Wednesday 31 August 2016

No 11791, Wednesday 31 Aug 2016, Arden

Some unusual definitions today.

1   Partyman got it before '99 in a game (8) POLITICO {IT}{IC} in {POLO}
5   Hides review about key cuts (6) SNICKS {SKINS<=} around {C}
10 At the entrance he has a choice to work both sides (7) DOORMAN {DO}{OR}{MAN} &lit
11 Change in name only — yen spent in name only (7) NOMINAL {IN+nAMe+ONLy}*
12 It’s normal in America, even rurally (5) USUAL {US}{rUrAlLy}
13 Use our money on church regularly (9) ROUTINELY {OUR}*{TIN}{ELY}
14 Building material for bridge — gets to choose something clean (5-3­-4) SPICK-AND-SPAN {S{PICK}-AND} {SPAN}
18 Better impressions over good clues (12) FINGERPRINTS {FIN{G}ER}{PRINTS}
21 Perhaps then, you say “Carol's showing interest” (9) ENTHUSING {THEN}*{U(~you)}{SING}
23 Next character on top of Polish river (5) RHINE (-s+r)RHINE
24 I belong to another base (7) IGNOBLE*
25 Price of beer from the plant (7) ALECOST {ALE}{COST}
26 Graham's for say, solar power (6) GREENE (~ green)
27 Group test depends on division (8) SECTORAL {SECT}{ORAL}

1   Stage a cricket match — half pound to cover it (6) PODIUM {P{ODI}UMmel}
2   Search for country within group set up (4,2) LOOK UP {LOO{K U}P}<=
3   Terror in parts of photographic technique (4-­5) TIME-LAPSE Anno pending (Addendum - T(TIME}error{LAPSE} - See comments)
4   Engineers have to take Carbon out to help avoid issues (14) CONTRACEPTIVES {CONTR{AcCEPT}IVES
6   Then I'm bitter seeing some dark clouds (5) NIMBI [T]
7   Caught on bait, heaping scorn (8) CONTEMPT {C}{ON}{TEMPT}
8   Saw restricted place, spreading out (8) SPLAYING {LAy} in {SPYING} (Addendum - {PL} in {SAYING} - See comments)
9   Currently covering one in offending gag (10,4) INSULATING TAPE {INSUL{A}TING} {TAPE} Iffy definition
15 Discourage him to wash his clothes (9) DETERGENT {DETER}{GENT}
16 Give a call right away, it's a gift (8) OFFERING {OFFER}{rING}
17 Admitted position for example (8) INSTANCE {IN}{STANCE}
19 Strict usage of energy happens with change in leadership (6) RIGOUR (-v+r)RIGOUR
20 Crazy not to lose heart during lunch, say (6) MENTAL {NoT} in {MEAL}
22 Old city will catch up with new city (5) URBAN {UR}{NAB<=}

Tuesday 30 August 2016

No 11790, Tuesday 30 Aug 2016, Arden

1   Perhaps Iodine turns deep blue (8) SAPPHIRE {PERHAPS+I}*
5   Slender, not small — favourite of mine (6) LIMPET {sLIM}{PET}
10 Cover over Jane Austen's book maybe 'to be or not to be' (7) DILEMMA {LID<=}{EMMA}
11 Works in a company — is getting some capital (7) NICOSIA {IN+A+CO+IS}*
12 One from part of Karnataka, say, missing old dog (5) CORGI COoRG1
13 Kremlin's striking feature perhaps — I'm on one holding a party (5,4) ONION DOME {I'M+ON+ONE}* over {DO}
14 They believe everyone's equal over time – unruly Italians block road (12) EGALITARIANS {AGE<=}{LITA{R}IANS*}
18 One's responsible as one turns out to be crazy (12) INSTRUMENTAL {1+TURNS}*{MENTAL}
21 Bird picks most of the fruit without remorse (9) GUILLEMOT {LEMOn} in {GUILT}
23 First ring in, ring out and grind into small balls (5) PEARL {PEA{Ring}L}
24 It's true — paper back is a source of poison (7) REALGAR {REAL}{RAG<=}
25 Give the Spanish wine before first course (7) ELASTIC {EL}{ASTI}{Co...e}
26 However, makes it equal to zero (4,2) EVEN SO {EVEN S}{O}
27 Geological equilibrium, say it's so unstable (8) ISOSTASY*

