Monday 28 February 2022

No 13491, Monday 28 Feb 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 5D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Husband and wife sharing dessert hamper (6) THWART {T{H}{W}ART}
4   He needs leadership to suppress independent university? (6) HELIUM {HEL{I}{U}M}
9   Death wish? (4) WILL [C&DD]
10 Make old uncle change back to compound (10) NUCLEOTIDE {O+UNCLE}*{EDIT<=}
11 Warrior takes a day to capture Arizona (6) AMAZON {A}{M{AZ}ON}
12 Subjects missing Oscar succeed reflecting on society (8) DWELLERS {Do WELL}{RE<=}{S}
13 Where some connect virtually all day long? (9) CHATROOMS [CD]
15 Princess acquires the Spanish restaurant (4) DELI {D{EL}I}
16 Japanese wine with one in place of English writer (4) SAKI SAK(-e+i)I
17 As per Spooner, brand popular for portable furniture (9) CAMPSTOOL (~stamp cool to campstool)
21 Ocean animal at sea eating little green flower (8) MAGNOLIA {O+ANIMAL}* over {Gr..n}
22 Serving of rasam, as a lavish mixture of spices (6) MASALA [T]
24 Review study probing liver? (10) RECONSIDER {RE{CON}SIDER}
25 One against General Othello, chiefly (4) IAGO {1}{Ag...t}{Ge...l}{Ot...o} &lit
26 Have three letters in sequence in front to baffle (6) DEFEAT {DEF}{EAT}
27 Impressed others with the man’s daughter (6) ETCHED {ETC}{HE}{D}

1   After overwhelming Italy, surpass Hungary for victory (7) TRIUMPH {TR{I}UMP}{H}
2   Last letter following say Disney’s dance (5) WALTZ {WALT}{Z}
3   Routine mostly affected with new strike (3,4) RUN INTO {ROUTINe+N}*
5   Large woman’s light here? (6) E?E?E?  (Addendum - ELEVEN Definition by example - See comments)
6   Current report by doctor etc. makes sense (9) INTELLECT {IN}{TELL|}{ETC*}
7   Place raised barrier at old city with unlimited rain (7) MADURAI {DAM<=}{UR}{rAIn}
8   Day America’s dream was set to take on Cinema’s top honours (7,6) ACADEMY AWARDS   {DAY+A+DREAM+WAS+Ci...a}* &lit 
14 Removing ink tag (6,3) TAKING OFF {INK+TAG}* [RA]
16 Reverend’s tiny source for marine alga, say (7) SEAWEED (~wee seed to seaweed)
18 Favourite wraps from fried fish (7) POMFRET {P{FROM*}ET}
19 Cook greens initially boiled as required (7) OBLIGED {Gr...s+BOILED}*
20 Almost all MPs regularly sucking blood (6) PLASMA {AlMoSt+AlL+mPs}<=
23 Metal’s tip poking bruised this worker (5) SMITH {S{Me..l}ITH}

Reference List
Husband = H, Wife = W, Independent = I, University = U, Old = O, Oscar = O, On = RE, Society = S, The in Spanish = EL, English = E, Ocean = O, Daughter = D, Italy = I, Hungary = H, New = N, America = A 

Sunday 27 February 2022

Special, Sunday 27 Feb 2022, Ajji

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3191, Sunday 27 Feb 2022

1   Shake up failing orangeries (10) REORGANISE*
6   Bird's hiding in hibiscus (4) IBIS [T]
9   Student getting in to poor folk's banter (10) PLEASANTRY {P{L}EASANTRY}
10 Country's drier, we're told (4) EIRE (~airer)
12 Ordained priest taking jab next to outhouse (11) ESTABLISHED {E{STAB}LI}{SHED}
15 Manages a warning (5-2) HEADS-UP [DD]
16 Drunkard now offering defiant expression (2,5) SO THERE {SOT}{HERE}
17 Shifting a drop of Sancerre in wine glasses might help them focus (7) RETINAS RET(-s)INA(+s)S
19 Most of newspapers getting letter: 'Flog, in advance!' (3-4) PRE-SELL {PRESs}{ELL}
20 Sportsman angers as aid redistributed (5,6) ANDRE AGASSI
23 A practice exam delivered orally: that's crazy (4) AMOK {A}{MOK(~mock)}
24 Clobber living things – desire's suppressed (10) BELONGINGS {BE{LONG}INGS}
25 Frame that's worn over shoulder (4) SASH [DD]
26 More toasts raised here? (10) STATEROOMS* Semi&lit

