Wednesday 31 December 2014

No 11280, Wednesday 31 Dec 2014, Anitya


7   In which there will be a young charge (4,4) BABY CRIB [CD] With my love for food I had so many options here BABY GRUB, LADY CRAB and so on ...
9   Poor, poor American allowing seepage (6) POROUS {POOR*}{US}
10 Peak of a prince, former partner (4) APEX {A}{P}{EX}
11 Still this person might be over-learning (10) UNDERSTUDY {UNDER}{STUDY}
12 Range where Rex finds himself in a rise that isn't steady (6) SIERRA {SIE{R}RA*}
14 Timid Ell, confused, has scheduled badly (3-5) ILL-TIMED*
15 Currency conversion quotes bringing 'tears'? (8,5) EXCHANGE RATES {TEARS}*
17 It is not a noteworthy container (4,4) NOUN CASE Definition by example
19 Terminating the final part (6) ENDING [DD]
21 Cheat's hint about short Siva proves clinching (10) CONCLUSIVE {CON}{CLU{SIVa}E}
22 Top performer backs followers of Pied Piper (4) RATS <=
23 Intense dreads, say (6) FIERCE (~fears)
24 It tells you where to affix your endorsement (4,4) SIGN HERE [CD]

1   Thanks to primarily intensive physical education by one city (6) TAIPEI {TA}{I}{P}{E}{1}
2   Big cat's connections heard (4) LYNX (~links)
3   Brother almost out — laughter creates big to-do (8) BROUHAHA {BR}{OUt}{HAHA}
4   Pairs in a different manner with learner in a sort of binding (6) SPIRAL {PAIRS*}{L}
5   A mariner's bent for being coerced (3-7) ARM-TWISTED {A}{RM}-{TWISTED}
6   Son to discard no winter clothes (3,5) SUN DRESS {S}{UN DRESS}
8   One yet to flower into a brilliant person (7,6) BUDDING GENIUS [CD]
13 Vrooming on the track, they may make arcs (6,4) RACING CARS {ARCS}*
15 Fiscally careful about spending (8) ECONOMIC [CD]
16 Emeer back; urge not starting to appear again (2-6) RE-EMERGE {RE-EME<=}{uRGE}
18 Offender is sailor, American, having hesitation (6) ABUSER {AB}{US}{ER}
20 A turn changing Oriental's character (6) NATURE {A+TURN}*{E}
22 Some ultra-hungry Hindu demon (4) RAHU [T]


Tuesday 30 December 2014

No 11279, Tuesday 30 Dec 2014, Mac

This CW, for me today, was like poetry in motion, with brilliant surfaces.

6   Absolute state (5) UTTER [DD]
8   Does this heavy vehicle put bovines to sleep? (9) BULLDOZER {BULL}{DOZER}
10 Small desk is sturdy (6) STABLE {S}{TABLE}
11 Chairman never dealt with leading criminal (8) CONVENER {CON}{NEVER*}
12 Ill-mannered little devil ordered to lie (8) IMPOLITE {IMP}{TO+LIE}*
13 Without salary for a long time (4) AGES wAGES
15 Incorporate central hint clued badly (7) INCLUDE {hINt}{CLUED*}
17 Liquate mixture for distilled liquid (7) TEQUILA*
20 Doctor starts to utilise medical instrument (4) DRUM {DR}{U}{M}
22 Judges take away right from corrupt barrister (8) ARBITERS BARrISTER*
25 Troop deployed with officer to follow set of rules (8) PROTOCOL {TROOP*}{COL}
26 Place in east Asia (6) ORIENT [DD]
27 Annoying pet's let in by mistake (9) PESTILENT*
28 Some had ultimately grown up (5) ADULT [T]

1   Proclamation from New Testament (9) STATEMENT*
2   He sells meat, halibut, cherries, sandwiches… (7) BUTCHER [T]
3   Neat lego construction spread out (8) ELONGATE*
4   Sailor to look after father (6) POPEYE {POP}{EYE}
5   Space research reveals a large asteroid (5) CERES [T]
7   Involve Romeo in mobile design (7) EMBROIL {EMB{R}OIL*}
9   Indian state said to be a place for fine foods (4) DELI (~delhi)
14 Naughty gal lying without a bit of remorse, in a painfully obvious manner (9) GLARINGLY {GAL*}{R}{LYING*}
16 Party amplifier that is left in one's home (8) DOMICILE {DO}{MIC}{I{L}E}
18 Criminal intruder denied a right, not taken to court (7) UNTRIED INTRUDEr*
19 Sweetheart's bold and liberal at heart (7) DARLING {DAR{Li...l}NG}
21 Cost to put in upturned wheel (6) ROTATE {R{OT<=}ATE}
23 Kickstart a system (4) BOOT [C&DD]
24 Snooped and overheard a group of lions (5) PRIED (~pride)


Monday 29 December 2014

No.11278, Monday 29 Dec 2014, Exa

Some very entertaining clues here! 

1 Close shortly before time is in order (4) NEAT (NEAr T)
3 Manage to pull off part in comical medley with some humorous leads (10) ACCOMPLISH (Part in COMICAL* Some Humorous) American spelling here - has no effect on clue ...
10 One can trash order (9) ANARCHIST (I CAN TRASH)* &LIT
11 Dislike stage having power cut (5) ODIUM (pODIUM)
12 Time to cut open stag for something meaty (7) BUTTOCK (Time TO cut into BUCK)
13 A newborn empire lost by exposing capital (7) PREEMIE (EMPIRE* Exposing)
14 Editor after drinking a quarter is relaxed (5) EASED (ED around A SE)
15 Old distressing term finally came to an end (7) EXTREME (EX TERM* camE)
18 About to fill a tile with a touch of red feature (7) ARTICLE (C in A TILE with a touch of Red)
21 A setter consumes bar dish (5) PETRI (PERI around T?) not sure of anno (Addendum - {PE{T}R}{I} - See comments)
24 Rent old tape for tiny one (7) TADPOLE (OLD TAPE)*
26 Showing mercy let nine off (7) LENIENT (LET NINE)*
27 Watch royal one inside lofty nest (5) EYRIE (EYE with R I inside)
28 Small parts come into play for specialist (9) ECONOMIST (S COME INTO)*
29 Keen to get aboard ship and win lottery (10) SWEEPSTAKE (keen=WEEP in SS+ TAKE)
30 Lives with the French in detached land (4) ISLE (IS LE)

1 Not far from New York, houses are made black (6) NEARBY (NY houses ARE* B)
2 Frenchman occupies an average home/flat (9) APARTMENT (M in A PAR TENT)
4 Shot tasted cold at first (7) CLICKED (C LICKED)
5 Cue plot twist having many parts (7) OCTUPLE (CUE PLOT)*
6 Nuisance holding rubbish object (7) PROTEST (PEST holding ROT)
7 I would love to include one masculine phrase (5) IDIOM (I'D O to include I, M)
8 Spoiled an electric unit lying within household borders (8) HAMPERED (AMPERE in H....D)
9 Facing northbound ship taking gold to California (6) ACROSS (SS OR CA)<
16 Outbreaks possibly impede rise of science (9) EPIDEMICS (IMPEDE* SCI<)
17 Initials of web address I type return explicit site — some server! (8) WAITRESS (Acrostic)
19 Photograph miss tucked into a part of bra (5-2) CLOSE UP (LOSE in CUP)
20 Small part of extremely economical event attracts men (7) ELEMENT (E..L E..T has MEN)
21 Ultimately compel intellectual to pick dresses for idiot (7) PILLOCK (compeL intellectuaL tO in PICK)
22 Get up and work on new tissue (6) TENDON (NET< DO N)
23 Carving, say, with uncertainty initially (6) STATUE (STATE with Uncertainty)
25 A sad number die having drugs regularly (5) DIRGE (DIE has dRuGs)

Sunday 28 December 2014

Prelim CWs from IXL-2014, Sunday, 28 Dec 2014, IXL, Vivek Singh & C.G. Rishikesh

Both the CWs used in the Preliminary round of the IXL finals are being posted today.

5 answers per commenter taking 2 from the 13x13 CW and 3 from the 15x15 CW. Annotations are to be compulsorily provided. As far as possible please provide all your answers in two comments 2 in one and 3 in the other.

As a matter of academic interest please also indicate the combined time taken by you to complete both. The time taken by the first finisher at the IXL was 32 minutes.

After 6 PM anyone can post the answers to the leftover clues if any.

PRELIM 13x13 by Mr Vivek Singh

1   Con carrier with a change of heart (5)
7   Stay dues computed after Mondays (8)
8   Tulsi leaf-tip conversion to tonic base is fundamental (5)
10 Falsehood engineer covered up with Bibi's decoration (10)
12 Narrowing down after second attempt at Orangutan's circle (8)
14 Partaking of tiger safari from a distance (4)
16 Old state Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi got back partially (4)
17 Charge on the principal? Appeal (8)
20 Children's favourite can't shuttle if left between part of Africa and Australia (5,5)
23 Plane crashed in the Himalayas (5)
24 Peculiar statement of condition by in-charge with deformed pecs (8)
25 The gutless examinee initially was embraced by senior guide (5)

1   Permit flap on top of computer (6)
2   Stylish swindler spares the other half (4)
3   Set fire to second-rate container (4)
4   Alien confronted by fool isn't a liability (5)
5   Contented on weekend, is one having food outside? (9)
6   Shylock, perhaps, was certain sitting in the old city (6)
9   Amulet Grace is a left-out (5)
11 Recruited a sharp head-postman earlier (9)
13 Sister has nobody to listen to (3)
15 If it's well, work is half done? (5)
16 Help and idiot first (6)
18 Loftier than the towering queen (6)
19 Legal relief for arrested head of steel plant (5)
21 Tony lost top abode (4)
22 A group outside the Bench (4)

Across Lite version of the 13x13 can be accessed at PRELIM 13x13

PRELIM 15x15 by C.G. Rishikesh

1   Command marriage partner to secrete exotic set (8)
5   Appear suddenly as a growth in the farmer's field, perhaps (4,2)
10 Element twisted in coils (7)
11 Better to get the little devil to wander off (7)
12 Led out of shrunken city (5)
13 Delay security structure for prison,maybe (9)
14 Wearing glasses, eye candy is in bed (12)
18 Straw men and girl involved in a test of strength (3-9)
21 Not secret, hardline deposition (9)
23 Solver, this is not present in age (5)
24 Rise in a scramble with girl - strike off again (7)
25 Lift bigwig online overwhelmed by Venee without limits (7)
26 Big noise created by shady business (6)
27 Expertly taking in setback of military eatery's diet (8)

1   Hamper wickerwork (6)
2   Indian party's quick blow creates sensation (6)
3   Storyteller: "Artist's cheat. True/False?" (9)
4   Hand is stretched for father's attempts in confectionery (6,8)
6   Coin from Europe lost nothing in exchange (5)
7   Investigation about a lawyer is likely to happen (8)
8   Leave out chapter in introduction (8)
9   These people argue for separation of union (7,7)
15 Anyone can be in such a way as to be a nuisance (9)
16 One who toils in a testing place with timeless traveller (8)
17 I tend to forget unusual names I see around Asia (8)
19 26 made by a rhyming pair (6)
20 Asthmatic's cry as last two letters bounce back (6)
22 Discrimination of son in British Museum (5)

Across Lite version of the 15x15 can be accessed at PRELIM 15x15


No 2821, Sunday 28 Dec 2014

1   Live in big apartment (4) FLAT {F{L}AT}
3   Bullion is secure inside plant (10) GOLDILOCKS {GOLD}{I{LOCK}S}
10 Understood about blocking wily subterfuge to send down student (9) RUSTICATE {RUS{TICAT<=}E}
11 Bird in church, by font, initially (5) FINCH {Font}{IN}{CH}
12 Somehow wealthier, hence can afford firework (9,5) CATHERINE WHEEL*
14 Tense, we brewed, and put in sugar (7) SWEETEN*
16 Employs symbols in operation (5,2) SIGNS ON {SIGNS}{ON}
17 Mrs Dalloway caught out in Greek city (7) LARISSA cLARISSA
19 Perhaps pens article about Ecstasy in Welsh city (7) SWANSEA {SWANS}{E}{A}
20 Children bet me I misinterpreted nursery rhyme (5,5,4) THREE BLIND MICE*
23 One interrupting beak causes row (5) NOISE {NO{1}SE}
24 Play patience (9) TOLERANCE [DD]
25 Frilly thing, clean item of bedwear (10) NIGHTDRESS {THING*}{DRESS}
26 Strength of character in Educating Rita (4) GRIT [T]

1   Word of warning by man on board where the crew is housed (10) FORECASTLE {FORE}{CASTLE}
2   Useful thing, when fixed (5) ASSET {AS}{SET}
4   Speech from leader of Opposition on fixed allowance (7) ORATION {Op...n}{RATION}
5   One inside discourages people trying to lose weight (7) DIETERS {D{1}ETERS}
6   Stranded, like Noah on Ararat? (4,4,3,3) LEFT HIGH AND DRY [C&DD]
7   Unanimity shown by clubs regarding count, we're told (9) CONSENSUS {C}{ON}{SENSUS}(~ census)
8   Small old house in part of central London (4) SOHO {S}{O}{HO}
9   Timidest trembling with nerves in ballet interlude (14) DIVERTISSEMENT*
13 Promise action (10) ENGAGEMENT [DD]
15 Human organ - length shown in article (9) EARTHLING {EAR}{TH{L}ING}
18 Judge arrives carrying snack (7) ARBITER {AR{BITE}R}
19 More than one buckler, maybe, is held awkwardly on set, at first (7) SHIELDS {IS+HELD}*{Set}
21 Ring in private (5) INNER [DD]
22 Clerical dignitary caught out immediately (4) ANON cANON

Saturday 27 December 2014

No. 11277, Saturday 27 Dec 14, Spinner

Good stuff for the most part. Liked ASCENT, AGREEING, CROSSING, COVER , COOLANTS, ASININITY and WEARINESS. However some of the synonyms/abbreviations seem far-fetched to me. Also repeated use of the same constructs (husband=H, that man/woman=HE/HER/SHE, Spinner=I) were not to my liking either. Looks like I got out of the wrong side of the bed today!

1 Bank has no source to money (6) ASCENT [hAS + money=CENT] 
4 Tricks with a bit of ingenuity create chances (8) CHICANES [Ingenuity CHANCES]* Not sure anagram indicator between fodder works
10 Puts money into fashionable undergarments (7) INVESTS [fashionable=IN + undergarments=VESTS]
11 Female superhero? (4,3) IRON MAN [Fe=IRON + male=MAN]
12 Settling for a young girl with a little intelligence (8) AGREEING [A + young=GREEN + Girl outside Intelligence]
13 Calling for attention to that woman’s lost husband (6) CAREER [attention=CARE + that woman=HER - Husband]
15 Hood and cape cover nocturnal being (4) COWL [Cape + nocturnal being=OWL]
17 Increase in regular charge (9) INFLATION [IN + regular=FLAT + charge=ION]  ION=charged particle?
20 Adoring mail to one who would lend you a ‘Spinner’? (3,6) FAN LETTER [spinner=FAN + one who would lend=LETTER]
21 Gamble on first letter or second letter (4) BETA [gamble=BET + first letter=A]
24 Integrated and tuned properly with basic instruments (6) UNITED [TUNED + Instruments]*
25 You might need at least one to solve this clue (8) CROSSING [CD]
28 Such a person has Cyclopean vision (3-4) ONE-EYED [CD]
29 Sister has a civil engineer’s degrees (7) NUANCES [sister=NUN outside A + Civil Engineer + 'S]
30 Editor initially alters/changes Shelley’s conclusion on a type of wind (8) EASTERLY [Editor + ALTERS* + shelleY]
31 That man’s back in vehicle reserved for those who are late (6) HEARSE [that man=HE + back=ARSE]

1 Compliance with a tender can put right initial errors (8) ABIDANCE [A + tender=BID + CAN* + Errors]
2 Caught deliveries from fielding position (5) COVER [Caught + deliveries=OVER]
3 Ate duck with that lady (6) NOSHED [duck=NOD outside that lady=SHE] duck=nod?
5 Spinner goes into that woman to produce successor (4) HEIR [spinner=I inside that woman=HER]
6 Coal’s not burning due to liquids that prevent heating (8) COOLANTS [COALS NOT]*
7 ‘No urn’ became disastrous; Cricket Australia left out champion (6,3) NUMBER ONE [NO URN BECAME - Cricket Australia]*
8 Many a star’s hot (6) SUNDRY [a star=SUN + hot=DRY] dry=hot?
9 Madness due to a tiny sin I made (9) ASININITY [A TINY SIN I]*
14 Draft some baffling clues endlessly and publish (9) BLUEPRINT [Baffling + cLUEs + publish=PRINT]
16 Exhaustion arises when thrashing and kicking husband out (9) WEARINESS [ARISES WHEN - Husband]*
18 Commercial involving Jekyll finally taking ecstasy and his alter ego, organic compound (8) ALDEHYDE [commercial=AD outside jekylL + Ecstasy + his alter ego=HYDE]
19 Generosity left a really good engineer saving seventy euros, tops! (8) LARGESSE [Acrostic]
22 Our ref resolved commotion (6) FURORE [OUR REF]*
23 Freedom for engineering prospect (6) ESCAPE [Engineering + prospect=SCAPE] Is E for Engineering from say B of E?
26 Provoke dog to follow lion regularly (5) INCUR [lIoN + dog=CUR]
27 Poem on village’s kinky lady following Spinner without any top (4) IDYL [spinner=I + LADY - Any*]

Friday 26 December 2014

No.11276, Friday 26 Dec 2014, Aspartame

Nice one ! Stumped for a few annos/answers

Across 6 Muscle pain got by a student in fitness centre around Iowa (7) MYALGIA ((A L GYM)* IA=Iowa) (A L in GYM<, IA) see comments 7 Model mountains around large mountains (3, 4) THE ALPS (T HEAPS around L) 9 Bones that can be denoted by R’s? (5) RADII (CD, in maths radius=r, hence Rs = radii, though I think the apostrophe is not necessary here) 10 Cried out when divorced partner took… (9) EXCLAIMED (EX CLAIMED) 11 … 1500 Lira, ran off behind a high officer (7) ADMIRAL (MD LIRA)* behind A is 'behind' superflous in wordplay since anagrind is required to be applied to MD too... see comments 13 Look into rotten pomade (6) LOTION (LO INTO*) 15 Craft with riches employs royal office of finance (13) TREASURERSHIP (TREASURE SHIP around R) 19 Indian saint hugs old boy at tree (6) BAOBAB (BABA* hugs OB), but how does the baba get contorted? Yoga? Is hugs an anind + containerind? (BABA around O + B) see comments 20 Novel sort of hallows? (7) DEATHLY (CD) Is there a book by that name? I thought the title of the novel was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 
Ichabod! I thought, but that is The Legend of the Sleepy Hollows
23 Work, eat, retire and repeat (9) REITERATE (EAT RETIRE)* 24 Place where charged up union is dispersed (5) IMBED (IMBUED-U) 26 A mutiny is emerging (7) ARISING (A RISING) 27 Facilitates message describing roofless cubicle (7) SMOOTHS (bOOTH in SMS)
Down 1 Assist worker (4) HAND (2)
Have A Nice Day, folks! 2 Goods found in chaotic Erie are richer in yolk (6) EGGIER (GG in ERIE*) 3 Drunk tall rogue (5, 4) LAGER LOUT (TALL ROGUE)* &LIT 4 Muscles pound before climbing road on mountains (8) LEVATORS (L AVE< TORS) 5 Stale Indian flour — not a food item. That’s nice! (3-7) OLD MAIDISH (OLD MAIDa DISH) where does the extra D go? Is the defn. sufficient? 6 Bowl of paste that will explode(6) MORTAR (3) bowl as in mortar and pestle, paste as in the stuff you put between bricks and as an explosive, I think. Military types may disagree: It is the mortar shell that explodes, not the mortar itself, hopefully ... 7 “Think first, then proceed”— essential to tackling problems (4) TACT (Think ACT) 8 Student escapes stealing a short track (6) SIDING (SLIDING SIDLING-L) see comments 12 A micro ring constitutes a sailboat configuration (7, 3) MARCONI RIG (A MICRO RING)* 14 Old US policy loans (4-5) -E-D -E-S- ?? (Addendum - LEND LEASE [CD] - See comments) 16 An accountant aimed to destroy the scientific community (8) ACADEMIA (A CA AIMED*) 17 Liberians found in Western Europe (6) IBERIA (T) 18 Greek god around young nymphs (6) HYADES (HADES around Y) 21 Foundation layer? (6) AMIDOL ? see comments 22 Tribal group’s biting tool (4) FANG (2) 25 Endless debate about test version (4) BETA (dEBATe)*


Thursday 25 December 2014

No 11275, Thursday 25 Dec 2014, Incognito


Enjoyed Incognito's Christmas offering. Besides the themed entries there is something more in the grid which I will leave for the other solvers else to detect.

8   Alpha leaves Beta with hot queen (4) BETH {BETa}{H}
9   Telecommunications without minutest components can be cost-effective (10) ECONOMICAL teLECOMmuniCAtIONs*
10 Bore my developed foetus (6) EMBRYO*
11 Curdled foodstuffs for pains after endless exercise (8) YOGHURTS {YOGa}{HURTS}
12 Bovine amphibian creature (8) BULLFROG {BULL}{FROG}
14 Six rings, though endless and recast, are uncontaminated (6) VIRGIN {VI}{RINGs*}
16 Second-hand American edition (4) USED {US}{ED}
17 Angry because this type of clue does not have the first letter (5) CROSS aCROSS
18 A sort of vote (4) VETO* &lit
19 Harbour a mad, sly, upper-class male (6) ASYLUM {A}{SLY*}{U}{M}
21 Pants and pockets (8) TROUSERS [DD]
23 Animals control animals (8) REINDEER {REIN}{DEER}
26 Pop's stout is placed in front of that lady (6) FATHER {FAT}{HER}
27 Alas, Tuscan turns into a presenter (5,5) SANTA CLAUS*
28 Coward, maybe, but no base learner (4) NOEL {NO}{E}{L}

1   Sir, Burmese organisation replenishes money spent (10) REIMBURSES*
2   Laughed comically, "Under-clothed, not nude" (8) CHORTLED undeR-CLOTHED*
3   American city has one red painter (6) RENOIR {RENO}{1}{R}
4   Sacred part of Soho lyceum (4) HOLY [T]
5   Pardons counterfeits around four (8) FORGIVES {FORG{IV}ES}
6   Drink a type of confectionery without ice (6) LIQUOR LIQUORice
7   Lure graduate with sex-appeal (4) BAIT {BA}{IT}
13 Great MC's spirit (5) GHOST {G}{HOST}
15 Meddled in fire tender reconstruction (10) INTERFERED*
17 Start company with some soldiers and an engineer (8) COMMENCE {COM}{MEN}{CE}
18 Calling on six posing after departure of model (8) VISITING {VI}{SITtING} 
20 This will sometimes be more than the width of rood in the middle of this grid (6) LENGTH [CD]
22 Ring a marine creature? That's stupid (6) OAFISH {O}{A}{FISH}
24 Test once before morning (4) EXAM {EX}{AM}
25 Way regularly found in Rio ward (4) ROAD RiO wArD

Wednesday 24 December 2014

No 11274, Wednesday 24 Dec 2014, Sunnet

Sunnet getting set on  Christmas eve double Pangram.

1   Shapes resistance to Homi's BARC initiative (6) RHOMBI  {R}{HOMI+BARC}* Where's the Anind? (Addendum - {R}{HOM{B}I} - See comments)
4   Liveliest police officer stops agents with a touch of taser (8) SPICIEST {SP}{ICIES}{Taser} Anno not clear (Addendum - {SPI{CI}ES}{Taser} - See comments)
10 Too big on regal upheaval (9) OVERLARGE {OVER}{REGAL*}
11 The same in voice quality (5) EQUAL [T]
12 Warns King & Queen perhaps (5) C?R?S (Addendum - CARDS [DD] - See comments)
13 Create ski resort for a person from the rink (3-6) ICE-SKATER*
14 Imposing theologian is taken in for dry dessert (7) PUDDING PU{-?+dd}DDING Anno not clear (Addendum - PU(-tt+dd)DDING - See comments)
16 Store backing a vehicle (4) TRAM <=
19 Chi takes Sam back for a feast (4) XMAS {X}{MAS<=}
21 Quiz the French taking King's support (7) TRESTLE {T{R}EST}{LE}
24 Five in Society to survey a visual defect (6-3) SQUINT-EYE {S}{QUINT}-{EYE} How 'is 'Five in Society'? See comments
25 An age of Regency clergy (5) CYCLE [T]
26 A ring is full of activity (5) ABUZZ {A}{BUZZ}
27 Drunk staff abuse inside bars at the back of ship (9) TAFFRAILS {TAFF{RAIL}S*}
28 Fearing low grade analysis (8) DREADING {D}{READING}
29 Adjusts wrong signal (6) ALIGNS*

1   Engage engineers at first to take possession again (8) REOCCUPY {RE}{OCCUPY}
2   Cancel additional travel (8) OVERRIDE {OVER}{RIDE}
3   British measure for ringers (5) BELLS {B}{ELLS}
5   Unveil a gift (7) PRESENT [DD]
6   Thwart investigation by spouse (9) CHECKMATE {CHECK}{MATE}
7   Rejoices in former partner's unholy lust (6) EXULTS {EX}{LUST*}
8   Farmers' league abandoned floor workers (6) TILERS TILlERS
9   Twisting method's right for a gin cocktail (6) ARCING ARC{GIN*} Anno not clear (Addendum - WRYING - W(-a+r)RY}{GIN*} - See comments)
15 Protected claim of Indian sage's last letter (9) IMMUNIZED {I'M MUNI}{ZED}
17 Encouraging to grasp cold hose (8) STOCKING {STO{C}KING}
18 Delivers rents for a second time? (8) RELEASES RE-LEASES
20 Alleviate tiny number under some scheme (7) SWEETEN {Sc...e}{WEE}{TEN}
21 Peg's unavailable to start (3,3) TEE OFF {TEE} {OFF}
22 Is earth surrounded by water? (6) ISLAND {IS}{LAND}
23 Sweet of engineer to support vacation of half a month again (6) JUJUBE {JUne}{JUne}{BE}
25 Noel's automobile has nothing left (5) CAROL {CAR}{O}{L}


Tuesday 23 December 2014

No 11273, Tuesday 23 Dec 2014, Afterdark

Didn't find anything unusual, a straightforward one from Afterdark today?

1   Accept nude form though not entirely pleasing (10) UNACCEPTED*
6   Aged American sweetheart died (4) USED {US}{swEet}{D}
10 Applaud directors bringing film production tool (9) CLAPBOARD {CLAP}{BOARD}
11 Fabrication in article on stranger (5) ALIEN {A{LIE}N}
12 Pertaining to a question about goat in the river, Henry gave a slip (13) INTERROGATIVE {GOAT+IN+ThE+RIVER}*
14 Dead in emergency room having temperature (5) INERT {IN}{ER}{T} Poor guy is hot even after death!
15 No: Good man should not have kinky sex in mysterious galaxies with wistfulness (9) NOSTALGIA {NO}{ST}{GALAxIes}*
17 Space traveller absent on a trip to Saturn (9) ASTRONAUT {A}{TO+SATURN}*
21 Bishop's almanac contains hymn (5) PSALM [T]
22 Nice narration about rebirth (13) REINCARNATION*
24 Host emerging markets' chief executive leaders at Spain (5) EMCEE {E}{M}{C}{E}{E}
25 Data point on situation mostly is taken with nervousness (9) STATISTIC {STATe}{IS}{TIC}
26 Discharges father by end of day, son to follow (4) PAYS {PA}{daY}{S}
27 Adverse reaction about book with acceptable exploits (10) ADVENTURES {ADVE{NT}{U}RES*}

1   Trusting LAN Circuit is wrong (10) UNCRITICAL*
2   A division of soldiers trooped first to the flat (9) APARTMENT {A}{PART}{MEN}{Tr...d}
3   Bare act possibly (7) CABARET* &lit
4   Say, a philosopher has no man for company (7) PLATOON {PLATO}ON Anno for ON not clear. By the way the 'fauji' horse says that a Platoon is only part of a Company.
5   Closes around strategy that is upright (7) ENDWAYS {END{WAY}S}
7   Dazzle, soar with energy (5) SHINE {SHIN}{E}
8   Depression and gale in coast ends (4) DENT Acrostic
9   Paint a new film, perhaps (6) PATINA* Why perhaps?
13 Instruments invented by innovative Roman Catholics to remove clot (10) HARMONICAS {ROMAN+CAtHolIcS}* Guess who's playing

16 Professional combatant is happy carrying one on a mountain (9) GLADIATOR {GLAD}{1}{A}{TOR}
18 No vital reading on Charlemagne's paladin, perhaps (6) OLIVER {O}{LIVE}{R} 'No' and 'O'? Not sure of Anno
19 All set to leave with Frenchman charged with crime (7) ACCUSED ACCUS(to)(m)ED
20 Segment of 100 meter race at patio (7) TERRACE [T]
21 Chief of Police Botham, say is on time to get the musician (7) PIANIST {Po...e}{IAN}{IS}{T}
22 Unsteady Rambo overturns car, kills youth leaders (5) ROCKY Acrostic
23 Assist man to elope often (4) HELP {HE}{eLoPe} Serial Don Juan?

Monday 22 December 2014

No.11272, Monday 22 Dec 2014, Afterdark

Rather 26a crossword from AD...  I am just ....  29a
A rather quick entertainer from AD. Though I am not able to figure if there is anything special in here ...

9 Pray to a destroyer, perhaps to spare academician with love (7) WORSHIP (WARSHIP-A+O)
10 Silicate compound I dug out is flexible (7) ELASTIC (SILICATE-I)*
11 A flat-bottomed barge is more weightless (7) LIGHTER (2)
12 Induce heart attacks, maybe in the shakeout (7) ATTRACT (HEART ATTACKS -SHAKE)*
13 Valued the estate of a friend's daughter (9) ESTIMATED (EST I MATE D)
15 About a Hindu leader in a country... (5) CHINA (C H IN A)
16 ... communist maybe, badly cursed, having no money, degraded (7) REDUCED (RED (CURSED-RS)*)
19 Postponed dance inauguration to end of June, acted without brain (7) DELAYED (Dance junE pLAYED)
20 Good article written on orchestra leader's instrument (5) PIANO (PI AN Orchestra)
21 Takes away vehicle reversing at junction, right before work on Sabbath (9) SUBTRACTS (BUS< T R ACT S)
25 Extra played antihero without ego (7) ANOTHER (ANTIHERO-I)*
26 Next remedy somewhat radical (7) EXTREME (T)
28 Moving player to boundary for finals (7) ENDINGS (SENDING with S sent to end)
29 Pretending as king did confuse (7) KIDDING (KING DID)*

1 Let back wife inside by five, sweetheart by midnight (6) TWELVE (LET< with W inside, V swEet)
          Is the wife being let in or sent out when the sweetheart arrives? A ménage à trois?
2 Bay during summer end is sunny (6) BRIGHT (summeR in BIGHT)
3 Close shave, had unknowingly thrashed leaders (4) SHUT (acrostic)
4 Phantom's a special setter, right on top in teasers (6) SPIRIT (SP I R In Teasers)
5 King has drawback, England's deputy head will be decorated (8) REWARDED (ER< DRAW< E Deputy) Though I am not sure whether reversal for Edward Rex has been sufficiently indicated ...
          Incidentally the onstage round at the Grand Finale of the IXL yesterday had the wordplay "king versus queen" leading to ER+V+ER, and a doubt was expressed by some how king could be ER. Can't forget ole Eddie can we?
6 Fastidious character with one dog roaming around Los Angeles (10) PARTICULAR (PART I +CUR around LA)
7 Yes, tidal waves are seen regularly (8) STEADILY (YES TIDAL)*
8 Supreme Court to come back on the state of the nation (8) SCOTLAND (SC TO< LAND)
14 Instrument for second umpire, to essentially indicate run out call (10) MICROPHONE (uMpire indICate RO PHONE)
16 Replayed dance tape, tripping in grass (8) REPEATED (TAPE* in REED)
17 Suit princess with a doctor, new at outskirts of Damascus (8) DIAMONDS (DI A MO N Da..uS)
18 Anguish of daughter is, trees being felled without bearing on society (8) DISTRESS (D IS (TREES-E)* S) Strictly speaking felled as anagram is not necessary but does well for the surface
22 Suspends first meal of the day, to avoid fat (6) BREAKS (BREAKFAST - FAT)
23 Caught Rosy taking setter's shirt and money in bank account (6) CREDIT (C RED I T) Though this is correct in normal English usage, accountants here might say money in a bank account will be DEBIT and not CREDIT. Borrowing from a bank would be CREDIT. But this is just nitpicking ...
24 Sweden guided on original design of electronic vehicle (6) SLEDGE (Sweden LED Design Electronic) Not sure if S for Sweden is ok ...
27 The innovative divisional engineer sources current (4) TIDE (acrostic)

Sunday 21 December 2014

No 2822, No 2820, Sunday 21 Dec 2014

1   Good mimic could make one stare open-mouthed (4) GAPE {G}{APE}
3   Typesetter in awfully poor sitcom (10) COMPOSITOR*
10 Big city pub and clubs with no ale, surprisingly (9) BARCELONA {BAR}{C}{NO+ALE}*
11 Mostly elegant town (5) URBAN URBANe
12 Maiden on mountain in Crete's pointing to legendary king (5) MIDAS {M}{IDA}{'S}
13 Head of precinct extremely upset about Irish detective (6) POIROT {P}{O{IR}OT<=}
16 Never-ending contest à la Tom and Jerry? (3-3-5,4) CAT-AND-MOUSE-GAME Definition by example
17 Ambassador in West Germany in novel - author? (6,9) ERNEST HEMINGWAY {HE}in{WEST+GERMANY+IN}*
20 We, entertained by young socialites? They're socially inept! (6) DWEEBS {D{WE}EBS}
21 Row across river in German city (5) TRIER {T{R}IER}
24 Buddy (American) and I correspond (5) AMIGO {AM}{I}{GO}
25 Native of Lincoln checking ancestry? (9) ABORIGINE {AB{ORIGIN}E}
26 Appropriate to grieve over, say, a large sea creature (5,5) RIGHT WHALE {RIGHT} {WHALE}(~ wail)
27 Fail to hear young woman (4) MISS [DD]

1   Leave bishop, slapped, utterly astonished (10) GOBSMACKED {GO}{B}{SMACKED}
2   Dior happy to wear favourite semiprecious stone (7) PERIDOT {PE{DIOR*}T}
4   One blew on euphonium initially, then this? (4) OBOE Acrostic
5   Mourn a VIP, a remarkable Finnish runner (5,5) PAAVO NURMI*
6   Potter's creation, and urn squire with kiln forged, with hint of turquoise inside (8,6) SQUIRREL NUTKIN {URN+SQUIRE+KILN}* over {T}
7   Girl from different habitat (7) TABITHA*
8   Telephone engineer circling number (4) RING {RI{N}G}
9   Pastoral events turned sour, resulting in uprising (8,6) PEASANTS REVOLT*
14 Obama broadcast includes bit of history, every single D-Day code name (5,5) OMAHA BEACH {OMA{H}A B*}{EACH}
15 Wonky knees worry people from Manhattan? (3,7) NEW YORKERS*
18 Indicating yes, theologian at home is brought in alcoholic drink (7) NODDING {NO{DD}{IN}G}
19 With first-rate singing partner of Elton in Honolulu beach resort (7) WAIKIKI {With}{AI}{KIKI}
22 Favourite aspect of carnival (4) FAIR {F}{AIR}
23 Black bird of prey in a hollow (4) BOWL {B}{OWL}

Saturday 20 December 2014

No.11271, Saturday 20 Dec 2014, The Phantom

This is a typical Phantom puzzle with well thought out stories in each clue. Ticked several including TICKER, DEARTH, OCCUPIED, ALLOWED, CHOOSE, BRANCH, DISC and EXCHANGE. I'm not sure if any theme of sorts is afoot. The only thing I noticed was that 5 answers end in ED and another 5 in ER. If you spotted something I didn't, pitch in.

8 Mountain pass with lofty and rugged peaks forming ring (6) COLLAR [mountain pass=COL + Lofty And Rugged] peaks might have worked better in a down clue?
9 Judge to investigate again, right from beginning to end (8) EXAMINER [investigate again=(r-)E EXAMINE(+R)]where does the first E go?
10 Quietly I would leave home for companionship (8) PRESENCE [quietly (softly?)=P + home=RESidENCE]
11 Bill’s lost head or heart? (6) TICKER [bill=sTICKER]
12 Need woven thread (6) DEARTH [THREAD]*
13 Busy copper spotted behind officer (8) OCCUPIED [officer=OC + copper=CU + spotted=PIED]
15 Beer to get over bad day is permitted (7) ALLOWED [beer=ALE outside bad=LOW + Day]
17 Without an iota of fear disproves theories (7) BELIEFS [Fear inside disproves=BELIES]
20 Blow hot and cold play is sensual (8) PHYSICAL [Hot Cold PLAY IS]*
22 Select champs according to report (6) CHOOSE [~champs=CHEWS]
23 A secretary involved in chatter about fruit (6) PAPAYA [A + secretary=PA inside chatter=YAP] <=
25 Condemned provost possessed grass? On the contrary (8) REPROVED [PROVost inside grass=REED]
26 Dazed Jules Verne’s traveller, Phileas at base, sleeping (8) BEFOGGED [Phileas=FOGG + base=E sleeping=in BED]
27 Decrypted code he copied (6) ECHOED [CODE HE]*

1 Chime rings in valley (8) DOORBELL [rings=O O inside valley=DELL] not sure where 'RB' comes from see comments below
2 Girl’s jumper Mark found in campus’s vacant lecture halls (10) CLASSROOMS [girl=LASS + jumper=ROO + Mark inside CampuS] how do you see one jumper in multiple halls?
3 Bishop looked after church’s subdivision (6) BRANCH [Bishop + looked after=RAN + CHurch]
4 Create first day cover overlooking new leader … (7) DEVELOP [Day + cover=EnVELOP]
5 … bit weak nursing rear end convulsion (8) PARTICLE [weak=PALE outside reaR + convulsion=TIC]
6 One’s broken current record (4) DISC [one's=1S inside current=DC]
7 Difficult to continue by backing out (6) SEVERE [continue=PERSEVERE - by=PER]
14 … thinking hip’s mended, left very upbeat with operation, extremely happy (10) PHILOSOPHY [HIP* + Left + very=SO<= + OPeration + HappY]
16 Former champion’s short temper led to argument (8) EXCHANGE [former=EX + CHampion + temper=ANGEr]
18 Fellow’s unusually earnest for a screw! (8) FASTENER [Fellow + EARNEST*]
19 See, one in road free to wear nothing at all in American state! (7) FLORIDA [{see=LO + one=1 inside RoaD} inside nothing at all=FA] wouldn't one be 'on' the road?
21 Man with the runs swallowed bitter medicine perhaps (6) HEALER [man=HE + Runs outside bitter=ALE] 'the' is superfluous?
22 Photo returned by woman provides code (6) CIPHER [photo=PIC<= + woman=HER]
24 Excited to be visiting synagogue (4) AGOG [T]

Friday 19 December 2014

No.11270, Friday 19 Dec 2014, xChequer

Devious as ever, but probably a wee bit easier than yesterday ;-) With xC, mere solving is but one step, the anno is a different ballgame altogether. 8d my COD

7 Hands card with threat (6) MENACE (MEN ACE)
8 Cancelled plenty of shifts (8) OFFLOADS (OFF LOADS)
9 Chap mainly needed on machine breaking down (8) MECHANIC (Chap +MACHINE)* &LIT
10 Puts up with upright son (6) ERECTS (ERECT S)
11 Tough bow? Just the opposite (5) STERN (2) ref to bow of a ship
12 Paid for pleasure, ecstasy missing in the act (6) FUNDED (FUN DeED)
14 Resistance in essence comes to mere stonewalling, one at a time or in parallel (15) CORRESPONDINGLY (R in CORE(=essence) + POND= Mere stonewalling? in SINGLY=one at a time) See comments
17 Revolting act associated with a very old profession (6) AVOWAL (A V O LAW<)
18 Fancy display by an unknown entity (5) SHOWY (SHOW Y)
22 Condition requiring learner to wear scrubs (6) HEALTH (L in HEATH=scrubs)
23 Undecided hands overcome by inertia replaced (2,3,3) IN THE AIR (H in INERTIA*)
24 Inevitably execution has man getting axed (8) PERFORCE (PERFORmanCE)
25 Throw a fit to date man about town (6) SEETHE (SEE HE around T)
         Mohsin, couldn't help but remember you here ... ;-)
1 School noticed holding record for cheating (9) DECEPTION (NOTICED* holding EP)
2 Marshal revealing gun to man pursued by Rangers (6) GATHER (GAT HE R)
3 Stands for instruments (5) MEANS (2)
4 Away at finish, journalist gets upset (8) OFFENDED (OFF END ED)
5 Model to wear clothes originally intended for a god (8) POSEIDON (POSE DON around Intended)
6 Notice to sit properly in passages for access (5) ADITS (AD SIT*)
8 Formerly used at the start in old novel, ancient poem (4,4,1,4) ONCE UPON A TIME (Used in Old (ANCIENT POEM)*)  phew!
13 Class in boxing with primarily young people in general going through a set of steps (9) FLYWEIGHT (Young WE (people in general) in FLIGHT=set of steps)
15 Touching upon each and every condition on earth in the practical world (4,4) REAL LIFE (RE ALL(each and every) IF(condition) Earth)
16 Extremely silly to keep mum if suffocating (8) SMOTHERY (MOTHER in SillY)
19 Paid careful attention to hours polling required (6) HEEDED (H nEEDED?) polling=cutting the horns/hair off.   Next time, I'm gonna ask my hairdresser to poll me. I hope he does not refer the dictionary and behead me! Watch this space!
20 Craft beer having distribution cap (5) BERET (BEER* T)
21 Band holds tickets initially in reserve (5) STASH (Tickets in SASH)