STATUs}

1   Worm - one's tail is found at the bottom of food (5) CREPE CR(-e)EP(+e)E
2   Professional extracts last fillet from fish (7) SURGEON StURGEON
3   Religious old boy's assistant (9) OBSERVANT {OB}SERVANT}
5   Concentration of small bird's on rock-dove's upturned wings (5) TITER {TIT}{Ro...vE<=}
6   Professional at bar all year... often (7) TEACHER {T}{EACH}{yEaR}
7   Please cut out conjecture (9) SPECULATE*
10 Most of psychic's absurd intuitions lack contents - mainly trash: scientist (9) PHYSICIST {PSYCHIc}*{In...nS}{Tr..h}
13 City banks get lot in credit on 10D's instrument (9) CYCLOTRON {CitY}{C{LOT}R}{ON}
15 Professional artist put up church's lattice - city's left shocked! (9) ARCHITECT {RA<=}{CH}{laTTICE}*
17 Indication of fish's black liquid in front (7) INKLING {LING}<=>{INK}
19 Revolutionary spy agency's last agent - 10D's counterpart? (7) CHEMIST {CHE}{MI'S}{a..nT}
21 Plea often ignored by girl - that's irritating (5) PEEVE {PlEa}{EVE}
22 Box's extract from Socrates (5) CRATE [T]

Reference List
Holy man = ST, Concerned with = RE, Small = S, Space computer = HAL, Online = E, College = C, Gym = PE, Church = CE, Emergency room = ER, Old boy = OB, Bar = T, Credit = CR, Artist = RA, Church = CH, Revolutionary = CHE

Wednesday 24 January 2024

No 14079, Wednesday 24 Jan 2024, Hypatia

Solution to 6D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

7   Wretched approach taking state backwards (8) PATHETIC {PATH}{CITE<=}
9   Hunter's gesture inspiring one man (6) NIMROD {N{1}{MR}OD}
10 Some kid likes South Indian rice cake (4) IDLI [T]
11 Anxious hoarder acquires collection in exchange (5,5) HORSE TRADE {HOR{SET}RADE*}
12 Counter about air-conditioning in transport (6) ABACUS {A}{B{AC}US}
14 Stress over driving licence, say in collision (8) ACCIDENT {ACC{ID}ENT}
15 People with raw talent and so dim (5,8) ROUGH DIAMONDS {AND+SO+DIM}* [RA]
18 Romantic quality inside Ali Smith's books (8) IDEALISM [T]
20 Upset small intestine consuming breakfast cereal (6) MUESLI {IL{S}EUM<=}
21 Hot princess sat capturing selfie initially? Sick! (10) INDISPOSED {IN}{DI}{POSED over {Se...e}
22 Study at the end of the day? Say No! (4) DENY {DEN}{daY}
23 Hand over and call it a day (4,2) TURN IN [DD]
24 Instrument covered in blood (8) CLARINET {CLAR{IN}ET}

1   Spooner's joke about vehicle for Mars, say (5,3) CANDY BAR (~bandy car to candy bar}
 Standard honorific respectfully inscribed in introductions! (4) SHRI Acrostic &lit
3   Missing fellow collects stamps (6) ETCHES fETCHES
4   Possibly coin term for what we used to call a secretary (8) INTERCOM*
5   Folly of brat disrespectful at new Church (10) IMPRUDENCE {IMP}{RUDE}{N}{CE}
6   Now, drugs do make one impassive (6) ?O?D?N (Addendum -  WOODEN{NOW+E+DO}* - See comments)
8   Succinct Rama krithi, ultimately performed in Saint Tyagaraja’s domain (8,5) CARNATIC MUSIC {SUCCINCT+RAMA+k...hI}*
13 Europeans, say, about university / college joined by Chinese (10) CAUCASIANS {CA}{U}{C}{ASIANS}
16 They keep locks secure? (8) HAIRPINS [CD]
17 Fracture after runner shifts sides initially (8) SPLINTER SP(-r+l)LINTER
19 Died out essentially through mutated gene disease (6) DENGUE {D}{ENG{oUt}E*}
20 A time for siesta? (6) MIDDAY [CD] (Addendum - dAy  (Rebus) - See comments)
22 Duck biting river weed (4) DRIP {D{R}IP}

Reference List
Small = S, Hot = IN, Princess = DI, Blood red = CLARET, Fellow = F, New = N, Church = CE, About = CA, Drugs = E, University = U, College = C, Died = D, River = R