1   Criticises what hip-hop artist does (4) RAPS [DD]
2   Fictional captain looking up for a sign (4) OMEN<=
3   Vocalist, Spice Girl, slopes off part-way through (6,6) GOSPEL SINGER {GINGER} over {G+SLOPEs}*
4   Incessant refusal in Lyon: diners get no soup in the end (3-4) NON-STOP {NON}{d...rS}{geT}{nO}{souP}
5   Writers' second copies' entertaining energy (7) SCRIBES {S}{CRIB{E}S}
7   Song, live, enthralling: indeed, indeed (6,4) BRIGHT EYES {B{RIGHT}E}{YES}

8   Primarily slender perennials, encroachers extraordinaire, dwelling within England's landscaped lawns, sadly! (10) SPEEDWELLS Acrostic Semi&lit
11 Body part: it gets rubbed up. Wait around (6,6) LITTLE FINGER {L{IT}{FELT<=}INGER}
13 Who's not to be trusted, nastier than rascal? (10) CHARLATANS*
14 Meticulous, firm, Everyman had promises to pay later (10) FASTIDIOUS {FAST}{I'D}{IOUS}
18 Recommend extremely self-satisfied Frenchman leaves (7) SUGGEST SmUGGEST
19 Deal to collapse (4,3) PASS OUT [DD]
21 Details concerning nickel written up (4) INFO {OF}{NI}<=
22 Goddess seen in Ellis Island (4) ISIS [T]

Reference List
Student = L, Letter = ELL, Refusal in French = NON, Second = S, Energy = E, Frenchman = M 

Saturday 26 February 2022

No 13490, Saturday 26 Feb 2022, Incognito


8   Happy girl is ahead of boy (4) GLAD {G}{LAD}
9   Poet’s cave in verdant region (5) ANTRE [T]
10 Topless container with English animals (4) OXEN {bOX}{EN}
11 Enemy confused by one Arabian, perhaps (6) YEMENI {ENEMY*}{1}
12 Dubiously induced girl is working out logically (8) DEDUCING {INDUCED*}{G}
13 Around 4, big cat followed alumnus in darkness (8) OBLIVION {L{IV}ION}<=>{OB}
15 Get back injured swan released by writhing water snake (6) RETAKE {waTER+snAKE}*
17 Shabby trunk emptied to some extent (7) UNKEMPT [T]
19 Erroneous medical point, perhaps (7) DECIMAL*
22 Tiller murdered violently after losing mowing equipment initially (6) RUDDER mURDEReD* 
24 Something that can be removed from a person and put in a book? (8) APPENDIX [DD]
26 Expecting excited parent to take in good nurse in the beginning (8) PREGNANT {PRE{G}{Nu..e}ANT*}
28 King after king gives sign of disapproval (3,3) TUT TUT {TUT}{TUT}
30 Monster’s mineral deposit contains some gold (4) OGRE {O{Gold}RE}
31 Suppress infatuation (5) CRUSH [DD]
32 Forced setter to carry poster (4) MADE {M{AD}E}


