Monday 30 November 2020

No 13106, Monday 30 Nov 2020, Lightning

Solution to 13A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Wise men join spies with new illusionist (8) MAGICIAN {MAGI}{CIA}{N}
5   Like persuasive force, retreating to Thor’s home (6) ASGARD {AS}{DRAG<=}
9   Diplomacy protects royal leader returning with impetus (8) TRACTION {T{R}ACT}{NO1<=}
10 Auditor’s breakfast item in series (6) SERIAL (~cereal)
12 Bowled out old Australian captain in command (5) ORDER bORDER
13 Lawless, start unit that could protect small companies (9) A?T?T?U?T (Adendun - ANTITRUST* - See comments) 
14 Arrive missing a day of fun (6) COMEDY {COME}{DaY}
16 Society carried by superhero like Tendulkar, say (7) BATSMAN {BAT{S}MAN}
19 It could be used to portray saint without top drawing aid (7) STENCIL {ST}{pENCIL}
21 Stage about right for remark (6) PHRASE {PH{R}ASE}
23 Period returning interrogators had to eliminate (9) ERADICATE {ERA}{CID<=}{ATE}
25 Society with a cause for worry in shock (5) SCARE {S}{CARE}
26 Morph a news segment featuring child without parents (6) ORPHAN [T]
27 Container with shredded old mail that contains two terms (8) BINOMIAL {BIN}{O+MAIL}*
28 Laidback about measure on prohibition (6) DENIAL {D{EN}IAL<=}
29 Curtailed choice to stay inside drunk by evening (8) TWILIGHT {T{WILl}IGHT}

1   Saw emergency room cover ordinary streak of light (6) METEOR {MET}{E{O}R}
2   Impressive broadcast organised (9) GRANDIOSE*
3   Attend to former American president right away (5) CATER CArTER
4   A routine king wasted with unknown divergence (7) ANOMALY {A}{NOrMAL}{Y}
6   Doctor protects a witness (9) SPECTATOR*
7   A roller primarily unused is so long (5) ADIEU {A}{DIE}{Un...d}
8   Making thinner bore frames until damaged (8) DILUTING {DI{UNTIL*}G}
11 Put out smoke at first with water container (4) STUB {Sm..e}{TUB}
15 Each land I wandered for dish (9) ENCHILADA*
17 Communication difficulty with getting old (9) MESSAGING {MESS}{AGING}
18 It soared around minor planet (8) ASTEROID*
20 Principal element (4) LEAD [DD]
21 Producer’s primary critique for trailer (7) PREVIEW {Pr...r}{REVIEW}
22 Magic initially lacking energy takes first shot (6) PELLET {sPELL}{E}{Ta..s}
24 Was penthouse concealing a tree? (5) ASPEN [T]
25 Small animal with large frown (5) SCOWL {S}{COW}{L}

Reference List
New = N, Royal = R, Bowled = B, Society = S, Right = R, Old = O, Measure = EN, Ordinary = O, King = R, Unknown = Y, Energy = E, Small = S, Large = L

Sunday 29 November 2020

Special, Sunday 29 Nov 2020, Veeyares

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please submit all your answers in one comment. 



The Sunday Crossword No 3126, Sunday 29 Nov 2020

1   'Horribly boring Belarus': that'll get the citizenry worked up (6,7) RABBLE ROUSING*
8   Knocked back, it's a wine from Piedmont (4) ASTI [T<=] Semi&lit
9   Instagram entry displaying demon: about right to get 'like' (Jeff Koons' work) (4-6) POST-MODERN {POST}{MODE{R}N*}
10 Mark a git's been given, being contrary – disgrace (6) STIGMA {M} in {A+GITS}*
11 Senselessness involving stupidity, to start with! (8) INSANITY {IN{St...s}ANITY} &lit
12 Dutch award initially rejected by German author, being big beast (9) DOBERMANN {D}{OBE}{Re...d}{MANN}
14 Letters from Greece – audible expressions of yearning (4) PSIS (~sighs)
15 Part of actualité? (4) FACT [T] &lit
16 Game hand makes you freak out (2,7) GO BANANAS {GO}{BANANAS}
20 Traditional halibut prepared with aïoli starter (8) HABITUAL {HALIBUT+Aioli}*
21 What Everyman's pen creates: like some Shakespearean verses (6) IAMBIC {I'AM}{BIC}
23 In review: small bit of land where O Canada's sung, principally, alongside river! (4,6) NOVA SCOTIA {AIT}{O}{Ca...a}{Sung}{AVON}<= &lit
24 Even so, the writer's a beast (4) YETI {YET}{I}
25 Interpret corner key, incorrectly, as aid in calculation (5,8) READY RECKONER {READ}{CORNER+KEY}*

