Thursday 31 August 2023

No 13958, Thursday 31 Aug 2023, WrdPlougher

Solution to 4A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

Too may meaningless ellipses!!

1   Gives an address to top Nazi bodyguards going around (6) SPEAKS {S{PEAK}S}
4   Winner conceding point, essentially to get energy for powerful aim? (6) ?E?T?R (Addendum - VECTOR V(-i+e)ECTOR - See comments)
 The article originally stirring enmity (4) HATE {THE+Ar...e}*
10 Occasion basically honouring friend someday (10) EVENTUALLY {EVENT}{h..oUr..g}{ALLY} Basically for middle letter? See comments
11 Couch empty threat in speech (without a hint of politeness, compassion, humility), starting to electioneer (6) SETTEE {SpE{Th..aT}Ech}{El...r}
12 Drew, Nancy's exposés — "Den's leaders following criminal lout at home" (8) OUTLINED {Ex...s}{Den}<=>{LOUT*}{IN} What's the role of Nancy's?
13 Amy musing about space, where mass is created (9) GYMNASIUM*
15 Constant need to be cut in half like a tree (4) PINE {PI}{NEed}
16 Beat knight, winning fight in the end (4) STIR {S{f..hT}IR}
17 Saint within right to regularly bear some sort of audience (9) LISTENERS {LI{ST}EN}{bEaR}{Sort}
21 Bond explosive ion later... (8) RELATION*
22 ... if not, alternatively, burn blue-ish sulphur (6) UNLESS {bUrN+bLuE+iSh}}{S}
24 Saw nightclub, swerved recklessly, losing direction (10) DISCOVERED {DISCO}{swERVED*}
25 Starting to fall sick, stuff... (4) FILL {Fall}{ILL}
26 ... left nose, out of oxygen finally with empty remedies, flops (6) LOSERS {L}nOSE}{Re...eS}
27 Rubs out errors in speech, insubstantial errors (6) ERASES {(~errors)ERAS}{Er..rS}

1   People's ownership claim in secret... (7) SLAVERY {SL{AVER}Y}
2   ... electronic portal, part of programming... (5) EVENT {E}{VENT}
3   ... those who find, perhaps, Dhoni awesome in the middle? (7) KEEPERS {KEEPER}{aweSome}
5   Teesta reforming land area (6) ESTATE*
6   Common practice, transferring to another country, forgetting former spouse (9) TRADITION exTRADITION
7   Dancing free, topless, live free (7) RELIEVE {fREE+LIVE}*
8   Circling radical (13) REVOLUTIONARY [DD]
14 Bores gits regularly, going into little details? (9) NUISANCES {NU{gItS}ANCES}
16 Important detail briefly disclosed, mainly about rise of AI (7) SPECIAL {SPECs}{discLosed} over {AI<=}
18 German guy's article buried by our newspaper, global agency making noise (7) THUNDER {DER}<=>{TH}{UN} What's the role of 'guy's' ?
19 Sleeps around, regularly mulls success (7) RESULTS {RES{mUlL}TS}
20 Second, place cutlery... (6) SILVER [DD]
23 ... plates, occasionally eating Indian food, primarily for feelings of happiness (5) LIFTS {pLaTeS} over {In...n}{Food}

Reference List
Nazi bodyguards = SS, Energy = E, Saint = ST, Sulphur  S, Direction = SW(South West), Left = L, Electronic = E, Former spouse = EX, German guy's article = DER, Our newspaper = TH

Wednesday 30 August 2023

No 13957, Wednesday 30 Aug 2023, Vidwan


Artwork by Prasanna


Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 9A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

9   Exiled English Royal, advancing and taking chances with money (7) B?T?I?G (Addendum - BETTING BETTerING - See comments)
10 Places where endless money is on play? (7) CASINOS {CASh}{IS+ON}* Semi&lit
11 City partial to maharajas (5) OMAHA [T]
12 Unwelcome? I will give up! Go back! (3-5) ILL-TIMED {I'LL}{DEMIT<=}
14 Straight thinking mostly...still... (4,6) EVEN THOUGH {EVEN}{THOUGHt}
15 Stop editor's piece for one by a reader (4) OPED [T]
17 Accidental shift after speed of light overcomes acceleration due to gravity (6) CHANCE CHAN(-g+c)CE
19 Date someone who soothes, not hard pusher (6) DEALER {D}{hEALER}
22 Not a plastic body (4) NATO*
23 Rogue from poor street can withstand any cyclone (10) STORMPROOF {FROM+POOR+ST}*
26 What one indulges in at 10 Across? Good leisurely stroll! (8) GAMBLING {G}{AMBLING}
27 Risk with someone who grows old? (5) WAGER {W}{AGER}
29 Instrument Britain and the Spanish repeatedly use at the climax (7) UKELELE {UK}{EL}{EL}{usE]
30 Males influence liberated females with a universal piece of poetry (7) MORCEAU {M}{fORCE}{A}{U}