1   Spoke on service, reportedly to tempt (6) SEDUCE {~ said){SED}{UCE}(~ use}
2   Not enough to go with friend (6) PALTRY {PAL}{TRY}
3   Lulu sounds half German (9) HUMDINGER {HUM}{DIN}{GERman}
4   Data bank found just after you go through a note online (4-4,6) READ-ONLY MEMORY {READ}-{ONLY} {MEMO}{RY}
6   Old South American ancestry will throw some light (5) INCAN INCANdescent
7   History by word of mouth on the countryside (8) PASTORAL {PAST}{ORAL}
8   Tramlines don't allow man to go across (8) TRAVERSE {TRAm}{VERSE}
9   Dimness in disc isn't sent away (14) INDISTINCTNESS*
15 Comes back with cut fruits (9) REAPPEARS {REAP}{PEARS}
16 Something unmentionable as evergreen lake (8) LINGERIE {LING}{ERIE}
17 Reckon it's back after Middlesex team is formed (8) ESTIMATE {sEx+TEAM+IS}* (Addendum - (sEx}{IT'S<=}{TEAM}* - See comments)
19 It's repeated by some German trade delegation (6) MANTRA [T]
20 Gritty and first person to be so fortunate (6) PLUCKY {Pe...n}{LUCKY}
22 Reason for girl to raise capital (5) LAGOS {SO}{GAL}<=


Monday 29 August 2016

No 11789, Monday 29 Aug 2016, Buzzer

6   Old chap overcome by desire for female (8) WOMANISH {W{O}{MAN}ISH}
9   Measure of rectangular area reduced in breadth (6) LENGTH [LxB]
10 Letter I objectively second (4) MEMO {ME}{MO}
11 Dancing ballet etc. involves hospital risk (4,3,3) BELL THE CAT {BALLET+ETC+H}*
12 Standard newspaper headline (6) BANNER [DD]
14 Leaked video essentially copied from DVD (7) DRIPPED {viDeo}{RIPPED}
15 Women need beauty for a change in confidence? (7,3,3,2) BETWEEN YOU AND ME*
18 Of stretching decades on French island (7) TENSILE {TENS}{ILE}
20 Bleeding heart lacking confidence to provide protection (6) INSURE INSecURE  Thanks to Ramesh for the Anno
22 Scotch is why talk slurs after minutes (4,6) MALT WHISKY {M}{IS+WHY+TALK}*
23 Relaxed end of week chore? (4) TASK {SAT<=}{weeK} Relaxed = Sat back
24 Cry about being taken in by a deception (6) SCREAM {SC{RE}AM}
25 Range of hills rising ruggedly, protecting India at large (8) NILGIRIS {I}{L} in {RISING}*

1   Fine to lower head from a boxing blow (4) KAYO (-o)KAY(+o)O
2   Pay out exactly for bus rides (8) DISBURSE*
3   Excess that is around muscles (6) GLUTEI {GLUT}{IE<=}
4   Hankers less for inner clothing (10) UNDERPANTS {UNDER-PANTS}
5   Arbitrarily cut short mandatory ruling (2,6) AT RANDOM {MANDATORy}*
7   Home game ringing the end of a series (5) OMEGA [T]
8   Oh going about working daily, main issue in the period between Thanksgiving and New Year (7,6) HOLIDAY SEASON {OH<=}{DAILY*} {SEA}{SON}
13 Sometimes negative article gets stick at first? Naturally (3,3,4) NOW AND THEN {NO}{W AND} {THE}{Na...y}
16 Access to transport (8) ENTRANCE [DD]
17 Relative having cool and singular sort of vehicle (8) UNICYCLE {UN{ICY}CLE}
19 Without a name, cruel to place in a tomb (6) INHUME INHUManE
21 Regular brain schtik makes one sage (5) RISHI {bRaIn ScHtIk}
23 Follow narration of story (4) TAIL (~ tale)


Sunday 28 August 2016

Special, Sunday 28 Aug 2016, K Koteswar Rao

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

9   Breathe in deeply for a cool slumber (9)
10 Structural engineer born out to rule (5)
11 College athletes know how to adjust to the smallest ticker (8,5)
12 Model in alloy bargained for Dutch trophy (5)
13 Rare species are extremely radical for research (9)
14 He deploys terse team to find mollusks (7)
17 Push-cart, a must, for uptown shopping in Indonesia (7)
19 A conservative gets double back before as complimentary (9)
22 Small hill’s topmost squall (5)
24 Bayonet helped to fix unacceptable behaviour (6,3,4)
26 A projection reversed for a piece of music (5)
27 He is armored to negotiate and go-between (9)

