Wednesday, 24 July 2019

No 12686, Wednesday 24 Jul 2019, Dr. X

Solved while enroute to  Disneyland in LA.

1   Poor husband besieged by poet, a boastful person (8) BLOWHARD {B{LOW}{H}ARD}
5   Help to secure new permit (6) ASSENT {ASSE{N}T}
10 Glossy fabric in stores at India (5) SATIN [T]
11 What a fisherman might do to keep in touch? (4,1,4) DROP A LINE [DD]
12 Bad time to enter perfect precision marching unit (5,4) DRILL TEAM {DR{ILL}{T}EAM}
13 Incompetent, unresponsive Republican becomes President (5) INEPT INE(-r+p)PT
14 Female is about to ruin brutes (6) FIENDS {F}{I{END}S}
15 Jointly presents expenses to maintain house (2-5) CO-HOSTS {CO{HO}STS}
18 Having fever, weary one dropped the boards (7) THEATRE {Ti{HEAT}RE}
20 Wander around emporium gutted in fire (6) REMOVE {R{Em...uM}OVE}
22 Worthless, crazy son kicked out (5) INANE INsANE
24 Very obvious! Compose a letter to win heart of mesmerizing gal easily (4,5) WRIT LARGE {WRIT{LA{m...eRi...g}G*}E}
25 Yank – a fellow with perfect grimace (4,1,4) PULL A FACE {PULL}{A}{F}{ACE}
26 Hallucinatory experience on Ecstasy? Nonsense (5) TRIPE {TRIP}{E}
27 British ballet dancer to prosper (6) DOWELL {DO}{WELL}
28 Writer's point? Be silent perhaps (5,3) STEEL NIB*

1   Close to where a nurse might be dropping daughter (6) BESIDE BEdSIDE
2   Abuse of nicotine keeps husband in a precarious situation (2,4,3) ON THIN ICE {NICOTINE}* over {H}
3 . A reason for dismissal of student involved in throwing the party (8,3,4) HANDLING THE BALL {HAND{L}ING}{BALL}
4   Right to change clothes (7) REDRESS [DD]
6   It seems hotel's prepared to include roast dish from Europe (7,8) SPANISH OMELETTE {IT+SEEMS+HOTEL}* over {PAN}
7   Refugee in complex I lease (5) EXILE [T]
8   Study time! Get up suppressing worry (8) TREATISE {T}{R{EAT}ISE}
9   Huge clown entertains son (6) COSMIC {CO{S}MIC}
16 Queen left England overwhelmed by gesture (9) SOVEREIGN {S{OVER}{E}IGN}
17 Son made a mistake, dispossessed (8) STRIPPED {S}{TRIPPED}
19 Envelope from model leaving Antwerp sadly (6) ENWRAP ANtWRAP*
20 Plan to wear torn garments (7) RAIMENT {R{AIM}ENT}
21 Echo effect always found in Rhythm & Blues (6) REVERB {EVER} in {R&B}
23 Authorise construction of wall around Mexico at last (5) ALLOW {WALL}* over {m...cO}

Reference List
Husband = H, New = N, Republican = R, President = P, Female = F, House = HO, Fellow = F, Ecstasy = E, Daughter = D, Student = L, Time = T, Son = S, England = E, Model = T, 


Tuesday, 23 July 2019

No 12685, Tuesday 23 Jul 2019, Dr. X

Solved enroute while driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles all along the West Coast. A beautifully scenic drive.

1   Seize endless photographs featuring hot visual images (8) GRAPHICS {GRAb}{P{H}ICS}
5   Soldiers about to chase man in float – a terrorist (6) BOMBER {RE}<= after {BO{M}B}
10 United in passionate love, turned emotional (7) MAUDLIN {MA{U}D}{NIL<=}
11 Worm in lane, possibly dead (7) ANNELID {IN+LANE}*{D}
12 One stealing undergarments finally abandons strange fetish (5) THIEF FETIsH*
13 Obnoxious heels in bar cause a commotion (5,4) RAISE HELL {RAI{HEELS*}L}
14 Turning frog into prince! Extremely far out paranormal ability (12) PRECOGNITION {frOG+INTO+PRINCE}*
18 What a car assembly worker might do to treat one vulnerable cruelly? (3,3,4,2) PUT THE BOOT IN [DD]
21 Brutal raid organised to capture a criminal by noon (9) DRACONIAN {DR{A}{CON}IA*}{N}
23 Bucket here contains a volatile liquid (5) ETHER [T]
24 Disabling scheme to divide Chinese dynasty (7) MAIMING {M{AIM}ING}
25 Bond frames plan to engage in pretence (4-3) PLAY-ACT {P{LAY}ACT}
26 Potent in bed having knowledge (6) COGENT {CO{GEN}T}
27 Upset by director chasing one model in a passage (8) AGITATED {D} after {A}{G{1}{T}ATE}

1   Plot to keep alien in cell (6) GAMETE {GAM{ET}E}
2   Neighbour's endless worry about an inability to act decisively (6) ABULIA {ABUt}{AIL<=}
3   Couple of husbands touring prehistoric castle speak at length (4,5) HOLD FORTH {H}{OLD}{FORT}{H}
4   Tense wife captures king at last in card game (8,6) CONTRACT BRIDGE {CONTRACT}{BRID{kinG}E}
6   Scrap after taking bit of umbrage (5) OUNCE {O{Um...e}NCE}
7   Newsflash – shot at home (8) BULLETIN {BULLET}{IN}
8   Fragrant rose given to win heart of beloved (8) REDOLENT {RED}{belOved}{LENT}
9   What one might be doing after washing's dried up is humiliating (6,4,1,3) TAKING DOWN A PEG [DD]
15 Traveller in the train, angrily ignoring husband (9) ITINERANT {IN+ThE+TRAIN}*
16 Record by one medic about plague (8) EPIDEMIC {EP}{1}{MEDIC*}
17 Taking ale frantically in distress (8) STEALING {ST{ALE*}ING}
19 Stop scoundrel about to grab hot woman in front of bar (6) THWART {T{H}{W}AR<=}{T}
20 Cheat upset about charge made a speech (6) ORATED {DO<=} over {RATE}
22 Bit of unpleasantness disregarded for love in marriage, it could make one cry (5) ONION (u+o)ONION

Reference List
Hot = H, United = U, Dead = D, Noon = N, Director = D, Husband = H, Love = O


Monday, 22 July 2019

No 12684, Monday 22 Jul 2019, Dr. X

1   Crack, ecstasy and cocaine taken in depression by woman (8) DECIPHER {D{E}{C}IP}{HER}
5   Manage when callous husband abandons, having turned rotten (6) AFFORD {hA{OFF<=}RD}
10 Poor recital – scrapping it for sure (5) CLEAR RECitAL*
11 Go to bed, overwhelmed by shame, oddly uncommunicative (9) SATURNINE {ShA{TURN IN}mE}
12 Harassed daughter rose to tackle a thug (9) DRAGOONED {D}{R{A}{GOON}ED}
13 Reasons given by one in low spirits about consuming ecstasy (5) IDEAS {1}{SA{E}D<=}
14 It is an extensively consumed herbal infusion (6) TISANE [T]
15 Summon chap going round with concoction of tea (7) EVOCATE {COVE<=}{TEA*}
18 Time to go round fancy bar in marina (7) HARBOUR {H{BAR*}OUR}
20 Heartily requested girl in lake to come out (6) EMERGE {r..uEs..d}{MER{G}E}
22 Close to largely forlorn girl (5) ALONG {ALONe}{G}
24 Drunkard's corporation? (4,5) BEER BELLY [CD]
25 Put up a fight in haunt (4,5) HANG ABOUT  {HANG}{A}{BOUT}
26 Long for a bit of vodka in noisy pub (5) LOCAL {L}{vOCAL}
27 Girl about to bag right husband making money in Africa (6) DIRHAM {MAID<=} over {R}{H}
28 A serious setback! Congress starting to become insignificant (4,4) BODY BLOW {BODY}{Be...e}{LOW}

1   Throw light on fish in river (6) DECODE {DE{COD}E}
2   Buck up after capturing most effective knight (9) CHEVALIER {CHE{VALId}ER}
3   Angrily pans one arrogant unacceptable individual (7,3,5) PERSONA NON GRATA*
4   Ultimately deplorable scenes around centre (7) ESSENCE {d...lE}{SCENES*}
6   Powerful ambition that a gastritis sufferer might have? (4,2,4,5) FIRE IN ONES BELLY [DD]
7   Suspect held by cop in enclosure (5) OPINE [T]
8   Smarter rogue desires to conceal a little romp (8) DRESSIER {DESIRES}* over {Romp}
9   Heavy food left out for good man in cottage (6) STODGE (-l+st)STODGE
16 Holy girl in unholy alliance (9) ANGELICAL {G} in {ALLIANCE}*
17 Covered shack retains warmth (8) SHEATHED {S{HEAT}HED}
19 Strip-tease by revolting toff (6) RIBBON {RIB}{NOB<=}
20 Prefer bringing back alternative style of dance music (7) ELECTRO {ELECT}{OR<=}
21 Regulation about abandoning construction of cableway (3-3) BYELAW caBLEWAY*
23 Landlord in a state of depression after losing daughter (5) OWNER dOWNER

Reference List
Ecstasy = E, Cocaine = C, Husband = H, Daughter = D, Girl = G, Long = L, Right = R, Left = L, Good man = ST, About = CA


Sunday, 21 July 2019

Special, Sunday 21 Jul 2019, Puzzle Lovers XI

The XI 
Dr Ami Deokar, Dr. Amit Mehta, Dr. Ashit Hegde, Dr Ashwini Nabar, Dr. Harshad Argekar, Dr. Jyotsna Deo, Dr. Mukund Jagannathan, Paul Ferreira, Dr. Satyen Nabar, Dr. Suresh Hemrajani, Dr. Vishnu Madhav 

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM(Annotations Compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Low pitch, almost close to breaking (6)
4   Degree in law, shortly trending around globe (7)
8   Hand a new cheque at first to English fund (7)
9   Bizarre duel accepted by progeny, returns with bumps (7)
11 When bails are hit without getting dislodged say, former English captain gets kiss (5, 5)
12 Tad worrisome, Artificial Intelligence taking over Operation theatre (4)
13 Partly blind, I affirm and state (5)
14 Put something over on exposed burn (8)
16 Quarantined individual expected to receive oxygen (8)
18 Machine cutting wood finer is new, takes no time to prepare counter (5)
20 Perfect ebb tide (4)
21 What a cardiologist might order - essentially desserts, lobsters, mutton, cheesecake are out (6, 4)
23 Bailed out of a MiG but refused to lose head (7)
24 ABCDE or perhaps lines on product (3, 4)
25 A person who encourages a gambler (7)
26 Case of bullets around terminal explodes (6)

1   Addicts ultimately have a tendency to drink (5)
2   Cocoon enveloped by cracked seed perished (7)
3   Encourage ruler on coach, says the Reverend (4-5)
5   Introvert hiding cache (5)
6   Mist ruined, curbed our sightseeing (7)
7   Six balls worth reviewing in defeat (9)
10 What bulimia patients may follow - they forbid disclosure of information (3, 6)
13 One discharged board employee finally joins criminal to pull this off? (6, 3)
15 Bolts and nuts at Reliance Industries Limited changed (5, 4)
17 Chop fine, avoiding a slip for this? (4, 3)
19 Used split seconds for routines (7)
21 Vies desperately to capture England and separate (5)
22 Soft drinks extracted from espresso dashboard (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at PUZZLE LOVERS XI 3


The Sunday Crossword No 3057, Sunday 21 Jul 2019

1   Passage from tango and bolĂ©ro's composer (6) TRAVEL {T}{RAVEL}
4   Rambling, untoward rambling (5-3) DRAWN-OUT*
9   Frightfully loud neckwear for a sentimental type (6) SOFTIE {SO}{F}{TIE}
10 Roaring missiles, second becoming first (8) STRIDENT (+s)STRIDENT(-s)
12 Group getting around the law in America? (3,1,4) THE A TEAM {T{HEAT}EAM} &lit
13 Tell the cops about lunatic fringe (6) FINGER*
15 Philosopher with urges for fatty food (5,3,4) BACON AND EGGS {BACON}{AND}{EGGS}
18 Ludicrously citing Nando's as stereotypical middle-class fare? (3,3,6) GIN AND TONICS*
21 I tear around centre of Bonn in my dreams (2,4) IF ONLY {I}{FL{bONn}Y}
22 It was Byzantine, garbled, convoluted and ultimately intricate (8) BELGRADE {GARBLED}*{i...tE}
24 Shunned by society, stems endless desire to discuss work (4,4) TALK SHOP TALK{S}{HOPe} Anno pending (Addendum - {sTALKS}{HOPe} - See comments)
25 Stimulating dream I like very much (6) ADMIRE*
26 Hallowed figure that is the source of many mysteries (8) CHRISTIE {CHRIST}{IE}
27 Village greens used to have these stores (6) STACKS [DD]

1   Cricket match underground as part of an experiment (4,4) TEST TUBE {TEST}{TUBE}
2   Close? Far? Out – that is, not in the house (8) ALFRESCO*
3   Going over six state lines: it's Jean-Paul Sartre and friends! (15) EXISTENTIALISTS {SIX+STATE+LINES+IT}*
5   Oh no: celebrity's on the rise (4) RATS<=
6   Working in restaurant, didn't remember to open up for party, leading to drama (7,3,5) WAITING FOR GODOT {WAITING}{FORGO{DO}T}
7   A dagger's drawn, oddly: it's tense (2,4) ON EDGE {ONE}{DaGgEr}
8   Coaches turn to rust (6) TUTORS*
11 Tom Cruise film with daredevil navy airman (4,3) RAIN MAN {N+AIRMAN}*
14 What's ever-so briny? (4,3) DEAD SEA [CD]
16 ITV with manic broadcast about dietary stipulation found in Brussels (7,1) VITAMIN C {ITV+MANIC}*
17 Tests idiot about uniform (2-6) AS-LEVELS {ASS} over {LEVEL}
19 Manoeuvre's putting second section before first: sweet! (3,3) TIC TAC TAC<=>TIC
20 Sportsman with something more substantial than a cap (6) BOWLER [DD]
23 One marsh reverts to become a barren tract (4) GOBI {1}{BOG}<=

Reference List
Tango = T, Loud = F, Party = DO, Navy = N


Saturday, 20 July 2019

No 12683, Saturday 20 Jul 2019, Scintillator

1   Obstacle being chic? (6) HICCUP  {CHIC}* [RA]
4   Captive sailors went round in circles (8) ABSORBED {ABS}{ORBED}
9   Complex vitamin bonds in lettuce (6) BLINKS {B}{LINKS}
10 Publicity-seeking noisemaker – one can go on and on (8) PRATTLER {P}{RATTLER} P for Publicity? (Addendum - {P{RATTLE}R} - See comments)
12 Pay attention to opinion and reputation (4,4) TAKE NOTE {TAKE}{NOTE}
13 Software engineer's uncontrollable itch to consume drug (ecstasy) (6) TECHIE {E+ITCH}*{E}
15 Short skirt invites endless disapproval, again! (4) TUTU {TUt}{TUt}
16 These can give rise to shocks (10) GOOSEBUMPS [CD]
19 Undoubtedly, Faraday by and large was working out Newton (3,3,4) FAR AND AWAY {FARADAY+WAs}* over {N}
20 Taking top off, search a person for hazard (4) RISK fRISK
23 Wind not inspiring the States (6) FLATUS {FLAT}{US}
25 Forks out behind old insects (8) ODONATES {O}{DONATES}
27 Where a lion is (lair?) mostly withdrawn, rejective (2,6) IN DENIAL {IN DEN}{LAIr<=}
28 Trade in cherry gives me energy for promotion (6) REDEEM {RED}{ME+E<=}
29 Rent lettings for occupation (8) SETTLING*
30 A 30-sec video before release of Joker (6) TEASER [DD]

1   Use a tee in home (7) HABITAT {HABIT}{A}{T}
2   An insect showing hesitation – Roach, possibly (9) CRICKETER {CRICKET}{ER}
3   Dunk in sauce that's cold (6) UNKIND*
5   Rub on the back softly (4) BURP ? (Addendum - {RUB<=}{P} - See comments) &lit
6   Failing man penned sad notebooks (2,3,3) ON THE EBB  {HE} in {NOTE}*{BB}
7   Judges change heart, eject violently (5) BELCH BE(-n+l)LCH
8   They can leave you in stitches by running errands (7) DARNERS*
11 Seat of old dynasty in Turkey (7) OTTOMAN [DD]
14 One casts aspersions on Queen departing Great Britain and Ireland? (7) ISLANDS {1}{SLANDerS}
17 Sense of endless mist, possibly? (9) MOISTNESS {SENSE+O+MISt}* &lit
18 At home, a lungi is worn about the groin (8) INGUINAL {IN}{A+LUNGI}*
19 When baby boomers were born in, i.e., stiff conditions (7) FIFTIES* That clarifies yesterday's statement :-)
21 Right, ask him about a place in North India (7) KASHMIR {R+ASK+HIM}*
22 Cold outcome of partners securing last grade in engineering branch (6) SNEEZE {S}{N}{E}{E{Z}E}
24 Study accounts of auto firm, Tesla (5) AUDIT {AUDI}{T}
26. Gape at flight turning north (4) YAWN {WAY<=}{N}

Reference List

Drug = E, Ecstasy = E, Newton = N, Old = O, Energy = E, Tee = T, Book = B, Queen = ER, Of = O, Right = R, Partners = S,N,E, Engineering Branch = EE(Electrical Engineering), Tesla = T, North = N

Colour/Font Scheme

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Friday, 19 July 2019

No 12682, Friday 19 Jul 2019, xChequer

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 5 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

7    Excel's rule for mouse (6) SHINER {SHINE}{R}
8    Make fun, look a bit thick (6) UNFAIR {FUN*}{AIR}
10 Take note of winter wear stores offering discount (4,4) MARK DOWN {MARK}{DOWN} (Addendum - {MARK}{DO{W}{N} - See comments)
11 Counterfeit money buying time for radical (6) ETYMON {E{T}YMON*}
12 Pressure to reduce volume of boiling fat (5) LIPID LI(-v+p)PID
14 Technique of telling time with height displacement in mountain mapping (7) OROLOGY hOROLOGY
15 Mutton from sheep butchered for snap (4-2-3-6) SPUR-OF-THE-MOMENT*
18 Gloss over lie in shady bar (7) SHEBEEN {SHE{BE}EN}
19 Virtue of some rituals (5) MERIT [T]
20 Denomination 2d (6) CHURCH [CD]
21 Shy if silent intrinsically (2,6) IN ITSELF*
23 Insensibility round places having gold (6) STUPOR {PUTS<=}{OR}
24 Bottle of fluid, one containing spirit (6) FLAGON {FL}{A{GO}N}

1    Need duck slices especially for this boneless meat dish (8) ESCALLOP {ES{CALL}{0}P}
2    Base to stick incense in place of worship (4) KIRK {s..cK}{IRK}
3    Free ball pitched up goes to fence (6) DEVOID {O} in {DIVED<=}
4    Lobbyone arm to building (8) ANTEROOM*
5    A British boy born after a battle might describe me! (4,6) BABY BOOMER  {A+B+BOY+BORn}* over {ME} &lit  There's and extra N in the fodder See comments
6    Sanguine after changing sides, as a sitting duck would be? (6) BROODY B(-l+r)ROODY
9    Rain to hit coasts to save India melting away like this? (4,4,3) INTO THIN AIR {RAIN+TO+HIT}* over {IN}
13 Quietly usurped or otherwise, vain about wealth (5-5) PURSE-PROUD {P}{USURPED+OR}*
16 Head getting hot with ego surfacing in strip joint perhaps (8) FLESHPOT {TOP}{H}{SELF}<=
17 Gaining pounds in the middle can be irritating (8) NETTLING {NETT{L}ING}
18 Life force found in small stone or rock (6) SCHIST {S}{CHI}{ST}
19 The deep, cunning fellow not wanted as a rule (6) MAINLY {MAIN}{fLY}
22 Evidence of good in wrongdoing (4) SIGN {SI{G}N}

Reference List
Rule = R, Winter = W, Time = T, Pressure = P, Volume = V, Height = H, Gold = OR, One = AN, Duck = 0, India = IN, Quietly = P, Hot = H, Pounds = L, Small = S, Stone = ST, Fellow = F, Good = G


Thursday, 18 July 2019

No 12681, Thursday 18 Jul 2019, xChequer

7    Meal without a vessel (6) LAUNCH {L{A}UNCH}
8    China's neighbour having power to remove Western expatriate tycoon (6) TAIPAN TAI(-w+p)PAN
10 Tailor set mark to cut opening in robe (8) VESTMENT {V{SET*}{M}ENT}
11 One beginning to close old fireplaces (6) INGLES (-s)INGLE(+s)S
12 Monsters go back, saint carries on (5) OGRES {GO<=}{RE}{S}
14 Mum can supply loads of fish sauce (4,3) NUOC MAM {MUM+CAN}* {O} Thanks to Google
15 Modern man reached space, a wonderful experience (7,3,5) PEACHES AND CREAM*
18 Get expert to heal (7) PROCURE {PRO}{CURE}
19 Extract using force with support (5) WREST {W}{REST}
20 Bit of finery, over a pound during season (6) FALLAL {A}{L}<= in {FALL}
21 Fancy heiress eating fine specimen of mackerel (4,4) SEER FISH {HEIRESS}* over {F}
23 Perhaps a patient batting partner (6) INMATE {IN}{MATE}
24 Instrument of Zulu heritage, timeless hit (6) ZITHER {Z}{HERITage}*

1    Noble use questionable for a prig (8) BLUENOSE*
2    Barely reasonable (4) JUST [DD]
3    Current charge for admission (6) ACCESS {AC}{CESS}
4    Several staff doubt veteran (8) MANIFOLD {MAN}{IF}{OLD}
5    Ahead before true game unfolds on a sticky wicket (2,1,3,4) UP A GUM TREE {UP}{TRUE+GAME}*
6    Garment measure said to appear under hip (6) INSEAM {IN}{SEAM}(~seem) &lit
9    Put up with a kid in order to loosen up (5,2,4) STAND AT EASE {STAND}{A}{TEASE}
13 Deficiency in butter reportedly for Spooner's meat dish (4,2,4) RACK OF LAMB {(-l+r)RACK} {OF}{(r+l)LAMB} Ramb?
16 Identity of base character (8) EQUALITY {E}{QUALITY}
17 Skill and cunning is on test (8) ARTISTRY {ART}{IS}{TRY}
18 Limits to paper alliance in real-life operation (6) PRAXIS {PapeR}{AXIS}
19 Tiny, most nasty pest (6) WEEVIL {WEE}{VILe}
22 Name of northerly, stifling hot wind (4) FOHN {N}{OF<=} over {H}

Reference List
Power = P, Western = W, Mark = M, Saint = S, On = RE, Of = O, With = W, Pound = L, Fine = F, Zulu = Z, Base = E, Name = N, Hot = H


Wednesday, 17 July 2019

No 12680, Wednesday 17 Jul 2019, Skulldugger

She has me in knots today :-)

5    Doing away with North American vagabond for murder (3,3) RUB OUT Anno pending (Addendum - RUnaBOUT - See comments)
6    In charge of the soul (6) INWARD {IN}{WARD}
9    Elector vetoing old high-flier (6) TERCEL ELECToR*
10 Terrible women throttling proportional representation advances (8) OGRESSES prOGRESSES
11 Foolish people initially rejected wicked spirits (4) IMPS wIMPS
12 Bar aims to strip off architectural element (10) IMPEDIMENT {aIMs}{PEDIMENT}
13 Your future lies in the stars with her (11) ASTROLOGIST [CD]
18 Keeners in Engineering hitting library at start of dawn on Saturday (5,5) EARLY BIRDS {E}{LIBRARY*}{Dawn}{S}
21 Oppose bill in the US (4) BUCK [DD]
22 Spooner's drunk winner to oversee digs in owner's absence (5-3) HOUSE-SIT {(-s+h)HOUSE}{(-h+s)SIT}
23 Canadian First Nation claims Trudeau's beginning to bypass reason (6) INTUIT {IN(-n+t)TUIT}
24 Sergeant Major finds all the soldiers obsequious (6) SMARMY {SM}{ARMY}
25 Criminally underpay retiring District Attorney in straitened circumstances (6) PENURY UNdERPaY*

1    Digital computers! (8) ABACUSES [CD]
2    Central components in clue (cryptic) (6) NUCLEI*
3    Demeaning and dodgy, if daring (5,3) INFRA DIG*
4    Carriage is ample, in a manner of speaking (6) HANSOM (~handsome)
5    Moist, cold and ample, in a manner of speaking (6) RHEUMY (~roomy)
7    Spanish governess for Dutch girl from the South (6) DUENNA {DU}{ANNE<=}
8    Absolute certainty seen in Luke and John, for example (6,5) GOSPEL TRUTH [CD]
14 Motorbikes gutted, customised with cell synthesiser (8) RIBOSOME {MOtOR+BIkES}*
15 She throws a monkey wrench in the works (8) SABOTEUR [CD]
16 Police Sergeant overwhelmed, a mite upset by jargon (6) PATOIS {P{IOTA<=}S}
17 Sharp-sightedness you exhibited in a large town (6) ACUITY {A}{C{(~you)U}ITY}
19 Jack in India uncovered flash card with detailing (6) LASCAR {fLASh}{CARd}
20 Black eye for the Polish guy! (6) SHINER [DD]

Reference List
Old = O, Engineering = E, Saturday = S


Tuesday, 16 July 2019

No 12679, Tuesday 16 Jul 2019, Vulcan

1   Separation from insanely dramatic one (11) DEMARCATION*
8   Brand, and what one drives, society is attracted to it basically (4) SCAR {CAR}<=>{S}
9   One term brought about to describe young ones (celebrities) (10) GLITTERATI {1}{TAG}<= over {LITTER}
10 Sneak through a hedge intentionally to hide (4,2) EDGE IN [T]
11 Pardon me, nasty is nasty (7) AMNESTY*
13 Significant distance to one's last stop (9) GRAVEYARD {GRAVE}{YARD}
15 Starting to shiver — wears fur in this European capital (5) MINSK {MIN{Sh...r}K}
16 Old physician, one that draws blood (5) LEECH [DD]
18 Honest one got to win (2,3,4) ON THE NOSE*
22 Upper limit, say, for coating (7) SEALING (~ceiling)
23 Large gathering is happy, it's casual inside (6) GALAXY {GA{LAX}Y}
26 Meeting Anne and Meg get prepared for (10) ENGAGEMENT {ANNE+MEG{GET}*
27 Excellent selection of Indian eateries (4) NEAT [T]
28 In addition, heartless drifter is wasteful (11) EXTRAVAGANT {EXTRA}{VAGrANT}

1   Had energy drink after day's final game (7) DECIDER {E}{CIDER} after {D}
2   Unite and rise without leader (5) MERGE eMERGE
3   Period in the UK's green city, extremely critical (7) REGENCY {GREEN+CitY}*
4   Passionate singer on the up (4) AVID<=
5   Some point I'm expressing eventually (2,4) IN TIME [T]
6   Wearing no designs European (9) NORWEGIAN*
7   Best at especially protecting America (6) STATES [T]
12 Flat or inclined (5) PRONE [DD]
14 Remain doubtful, not well during leave (9) VACILLATE {VAC{ILL}ATE}
17 Ageless, old-fashioned cricketer, never contained (6) ETERNE [T]
19 Meal that's no less (4,3) HIGH TEA [CD]
20 Son's still surviving with this instrument (7) SEXTANT {S}{EXTANT}
21 Remove one employed by firm (6) UNSEAT {UN}{SE{A}T} Not sure about anno
24 Notice nothing's up with her (5) LINDA {AD}{NIL}<=
25 Second one to take a chance with Ace (4) BETA {BET}{A}

Reference List
Society = S, Energy = E, Day = D, Son = S, Notice = AD, Ace = A

Monday, 15 July 2019

No 12678, Monday 15 Jul 2019, Anon

1    Contestant to trip captain perversely (11) PARTICIPANT*
9    Substance belongs to me? Really odd! (7) MINERAL {MINE}{ReAlLy}
10 Coats for decapitated actors (6) LAYERS pLAYERS
11. Antelope begins new year amidst lazy asses (5) NYALA Acrostic
12 Fall out, quarrel with bird (7) SPARROW {SPAR}{ROW}
15 Encounter, on return, swarm (4) TEEM<=
16 Glow strangely since dance (10) INCANDESCE*
18 At a loss due to unsold pens? Dreadful! (10) NONPLUSSED*
20 Olive Ridley somewhat inactive (4) IDLE [T]
23 Mind accepts levy in United Kingdom (7) BRITAIN {BR{IT}AIN}
24 Neckwear worn at English racecourse (5) ASCOT [DD]
26 Disguised at first, nun leaves disciple (6) COVERT COnVERT
27 Unbounded lacy hair of thespian (7) ACTRESS {lACy}{TRESS}
28 In a riot, saddled king escaping (11) SKEDADDLING*

2    Sailor trio, regular, now overseas (6) ABROAD {AB}{tRiO}{AD}
3    Charge for ring (4) TOLL [DD]
4    Special hat destroyed in kingdoms (10) CALIPHATES*
5    Talk back to, somehow drag Oriental of rank (8) PAYGRADE {YAP<=}{DRAG*}{E}
6    Limits direction of darts (7) NARROWS {N}{ARROWS}
7    Discharging man in dining (9) EMANATING {E{MAN}ATING}
8    Convict, dear, loses sex appeal on return (6) INMATE INtiMATE
13 Singlehandedly, doctor sustains regular lead (10) UNASSISTED {SUSTAINS*}{lEaD}
14 Negativist freethinker without accomplishment (9) DEFEATIST {DE{FEAT}IST}
17 Apartment supervisor has fish (8) FLATHEAD {FLAT}{HEAD}
19 Part-Nordic people at US city (7) NORFOLK {NORdic}{FOLK}
21 Shorten alien’s schedule (6) DOCKET {DOCK}{ET}
22 Tycoon introduces tea into farmyard (6) BARTON {BAR{T}ON}
25 Initially retreating from fight? Yell! (4) BAWL BrAWL

Reference List
Levy = IT, Sailor = AB, Now = AD, Oriental = E, Direction = N, Sex Appeal = IT, Alien = ET, Tea = T

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Special, Sunday 14 Jul 2019, Sceptic Cryptic

Welcome to our new setter Sceptic Cryptic. Bouquets and Brickbats welcome.

As this is a 13x13 only 2 ANSWERS PER COMMENTER till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

7   Fan, with hesitation, following English batsman (6)
8   Outstanding batsman David Warner surprisingly dismisses Warne (6)
9   Restrict some runs temporarily (4)
10 First person in pubs to welcome opening batsman (8)
11 Epic? Yes! Back after initially overcoming disease - Yuvraj Singh! (7)
13 Maybe Big Ben caught left-handed opener on naught at midwicket (5)
15 Stick with playing Faf after slugfest ends (5)
17 Swagger of West Indian batsman, having amassed boundaries (7)
20 Fastest rate dips badly (8)
21 Arrest Indian leader for Afghanistan player (4)
23 Movies with shots on the leg side (6)
24 Tell, maybe, that he is an English bowler (6)

1   Run after knocking off New Zealander's middle stump (4)
2   Wickets at end of day's play (6)
3   Specialist opening bowler Mel returns causing difficulty (7)
4   Acknowledge Imad spinning first time (5)
5   Somehow Dale contains Dhoni initially with a maiden (6)
6   Did move cover inside, but got separated (8)
12 Spooner purchased toys for those that gave nothing away (3,5)
14 South Africans in favour of drink with a bit of sugar (7)
16 Recoil instinctively after captain has left (6)
18 Vince all at sea outside English city (6)
19 End line on pitch right away (5)
22 Reportedly purchases extras (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at SCEPTIC CRYPTIC 1


The Sunday Crossword No 3056, Sunday 14 Jul 2019

1   Florida's flashy, unruly sportsmen (3,5) FLY HALFS {FL}{FLASHY*}
5   Where Tamworth is, in the sticks (6) STAFFS [DD]
10 Debtor's note includes a one-time Murdoch company that's hard to credit (1,3,3) I ASK YOU {I{A}{SKY}OU}
11 Under canvas, by the sound of things, getting passionate (7) INTENSE (~ in tents)
12 Poem, when recited, evokes shrill birdcall (5) HAIKU (~ high coo)
13 Story concerning wabbit: Bugs Bunny heads off; what will hunter do? (3,2,4) LIE IN WAIT {LIE}{IN}{WAbbIT}
14 Sets exam, gets confused, gives very short bursts of information (4,8) TEXT MESSAGES*
18 It doesn't matter which clothes shop now, I've seen everything (8,4) WHATEVER NEXT {WHATEVER} {NEXT}
21 'Gut-rot.' 'How?' 'Dodgy sprout.' (9) OUTGROWTH*
23 Energy follows natural process (5) PUREE {PURE}{E}
24 Following ousting of duke, relinquish claim to dynasty (7) HANOVER HANdOVER
25 Time running out – cue botox shot: that'll make this dish tastier (3,4) OXO CUBE {CUE+BOtOX}*
26 Dines fancily, engorging Italian – so has to do these? (3-3) SIT-UPS {S{IT}UPS} Semi&lit
27 Sees term restructured to become half-year course of study (8) SEMESTER*

1   Running away from argument about Latin (6) FLIGHT {F{L}IGHT}
2   The old ship's on fire, losing bow and stern: aye-aye! (3,3) YES SIR {YE}{SS}{fIRe}
3   See, our way worked? Never mind (2,3,4) AS YOU WERE*
4   For 'rutted', lower, coarser profanity (4-6,4) FOUR-LETTER WORDS*OR
6   Goddess from The X Factor wearing bronze (5) TITAN {T{IT}AN}
7   Foxtrot, then Latin dance, saving time for another dance (8) FANDANGO {F}{AND}{tANGO}

8   Leader in Scandinavia to go with tax that's dearest (8) SWEETEST {Sc...a}{WEE}{TEST} WEE/To go?
9   Where rounds follow rounds? (10,4) NINETEENTH HOLE [CD]
15 Old invader's truncated call with horn (9) SAXOPHONE {SAXOn}{PHONE}
16 She's describing romances with airy sounds (8) SWOOSHES {S{WOOS}HES}
17 What fisherman might do to catch something resembling a shell (8) CASTANET {CAST A NET}
19 French author in drunken stupor (6) PROUST*
20 What's remote, hurtling? (6) METEOR* &lit
22 To create excitement in vicar, utter profanities for starters (3,2) REV UP {REV} {Ut..r}{Pr...s}


Saturday, 13 July 2019

No 12677, Saturday 13 Jul 2019, Lightning

1    Steno following democrat earnestly at first to explain (8) DESCRIBE {SCRIBE} after {D}{Ea...y}
5    Layout of South Carolina border area (6) SCHEMA {SC}{HEM}{A}
9    Refining erratic breach (8) INFRINGE*
10 King tucked into sauce quickly (6) PRESTO {P{R}ESTO}
12 Poor gangster smuggled instrument (5) ORGAN [T]
13 Perhaps caught laid back southern lady inside (9) DISMISSAL {DI{S}{MISS}AL<=}
14 Neglected German stormed around (6) RAGGED {RAG{G}ED}
16 Supply tailless northern animal for occasion with 12 hour day (7) EQUINOX {EQUIp}{N}{OX}
19 Partial word in a liberal religious book (7) ORDINAL [T]
21 Shift direction without acceleration, curse and vent partly (6) SWERVE {SWEaR}{VEnt}
23 Provided original covers for penultimate match (9) SEMIFINAL {SEM{IF}INAL}
25 Grave mistake including a recipe of toxic agent (5) SARIN {S{A}{R}IN}
26 One new measure for arched section of foot (6) INSTEP {1}{N}{STEP}
27 Short stock of Tesla, perhaps (8) INVENTOR INVENTORy
28 Martial art class one thousand are joining upfront (6) KARATE {K}{A}{RATE}
29 Time limit for the departed? (8) DEADLINE [CD]

1    Joke about a working plant (6) DAIKON {KI{A}D<=}{ON} About on double duty
2    Security fraud sage corrected (9) SAFEGUARD*
3    Rule of precipitation, say (5) REIGN (~rain)
4    Secure father outside hospital in capital city (7) BAGHDAD {BAG}{H}{DAD}
6    Engineer uttered one command primarily with confidence (9) CERTITUDE {UTTERED+1+Co...d}*
7    Relieves leaderless kids (5) EASES tEASES
8    A religious leader admits liberal with couple of unknowns in condition (8) APOPLEXY {A}{POP{L}E}{X}{Y}
11 Tennis star has her captivated (4) ASHE [T]
15 Funnily clung feet to bow (9)  GENUFLECT*
17 Primarily Rama avatar in novel festival (9) NAVARATRI {Rama + AVATAR+IN}*
18 Gaming device that could bring pleasure (8) JOYSTICK [CD]
20 Lorentz or Tesla abandoned physicist? (4) LENZ LorENtZ
21 Quiet from the time the French parted (7) SILENCE {SI{LE}NCE}
22 Admission to a main course (6) ENTREE [DD]
24 Stingy person removing top third from title (5) MISER MIStER
25 Exhaust energy replacing note in haste (5) SPEED SPE(-n+e)ED

Reference List

Democrat = D, Area = A, King = R, Southern = S, German = G, Northern = N, Accelaration = A, Recipe = R, New = N, Thousand = K, Are = A, Hospital = H, Liberal = L, Unknown = X,Y, Tesla = T, Energy = E, Note = N

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday, 12 July 2019

No 12676, Friday 12 Jul 2019, Incognito

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 5 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

Congrats to Incognito for scoring  CL.

7    Hint: Violent uncle ejects first niece (4) CLUE UnCLE*
8    Famous aircraftsman rigs medical (9) ACCLAIMED {AC}{MEDICAL*}
10 Nude relative dumps the French boy (6) UNCLAD {UNCle}{LAD}
11 7 goes: "Bad poems" (8) ECLOGUES {CLUE+GOES}*
12 ShackledMandela walks around Cape (8) MANACLED {MANA{C}LED*}
14 Outer layer of eye's clear, going around (6) SCLERA {S}{CLEAR*}
16 State "Last month Lear collapsed" (7) DECLARE {DEC}{LEAR*}
18 ShootAl cried shudderingly! (7) RADICLE*
21 Drink real cocktail in court (6) CLARET {C{REAL*}T}
23 Congregation of leaders of European church clergy, laity (excluding spokespeople) iAmerica (8) ECCLESIA Acrostic
25 Hurricanes and calamitous storms initially crossed devastated Ceylon (8) CYCLONES {Ca...s}{CEYLON*}{St...s}
27 Sweet Eric travels around Los Angeles (6) ECLAIR {EC{LA}IR*}
29 Touring places around tavern? That's tops! (9) PINNACLES {P{INN}ACLES*}
30 150 notes produce musical symbol (4) CLEF {CL}{E}{F}

1    Stretch one leg at jumping (8) ELONGATE*
2    Met founder purchasing eleven electric lamps, for starters (4) PEEL Acrostic
3    Sal DNA produces a different tree (6) SANDAL*
4    Ship carries American Indian director on long passages (7) SCREEDS {S{CREE}{D}S}
5    Catapult is in middle of dance by Territorial Army (8) BALLISTA {BALL}{IS}{TA}
6    Sergeant Major's old gun's initial pollution (4) SMOG {SM}{O}{Gun}
9    In literature, gloomy doctor has an organ (5) DREAR {DR}{EAR}
13 Real confusion about boy and fitter (5) ABLER {A{B}LER*}
15 Wildly Voltaire drops vat for flower (5) LOIRE vOLtaIRE*
17 Rod's aunt goes round round buildings (8) ROTUNDAS*
19 LIC aides transferred and relieved from clerical duties (8) LAICISED*
20 Ships containers (7) VESSELS [DD]
22 After loss of shoe in playhouse, threw one-handed basketball shot (3-2) LAY-UP PLAYhoUse*
24 Fold crown with no difficulty (6) CREASE {CR}{EASE}
26 Large gun's spoilt air pump (4) LUNG {L}{GUN*}
28 Secure coil of hair (4) LOCK [DD]

Reference List
Aircracftsman = AC, The in French = LE, Cape = C, Court = CT, Director = D, Old = O, Boy = B, Crown = CR, Large = L