1   Good clue without hint of confusion? It’s 2 too! (4) GLUE {G}{cLUE}
2   Damaged eaves hid sticker (8) ADHESIVE*
3   Washington crater has Indian animal (6) WAPITI {WA}{PIT}{I}
4   Trainee’s risky act around lair in absence of direction (7) STUDENT {STU{DEn}NT}
5   Grenade explodes around Mike, a member of a French force (8) GENDARME {GENDAR{M}E*}
6   Plunging owl (3-3) LOW-CUT {OWL}* [RA]
7   Spotted archbishop’s seat before commencement of night (4) SEEN {SEE}{Ni..t}
14 Prohibit trade union for some Africans (5) BANTU {BAN}{TU}
16 Milkha Singh protects ethnic group from Meghalaya (5) KHASI [T]
18 Standard javelin phraseology (8) PARLANCE {PAR}{LANCE}
20 Quickly mention, “1wrongly (2,2,4) IN NO TIME*
21 Diplomatic court interrupts restatement of fault (7) TACTFUL {TA{CT}FUL*}
23 Knife that may be found on a page (6) DAGGER [DD]
25 Erratic bobbing of yacht after beginning of passage (6) PATCHY {YACHT}*<=>{Pa...e}
27 Right time for anger (4) RAGE {R}{AGE}
29 Language found in Kurduvadi (4) URDU [T]

Reference List

Girl = G, English = EN, Alumnus = OB(Old boy), Good = G, Nurse = N, Poster = AD
Indian = I, Direction = N, Mike = M, Archbishop's seat = SEE, Trade Union = TU, Standard = PAR, Court = CT, Right = R

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 25 February 2022

No 13489, Friday 25 Feb 2022, Incognito


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

8   See Chinese lake (4) LOCH {LO}{CH}
9   Mesmerises thin sepoys marching around (10) HYPNOTISES*
10 Like organising stakeout without us (4,2) TAKE TO sTAKEOuT*
11 Classified at first: Extra-ordinary sponge exudes liquid (8) SECRETES {SECRET}{Ex...y}{Sp...e}
12 Scholarly person and a rotter butchered mice (8) ACADEMIC {A}{CAD}{MICE*}
14 Kind of baseball player that is sometimes beaten in the kitchen (6) BATTER [DD]
16 Move prison (4) STIR [DD]
17 Study student and make money (5) LEARN {L}{EARN}
18 Rejected formulae containing chemical compound (4) ALUM [T<=]
19 After losing bid in Islamabad redevelopment, giving gesture of salutation (6) SALAAM iSLAMAbAd*
21 Threader has no energy at first to make software for compiling consecutive tweets on same matter (8) THREADER {THe}{READER}
23 Red saint travels giving goods received in exchange for other goods (5-3) TRADE-INS*
26 Silent one consumes graduate’s port (6) MUMBAI {MUM}{BA}{1}
27 Drug dealer operates cars at 1 mph (10) PHARMACIST*
28 A medicinal tree earlier known as Margosa initially (4) NEEM {NEE}{Ma...a}

1   After November, racing venue gets number one ace in Canadian province (4,6) NOVA SCOTIA {NOV}{ASCOT}{1}{A}
2   Consumer of documents to be destroyed? (8) SHREDDER [CD]
3   Retired representative covers distorted hole in plant tissue (6) PHLOEM {MP<=} over {HOLE}*
4   On board vessel, father gets baths (4) SPAS {S{PA}S}
5   Start computer session about commencement of cooking and baking in rustic accommodation (3,5) LOG CABIN {LOG{Co...g}{And}{Ba...g}IN}
6   Most repulsive, horrible, evil saint (6) VILEST {EVIL*}{ST}
7   That chap is with Engineers at this place (4) HERE {HE}{RE}
13 Expense covering a cruise (5) COAST {CO{A}ST}
15 English steamer sailing around middle of estuary lists (10) ENUMERATES {EN}{estUary}{STEAMER*}
17 Real imps dance for money in Honduras (8) LEMPIRAS*
18 Worrying criminal taking up weapons (8) ALARMING {AL}{ARMING}
20 Dread going around some sibilant snakes (6) ADDERS* {DREAD}*{Si...t}
22 Meteor travels far away (6) REMOTE*
24 Endlessly hurry, swimming in German river (4) RUHR HURRy*
25 Fit diamonds, for example (4) SUIT [DD]

Reference List
Student = L, Ace = A, Vessel = SS, Saint = ST, Engineers = {RE-Royal Engineers), English = EN, Criminal = AL(Capone)