1 & 25 Kart he built is the saver (3-3)
2   Humiliated badly when in a bed (6)
3   Strong turbulence uproots North Carolina badly (4-4)
4   “Thank me, yuppy” regularly to practice (4,2)
5   Dancing cobras, i, e. exercising for free oxygen (8)
6   Survey created controversy in stock exchange (6)
7   Omnipotent opts workout to find a measure of comfort (8)
8   Damaged Nissen hut lost direction with the morning frenzy (10)
12 Sly booming organizes proteins (10)
15 Snug tidy construction is ideal for home-working (8)
16 It’s me who arranged the term for decisive action (8)
18 Common people of Brazilian territory are clubbed in bloodbath (8)
20 Kickback in each reversal is affiliated (6)
21 Tired eyelids get top off about surrenders (6)
23 Newcomer tactfully follows the hidden code of silence (6)
25 See 1 DN

Across Lite version can be accessed at KKR 5


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 28 Aug 2016

1   Leading figure accepted support with hesitation (8-6) STANDARD-BEARER {STANDARD}-{BEAR}{ER}
9   Complain about deceiver (4) LIAR <=
10 Expert politician can start to gain encouragement (9) PROMPTING {PRO}{MP}{TIN}{Gain}
12 Outdoor work English rain ruined (4-3) OPEN-AIR {OP}{E}{N-AIR*}
13 Track bearing north and south and back (7) SPONSOR {SPO{N}{S}OR}
14 Inflexible doctor with refusal left one suffering itch (10) MONOLITHIC {MO}{NO}{L}{1}{ITCH*}
16 Mug following wizard (4) FACE {F}{ACE}
18 Going westward in trek under attack (4) NUKE [T<=]
19 Break from working not possessed by fearful energy (10) CONTRAVENE {C{ONT*}RAVEN}{E}
21 Cakes made with rice as arranged, about fifty (7) ECLAIRS {RICE+AS}* over {L}
22 Strong batting, perfect? (7) INTENSE {IN}{TENSE}
24 Just qualified after event's leader gave up (9) EQUITABLE {Ev..t}{QUIT}{ABLE}
26 Gold used by artist to create atmosphere (4) AURA {AU}{RA}
27 Moving dirt, spared poor burrowing arachnid (8,6) TRAPDOOR SPIDER*

2   Rubbish, tons ready (5) TRIPE {T}{RIPE}
3   Number above thousand in assembly as a rule (8) NORMALLY {NO}{R{M}ALLY}
4   Hopes to have endless jelly and food (11) ASPIRATIONS {ASPIc}{RATIONS}
5   Swindle involving upper-class pair (3) DUO {D{U}O}
6   Use line in poem strangely unknown (6) EMPLOY {EMP{L}O*}{Y}
7   Control, say, put back (9) REINSTATE {REIN}{STATE}
8   Court star with degree of error, sadly losing love (5,7) ROGER FEDERER {DEGREE+oF+ERROR}*
11 Opening remark about church and people (12) COMMENCEMENT {COMMEN{CE}{MEN}T}
13 Sins in tales designed to produce piety (11) SAINTLINESS*
15 Family upset before I praise a racing driver (4,5) NIKI LAUDA {NIK<=}{I} {LAUD}{A}
17 Processed meat finished on drive over island (8) PASTRAMI {PAST}{RAM}{I}
20 Elevated biography covering time with depth (6) LIFTED {LIF{T}E}{D}
23 Courage never wavering (5) NERVE*
25 Shout of disapproval from oaf, right away (3) BOO BOOr


Saturday 27 August 2016

No 11788, Saturday 27 Aug 2016, Buzzer

Brevity is the soul of this crossword. 7D was my CoD


1 Indian state gaining good name ... (11) DESIGNATION {DESI}{G}{NATION}
9 ... with regard to tax break (6) RECESS {RE}{CESS}
10 See as right chasing criminals (8) CONSTRUE {CONS}{TRUE}
11 In two minds injecting heroin needle (5) THORN {T{H}ORN}
12 One port around western parts of Libya (7) TRIPOLI {I+PORT}*{LIbya} &lit
13 Mail lying right outside pigeonhole (8) POSTPONE {POST}{PrONE}
15 Respectful way to address father around an Indian town (6) PANAJI {P{AN}A JI}

16 Position a cello for tuning (6) LOCALE {A+CELLO}*
18 Embracing advantage round set point (8) ADOPTION {AD}{O}{POINT*}
20 Essentially 1% reduction in most unyielding crop (7) HARVEST {HAR(-d+V)EST} V=five,D=five hundred
21 Chief backing a stout follower (5) CHELA {CH}{ELA<=}
22 Imprint and emboss samples together (2,6) IN TANDEM (T)
23 Cure for being thin, eating more primarily (6) REMEDY {RE{More}EDY}
24 Far from satiated, can be stuffed (2,1,8) AT A DISTANCE {SATIATED+CAN}*