Tuesday 23 January 2024

No 14078, Tuesday 23 Jan 2024, Hypatia

Solution to 24A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Beast using mink extracted from wild pack animal (6) ALPACA {PACk+AnimAL}*
4   Mocking small crook mostly occupied stealing rupees (8) SCORNFUL {S}{CO{R}N}{FULl}
9   Heart of military officer, say (6) KERNEL (~colonel)
10 Letters from publicist urge Nevil (author) (8) TURGENEV [T]
11 How long had Loki prepared to search everywhere? (4,4,3,3) LOOK HIGH AND LOW*
13 Orders on a desi app? They are identical (4,2,1,3) PEAS IN A POD*
14 Capital lost by Hindu God of wealth in transportation service (4) UBER kUBER
16 Station's name on the radio (4) SITE (~cite)
18 Oil supplier set up clay building to store bitumen, essentially? (10) EUCALYPTUS {SET+UP+CLAY}* over {bitUmen}
21 Casually browsing, old women entertained by snakes dancing (6,8) WINDOW SHOPPING {WIND{O}{W}S}{HOPPING}
23 I reread novel depicting sex in private (8) RAREFIED {I+REREAD}* over {F}
24 Study of frog, say? (6) ?O?D?R (Addendum - PONDER [DD] - See comments)
25 Spencer left play regularly behind closed doors (8) SECRETLY {SpEnCeR+lEfT+pLaY}
26 Eye problem in author's work on Central Asians? (6) MYOPIA {MY}{OP}{asIAns}

1   Basically ancient Nile's key hieroglyph! (4) ANKH Acrostic &lit
2   Exercise and run lifting block near a structure outdoors (7) PERGOLA {PE}{R}{LOG<=}{A}
3   Registers in airport to scan crime (6,2) CHECKS IN {CHECK}{SIN}
5   Chairperson who's glued to a monitor? (5,6) COUCH POTATO [CD]
6   Man below Queen put up as interim ruler (6) REGENT {GENT}<=>{ER<=}
7   Flu can spread between boy and group of adherents (3,4) FAN CLUB {FLU+CAN}*{B}
8   Entertaining folks under 51 performing reviews (4,5) LIVE WIRES {LI}{REVIEWS}*
12 Precisely how pistachio is found? (2,1,8) IN A NUTSHELL [C&DD]
13 Father's weapons - they should be updated and secure (9) PASSWORDS {PA'S}{SWORDS}
15 Writer's rejected after second fake composition (8) SYMPHONY {MY<=}<=>{S}{PHONY}
17 It can't possibly include rules of Buddhist philosophy (7) TANTRIC {IT+CANT}* over {R}
19 Became stronger by end of autumn, due to running around park (5,2) TONED UP {a...mN+DUE+TO}*{P} 
20 Candy bar replaced by cold beverage (6) COFFEE (-t+c)COFFEE
22 Chiefly ocean resident carnivorous animal! (4) ORCA Acrostic &lit

Reference List
Small = S, Rupees = R, Old = O, Women = W, Sex = F, Exercise = PE, Run = R, Queen = ER, Boy = B, Second = S, Rules = R, Park = P, Bar = T, Cold = C

Monday 22 January 2024

No 14077, Monday 22 Jan 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 20D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Degenerate grabbing slim associate in Indian city (8) BATHINDA {BA{THIN}D}{A}
5   Arrest drunkard scoring heroin in Palestinian city (6) NABLUS {NAB}{LUSh}
10 Son scowled and ranted (7) SPOUTED {S}{POUTED}
11 Everyone with self-confidence accumulating runs at a brisk tempo (7) ALLEGRO {ALL}{EG{R}O}
12 It's smoked fish after calamari on vacation (5) CIGAR {GAR}<=>{Ca...rI}
13 Old shrew let loose after drinking gin heartily (9) ERSTWHILE {SHREW+LET}* over {gIn}
14 Hires a top doc working in branch of medicine (12) ORTHOPAEDICS*
18 Liquid fat from olive sprinkled over good European food (9,3) VEGETABLE OIL {OLIVE}* over {G}{E}{TABLE}
21 Nationalist remains unpleasant, tackling Liberal in American city (9) NASHVILLE {N}{ASH}{VI{L}LE}
23 Plant in container I carry (5) ERICA [T]
24 Release by starting to unravel loop in rope securing line (7) UNLOOSE {Un...l}{N{L}OOSE}
25 Container filled with extremely inert salt (7) CITRATE {C{InerT}RATE}
26 Playboy, say, is crazy ex-convict according to Spooner (3,3) LAD MAG (mad lag to lad mag}
27 Like funny yarns about one inhabitant of ancient kingdom (8) ASSYRIAN {AS}{SYR{1}AN*}

1   Divide into two parts with secant cutting segment (6) BISECT {BI{SEC}T}
2   Romeo in severe depression (6) TROUGH {T{R}OUGH}
3   Take prettier models to introduce latest in fashion (9) INTERPRET {PRETTIER}* over {f...oN}
4   What matador will do - move finally on time to have a narrow escape (5,3,6) DODGE THE BULLET {DODGE THE BULL}{movE}{T}
6   Radiant in silver-blue (5) AGLOW {AG}{LOW}
7   Containing brown coal, sample abruptly catches fire releasing energy (8) LIGNITIC {L{IGNITe}ICk}
8   Special agents protecting new king in Russian city (8) SMOLENSK {S}{MOLE{N}S}{K}
9   Deception by criminals stealing fancy pearl set (5,9) FALSE PRETENCES {F{PEARL+SET}*ENCES}
15 Clearly in depression, overwhelmed by disastrous year (9) EVIDENTLY {EVI{DENT}L}{Y}
16 Resulting in smooth chess champion winning Cup at centre (8) EVENTUAL {EVEN}{T{cUp}AL}
17 Terrible gas after eating, disheartened by son's dish (3,5) EGG SALAD {GAS}*<=>{Ea..nG} and {LAD}
19 Youngster wanting date with girl on island in African capital (6) KIGALI {KId}{GAL}{I}
20 Den in front of cheap topless bar (6) ?A?E?N (Addendum - CAVERN {Ch..p}{tAVERN} - See comments)
22 Start to inspect oval-shaped musical instrument (5) VIOLA {In...t+OVAL}*

Reference List
Associate = A, Heroin = H, Son = S, Runs = R, Good = G, European = E, Nationalist = N, Liberal = L, Line = L, Romeo = R, Time = T, Energy = E, Special = S, New = N, King = K, Year = Y, Island = I

Sunday 21 January 2024

Special, Sunday 21 Jan 2024, Economizer

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3290, Sunday 21 Jan 2024

1   Check section of fire insurance (4) REIN [T]
3   Old fellow satisfied, calm, drinking beer in reflection (10) METHUSELAH {MET}{HUS{ALE<=}H}
9   'As you'd say, the whole thing?' 'A few' (4) SOME (~sum)
10 Questionably demand list separated into unconnected items (10) DISMANTLED*
11 Boredom beaten: dessert's announced in fancy part of hotel (7,5) BEDROOM SUITE {BOREDOM}*{(~sweet)SUITE}
15 Pickles plays the fiddle (7) SCRAPES [DD]
16 German, let down in the end, scowls and scowls (7) GLOWERS {G}{LOWER}{s...lS}
17 Former lover takes care of spreads (7) EXTENDS {EX}{TENDS}
19 Foolish as in, inefficient (in earliest stages) (7) ASININE [T]
20 Germ attendee disseminated in public function (4-3-5) MEET-AND-GREET*
23 Thrash musicians getting rich pastries (5,5) CREAM HORNS {CREAM}{HORNS} I love these
24 Relish with which duck and root vegetable knocked back (4) MAYO {O}{YAM}<= 
By jules - rolls royce mayonnaise, CC BY 2.0,
25 Inadequacy shown by nephew wearing suit in untidy state (10) MEAGRENESS {AGRE{N}E} in {MESS} 
26 In announcement, apprehend – in the main? (4) SEAS (~seize)

1   Revolted by former First Family: they're in the White House Garden (4,6) ROSE BUSHES {ROSE}{BUSHES}
2   Everyman's to act as chair? That's unreasonable (10) IMMODERATE {I'M}{MODERATE}
4   Puzzles, games in play (7) ENIGMAS*
5   Amateur served up food somewhere in N Germany (7) HAMBURG {HAM}{GRUB<=}
6   Authorizing, penalizing (11) SANCTIONING [DD]
7   Loud, ultimately; lady ululating, primarily? (4) LULU Acrostic &lit
8   Mask and whip (4) HIDE [DD]
12 Phone Empire about blockbuster (11) OPPENHEIMER*
13 Cautious ponder (10) DELIBERATE [DD}
14 Claims seƱoras sit around (10) ASSERTIONS*
18 Brood, feeling blue: you need a rest (3-4) SIT-DOWN {SIT}{DOWN}
19 Not initially gaping, small canopies (7) AWNINGS {yAWNING}{S}
21 Second piece of recording equipment making racket (4) SCAM {S}{CAMera}
22 Welsh actress taking part: Greek character (4) ZETA {catherine-ZETA-jones)

Reference List
German = G, Nephew = N, Small = S, Second = S