Thursday 24 February 2022

No 13488, Thursday 24 Feb 2022,Hypatia

Solution to 14A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Sailor starting to holiday in Dubai’s modern city (3,5) ABU DHABI {AB}{UD{Ho...y}ABI*}
5   Collecting say, advance for key (6) LEGEND {L{EG}END}
10 A soft line cut inside garments (7) APPAREL {A}{P}{L} over {PARE}
11 Copper in refined state’s most critical (7) ACUTEST {A{CU}TEST*}
12 Love starter of salad and dips (5) DUCKS {DUCK}{Sa..d}
13 Former daily covering morning’s test (4,5) EXAM PAPER {EX}{PAPER} over {AM}
14 Smuggler keeps forging America’s classic notes in sequence (7,5) ?U?I?A? S?A?E (Addendum - MUSICAL SCALE {MU{A+CLASSIC}*LE} - See comments)
18 Opportunist’s tender covering prized land with Government (6,6) CARPET BAGGER   {CAR{PET}{BAG}{G}ER} Tender/Carer? See comments
21 Betrays sponsors hosting clubs from the East (9) BACKSTABS {BACK{BATS<=}S}
23 On account of number zero (3,2) DUE TO {DUET}{0}
24 Decorated and loved all around (7) ADORNED {ADOR{'N}ED}
25 From the start kids are enthusiastic about artist’s fine entertainment (7) KARAOKE {Kids}{Are}{En...c} over {RA}{OK}
26 Say Indians in London, closer to West end (6) DESIST {DESIS}{wesT} Wouldn't Indians in Londan be Pardesis?
27 Artistic representation of unfinished cryptic puzzles in The Hindu (8) TRIPTYCH {CRYPTIc}* in {TH}

1   Drawback in a school’s grants? (6) AWARDS {DRAW<=} in {A}{S}
2   Remove thick cap nurses brought up to cover (6) UNPACK [T<=]
3   Cook has a crude topping for desserts (4,5) HARD SAUCE*
4   Student given permission to climb into vehicle in public places with posts (8,6) BULLETIN BOARDS {BU{L}{LET IN}{BOARD}S}
6   Fit English Queen meets India’s president (5) EQUIP {E}{QU}{I}{P}
7   Illustration of old Marple novel (8) EXEMPLAR {EX}{MARPLE*}
8   Does hoarding bar with wine get discouraged? (8) DETERRED {DE{T}ER}{RED}
9   She sang sargam with Late Khan’s training (4,10) LATA MANGESHKAR {SARGAM+LATE+KHAN}*
15 Traffic assistant went between lines going around (5,4) SPEED TRAP {PEED} in {PARTS<=}
16 Cover vehicle parked in society by poet (8) SCABBARD {CAB} in {S}{BARD}
17 Kind of cougar roughly grabbing one sheep’s head (8) GRACIOUS {GRAC{1}OU*}{Sh..p}
19 Why do lemurs restrict circulating air? (6) MELODY [T<=]
20 Biblical shepherd’s sweetheart joining husband after a month (6) JOSEPH {JO}{SEP}{H}
22 Carols about grand children (5) SONGS {SON{G}S}

Reference List
Sailor = AB, Soft = P, Line = L, Government = G, And = 'N, Artist = RA, School = S, Student = L, English = E, Queen = QU, India = I, President = P, Bar = T, Wine = RED, Society = S, Sweetheart = JO, Husband = H, Grand = G

Wednesday 23 February 2022

No 13487, Wednesday 23 Feb 2022, WrdPlougher

I give up on the annotations.