2 We've UN to put leaders off balance (4,3) EVEN OUT {wEVE+uN+tO+pUT}
3 Is taking in book by European (Norway) author (5) IBSEN {I{B}S}{E}{N}

4 Clothing accessory and pet to match (7) NECKTIE {NECK}{TIE}
5 Professional player of bowling or tenpins (6,3) TENNIS PRO {OR TENPINS}*
6 Antiquated old vase included brace (7) OUTWORN {O}{U{TWO}RN}
7 Insignificant one's position? (4,2,7) NEXT TO NOTHING (D&CD) 1 is next to 0 in number line
8 Risk appointed jury being skewed (3,2,8) PUT IN JEOPARDY {APPOINTED JURY}*
14 Flexible Biro pen end editor held (4-5) OPEN-ENDED (T)
17 First two alphabets run/orient side by side (7) ABREAST {A}{B}{R}{EAST}
18 Greek goddess' drawing above mermaids oddly out of place (7) ARTEMIS {ART}{mErMaIdS}

19 Heat related word describing hot internal-combustion (7) THERMIC {T{H}ERM}{IC}
21 For us, a carnival is around (5) CIRCA {CIRC(-us+A)}

Good=G, Regard=Re, Heroin=H, One=I, Right=R, Advantage=Ad, Round=O, Chief=Ch
Book=B, European=E, Norway=N, Old=O, Run=R, Hot=H, Internal-combustion=Ic

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 26 August 2016

No 11787, Friday 26 Aug 2016, Neyartha

Very colourful CW.

7   Disappointments resulting from a wet Deepavali in Chennai? (4,6) DAMP SQUIBS [C&DD] Why Chennai? See comments
9   Lines in speech about a colour (4) ROSE (~ rows)
10 Bill and the princess violate limits in steep descent (8) NOSEDIVE {NOSE}{DI}{Vi...tE}
11 University's participation in urban development provides colour (6) AUBURN {U} in {URBAN}*
12 Part of the response time for an attack (5) ONSET [T]
13 Quarrel over Mali's messed up social system (9) FEUDALISM {FEUD}{MALIS*}
14 Its recovery might be a tall task (3,4) BAD DEBT [CD]
17 Colour of escaping fluorine confirms refinement (7) CRIMSON CONfIRMS*
20 Well-planned RF attack's a quick route to advancement (4,5) FAST TRACK {RF+ATTACKS}*
22 Peruvian chief gets rid of Victor's desert plant for a shared religious meal (5) AGAPE AGA(-v+p)PE
25 Arrive with gold in a four-wheeled carriage (6) LANDAU {LAND}{AU}
26 Meditative Greek character, upset at home, is subject to an angry tirade (8) RUMINANT {R{MU<=}{IN}ANT}
27 Celebrity blows the whistle in retreat (4) STAR <=
28 Fixed the profound article on temperature inside a pit (4-6) DEEP-SEATED {DEEP}-{SE{A}{T}ED}

1   Desert colour (6) MAROON [DD]
2   Sleazy criminal disappears with some seafood (5) SQUID SQUalID
3   Plastered with a pastry in the face? (3-4) PIE-EYED {PIE}-{EYED}
4   Look at a space vehicle caught by an atoll resident (8) ISLANDER (~ eyes lander) (Addendum (~ eye lander) - See comments)
5   Turkey arranged bail for a member of an indigenous group (6) TRIBAL {TR}{BALI*}
6   Posses at sea inviting engineers for strong black coffee (8) ESPRESSO {RE} in {POSSES}*
8   Bishop invested in a new red pen with the stipend (7) PREBEND {B} in {RED+PEN}*
15 Colour causing internal turmoil in holy cave (8) AMARANTH AMAR(N<=>A)TH
16 Colour of the meal sent up to the peacekeepers by the hollow deputy (8) BURGUNDY {GRUB<=}{UN}{De...tY}
18 Graduate welcomes representative with a primary pigment for printers (7) MAGENTA {M{AGENT}A}
19 Red-faced knight clears out the northbound routes to accommodate the French (7) SCARLET {LE} in {TRACkS <=}
21 English royal family coaches daughter for a short time (6) TUDORS TU(-t+d)DORS
23 Frown upon geeks smuggling soft Chinese fabric (6) PONGEE [T] Frown had me confused till the end!
24 Tennis stroke's a big success (5) SMASH [DD]

