Tuesday 31 December 2019

No 12820, Tuesday 31 Dec 2019, Gussalufz

Welcome, Gussalufz, to the band of THC setters.

1   Partial blockade at harbour ending (5) DEATH [T]
4   Superb, finally I have our set working! (9) BEHAVIOUR {s...rB}{I+HAVE+OUR}*
9   Fools nation, initiates trade wars, intimidates truth-tellers, silences leaders (7) NITWITS Acrostic
10 Order some upma when in bad temper (7) PERMUTE {Upma} in {TEMPER}*
11 Observe the storm (6) SEETHE {SEE}{THE}
12 Harsh step, heartlessly taken upon reflection (8) STRIDENT {STRIDE}{TakeN<=}
14 A legend still followed by one? (4) YETI {YET}{1}
15 Salary covers accidental illness without any problems (10) PAINLESSLY {PA{ILLNESS*}Y}
18 Crying aloud: feel no shame (10) LACHRYMOSE (~lack remorse}
19 Anger, perhaps without an end? (4) RAGE AnGER* Semi&lit
22 Dancing is sin? Dad rejects! (8) DISDAINS*
24 Gussalufz is back, oddly brandishing one rhythmic line of verse (6) IAMBIC {I AM} and {BaCk} over {1}
26 Still, egalitarianism is partly prohibited by law (7)  ILLEGAL [T]
27 Data discovered with a fresh X-ray provides peace of mind (7) ATARAXY {dATA}{XRAY*}
28 Absolve old lover (a judge!) (9) EXONERATE {EX}{ONE}{RATE}
29 Go through valued gifts regularly (5) AUDIT {vAlUeD+gIfTs}

1   Extremely dreary and awful line of rulers (7) DYNASTY {DrearY}{NASTY}
2   Pure gold, at that time, traded in coins, initially (9) AUTHENTIC {AU}{THEN}{Tr...d}{In}{Co..s}
3   Husband takes the lead from wife in bulk, stature (6) HEIGHT (-w+h)HEIGHT
4   Evil seen rising in communities abroad (4) BASE [T<=]
5   A dominant edge in the right kind of 17? (10) HYPOTENUSE [CD]
6   Extraordinary service winning essential match points (8) VERTICES {SERVICE}* over {maTch}
7   You said, "In love...," twirling a piece of a flower (5) OVULE {(~you){U} in {LOVE}*
8   When coming back finally, Moon vehicle manoeuvre or attempt? (7) REENTRY [CD] (Addendum - {mooN}{v...lE}{m...rE}{oR}<={TRY} - See comments)
13 Bacteria developed on all meals (10) SALMONELLA*
16 Pub had stock for the Reverend, right? (9) STARBOARD (~bar stored)
17 Figure resulting from indefinite integral (8) TRIANGLE*
18 Broken dud embraced by the upper class? That's a non-starter for one rejecting technology (7) LUDDITE {eL{DUD*}ITE}
20 Scramble eggs; never cook red yams; preheat tavas... (top tips) (7) ENCRYPT Acrostic
21 A large handkerchief with a hole in the middle showing a fruit (6) BANANA BANdANA
23 Burst from colossal volcano (5) SALVO [T]
25 Built a puzzle that requires replacing the last letter with a bit of devilry (4) MADE MA(-z+d)DE