1   Oddly rejected Fruit Shoots; took rice dish (7) RISOTTO {fRuItS}{ShOoTs}{ToOk}
2   Half-cut, putting together tacky jewellery (5) BLING assemBLING
3   Bishop's left one part of hand covered in salve (3,4) LIP BALM {L}{1}{P{{B}ALM}
4   Aristotle unsure about act of stupid bravado (7,8) RUSSIAN ROULETTE*
5   2nd of August: Farah's entered racing event, making maximum effort (6) UTMOST {aUg..t}{T{MO'S}T}
6   Here, one's surrounded by Asian land ... or water!? (9) INDONESIA {IND{ONES}IA} Semi&lit
7   Vacuous gadfly speeds, goes for a spin (7) GYRATES {Ga..lY}{RATES}
13 Each lad in resort gets Mexican food (9) ENCHILADA*
15 Prefer to include tip of liquorice, for taste (7) FLAVOUR {F{Li...e}AVOUR}
17 Leaders from Antigua & Barbuda irritate king with trapped wind; this will be tricky (1,3,3) A BIG ASK {An...a}{Ba...s}{Ir...e}{GAS}{King}
18 Heading off, navigator defying gravity? (7) AVIATOR nAVIgATOR &lit
19 Hoo-hah about cryogenic extract (6) OUTCRY [T]
22 Primarily, Mesoamerican / ancient Yucatan, architecturally notable? (5) MAYAN Acrostic &lit

Reference List
Hand = Cluster of bananas, Right = R, Mark = M, Dutch = D, Bishop = B, Left = L, Gravity = G

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday # 13, Sunday 29 Nov 2020, Incognito

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday can be accessed at the link given below. The interactive version at the link is free you just need to sign in using an email ID and password, no subscription is required.

The crossword is not being blogged as the annotations are provided in the interactive version itself which can be seen if you click on 'Show a hint' under the 'reveal' tab on the top.

The same will be posted on every Sunday at 6 AM.


Saturday 28 November 2020

No 13105, Saturday 28 Nov 2020, Incognito


8 Scotsman returns carrying large mollusc (4) CLAM {MAC<=} around {L}

9 Capital part of Coromandel history (5) DELHI (T)
10 Hideous adder left guardedly when confused (4) UGLY {GUardedLY}*
11 Remove cork  and stop supply of juice? (6) UNPLUG (DD) Juice=Electricity
12 Forcibly take drunk sailor (8) HIGHJACK {HIGH}{JACK}
13 Exponential increase in deliveries? (4,4) BABY BOOM (CD)
15 Tram leaves Tambaram carrying a rookie to IAF base (6) AMBALA {tamBArAM}* around {A}{L}
17 Confirms at cricket matches (7) ATTESTS {AT}{TESTS}
19 Tan sari folded for empress (7) TSARINA {TAN+SARI}*
22 Support little dog going after professional (4,2) PROP UP {PRO}{P UP}
24 Drug made from hemp and iron (8) MORPHINE {HEMP+IRON}*
26 Perhaps, Mac disturbs Croatian (8) RAINCOAT {CROATIAN}*
28 Sketcher’s storage space (6) DRAWER (DD)
30 Redraw line... line going generally northward in map of Africa (4) NILE {LINE}*
31 Salvation Army church has uniform gravy (5) SAUCE {SA}{U}{CE}
32 South African Lieutenant’s agreement to limit launchers (4) SALT {SA}{LT}