Thursday 25 August 2016

No 11786, Thursday 25 Aug 2016, Neyartha

Citric delight from Neyartha

1   Get serious about a depressed joint? (7,4) KNUCKLE DOWN {KNUCKLE} {DOWN}
9   Look inside the animal for a medicinal powder (7) CALOMEL {CA{LO}MEL}
10 Plant product gets eccentric trio imprisoned by China (6) CITRON {C{TRIO*}N}
11 Urge to claim pellet gun's contents (5) IMPEL [T]
12 Note about informal expressions yields clues (7) SIGNALS {SI}{SLANG<=}
15 Bill of fare — something seen on a computer screen? (4) MENU [DD]
16 No time to draft annotations about the American city (3,7) SAN ANTONIO ANNOtATIONS*
18 Get up! Friar's running around for a plant product (10) GRAPEFRUIT {GET+UP+FRIAR}*
20 Fool's daughter going right to the end of an article reflecting personal views (2-2) OP-ED (-d)OP-E(+d)D
23 Kind of symmetry in the folds around a box for the titanium article (7) SPATIAL {TI}{A} in {LAPS<=}
24 Old sweetheart caught with a plant product (5) LEMON [DD?] (Addendum - (~ leman) - See comments)
26 The first German to be evicted from a farmhouse by Oscar gets a plant product (6) ORANGE (-g+o)ORANGE
27 Fabulously designed fob goes missing routinely (7) USUALLY fAbULoUSLY*
28 Dark spruce damaged by copper and a gibbon (11) CREPUSCULAR {SPRUCE*}{CU}{LAR} Reverse engineered guesswork!

2   Quick male enters overturned container before the French (6) NIMBLE {NI{M}B<=}{LE}
3   Ring to get an old head covering for the auditor (4) CALL (~ caul)
4   Calm surroundings for operation in-charge rendered powerless by a sour milk component (6,4) LACTIC ACID {ACT}{IC} in {pLACID}
5   Set off? (8) DETONATE [E]
6   Owl Noel disturbed with bulky cloth (7) WOOLLEN*
7   American football practice leading to a noisy riotous fight (9) SCRIMMAGE [DD]
8   Lubricants containing phosphorus returned with new type of footwear (4-2) SLIP-ON {SLI{P}O<=}{N}
13 Woman's daughter's off with the audience (not trendy) to find some clerical assistants (3,7) LAY READERS {LAdY} {READERShip}
14 Excellent view of the swift diving duck (6-3) GOLDEN-EYE {GOLDEN}-{EYE}
17 Battered peanut cooked after a follower meets the Asian (6-2) BEATEN-UP {B}{E}{PEANUT*}
19 Drug, fashionable, replaced with hesitation by one with high hopes (7) ASPIRER ASPIR(-in+er)ER
21 The plant product was rudely lampooned and left out (6) POMELO LaMPOOnEd*
22 Part of the sample uranium taken out to get a lung membrane (6) PLEURA [T]
25 Balu finally gets to support the leaders of the young Uzbek zookeepers with a plant product (4) YUZU {Yo..g}{Uz..k}{Zo...s}{balU}


Wednesday 24 August 2016

No 11785, Wednesday 24 Aug 2016, Gridman

1   Indian peace beginning to envelop small hovels (8) SHANTIES {SHANTI}{En...p}{S}
5   Sailors regularly upbraidsilly! (6) ABSURD {ABS}{UpbRaiD}
10 With the front exposed, female champion's essentially couth (4,3) FACE OUT  {F}{ACE} {cOUTh}
11 Nothing to fasten on, taking one's point of view (7) OPINION {O}{PIN}{1}{ON}
12 News is finally she's leaving dieting reschedule (6) TIDING DIeTING*
13 What an optimist won't see (4,4) DARK SIDE [CD]
15 Former shahdom one managed (4) IRAN {1}{RAN}
16 Initiative to rise, then leave (3,2,3,2) GET UP AND GO {GET UP} {AND} {GO}
18 Almost finished — when the fifth ball has been bowled? (6,4) NEARLY OVER [C&DD]
20 Forbids graduate Poles (4) BANS {BA}{N}{S}
23 Sirens' Indian litany and postscript (8) MANTRAPS {MANTRA}{PS}
24 Ahead of moon mission? (6) APOLLO {A}{POLL}{O}
26 Charms with conclusions about listener (7) ENDEARS {END{EAR}S}
27 Each vacuous swamy with one new runaway? (4,3) EASY WIN {EA}{SwamY} {W}{1}{N}
28 Most judicious saint taking a very long time (6) SAGEST {S{AGES}T}
29 Chairperson perhaps is live in public relations (8) PRESIDER {P{RESIDE}R}