1   Fancy wife communicates finally, say, with husband (6) WHIMSY {W}{IMS}{saY} over {H} Not sure of anno See comments
4   Blanket ban removing book about 678 alphabets and article (6) AFGHAN {bA{FGH}{A}N}
9   Extremely tasty kale for youngster (4) TYKE {TastY}{KalE}
10 Wager about sailor! Louder! Odds being advanced for Naval officer (10) BLUEJACKET {B{LoUdEr}{JACK}ET} A bluejacket is not an officer but an enlisted sailor
11 Young man not quite pulling off hot off-white neckwear (3,3) BOW TIE {BOy}{WhITE}*
12 Eligible bachelor’s not around here — in France, briefly following old lady to Church (8) CATHOLIC CATH{O}{L}{ICi} Anno pending (Addendum - {CATcH}{O}{L}{ICi} - See comments)
13 Responsibilities cost petty officer? (9) JOBSWORTH {JOBS}{WORTH}
15 Speaking of protecting a man who had a dream... (4) KING [T]
16 ... boy’s old stuff (4) LOAD {L{O}AD}
17 Samberg slyly burying eminently rare Iris stone in whale gut (9) AMBERGRIS {AMBERG{Rare}{Iris}S*}
21 Candy made from unfinished batter or frozen water (8) LICORICE {LICk}{OR}{ICE}
22 Ship leaves, selling items openly on deck (6) VESSEL [T] 
24 American heavyweight, say, riding Bullet, means to lose speed (10) BUTTERBEAN {B{UTTER}B}{mEANs} Speed/MS? See comments Reverse engineered
25 Winding ‘marg’ leading to Indian village (4) GRAM*
26 Covers for wing-commander, immaculately trained for hiding and stealth (6) ELYTRA [T] Semi&lit

27 Teach setter’s craft, instilling some purpose (6) IMPART {I'M}{ART} over {Pu...e}

1   Capital road (3,2,2) WAY TO GO [DD]
2   Idle mind, no doc, leading to ICU in advance (5) INERT NERT<=>{Icu} Anno pending {mINd}{To}<=>{ER} - See comments)
3   Returning Australian coach hugs Clarke and Warner in the end for scoring less than duck in Heat! (3-4) SUB-ZERO {OZ}{BUS}<= over {c...kE}{w...eR}
5   Ajit composed note before making Tex-mex snack (6) FAJITA {AJIT}*<=>{FA}
6   Tech deployed by Ohio mafia for intimidation (9) HECTORING {TECH*}{O}{RING}
7   Desirous of teasing without superficial love (7) NEEDING NEEDlING
8   Sped up, gulping air, losing dash, getting angry (5-8) QUICK-TEMPERED Anno pending (Addendum - {QUICKen{TEMPER}ED - See comments)
14 As per usual, selections are eligible and fit for shipping? (9) SEAWORTHY SE{A}{WORTHY} Anno pending (Addendum - {aS+pEr}{A}{WORTHY} - See comments)
16 Hawaiian garland certainly provides relaxation (7) LEISURE {LEI}{SURE}
18 Returning money (not in full) — after beginning to navigate in battery-operated car — to cause spite? (7) ENVENOM {MONEy<=} <=>{Na...e} in {EV}
19 Tax returns to incur earliest completion fine? Scratching head at first — it’s wrong (7) INEXACT {T{Co...n}AX<=}<=>{fINE}
20 Copyright agency to probe Mr. Pane (6) MIRROR {M{IRRO}R}
23 Letter from Greece is returned by grand mother (5) SIGMA {IS<=}{G}{MA}

Reference List
Husband = H, Wife = W, Book = B, Hot = H, Around = C, Old = O, Lady = L, Australian = OZ, Note = FA, Are = A, Grand = G

Tuesday 22 February 2022

No 13486, Tuesday 22 Feb 2022, Arden


Solution to 2D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Devious behaviour — her grandmother gains, anyway (11) SHENANIGANS {SHE}{NAN}{GAINS*}
7   She’ll take you to court (3) SUE [C&DD]
9   Happen to release pressure within — that’s a complaint (5) CROUP CROp UP
10 Change creeps in, time to be visionary (9) PRESCIENT*
11 Factory under loss — accepting men essentially are from Mars (3,6) RED PLANET {PLAN{mEn}T}<=>{RED}
12 Camp razed, the contents will surprise (5) AMAZE {cAMp}{rAZEd}
13 That may be found in church, left as personal property (7) CHATTEL {C{THAT*}E}{L}
15 Back among people, only for Christmas (4) NOEL [T<=]
18 Bound to be correct diet (4) TIED*
20 Bird on rail, how to measure the concentration? (7) TITRATE {TIT}{RATE}
23 Measures taken before a purge (5) ENEMA {EN}{EM}{A}
24 After bathing, nothing changes, I remain warmer, perhaps (4-5) BAIN-MARIE {BAthing}{I+REMAIN}*
26 The card represented a large place of worship (9) CATHEDRAL {THE+CARD}*{A}{L}
27 Quoted a month back, it went in (5) CITED {C{IT}ED<=}
28 When I left it had nothing (3) NIL [T]
29 Abroad, choose foreign articles — that’ll give you the depth (4,7) ECHO SOUNDER {CHOOSE}*{UN}{DER}

1   Fire people, it’s an event (4,4) SACK RACE {SACK}{RACE}
2   What everyone wants to be — finally the aim is to catch fish (3,5) E?O ?D?A? (Addendum - EGO IDEAL {thE}{GO{IDE}AL} - See comments
3   Dismay when a friend keeps quiet (5) APPAL {A}{P}{PAL}
4   Prepare a list of jury members — one comes in to force (7) IMPANEL {IMP{AN}EL}
5   Match covered in one language (7) AVESTAN {A{VESTA}N}
6   A religious symbol conveyed without a study (9) SACRAMENT {S{A}{CRAM}ENT}
7   Observes a woman go up and down (6) SEESAW {SEES}{A}{W}
8   Count every second verse before you get together (6) ESTEEM {vErSe}{MEET<=}
14 Wait a second, in short, need detailed composition of the subject (9) TAIWANESE {WAIT+A+S+NEEd}*
16 Kept repeating nonsense, cut off from outside (8) PARROTED {PAR{ROT}ED}
17 Back end in bow? (8) DEFENDER {DEF{END}ER}
19 She finds it difficult to take order from below (7) DEBORAH {HAR{OBE}D}<=
20 Attempts to cross the floor, they don’t mean much (7) TRIFLES {TRI{FL}ES}
21 Light advice to take up crime (6) BEACON {BE A CON}
22 Pulse is fast and wild, when exposed (6) LENTIL {LENT}{wILd}
25 Most are Chinese, and usually leaders like to gamble here (5) MACAU Acrostic Semi&lit

Reference List
Pressure = P, Time = T, Church = CE, Left = L, Measures = EN, EM, Large = L, Foreign articles = UN, DER, Quiet = P, Woman = W, Second = S, Order = OBE

Monday 21 February 2022

No 13485, Monday 21 Feb 2022, WrdPlougher

Solution to 27D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   State vacuous litany completely (7) UTTERLY {UTTER}{Li..nY}
10 Cartoonish panda wearing handbag with determination (7) PURPOSE {PUR{PO}SE}
11 Tune at first followed loud grating song, taking even more time than any other (7) LONGEST {Tune}<=>{L}{ONG{E}S*} Even/E?
12 Result in dismissal ahead of strike (7) OUTCOME {OUT}{COME} Come/Strike?
13 Makes soldiers artists (9) CRAFTSMEN {CRAFTS}{MEN}
15 Shouted “bomb!”, following first two members of crowd (5) CRIED {IED}<=>{CRowd}
16 Doses old printers with colour, removing black at last (7) INJECTS {INkJE{C}TS} Anno for C and insertion not clear 
19 Deft murder covered by singular journalist (7) SKILLED {S}{KILL}{ED}
20 Rained viciously without end, into sewer (5) DRAIN RAINeD* End = E?
21 Laced, entangled around broken cone (9) CONCEALED {C{CONE*}ALED*} What's the defintion here?
25 Inflamed by bad news about love twice lost at the outset (7) SWOLLEN {SW{O}{Lost}{Lost}EN*}
26 Thorium that’s inside solvent (7) THINNER {TH}{INNER}
28 Grins brokenly outside Engineering School at first and calls it quits (7) RESIGNS {R{En...g}{Sc...l}IGNS*}
29 University faculty (7) COLLEGE [DD]

1   Joint provider of coverage for people (6) PUBLIC {PUB}{LIC}
2   Refrain from hiding in places like Turkmenistan, Zanzibar (6) STANZA [T]
3   Perch’s right home for birds or ancestors? (4) TREE [DD]
4   Final sorry stems awkwardly from government (6) SYSTEM {s..rY+STEMS}*
5   Selects application, with interest in operating system (8) APPOINTS {APP}{O{INT}S}
6   Professional sleuth starts to devise endgame, dismissed for caring (10) PROTECTIVE {PRO}{deTECTIVE}
7   British mark the French backward, accepting the first immigrant (8) COLONIAL {COLON}{Im...t}{LA<=}
8   Rested, remain in action (8) DEPENDED {DE{PEND}ED}
14 Lengthy coo loosely means... (10) TECHNOLOGY*
16 Indian bid cannibalises U.S. enterprise (8) INDUSTRY {IND}{US}{TRY}
17 Shoreless sea no good, top judge rules, makes you go green (8) JEALOUSY {sEA}{LOUSY}<=>{J}
18 Sloppy kiss scene has no end, it is vomit-inducing (8) SICKNESS {KISS+SCENe}*
22 Unfrozen spot? (6) NOTICE {NOT ICE}
23 One who yearns for more time? (6) LONGER [DD]
24 Thorny fruit’s rough at the top, pudgy in the middle (6) DARTED  {DA{Ro..h}TE}{puDgy}
27 Indolence oddly loses no sleep (4) I?L? (Addendum - IDLE InDoLencE -See comments)

Reference List
Long = L, Even = E?, Singular = S, The in French = LA, No = N

Sunday 20 February 2022

Special, Sunday 20 Feb 2022, THC 7703 from 19 Jun 2003

Blast from the past. After all answers are in try and guess who the setter is.

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3190, Sunday 20 Feb 2022

1   Cryptically artful. False? That's a big no (4,7) FLAT REFUSAL*
9   Ultimately pomelo varieties? (7) ORANGES {p...lO}{RANGES} &lit
10 It's travelled fast, leading to hurly-burly? (7) TORNADO {TORN}{ADO}Semi&lit
11 In microwave, reheats a little nightcap: nobleman's losing head (5) NUKES {Ni...p}{dUKES}
12 Pumpernickel, reportedly dry, raised (3,5) RYE BREAD (~ wry bred)
14 On cue, fairy might become confrontational (2-4-4) IN-YOUR-FACE*
15 Eat some ketchup (4) ETCH [T]
17 Last imbecile (4) GOON {GO ON}
19 EU backs protective measure, British pound for French food (6,4) CORDON BLEU {EU}<=>{CORDON}{B}{L}
21 In Qatar, perhaps good to leave the country (8) EMIGRATE {EMI{G}RATE}
23 Valued – or scolded (5) RATED [DD]
25 Rowling initially overwhelmed by Potter: she writes adult novels (7) DRABBLE {D{Ro...g}ABBLE} 
26 First-year student's increasingly amorous (7) FRESHER [DD]
27 Is later worried about sin, provides images (11) ILLUSTRATES {IS+LATER}* over {LUST}

1   Honestly cunning to hide class (7) FRANKLY {F{RANK}LY}
2   An unrivalled governor: unofficial supremo, then ubiquitous sovereign, primarily? (8) AUGUSTUS Acrostic Semi&lit
3   Flower is one of eight, we're told (4) ROSE (~rows)
4   They're seen in cells, tubby policemen eating a bit of shortbread (5,5) FATTY ACIDS {FATTY}{A}{CID}{Sh...d}
5   Abandon husband becoming cold in Bush (5) SCRUB S(-h+c}CRUB
6   Most barren meadow where birds found (7) LEANEST {LEA}{NEST}
7   Sound teaching, organised, taking register (8,5) COUNTING HEADS*
8   Ignores discomfort when wearing tank top? (4-9) COLD-SHOULDERS [C&DD] 
13 Easy displaying softer self (10) EFFORTLESS*
16 Strangely, inert gas is most likely to combust (8) ANGRIEST*
18 Everyman's getting a cheque returned: what's needed is folding stuff (7) ORIGAMI {I'M}{A}{GIRO}<=
20 They're seen at doorways, somewhat flat-chested (7)
22 Sideways look offered up, taking in bold defiant figure (5) REBEL {LE{B}ER<=}
24 A group of airmen takes to the skies, covering great distance (4) AFAR {A}{RAF<=}