Reference List
Husband = H, Wife = W

Monday 30 December 2019

No 12819, Monday 30 Dec 2019, Avtaar

1   Swimming sea coral — not a fish (7) ESCOLAR {SEA+CORaL}*
5   Rock diva catches girls starting to elope (7) STAGGER {STA{GG}{El..e}R}
10 Goan articles, essentially about greeting (4) CIAO {gOAn}{artICles}<=
11 Fever, returning last month after leaving South Africa is controlled (10) INFLUENCED {INFLUENza}{DEC<=}
12 A priest — hes in trouble once again (6) AFRESH {A}{FR}{HES*}
13 French tree is trimmed and shaped for cutting board (8) TRENCHER {fRENCH+TREe}*
14 Cool fellow returning for love at Virginia is New York's pro (2,5,2) IN FAVOR OF {IN}{F} and {FOR}{O}{VA}<=
16 A pretty grave (5) ACUTE {A}{CUTE}
17 I seal ground passage (5) AISLE*
19 See leaders of Glasgow accepting royal invitation to host marriage function (9) LOGARITHM {LO}{Gl...w}{Ac...g}{Ro..l}{In...n}{To}{Host}{Ma...e}
23 Paying respects to newly anointed sultan, I start to genuflect (8) SALUTING {SULTAN+I}*{Ge...t}
24 Santa’s close to the rider (6) CLAUSE [DD] (Addendum - {CLAUS}{thE} - See comments)
26 Warehouse with gold stocks is recovered by Dollar Bank's customers (10) DEPOSITORS {DEPO{IS<=}T}{OR}{S}
27 Stone — cut all round, polished and luminescent, originally (4) OPAL {O}{Po...d}{And}{Lu...t} Why 'cut all'? (Addendum - {stOne}{Po...d}{And}{Lu...t} &lit - See comments)
28 Wives, on vacation, getting nervy about monsters (7) WYVERNS {WiveS} over {NERVY}*
29 Senile fogy Haroldson stripped at one party after another (3,4) OLD DODO {harOLDson}{DO}{DO}

2   Avtaar ditches son's snack filled with essence of wheat starch (7) STIFFEN {S}{TIFF(-i+e)EN}
3   Gas measurement unit (5) OZONE {OZ}{ONE}
4   “Hoot is a high sound from a hooter (7) ATISHOO*
6   Nomadic outsiders went around like this with sis (6) TOURED {OUTsiDERs}*
7   Half-cooked gnocchi decays in absence of hard bacteriae (9) GONOCOCCI {COOked+GNOCChI}*
8   Vote guys for Conservative party (7) ELEMENT {ELE(-c+men)MENT}
9   A dietician’s advise to an anorexic, possibly, is useless (1,3,3,2,4) A FAT LOT OF GOOD [DD]
15 Ninety nine out of hundred and two students end, say, in first class (3,3,3) ALL BUT ONE {LL}{BUT}(~butt) in {A ONE}
18 Ludicrously, Stokes is dismissed in a nonsensical manner (7) INANELY {IN}{A}NELY  Anno pending (Addendum - INsANELY - See comments)
20 Bill getting extremely casual about America’s charge (7) ACCUSAL {AC}{Cas{USA}uaL}
21 Married male employee having drive (7) HUSBAND {H{USB}AND}
22 Attendant’s touching underskirt (6) MINION {MINI}{ON}
25 Upcoming star gets over bypass (5) AVOID {DI{O}VA<=}

Reference List
Girl = G, Priest = FR, Fellow = F, Love = O, Gold = OR, Dollar = S, Party = DO, Son = S, Conservative = C, Student = L, Bill = AC, Over = O

Sunday 29 December 2019

Special, Sunday 29 Dec 2019, IXL-19 Onstage Final 1

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please submit all your answers in one comment.

1   Slogan, essentially Russian, about initiation of transparency (8)
5   Wants good husband, reliable and sound (6)
10 Rumours of gangster concealed in lodge going around (5)
11 Splashing rum, one scoundrel interrupts - it's over the line (9)
12 Image in phone card, easy to store (9)
13 Give cry of pain after result (5)
14 Love website taking new shape (6)
15 No energy? Eat sushi perhaps - it’s Japanese therapy (7)
18 French officer in flat, consuming ecstasy with endless excitement (7)
20 Precious safe contains a bit of treasure and money (6)
22 Runner smuggling ecstasy by ferry ultimately becomes rich (5)
24 Cricket stroke lacks a bit of control - work very hard (9)
25 Start to evaluate a boy crushed by defeat and come to a logical conclusion (6, 3)
26 Soldiers complain about device (5)
27 Risk accepting petition for case (6)
28 Uses no strong ointments (8)

1   Escape punishment say, backed by upper class person (3, 3)
2   Avoid hot greeting on line - can be distributed (9)
3   I don't want a rhinoplasty! Doesn’t bother me (2, 4, 3, 2, 4)
4   Vice supremo is going downhill (7)
6   Retired group abroad gets ransacked (6, 6, 3)
7   Worried about cold, daughter took measures (5)
8   One laid on the floor in hard fight right aboard boat (5, 3)
9   Forces brats to take English and Latin (6)
16 Student stops liking lecture (7-2)
17 One becoming First Lady, originally sultry barmaid perhaps (5, 3)
19 Lad consumes marijuana? That's right (4-2)
20 Be unfaithful to husband and wear away, overwhelmed by deception (5, 2)
21 Craves to be around fashionable persons (6)
23 Nursemaids start to act embarrassed about concealing a little accident (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IXL-19 FINAL 1


The Sunday Crossword No 3080, Sunday 29 Dec 2019

1   Account in which a trio of figures are detailed? (5,5,4) THREE BLIND MICE [CD]

Three blind mice. Three blind mice.
See how they run. See how they run.
They all ran after the farmer's wife,
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife,
Did you ever see such a sight in your life,
As three blind mice?

10 Not a byelaw broken by archbishop (5) WELBY  BYELaW*
11 To evoke old memory, emulate town crier (4,1,4) RING A BELL [DD]
12 Son taking protein didn't get up (5,2) SLEPT IN {S}{LEPTIN}
13 Unprofessional hairdresser half-smiles, makes uncertain movements (7) TODDLES {TODD}{smiLES}
14 Bird who wrote satire (5) SWIFT [DD]
16 Petitions with legal process stowed in large containers (9) SUITCASES {SUIT{CASE}S}
19 The Spanish are heartlessly appropriating legendary Kazakh: it’s complicated (9) ELABORATE {EL}{Ar{BORAT}E}
20 Part of flight in fastest Airbus (5) STAIR [T]
22 Place that attracts interest (7) DEPOSIT [DD]
25 Excluded slang for ‘paw’ in large lexicographic work (7) OMITTED {MITT} in {OED}
27 Almost always taking bass in lively song (6,3) GALWAY BAY {G{ALWAYs}{B}AY}

28 Singer with some frisky Lieder (5) KYLIE [T]
29 Nice bun that guy bolts as a guilty pleasure (7,3,4) NAUGHTY  BUT NICE*

2   Evil cheat desecrated font (9) HELVETICA*
3   Like youngster's first pint in place by the Med (5) EGYPT {EG}{Yo...r}{PT}
4   Direction and date announced to arrive at vast body of water (6,3) BERING SEA (~bearing see)
5   Dodgy info; Trump’s dropping behind otherwise (2,3) IF NOT {INFO*}{Tr..p}
6   Insensitive, possibly, Donald’s offering things that won’t work (4,5) DEAD DUCKS {DEAD}{DUCKS}
7   I will be given a large quantity: perfect (5) IDEAL {I}{DEAL}
8   Alarmingly silent son becomes soldier (7) ENLISTS {SILENT*}{S}
9   Oliver’s family dances (6) TWISTS [DD]
15 Chinese way of thinking is superior to every single European PM (9) TAOISEACH {TAO}{IS}{EACH}
17 Buy goofier backless pants please (1,3,2,3) I BEG OF YOU {BUY+GOOFIEr}*
18 Conceited fellow’s keen to get a Guinness (5,4) SMART ALEC {SMART}{ALEC}
19 ‘Turkey’s head,’ butcher groaned (7) ERDOGAN*
21 Well-mannered denizen muffling flush (6) REDDEN [T]
23 Laid up, poorly, missing date with a dish (5) PILAU {LAId+UP}*
24 Bat, seen as it sleeps, by cat (5) TABBY {BAT<=}{BY}
26 To be understood, with seconds to spare, finish drawing (3,2) INK IN sINKIN

Reference List
Son = S, Bass = B, Pint = PT, Date = D, Seconds = S

Saturday 28 December 2019

No 12818, Saturday 28 Dec 2019, Bruno

5   Corrupt — owning houses at residential part of city (6) UPTOWN (T)
7   Tries to join in the middle of unrestrained leaderless practice (8) REHEARSE {fRE{HEARS}E}
9   Complete stop by noted criminal (3-2-3) END-TO-END {END}{NOTED*}
10 Mistakes made by God starting to take long time to cover (6) ERRATA {ER{RA}{Take}A}
11 When Jesus returned from undersea stay, mysteriously (6,6) EASTER SUNDAY {UNDERSEA+STAY*}
13 California politician on American grounds (6) CAMPUS {CA}{MP}{US}
15 Trouble as Academy’s place in draw is taken by University (6) RUFFLE {R(-a+U)FFLE}
18 Home on Big-Surs outskirts owned by crook — Queen’s agent (6,6) HONEST BROKER {HO{NEST}{Big-suR}OK}{ER}
21 Wrong to get behind net & counter in this game? (6) TENNIS {SIN}{NET}<=
22 Sick man with enteric disease starts to be awkward (3-5) ILL-TIMED {ILL}{TIM}{Enteric}{Disease}
23 Same problem seen in misshapen part of house (8) BASEMENT {B{SAME*}ENT}
24 Draft from flowing inlets (6) ENLIST {INLETS*}

1   Tread of pedestrian was loud, household animals also rose up (8) FOOTSTEP {F}{PETS+TOO<=}
2   Get close to listener please... (6) ENDEAR {END}{EAR}
3   Device with silver-tip’s hot, gets more glowing (8) SHREDDER {Silver}{H}{REDDER}
4   Quite nonchalantly, setter slipped out to chase female (6) FAIRLY {F}{AIRiLY}
6   Police cruiser with air conditioner’s normal to be seen around (5,3) PANDA CAR {P{AND}{AC}AR}
7   Spoke of Dariusorganisation (6) RADIUS {DARIUS*}
8   Loud landmark spot (4) SITE {~SIGHT}
12 Unaware what I would do with a 5x5 grid? (8) CLUELESS {CLUE}{LESS}
14 Minarets in Islamabad rising aroundleaning to the left (8) SINISTER (T<=)
16 Store displaying many a set of crafts (8) FLOTILLA {F{LOT}ILL}{A}
17 This is worn? Right! (1-5) T-SHIRT {THIS*}{RT} &lit
18 Long and hot cargo vessel with prow missing (6) HANKER {H}{tANKER}
19 Job of Gates perhaps, encourage technology leaders? (6) BILLET {BILL}{Encourages}{Technology}
20 An immature version // of North Indian boy? (4) BETA (DD)

Reference List

God=Ra, California=CA, Politician=MP, American=US, Academy=A, University=U, Queen=ER
Loud=F, Hot=H, Setter=I, Female=F, Right=Rt

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 27 December 2019

No 12827, Friday 27 Dec 2019, Hypatia


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

9   No actor got this kind of movie (8,7) ANIMATED CARTOON {NO+ACTOR}* [RA]
10 Actively lead revolutionary struggle before harsh treatment (3,4) RAW DEAL {LEAD}*<=>}{WAR<=}
11 By and large, UK, for one, is outside EU, at last (7) USUALLY {US ALLY} over {eU}
12 Spooner’s sped past packs of Arctic animals (4,5) BLUE FOXES (~flew boxes)
14 Gruff Arctic dog (5) HUSKY [DD]
17 Mark Twain’s plot changed show (7) SPLOTCH [T]
19 Exactly near main tourist location (4,3) DEAD SEA {DEAD}{SEA}
21 Supply, it can crawl without support (5) CATER CATERpillar
23 Place for visitors to check out? (9) RECEPTION [CD]
25 Curtail banter to ban fool? (7) HALFWIT {HALF}{WIT}
27 Walking outfit (7) LEGGING [DD]
30 Take out drawing tip near Joan Miro, perhaps (8,7)  ABSTRACT PAINTER {ABSTRACT){TIP+NEAR}*