1   Sub having feisty manner runs with assurance of one in a crowd (6,2,7) SAFETY IN NUMBERS {SUB+FEISTY+MANNER}*
2   A car turns to help back in rural setting (7) ARCADIA {A}{CAR*}{AID<=}
3   Tamil leader, calloused, is difficult to deal with (6) THORNY {Ta..l}{HORNY}
4   Has capacity for limitless refreshments (4) EATS [DD] (Addendum - sEATS - See comments)
6   Blunt criticism of brother, so nasty, joining club (8) BRICKBAT {BR}ICK{BAT}
7   Whole group, falling short, given food around 1 (7) UNIFIED {UNIt}{F{1}ED}
8   Where on the road it isn't quite safe to take a turn (9,6) DANGEROUS CORNER [E]
9   It doesn't tickle me, I am ... ... (3,6) NOT AMUSED [FITB]
14 Coed's poem laid threadbare as rot (9) DECOMPOSE*
17 They lead to Rome proverbially (3,5) ALL ROADS [GK]
19 First class ground not proper and not right for Japanese canine (4,3) AINU DOG {A1}{GrOUND*}
21 A couple of learners still had to pay — let it go (7) ALLOWED {A}{LL}{OWED}
22 Health resort's station masters are in fits (6) SPASMS {SPA}{SMS}
25 Noble look (4) PEER [DD]


Tuesday 23 August 2016

No 11784, Tuesday 23 Aug 2016, Gridman

1   Is one holding armour a Muslim? (7) ISMAILI {IS}{MAIL}{1}
5   At opening of Golconda, escort is an excessive talker (6) GUSHER {Go...a}{USHER}
9   Is breathless for trousers (5) PANTS [DD]
10 Parotta I rolled over top of vessel for singer (9) PAVAROTTI {PAROTTA+I}* over {Ve...l}

11 English parliamentarian's row is without substance all the more (7) EMPTIER {E}{MP}{TIER}
12 Russian and the French go after special Indian mollusk (7) SPIRULA {SP}{I}{RU}{LA}
13 Always, that is haunting (5) EERIE {EER}{IE}
14 Ken leaped adroitly, for flooded water was that much (5-4) ANKLE-DEEP*
16 Casual workers admitted overdue models (9) TEMPLATES {TEMP{LATE}S}
19 Almost hand over one to Vietnamese city (5) HANOI {HANd}{O}{1}
21 Went for fishing after tea — didn't get it straight (7) TANGLED {T}{ANGLED}
23 Publicity official having a last account proving to be unyielding (7) ADAMANT {AD{A}MAN}{a...nT}
24 I hope sago slips through inner tubes (9) OESOPHAGI*
25 Banish from the French island (5) EXILE {EX}{ILE}
26 Dotards losing right are mad and in disagreement (2,4) AT ODDS DOTArDS*
27 Reportedly stimulate perception (7) INSIGHT (~ incite)

1   Carrying out plan of workers in simple station without police (14) IMPLEMENTATION {sIMPLE}{MEN}{sTATION}
2   State where main displacement is almost flawless (7) MANIPUR {MAIN*}{PURe}
3   Urge on to great things in part of church (7) INSPIRE {IN}{SPIRE}
4   Bring in worker of significance (9) IMPORTANT {IMPORT}{ANT}
5   Joe's garment, torn off, crumples (5) GIVES {GI}{VESt}
6   Armed force's assistance (7) SERVICE [DD]
7   Pump up player in this way taking part in middle of meet (7) ENTHUSE {N}{THUS} in {mEEt}
8  Girl's date is a failure (14) DISAPPOINTMENT {DI'S}{APPOINTMENT}
15 Hail Kiwis flaunting a Bantu language (9) KISWAHILI*
17 Military Intelligence dents unconventional way of thinking (4-3) MIND-SET {MI}{ND-SET*}
18 Little young daughter pockets father's floater (4,3) LILY PAD {LIL}{Y} {PA}{D}
19 The man's secreted silly dear's initial letters (7) HEADERS {DEAR}* in {HE'S}
20 Getting closer to almost grab a precious ornament (7) NEARING {NEt}{A}{RING}
22 Faces dismal order sacking military leader (5) DIALS DISmAL*