1 Left in tin for tribe (4) CLAN {C{L}AN}
2 Hand // part of staff (8) EMPLOYEE (DD)
3 Slowly, a soldier captures lawman with ring (6) ADAGIO {A}{DA}GI}{O}
4 My chela developed medieval science? (7) ALCHEMY {MY+CHELA}*
5 Sketches Sir Adam excitedly hugging girl (8) DIAGRAMS {SIR+ADAM}* around {G}
6 State: “Poke after joke” (6) PUNJAB {PUN}{JAB}
7 Pueblo county’s political alliance (4) BLOC (T)
14 Romeo left diced carrot and ham? (5) ACTOR {CArROT}*
16 Fifty nine rejected famous leader (5) LENIN {L}{NINE<=}
18 Pat returns to hotel next to river and bar (8) TAPHOUSE {PAT<=}{H}{OUSE}
20 Practice on funeral carriage (8) REHEARSE {RE}{HEARSE}
21 A companion at old city is unprofessional (7) AMATEUR {A}{MATE}{UR}
23 Better pet run is designed (6) PUNTER {PET+RUN}*
25 Water body that might be seared? (3,3) RED SEA {SEARED}*
27 French friend gets right chief (4) AMIR {AMI}{R}
29 General sent back small marine creatures (4) EELS {LEE<=}{S}
Reference List
Scotsman=Mac, Large=L, Sailor=Jack, Rookie=L, Professional=Pro, Salvation Army=SA, Church=CE (Church of England), Uniform=U, South African=Sa, Lieutenant=Lt, Left=L, Soldier=GI, Lawman=DA, Ring=O, Girl=G, Romeo=R, Fifty=L, Hotel=R, River=Ouse, On=Re, Old city=Ur, French friend=Ami, Right=R, General=Lee, Small=S
Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 27 November 2020

No 13104, Friday 27 Nov 2020, Incognito


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM. 

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

7   North African doctors’ room (4) MOOR*
8   Want a trek to be organised to reservoir? (5,4) WATER TANK*
10 Cast actorshero for heroine, perhaps, or vice versa (2-4) CO-STAR*
11 Panel is ordered by Earl? That’s fine! (8) PENALISE {PANEL+IS}*{E}
12 Smear pan haphazardly to make cheese (8) PARMESAN*
14 Wild rage displayed by an American President (6) REAGAN {RAGE*}{AN}
16 Snow ball fight? Part of erstwhile hostilities between the Soviet Union and the U.S.! (4,3) COLD WAR {COLD}{WAR}
18 Dashes ------ (7) HYPHENS [Definition by example]
21 Violent militants throw man off mountain in the Uri Alps (6) TITLIS {mILITanTS}*
23 Devil arranged ring with Queen’s initials for sinner (4-4) EVIL-DOER {DEVIL*}{O}{ER}
25 Rubbed mad sages the wrong way (8) MASSAGED*
27 Taste some sauce... Enough! (6) SAMPLE {Sa..e}{AMPLE}
29 Walks around in dress (astronaut’s dress) (9) SPACESUIT {S{PACES}UIT}
30 Cosy home in TalinnEstonia (4) NEST [T]

1   CooA Lord is travelling in state! (8) COLORADO*
2   Go out! Grotto is collapsing! Run! (4) TROT gROTTo*
3   Oath in paramilitary force to produce weapons (6) SWORDS {S{WORD}S}
4   Remit (including honorary payment) allowance (7) STIPEND {S{TIP}END}
5   Excitedly, Renoir covers girl with some yellow colour (4,4) IRON GREY {IRON{G}RE*}{Ye...w}
6   Cry, “Ring” (4) CALL [DD] 
9   Endlessly shake/stir a porridge (5) KASHA {SHAKe}*{A}
13 Setter and young boy return to get gong! (5) MEDAL {ME}{LAD<=}
15 Tailless animal concealed insect (5) APHID {APe}{HID}
17 Conveyed, “Since design is manipulated” (8) ASSIGNED {AS}{DESIGN*}
19 Unnecessary sewing implement on ship (8) NEEDLESS {NEEDLE}{SS}
20 Pronounce the text, dear (4,3) READ OUT {DEAR}* [RA]
22 Leaders of Indian mosques and Muslim scholars (5) IMAMS Acrostic &lit
24 Tunis ruins contain some items not removed from their original location (2,4) IN SITU {TUNIS}* over {It..s}
26 Mistakenly eats perch (4) SEAT*
28 Money plant? (4) MINT [DD] (Addendum - [CD] - See comments)

Reference List
Queen's initials = ER, Girl = G, Ship = SS

Thursday 26 November 2020

No 13103, Thursday 26 Nov 2020, Arden

Solution to 4A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Tough going today!

