Sunday 31 December 2017

Special, Sunday 31 Dec 2017, IXL-2017 Prelim

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM.
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Raced over account and divided up (6)
5   Debacle of French derring-do (6)
10 Without doubt caught all centrally and before time (7)
11 Expert, slender runner full after a fashion (7)
12 Dr Darius Latin, spoke of a chariot wheel (6)
15 Establishing the age by going out with a girl (6)
16 Really hungry after a swell operation (7)
17 Champion audibly took a long deep breath (4)
18 Express denial with poles in it (3'1)
19 Sets off suddenly and shoots without reason finally (7)
20 Quilt made with polyurethane fluff at the ends (4)
22 Landmass edges across India (4)
25 Interrupting opera singer and destroying all traces (7)
27 The rat posed a menace (6)
28 Total university peak (6)
31 Visitor to ancient city is finally down-and-out (7)
32 Parcels and excitedly blends over something for all to see (7)
33 Advocate odd ways in genuine returns (6)
34 Tolerate nurse with a rude manner (6)

2   With an irregular pulse, not exactly dead, made an earnest prayer (7)
3   Heard Knight spew an oath at a scene of noisy confusion (6)
4   Dozens form 2 of them in hours (4)
5   Vessel is held in Daman harbour initially (4)
6   I would get into a scrap when this child was loving and giving (6)
7    A very loud song sung at first to indicate matters of importance (7)
8   Grievances centre protected by an elite paramilitary unit (6)
9   Series of steps taken by female who's well regarded in her field (6)
13 Dine with wine to advocate something (7)
14 Litterbug lies to hide most offensive (7)
15 Non-English gardens in a bad way held old domineering women (7)
20 Murphy repealed 2002 Act to ... (6)
21 ... mar foul sort of mixture (7)
23 Small impeller without its core is less complicated (7)
24 At heart stalwart is technically a creative person (6)
25 Each is returned by lady without a bill in all likelihood (6)
26 Accelarated and shot down (6)
29 It's confusing and dirty at heart to agitate (4)
30 Competent without a cap is still clever (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IXL-2017 PRELIM.


The Sunday Crossword No 2976, Sunday 31 Dec 2017

1   Agree with piece about unfinished theory (8) COINCIDE {COIN}{C}{IDEa}
5   Conflict followed by retreat of revolutionary guard (6) WARDER {WAR}{RED<=}
9   Records? Seek album by Carole King (8) TAPESTRY {TAPES}{TRY}

10 Hurried south-east in country (6) CHASED {CHA{SE}D}
12 Recipient in middle of appeal securing positive vote (5) PAYEE {apP{AYE}Eal}
13 Angle in market economy ultimately without regard for others (9) SELFISHLY {SEL{FISH}L}{e...nY}
14 Perfume advert, we learn, all over the place (8,5) LAVENDER WATER*
17 Check evidence for restoration (13) REINSTATEMENT {REIN}{STATEMENT}
21 Relaxed criminal needs to admit deficiency (9) SLACKENED {S{LACK}ENED*}
22 Drone having half of that drink (5) THRUM {THat}{RUM}
24 Extract from novel I cite (6) ELICIT [T]
25 Barrier protecting most of noble Italian city (8) FLORENCE {F{LORd}ENCE}
26 Security in place beside border (6) PLEDGE {PL}{EDGE}
27 One couple in trouble missing old luxury (8) OPULENCE {ONE+CoUPLE}*

1   Launch religious group, receiving a knock (8) CATAPULT {C{A}{TAP}ULT}
2   Just ignoring small hint (5) IMPLY sIMPLY
3   In command up ahead of rear in tank (7) CISTERN {IC<=}{STERN}
4   Novelist in party, not so much in revolt (5,7) DORIS LESSING {DO}{RIS{LESS}ING}
6   Article in middle part lacking weight for non-believer (7) ATHEIST {wA{THE}IST}
7   Free performance (9) DISCHARGE [DD]
8   Unwanted effect in photo from overnight flight (3-3) RED-EYE [DD]
11 Sign of impatience from audience had clowns blundering on stage (4,8) SLOW HANDCLAP {HAD+CLOWNS}*{LAP}
15 Revision of a list, ever flexible (9) VERSATILE*
16 Charge in printed English (8) STAMPEDE {STAMPED}{E}
18 Popular monarch harbouring large suspicion (7) INKLING {IN}{K{L}ING}
19 Delight in umpteenth rally (7) ENTHRAL [T]
20 Numb when on strip going north (6) ASLEEP {AS}{PEEL<=}
23 Fight knight amid devastation (3-2) RUN-IN {RU{N}IN}


Saturday 30 December 2017

No 12202, Saturday 30 Dec 2017, Anon


1. Cambrian Jewish scholar initially tastes dish (5,6) WELSH RABBIT {WESLH} {RABBI}{Tastes}
9. Lac oozing in tree is cane syrup? (7)  TREACLE {TRE{LAC*}E}
10. Bit of nitrogen injected into quartz by paternal relative (6) AGNATE {AG{Nitrogen}ATE}
11. Portraits of criminal trapped in regular bins (5) ICONS {bI{CON}nS}
12. Disciple starts studying to undermine disdainful specialist (7) STUDENT {Studying}{To}{Undermine}{Disdainful}{ENT}
15. Starts brewing English Earl’s regular drink (4)  BEER (Acrostic)
16. In a riot, torch seams of ancient garments (10) STOMACHERS {TORCH+SEAMS}*
18. Bind criminal, demand removal of two ultras (10) CONSTIPATE {CON}[STIPulATE}
20. Place deputy, driving out lodger (4) LIEU {LIEUtenant}
23. Garment, torn, unsightly oddly lacking what? (7) LUNGYIS {UNSIGhtLY}*
24. Delight around bar (5) REVEL <=
26. Father’s reach cut short by knife (6) PARANG {PA}{RANGe}

27. Gin cocktail in lodges during batting sessions (7) INNINGS {INN{GIN*}S}
28. Embodiment of South American tribe starts residing at state (11) INCARNATION {INCA}{Residing}{NATION}


2. Too much antique tax (6) EXCESS {EX}{CESS}
3. Looks the same either way (4) SEES <=>
4. Tries again to stem pet rat’s wanderings (10) REATTEMPTS {STEM+PET+RAT}*
5. Dish for newly married man (8) BENEDICT  (DD)
6. Violent in present, past, or future, say (7) INTENSE {IN}{TENSE}
7. Gesture past beer mug of American author (9) STEINBECK {BECK} after {STEIN}
8. Give from Spanish ballot (6) DEVOTE {DE}{VOTE}
13. Interfering, dealing with pining pets (8,2) STEPPING IN {PINING+PETS}*
14. Not having children is problem? Not so much (9) ISSUELESS {ISSUE}{LESS}
17. Wounded pragmatist leaves park oddly with marks (8) STIGMATA {prAGMATIST}*
19. American mathematician to name nun’s novel (7) NEUMANN {NAME+NUN}*
21. At home, pour out make up (6) INVENT {IN}{VENT}
22. Spanish general started fishing, managed firm (6) FRANCO {Fishing}{RAN}CO}
25. Roti torn to pieces in fight (4) RIOT {ROTI*}


Friday 29 December 2017

No 12201, Friday 29 Dec 2017, Lightning

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. There is no limit on how many answers you want to give. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM after which anyone is free to comment. 

Thanks everyone for the great response. Here is the regular blog 

Taking positions for the SA tour!

1 Cricketer that could form a crowd? (5,3) THIRD MAN [C&DD]
Carefully examined second ceremonial dress with diamonds (6) SCOPED {S}{COPE}{D}
Floodgate in enclosure with cattle (8) PENSTOCK {PEN}{STOCK}
10 Shade drawn in grand walls (6) AWNING [T]
12 Hide in small inlet by river (5) COVER {COVE}{R}
13 Instrument heats oil changing temperature (9) HELIOSTAT {HEATS+OIL}*{T}
14 Walk from second bait (6) STROLL {S}{TROLL}
16 Experts with wit and appeal trap democrat on first show (7) PUNDITS {PUN}{D}{IT}{Show}
19 Failed to contain uranium treated incorrectly (7) MISUSED {MIS{U}SED}
21 At first loud cry is let loose for words of a song (6) LYRICS {Loud}{CRY+IS}*
23 Settle on stretch for fielder (6,3) SQUARE LEG {SQUARE} {LEG}
25 Ditch German fellow missing altogether (5) GULLY {G}{fULLY}
26 Strain mutated in developmental stage of an insect (6) INSTAR*
27 Ordinary worker going inside to get fruit (8) PLANTAIN {PL{ANT}AIN}
28 On the way back, hundred had to put something in writing (6) NOTATE {TON<=}{ATE}
29 They let you hear songs with say heads of English recording studios (8) SPEAKERS {SPEAK}{En...h}{Re...g}{St...s}

1   Subjects to mostly select society’s leader (6) TOPICS {TO}{PICk}{So...y}
2   Invents a primarily overlooked process (9) INNOVATES {INVENTS+A+Ov...d}*  Semi&lit
3   Spend eternity somewhat to discourage (5) DETER [T]
4   A litre of blended cool hard liquor (7) ALCOHOL {A}{L}{COOL+H}*
6   Position of animal examiner essentially wasted (3,6) COW CORNER {COW} {CORoNER} Been following cricket for ages and heard this term for the first time!!
7   Measure to admit old proposition (5) POINT {P{O}INT}
8   Number is excellent, for starters put on a CD (8) DIGITISE {DIGIT}{IS}{Ex...t}
11 Friends counter strike (4) SLAP<=
15 Old bishop with helper that is attentive (9) OBSERVANT {O}{B}{SERVANT}
17 Impress a nice cult organization (9) INCULCATE*
18 Removal of ordinary assignment (8) OMISSION {O}{MISSION}
20 Manage dropping energy in valley (4) DALE D(-e)AL(+e)E
21 Limb’s edge – it could cause a fall (3,4) LEG SLIP {LEGS}{LIP}
22 Cryogen burst out regularly in constellation (6) CYGNUS {CrYoGeN+bUrSt}
24 Annoyed with state park (5) UPSET {UP}{SET}
25 Nag a judge irritated with drug (5) GANJA {NAG+A+J}*


Thursday 28 December 2017

No 12200, Thursday 28 Dec 2017, Arden

Answer and annotation for 10 left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

9   Excited cat enters tank to get milk extract (7) LACTOSE {L{CAT*}OSE}
10 One sleeps during day, commits robbery (7) D?C?I?Y  (Addendum - DACOITY - {DA{CO{I}T}Y} - See comments)
11 African participated in race carrying a baton (7) RWANDAN {R{WAND}AN}
12 Hair swept back — our charm (7) ENAMOUR {MANE<=}{OUR}
13 Mark of a politician who's boxed in (9) CALIBRATE {A}{LIB} in {CRATE}
15 Botch it up and set diamonds (5) MISDO DIaMOndS*
16 Warm changing room in one third of a country (7) AMOROUS {ROOM}* in {AUStralia}
19 Regularly treat body part — may be an infection (7) TETANUS {TrEaT}{ANUS}
20 Gave up — with or without study (5) CEDED conCEDED
21 Twists around path of hurricanes, perhaps (9) WARPLANES {WARP{LANE}S}
25 Tails clipped, disgrace on shoddy wash (7) SHAMPOO {SHAMe}{POOr}
26 Music — It plays out in business... (7) CALYPSO {C{PLAYS*}O}
28 ...stores 26 for posterity (7) RECORDS [CD]
29 Restricted passage provided — before or after kill (7) ORIFICE {OR}{IF}{ICE}

1   Pastor gets in the vehicle, rickety and old (6) CLERIC [T] What's the role of old?
2   Mark with tool, not a scratch (6) SCRAWL {SCaR}{AWL}
3   Low density atmosphere (4) MOOD {MOO}{D}
4   Complaint about girl in a dance... (6) HERNIA {HER}{IN+A}*
5   ...he sticks to an impression created around her (8) ADHERENT {A}{D{HER}ENT}
6   Perhaps camels take part part of the recycling process (5,5) SCRAP METAL {CAMELS+PART}*
7   Big car clipped tail of cattle (8) LIMOUSIN LIMOUSINe
8   Cops try to mix with island people (8) CYPRIOTS {COPS+TRY+I}*
14 Excited, bold, so left for the hunt (5,5) BLOOD SPORT {BOLD+SO}*{PORT}
16 Stock — regular access in one go (8) ANCESTRY {AN}{aCcEsS}{TRY}
17 Arsenal should take interest — it's an order (8) ORDNANCE ORDiNANCE
18 Saying " Gee! Carpenters use it" (8) SAWHORSE {SAW}{HORSE}
22 Girl goes with 1 who's on board (6) RECTOR diRECTOR Definition in the middle
23 Table linen bearing a pink design (6) NAPKIN* (Addendum - {N}{A+PINK}* - See comments)
24 Push to one side of the tool (6) SHOVEL {SHOVE}{L}
27 Raising money for a place to stay (4) LAIR<=


Wednesday 27 December 2017

No 12199, Wednesday 27 Dec 2017, Arden

Answer and annotation for 21A left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

 A beer brewed — infusing Oxygen or bacteria? (6) AEROBE {A+BEER}* over {O}
4   Repercussion on black novel remains (8) BACKLASH {BLACK*}{ASH}
9   Arrogant over emotion (6) UPPITY {UP}{PITY}
10 Cut without garden tool, push into limited space (8) SHOEHORN {S{HOE}HORN}
12 Escort had a drink with a President once (8) CHAPERON {CHA}{PERON}
13 Avoid initial plunge into abyss, perhaps (6) BYPASS {Pl...e} into {ABYSS}*
15 Marine from nowhere (3,2,3,4) OUT OF THE BLUE [DD]
18 One from former USSR can make you brainless (12) BYELORUSSIAN*
21 Astronaut loses bearing, feet going nowhere (6) A?R?F? (Addendum - ADRIFT {AlDRIn}{FT} - See comments - Deletion of L not clear)
22 Criminal triad figured among spies, sent back to sea (8) ADRIATIC {TRIAD}* in {CIA<=}
24 Mostly round, can it become news? (8) BULLETIN {BULLEt}{TIN}
25 A material as you like (2,4) AT WILL {A}{TWILL}
26 Perhaps need to say — point out one's toothless (8) EDENTATE {NEED*}{sTATE}
27 Doctor learnt there is some growth at the top (6) ANTLER*

1   Like marriage, getting cold in the capital (8) ASUNCION {AS}{UN{C}ION}
2   New stapler used — reattaches severed limb (8) REPLANTS {N+STAPLER}*
3   Ramjet — result of small causes leading to big events (9,6) BUTTERFLY EFFECT {BUTTER}{FLY} {EFFECT}
5   Long to face them basically (4) ACHE {fACe}{tHEm}
6   Stay calm, don't do a Ganguly (4,4,5,2) KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON [DD]
7   Refund money, pick a jacket (6) ANORAK {K{A}RONA}<=
8   True, landlord gets nice tips (6) HONEST {HO{NicE}ST}
11 The loop maybe a regular feature on our roads (7) POTHOLE*
14 Regular orbit, short project (7) OBTRUDE {OrBiT}{RUDE}
16 Money under a cloud? You've to try all over again (8) MISTRIAL {MIST}{RIAL}
17 Joint reading and kind of delivery (8) KNUCKLER {KNUCKLE}{R}
19 Bet doctor's caught in the rain (6) GAMBLE {GA{MB}LE}
20 Question the ultimate framework (6) GRILLE {GRILL}{thE}
23 Anorexic from top to bottom tip (4) HINT (-t)HIN(+t)T


Tuesday 26 December 2017

No 12198, Tuesday 26 Dec 2017, Arden

Answer and annotation for 20A left for a rookie commeter till 10 AM.

1   Mongol race goes into another cluster... (14) CONGLOMERATION* (Addendum - {MONGOL+RACE}*{INTO}* - See comments)
10 ...correspondence can be found in 1 (5) RATIO [T in 1DA]
11 Hormone's over — one allowed to shrink 50% (9) ENDOCRINE {END}{O{CRInge}NE}
12 Game not creating sparks? (7) MAGNETO*
13 Nothing underground, tail end of armour plate (7) ROUNDEL {{O+UNDER}*{taiL}
14 Poet named in court (5) DANTE {DA{N}TE}
16 Wise decision primarily to have the rickety boat scuttled (9) SABOTAGED {SA{BOAT*}GE}{De...n}
19 I would agree to break hold, if one went on a vacation (9) HOLIDAYED {HOL{1'D}{AYE}D}
20 Work half done, doubt on presentation (5) D?B?T (Addendum - DEBUT {DEed}{BUT} - See comments)
22 It evokes endless outrage, mostly in the congress camp (7) SAFFRON {SA}{aFFRONt} &lit
25 Old man lost track of a magpie (4,3) PACK RAT {PA}{TRACK*}
27 Bonus for being ingenious, five becomes hundred (9) INCENTIVE IN(-v+c)CENTIVE
28 She is back at last during high tide (5) EDITH [T<=]
29 Accommodate — I asked men to resolve complaint (10,4) HOUSEMAIDS KNEE {HOUSE}{I+ASKED+MEN}*

2   Kind of figure on coalgate, finally pointless to unravel (9) OCTAGONAL {ON+COALGATe}*
3   It's cooked when one lands in trouble (5) GOOSE [CD]
4   Only accepted euros, exchanged with a lot of difficulty (9) ONEROUSLY {ON{EUROS*}LY}
5   The Spanish-German union shows some growth (5) ELDER {EL}{DER}
6   One followed by hundred, took a tally and reported (9) ACCOUNTED {A}{C}{COUNTED}
7   Idealist set out to compose a piece of poetry (5) ILIAD IDeALIst*
8   Want some light when provoked (7) NEEDLED {NEED}{LED}
9   Ready picture frame dimension, over the edge (6) PRIMED {Pic{RIM}turE}{D}
15 Fortitude can make/break face (9) ENDURANCE {ENDUR{CAN*}E}
17 Linen for a banquet on the base (9) BEDSPREAD {BED}{SPREAD}
18 Talk about Arden taking interest in material (9) GABARDINE {GAB}{ARD{I}NE*}
19 Drug — he has his heroin fix (7) HASHISH [T]
21 Extremely traumatic to go through, they maybe peevish (6) TETCHY {Tr...iC} in {THEY}*
23 Women's scarf seen in terrific hues (5) FICHU [T]
24 The librarian managed to raise some money (5) NAIRA [T<=]
26 Lip's attached to it in other words (5) CHEEK [CD]


Bhargav's Tale


The CONGLOMERATION HOLIDAYED for days together ( after being SABOTAGED).
However the HOUSEMAID'S KNEE of many was cured.
Soon occured a chase - a wild GOOSE one. But not for DANTE  - the D-MAN.
He was no ELDER - but he toiled ONEROUSLY. Not one who can be NEEDLED.
Finally the D-MAN won. What a RATIO!!
He was happy to distribute many an INCENTIVE. 

Monday 25 December 2017

No 12197, Monday 25 Dec 2017, Arden

Tough one today with some unusual words. 

Solution and Anno of 9A left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM

1   Silent worker in the house, almost an apparition (7) PHANTOM {P}{H{ANT}OMe}
5   Maybe reusable to a limited extent in a country (7) BELARUS REUSABLe*
9   Attach if tense, pain will reduce (3,2) T?G?N (Addendum - TAG ON {T}{AGONy} - See comments)
10 Church worker carries bag, under strain perhaps (9) SACRISTAN {SAC}{STRAIN*} What's the role of 'carries' and how is bag 'under'?
11 Sedge, a fashionable girl in Tempest (9) GALINGALE {GAL{IN}{GAL}E}
12 It's good to have examination by first of March (5) MORAL {March}{ORAL}
13 Shock over bananas (4) NUTS<=
15 "Very fast" — I mention freely (2,2,4) IN NO TIME {I}{MENTION*}
18 Cut a length from maple instead — in other words, rush (8) STAMPEDE {MaPlE} in {STEAD}*
19 Peter did have a sex change, to start with (4) FADE (-m+f)FADE
22 How do you say tea is served? Fail! (3,2) ACT UP Anno pending (Addendum (A}{C{T}UP} - See comments)
24 Delay of the French revolution (9) DEFERMENT {DE}{FERMENT}
26 Soon going into test barber's work (9) TONSORIAL {T{SOON*}RIAL} Going as AInd?
27 Liquor bottles start to leak (5) BOOZE {Bo...s}{OOZE}
28 Currently it's considered an assault (7) BATTERY [DD]
29 Americans look for a negative response, are regressive (7) YANKEES {SEEK}{NAY}<=

1   Story teller will follow, in soup (6) POTAGE {TAG} in {POE}
2   Badly tangled? American comes in to take you on a trip (5,4) ANGEL DUST {US} in {TANGLED}*
3   Tension as there is no Spanish agreement to join (5) TENON TENsiON
4   Seminal work done about a drug derived from mushroom (9) MESCALINE {MES{C}ALIN*}{E}
5   Book on soccer, the contents are about an Italian game (5) BOCCE {B}{sOCCEr}
6   Recurring theme of title, I'm confused (9) LEITMOTIF*
7   Spinner can spin both ways (5) ROTOR [CD]
8   Some of the lines go up doddering (6) SENILE [T<=]
14 Signal aids English plan to venture inland (9) SEMAPHORE {S{E}{MAP}HORE}
16 Necessarily Spooner asks you to give the fool some food (9) NEEDFULLY (-f+n)FEED(-n+f)NULLY Nully/Fool?
17 Crazy about study of coral (9) MADREPORE {MAD}{RE}{PORE} Thanks to Google
20 Refusal to award a bachelor's degree from Cambridge (6) CANTAB {CAN'T}{A}{B} What's the role of Degree?
21 Anguish of girl under strain (6) STRESS Anno pending (addendum - diSTRESS - See comments)
23 Wine drinking, key to religious doctrine (5) TENET {TEN{E}T}
24 It carries news from parliament by day's end (5) DAILY {DAIL}{daY}
25 Examining exposed redbreast (5) ROBIN pROBINg


Sunday 24 December 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2975, Sunday 24 Dec 2017

All the best to the finalists at IXL-17. 

1   Tease in habitual action? Very sad (6) TRAGIC {T{RAG}IC}
4   Systems of measurement for plates (6) SCALES [DD]
10 Vegetable, bruised initially, absolute enthusiasts set aside (9,6) BUTTERNUT SQUASH {Br...d}{UTTER}{NUT} {SQUASH}
11 Roofless old enclosure, architect's last work (4-3) OPEN-TOP {O}{PEN}-{a...cT}{OP}
12 Weaving of mat seen to be most skilful (7) MEANEST*
13 Shabby article about studied obstruction (10) THREADBARE {TH{READ}{BAR}E}
15 Eccentric hobby to some extent ridiculous (4) RICH [T]
16 Run, fit and ecstatic (4) RAPT {R}{APT}
17 Most unusual to store data in tropical environment (10) RAINFOREST {RA{INFO}REST}
20 Be morose, keeping away after retirement in county (7) SUFFOLK {SU{OFF<=}LK}
21 Robbed, cold and angry (7) CHEATED {C}{HEATED}
23 Love song, terrible trial when gloomy (2,5,4,2,2) MY HEART WILL GO ON*

24 Cool and objective in test (6) TRENDY {TR{END}Y}
25 Sticky substance covering spot around mineral (6) GYPSUM {G{SPY<=}UM}

1   Prohibited cheers with expression of disapproval (5) TABOO {TA}{BOO}
2   Mashed potato father had without hesitation (2,3,4,2,1,3) AT THE DROP OF A HAT*
 Lack of movement, batting? Time to wrap it up (7) INERTIA {IN}{ER{IT<=}A}
5   Odd members of clan that spoil a new boat (9) CATAMARAN {ClAn}{ThAt}{MAR}{A}{N}
6   Fruit, large quota distributed (6) LOQUAT*
7   Instructions for action in raid get muddled in parts (5,10) STAGE DIRECTIONS {GET+RAID}* in {SECTIONS}
8   Speak irritably in card game (4) SNAP [DD]
9   Problem in feline gossip (8) CHITCHAT {C{HITCH}AT}
13 Tedious occasion? Half resolved to disrupt it (8) TIRESOME {TI{RESOlved}ME}
14 Put together plot involving dishonest activity (9) BRACKETED {B{RACKET}ED}
18 Covering part of disloyal revolution up (7) OVERLAY [T<=]
19 Teacher put away present (6) DONATE {DON}{ATE}
21 Extract fastener (4) CLIP [DD]
22 Study one beginning to mend fabric (5) DENIM {DEN}{1}{Mend}


In view of the IXL Finals there will be no special at 10:30 today.

Saturday 23 December 2017

No 12196, Saturday 24 Dec 2017, Buzzer

Answer and annotation of 8A left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

8   Hundreds of thousands provided in recession from public treasury (6) ?I?C?L {Addendum - FISCAL {LACS}{IF}<= - See comments)

9   Unaided, caught top gangster (2,6) AL CAPONE {AL{CAP}ONE}
10 Forcibly fit digging tool through cut (8) SHOEHORN {S{HOE}HORN}
11 Prepare to stop (4,2) DRAW UP [DD]
12 Submit gooey junk for review? I can't believe it! (3,4,2,6) YOU MUST BE JOKING*
14 Doctor cutting a narrow path around or near the kidneys (7) ADRENAL {A}{DR}{LANE<=}
16 Proclaim it a tear inducing parody (7) IMITATE [T]
19 Make an anagram correspond with another (8,7) EXCHANGE LETTERS [DD]
22 Starting off ham radio broadcast with a bang? (6) HAIRDO {Ham}{RADIO*}
24 Press chasing actors very hard (4-4) CAST-IRON {CAST}{IRON}
25 Fine writer Elia's other avatar (8) PENALISE {PEN}{ELIAS*}
26 Wise bird losing head and one's heart (6) OWLISH {fOWL}{1'S}{H}

1   Wealthy and affluent to keep an eye out for capital (8) RICHMOND {RICH}{MONeyeD}
2   Squeal when jet's cold with temperature dropping (6) SCREAM S(-t+c)CREAM
3   Dabs lotion to deal with discolouration (10) BLOODSTAIN*
4   One hopeful catch ends in drop (7) WANNABE {WAN{NAB}E}
5   Turning ten was excellent (4) ACED <=
6   High quality rump steak son rejected after ordering (8) UPMARKET*
7   One after the other from jail picked up (2,4) IN TURN (~intern)
13 Masses join in moving spontaneous performance (3,7) JAM SESSION*
15 Fine cricket here, all-round absorbing (8) ETHEREAL [T]
17 Fabulous winner to scale over peaks of tennis order (8) TORTOISE {TO}{Te...s}{Or..r}{RISE}
18 Fruits of exercise, pain and suffering (7) PEACHES {PE}{ACHES}
20 Did a security job by calling out raid (1-5) X-RAYED {X}{RAYED}(~raid)
21 Time to look for pudding (6) TRIFLE {T}{RIFLE}
23 Notice in passing, old piece of information (4) OBIT {O}{BIT}

Reference List

Top=CAP, Writer=PEN, Heart=H, Exercise=PE, By=X, Look for=RIFLE

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Bhargav's tale

A night club in downtown RICHMOND.
The JAM SESSION is in full swing.
All of a sudden a female with some BLOODSTAIN shouts.
Oh My God. It is AL CAPONE.
Many experience an ADRENALine rush.
Meanwhile an old man with an OWLISH look remarks: YOU MUST BE JOKING.
Another IN TURN joins him. 
"But his hat is missing. And that sure is not his HAIR DO. It is just someone trying to IMITATE him."
Later he asks everyone to DRAW UP to him and shows the OBIT in his smart phone.
The New Year Celebration continues with a WANNABE Pole Dancer.

Friday 22 December 2017

No 12195, Friday 22 Dec 2017, Gridman

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. There is no limit on how many answers you want to give. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM after which anyone is free to comment. 

Thanks everyone for the great response. Here is the regular blog 

1   Angelic youngster grabs that woman — one's beginning to cheer (8) CHERUBIC {C{HER}UB}{1}{Ch..r}
6   Story starts from where the earthquake starts (4) EPIC EPICentre
9   Martial art — nothing to hearty maid and child (6) AIKIDO {mAId}{KID}{O}
10 Embarrassment of fellow trailing off and not completing dull routine (7) CHAGRIN {CHAp}{GRINd}
13 Disconcerting peep into a chosen person (9) APPOINTEE*
14 The same tie (5) EQUAL [DD]
15 Note bad way of speaking (4) TONE*
16 Book that may have impressive collection (5,5) STAMP ALBUM [CD]
19 This prompt response won't bring any cash (5,5) READY REPLY [CD?]
21 Culture mediumif in Delhi perhaps (4) AGAR [DD]
24 Female relative briefly gets a zoologist's study (5) FAUNA {F}{AUNt}{A}
25 Flying specialist deteriorating post-title (4,5) TEST PILOT*
26 Resentment voiced by private (7) RANCOUR (~ranker)
27 Stiff at a wedding anniversary (6) WOODEN [DD]
28 Two children with no directions — only OK (2-2) SO-SO {SOn}{SOn}
29 So trendy, fashionable method of wall construction (3-5) DRY-STONE*

2   It secures locks or provides a turn (7) HAIRPIN [DD]
3   Sultana, for one, leaves foot of hill (6) RAISIN RAISINa
4   A volume might have spine to show it! (4,5) BOOK TITLE [CD]
5   Conceal money, they say (5) CACHE (~cash)
7   Bother each head right in soaking site (7) PERTURB {PER}{TU{Ri..t}B}
8   Somehow get clean room for corporation (12) CONGLOMERATE*
11 Player in parts of game settings (6) ARENAS {ARE{N}AS}
12 A smart set for troubling educated person (6,2,4) MASTER OF ARTS*
17 At a far distance — 'smile' may emerge (5,4) MILES AWAY {SMILE}* [RA]
18 Bundle of energy — deputy PM? (6) DYNAMO {DY}{NAMO}
20 Former pupil — a bright one — circle dismissed (7) ALUMNUS {A}{LUMiNoUS}
22 Audacity, having drug aboard ship (7) GALLEON {GALL}{E}{ON}
23 Decide to withdraw and work with agent (3,3) OPT OUT {OP}{TOUT}
25 Needing a break, even Rector got in (5) TIRED {TI{R}ED}


Thursday 21 December 2017

No 12194, Thursday 21 Dec 2017, Gridman

Solution and annotation of 8D left for any rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   If a native says he is from a certain place, there he's ... (4,3,4) BORN AND BRED [CD]
9   Colour of small kiddy, disheartened and sad (3-4) SKY-BLUE {S}{KiddY}{BLUE}
10 I had backed officer-commanding — see renovated place of bishop (7) DIOCESE {I'D<=}{OC}{SEE*}
11 Everybody to return ration (5) ALLOT {ALL}{TO<=}
12 Well, you can't take this permission from work (4,5) SICK LEAVE [CD]
13 Escape from car? (5) DODGE [DD]
15 Topicality of the French cave being described around noon (9) RELEVANCE {RE}{LE}{VA{N}CE*}
18 A recall by university board is trustworthy (9) REPUTABLE {PER<=}{U}{TABLE}
21 Fellows who come in suits? (5) CARDS [DD]
22 In support of eastern gallery holding small preview (9) FORETASTE {FOR}{E}{TA{S}TE}
24 Five have a fever that's hard to pin down (5) VAGUE {V}{AGUE}
26 I retain studied disinclination to move (7) INERTIA {I}{RETAIN*}
27 The fellow, ace, strayed into a terrible raid fool (7) AIRHEAD {HE}{A} in {RAID}*
28 Treadmills reset by primarily rigorous military trainer (5,6) DRILL MASTER {TREADMILLS}*{Ri...s}

1   Spectator breaks brandy set (9) BYSTANDER*
2   Throne occupant unites two men (5) ROYAL {ROY}{AL}
3   Grant a learner much, male servants little time (9) ALLOTMENT {A}{L}{LOT}{MEN}{T}
4   Medical officer knocks the head of minor hospital assistant (7) DRESSER {DR}{lESSER}
5   Firebrand carries out raid on parts of California (7) RADICAL {RAID*}{CALi...a}
6   Gigolo ordered to show up slaver (5) DROOL [T<=]
7   Trainer riding roughshod over Oriental servant (8) RETAINER {RETAIN{E}R*}
8   Told an outstanding player to hand over (4) ?E?E (Addendum - CEDE (~seed) - See Comments)
14 Left section indeed (8) DEPARTED {DE{PART}ED}
16 The other way around — boy's somewhat averse (4,5) VICE VERSA {VIC}{AVERSE*}
17 End teaser about a person living in part of London (4,5) EAST ENDER*
19 Cricketer, leaving TN, makes odd trip for rice (7) BASMATI {BAtSMAn}{TrIp}
20 Stare upon hearing setter shout (7) EYEBALL {~ I bawl)
22 Turn over female's undergarment without a trace of sensitivity (4) FLIP {F}{sLIP}
23 Child journalist carried around (5) TOTED {TOT}{ED}
25 Reportedly took a stab at the hotel patron (5) GUEST {~guessed) Debatable homophone again See comments

Bhargav's Tale

The DRILLMASTER BORN AND BRED as a true EASTENDER, wearing a SKY BLUE Tee had just DEPARTED having applied for SICK LEAVE.
Why a VAGUE reason to DODGE and go away?
The EYEBALLs of the Public School Headmaster turned like Zamin Chakkars.
He was a RADICAL in his youth.
Leaving aside his INERTIA he followed his drillmaster and saw him enter an Indian restaurant.
As a casual BYSTANDER he looked inside and the CARDS were on the table.
The drillmaster's weakness was Hyderabad BASMATI Biryani!!!

Wednesday 20 December 2017

No 12193, Wednesday 20 Dec 2017, Gridman

Solution and annotation of 8D left for any rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   'Beaker filler' may be what you're looking for (8) SOLUTION [DD]
5   Cover put over reclining worker in short sleep (6) CATNAP {C{ANT<=}AP}
9   Tech graduate to manage cleverly (8) ENGINEER [DD]
10 Tap swine held by drunkard (6) SPIGOT {S{PIG}OT}
12 Show nostalgia for flooring wood (4) PINE [DD]
13 Worried tart to get busy drawing (10) ATTRACTIVE {TART}*{ACTIVE}
15 Fail to pay for blunder (6) DEFECT [DD]
17 Elaborate on stay (5) DWELL [DD]
20 What Tarun and Varun do about entertaining Hyma no end (5) RHYME {R{HYMa}E} Definition by example
21 Tamil leader's mistake causes fear (6) TERROR {Ta..l}{ERROR}
24 A shattered glass would __ __ __ (2,2,6) GO TO PIECES [FITB]
27 Information a bit pulled back (4) DATA {A}{TAD}<=
29 51 pounds — readlily redeemable (6) LIQUID {L1}{QUID}
30 Expecting soft ruling (8) PREGNANT {P}{REGNANT}
31 Joint in short coat (6) REEFER [DD]
32 Take another look at reading by oriental judge (8) REASSESS {R}{E}{ASSESS}

1   Such a head is in the Land of Nod (6) SLEEPY [CD]
2   Fifty, for example, finish map detail (6) LEGEND {L}{EG}{END}
3   Take care of 10d (4) TEND {TEN}{D}
4   Open OT (5) OVERT {OVER}{T}
6   A small photo of jelly (5) ASPIC {A}{S}{PIC}
7   Leggin' discarded with ease for bedroom dress (8) NEGLIGEE {LEGGIN}*{EE}
8   Chief backs chime to city's last corporation (8) P?T?E?L? (Addendum - POTBELLY {TOP<=}{BELL}{citY} - See comments)
11 Leading consultant to assess Russian leader's depression (6) CRATER {Co...t}{RATE}{Ru...n}
14 Only man here is not hot (4) MERE {M}{hERE}
16 Partner gathers up in respect (6) ESTEEM {E}{MEETS<=}
17 Cut out doctor's work (4) DROP {DR}{OP}
18 Girl grew up as one who can escape from any tight situation (8) WRIGGLER*
19 Well I never! Setter's son's quite excited! (8) MYSTIQUE {MY}{S}{QUITE*}
22 Wild plant found around US State (6) SAVAGE {SA{VA}GE}
23 Prickly plant US State cuts indiscriminately (6) CACTUS {CA}{CUTS*}
25 Apply leverage, reportedly, for trophy (5) PRIZE (~prise) Debabtable homophone
26 Frightening extract from the leeriest (5) EERIE [T]
28 Wise man's son climbing down for a long time (4) AGES (-s)AGE(+s)S


Tuesday 19 December 2017

No 12192, Tuesday 19 Dec 2017, Gridman

Solution and annotation of 11A left for any rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   Initial notice at the shop fixture, perhaps (11) COUNTERSIGN {COUNTER}{SIGN}
9   Opens world body's lists (7) UNROLLS {UN}{ROLLS}
10 Aptitude of teaching staff (7) FACULTY [DD]
11 Manages to catch heart of Bess (5) C?P?S {Addendum - COPES - {COP}{bESs} - See comments)
12 Element that is unusual on ground (4,5) RARE EARTH {RARE} {EARTH}
13 Shallow sortbig — i am to black out (5) BIMBO {B}{I'M}{B}{O}
15 PMO, in toto, is in disarray? That is debatable! (4,5) MOOT POINT*
18 Joke, not fine but with a bit of geniality, to dismiss big bag (9) GUNNYSACK {(-f+g)GUNNY}{SACK}
21 There's something more in the next ranch (5) EXTRA [T]
22 Part of house for phoney persona? (5,4) FRONT ROOM [CD]
24 Pay attention in part of exercise (3,2) SIT UP [DD]
26 Food in Indian bucket learner's taken out for station master's assistant (7) BASMATI {BA(-l+sma)SMATI}
27 Romantic offering from Kathmandu to pianists (7) UTOPIAN [T]
28 Allows walk by prisoners out of number (11) LEGITIMATES {LEG IT}{InMATES}

1   No woman can lose grip over this purse (6,3) CLUTCH BAG [CD]
2   Type of drainpipe section you finally put up (1-4) U-TRAP {PART}{yoU}<=
3   Sort and tally new boastful talk (4,5) TALL STORY {SORT+TALLY}*
4   Sort out odd platform (7) ROSTRUM {SORT*}{RUM}
5   One refusal to carry plant causes hell (7) INFERNO {1}{N{FERN}O}
6   Horse stabled in congenial nook (5) NICHE {NIC{H}E}
7   He creates fears about a mistrial I left being launched afresh (8) ALARMIST {A}{MISTRiAL}*
8   Twice thrummy, featuring an urban legend (4) MYTH [T] {thrumMY+THrummy}
14 My French bird is cobra's enemy (8) MONGOOSE {MON}{GOOSE}
16 Quickly transport officer leaves and fixes up space for journalists (5,4) PRESS ROOM {PRESto}{MOORS<=}
17 Ornamentations are very soft in coach goods emptied out (9) TRAPPINGS {TRA{PP}IN}{GoodS}
19 Devoted to a party circle (7) ADORING {A}{DO}{RING}
20 Fruit Indian young girl halved — Queen returns thanks (7) KUMQUAT {KUMari}{QU}{TA<=}
22 Stories from leaders of famed Indian business society (4) FIBS Acrostic
23 Briefly snare with ultimately cool fishing net (5) TRAWL {TRAp}{W}{cooL}
25 Spoil top number among the abstemious (5) TAINT {A1}{N} in {TT}