Monday 22 August 2016

No 11783, Monday 22 Aug 2016, Gridman

1   Soldiers' average curative (8) REMEDIAL {RE}{MEDIAL}
5   Managed little reportedly towards price to pay (6) RANSOM {RAN}{SOM}(~some)
9   Mad follower with a complaint (7) FANATIC {FAN}{A}{TIC}
10 V-sign from boy on American car (7) CHEVRON {CHEV}{RON}
11 Mum's EP he and I palmed off using polite term (9) EUPHEMISM*
12 By the river, start daring action (4) DEED {DEE}{Da...g}
14 Hurt American's left all tucked in (4) ABED ABusED
15 Laughing uncontrollably after surgeon has tied up? (2,8) IN STITCHES [DD]
17 Give away origins of ordinary folks (10) GRASSROOTS {GRASS}{ROOTS}
19 Urge to drop player in decline (4) SPUR SPURn
22 Spoils union leader in aerospace and defence company (4) HAUL {HA{Un..n}L}
23 Beams at TO rollicking in ship (9) STEAMBOAT*
25 Nothing good by a backward group's knockouts (7) OPIATES {O}{PI}{A}{SET<=}
26 The better you fold, the better its shape and value? (7) ORIGAMI [CD]
27 Father with great many in Indian city's temple (6) PAGODA {PA}{GO{D}A} City or State?
28 Weaken five moving to the back in worship (8) VENERATE (+v)VENER(-v)ATE

1   Target practice area to go through on mountain (5,5) RIFLE RANGE {RIFLE} {RANGE}
2   Military unit where fellow hides bit of booze (7) MANIPLE {MA{NIP}LE}
3   Hesitate, with girl over there, to give up drug (6) DITHER {DI}{THERe}
4   Lots of things are hammered down in these places (7,6) AUCTION HOUSES [CD]
6   A chatty relation (8) ANECDOTE [CD]
7   Shout as Canadian Indian enters small church (7) SCREECH {S}{CREE}{CH}
8   Pay attention to object (4) MIND [DD]
10 Arrive with child and man at teatime, say, and become visible (4,2,3,4) COME TO THE FORE {COME} {TO T}{HE} {FORE}(~ four)
13 Being devious, coteries secrete core of grid in writing table (10) ESCRITOIRE {gRId} in {COTERIES}*
16 Segregated, Oldie sat fidgeting (8) ISOLATED*
18 A player in Gujarat's capital is letting up (7) ABATING {A}{BAT}{IN}{Gu...t}
20 Expert Tara makes distribution that's in proportion (3,4) PRO RATA {PRO} {TARA}*
21 Oriental politician starts investigating royal escapades in kingdom (6) EMPIRE {E}{MP}{In...g}{Ro..l}{Es...s}
24 The French article man and woman abandoned in clever move (4) COUP COUPle Thanks to Ramesh 


Sunday 21 August 2016

Special, Sunday 21 Aug 2016, Raju Umamaheswar

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1    Fat of the sea (7)
5    Crank-  Blurb fair (6)
11 The accountant takes in the king for the memorial stone (5)
12 Invite two and say: see you -------- (4,5)
13 Follows a route (4,1,4)
14 Iranian loses the article for this currency (5)
15 Container with or without potassium (4)
17 A sycophant does this in social cirlcles (7)
21 Hang on, hence return for the termination (7)
22 If it is true, it is a film with courage (4)
26 Stranded car? viz; do this (3,2)
27 Almost  negotiated a poetic trade (9)
29 Without this it is a fake note (9)
30 Setter says he has two feet almost (5)
31 Sounds a stern deed to steer  (6)
32 A stern-faced pro does this face (7)    

2    Glibly in ground  in situ (5)
3    East or West, this state is still in the east.(6)
4    A measure to cook to enrage (6)
6    Donate and in France, explode (8)
7    Strategies are------- (4,2,3)
8    Skull- digger used by a phrenologist (6)
9    Not hard to get this station for speed (7)
10 C2H4O (7)
16 Pooh pooh and throw this to discourage (4,5)
18 Coteries with specialized knowledge (8)
19 Chief queen tumbled and got ambushed (2,1,4)
20 Con the article! (5,2)
23 Oiled and lit up! (6)
24 Does he stink more in the army? (6)
25 ---- is the message ! So said McLuhan! (6)
28. Total the account for this flowering plant (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at RAJU 5


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 21 Aug 2016

1   Account by copper indecent in precision (8) ACCURACY {AC}{CU}{RACY}
5   Fragment ending in fire grate (6) SCRAPE {SCRAP}{firE}
9   Strange trio used to be stranger (8) OUTSIDER*
10 Cross some lengthy bridges (6) HYBRID [T]
12 Lawyer beginning to examine new disc and film (5,9) BRIEF ENCOUNTER {BRIEF} {Ex...e}{N}{COUNTER}
14 Minister's place in corruption probed by a newspaper (8) VICARAGE {A}{RAG} in {VICE}
15 Rigid back (5) STERN [DD]
17 Exhausted, nothing left, diva finally retired (3,2) ALL IN {NI L}{L}{divA} <= <=
18 Deal arranged by assistant in state capital (8) ADELAIDE {DEAL*}{AIDE}
19 Objection about her chat they nastily make up (4,3,7) BURY THE HATCHET {BUT} around {HER+CHAT+THEY}*
22 Reduce block and write (6) DAMPEN {DAM}{PEN}
24 Ominous sign's last one received by nun (8) SINISTER {SI{sigN}{1}STER}
25 Discover sock (6) STRIKE [DD]
26 Criminal seen and stopped by river, caught (8) ENSNARED {SEEN+AND}* over {R}

