Monday 31 October 2016

No 11839, Monday 31 Oct 2016, Neyartha

1   Country squads welcome the journalist report (6,6) UNITED STATES {UNIT{ED} {STATE}S}
8   Criminal with the East German boards a luxury car in front of a speaker's platform (7) ROSTRAL {R{OST}R}{AL} Not sure if this definition is correct?
9   Quarrel with the champion after I replaced the article (6) BICKER B(-a+i)ICKER
11 Drink sent back before admitting Sir Ali disguised as a trapeze artist (9) AERIALIST {SIR+ALI}* in {TEA<=}
12 Characters with slim bodies in a Caribbean dance (5) LIMBO [T]

14 I'm missing a type of rock providing a lifestyle that might make one unfit (9) SEDENTARY SEDimANTARY
16 Shortly send back love with a Latin dating word (4) ANON Anno pending (Addendum - AN(+o)ON(-o) - See comments)
18 Initially, Mani's office menu offered a steamed dumpling (4) MOMO Acrostic
19 Took the initiative and went on the offensive with rusty daggers around the quarter (9) AGGRESSED {DAGGERS}* around {SE}
21 Left the Islamic State with the French to get durable fabric (5) LISLE {L}{IS}{LE}
22 It might break a camel's back (4,5) LAST STRAW [GK]
23 Translucent green gemstone's a highly electrified collection of nuclei and free electrons (6) PLASMA [DD]
25 Comes with records showing Switzerland going out of the way for the king (7) ARRIVES {AR(-ch+r)RIVES}
26 Bald Ed's manor gets a face-lift and becomes a traveller's joy (3,4,5) OLD MANS BEARD*

2   Rising star sheltering the troubled matadors with the French astrologer (11) NOSTRADAMUS {MATADORS}* in {SUN<=}
3   Areas where some North American turtles are rendered powerless (8) TERRAINS TERRApINS
4   Religious head from Bangladesh expelled Greek character following a lawyer to the French isle (5,4) DALAI LAMA {DA}{LA}{I} {LAMbdA}
5   Extract from address by Aditi betrays the Asian region (5) TIBET [T]
6   A faint one could complicate the umpire's job (6) TICKLE [GK]
7   Woman's outhouse is incomplete (3) SHE SHEd
8   Doctor releases captured doctor to again put together... (10) REASSEMBLE {MB} in {RELEASES}*
10 ...some noblemen to seize soft feathers for rituals in Sriharikota (10) COUNTDOWN {COUNT{DOWN}S}
13 Article found inside damaged samovar atop the Arkansas lake (11) MANASAROVAR {M{AN}ASAROV*}{AR}
15 Some Europeans laugh at going north with a ball to the captives after the Oriental's departure (9) YUGOSLAVS {GUY<=}{O}{SLAVeS}
17 After getting set up, mistakenly erase the squares meant to make mosaics (8) TESSERAE {STE<=}{ERASE*}
20 Familiar with a Russian unit of length, reportedly (6) VERSED (~ verst)
22 Watchdog breed from an Asian city (5) LHASA [DD]
24 Washroom in the auditor's place (3) LOO (~ lew ?) (Addendum - (~ lieu) - See comments)

Sunday 30 October 2016

Special, Sunday 30 Oct 2016, Raju Umamaheswar

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Illness of Asian origin? (7)
5   Was I a witness ?  May be partly! (2,1,3)
11 In India, a lake with an eye, say, but  makes a  town in the US (5)
12 Those who cut down again to be removed for diggers . (9)
13 Water body in the US or may be , New Zealand  too? (4,5)
14  Treat this and get a spud! (5)
15  European community shout back (4)
17   Seneca tells to destroy. (7)
21 Get stronger after a return of relaxation  outside (7)
22 Cheesy tomboy girl , run short , without tail (4)
26 Chicken or egg, which came first ?  poses a question (5)
27  Scroungers land here from the air? (9)
29 Good man changes not so much to be chaste (9)
30 Tenderly fondles without a bender (5)
31  Said aloud how to (6)
32  Reseal, upset the oriental and let go (7)

2   None bad?  On the contrary! (3,2)
3   A patch on this sound native? (6)
4   Playfully roosted  on anger for this (6)
6   Plunder people?  it's a fair game (8)
7   Could have been a 5 across? (9)
8   One who cleans the water supply? (6)
9    A flower is followed (7)
10 A penchant for understanding without reading. (7)
16 Drop it if too difficult to handle! (3,6)
18 The value of  27 across? (8)
19 Foreheads to worship? (7)
20 Each sister tries with esprits without hesitation?
23 Diverts assume, I presume? (6)
24 Not an afterthought but a  seer's is to ----- (6)
25 Pep up the spirit (6)
28 Beginners from the conservative parties, say (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at RAJU 6


Saturday 29 October 2016

No 11838, Saturday 29 Oct 2016, Neyartha

Happy Deepavali


1 Encounters swarm from the east with a disfigured sign (8) MEETINGS {MEET<=}{SIGN*}
5 Incentives after commencement bring unwelcome obligations (6) ONUSES {bONUSES}
9 Fortify retreat as eccentric Aslam goes around with some musical compositions (9) MADRIGALS {ASLAM*} around {GRID<=} {GIRD<=} See comments
11 Heard almost half of Ceylon is getting a synthetic fibre (5) NYLON {~NIGH}{ceyLON}
12 Divert letters from the admirer outed... (7) REROUTE (T)
14 the cunning cowherd to get the thick soup (7) CHOWDER {COWHERD*}
15 Aristocrat seizes strangely wan container for the Frenchman's oil and coal, say (12) NONRENEWABLE {NO{N{RENE}WA*}BLE}
17 Shutting away the queen's tigers after review (12) SEQUESTERING  {QUEEN'S TIGERS}*
20 Trimmed space-suit design presents a favourable sign (7) AUSPICE {sPACESUIt}*
22 Sanitised old record for the church of the holy man (7) ASEPTIC {AS(-ce+EP)IC} {AS(-ce+EP)TIC} See comments
23 In the pan, success might be difficult to reproduce (5) FLASH (CD)
24 Run over to prepare for the warm season, reportedly (9) SUMMARISE {~SUMMERISE}
26 Plan to return notice after shortening the backer's name at the wrong place (6) AGENDA {A(-n)GE(+N)l}{DA<=}
27 Sweet-talk? That is a cover for the Nevada police officer with the Spanish revolutionary (8) INVEIGLE {I{NV}E}{IG}{LE<=}


1 Tribute to the storage in a computing system (6) MEMORY (DD)
2 Gift, including almost all of the stock farm, shows the strength... (9) ENDURANCE {ENDU{RANCh}E}
3 ...hidden in the vision of a Pakistani agency (1,1,1) I S I (T)
4 Doctor Green's classes show a lack of co-ordination and elegance (13) GRACELESSNESS {GREEN S CLASSES*}
6 Storage that is unaffected by loss of power? (3-8) NON-VOLATILE (E)
7 Firm's dependable (5) SOLID (DD)
8 Guard's right about providing protection for the books by the king (6) SENTRY {SE{NT}{R}Y<=}
10 Note about knight on watch with the son (a nut) losing the tail of the North Pacific fish (7,6) SOCKEYE SALMON {SO}{C}{K}{EYE} {S{{ALMONd}
13 Desperately hungry peacekeepers attached to New Orleans (old city) are in a single hut (11) UNNOURISHED {UN}{NO}{UR}{I}{SHED}
16 Newton participates in ignition to generate an electric storm (9) LIGHTNING {LIGHT{N}ING}
18 The French get overwhelmed by the Iowa lottery for a palm tree (6) RAFFIA {RAFF(-le+IA)}
19 Plan by the leaders of some conservative Hungarians ends my embarrassment (6) SCHEME (Acrostic)
21 Condition of the son going to the top in appreciation (5) STATE {(+S)TA(-s)TE}
25 One out of a job might have received it (3) AXE (CD)

Frenchman=Rene, Old record=EP, Church=CE, Notice=Ad, That is=IE, Nevada=NV, Police Officer=IG, The Spanish=EL
The books=NT (New Testament), King=R (Rex), Note=So, About=C, Knight=K, Son=S, Peacekeepers=UN, New Orleans=NO, Old City=UR, Single=I (One), Newton=N, The French=Le, Iowa=IA

Color/Font Scheme

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Friday 28 October 2016

No 11837, Friday 28 Oct 2016, Gridman

1   Peter's hollow attempt to squelch rifts in modification of factory's watchword (6,5) SAFETY FIRST {SAFE}{TrY} {RIFTS}* What's the role of modification if squelch is the AInd?
9   He leaves city-dweller for the French thief (7) BURGLAR BURG{-he+la}LAR
10 Ruler put on in a month (7) MONARCH {M{ON}ARCH}
11 Strap hothead in Chinese secret society (5) THONG {T{Hot}ONG}
12 Platform for meal outside a flat (6,3) LAUNCH PAD {L{A}UNCH} {PAD}
13 Lament for upstart in daybreak (5) MOURN {MO{Up}RN}
15 Little bird given measured food in lab procedure (9) TITRATION {TIT}{RATION}
18 Schematic representation of set of religious principles (9) CATECHISM*
21 Study hard – face university pressure (3,2) MUG UP {MUG} {U}{P}
22 Saloons we renovated when fewer customers would come (3,6) LOW SEASON*
24 Unending sorrow of mean person (5) MISER MISERy
26 Adoration not over for a part of naval fleet (7) WARSHIP W(-o+a)ARSHIP
27 Draw from a little Telugu pamphlet (7) ATTRACT {A}{Te...u}{TRACT}
28 Diversions reportedly perused by that woman's circles (3,8) RED HERRINGS (~read){RED} {HER}{RINGS}

1   Replacement for a boy in-charge is very small (9) SUBATOMIC {SUB}{A}{TOM}{IC}
2   What's the purpose of green light? Give up? (5) FORGO {FOR GO}
3   Looking good on the TV, it's time excited niece gets support (9) TELEGENIC {T}{E{LEG}ENIC*}
4   For a little time, rent out small castle (7) FORTLET {FOR}{Time}{LET}
5   Little one accepts eastern doctor to get back on (7) REMOUNT {R{E}{MO}UNT}
6   Health drink – a whole lot to one clinic's head (5) TONIC {TON}{1}{Cl...c}
7   Covering for woman with criminal charge (8) WRAPPING {W}{RAPPING}
8   Dull heavy sound from Doubleday? (4) THUD {THU}{D}
14 French one to have drawback is annoying (8) UNTOWARD {UN}{TO}{DRAW<=}
16 Old school has Indian uncle involved in change (4,5) ALMA MATER {MAMA} in {ALTER}
17 Disease makes one lose head, with spirit destroyed and assuming a bit of hardness (9) NEPHRITIS {oNE}{P{Ha...s}RITIS*}
19 Popular drink I had is tasteless (7) INSIPID {IN}{SIP}{I'D}
20 Official order for fellow's appointment (7) MANDATE {MAN}{DATE}
22 City wallsall is lost – criminals break them (4) LAWS {LA}{WallS}
23 Alien with that woman in cyberspace (5) ETHER {ET}{HER}
25 Dead country, not initially powerful, has a bit of largeness (5) SLAIN S{-p+l}LAIN

Thursday 27 October 2016

No 11836, Thursday 27 Oct 2016, Gridman

1   Fifty in contest – that's all! (8) COMPLETE {COMP{L}ETE}
5   Where the outpatient cannot be (6) INWARD [CD]
9   Small, fat person to discard fish (8) DUMPLING {DUMP}{LING}
10 A few days of prayernew cooking equipment arrived first (6) NOVENA {N}{OVEN}{Ar...d}
12 German song told tales (4) LIED [DD]
13 Hit an alien deployed to massacre (10) ANNIHILATE*
15 Magistrate, lacking tear-off, is devious – disgrace! (6) STIGMA MAGISTrate*
17 Took charge and drew the lines (5) RULED [DD]
20 'Where the elated walk' being broadcast (2,3) ON AIR [DD]
21 Cut through centre panel in part (6) TREPAN [T]
24 Criminal American without hesitation joins friend in a mad way (10) MANIACALLY {AMerICAN}*{ALLY}
27 Court bears very large expense (4) COST {C{OS}T}
29 Ignoring peeled small bit (6) NUBBIN sNUBBINg
30 Heavenly present tucked in among others (8) ETHEREAL {HERE} in {ET AL}
31 French student joins new team (6) ELEVEN {ELEVE}{N}
32 Sundry trades, so out of joint (8) ASSORTED*

1   Copper's daughter led in a hurry to nurse (6) CUDDLE {CU}{D}{LED}*
2   Arm, say, one of a group (6) MEMBER [DD]
3   See! A couple of learners relax! (4) LOLL {LO}{LL}
4   Saw one more than nine working (5) TENON {TEN}{ON}
6   Woman's refusal to accept a note (5) NAOMI {N{A}O}{MI}
7   Willing mother rises to help (8) AMENABLE {MA<=}{ENABLE}
8   No prospects from these! Dad needs to review! (4,4) DEAD ENDS*
11 A great number and I with fantastic tale to speak at length (6) DILATE {D}{I}{TALE}*
14 Celebrity's small pitch (4) STAR {S}{TAR}
16 Good! A meal with top-class cake! (6) GATEAU {G}{A}{TEA}{U}
17 Interpretation almost prepared (4) READ READy
18 Comrade and fellows at church begin (8) COMMENCE {COM}{MEN}{CE}
19 Bloody awful! Bad man mistreated heads of ladies' establishment (8) DAMNABLE {BAD+MAN}*{La...s}{Es...t}
22 Upset spy, pester no peer! (6) MOLEST {MOLE}{peSTer}
23 Unemotional son informed about beginning of infirmity (6) STOLID {S}{TOL{In...y}D}
25 Carrying on with a baseness that's come up (5) ALIVE {A}{EVIL<=}
26 Flower that means much to me and you (5) LOTUS {LOT}{US}
28 Setter's second note (4) MEMO {ME}{MO}


Wednesday 26 October 2016

No 11835, Wednesday 26 Oct 2016, Gridman

1   Let go everybody going over fellow's descent (4,4) FREE FALL {FREE} {F}{ALL}
5   Bad smell from small fish (6) STENCH {S}{TENCH}
10 One loses head, one in predicament following retribution (7) NEMESIS {oNE}{MES{1}S}
11 One by one mats rolled back in show of energy (7) STAMINA {AN}{1}{MATS}<=
12 Introduce one new saint and one learner (6) INSTIL {1}{N}{ST}{1}{L}
13 Greens brother's about to cook, beginning by smearing oil (8) BROCCOLI {BRO}{C}{Cook}{OIL*}
15 Good boy in valley (4) GLEN {G}{LEN}
16 Good money, equal time needed for organised occasion (5,5) GRAND EVENT {G}{RAND} {EVEN}{T}
18 Ballet – crazy fellow's good thing (10) NUTCRACKER {NUT}{CRACKER}
20 Royal settles in great area of land (4) ACRE {AC{R}E}
23 Somehow see a part in part (8) SEPARATE*
24 Being lustful, four go out of funfair (6) CARNAL CARNivAL
26 Prizes support during terrible mess (7) ESTEEMS {TEE} in {MESS}*
27 Top player behind time coming to Australia to level off (7) PLATEAU {Pl...r}{LATE}{AU}
28 Sailor, with books, starts studying cards (6) TAROTS {TAR}{OT}{St...g}
29 Crawls with that woman in narrow openings (8) SLITHERS {SLIT{HER}S}

1   Becoming familiar with one being able to stand? (7,4,4) FINDING ONES FEET [C&DD]
2   Men change central basses all together (2,5) EN MASSE {EN M}*{bASSEs}
3   Fuddy-duddy father-in-law bearing cross given no credit (6) FOSSIL {F{crOSS}IL}
4   Slow bosses at centre make no profit (4) LOSS {sLOw}{boSSes}
6   Portions of Tennessee's top tracts (8) TRANCHES {Te...e}{RANCHES}
7   Leader's a bit nauseating (7) NOISOME {NO 1}{SOME}
8   Indication of woolgathering by chief who is flying? (4,2,3,6) HEAD IN THE CLOUDS {HEAD} {IN THE CLOUDS}
9   Somehow a nerd gets alienated (9) ESTRANGED*
14 Where automobiles undergo trial, by the way (5,4) TRACK TEST &lit
17 Turn ripe, turn lewd (8) PRURIENT*
19 One gives better information (7) TIPSTER [CD]
21 Gather prisoner is met by archdeacon at far end of nave (7) CONVENE {CON}{VEN}{navE}
22 Small, before French scholar (6) SAVANT {S}{AVANT}
25 Stone work by a learner (4) OPAL {OP}{A}{L}


Tuesday 25 October 2016

No 11834, Tuesday 25 Oct 2016, Gridman

1   Fine fabricit's destroyed in rage (7) BATISTE {IT}* in {BASTE} (Addendum - {ITS}* in {BATE} - See comments)
5   Note Sue's wrong – it's improper handling (6) MISUSE {MI}{SUES}*
9   Doctor and scholar go over a play (5) DRAMA {DR}{A}{MA}
10 Contact in watchful attention of ornamental tablet (9) CARTOUCHE {CAR{TOUCH}E}
11 One, with a couple of maids, by word of mouth, is unprincipled (7) IMMORAL {1}{MM}{ORAL}
12 US limit set out for action preceders (7) STIMULI*
13 Unhealthy girl's let out and facilitated (5) EASED di'sEASED
14 Father very bold, dismissing eastern dance (4,5) PASO DOBLE {PA}{SO} {BOLD}*{E}

16 Tasteless articles also in good impressive display (9) TATTOOING {TAT}{TOO}{IN}{G}
19 European's analysis reported (5) CZECH (~check)
21 Union administrator getting a power plant apparatus (7) REACTOR {RE{A}CTOR}
23 Dance we tots executed to get a bit of popularity (3-4) TWO-STEP {WE+TOTS}*{Po...y}
24 Stress is evident in printing unit's stage of development (9) EMPHASISE {EM}{PHAS{IS}E}
25 Worker begins improving rates of speed (5) TEMPI {TEMP}{Im...g}
26 Family divisions almost vague (6) GENERA GENERAl
27 Completely committed to group that's passed away (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD} {SET}

1   Retirement accounts? They might let children go to sleep (7,7) BEDTIME STORIES [CD]
2   Emotional shocks with girl bumping into dancing star (7) TRAUMAS {UMA} in {STAR}*
3   Pole and Russian shadow-boxed (7) SPARRED {SPAR}{RED}
4   English University typical in regeneration of medicinal trees (9) EUCALYPTI {E}{U}{TYPICAL}*
5   Stains old foreign currency (5) MARKS [DD]
6   One in Fourth Mart is celebrated (7) STORIED {STOR{1}E}{D} D being the fourth alphabet? But Fourth Mart will be {D}{STORE} See comments
7   Such endless crumbs – dole out rupees and give in! (7) SUCCUMB {SUCh}{CrUMBs}
8   Being close to a certain fielder is immaterial (6,3,5) BESIDE THE POINT {BESIDE} {THE POINT}
15 Play music suddenly, voice relief and walk on (5-4) SIGHT-READ {SIGH}{T-READ}
17 Disorientated pirates walk aimlessly (7) TRAIPSE*
18 In the open, Pondy's top champion to excel in speed (7) OUTPACE {OUT}{Po..y}{ACE}
19 Spy group to go over corruption overwhelming head of administration in European country (7) CROATIA {CIA} over {RO{Ad...n}T}
20 Buries motherboard among scattered notes (7) ENTOMBS {Bo..d} in {NOTES}*
22 Indian dish for one aboard Indian chariot (5) RAITA {RA{1}TA}


Monday 24 October 2016

No 11833, Monday 24 Oct 2016, Spinner

1   Fiesta followed by siesta? (7,5) SLUMBER PARTY [CD]
10 Supporter of art to help student (5) EASEL {EASE}{L}
11 Spinner definitely can't lie about date with correspondent (9) IDENTICAL {I}{D}{CANT+LIE}*
12 Company's time to choose, primarily between ‘No’ and ‘yes’! (6) AGENCY {AGE}{N}{Ch...e}{Y}
13 "... To ladies breaking up and becoming single!" (8) ISOLATED*
15 Succeeding in clearing ground poisoned by Phosphide (9) REPLACING {P} in {CLEARING}*
16 Vessel going through massive inspection... (4) VEIN [T]
20 ...Crack around edge of stern causing oxidation (4) RUST {RU{St..n}T}
21 Accomplish nearly nothing in pursuit of investor, one who intimidates (9) BULLDOZER {BULL}{DO}{ZERo}
24 Help from the East with aim to save money – Essentially, it makes ends meet (8) DIAGONAL {AID<=}{GO{moNey}AL}
26 Celebrated gold rush (6) AUGUST {AU}{GUST}
28 Shore so clean It's in good shape! (9) COASTLINE*
29 Conduct boy band (5) BRING {B}{RING}
30 Indicated good man admired villain at the beginning (12) DEMONSTRATED {DEMON}{ST}{RATED}

2   First sign of nonconformance caught by cunning, tireless auditors (9) LISTENERS {No...e} in {TIRELESS}*
3   Spinner captivates some orthodox linguists with clue about 'particle' (8) MOLECULE {Or...x}{Li...s}{CLUE*} in {ME}
4   Foreigner's side to depart (4) EXIT {E{XI}T}
5   Politely requests worker to get tips from lady (10) PLEASANTLY {PLEAS}{ANT}{LadY}
6   Rodent let out to frighten (6) RATTLE {RAT}{LET*}
7   Cathy travels by boat (5) YACHT*
8   Started to live with unrelenting person from the South (5) BEGAN {BE}{NAG<=}
9   Forming alliance with Liberals upfront is as good as degenerating (7) SLIDING {S{L}IDING}
14 Caution cop in a riot situation (10) OCCUPATION*
17 English team has English quota and very 'English' boss (9) EXECUTIVE {E}{X{E}{CUT}I}{V}{E}
18 Creation for channel (7) PRODUCT {PRO}{DUCT}
19 Company-made album featuring one city (8) COLUMBIA {CO}{LUMB{1}A*}
22 Beginning to bend rule about foundation (6) BOTTOM {Bend}{MOTTO<=}
23 Setter initially earns name with extremely likeable setting (5) STAGE {Se...r}{TAG}{l...lE}
25 Uncooperative wicket-keeper stays away from presentation (5) AWARD AwkWARD
27 Restrained King's excited pet (4) KEPT {K}{PET*}

Sunday 23 October 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 23 Oct 2016

1   Job with appeal after time (4) TASK {T}{ASK}
3   Irreverent type using ample herbs differently (10) BLASPHEMER*
9   Flower is back in clear area (7) FREESIA {FREE}{IS<=}{A}
11 Guy enthralled by interior of royal residence in handbook (7) ALMANAC {MAN} in {pALACe}
12 Jubilant about one manager, initially popular, being removed (10) ELIMINATED {1}{Ma...r}{IN} in {ELATED}
13 Mistake in party politics (4) TYPO [T]
15 Have help, lost or otherwise in disarray (3,4,3,4) ALL OVER THE SHOP*
17 Officer with bag, carrying work around, useful in many ways (7-7) GENERAL-PURPOSE {GENERAL}-{PUR{OP<=}SE}
20 Sound of healthy acclaim (4) HAIL (~hale)
21 Start of hype heralding stirring film with Sean Connery (10) HIGHLANDER {Hype}{HERALDING*}
24 Article with endless value about Simon and Garfunkel song (7) AMERICA {A}{MERIt}{CA}

25 Certainly nothing right in middle of speech, ugly thing (7) EYESORE {YES}{O}{R} in {spEEch}
26 Tool's essential difficulty noticed (7,3) KEYHOLE SAW {KEY}{HOLE} {SAW}
27 Run into swarm going west (4) MEET <=

1   Material error, not good, in silly tat (7) TAFFETA {gAFFE} in {TAT}*
2   See placid broadcast on uniform postal service (7,8) SPECIAL DELIVERY {SEE+PLACID}*{LIVERY}
4   Catch up with a climber (5) LIANA {NAIL<=}{A}
5   Small steps on projecting part in interstellar craft (9) SPACESHIP{S}{PACES}{HIP}
6   Drone on soft mound (4) HUMP {HUM}{P}
7   Profit easily made from food only emperor ordered (5,3,3,4) MONEY FOR OLD ROPE*
8   Think ahead after ruin, losing weight (6) RECKON {wRECK}{ON}
10 Avoids work, keeping six servants (8) SKIVVIES {VI} in {SKIVES}
14 Measure designed to protect new online identification (8) USERNAME {N} in {MEASURE}*
16 Revive, swimming near island with friend (9) REANIMATE {NEAR}*{I}{MATE}
18 Serious gain established (7) EARNEST {EARN}{EST}
19 Be quiet with status diminished (6) SHRANK {SH}{RANK}
22 Scavenger with cry of triumph securing desire (5) HYENA {YEN} in {HA}
23 Book club giving away last pen (4) BIRO {B}{IROn}


Saturday 22 October 2016

No 11832, Saturday 22 Oct 2016, Aspartame

Thanks to Col. for annos of 10a,4d,17d,24d


9 When it's uttered, one comes in as Satan (5,2,3,5) SPEAK OF THE DEVIL (CD)
10 Chief applies gel on small devices (7)  DONGLES {DON}{GLE*}{S} 
12 Stage for beginners of rock to play (7) ROSTRUM {ROck}{STRUM}
13 Ascribe night education contents as simple (9) BENIGHTED (T)
14 An excuse to bail one out (5) ALIBI {BAIL+I}*
15 Cleaner sprayed into jar (7) JANITOR {INTO JAR}*
18 Young woman has red tees being worn over innerwear (1-6) Y-FRONTS {Y}{F}{R}{ON}{TS}
21 Private space for women is a sanctuary (5) BOWER (DD)
23 Take back ownership of vacant corner with social group (9) REPOSSESS {REce{POSSE}SS}
25 One working in dancing club is an immature creature (4,3)  LION CUB {L{I}{ON} CUB*}
26 Measure diameter keeping auditor's pot upright (7) ENDWAYS {EN}{D}{~VASE}
29 Distort, ruin or boycott news that add no value (15) NONCONTRIBUTORY  Anno not clear.  {RUIN OR BOYCOTT NN}* See comments


1 Superior steed regularly put to work (4) USED {U}{StEeD}
2 Little money plant (4) BEAN (DD)
3 Blue lamp can be seen on building roofs (8) SKYLIGHT {SKY}{LIGHT}
4 Compensate for rotten sweets getting dispatched now and then (6) OFFSET OFF}{SwEeT}
5 Film many drowning in capsized boat around old city quarter (8) THURSDAY {TH{UR}{S}cAY<=}
6 Poem about a ship returning to port (6) ODESSA {ODE}{{SS}{A}<=}
7 Dislike of a class (8) AVERSION {A}{VERSION}
8 Slimy cop ruins competition (8) OLYMPICS {SLIMY COP}*
11 Surfers use this for music (5) OPERA (DD)
15 Joyful short jaunt around Bali with new Tesla (8) JUBILANT {JU}{BALI*}{N}{T} Short Jaunt=JU?
16 Reports about capital of Turkey now developing self-sufficient living spaces (3,5) NEW TOWNS {NEW {Turkey}{NOW*}S}
17 Food about to be stuffed in empty hoppers (8) RAREBITS {RA{RE}BbITS} 
19 Leftovers of 'desi' rum mixed with little upma (8) RESIDUUM {DESI+RUM+Upma}*
20 Soldier’s drink said to be delicious (5) TASTY {TA}{S}{~TEA}
22 Principal is correct but not right, for a change (6) RECTOR {CORrECT}*
24 Add an introduction to photographs concerning women being arrested (6) PREFIX {P{RE}{F}IX}
27 Article on setter (4) ANON {AN}{ON}
28 Declares heads of state as young simpletons (4) SAYS (Acrostic)

Friday 21 October 2016

No 11831, Friday 21 Oct 2016, The Phantom

8   Beam knowing opponent’s trapped (10) CANTILEVER {C{ANTI}LEVER}
9   Rifle's mechanism recoils (4) LOOT <=
10 Star's talent seen in both her flicks (5-5) HEART-THROB {ART} in {BOTH+HER}*
11 ... upset me talking in a very loud manner (4) MIFF (~me){MI}{FF}
12 Big man's height: over six feet (6) FATHOM {FAT}{M} has {H}{O}
14 A setter works without independence for paper (8) TREATISE {A+SETTER}* around {I}
15 Indecency about sitcom often showing pervert (7) DISTORT {DI{SiTcOm}RT}
17 European ship's about the best in speed (7) RUSSIAN {SS}{A1<=} in {RUN}
20 Effeminate: delicate possessing queer mien (8) FEMININE {F{MIEN*}INE}
22 One's outstanding dues released (6) ISSUED {1'S}{USED*}
24 Arrest bribe taking head of treasury (4) STOP {S{Tr...y}OP}
25 A small fear triggered a cry of wolf (5,5) FALSE ALARM*
27 Curtail growth? (4) CROP [DD]
28 Simple man using us? Nonsense! (10) UNASSUMING*

1   Online journal’s up and ready (4) GAME {E}{MAG}<=
2   Young son told to bend gets stiff (6) STARCH {Son}{Told}{ARCH} Young as indicator to take first letters?
3   Veteran told to remove cap, rejects orders (3-5) OLD-TIMER {tOLD}-{REMIT<=}
4   Gorged on dates endlessly (7) OVERATE {OVER}{dATEs}
5   Productive staff hauled up gets bitter? On the contrary! (6) ARABLE {BAR<=} in {ALE}
6   Plant needs varying climates (8) CLEMATIS*
7   Grab criminal one’s caught in end (10) CONFISCATE {CON}{F{I'S}{C}ATE}
13 Concerned with nutrition, order meal in tray (10) ALIMENTARY*
16 Follow musician's endless exhaust tube (8) TAILPIPE {TAIL}{PIPEr}
18 A French poem's about unity of the world (8) UNIVERSE {UN}{1}{VERSE}
19 Unpleasant female's violent act after ordeal (7) HELLCAT {HELL}{ACT*}
21 Large numbers of arrivals reportedly flew into India at the start (6) INFLUX {IN}{FLU(~flew)}{X} Anno for X not clear See comments
23 Losing regularly, should Edmond become glum? (6) SOLEMN {ShOuLd+EdMoNd}
26 File’s open, folio is missing (4) RANK fRANK


Thursday 20 October 2016

No 11830, Thursday 20 Oct 2016, Afterdark

9   Style is a right, declared European officer (3,4) ART DECO {A}{RT} {D}{E}{CO}
10 Advice to abandon west and get east on return (7) EARNING (-w+e)EARNING
11 Criticizing application received by association (7) RAPPING {R{APP}ING}
12 Batter and a chutney for festival (7) RAMADAN {RAM}{AND+A}*
13 Terribly stupid to light fire inside by the yard (9) DIREFULLY {D{FIRE*}ULL}{Y}
15 Thinks of time to join fight at school (5) TROWS {T}{ROW}{S}
16 Initially, almost certain to stay within limits on stands (7) ENDURES {sURE} in {ENDS} What's the role of initially?
19 Horror outside boat, one lost colour (4,3) DARK RED {DREaD} over {ARK}
20 Dramatist spotted at stock exchange in India (5) IBSEN {I{BSE}N}
21 Paid leave arranged for festival (9) DEEPAVALI*
25 Man! he was shattered by loud laughs (3-4) HEE-HAWS {HE}{HE+WAS}*
26 Rounded by police officer, that woman took a left (7) SPHERAL {SP}{HER}{A}{L}
28 Neat arrangement; admitted ARR–- Report (7) NARRATE {ARR} in {NEAT}*
29 Calories burnt, order issued for pastries (7) ECLAIRS CALoRIES*

1   Bird slaughtered without a bit of kindness for festival (6) BAKRID {A}{Ki...s} in {BIRD}*
2   Puts up with old Russian leader in trance (6) STUPOR {PUTS<=}{O}{Ru...n}
3   Half time speech contains upset (4) SEMI [T<=]
4   Friend hosted one girl; primarily eating out on festival (6) PONGAL {P{ONe}{G}AL}
5   Trumpeted about stranger getting deceived (8) BETRAYED {B{ET}RAYED}
6   In my opinion, rat race potentially leads to funeral homes (10) CREMATORIA {IMO+RAT+RACE}*
7   Almost bodily harm in battle for animal (4,4) WILD BOAR {BODILy}* in {WAR}
8   A girl, about one, small, holding teddy's oddly worried (8) AGONISED {A}{G}{ON}{1}{S}{tEdDy}
14 Female collecting money beats one; at a distance by a huge margin (3,3,4) FAR AND AWAY {F}{A}{R AND} {AWAY}
16 Engineer happy in dancing festival (8) EPIPHANY {E}{HAPPY+IN}*
17 Crackers shared outside America for festival (8) DUSSEHRA {SHARED}* around {US}
18 Avoid 15th of March, manoeuvre around (8) SIDESTEP {S{IDES}TEP}
22 Ecstasy on a road, essentially clergy announced a festival (6) EASTER {E}{A}{ST}{clERgy}
23 Scared of a loud rifle (6) AFRAID {A}{F}{RAID}
24 Some overchill establishment makes most sick (6) ILLEST [T]
27 Greeting, hugging old/first lover at festival (4) HOLI {O}{Lo..r} in {HI}


Wednesday 19 October 2016

No 11829, Wednesday 19 Oct 2016, Afterdark

1   Grant given to founders of Israel perhaps, to reject leader of musicians (13) ACCORDIONISTS {ACCORD}{zIONISTS}
10 Rule of cricket tournament described by king's son (9) PRINCIPLE {PRINC{IPL}E}
11 Dismissed on one run; son cries (5) ROARS {RO}{A}{R}{S}
12 Siva leaves achievers breaking into applause (5) CHEER aCHiEaERs
13 Understand Inspector General by mistake evicted harassed planter (9) RECOGNISE  {InSpECtOR+GENernl}*
14 Ignore learner in show (6) SLIGHT {S{L}IGHT}
16 Almost consider eliminating source of animal (4) MULE {MULl}{El...g}
19 Low jacket sailor took out (4) BLUE Anno pending
20 Suspend without charge, dozens essentially (6) FREEZE {FREE}{doZEns}
25 Inmates read publicity given to one boy's frequent regress (9) PRISONERS {PR}{1}{SON}{rEgReSs}
26 Case opened to keep posh dressing (5) SAUCE {U} in {CASE}*
27 Selection of scumbag revaluated to give the go ahead (5) AGREE [T] Appears to be a typo in the fodder
28 Thinking about one issue in midnight... (9) REASONING {RE}{A}{SON}{IN}{niGht}
29 ..contraceptives provided by European landlords (6,7) FRENCH LETTERS {FRENCH} {LETTERS}

2   Conditions to review setter in Times (8) CRITERIA {CRIT}{ER{I}A}
3   Turn up at gate outside coronary care unit (5) OCCUR {OR} over {CCU}
4   Pull out arrow trapping sweetheart Penny (6) DEPART {D{swEet}{P}ART}
5   Best company closed earlier might end first (8) OVERCOME {OVER}{CO}{Might}{End}
6   One road's good; bypassing road at Eastern Ural's terribly bumpy (9) IRREGULAR {1}{R}{R}{E}{G}{URAL*}
7   Pathetic jerk holding kid (6) TRAGIC {T{RAG}IC}
8   First sauté, cool under pressure, add a bit of salt and seasonings (6) SPICES {Saute}{P}{ICE}{Salt}
9   Requested to take lid off barrel to get some eggnog and drank first (5) ASKED {cASK}{Eg...g}{Dr..k}
15 Let man out receiving guarantee at the end on 1st November or 31st October (9) HALLOWEEN {H{ALLOW}E}{g...tE}{No...r}
17 Analysis of cars here redone (8) RESEARCH*
18 Exceptional training given to Copper to catch false witness (8) PECULIAR {PE}{CU}{LIAR}
21 Spirit of English queen's gloomy, disheartened (6) ENERGY {EN}{ER}{Gl..mY}
22 Talk with police officer before breakup essentially (5) SPEAK {SP}{brEAKup}
23 Reflection on uncontrolled terrorism set out (6) MIRROR teRRORIsM*
24 Quest at England to reveal standing (6) ESTATE [T]
26 Kill ducks silently before time (5) SHOOT {SH}{OO}{T}


Tuesday 18 October 2016

No 11828, Tuesday 18 Oct 2016, xChequer

xChequer back to his wily ways after yesterday's easier run

7   Unacceptable to permit current idea (6) NOTION {NOT{I}ON}
8   Loyal supporters in glee, unconventional setter hosted (8) LIEGEMEN {ME} in {IN+GLEE}*
9   Tight line bowled in the middle? Very academic (8) HIGHBROW {HIGH}{B}{ROW}
10 Facial expression at hourly intervals? (1,5) O CLOCK [CD]
11 Stuff concerning priest (5) PADRE {PAD}{RE}
12 Remains on stand and contradicts (6) BELIES {BE}{LIES} Lies and Stand? See comments
14 Sanction from Church with bishop relying primarily on effect created (7,2,6) BENEFIT OF CLERGY {B+RELYING+On+EFFECT}* Had to cheat for this one
17 Mass entry happening with change (6) INFLUX {IN}{FLUX}
18 Recoil from a rifle backfiring, crushing hands (5) ABHOR {A}{B{H}OR<=}
22 Merits prizes (6) VALUES [DD]
23 Wretched batting, wild arcs over point (8) INFERNAL {IN}{FER{N}AL}
24 Interrupt objection about concealing money (4,2,2) BUTT IN ON {BUT}{T IN} {ON}
25 Overdrawn, notes to be paid? Unpleasant (6) ODIOUS {OD}{IOUS}

1   Thought it prevents fish crossing barrier (9) COGITATED {CO{G{IT}ATE}D
2   Cook tried sipping hot stew (6) DITHER {H} in {TRIED}*
3   Cross a line, taking sides for nothing (5) ANGRY {A}{{No...nG}{RY}
4   Frenzied protest perhaps first born raised (8) DEMONIAC {DEMO}{CAIN<=}
5   Fallen in status, after a month, girl's close to suicide (8) DECLASSE {DEC}{LASS}{s...dE}
6   Revolting novel's chapter featuring maid (5) WENCH {NEW<=}{CH}
8   Unhappy about answer lacking full clarity (3-10) LOW-RESOLUTION {LOW}-{RE}{SOLUTION}
13 Roam using mobile to get dope (9) IGNORAMUS*
15 Inadequacy of English team, no beginner at fault (8) EXIGUITY {E}{XI}{GUIlTY}
16 Introducing information on drugs (8) INFUSING {INF}{USING}
19 Watering hole at Brazilian port in Spanish district (6) BARRIO {BAR}{RIO}
20 About a position for head (5) CAPUT {C}{A}{PUT}
21 About head for alternate base (5) AFOOT {Al...e}{FOOT}

Monday 17 October 2016

No 11827, Monday 17 Oct 2016, xChequer

7   Dull gray clouds appear menacingly (6) GLOOMY {G{LOOM}Y} GY for Gray? See comments
8   Mad pilot compromised officer in mission (8) DIPLOMAT*
9   Fails to pay dues, flat broke (8) DEFAULTS*  &lit
10 Pass on rogue's technique (6) IMPART {IMP}{ART}
11 Satisfied with education administered (5) METED {MET}{ED}
12 Indian puppet, extremely effete (6) PAWNEE {PAWN}{Ef,,tE}
14 Damaging epistle or note in short, writer remaining hidden (6,3,6) POISON PEN LETTER {PEN} in {EPISTLE+OR+NOTe}* &lit
17 Skilled auditors leaving us confused (6) ADROIT AuDITORs*
18 Female seer admitted by holy bishop in retreat (5) SIBYL [T<=]
22 Following bureaucracy, company in complete mess (6) FIASCO {F}{IAS}{CO}
23 Horrible day, fared badly, occasionally ugly (8) DREADFUL {D}{FARED*}{UgLy}
24 Animal long suffering in distress (8) PANGOLIN {PA{LONG*}IN}
25 One who religiously believes in termination of daylight robbery (6) THEIST {d...hT}{HEIST}

1   Close friends say nothing during changes (5,4) ALTER EGOS {ALTER {EG}{O}S}
2   Appropriate to include thanks in return gift (6) DONATE {DON{TA<=}E}
3   Policy clearly inspiring revolution (5) CYCLE [T]
4   Old friend breaking into tears? That's not required (8) OPTIONAL {O}{P{INTO*}AL}
5   Gather type to fight before prayer time (3,5) BOX PLEAT {BOX} {PLEA}{T}
6   Keeping nurses close to bed in specialist unit (5) CADRE {CA{beD}RE}
8   Ultimately infested condition indeed arises (7-6) DISEASE-RIDDEN {D}{INDEED+ARISES}*
13 Ultimate chewing gum, energy bar inside — freely help yourself (2,2,5) BE MY GUEST  {EnergY+GUM}* in {BEST}
15 Cancer, for example, finally being discovered in new strains (4,4) STAR SIGN {b..nG} in {STRAINS}*
16 Just run between two lines in any ground (8) NARROWLY {R{R}OW}{L} in {ANY}*
19 Of course I want to hug daughter (6) INDEED {I}{N{D}EED}
20 Competitor, hole up, claiming victory (5) RIVAL {V} in {LAIR<=}
21 They supply favourite bottled stout (5) HEFTY {F} in {THEY}*  F for Favourite? See comments


Sunday 16 October 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 16 Oct 2016

1   Break shower control (8) RESTRAIN {REST}{RAIN}
5   Delay brought about by cut in pace (6) GALLOP {LAG<=}{LOP}
9   Quiet revolutionary in scrap (5) SHRED {SH}{RED}
10 Absolutely out of action? Correct (9) DOWNRIGHT {DOWN}{RIGHT}
12 Playing part, is dunce lacking experience? (11) UNPRACTISED*
13 Frighten bovine animal (3) COW [DD]
14 Great stuff about spies, unknown outwardly (13) SUPERFICIALLY {SUPER}{FI{CIA}LL}{Y}
17 Thieving identified after match? (5-8) LIGHT-FINGERED {LIGHT}-{FINGERED}
21 For support, sacrificing pawn (3) PRO PROp
22 Tall plant unfamiliar to me was weed (11) MEADOWSWEET*
23 Do I hear weirdly commercial band? (9) RADIOHEAD {DO+I+HEAR}*{AD}
24 Sphere's true mass (5) REALM {REAL}{M}
25 Place with comfort and delight (6) PLEASE {PL}{EASE}
26 Warm run with one aim in race (8) FRIENDLY {F{R}{1}{END}LY}

1   Salvage engineers head for scene, prompt (6) RESCUE {RE}{Sc..e}{CUE}
2   Markings persist in varied form (7) STRIPES*
3   Seaside town favoured for special treatment (3,6) RED CARPET {RED CAR}{PET}
4   Cooked dinner, teatime not exactly known (13) INDETERMINATE*
6   Bitter answer, cold and clear (5) ACRID {A}{C}{RID}
7   Reasonable soldier accepted by resident (7) LOGICAL {LO{GI}CAL}
8   Tips from artist on height and width among rewards in courses (8) PATHWAYS {P{Ar..sT}{H}{W}AYS}
11 How rapid news developed about good detergent (7,6) WASHING POWDER {HOW+RAPID+NEWS}* over {G}
15 Set aside reins, ever prepared (2,7) IN RESERVE*
16 Nonsense in court about stage before strike (8) CLAPTRAP {C{LAP}T}{RAP}
18 One from Tyneside taking part in binge or dieting? (7) GEORDIE [T]
19 Stop challenging traditionalist (7) DIEHARD {DIE}{HARD}
20 Squat saint, rough, ignoring bishop (6) STUMPY {ST}{bUMPY}
22 Spirits low on empty days (5) MOODS {MOO}{DayS}