1   Old-fashioned bets on close fights (11) OBSOLESCENT*
2   Gas slightly more than enough! (6) ETHANE [T]
3   Did courses, spent time teaching (9) DIDACTICS {DID}{tACTICS}
4   Something that kindles scorn, mostly about sex! (7) IGNITOR {IGN{IT}ORe}
5   Conditions thus can create the cool guys (7) ECOLOGY [CA] {ECOLOGY+THUS= THE COOL GUYS}
6   97+115+99+105+105 is like 10011 (5) ASCII {AS}{C}{11}
7   Cosmopolitan cops in winter polo-necks (8) INTERPOL [T]
8   Request work time-off (3) ASK tASK
13 I use door for actively spreading fragrance (11) ODORIFEROUS*
16 They predicted about a captured soldier creating nations with powerful navies (3,6) SEA POWERS {SE{A}{POW}ERS}
18 A consumer over time becomes a beast (8) ANTEATER {AN}{T}{EATER}
20 Occasionally for X (2,5) AT TIMES {AT}{TIMES}
21 Art creation mostly takes a minute (7) ORIGAMI {ORIG{A}{M}In}
24 Starts replacing liquor with drug for wild festivities (6) ORGIES Something wrong here {ORI(-gin+e)ES} Extra I and G less
25 Monastery constructed by a bishop around middle of Barcelona (5) ABBEY {BY+A+B}* over {barcElona}
28 Solution for this? Left out! (3) CUE ClUE Can a Cue be a Solution?

Reference List
English = E, Royal = R, Speed of Light = C, Accelaration due to gravity = G, Date = D, Hard = H, Street = ST, Good = G, With = W, The in Spanish = EL, Males = M, Female = F, Universal = U, Time = T, Sex = IT, X = TIMES, Minute = M, Drug = E, Bishop = B, Left = L

Tuesday 29 August 2023

No 13956, Tuesday 29 Aug 2023, Karaoke


Rangoli by Gowri
Solution to 19D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Police force getting revised salary and uniform to heartlessly nab criminals primarily (12) CONSTABULARY {SALARY+U+TO+NaB+Cr...s}*
9   Identity established shortly. That is Latin (2,3) ID EST {IDe...y}{ESTa...d}
10 Some order ring erroneously for sidearm (9) DERRINGER [T]
11 Stormy petrel nibbles island snake (7) REPTILE {REPT{I}LE*}
12 Say nothing on split after ultimate fight for elevation (3-4) EGO-TRIP {EG}{O} and {RIP}<=>{f..hT}
13 It records jet fight (5,3) BLACK BOX {BLACK}{BOX}
14 Cushion torn on top many times (5) OFTEN sOFTEN
18 Lady's fingers occasionally overlooked rocky roads (5) OKRAS {rOcKy+RoAdS}
20 Party favours - Setters run to win them (3,5) DOG RACES {DO}{GRACES}
24 Wife leaves riches in favour of saint in secrecy (7) STEALTH (-w+st)STEALTH
26 He mends shoes for dessert (7) COBBLER [DD]
27 How long can anyone live happily in fiction? (4,5) EVER AFTER [CD]
28 Man consumes lettuce heartily for fibre (5) ISTLE {IS{letTuce}LE}
29 Kid's tales feature champion who rose from poverty to affluence (4,2,6) RAGS TO RICHES {RAG}{STORI{CH}ES}

1   He gives best deals with value-for-money card (5-4) CHEAP-JACK {CHEAP}{JACK}
2   "Damn, ditch the devil!" Spooner says (3-4) NIT-PICK (~pit nick to nit-pick)
3   Alluring footbridge collapsed killing brigadier general (2,3,3) TO DIE FOR {FOOTbRIDgE}* Brigadier General/BG ?
4   Strip channel? Get Hooked! (6) BARBED {BAR}{BED}
5   Liberal financial assistance absent for jobless (4,3) LAID OFF {L}{AID}{OFF}
6   10-4? Received and understood (5) ROGER  [C&DD]
7   Uncover mutilated bodies with a hint of rotting (7) DISROBE {DIS{Ro...g}OBE*}
8   Pawn goes around river for fruit (5) DRUPE {D{R}UPE}
15 Raises false case with cooked up tales (9) ESCALATES {CASE*}{TALES*}
16 In time ceroc dancing for musical compositions (8) CONCERTI {IN+T+CEROC}*
17 He takes possession without right from shylock exercising power (7) USURPER {USUR{P}ER}
19 High scares without leaders on the ball (3,4) A?L ?A?S (Addendum - ALL EARS {tALL}{fEARS} - See comments)
21 Polish clergyman without work? Nonsense (7) RUBBISH {RUB}{BISHop}
22 They carry loads of large number of people without money (5) ASSES mASSES
23 Got the suspect in thickly populated area (6) GHETTO*
25 Excessive deposit endangering mass adversely primarily? (5) EDEMA Acrostic &lit

Reference List
Uniform = U, Island = I, Party = DO, Wife = W, Saint = ST, Champion = CH, Liberal = L, Time = T, Money = M

Monday 28 August 2023

No 13955, Monday 28 Aug 2023, Incognito

Solution to 15D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

7   What was shown on counters displaying speeds and altitude in ISRO control room after landing? Nothing! (4) ZERO [DD]
8   Old colliers, for example, consuming a bit of alkaloid can become testers (9) EXAMINERS {EX}{Al...d}{MINERS}
10 Western society, adopting CAD, makes revolutionary things (6) WHEELS {W}{HEEL}{S}
11 The Spanish ignite a pinch of myrrh behind university's golden rain tree (8) LABURNUM {LA}{BURN}{My..h}<=>{U}
12 Individual ones in crater changed measurement standards (8) CRITERIA {CR{1}TER{1}A*}
14 Instructed force to get violent thug (6) TAUGHT {TA}{THUG*}
16 Decorated and loved around noon (7) ADORNED {ADOR{N}ED}
18 Engineers do a play, "Cargo" (7) PAYLOAD*
21 Certify at a sort of cricket match (6) ATTEST {AT}{TEST}
23 Identification badges Agent Sam may produce (4,4) NAME TAGS*
25 Doctor accompanying mother in pain gets old coins (8) DRACHMAE {DR}{ACH{MA}E}
27 God turned up first, producing photographic device (6) CAMERA {RA}<=>{CAME}
29 Continued survival of President's 10 in eastern church (9) EXISTENCE {XI'S}{TEN} in {E}{CE}
30 Somanath travels across country (4) OMAN [T]

1   Tied Theodore around that place (8) TETHERED {TE{THERE}D}
2   Lope awkwardly to get stick (4) POLE*
3   Data collector snores badly (6) SENSOR*
4   Corridor wall built and covered with dry grass (7) HALLWAY {H{WALL*}AY}
5   Intelligence agency flier beginning to toast aromatic Italian bread (8) CIABATTA {CIA}{BAT}{To..t}{Ar...c}
6   Carry animal (4) BEAR [DD}
9   Therefore, union territory gets head-start... A pole position (5) SOUTH {SO}{UT}{Head}
13 Ignore first digit in preceding number. It's wrong there (5) THREE* {13}
15 Dark member carries port (5) U?L?T  (Addendum - UNLIT {UN{L}IT} - See comments)
17 Roughly evaluate times tea is brewed (8) ESTIMATE*
19 North African prepared grain ale (8) ALGERIAN*
20 Six footer Anne rejected aerial (7) ANTENNA {ANT}{ANNE<=}
22 Worried sergeant, after losing nag, is abrupt (5) TERSE SERgEanT*
24 Ridiculed doctor consuming coke cocktail (6) MOCKED {M{COKE*}D}
26 Fibre from calico irks (4) COIR [T]
28 Keep spectacles between consecutive letters and behave listlessly (4) MOON {OO} in {M}{N}

Reference List
Western = W, Society = S, The in Spanish = LA, University = U, Force = TA(Territorial Army), Noon = N, God = RA, President = XI(Jinping), Eastern = E, Church = CE, Theodore = TED, Port = L

Sunday 27 August 2023

Special, Sunday 27 Aug 2023, Economizer

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3269, Sunday 27 Aug 2023

To celebrate the 4000 th Crossword, this crossword has the names of all the setters who have set for Everyman Crosswords. Read the article at

The setters were Ximenes,  Derrick Macnutt, Alec Robins, Dorothy Taylor, Allan Scott (who is there as ASCOT, also Alan Connor and Colin Gumbrell.

1   Casseroles, say, old and new, Vera smashed (8) OVENWARE {O}{NEW+VERA}*
5   Weak shell of elegant mollusc (6) LIMPET {LIMP}{El...nT}
10 Girl crashed hot rod approaching end of motorway (7) DOROTHY {HOT+ROD}*{m...aY}
11 Catching a chance to speak (7) HEARING [DD}
12 To back her – that's different (5) OTHER {TO<=}{HER}
13 Call for attention, receiving variable information about one health expert (9) HYGIENIST {H{Y}{G{1}EN}IST}
14 In which Sun has special role diminished? (5,7) SOLAR ECLIPSE {S}{SPECIAL+ROLE}* Semi&lit
18 Cool, American, ironic? 'Not I!', troubled Democrat's interrupting (3-9) AIR-CONDITION {A+IRONIC+NOT+I}* over {D}
21 Homes, easy to manage, son: about half a mile (9) DOMICILES {DO{MIle}CILE}{S}
23 A Highlander in a cravat (5) ASCOT {A}{SCOT}
24 Exercises including a part for one released from prison (7) PAROLEE {P{A}{ROLE}E}
25 Alan's beginning to get increasingly wide. Nothing's consumed? That's increasingly wise (7) ASTUTER {Alan}{SToUTER}
26 Songbirds steal in before onset of spring (6) ROBINS {ROB}{IN}{Sp...g}
27 Stacks by the German cranes (8) DERRICKS {RICKS}<=>{DER}

1   More than likely to give you a good run for your money? (4-2) ODDS-ON [CD]
2   Blue celestial body close to Mercury (6) EARTHY {EARTH}{m...rY} Semi&lit
3   Endless battle to secure first couple of points in game (5,4) WATER POLO {WATER{POi..s}LOo}
4   Style of popular music? Butler had hymns playing (6,3,5) RHYTHM AND BLUES*
6   Likeness, as Father Time might say (5) IMAGE {I'M AGE}
7   Picked up tonic, one for a woman (8) PHILIPPA {(~fillip)PHILIP}{A}
8   Continuously move up bound by rope? (8) TOGETHER {T{GO<=}ETHER}
9   Film taking hour, for example, about a supermarket nearly breaking record (3,5,6) THE GREAT ESCAPE {T{H}{EG}{RE}{A}{TESCo}APE}
15 Appear behind guard (4,5) LOOK AFTER {LOOK}{AFTER}
16 Primarily, spiky annual notoriously distributing seedcases. Painful underfoot? Rather! (8) SANDSPUR Acrostic semi&lit
17 Proper mixture of Brie and meat (5,3) PRIME RIB {PRIM}{BRIE*}
19 Bill will have to call back for this kind of acid (6) ACETIC{AC}{CITE<=}
20 Good man, having acquired skills, sets forth (6) STARTS {ST}{ARTS}
22 Pass fashionable man (5) COLIN {COL}{IN}

Reference List
Old = O, Variable = Y, Sun = S, Democrat = D, Son = S, Exercises = PE, The in German = DER, Hour = H, About = RE, Bill = AC, Good man = ST, Pass = COL, Fashionable = IN

Madras Day Special, Sunday 27 Aug 2023, Incognito

This Madras Day Special is available only in the Online site of The Hindu Crosswords.

1   Container containing non-Indian tamarind is next to a raft (9) CATAMARAN {CA{TAMARind}{A}N}
5   Mistakenly flog game (4) GOLF*
9   Wandering Africans leave a venerated Catholic friar (7) FRANCIS AFRICaNS*
10 Actress Doris' time of illumination (3) DAY [DD]
11 In favour of model citadel (4) FORT {FOR}{T}
12 Having endless sex after long time? Use rubber! (5) ERASE {SEx}<=>{ERA}
13 English writer receives nothing for now demolished market near railway station (5) MOORE {MO{O}RE}
15 Distant source of light seen in forest area (4) STAR [T]
18 They may be available for taking in Chepauk and Kollywood (6) EXTRAS [C&DD]
21 Sick after church? Difficult to get this in city having hot, hotter and hottest weather... (5) CHILL {ILL}<=>{CH}
23 Took seat around Indian holy man (5) SAINT {SA{IN}T}
24 King, judge or gentleman, partially (6) GEORGE [T]
26 If rejected, Zulus sputter, releasing gas (4) FIZZ {IF<=}{ZZ}
30 Company support for snake found in Croc Bank (5) COBRA {CO}{BRA}

32 Agitated South African releases ostrich and local animals (5) FAUNA {soUth+AFricAN}*
33 Wrongly take hardwood (4) TEAK*
34 Type of train for bird? (3) EMU [DD]
35 Get favourable with definitive treatment (7) PROCURE {PRO}{CURE}
36 Consumes some rice at supper (4) EATS [T]
37 Bingo's two little ducks – just two short of two dozen (6,3) TWENTY TWO [00]

1   At first, chief of finance takes charge for drink (6) COFFEE {Ch..f}{Of}{Fi...e}{FEE}
2   Belying its name, the above is very popular in this locality in Chennai (1,5) T NAGAR (~ tea nagar)
3   Fish got from horrible marketplace not having tap (8) MACKEREL MARKEtpLaCE*
4   Spicy soup and sambar prepared without boiling at first (5) RASAM SAMbAR*
6   Avoid choosing pot (3,3) OPT OUT {POT}* [RA]
7   Strain arising from flier flying around top of tower (6) FILTER {FIL{To..r}ER*}
8   Dramas organised in Presidency town (6) MADRAS*
14 Propeller is used in Goa regularly (3) OAR [T]
15 Bath-room has no cleaning equipment, for starters (3) SPA SPAce
16 Relative's gold placed on holy book (4) AUNT {AU}{NT}
17 Lost directions in Chennai to get tea (4) CHAI CHennAI
19 Draw an item of neck-wear (3) TIE [DD]
20 All India Radio's broadcast (3) AIR [Acrostic & DD]
22 Zulus leaving United States return to church in Indian metro (3) LUZ ZULus<=
23 After son travels to Marina, for example (8) SEAFRONT*
24 Girl gets accommodations for men getting married (6) GROOMS {G}{ROOMS}
25 Poet's above coercion to some extent (3) OER [T]
26 Useless dossier about union territory (6) FUTILE {F{UT}ILE}
27 Fanatic tar escapes from lazaretto building (6) ZEALOT LAZarEtTO*
28 Majestic Australian has puff (6) AUGUST {AU}{GUST}
29 Look! Commencement of bottle opening in pavilion! (6) GAZEBO {GAZE}{Bo...e}{Op...g}
31 Just a scoop of ice-cream? Plenty and sufficient... (5) AMPLE sAMPLE

Reference List
Model = T, Church = CH, Indian = IN, Zulu = Z, Support = BRA, Gold = AU, Holy book = NT(New Testament), Girl = G, Australian = AU

Saturday 26 August 2023

No 13954, Saturday 26 Aug 2023, Gussalufz

Rangoli by Gowri

1   Driver's blog about catching cold during flu (4,4) GOLF CLUB {GOL{F{C}LU}B*}
5   Drink it after holding back tears (6) SPIRIT {IT}<=>{RIPS<=}
9   After fifty, eccentricity besieged mum (7) SILENCE {SI{L}{E}NCE} E/Eccentricity? See comments
10 Composed clever engineering question as opener (7) EQUABLE {ABLE}<=>{En...g}{QU}
11 Central India's gangster on American chopper (5) AXIAL {I}{AL}<=>{AX}
12 Spooner announcing a change in America for traitors (8) SERPENTS (~ per cents to serpents)
13 Slight cushion after #6 and #8 get out (6) INSULT INSULaTe
14 Arm temporary accommodation with air-conditioning and opulence, essentially (8) TENTACLE {TENT}{AC}{opuLEnce}
18 With others (14 other real odd ones out!) (2,6) ET CETERA {tEnTaClE+oThEr+ReAl}
20 Chinese date in half a month! Half a month to last! (6) JUJUBE {JUne}{JUle}{BE}
23 Big guns using second-rate, recycled musical instrument? Like! (8) BAZOOKAS {B}{(-k)AZOO(+k)K}{AS}
25 The anal area is frequently used in these relations (5) TALES {The+AnaL+arEa+iS}
27 Log 13 (3-4) PUT DOWN [DD]
28 Old toilet sucks - no joke! (4-3) LONG-AGO {LO{N}{GAG}O}
29 Sometimes proctologist revolts while undressing body (6) CORPSE [T<=]
30 Merlin sang songs featuring civets (8) LINSANGS [T]

1   Gets moved by rousing musical about pregnancy (9) GESTATIVE {GETS*}{EVITA<=}
2   Post restructuring, sell oil or candies? (7) LOLLIES*
3   "100 + 50? ...??" (High society, in short, is not very bright) (9) CANDLELIT {C}{AND}{L}{ELITe}
4   Tune a system component that is not in a good state (6) UNEASY [T]
6   Trim, quiet, and single engineer (5) PRUNE {P}{RUN}{E}
7   Dreadful boor / jerk like Marvin? (7) ROBOTIC {BOOR}*{TIC}
8   - 5 - h = 20? (4) TREE {8-5=3=ThREE}
10 One who makes money disappear - nerd, by and large (6) EARNER [T]
15 Harassments from relative described by "metallic noises" (9) TAUNTINGS {T{AUNT}INGS}
16 Post-eclipse revelations: bad omens conveying rise in disharmony (9) EMERSIONS {EM{RISE*}ONS*}
17 Barbie's pal drinks arrack regularly - a monster! (6) KRAKEN {K{aRrAcK}EN}
19 Well, supporting ChatGPT without training limits, period! (7) CHAPTER {ER}<=>{CHAtgPT}
21 Forget artificial neural networks, basically (7) UNLEARN {NEURAL}*{Ne...s}
22 Alas, it breaks down intermittently (1,5) A SALTI*
24 Goes to get a sex-change under ordinary instruments (5) OBOES {(-g+b)BOES}<=>{O}
26 She ultimately gets irrational about the Ramayana, perhaps (4) EPIC {shE}{PI}{C}

Reference List
Cold = C, Eccentricity = E, Fifty = L, Gangster = AL(Capone), Second-rate = B, No = N, 100 = C, 50 = L, Quiet = P, Engineer = E, Irrational = PI, About = C

Friday 25 August 2023

No 13953, Friday 25 Aug 2023, Avtaar

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Address picked up by browser monitored (6) SERMON [T]
4   Freshly set date including time is confirmed (8) ATTESTED {SET+DATE}* over {T}
9   Key pocketed by crew snaps from the back (6) ANSWER [T<=]
10 Peoplon vacation near Kerala hill station going back each year (3,5) PER ANNUM {Pe..lE}{MUNNAR<=]
11 Variety of best feni (not seconds) with English gin - free perks? (6,8) FRINGE BENEFITS {BeST+FeNI+E+GIN+FREE}*
13 Cup of tea before meeting convict getting released (10) PREFERENCE {PRE}{conFERENCE}
14 Retired South Australian male tennis champion (4) ASHE {SA<=}{HE}
16 Somewhat open area with nettle (4) AJAR {A}{JAR}
18 Cash counter at this point has very large parking space that is airy (10) ATMOSPHERE {ATM}{HERE} over {OS}{P}
21 After the inauguration, recite classical composition of a minister (14) ECCLESIASTICAL {rECITE+CLASSICAL}*
23 Several asteroids regrouped after one got destroyed (8) ASSORTED ASTEROiDS*
24 Film North Indian party revolutionary accepting money (6) PATINA {AAP<=} over {TIN}
25 Intruder starts to show temper, ranting with fury (8) STRANGER {Show}{Te...r}{Ra...g}{ANGER}
26 Second way of out of tall mountain is arduous (6) SEVERE {S}{EVEREst}

1   Spoils son, wife and girlfriend (4) SWAG {S}{WAG}
2   Book about opening shot (7) RESERVE pRESERVE (Addendum - {RE}{SERVE} - See comments)
3   It blooms in Ongole and Erode (8) OLEANDER [T]
5   Clue to get to "Three-D", a humanitarian group (3,3-5) THE RED CROSS {THREE-D}* [RA]
6   Engineers at leading American University rejected location deflecting wireless waves (1,5) E LAYER {RE}{YALE}<=
7   Bronze vessel containing trimmed, big Oriental flowers (7) TANSIES {TAN}{S{bIg}{E}S}
8   Part of act on stage - king is thrown a West Asian sword (9) DAMASCENE {DrAMA SCENE}*
12 Pick edible grain with the old photocell (8,3) ELECTRIC EYE {ELECT}{RICE}{YE}
13 Soft netting with knots that you may find on a tea table (5,4) PLACE MATS {P}{LACE}{MATS}
15 Special leaf to wrap fuel waste (8) SPOILAGE {S}{P{OIL}AGE}
17 One filing charges against a constant cocaine consumer (7) ACCUSER {A}{C}{C}{USER}
19 Devious woman near Navi Mumbai suburb ditched husband (7) EVASIVE {E{VAShI}VE} Containment indicator is incorrect
20 "New currency note" cell (6) NEURON {N}{EURO}{N}
22 Vessel with base in glass (4) PANE {PAN}{E}

Reference List
Time = T, English = E, South = S, Australian = A, Very large = OS, Parking = P, Second = S, Way = ST, Son = S, Wife and Girlfriend = WAG, Engineers = RE(Royal Engineers), Vessel = SS< Oriental = E, King = R, Soft = P, Special = S, Constant = C, Cocaine = C, Husband = H, New = N, Note = N, Base = E

Thursday 24 August 2023

Special, Thursday 24 Aug 2023, KKR

Artwork by Prasanna
Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



No 13952, Thursday 24 Aug 2023, Hypatia

Solution to 28A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Smash cage (5) POUND [DD]
4   Secure shares in return (5) STRAP<=
11 Expert democrats working out of DC (7) MAESTRO dEMOcRATS*
12 Pure evil expression of hesitation while entering Church (7)  SINCERE {SIN}{C{ER}E}
13 Noise in family gatherings initially (5) CLANG {CLAN}{Ga...s}
14 Thriving fans dressed like this to watch Barbie? (2,3,4) IN THE PINK [DD]
15 Flaunting his gown (7,3) SHOWING OFF {HIS+GOWN}* [RA]
17 Raised money sacking associate (4) BRED BREaD
19 Trend created using love for article (4) MODE M(-a+o)ODE
21 Uncle's muscle game, according to Spooner (10) PAWNBROKER (~brawn poker to pawnbroker)
25 "Love isn't complicated", point authors (9) NOVELISTS {LOVE+ISNT}*{S}
27 Picture book of a lake behind (5) ALBUM {A}{L}{BUM}
28 He's possibly concerned with separating Desh and Darbar (4,3) R?R? G?S (Addendum - RARE GAS {RA{RE}GAS} - See comments)
29 A French academician sadly died alone (7) UNAIDED {UN}{A}{DIED*}
30 Instrument played even by amateur (5) VEENA {EVEN}*{A}
31 Danger of revolution in Somali republic (5)  PERIL [T<=]

2   Regularly sources grain for plant (7) OREGANO {sOuRcEs+GrAiN+fOr}
3   Expression of frustration in loss? (3,5) NOT AGAIN {NOT A GAIN}
5   Indian swiping English nurse's dating app (6) TINDER T(-e+i)INDER
6   Studio where I let art displays on the counter (7) ATELIER [T<=]
7   Son ridicules loose fitting garments (6) SMOCKS {S}{MOCKS}
8   Dreadfully angry about opposition leader greeting ethnic minority (8) ROHINGYA {R{Op...n}{HI}NGYA*}
9   Basically pronounced somewhat surreptitiously to alert (4) PSST Acrostic &lit
10 Pointed and looked at the audience (6) PEAKED (~peeked)
16 Chinese geomancy in Iron houses initially using tanks (4,4) FENG SHUI {FE}{Ho...s+USING}*
18 How to get for eg. a fracture? (8) BREAKAGE {EG+A}* [RA]
19 Reports say Bitcoin creators are younger teens (6) MINORS (~miners)
20 Mixed biryani ultimately served hot (7) DIVERSE {b...nI}{SERVED*}
22 Doha writer’s incomplete coverage of total game! (7) KABADDI {KAB{ADD}Ir}
23 Solution left around me and you initially (6) REMEDY {RE{ME}D}{You}
24 His call to young India often ends in catchphrase (6) SLOGAN Tail Acrostic
26 School party left by British band (4) SASH {S}{bASH}

Reference List
Church = CE, Associate = A, Point = S, Lake = L, A in French = UN, Academician = A, Amateur = A, Indian = I, English = E, Son = S, School = S