1   Particle in amoeba to monitor (4) ATOM [T]
2   Larva from crate wriggling over post (11) CATERPILLAR {CRATE*}{PILLAR}
3   Create trouble and upset expert in dried fruit (5,4) RAISE CAIN {ACE<=} in {RAISIN}
4   Basket filled by me with stuff including a dessert (5,7) CREME CARAMEL {CRE{ME} {C{A}RAM}EL}
6   Rodent, shy, heads for protection underground (5) COYPU {COY}{Pr...n}{Un...d}
7   Broadcast just devoid of force (3) AIR fAIR
8  Continuing call to support aim, universal (8) ENDURING {END}{U}{RING}
11 Movement involving church developed real increase in speed (12) ACCELERATION {AC{CE}{REAL*}TION}
13 Time with dog around noon for leader of fashion (11) TRENDSETTER {T}{RE{N}D SETTER}
15 Upright icon hasn't changed (9) STANCHION*
16 Island's obstacle ahead of poor sailor (8) BARBADOS {BAR}{BAD}{OS}
20 Adjust temperature, lacking energy (5) TWEAK {T}{WEAK}
21 Dry area cleared (4) ARID {A}{RID}
23 Ruin force, overthrown (3) MAR <=


Saturday 20 August 2016

No 11782, Saturday 20 Aug 2016, Gridman

Gridman is after girls today


1 Girl's move over one year in arrogance (8) AUDACITY {AUD}{AC{I}T}{Y}
6 Joint work needed in part (4) KNEE (T)
9 Girl provided money at last to revive (6) VIVIFY {VIV}{IF}{Y}
10 Girl, training with journalist, coped with change (7) ADAPTED {ADA}{PT}{ED}
13 Cosies up to girl's figure (9) ISOSCELES {COSIES*}{LES}
14 Girl in the beginnings of stupid relationship to break off (5) SEVER {Stupid}{EVE}{Relationship}
15 Good girl's spirited (4) GAME {G}{AME}
16 A girl in position for help (10) ASSISTANCE {A}{S{SIS}TANCE}
19 Fast route, say, has style (10) EXPRESSWAY {EXPRESS}{WAY}
21 Girl's key unvaried (4) SAME {SAM}{E}
24 Oats provided by street girl (5) AVENA {AV}{ENA}
25 Wages hammered in key AP pact (3-6) PAY-PACKET {KEY AP PACT*}
26 Girl's row more energetic (7) GUSTIER {GUS}{TIER}
27 Be off, girl, with Aunty heartily (6) AVAUNT {AVA}{aUNTy}
28 How some things come and go? (4) EASY (CD)
29 Girl and daughter tore off the sides of netted fabric (8) SUEDETTE {SUE}{D}{nETTEd}


2 Regular schoolchildren wear it (7) UNIFORM (DD)
3 A calm hearing for each (6) APIECE {A}{~PEACE}
4 One deputy rudely stills writers of pastoral poems (9) IDYLLISTS {I}{DY}{STILLS*}
5 Pays attention to not hard but extremely easy periods (5) YEARS {(-h+{easY})EARS}
7 Odd? (3,4) NOT EVEN (CD)
8 Don steers men to rewrite statements of support (12) ENDORSEMENTS {DON STEERS MEN*}
11 These things we own as groups (6) ASSETS {AS}{SETS}
12 With Inspector-General, shake leg; with Accountant-General, do the same — altogether move rapidly (6-6) WIGGLE-WAGGLE {W}{IG}{LEG*}-{W}{AG}{LEG*}
17 Lawyers want to win __ __ __, no matter what (2,3,4) IN ANY CASE (FIB&D)
18 National shoots plane over island (6) NEPALI {PLANE*}{I}
20 Delights from soft rental agreements (7) PLEASES {P}{LEASES}
22 Bolt, when he has a doubt, won't __ __ __, will he? (3,1,3) ASK A NUT Not sure how to classify this
23 Harm mother over a long period (6)  DAMAGE {DAM}{AGE}
25 Livens up, getting side benefits (5) PERKS (DD)

One=I, Year=Y, Provided=If, Training=PT, Journalist=Ed, Good=G, Key=E, Street=Av, Daughter=D
Deputy=Dy, Hard=H, With=W, Inspector-General=IG, Accountant-General=AG, Island=I, Soft=P (Piano)

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous