Thursday 30 June 2022

No 13596, Thursday 30 Jun 2022, Dreamer

Solution to 11A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Sit oddly before old sound system (6) STEREO {SiT}{ERE}{O}
9   Old viral poem about lost love (8) PRIMEVAL {VIRAL+PoEM}*
10 Better attendant? (8) CROUPIER [CD]
11 Tie note encircling employee's original resume (6) R?O?E? (Addendum - REOPEN {R{Em...r}OPE}{N}
12 Beef sausage? Nope. Ripe bananas! (8) PEPERONI*
13 Lawrence has arm pain (6) TWINGE {T{WING}E}
14 Son on vacation provided short name for brandy glass (7) SNIFTER {SoN}{IF}{TERm}
17 Company backing narrative about source of liquid fuel (4,3) COAL GAS {CO}{SAG{Li...d}A<=}
20 Son went to get a little ornate instrument used in vehicles (6) SPEEDO {S}{PEED}{Or...e}
22 Are terms amended to produce new version of old recording? (8) REMASTER*
25 Stylish mark covering main part of the cloth (6) INSEAM {IN}{SEA}{M}
26 Poem by retired salesman is ill-natured (8) PERVERSE {VERSE}<=>{REP<=}
27 Dismiss beautiful woman without sex appeal and talent, primarily (8) BELITTLE {BEL{IT}{Ta...t}LE}
28 Somehow worry about onset of anthracnose in plant (6) YARROW {Y{An...e}RRPOW*}

1  Physician gets a piece of tailless fish (8) STURGEON {S{Ta...s}URGEON}
2   Champion of the people ignoring principle of "Blessed Trinity" (6) TRIUNE TRIbUNE
3   Dutch man at home wearing spectacles and a loose cloak with wide sleeves (6) DOMINO {D}{O{M}{IN}O}
4   Condemn attack by Britain after leaders of Ukraine pressurised (7) UPBRAID {B}{RAID}<=>{Uk...e}{Pr...d}
5   Title Rob used for book containing words of Opera? (8) LIBRETTO*
6   Monument spread over Bank of Missouri (8) MEMORIAL {ME{M or I}AL}
7   Request Bill to interrupt German person who is dishonest (3,3) BAD EGG {B{AD}EG}{G}
15 Wild democratic movement to acquire dominance at the centre (8) FRENETIC {FRE{d..iNa..e}E}{TIC}
16 Crime novel by Christie accepted by English town, needing no introduction (8) ENORMITY {E}{N or M}{cITY}
18 Dislike American style (8) AVERSION {A}{VERSION}
19 Outing permitted for a group of three (7) TRIPLET {TRIP}{LET}
21 Hand tool price changed around beginning of November (6) PINCER {PI{No...r}CER*}
23 Injure newcomer endlessly and put to death (6) MARTYR {MAR}{TYRo}
24 Sad to invite that man without originally offering a drink (6) SHERRY {So{HE}RRY}

Reference List
Before = ERE, Old = O, Note = N, Lawrence = TE, Went = PEED, Son = S, Stylish = IN, Mark = M, Sex appeal = IT, Dutch = D, Man = M, Spectacles = OO, Britain = B, Bill = AD, German = G, English = E, American = A 

Wednesday 29 June 2022

No 13595, Wednesday 29 Jun 2022, WrdPlougher

Solution to 8A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Yesterday's encomiums seem out of place today.

8   Count's rank — Earl without a least bit of nobility (4) ?E?Y 
9   For instance, mainly depicting one confused immature fool like Narcissus (10) EGOCENTRIC {EG}{d..iCt..g+ONE}*{TRICk}
10 Made soft by strange desire to follow nurse (10) TENDERISED {DESIRE}*<=>{TEND}
11 Coloured in — an odd fashion tip (4) CLUE CoLoUrEd What's the role of 'fashion'?
12 Cable bearing message centrally placed in winding rows of letterboxes? (9) CROSSWORD {C{RO{mesSage}SW*}ORD}
13 One sacrificing intelligence ultimately to celebrate ignorance? (5) BLISS  [CD?] Anno pending
15 Liked to argue about Sartre's case (7) PLEASED {PLEA{SartrE}D}
17 Caught error, abruptly rejected desolate complainant's right (7) CORRECT {C}{ERROr<=}{Co...nT}
20 Group of poor travellers returning in stealth (5) TROOP [<=] What's the role of 'in stealth'?
22 Bristly plant natural around western tip of Chadian wasteland (9) BROOMCORN {BORN} around {Ch...n+MOOR<=}ORN} 
25 Final piece of music drama retracting epilogue (4) CODA {m..iC}{ADO<=}
26 Intrigues curious user, coming first (10) ADVENTURES {USER}<=>{ADVENT}
27 Scaled reef, fighting fear (4,6) FEEL SCARED*
28 View tweet (4) PEEP [DD]

1   Going upstairs as umpire makes mistake — short ball, no edges (8) REFERAL {REF}{ERr}{bALl} Makes mistake would be ERRS!
 Sound (only OM) often echoing in ancient Turkish gated colony? (6) MYNDUS {SoUnD+oNlY+oM}<=
3   Plant that's precious yet unwanted? (9) PEARLWEED {PEARL}{WEED}
4   Monk's hairstyle in fashion — really? (7) TONSURE {TON}{SURE}
5   Poor Andy regularly taking drug, out of work (5) NEEDY {aNdY} over {E}ED Anno pending
6   Disciplinarian ticks off student, hauled up again (8) STICKLER {TICKS*}{L}{RE<=}
7   Third variable raises complications (3-3) MIX-UPS {MI}{X}{UPS} Third what? Is it third note?
14 Mark irrelevant data entries initially in row of columns (9) COLONNADE {COLON}{NA}{Data}{En...s
16 The explorer, perhaps overwhelmed by island, returning to darling (8) ADORABLE {DORA} in {ELBA<=}
18 Scolded harshly, felt concerned about temper (8) CARPETED {CAR{PET}ED}
19 Rave about Jeeves in the end, after tense Wooster finally gets to Aunt Dahlia's husband (7) TRAVERS {RAVE*}{j...eS}<=>{T}{w...eR}
21 A jaunty-sounding piano? (6) RHODES (~ Jonty Rhodes)
23 Banks starting to cope with recession cycles (6) CLUMPS {Cope}{(-s)LUMP(+s)S}
24 First name of this swimming pool game? (5) MARCO MARCO polo

Reference List
Caught = C, Umpire = REF, Drug = E, Student = L, Again = RE, Variable = X, Tense = T 

Tuesday 28 June 2022

No 13594, Tuesday 28 Jun 2022, WrdPlougher

Solution to 30A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Teaser displayed by small screens from Qatar to Zambia (4) QUIZ {Q}{UI}{Z}
3   Busts protests run out of clubs (6,4) OBJETS DART {OBJEcTS}{DART}
10 At sea, a vast ark, endless divine interventions! (7) AVATARS {A+VAST+ARk}*
11 Dutchman's pipe — long and oddly sharp (7) PINESAP {PINE}{ShArP}
12 Arch Bishop Tutu’s term for South Africans? (7) RAINBOW [GK]
13 “Marvel!” Creator uttered, to contemplate space (6) LEEWAY {LEE}{(~weigh)WAY}
15 Goddess softly welcomed by Baroque hymn (5) NYMPH {NYM{P}H*}
16 Notice hot timeless rapper losing head, attacking a person during argument (2,7) AD HOMINEM {AD}{HOt}{eMINEM}
18 Revealing new bespoke luxury brand owned by old Indian actor making comeback (3-6) LOW-NECKED {NEW*}{CK} in {DEOL<=}
21 New intel briefly interrupts gangster and darling (5) ANGEL {N}{GEn} in {AL}
23 Gear manufactured by Kia Grand’s factory, centrally located close to hub (3,3) KIT BAG {KIA}{G} over {facTory}{huB}
25 Maori dancing (all over Instagram) is art (7) ORIGAMI {OR{IG}AMI*} IG/Instagram?
27 Provisional rent distributed between two months (7) INTERIM {I{RENT*}I}{M}
28 Former British PM never introduced his namesake counterpart at the Knesset? (7) ISRAELI dISRAELI
29 How a weatherman might get wind of mean meteor burst (10) ANEMOMETER*
30 Sampling from tracks, bends old alternative western songs (4) ?D?S (Addendum - ODES {trackS+bEnDs+Old}<=)

1   21 shifts taken up as doctor? Getting close (10) QUADRANGLE {ANGEL}*<=>{QUA}{DR} Definition not understood? See comments 
2   Director’s second sublime short, some oddly visual poetry (7) IMAGISM {dIr...r}{MAGIc}{SoMe}
4   Dollar having collapsed, WHO briefly has to work through rough patch (9) BUSHWHACK BUSH{WHo}ACK Anno pending (Addendum {BU{WHo+HAS}*CK} - See comments)
5   Chase former lover, appeal every now and then (5) EXPEL {EX}{aPpEaL}
6   Ray altering names, some bits of Feludaa’s essential character (7) SUNBEAM  {NAMES+Bits+felUdaa}*
7   Hold back! Injured boatswain letting out cry of pain (7) ABSTAIN BoATSwAIN*
8   Printing mistake transgression you pardon ordinarily when selecting beginners (4) TYPO Acrostic
9   In the climax, manic Basha blowing up African citadel (6) CASBAH {maniC}{BASHA*}
14 Mostly uses slime — if prepared, makes a kind of watery paint (10) EMULSIFIES {USEs+SLIME}*
17 Dry ox hide spread as a base (9) HYDROXIDE*
19 Shrill sound from street interrupting spell (7) WHISTLE {WHI{ST}LE}
20 Queen taking bishop in mating attack primarily to advance check (7) EMBARGO {E{Ma...g}{B}{At...k}R}{GO}
21 Evacuated any pair erupting in hives (6) APIARY {AnY+PAIR}*
22 Divine being, having regularly saved cheat, in return gives permission (2-5) GO-AHEAD {GOD} over  {sAvEd+cHeAt}<=
24 One/two minutes into draining game, getting easy one (5) GIMME {1}{MM} in {GamE}  
26 Prima donna effortlessly streaking lady on a horse (4) DIVA goDIVA

Reference List
Small screen = UI(User Interface), Clubs = C, Softly = P, Notice = AD, Time = T, New = N, Intel = GEN, Gangste = AL(Capone), Grand = G, Month = M, As = QUA, Dollar = BUCK, Former lover = EX, Street = ST, Queen = ER, Bishop = B, Minute = M

Monday 27 June 2022

No 13593, Monday 27 Jun 2022, Vidwan

Solution to 16A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Remain enchanted with mad race for Green Card? (8,5) AMERICAN DREAM*
9   Confrontation leading to needless damage all around (3-2) RUN-IN {RU{Ne...s}IN}
10 My weaknesses — Food Courts, Heavy Metal and Plays, occasionally (3,6) MEA CULPAS {MEA{CU}L}{PlAyS}
12 Talk about unending animosity (4) CHAT {C}{HATe}
13 Pasta made with gnocchi and olive, without a drop of vinegar (10) CONCHIGLIE {GNOCCHI+OLIvE}* There's an extra O in the fodder
16 Church official sounds unsure about trading right (7) P?E?E?T (Addendum - PREFECT P(-er+re)REFECT - See comments)
18 Initially imitating Deepika, youngster later looked incredibly classy and charming (7) IDYLLIC Acrostic
21 Sense of identity that exists before ignorance essentially gets dissolved (3) EGO ErGO
22 True proposition — “Love, just envelops and hate, regularly rebounds” (7) THEOREM  {MER{0}E}{HaTe}<=
24 Some frown on a Gondwana lotus temple's shape (7) NONAGON [T]
25 Partly elephantine, one's at centre of those people's pantheon of gods (10) POLYTHEISM {rolyPOLY}{THE{1'S}M}
28 Not large type of infection (4) STYE STYlE
30 Power source — most universal with unlimited supply (9) GENERATOR {GENERAl}{sTORe}
31 Struggle of powerless authority (5) EXERT EXpERT
32 Guess how universe was created? Began right by blowing up around nothing! (3,4,6) BIG BANG THEORY {BEGAN+RIGHT+BY}* over {0}

2   Metal worker casts out base of a heavy deity statue in the end (9) MANGANESE {MAN}{GANESh}{s...uE}
3   Give out good shout (4) RANT gRANT
4   Corporate boss having a minute role, short but significant (5) CAMEO {C{A}{M}EO}
5   Again making one run over last obstacle with a fast lift off (10) REUNIFYING {R{o...lE}UN}{1}{FlYING} L/Lift?
6   Scare about Pope's power going to head (5) APPAL (-p)A(+p)PPAL Power going to head or going down?
7   Cocaine and cannabis? That's crazy! (8) CRACKPOT {CRACK}{POT}
8   Bali's path, we are told (4) ISLE (~aisle)
11 Extremely bad, running kidnapping for sale (7) AUCTION AbdUCTION
14 Some Pakistanis involved in spying and sponsoring terrorism (3) ISI [T] &lit
15 That R & B hero, perhaps, is an idol (5-5) HEART THROB*
17 He doesn't have stable job set up, causing turmoil (7) TEMPEST {TEMP}{SET*}
19 A measure of journey having no beginning and endlessly long (9) LIGHTYEAR {fLIGHT}{YEARn}
20 Marriage papers (8) CONFETTI [CD]
23 Currency in endless turmoil (3) HAO cHAOs
25 Space set up by English squire (4) PAGE {GAP<=}{E}
26 Wear something that breathes air essentially (5) LUNGI {LUNG}{aIr}
27 Show of confidence — moving self at start to front position (5) STRUT (+s)STRU(-s)T
29 Part of liberal inheritance, how it is carried forward (4) GENE GENErous 

Reference List
About = C, Large = L, Power = P, Good = G, English = E

Sunday 26 June 2022

Special, No THCC 6633, 26 Jun 2022

Thanks to Pradeep Raghunathan, I am posting the THC of 03 Jan 2000, he gave me the Across Lite file for the same. I think those were the days when the setters name was not given in the byline. So let us see who can identify the setter. after all the answers come in.

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please submit all your answers in one comment. 



The Sunday Crossword No 3208, Sunday 26 Jun 2022

1   Yes, biddies perambulating two abreast (4,2,4) SIDE BY SIDE*
6   Covering part of altarpiece (4) TARP [T]
9   Records when things happened in newspaper presses (4-6) TIME-STAMPS {TIMES}{TAMPS}
10 Little rascal destroying quiet, making racket (4) SCAM SCAMp
11 He tosses and turns: Spooner's hearing a little flea? (5,7) LIGHT SLEEPER (~slight leaper)
15 Contacted when Everyman's beginning to get bothered about Frenchman (1-6) E-MAILED {Ev...n}{M}{AILED}
16 Queen boarding Eurostar, perhaps for the landscape (7) TERRAIN {T{ER}RAIN}
17 Pilgrimage venue was enticing, they say (7) LOURDES (~lured)
19 Once Prince Hamlet's 'evermore lady'; insanity awaits, primarily? (7) OPHELIA Acrostic &lit
20 Naïvely fight being re-allocated toughest part of project (5,7) HEAVY LIFTING*
23 Issue of magazine recalled (4) EMIT<=
24 Making low-down English share (10)  GENERATION {GEN}{E}{RATION}
25 Many women leaving urban communities (4) TONS TOwNS
26 Scouts' pies rancid? You're probably right (1,7,2) I SUSPECT SO

1   Where to find badgers in Massachusetts (4) SETT [T]
2   Desert, unpleasant place (4) DUMP [DD]
3   At last, Sacha Distel ably performing Le 14 juillet (8,3) BASTILLE DAY {s..hA+DISTEL+ABLY}*
4   Small potatoes: journalist inebriated (7) SMASHED {S}{MASH}{ED}
5   Vacuous divorcé to assume payment made earlier (7) DEPOSIT {Di...cE}{POSIT}
7   Satisfactory working, capable, etc (10) ACCEPTABLE*
 In open air, man exercising dog (10) POMERANIAN {OPEN+AIR+MAN}*
12 Near the NW area's constituents – or the Potteries? (11) EARTHENWARE [T]
13 Husband skipping starter – extremely rich – is most wholesome (10) HEALTHIEST {H}{wEALTHIEST}
14 In King's Cross, perhaps, regularly call out greeting (10) SALUTATION {S{cAlL+oUt}TATION}
18 Their web sites hopefully contain bugs! (7) SPIDERS [CD]
19 Shops for sockets (7) OUTLETS [DD]
21 Menu? Tip (4) HINT [DD] (Correction - LIST [DD] - See comments)
22 Cancel a French party (4) UNDO {UN}{DO}

Reference List
Quiet = P, Frenchman = M, Queen = ER, Women = W, Small = S, Journalist = ED, Man = M, Husband = H, A in French = UN, Party = DO

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday #82, Sunday 26 Jun 2022, Avtaar

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday can be accessed at the link given below. You need to register and sign in using an email ID and password, subscription may or may not be required.
The crossword is not being blogged as the annotations are provided in the interactive version itself which can be seen if you click on 'Show a hint' under the 'reveal' tab on the top.

The same will be posted on every Sunday at 6 AM.


Saturday 25 June 2022

No 13592, Saturday 25 Jun 2022, Karaoke


9 Enjoyable but sadly real religious function! (7) FUNERAL {FUN}{REAL*}
10 Nile's sketch (7) OUTLINE {LINE}* [RA]
11 Capital of Chad, Africa regularly in turmoil (5) ACCRA {ChAd+AfRiCa}*
12 Promoter's move to bring President into challenge and win national trust (9) GODPARENT {GO}{D{P}ARE}{NT}
13 Knight joins cabaret dance and sleeps occasionally in tents (11) TABERNACLES {N+CABARET}* and {sLeEpS}
16 What one might do to invite trouble? (4,1,3,2,5) OPEN A CAN OF WORMS [CD]
18 Machine loaded with liquid methane it provides hard protection to the crown (5,6) TOOTH ENAMEL {TOO{METHANE*}L}
22 Illegal taproom's utter piece of cake (9) SPEAKEASY {SPEAK}{EASY}
24 Greek character distributed heart at last (5) DELTA {DEAL}{h..rT} Distributed would be Dealt (Addendum DE(-a)LT(+a)A - See comments)
25 Authority's right to seize cocaine near college borders (7) LICENCE {LI{C}EN}{Co...gE}
26 Harry pushing armed helicopter (7) GUNSHIP*


1 Meal provided on pitch (5) IFTAR {IF}{TAR}
2 Command staff come up on time (5) ENACT {CANE<=}{T}
3 Mix milk first, make a drink with cakes (5,3) CREAM TEA {CREA{Milk}TE}{A}
4 Work hard, there is no place for complacence essentially in climbing targets (4) SLOG GOaLS<=
5 Can director enter into command area? (6,4) POWDER ROOM {POW{D}ER}{ROOM}
6 Grades in combat art shows upheld (6) STRATA [T<=]
7 It gives warning when company absorbs material damages essentially (4,5) FIRE ALARM {FI{REAL}{damAges}RM}
8 Adventists release authorised version of the Bible for patron saint's group (8) DENTISTS aDvENTISTS
14 Light bulb moments when dauntless side initially pockets a stunning win (10) BRAINWAVES {BR{A}{WIN*}AVE}{Side}
15 Fragrance from exotic oleander, off American church (9) REDOLENCE {OLEaNDER}{CE}
16 Lady driver finally jumped out of moving trolleybus in a stupid manner (8) OBTUSELY TrOlLEYBUS*  
17 Spooner says "Valley secured, congratulations!" (4,4) WELL DONE (~dell won to well done)
19 Marching greetings from the ruler (6) HIKING {HI}{KING}
20 The letter brings pleasing expression about record (5) ALPHA {A{LP}HA}
21 They are inclined to writing suspicious spam (5) RAMPS {R}{SPAM*}
23 It helps gaining control over body and revives gone youth (4) YOGA {AGO}{Y}<=

Reference List

President = P, Challenge = DARE, National Trust = NT, Knight = N, Right = LIEN, Cocaine = C
Pitch = TAR, Time = T, Targets = GOALS. Director = D, Company = FIRM, Material = REAL, Authorised version of Bible = AV, Dauntless = BRAVE, American = A, Church = CE, Lady = L, Valley = DELL, Record = LP, Writing = R, Youth = Y

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 24 June 2022

No 13591, Friday 24 Jun 2022, Gussalufz


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   One wanting grass after retirement (over a title) (7) DESIRER {DE{SIR}ER<=}
5   Student overwhelmed by exceptionally subtle points (7) BULLETS {BUL{L}ETS*}
9   Loud, posh lawyer's concluding as loudly as possible (4-5) FULL-BLAST {F}{U}{LLB}{LAST}
10 Opportunity (bar night for a start!) for wife when husband is late (5) WIDOW WInDOW
11 Cold food eaten while throwing a tantrum (10) CHILDISHLY {CHIL{DISH}LY}
12 Thakur Durgapratap's source for biryani and korma (4) URDU [T]
14 Tornado twisting across Florida's western tip like a pendulum (2-3-3) TO-AND-FRO {TORNADO}* over {Fl...a}
16 Akram sprints, occasionally showing this body part (6) ARMPIT {AkRaM+sPrInTs}
19 Fix decoration on a wall while singing (6) FREEZE (~frieze)
20 Rebellious Tea Party rules after loss of Liberal trust in 2016, perhaps (4,4) LEAP YEAR {tEA+PArtY+RuLEs}*
23 Can judge deduct a little bit from bond money? (4) JAIL {J}{bAIL}
25 Ship packed with the best medicine and creams? (10) SLAUGHTERS {S{LAUGHTER}S}
28 Hundred grand gets a vehicle (5) TONGA {TON}{G}{A}
29 Like the government in 1984spin today's development (9) DYSTOPIAN*
30 Mass of half of seed grain divided by five (7) SERVICE {SEed}{R{V}ICE}
31 A good man caught in extraordinarily messy procedures (7) SYSTEMS {SY{ST}EMS*}

1   Budget shortfall is nearly certain as Norway turns to carbon (7) DEFICIT DEFI(-n+c)CITe
2   What an autobiography might reveal about its author's lifemega-dramatically (4-5) SELF-IMAGE {S}{LIFE+IMAGE}*
3   Out of control boy in charge (5) RABID {RA{B}ID}
4   Take back what was lost, perhapsas robber is out (8) REABSORB*
5   Courage to abandon love for a war (6) BATTLE B(-o+a)ATTLE
6   Enclosure rolling within garden walls? (4) LAWN [T<=] Semi&lit
7   Senior England opener, frequently dropped (5) ELDER {EngLanD+opEneR}
8   Plastic studs that grip a wicket (some help for a bowler in a rain-affected match) (7) SAWDUST {S{A}{W}DUST*}
13 Deceive and split up (4) TRAP<=
15 English extremists in extremely dire confusion (4) DAZE {A and Z} in{DirE}
17 Explain in advance — king is into deep frying, OK? (9) PREDEFINE {P{R}EDE*}{FINE}
18 English queen wearing tops (inherited stuff) (8) BEQUESTS {B{E}{QU}ESTS}
19 As if Taj cooked Mexican food! (7) FAJITAS*
21 Isn't happy about citizens without papers (7) RESENTS RESidENTS
22 Man with sloppily glued makeshift solution (6) KLUDGE {K}{GLUED*} 
24 Private hotel suite & chauffeur, finally! (5) INNER {INN}{s..tE}{c...eR}
26 Essentially the aroma of old Bob's feet (5) HOOFS {tHe}{arOma}{OF}{S}
27 Charge one for transport (4) TAXI {TAX}{1}

Reference List
Student = L, Loud = F, Posh = U, Lawyer = LLB, Judge = J, Ship = SS, Hundred = TON, Grand = G, Five = V, Good man = ST, Norway = N, Boy = B, Love = 0, Wicket = W, King = R, English = E, Queen = QU, Papers = ID, Man = K{Knight), Old Bob = S(Shilling) 

Thursday 23 June 2022

No 13590, Thursday 23 Jun 2022, Avtaar

Solution to 29A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Stir freshly cut fruit (7) PRODUCT {PROD}{CUT*}
5   Shops due to get millions (7) INFORMS {IN FOR}{M'S}
10 Avtaar leaves His Majesty drinking a peg (4) KNAG {KiN{A}G}
11 Cheap American car featured in a fairy tale (10) AFFORDABLE {A}{F{FORD}ABLE}
12 Distant acquaintance? (3,3) PEN PAL [CD]
13 Old writer taking shot at limerick — basically, it is an easy target (4,4) OPEN GOAL {O}{PEN}{GO}{At}{Li...k}
14 Cry for help if the pot's burning (4,5) STOP THIEF*
16 They project women on the radio (5) EAVES (~eves)
17 Act withdrawn by a story-teller (5) AESOP {POSE}{A}<=
19 A place to rest and drop lifeless, according to Spooner (6,3) DOUBLE BED (~bubble dead to double bed)
23 Unpredictable Western movie recording starting off with cage (4-4) WIDE-OPEN {W}{vIDEO}{PEN}
24 Estate of Parisian cardinal (6) DEMAIN {DE}{MAIN}
26 With malice, aunt turned to libel (10) CALUMNIATE*
27 Controversial case of migrant eating exposed food (4) MOOT {Mi...nT} over {fOOd}
28 Modification of limits for trade and price leads to cash inflow (7) RECEIPT {TradE+PRICE}*
29 A dame, naked in shower — becomes red-faced (7) ?S?A?E?  (Addendum - ASHAMED {A}{SH{dAMe}ED} - See comments)

2   Grade set wrongly? That is most offensive (7) RANKEST {RANK}{SET*}
3   Find dog with name written in Arabic (3,2) DIG UP {PUG}{ID}<= Arabic is Left to right and not bottom to top
4   Everybody's invited to “Tea and Hot Bread” (7) CHALLAH {CH{ALL}A}{H}
6   Navy quietly dumps contracts for cradles (6) NURSES {N}{pURSES}
7   Drink in poem about diversity followed by Auden's introduction (9) ORANGEADE {O{RANGE}{Au..n}DE}
8   Maybe Trojan horse's entertaining somersaulting drill? (7) MALWARE {MA{AWL<=}RE}
9   Without external help, no bet was on (3,4,3,3) OFF ONES OWN BAT {NO+BET+WAS+ON}* [RA]
15 Short time in troupe reformed Sue (9) PROSECUTE {PRO{SEC}UTE*}
18 Drug mafia's chief upset the office of the Head of Kuwait (7) EMIRATE {E}{Ma..a}{IRATE}
20 They make name-tags for hounds (7) BADGERS [DD]
21 Chapter missing in classic book's abstract (7) EPITOME {EPIc}{TOME}
22 West Indian city rising after “Operation Ease Lockdown” (4,2) OPEN UP {PUNE<=}<=>{OP}
25 Mother of millions — most affectionate, primarily (5) MOMMA Acrostic &lit

Reference List
Million = M, Old = O, Western = W, Of in French = DE, Tea = CHA< Hot = H, Navy = N, Quietly = P, Drill = AWL, Drug = E, Chapter = C, Book = TOME, Operation = OP

Wednesday 22 June 2022

No 13589, Wednesday 22 Jun 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Folk in the ground heading to Chepauk (6) ETHNIC {IN+THE}*{Ch...k}
4   Poem in three lines originally in Tamil's deep...consuming time (8) TRISTICH {Ta..l}{R{IST}ICH}
9   Taste a baguette...essentially it's served with dips (3,3) TEA BAG [T]
10 Say Amarnath, parliamentarian eats vada (with hole) in party fixture (4,4) LAVA LAMP {LA{VadA}LA}{MP}
12 Girl feeling tense had to lie (8) MISSTATE {MISS}{T}{ATE}
13 Perhaps, I can be batting around cricket match player (6) IODINE {I{ODI}N}{E}
15 Driver drinking American beer carelessly — he's reneged a contract (5,7) TRUCE BREAKER {TRUC{A+BEER}*KER}
18 Remain doubtful of Reverend's commission on the luxury car (2,2,3,5) BE ON THE FENCE (~fee on thr benz to be on the fence)
21 Detective probing support group on-line for hives? (6) APIARY {A{PI}A}{RY}
22 Son in place of daughter touring Brown University (8) STANFORD {S}{FOR}{D} over {TAN}
24 European snake caught in elevator — it doesn't let you go down (4,4) LIFE BOAT {LIF{E}{BOA}T}
25 Show partly turning free? Never! (6) VENEER [T<=]
26 Compact twin cycles carrying teens regularly (8) C?N?E?S? (Addendum - CONDENSE {(-se)COND(+se)SE} over {tEeNs} - See comments)
27 Fly? What Hypatia does in terrace on vacation (6) TSETSE {SETS} in {Te...cE}

1   Guess author's residing in manor (8) ESTIMATE {EST{I'M}ATE}
2   Leaves shade (5,3) HEADS OUT {SHADE}* [RA]
3   Cruel Tsar almost believing that criminal admits mistake (4,3,8) IVAN THE TERRIBLE {BELIEVINg+THAT}* over {ERR}
5   Fictional King switches sides for official (4) REAL (-l+r)REA(-r+l)L
6   Make a digital call? (4,4,7) SNAP ONES FINGERS [CD]
7   Type of gangster entertained by one jerk (6) ITALIC {1}{T{AL}IC}
8   Buzz about hero's first name — Mark? (6) HYPHEN {HYP{Hero}E}{N}
11 Repetitive issue ultimately appearing in Tech complaint (7) ITERANT {IT}{i..uE}{RANT}
14 Engineer came without the new tool (7) MACHETE {MAC{THE*}E*}
16 Department stops working online, ultimately corrupt and lazy (8) INDOLENT {IN{D}OLEN*}{c...pT}
17 Policeman needs information about royal lady (8) GENDARME {GEN}{DA{R}ME}
19 Cigar lit holding tip of lighter has a pungent flavour (6) GARLIC {GAR{Li...r}IC*}
20 Fight at home for meal (6) TIFFIN {TIFF}{IN}
23 Roofs of vinyl are not safe for vehicles (4) VANS Acrostic

Reference List
Tense = T, Had = ATE, Player = E(East in Bridge card game), American = A, Detective = PI(Police Inspector), Support group = AA(Alcoholics Anonymous), Line = RY(Railway), Son = S, Daughter = D, European = E, Gangster = AL(Capone), Name = N, Department = D, Information = GEN, Royal = R

Tuesday 21 June 2022

No 13588, Tuesday 21 Jun 2022, Bruno

Artwork by Prasanna

Solution to 13D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Ask/encourage vicar to take off top coat (6) INVITE IN(-c+v)VITE
4   Store's nothing posh — has tacky, lacy, embroidered tank-tops (6) OUTLET {0}{U}{Ta..y}{Lacy}{Em...d}{Tank}
8   Tip of church has gold — attractive architectural feature (7) CORNICE {Ch...h}{OR}{NICE}
9   Sure Twix spread can be sandwiched? (7) BETWIXT {BE{TWIX}T}
11 Oil producer's uniform had notice to be displayed in speedo oddly (6,4) SESAME SEED {SAME}{SEE} in {SpEeDo}
12 Not odd for function to be cut short (4) EVEN EVENt
13 Currency of world body impounded by Shell (5) POUND {PO{UN}D}
14 Red, uncut rocks sold at a loss (8) UNDERCUT*
16 Paid money to fry dead flies with hint of elaichi (8) DEFRAYED {FRY+DEAD+El...i}*
18 Mug of German scientist — not #1 in Germany (5) STEIN einSTEIN
20 Boycott ate English vegetable (4) BEAN {B{E}AN}
21 Inmate gang stole artwork that was smuggled (10) CONTRABAND {CON}{ART*}{BAND}
23 Car company overcame struggle to advance (7) FORWARD {FOR{WAR}D}
24 Puerto Rico's gold taken at America at a certain rate (3,4) PRO RATA {PR}{OR}{AT}{A}
25 Order Scottish dress to put on Queen (6) KILTER {KILT}{ER}
26 Furniture of St. John returned to archives, finally (6) STOOLS {ST}{LOO<=}{a...eS}

1   1-0 United? (2,3) IN ONE {1}{NONE}
2   State's valuation — excluding crude oil — sadly unsatisfactory (7)  VANUATU {VAlUATioN}*{U}
3   Check date and year represented by stock market event (6,3) TICKET DAY {TICK}{DATE+Y}*
5   Overturn Union and wait for judgment (5) UPEND {U}{PEND}
6   Somewhat slow GEa rival's found a way to accelerate (3,4) LOW GEAR [T]
7   Extra dubious opportunity that can get you some money (3,6) TAX RETURN {EXTRA*}{TURN}
10 Unemployed communist worker staging dhurna often (9) REDUNDANT {RE{DhUrNa}D}{ANT}
13 Pizza at church office — paid by the slice? (9) P?E?E?O?K (Addendum - PIECEWORK {PIE}{CE}{WORK} - See comments)
15 Animal from river tasted er… awful (6,3) DESERT RAT {R+TASTED+ER}*
17 Regeneration of kidneys infected with tapeworm in the middle (7) RENEWAL {REN{tapEWorm}AL}
19 Ban half of poem — ban essay (7) EMBARGO {poEM}{BAR}{GO}
21 Abuse of drugs, finally overcome by medicine (5) CURSE {CUR{d..gS}E}
22 Attack overturned records (5) NOTES {SET ON}<=

Reference List
Vicar = V, Posh = U, Gold = OR, 1 in German = EIN, English = E, America = A, Queen = ER, John = LOO, Unsatisfactory = U, Year = Y, Union = U, Church = CE, River = R, Of Kidneys = RENAL