Reference List
British = B, Pound = L, Good = G, Husband = H, Cold = C, Bold = B

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday #72, Sunday 20 Feb 2022, Incognito

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday can be accessed at the link given below. You need to register and sign in using an email ID and password, subscription may or may not be required.
The crossword is not being blogged as the annotations are provided in the interactive version itself which can be seen if you click on 'Show a hint' under the 'reveal' tab on the top.

The same will be posted on every Sunday at 6 AM.


Saturday 19 February 2022

No 13484, Saturday 19 Feb 2022, Dr. X


1 Comedian’s repertoire — showing butt (8,5) LAUGHING STOCK (DD?)
8 Backs staff on the contrary, leaving director unhappy (5) DORSA {ROD<=}{SAd}
9 Mischievous rogue, one finding spot primarily arousing sexual desire (9) EROGENOUS {ROGUE+ONE+Spot*}
11 Unattractive, frightfully pale developing suntan outside (10) UNPLEASANT {SUNTAN*} around {PALE*}
12 Row in river behind moor (4) TIER {TIE}{R}
14 Drunkard in hole, staggering in African country (7) LESOTHO {HOLE*} around {SOT}

16 One getting fired in England, overwhelmed by shock (4,3) STEN GUN {ST{EN G}UN}
17 Extremely floral spot in spring (7) FLOUNCE {FL}{OUNCE}
19 Beastly youngster, ultimately blotto in club, tottering (4,3) LION CUB {blottO+IN+CLUB*}
21 Huge panther circling town in Nigeria (4) UGEP (T)
22 Broad is oddly sick after swilling lager beer (5-5) LARGE SCALE {LAGER*}{SiCk}{ALE}
25 Train crashed, crushing old actor specialising in sad roles (9) TRAGEDIAN {TRAIN*} around {AGED}
26 Hit the bottle hard finally, disgusting (5) DRANK {harD}{RANK}
27 Reach London slyly to meet Queen in secret (4,3,6) HOLE AND CORNER {REACH+LONDON*}{ER}


2 Advanced brace reviewed, very suitable (7) APROPOS {A}{PROP}{SO<=}
3 Finished going round wonderful saint’s memorial (10) GRAVESTONE {G{RAVE}{ST}ONE}
4 Mobile user tackling medical problem (5) ILEUS (T)
5 High on LSD, urge to get weed (9) GROUNDSEL {ON+LSD+URGE*}
6 Pretty woman in T-shirt (4) TWEE {T{W}EE}
7 Preparing to talk amorously, seeking relations with girl (7) COOKING {COO}{KIN}{G}
8 Disbelief about foul ale servedleaving over bad service again (6,5) DOUBLE FAULT {DOUB{FoUL+ALE*}T}
10 Tell about group getting case of beer for Easter holiday (6,5) SPRING BREAK {SP{RING}{BeeR}EAK}
13 Review board, right to catch fraud (10) RECONSIDER {RE{CON}SIDE}{R}
15 Choice includes reconstructing ear in surgery (9) OPERATION {OPT{EAR*}ION}
18 Aromatic herb and eggs over cooking range (7) OREGANO {O{RANGE*}O}
20 Fake created by artist in African country, close to immaculate (7) CHARADE {CHA{RA}D}{immaculatE}
23 Good film in retrospect, relating to units of heredity (5) GENIC {G}{CINE<=}
24 Join girl leaving lake (4) MERE {MERgE}

Reference List

Director=D, River=R, Drunkard=Sot, England=Eng, Queen=ER
Advanced=A, Very=So, Saint=St, Woman=W, T-Shirt=Tee, Girl=G, Over=O, Right=R, Eggs=OO, Artist=Ra, Good=G, Girl=G

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous