Sunday 31 July 2016

Special, Sunday 31 Jul 2016, Bruno

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Society’s mostly wrong on colour (7)
5   After end of August, tulip bud requires replantation for growth (7)
9   Musical instrument cutting across genres (not gender however), is a valuable accessory (9)
10 Rhetoric of Le Pen was promoted (5)
11 God’s weapon-chest (6)
12 Only Max gets to date topless actor who could win an Oscar…  (7)
14 Its standard that neither partner’s male (4)
15 Man trapped in ice struggling to get top of head free (10)
19 Points of convergence of crude oil and relationships (10)
20 Policeman retired to pursue love of poetry (4)
22 Analyse old chemical (7)
25 Study of some atoms requires current infused sonic boom (6)
27 Flood empty dishwasher by yourself (5)
28 Driving on ice’s killing auditor (9)
29 Hesitates after date, having to sit uncomfortably around that girl (7)
30 Some of us after school left out literature (7)

1   Study of American Social Security coverage (4)
2   Like a bird from a reef, flying around the far edge of land…  (9)
3   Craftsmen flourish endlessly, as society sinks to the bottom (6)
4   Needing to pay dues, nobody puts cross/blank/cut next to it (9)
5   Where Nancy Reagan stood as a poet? (5)
6   Disorder is no disorder except a mental disorder (8)
7   Older person’s annoyed with missing article & confused (5)
8   Taste of Peter’s character (10)
13 Loveless marriage was liable to be unmotivated (10)
16 Born to eat, starting to struggle with obesity in the middle and poverty (9)
17 Like caffeine, food colouring is one containing carbon (9)
18 Bond’s flirting, while taking top off (8)
21 Hero emerges from constant darkness (6)
23 Top of attic’s 10 feet high (5)
24 Relaxes as kids get time-out (5)
26 Encourages… or discourages? (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at BRUNO 11


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 31 Jul 2016

1   Mad dogs in rather hard bargaining (5-7) HORSE-TRADING* Done extremely well by our ...!!!
9   Accommodated increase (3,2) PUT UP [DD]
10 Porcelain's single feature covered by book article (4,5) BONE CHINA {B}{ONE} {CHIN}{A}
11 Sorry about piece inhibiting endless fun (10) REMORSEFUL {RE}{MORSE{FUn}L}
12 Source in good health (4) WELL [DD]
14 Stupid, miles behind inspector (3) DIM {DI}{M}
15 Not on, cruelly dismissing verse in bossy style (11) OFFICIOUSLY {OFF}{vICIOUSLY}
17 Bottle with nothing inside irritated northern film star (6,5) SOPHIA LOREN {SO{PHIAL}{O} RE}{N}
19 Right account about estate? (3) CAR {CA}{R} <=
20 Spoils sound of stringed instrument (4) LOOT (~lute)
21 Card from old English poet filled with love (10) PASTEBOARD {PAST}{E}{B{O}ARD}
24 Guess clue wrongly in rush (9) SPECULATE {SP{CLUE*}ATE}
25 Time occupied by leading pair in return match (5) AGREE {AG{REturn}E}
26 The art involved in cookery is awesome (12) BREATHTAKING {THE+ART}* in {BAKING}

2   Choose mother to protect one? That's best (7) OPTIMUM {OPT}{1}{MUM}
3   Individual in charge following us up very fast (10) SUPERSONIC {SU<=}{PERSON}{IC}
4   Story about British chart (5) TABLE {TA{B}LE}
5   Presenter can run one ragged (9) ANNOUNCER*
6   Desire degree? No pressure (4) ITCH pITCH
7   Top tips for explorer in good small aircraft (7) GLIDERS {G}{LID}{Ex...eR}{S}
8   Big early bid, working with energy, to make military crossing (6,6) BAILEY BRIDGE {BIG+EARLY+BIRD}*{E} Oh boy! how we used to struggle manually lugging parts of this bridge around while building them during our training in 77!
9   Broadcast serial, top sad epic (8,4) PARADISE LOST*
13 Spot empty space at close range (5-5) POINT-BLANK {POINT}-{BLANK}
16 Guy with role became unable to cope (4,5) FELL APART {FELL A}{PART}
18 Saw traveller in lead (7) PROVERB {ROVER} in {PB}
19 Facial expression after tea showing dissatisfaction (7) CHAGRIN {CHA}{GRIN}
22 Handle danger, disposing of hydrogen (5) TREAT ThREAT
23 Pretty odd members of club, then? (4) CUTE {ClUb+ThEn}


Saturday 30 July 2016

No 11765, Saturday 30 Jul 2016, Arden

Nice one from Arden. 5A was my CoD


1 Spies spoil a rejected script (7) ARAMAIC {{CIA}{MAR}{A}}<=

5 Feeling intolerant – I retired in other words (7)  BIGOTED {I}{GOT} in {BED}
9 By the time doctor returned it was the end (5) OMEGA {{AGE}{MO}}<=
10 Harness on time, suppressing stress (9) RESTRAINT  {RESTRAIN}{T}
11 Capital storehouse, as it's called (9) STOCKHOLM {~STOCK HOME}
12 Fish no good when drowned in booze (5) ANGLE {A{NG}LE}
13 Singer from the Orient is keen (4) DIVA {AVID}<=
15 Old city prison has painting by Henry (8) CARTHAGE {C{ART}{H}AGE}

18 His sermons (some of them) take for ever...endless (8) REVEREND (T)
19 Strive to hold ball in the air (4) VIBE {VI{B}E}
22 Male dragged in to meet working ant (5) EMMET {M} in {MEET}*
24 Argue to take ancient stronghold within hours (4,5) HOLD FORTH {H}{OLD} {FORT}{H}
26 She's immaculate covering centre court – takes enormous effort (9) HERCULEAN {HER}{C{coUrt}LEAN}
27 Salt in cheese without name (5) BRINE {BRI{N}E}
28 Oddly Iraq backs a talk arranged in a Syrian city (7) LATAKIA {A TALK}*{IrAq}
29 Girl's sojourn on the mountain (7) EVEREST {EVE}{REST}


1 There's nothing in a trick to turn on (6) AROUSE {A}{R{O}USE}
2 Annie does form a part of our DNA (9) ADENOSINE {ANNIE DOES}*
3 Surprised to have taken it (5) ABACK (CD)
4 Tend to feel inside paper cartridge (9) CARTOUCHE {CAR{TOUCH}E}
5 At heart it's pole within pole (5) BOSOM {BO{S}OM}
6 Russian leader quit – exceptionally brave protecting church (9) GORBACHEV {GO}+{BRAVE}* around {CH}

7 Making connections in a city in Germany (5) TYING (T)
8 Hesitate to leave girlfriend – missing child (6) DITHER {DITch}{HER}
14 Scared, so vehicle taking us (9) AWESTRUCK {A{WE}S}{TRUCK}
16 Strong suggestion of the French involvement in their socialist past (9) REDOLENCE {RED}{O{LE}NCE}
17 A breeding ground overall (9) GABERDINE {A BREEDING}*

20 Allow/don't allow – in short it's deadly (6) LETHAL {LET}{HALt}
21 Warning doctor to stay out of hospital (6) THREAT {T{H}REAT}
23 Worth admitting former Italian player (5) MERIT (T)
24 Scavenger on the way, two go away (5) HYENA {ON THE WAY}-{TWO}={NHEAY}*

25 Force accomplished account (5) FABLE {F}{ABLE}

Spies=CIA, Time=Age, Doctor=MO, Time=T, No=N, Good=G, Henry=H, Ball=B, Male=M, Hours=HH, Name=N
Nothing=O, Pole=S, Church=Ch, Child=Ch, So=As, Us=We, The French=Le, Socialist=Red, Hospital=H, Force=F

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 29 July 2016

No 11764, Friday 29 Jul 2016, Arden

Tough going today. But feeling great after having cracked it.

1   Good idea — old fellow is held in high regard (4-7-2) WELL-THOUGHT-OF {WELL}-{THOUGHT}-{O}{F}
10 Had lost after sacrificing Bishop (5) EATEN bEATEN
11 New Orleans is something you can get a feel of (9) SENSORIAL*
12 Outgoing text amended, keep writing till it's finished (9) EXTROVERT {R}{OVER} in {TEXT}*
13 Divine law to exclude a flower (5) SHARI SHARIa
14 One passes away in a sterile environment (7) ASEPSIS {1+PASSES}*
16 To salt away is hard for some people in the UK (7) CORNISH {CORN}{IS}{H} Never knew this meaning of Corn
18 Chosen feature not a test (7) INSPECT  {IN}{aSPECT}
20 In reality, it's from French act of frolicking (2,5) DE FACTO {DE} {ACT+OF}*
22 Calls in to pass on a message (5) NAMES [T]
24 Add and combine — becomes incomprehensible (9) REPLENISH IncomPREHENSibLe*
26 Hard sell other ideas without keeping runs in check (9) ADVERTISE {VE{R}T} in {IDEAS}* Reverse engineered the Anno after getting the answer
27 He doesn't represent America in Olympics (5) USAIN {USA}{IN} &lit
28 Breaking upgood in case Middle Eastern country is excluded (13) FRAGMENTATION {FRA{G}ME}{N{easTern}ATION} Reverse engineered again!

2   Felt it needed to be raised a bit to empower (7) ENTITLE [T<=]
3   With fire in the belly, angle at sea for crayfish (9) LANGOUSTE {OUST} in {ANGLE}*
4   Hurry to get pure cocaine out (5) HASTE cHASTE
5   Continued corruption surreptitiously (9) UNNOTICED*
6   Not bothered to give two of them (5) HOOTS [CD]
7   Beginning shortly around morning time — it's paper work (7) ORIGAMI {ORIG{AM}In}
8   Father and son facing production shortage (10,3) GENERATION GAP {GENERATION} {GAP}
9   Sight of Handel composing “An illusion” (7,2,4) SLEIGHT OF HAND*
15 With Saturn in eighth house one gets somewhat worried (9) SATURNINE [T]
17 Stock with sack on the back (5,4) RIFLE BUTT {RIFLE} {BUTT}
19 Tea dispenser's arms used to clutch eggs (7) SAMOVAR {OVA} in {ARMS}*
21 City in the past (7) CHICAGO {CHIC}{AGO}
23 On empty stomach throw, discard (5) SHRUG {St...cH}{RUG}
25 Fold in — it's a simple attachment (5) PLEAT [T]


Thursday 28 July 2016

No 11763, Thursday 28 Jul 2016, Arden

9   Go across river to Japan (7) VARNISH {VA{R}NISH}  
10 Another name over our entrance (7) ENAMOUR {NAME}*{OUR}
11 Model will copy – take no note (7) REPLICA REPLICAte
12 Calm and clear about one (7) PATIENT {PAT{1}ENT}
13 No top positions? utter nonsense to start acting funny and causing hold up (9) OBSTRUENT {jOBS}{UTTER+No...e}*
15 They may be celebrities, the scribe ignored (5) ELITE cELebriTIEs*
16 Naked without a shred of clothing facing fire (7) BARRAGE {BAR{RAG}E}
19 Royalty given protection – reliable in centre of country (7) CROATIA {C{R}OAT}{relIAble}
20 Deposit hundred Yen (5) CACHE {C}{ACHE}
21 Dealt with precious metal – lost soul to curse (9) IMPRECATE {PRECIous+METAl}*
25 Said to be not for minors – full of gas (7) AERATED (~ a rated)
26 Stop briefly to see hen clutching most of the eggs (7) LAYOVER {LAY{OVa}ER}
28 A European assumes saint would mean one among the original twelve (7) APOSTLE {A}{PO{ST}LE}
29 Cops not involved in persecution, may be those who followed (7) RETINUE pERsEcUTIoN*

1   Exaggerate about work (6) OVERDO {OVER}{DO}
2   Religious type covering up for an examination (6) TRIPOS {SO{PI}RT}<=
3   Fruit bird (4) KIWI [DD]
4   The short people in ancient kingdom (6) THRACE {THe}{RACE}
5   In a month, notice one has become autocratic (8) DESPOTIC {SPOT}{1} in {DEC}
6   Struggle to work on the game (10) BATTLEDORE {BATTLE}{DO}{RE}
7   He stirs up controversy on European roads (8) POLEMIST {POLE}{M1}{ST}
8   It may rhyme with tea but you go all red (8) ERYTHEMA {RHYME+TEA}*
14 Property – actual value not one million (4,6) REAL ESTATE {REAL} {ESTimATE}
16 Climbing vehicle given weightage in game (8) BACCARAT {CAB<=}{CARAT}
17 Run to Olympic venue, time to face unrest (4,4) RACE RIOT {RACE} {RIO}{T}
18 Villain will make lover die (8) EVILDOER*
22 Mean to go with friend (6) PALTRY {PAL}{TRY}
23 A day for escape is coming (6) ADVENT {A}{D}{VENT}
24 Those highly educated lost money... made money (6) EARNED lEARNED
27 It evokes still some interest (4) YETI {YET}{In...t} &lit


Wednesday 27 July 2016

No 11762, Wednesday 27 Jul 2016, Arden

1   Deny time out for girl — give protection (6) REFUGE REFU(-t+g)GE
4   Went into dock with a congenital problem (5,3) CLEFT LIP {LEFT} in {CLIP}
9   Dance trainer's lost heart, straying (6) ERRANT TRAiNER*
10 Coppers given order by Royalty — it's cool (8) CUCUMBER {CU}{CU}{MBE}{R}
12 The crew will curse to put it on (8) MENSWEAR {MEN}{SWEAR} Semi&lit
13 Bear witness for a dead Italian leader (6) ADDUCE {A}{D}{DUCE}
15 Be in charge — make the attempt to enter bids (4,3,5) CALL THE SHOTS [DD]
18 Knife the rogue — it gives her high standing (8,4) STILETTO HEEL {STILETTO} {HEEL}
21 Trainees free to leave home for a festival (6) EASTER TRAinERS*
22 Meat dish provides pleasure to people (8) FLESHPOT {FLESH}{POT}
24 Entrance is hidden by centre stage — it attracts fans (8) CHARISMA {CHAR{IS}M}{stAge}
25 Black mineral and metal from Northern regions (6) BOREAL {B}{ORE}{AL}
26 Setter entering final, making changes (8) EMENDING {E{ME}NDING}
27 He stopped short on the way back from city (6) GENEVA {GENt}{AVE<=}

1   Animal rose, came out behind the plant (8) REEDMACE {DEER<=}{CAME*}
2   It's painful to see mink with the pawn broker (8) FURUNCLE {FUR}{UNCLE}
3   Picture accompanied the draught (4,4,3,4) GONE WITH THE WIND {GONE WITH} {THE WIND}
5   Yahoo not included (4) LOUT {Left}{OUT}
6   Start building stationone will commemorate the event (10,5) FOUNDATION STONE {FOUND}{ATION ST*}{ONE}
7   Place to test our work force (6) LABOUR {LAB}{OUR}
8   Stout caddie (6) PORTER [DD]
11 Below the head everything's up on the knee (7) PATELLA {PATE}{ALL<=}
14 Alternate transport (7) SHUTTLE [DD]
16 Usual complaintPeter's girl keeps quiet (3,5) PET PEEVE {PET {P}E}{EVE}
17 Short run up to a fighting unit (8) FLOTILLA  {FLOw}{TILL}{A}
19 Prompt to support others, no time to bail out (6) RESCUE {RESt}{CUE}
20 Guess I'm not allowed any property (6) ESTATE ESTimATE
23 Sign appealing to workers (4) OMEN {O MEN}


Tuesday 26 July 2016

No 11761, Tuesday 26 Jul 2016, Buzzer

1   Recurring characters in comic turned right incoherent (5) FUZZY FU(-nn+zz}ZZY (N turned through 90 Degrees becomes Z)
4   A TV series, controversially bold (9) ASSERTIVE*
9   Put a new cover on book to return (7) REBOUND  [DD]
10 Current express charges (7) INVOICE {IN}{VOICE}
11 Unlike Dracula saga in story lines ... (2,7) AS AGAINST [T]
12 ... because of love song at first (3,2) DUE TO {DUE T}{O}
13 After retirement I would be getting new fringe and a temporary tattoo (6) MEHNDI {MEH}{N}{D'I} <=
15 Time to stop getting into additional loan (8) MORTGAGE {T}{GAG} in {MORE}
18 Going around current favourite and individual port city (4,4) CAPE TOWN {AC<=}{PE T}{OWN}
19 Man caught in charge is furious (6) HECTIC {HE}{CT}{IC}
22 Falsifies/assumes name to get rights to another's property (5) LIENS {LIE{N}S}
24 Damage from driving out in rain (9) RUINATION*
26 Inputs altering litmus, acids essentially (7) STIMULI {LITMUS}*{acIds}
27 Managed to rebut judge's report (7) NARRATE {RAN<=}{RATE}
28 Work's environment related therefore income mostly trifling (9) ERGONOMIC {ERGO}{INCOMe*}
29 Swayed by sound variety of leather (5) SUEDE (~swayed)

1   Weapon set to hold attention (7) FIREARM {FIR{EAR}M}
2   At heart grizzly bear, fantastic wild creature (5) ZEBRA {griZzly}{BEAR}*
3   Expression of agreement from U SA? (3,4,2) YOU SAID IT {U SAID}{IT}
4   Warm painting hung outside study (6) ARDENT {AR{DEN}T}
5   Donatism unlikely to get holy status (8) SAINTDOM*
6   Wandered like a group of animals heading southwards (5) ROVED (-d)ROVE(+d)D
7   Travelling object in time seen over Northern Territory (9) ITINERANT {IT}{IN}{ERA}{NT}
8   I saw pronouncedly ugly building (7) EYESORE (~ i}{EYE}{SORE}(~ saw)
14 Trendy event (9) HAPPENING [DD]
16 Wordbook has suture misspelled (9) THESAURUS*
17 Being short-handed, ultimately firm was shot (8) DWARFISM {h...eD}{FIRM+WAS}*
18 Musical piece with rousing section of trumpets, electrifying (7) CELESTE [T<=]
20 Navy chief engineer breaking rules for grant (7) CONCEDE {N}{CE} in {CODE}
21 Picture no end to pleasant excursion (6) PICNIC {PIC}{NICe}
23 Reject special pot of tea (5) SPURN {SP}{URN}
25 Representation of one million years (5) IMAGE {1}{M}{AGE}


Monday 25 July 2016

No 11760, Monday 25 Jul 2016, Buzzer

8   Cool hanging seen in international club right away (6) ICICLE {I}{CIrCLE}
9   Involved in changes to dateline (8) ENTAILED*
10 Gathering around to censure and slight in the extreme (8) FRAILEST {FEST} around {RAIL}
11 Uniformly smooth appearance for fabric (6) MOHAIR {sMoOtH}{AIR}
12 Notice hate, think positively (4,2,2,3,4) TAKE IT ON THE CHIN* &lit
14 Some saucer, a microwavable material (7) CERAMIC [T]
16 Ordinary writing describing work plan (7) PROPOSE {PRO{OP}OSE}
19 Safe gadget providing digital security (11,4) COMBINATION LOCK [CD]
22 Firm to consider stifling rule (6) STURDY {STU{R}DY}
24 City of Los Angeles housing a hindu establishment (8) LUDHIANA {A+HINDU}* in {LA}
25 One elected member sanctioned it is understood (8) IMPLICIT {1}{MP}{LICIT}
26 Value of property surrounding desert they cut in half (6) E?U?T? (Addendum - EQUITY - {QUIT} in {thEY} - See comments)

1   Gangster stole crack (8) SCARFACE {SCARF}{ACE}
2   I have to pretend at first to be busy (6) ACTIVE {ACT}{I'VE}
3   Walker ran despite signal (10) PEDESTRIAN*
4   Agree to have a bite of rib perhaps (2,2,3) BE AT ONE {EAT} in {BONE}
5   Waste matter blocking curb (4) STEM [T]
6   Near a faucet carrying cold alcoholic drink (8) NIGHTCAP {NIGH}{T{C}AP}
7   Rearing say baby twins (6) GEMINI {GE<=}{MINI}
13 Cannon fodder here for some animals (4,2,4) HERD OF DEER*
15 Leisurely walk included time for some beer (5,3) AMBER ALE {AMB{ER A}LE}
17 Leave letter K in wrong section (4,4) SICK NOTE {K} in {SECTION}*
18 Couple of articles written about grant for sportsperson (7) ATHLETE {A}{TH{LET}E}
20 Promptly put up broadcast number (2,4) ON TIME {EMIT} {NO} <=
21 Disabled boy winning one over (4,2) LAID UP {LA{1}D} {UP}
23 Yen to behead a waterbird? That's disgusting (4) YUCK {Y}{dUCK}


Sunday 24 July 2016

Special, Sunday 24 Jul 2016, Dr Satyen Nabar

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Dad’s predicament at high class type of party (6)
4   Married creep seeks lover (7)
8   What most women desire -- ability to acquire Rolls Royce (2, 5)
9   Rebel side about to plunder and strip (7)
11 Sponsor receiving zero income approximately (4, 2, 4)
12 Dupe woman aboard vessel (4)
13 Jumps around England? They might be high (5)
14 Discuss work with gossips at party (4, 4)
16 Cheerful Joker, a genius traps Batman finally (8)
18 Give top dollar; take first puff, dislike drug (5)
20 Too content to reveal solution (4)
21/21D Cohib? (5, 3, 2, 5)
23 Experience lower energy (7)
24 Nauseous initially after eating terribly harmful substance (7)
25 Loan-sharks are more reliable in America (7)
26 Vatican endorses gestures of peace (1-5)

1   Mean to endlessly offend community (5)
2   High on liquor to make it more interesting (5, 2)
3   Bad actor gets rejected, airs his endless woes, becomes spiritual leader (9)
5   Strike force will manage campaign (5)
6   Bursts in suddenly and flares up, I hear (7)
7   Freedom to move barge back to dock (5, 4)
10 Chattered away to unnerve professor (7, 2)
13 Captions leading to furrows on brow (9)
15 Immoral objects-- they need to be tied up (5, 4)
17 Excessive sentimentality for beloved leads to musical aptitude (4, 3)
19 Getting accustomed to trendy university gang (7)
21 See 21 Across
22 Wants massages, I hear (5)

Across Lite Version can be accessed at Dr SN 7


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 24 Jul 2016

1   Iron commitment ultimately put into state security (6) SAFETY {FE}{c...nT} in {SAY}
4   Correct answer about cleric (8) ACCURATE {A}{C}{CURATE}
10 Mineral starts to appear blue and silver in turn (9) ALABASTER {Ap...r}{Blue}{And}{Si...r} in {ALTER}
11 Feeling essential to brass ensemble (5) SENSE [T]
12 Text's aims lie in unravelling philosophy (14) EXISTENTIALISM*
14 Charges to screen large fights (5) DUELS {DUE{L}S}
16 Trace idea reforms wipe out (9) ERADICATE*
17 State endless desire, then deceive with misdeed (9) WISCONSIN {WISh}{CON}{SIN}
19 Joint work about semi-aquatic mammal (5) HIPPO {HIP}{PO<=}
21 Opposing action from token ruler? (14) COUNTERMEASURE {COUNTER}{MEASURE}
24 Notice colour around snake (5) ADDER {AD}{DER<=}
25 Queen with sign joined by secretary in court before artist (9) CLEOPATRA {C{LEO}{PA}T}{RA}
26 Settle with noble publican (8) LANDLORD {LAND}{LORD}
27 Performed unusually adeptly, short of time (6) PLAYED ADEPtLY*

1   Reduced depth in amendment of second law (6-4) SCALED-DOWN {D} in {SECOND+LAW}*
2   Delicate piece of cloth in folder (7) FRAGILE {F{RAG}ILE}
3   Child, when tucked in, warm (5) TOAST {TO{AS}T}
5   Character at home with a burden accepting new one? (8,6) CARDINAL NUMBER {CARD}{IN}{A}{L {N}UMBER}
6   Comedian finally among us, mischievous kind (9) UNSELFISH {U{c...aN}S}{ELFISH}
7   Inability to remember bad men dividing continent (7) AMNESIA {A{MEN*}SIA}
8   Always this crossword? Not half (4) EVER EVERyman
9   Painter showing variety of planet's scenery (7,7) STANLEY SPENCER*
13 Earlier group full of energy loudly followed by rising idol (10) BEFOREHAND {E}{F}{HERO<=} in {BAND}
15 Rogue doctor absorbed by working on clues (9) SCOUNDREL {DR} in {CLUES+ON}*
18 Today, surrounded by signs of approval, climbing mountain (7) SNOWDON {NODS<=} around {NOW}
20 Quiet duck, truly wild fowl (7) POULTRY {P}{O}{TRULY*}
22 Shock upset father and friend (5) APPAL {AP<=}{PAL}
23 End story in hearing (4) TAIL (~tale)


Saturday 23 July 2016

No 11759, Saturday 23 Jul 2016, Gridman


1 Adorns with ornaments Israelite getting into ponds in Bangladesh (8)  BEJEWELS {BE{JEW}ELS}
5 American cat from old church property (6) OCELOT {O}{CE}{LOT}
9 Wager Ma can knit what one would like to wear in winter (4,4) WARM GEAR {WAGER+MA+R}* R from?
10 Without warning, nudes burst out. Around 500! (6) SUDDEN {NUDES*} around D
11 Old boy's old English instrument (4) OBOE {OB}{O}{E}
12 When something is fixed firmly, it stands there thus (10)  UNSHAKABLY (CD)
15 Problem? Mother's on call (6) SUMMON {SUM}{M}{ON}
17 Distant church's mockery (5) FARCE {FAR}{CE}
19 Skim happily around new capital (5) MINSK {SKIM}* around N
20 Take apart intros of unimpressive witticism (6) UNYOKE {UNimpressive}{YOKE}
23 Persons of mixed racial descent bared flesh awkwardly (4-6) HALF BREEDS {BARED+FLESH}*
26 Whiz by menagerie near Maharashtra's capital (4) ZOOM {ZOO}{Maharashtra}
27 Bird let fall a bit (6) TITTLE {TIT}{LET}*
28 Let it dawn: holiday comes after 24 hours (8) DAYBREAK {DAY}{BREAK}
30 Displays tapestry featuring head of Yudhishthira (6) ARRAYS {ARRA{Yudishthira}S}
31 Setter's beginning to finish next set's sentence (4,4) SEND DOWN {Setter}{END} {DOWN}

1 Fellow of old finds support gathering around injured cow (7) BAWCOCK {COW*} in {BACK}
2 Jack's far gone, without limits, in the “in” talk (6) JARGON {J}{fAR GONe}
3 Leaders of world athletic group move back and forth (3) WAG Acrostic
4 King's new master (5) LEARN {LEAR}{N}
6 Throw out friend dismissing male cook (5) CHUCK {CHUm}{CK}
7 Badly travelling on one road is an insect (8) LADYBIRD {BADLY}*{I}{RD}
8 Can identify and slot old photograph (7) TINTYPE {TIN}{TYPE}
13 Hold over rising desire, sweetheart! (5) HONEY {H}{O}{NEY<=}
14 Dip the French nobleman's keen starter (4) DUCK {DUC}{Keen}
16 Doctor to take advantage of cursor controller (5) MOUSE {MO}{USE}
17 Bogus fact kept outside court exercises (4) FAKE {FAct}{KEpt}
18 Where city dweller may live, cherub heartily is one who gives the boost (8) INFLATER {IN}{FLAT}{chERub}
19 Big, soulful title lets a couple of mothers take cover (7) MAHATMA {MA}{HAT}{MA}
21 Little creature is the French doctor's relative (7) LAMBKIN {LA}{MB}{KIN}
22 Give up on behalf of self? (6) FOREGO {FOR}{EGO}
24 Browbeat youth going after animal (5) BULLY {BULL}{Y}
25 Padre drops cover (5) DRAPE{PADRE*}
29 Blossom-to-be boy extremely unsound (3) BUD {B}{UnsounD}

Old=O, Church=CE, 500=D, Old boy=OB, English=E, Mother=M, New=N
Jack=J, Male=M, Cook=Ck, One=I, Road=Rd, Hold=H, Over=O, Doctor=MO, Court=Ct, Exercises=PT, Mother=Ma, Youth=Y, Boy-B

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Friday 22 July 2016

No 11758, Friday 22 Jul 2016, Gridman

1   Fight after fight at riotous cafe it's caught in selfie (7,4) SPARROW FACE {SPAR}{ROW} {CAFE}*
9   More relaxed one in France in a sport event (4,3) FREE RUN {FREE R}{UN}
10 Treat freely — central need is for source of aromatic oil (3,4) TEA TREE {TEA TR*}{nEEd}
11 Told derelict to catch with a net (5) TRAWL (~ troll?)
12 Meant to unwind? It's a fuming place (5,4) MOUNT ETNA {MEANT+TO+UNwind}* Wind being the AInd
13 Nerve in India to get right to bottom (5) NADIR {NADI}{R} Couldn't find a link online to the hindi meaning of NADI Link added, see comments
15 Questioned British and Indian neighbours indeed (9) DEBRIEFED {BR}{I}{E,F} in {DEED}
18 Tease Elisa confusingly after tease without a bit of unction (9) TANTALISE {TAuNT}{ELISA*}
21 Capital one held nervously (5) DELHI {HELD+1}*
22 Kendo buff, agitated, left early (6,3) BUNKED OFF*
24 Barely manage living — the set grub scanty to the extreme (3,2) GET BY {l...nG}{thE}{seT} {gruB}{s...tY}
26 Regardless of rest getting dollar for rupee (7) DESPITE (-r+d)DESPITE
27 Understand Lear, when angry, is beginning to emote (7) REALISE {LEAR}*{IS}{Em..e}
28 They are not 'here' for either 'ayes' or 'noes' (11) ABSTENSIONS [CD]

1   Savings of the trapeze artist? (6,3) SAFETY NET [CD]
2   Space around new boxing venue (5) ARENA {ARE{N}A}
3   A rare buildup around the range is where villagers live (5,4) RURAL AREA {A+RARE}* around {URAL}
4   On return, mother, not old, getting a little tense, lost it ... (4,3) WENT MAD  {DAM}{NEW}<= over {Tense}
5   ... be speechless and feign ignorance (3,4) ACT DUMB {ACT} {DUMB}
6   Former wife's performance spot-on (5) EXACT {EX}{ACT}
7   In high dudgeon, with Indian vehicle almost packed (8) WRATHFUL {W}{RATH}{FULl}
8   Men lay no end in Indian fair (4) MELA {MEn}{LAy}
14 Unsteady stand about knights’ English abode that is cold and moist (4,4) DANK NEST {STAND}* around {K}{N}{E}
16 Taking offence at dinning all over the shop (9) INDIGNANT*
17 Papers give it, day in and day out, to keep you up-to-date (5,4) DAILY NEWS [CD]
19 They have pressing work (7) IRONERS [CD]
20 Administer English squad (7) ENFORCE {EN}{FORCE}
22 Takes away partner to have sex in parts of the garden (4) BEDS [DD]
23 I care about evergreen shrub (5) ERICA*
25 I not a characteristic of Arawakan language (5) TAINO*


Thursday 21 July 2016

No 11757, Thursday 21 Jul 2016, Gridman

1   Making sense of company at this place by odd neta (8) COHERENT {CO}{HERE}{NeTa}
5   It sucks (6) VACUUM [CD]
10 Stern joke about artist possessing appeal (7) PURITAN {PU{R{IT}A}N}
11 Gossip wife buried in vast expanse with little glory (7) CHINWAG {CHIN{W}A}{Glory}
12 Counsel retired hard up and without capital (6) EXHORT {EX}{sHORT}
13 What one who doesn't mind may say (3,2,3) NOT AT ALL [GK]
15 Tax obligation (4) DUTY [DD]
16 Local rider going round mountain chain (10) CORDILLERA*
18 Too clever a cleric? (10) ARCHDEACON [CD]
20 Not pro (4) ANTI [CD]
23 Unaware enough to be home with no money at all (8) INNOCENT {IN}{NO}{CENT}
24 Plan to perform in a short time (6) TACTIC {T{ACT}IC}
26 Big stayer distributing mineral (7) BARYTES*
27 Shout of disapproval about posh talk is a source of concern (7) BUGABOO {B{U}{GAB}OO}
28 Key duo scattering old currency (6) ESCUDO {ESC}{DUO*}
29 Note ever-vacillating New Delhi's top priest (8) REVEREND {RE}{EVER*}{ND}

1   The star that would give 'hep dice'? (7,8) CEPHEID VARIABLE  [RA] Would never have got this without Google!
2   Protective gear for Dhara doing acrobatics in hard time (4,3) HARD HAT {DHARA}* in {H}{T}
3   Service club's old-fashioned phone (6) ROTARY [DD]
4   Sister's report is contrary to all (4) NONE (~nun)
6   A long way to engage a hack who is friendly (8) AMICABLE {A}{MI{CAB}LE}
7   Figure out what one may do with a tangled web (7) UNWEAVE {UN}{WEAVE}
8   Angel could claim to provide for stars (10,5) MAGELLANIC CLOUD* Same remark as for 1D
9   Agreement by one on musical instrument (9) ACCORDION {ACCORD}{1}{ON}
14 No moaner's displaying prominent feature on face (5,4) ROMAN NOSE*
17 Trained cadet due for transfer (8) EDUCATED*
19 Church's new ploy almost toward the middle (7) CENTRIC {CE}{N}{TRICk}
21 Significant lack of a kind of furniture, apparently (7) NOTABLE {NO TABLE}
22 Twist Tamil leader's point of view (6) TANGLE {Ta..l}{ANGLE}
25 Limited groove for French priest (4) ABBE rABBEt

Wednesday 20 July 2016

No 11756, Wednesday 20 Jul 2016, Gridman

1   Summon girl for vocation (7) CALLING {CALL IN}{G}
5   Boy to set apart voting slip (6) BALLOT {B}{ALLOT}
9   Means to change directory listings (5) NAMES*
10 Command One in Artillery (9) ORDINANCE {ORD{1}NANCE}
11 Accepts invitation to drink (5,2) TAKES UP {TAKE}{S UP}
12 Doctor talks on and on limitlessly and becomes less interesting (7) DRABBER {DR}{yABBERs}
13 Stretch son going east for shades (5) TINTS (-s)TINT(+s)S
14 Places of chaos where there is something to munch (9) NUTHOUSES [C&DD]
16 Where head of team's seen twice in a hazy state (9) TENNESSEE {Team}{SEEN+SEEN}*
19 The Spanish end in France is fairylike (5) ELFIN {EL}{FIN}
21 Stop officer commanding beginning to criticise duel in an unacceptable manner (7) OCCLUDE {OC}{Cr...e}{DUEL*}
23 Hold over small girl's cry of praise (7) HOSANNA {H}{O}{S}{ANNA}
24 If you're are in this, you won't be at ease (9) ATTENTION [CD]
25 Girl takes Gridman for a drink (5) LASSI {LASS}{I}
26 Photocopies leave out nothing of the old Emperor (6) XERXES XERoXES
27 True, Ceres is running around home (7) SINCERE {CERES}* around {IN}

1   Approved walk (14) CONSTITUTIONAL [DD]
2   Chuck the French doctor's relative? (7) LAMBKIN {LA}{MB}{KIN}
3   Maintains it's sin – too bad – that grabs son (7) INSISTS {IT'S+SIN}* over {S}
4   Great publisher in good, small classifications (9) GROUPINGS {GR}{OUP}{IN}{G}{S}
5   Waited patiently – I had, in bed (5) BIDED {I'D} in {BED}
6   Yearn for a turn in the distant past (4,3) LONG AGO {LONG} {A}{GO}
7   Vehicle volume (7) OMNIBUS [DD]
8   Typical MLA, perhaps (14) REPRESENTATIVE [DD]
15 Order: Reship ten surgical saws (9) TREPHINES*
17 Windsor, e.g., is not for casual Fridays (7) NECKTIE [CD]
18 Nothing follows Agatha Christie's character in old biannual event (7) EQUINOX {QUIN}{O} in {EX}
19 Greek character gets revised slip in time (7) EPSILON {SLIP}* in {EON}
20 Tactful handling of female, fashionable, essentially lesser (7) FINESSE {F}{IN}{lESSEr}
22 Prepares altered diets (5) EDITS*


Tuesday 19 July 2016

No 11755, Tuesday 19 Jul 2016, Exa

7   Feature hotshot in paper (5) FACET {F{ACE}T}
8   Decline a bet meant to be lost (9) ABATEMENT*
10 Information given by advertisement's wrong (6) ADVICE {AD}{VICE}
11 Take off an undergarment – go without it (8) TRAVESTY {TR{A}{VEST}Y}
12 Story about Nicolas penned (8) COVERAGE {C{OVER}AGE}
13 Famous writer's article on 'ego' broadcast (6) GOETHE {EGO*}{THE}
14 Clear out drawing books from the middle (7) CENTRAL {NT} in {CLEAR}*
16 Most affected by endless pain in abdomen (7) STOMACH {MOST}*{ACHe}
20 Correct wrong year (6) UPDATE [CD] (Addendum - {UP}{DATE} - A little birdie asked  me to correct this}
23 Difficult, at sixteen, to make a living (8) EXISTENT {aT+SIXTEEN}* How is A removed?
25 Huge mineral waste suppressed (8) COLOSSAL {CO{LOSS}AL}
26 Move over a box (6) CARTON {CART}{ON}
27 Support engineers for nice careers (9) REINFORCE {RE}{FOR+NICE}*
28 Make love, with hesitation, in film (5) LAYER {LAY}{ER}

1   Collection of clothes with a fashionable border (8) WARDROBE {W}{A}{BORDER}*
2   Writer I shelter with regret (8) PENITENT {PEN}{I}{TENT}
3   I'll help a teetotaller fill ale (7) ABETTER {A}{BE{TT}ER}
4   Shirt tag removed at once (8) STRAIGHT*
5   Edges away from spoilt electrical unit (6) AMPERE hAMPEREd (Addendum - pAMPEREd - See comments)
6   Kidnap can't criminal keep quiet about it? (6) SNATCH {S{CANT*}H}
9   Excellent bringing back a prize (4) MEGA {MEG}{A}<=
15 To state "no" is another way of expressing dislike (8) AVERSION {AVER}{IS+NO}*
17 Stuff husband took back home (8) MATERIAL {MATE}{LAIR<=}
18 Read and write down date as suggested (8) CONNOTED {CON}{NOTE}{D}
19 Put back a revolting flavour (7) REPLACE {PER<=}{LACE}
21 Motivate learner to pursue professional training (6) PROPEL {PRO}{PE}{L}
22 Flourish in a game by capturing bishop instead of rook (6) ABOUND {A}{(-r+b)BOUND}
24 Power cut in stadium causing irritation (4) ITCH pITCH