1   It prevents dust from getting inthe fancy moustache? (6) MUCOSA {MUCOSA+THE}* = {MOUSTACHE} [CA]
4   Fear capital — restricted to a very short distance (8) ?N?S?R?M (Addendum - ANGSTROM {ANGST}{ROMe} - See comments)
9   One takes middle path, Siemens keep to themselves (6) LONERS {L}{ONE}{R}{S}
10 Order to include Channel Islands event (8) INCIDENT {IN{CI}DENT}
12 Cross over, Newton; trouble may be dead as they say (8) DOORNAIL {ROOD<=}{N}{AIL}
13 Gas inside the new bottle (6) ETHENE [T]
15 Heard Mao, say, was saw toothed, felt pity (12) COMMISERATED (~commie serrated)
18 Pushes to the peak, by decree it’s part of American breakfast (4,8) EGGS BENEDICT {EGGS}{BEN}{EDICT}
21 Love to take up slack, is it a flower? (6) OXALIS {O}{LAX<=}{IS}
22 Every other boathouse to make do with an instrument (8) OTOSCOPE {bOaThOuSe}{COPE}
24 Part of aircraft — standard practice ultimately over use (8) FUSELAGE {F{USE}LAG}{p...cE}
25 Dog to get us back in pristine condition (6) PURSUE {PUR{US<=}E}
26 Farthest spot among others (8) REMOTEST {RE{MOTE}ST}
27 On being pressed between metals, marked by extreme pain (6) AGONAL {AG}{ON}{AL}

1   Curse the fellow, he is half a tyrant (8) MALEDICT {MALE}{DICTator}
2   Study a flower, in a way it will be clear (8) CONSOMME {CON}{SOMME}
3   Settling down takes an hour, anyhow love it being very shy (9,6) SHRINKING VIOLET {S{HR}INKING}{LOVE+IT}*
5   Zero for an endless composition (4) NONE NONEt 
6   Simon’s perhaps getting food sent up from city (5,10) SAINT PETERSBURG {SAINT PETERS}{GRUB<=}
7   Smoke jacket (6) REEFER [DD]
8   I bank on trade (6) M?T?E? (Addendum - METIER {ME}{TIER} - See comments)
11 Almost accomplished, lines varied (7) DIVERSE {DId}{VERSE}
14 Look at title, not even the newspaper (7) GAZETTE {GAZE}{TiTlE}
16 What comes from this place in France is neat... (8) LIMOUSIN [C&DD]
17 ... some of the people there always look exquisite (8) ETHEREAL [T]
19 About to give the chest (6) COFFER {C}{OFFER}
20 Said to be a nice-looking coach (6) HANSOM (~handsome)
23 Times, Im not there in the pictures (4) AGES imAGES

Reference List
Siemens = S, Newton = N, About = C 

Wednesday 25 November 2020

No 13102, Wednesday 25 Nov 2020, Arden

Solution to 29A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Plant letting gents in shifts (8,6) STINGING NETTLE*
10 Maybe Russian returns to Texas city half-heartedly (5) SALAD DALlAS<=
11 Seafood — with shelled clam, tongues wag (9) LANGOUSTE {cLAm}{TOMGUES*}
12 Study covers abode in the sky, time for disagreement (7) DISSENT {D{ISS}EN}{T}
13 Crack up during watch, making things damp (7) SEEPAGE {SE{GAPE<}E}
14 Steal bowl in two pieces (5) PROWL Anno pending (Addendum - {PROW}{L} bow=prow - See comments)
16 Trouble between animal and insect, one will attack (9) ASSAILANT {ASS}{AIL}{ANT}
19 Break seal, try to bury the dead (3,2,4) LAY TO REST*
20 Assume a spot without pressure (5) ADOPT {A}{DO{P}T}
22 Dealt with danger, only whined (7) GROANED {DANGER+O}*
25 Inclination and skill required for defence (7) RAMPART {RAMP}{ART}
27 Daily covers match, shortly one faces rough music (9) CHARIVARI {CHA{RIVAl}R}{1}
28 Expression could be sans forced admission (5) IDIOM {IDIOM+SANS}*={ADMISSION} [CA]
29 Organising colonisers, half of them initially (5,9) L?R?E ?N?E?T?N?  (Addendum LARGE INTESTINE Organising COLONisers - See comments)

2   Party divided over shifting stall, can’t believe it! (4,5) TALL STORY {T{STALL*}ORY}
3   Butt exposed around midnight (5) NUDGE {NUD{niGht}E}
4   One and all — pick up rag if nervous (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE {ALL}{1}<={TEASE}
5   Sun, for example rises, that’s class (5) GENUS {SUN}{EG}<=
6   Secrets of raising those missing high plants (9) ESOTERICA {ThOSE<=}{ERICA}
7   Inventor from South, heard in falsetto (5) TESLA [T<=]
8   Others following the first lady to the top (7) EVEREST {REST}<=>{EVE}
9   Usurped heartlessly, maybe there’s nothing left (4,2) USED UP USUrPED*
15 Could be online, say, from a French city (9) LYONNAISE*
17 Grumpy, like to go up and hit the sack by twelve latest (9) SATURNINE {AS<=}{TURN IN}{t...vE}
18 Love one to work for their share (9) ADORATION {A}{DO}{RATION}
19 Natural for soldier to enter bar (7) LOGICAL {LO{GI}CAL}
21 Shabby clothes Parisian friend spread on the floor (6) TATAMI {TAT}{AMI}
23 If exposed, won’t rain, try broadcasting (2,3) ON AIR {wONt}{rAIn}{tRy}
24 Removed and spent (5) DRAWN [DD]
26 Largest one in the middle is wet (5) MOIST {MO{1}ST}

Reference List
Time = T, Pressure = P, Only =O, Soldier = GI

Tuesday 24 November 2020

No 13101, Tuesday 24 Nov 2020, Arden

Solution to 1D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   In fact swimmer gets unravelled (7) DECODED {DE{COD}ED}
5   Slight or short back cover (7) AFFRONT {AFt}{FRONT} 
9   Poet follows one in a slow tempo (5) DANTE anDANTE
10 Looking extremely unhealthy, market closed early at the bottom (9) SALLOWEST {SALe}{LOWEST}
11 In the middle of flat strip, she washes (9) LAUNDRESS {fLAt}{UNDRESS}
12 Deadly force on a former PM initially (5) FATAL {F}{ATAL}
13 Strive for a point of opinion (4) VIEW {VIE}{W}
15 Greek hero’s painstaking, sick (8) ACHILLES {ACH{ILL}ES}
18 If you have the will you will get it (8) HEIRLOOM [CD]
19 Cut back skittles (4) SNIP<=
22 Preamble reviewed, in short nine times (5) INTRO [T<=]
24 Boy’s other name is Don Juan (6,3) LADIES MAN {LAD}{NAME+IS}*
26 Accuse hotel in NewYork county (9) ALLEGHENY {ALLEG{H}E}{NY}
27 Start using some rejected religious text (5) SUTRA [T<=]
28 Procession over, over for the King (7) MONARCH {M{ON}ARCH}
29 Gathers from late hires, as they say (7) DEDUCES (~ dead uses)

1   Hand out getting doubled, a piece of cake (6) D?D?L? (Addendum - DODDLE {DO{DD}LE} - See comments)
2   Firm new figure, take in as a mistress (9) CONCUBINE {CO}{N}{CUB{IN}E}
3   Fear as old man’s about to interfere (5) DREAD {D{RE}AD}
4   Criminal sped away, time to act (9) DESPERADO {SPED*}{ERA}{DO}
5   Finally, detailed map (5) ATLAS {AT LASt}
6   Customers pay for cataracts (9) FOOTFALLS {FOOT}{FALLS}
7   Open secret, Charlie’s gone (5) OVERT cOVERT
8   Sing about last PM once, in short (6) TATTLE {a..uT}{ATTLEe}
14 Hot over Germany — many left Hitler for what he was (9) WARMONGER {WARM}{ON}{GERmany}
16 Mary had crossed a dead snake (9) HAMADRYAD {MARY+HAD} over {A}{D}
17 Cryptic puzzle — fled from magnetic field (9) ENIGMATIC {ENIGMATIC+FLED}* = {MAGNETIC FIELD} [CA]
20 Broadcast said Royal Marines will demobilise (6) DISARM {SAID+RM}*
21 Reportedly, wants to make some dough (6) KNEADS (~needs)
23 Short story on claw (5) TALON {TALe}{ON}
24 Parasite finds shelter over church (5) LEECH {LEE}{CH}
25 Place cleared, happy to be comforted (5) EASED plEASED

Reference List
Force = F, Point = W, Hotel = H, New = N, About = RE,  Charlie = C, Dead = D, Church = CH, Place = PL

Monday 23 November 2020

No 13100, Monday 23 Nov 2020, Arden

Solution to 7D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance. 

1   Magazine a failure, it’s ticking along (4,4) TIME BOMB {TIME}{BOMB}
5   It is part of a music review, still... (6) STATIC {C{IT}ATS}<= It should have been 'musical'
10 ... As moving cranes pick one (7) ARSENIC {ARSEN{1}C*}
11 State tax, I’m able to follow (7) VATICAN {VAT}{I CAN}
12 Alphonso, perhaps he is game (5) MANGO {MAN}{GO}
13 He makes things difficult for people in the hills (9) TORMENTOR {TOR}{MEN}{TOR}
14 Have no hope of converting to fresh water (4,3,5) FEAR THE WORST*
18 Made a crucial adjustment to optical device (6,6) CAMERA LUCIDA*
21 First pay a rent — promising 50% side by side (4,5) PARI PASSU {Pay}{A}{RIP}{ASSUring}
23 A fighter’s only friend (5) AMIGO {A}{MIG}{O}
24 Auden or other bards’ work (7) RONDEAU*
25 Great assembly, like to make people disperse with this (4,3) TEAR GAS {GREAT}*{AS}
26 Turn over, hard to kiss someone with a frozen smile (6) SPHINX {SP{H}IN}{X}
27 Yes, it’s dirty and it’s genuine (4-4) TRUE-BLUE {TRUE}{BLUE}

1   Summarisation leads to mission in distress (6) TRAUMA {TRAUMA+MISSION = SUMMARISATION} [CA]
2   Thinking America will stop China (6) MUSING {M{US}ING}
3   An old criminal drowning in booze, can take in many rounds (9) BANDOLIER {B{AN+OLD}*IER} (Correction - {B{AN+OLD}*EER} - See comments)
4   Make fun, or let us put out this on the menu (4,6,4) MOCK TURTLE SOUP {MOCK}{OR+LET+US+PUT}* 
6   The thing comes in for tax (5) TITHE {T{IT}HE}
7   One’s implicated in law, successively withdrawn (8) T?C?T?R?  (Addendum - TACITURN {AC{1}T} in {TURN} - See comments)
 It could be cast, cast initially on an island (8) CONCRETE {Cast}{ON}{CRETE}
9   Close the balance for drugs without prescription (4-3-7) OVER-THE-COUNTER {OVER}{THE}{COUNTER}
15 May be a run before a wash — one’s fully aware (4,5) WIDE AWAKE {WIDE}{A}{WAKE}
16 Doctor respects symbols of power (8) SCEPTRES*
17 Herb in India, ageless until the end (8) AMARANTH {AMAR}{ANTH}
19 Keeping watch over writing of a Roman bard (6) VIRGIL {VI{R}GIL}
20 Navigation aid called, could be part of the last course (6) MOUSSE (~mouse)
22 Clean and tidy central area in prison (5) PREEN {P{aREa}EN}

Reference List
Only = O, Hard = H, Kiss = X, Ageless in Hindi = AMAR, he end in Hindi = ANTH, Writing = R