1   Just softly pushed out loud couple (4) PAIR (-f+p)PAIR
2   Fight with woman's outlook (4) VIEW {VIE}{W}
3   What one on trial should do — lose one’s temper? (4,1,3) HAVE A FIT [DD]
4   Feel sick, going through doctor’s prescription? It’s a natural reaction! (6) REFLEX {R{FEEL*}X}
5   Wretched queen blamed nurses (8) ACCURSED {ACCU{R}SED}
6   Bear hugging river duck (6) CROUCH {C{R}OUCH}
7   Shout in Hindi, started by parliamentarian (4) HOWL {Hi..i}{OWL}
8   Resent messenger delivering nothing (4) ENVY ENV0Y
12 Is AB...C possibly this? (5) BASIC* &lit
13 Dull if not drunk (5) UNLIT [C&DD]
15 Charge that woman picked up for Japanese food (5) SUSHI (~sue she)
16 Long story about earth (5) YEARN {Y{E}ARN}
18 Plebiscite re-held suppressing rising dissidents (8) HERETICS [T<=]
20 Encourage boring 1 playing ordinary broken chord (8) ARPEGGIO {ARP{EGG}I*}{O}
22 Say artist picked up prize (6) REWARD<=
24 Chaplin didn’t finish playing dictator (6) CALIPH CHAPLIn*
25 Wife left cereal in microwave (4) HEAT wHEAT
26 Look before stone is misplaced (4) LOST {LO}{ST}
28 Hypatia? Not otherwise keen! (4) INTO {I}{NOT}*
29 Crow over clothing (4) GARB<=

Reference List
Softly = P, Loud = F, Woman = W, Queen = R, River = R, Earth = E,  Ordinary = O, Wife = W

Thursday 26 December 2019

No 12826, Thursday 26 Dec 2019, Hypatia

8   Bond’s interest in money? (6) COUPON [DD]
9   Discounted off or as on-going stock (3,1,4) FOR A SONG [T]
10 Save second professor at Hogwarts? Not quite! (8) SQUIRREL {S}{QUIRRELl}
11 Drop inhaler in between work-out (6) PLUNGE {P{LUNG}E}
12 She’s spoken for, we hear, in error (8) MISTAKEN (~ miss taken)
13 Know how text messages contained trickery (6) SMARTS {SM{ART}S}
14 Ram’s short? (7) COMPACT [DD]
17 Charged member involved in crooked deal (7) ALLEGED {AL{LEG}ED*}
20 Stopped broadcasting after a devouring love liaison (6) AFFAIR {A}{oFF AIR}
22 It’s hard to miss terribly tedious person, per Spooner (4,4) BARN DOOR (~ darn bore)
25 Several services for one burning in North America (6) NOVENA {N{OVEN}A}
26 Conversely, America and France took time about female right to vote (8) SUFFRAGE {US<=}{FR}{AGE} over {F}
27 Step 1: Due training for delegate (8) DEPUTISE {STEP+I+DUE}*
28 Reason parasite’s found in report (6) SANITY {SA{NIT}Y}

1   Without closure, many forfeit love — it stings (8) MOSQUITO {MOSt}{QUIT}{0}
2   Copies cycling race (6) SPRINT [DD] or (+S)PRINT(-s) Not sure of Anno See comments
3   Either of two articles on top of kid’s jacket (6) ANORAK {AN}{OR}{A}{Kid}
4   Nile’s not connected? (3-4) OFF-LINE NILE* [RA]
5   Project advertisement by a student about healthy cooking method (8) PROPOSAL ? PROPOS{A}{L} Anno pending (Addendum - {PR}{OPOS}{A}{L} - See comments)
6   So, came up with naughty clue about a time to kiss (8) OSCULATE {SO<=}{CUL{A}{T}E*}
 Kept near India Gate, helmet’s tribute taken from the top soldier (6) KNIGHT Acrostic
15 Gradually trim down shape (8) PHASEOUT {SHAPE}* [RA]
16 Outstanding lady in Greek architecture? (8) CARYATID [CD] Thanks to Google. Some wordplay rather than a CD would help to get such words.
18 Stretch the tag no length secured when pulled up (8) ELONGATE [T<=]
19 As he had assumed, graduate was shy (7) ABASHED {AS}{HE'D} over {BA}
21 Animal raised at emergency ward perhaps, rose (6) FLOWER {WOLF<=}{ER}
23 Once again, smelt garbage (6) REFUSE {RE-FUSE}
24 Favourite student lacking courage (6) DARING DARlING

Reference List
Second = S, Work-out = PE, Love = 0, France = FR, Female = F, Student = L, Time = T

Wednesday 25 December 2019

No 12825, Wednesday 25 Dec 2019, Spinner


1   Empty cafe with authentic breakfast food (6) CEREAL {CafE}{REAL}
4   Perhaps, expert comes before kid, with rookie somewhere in the middle (8) PROBABLY {PRO}{BAB{L}Y}
10 Issue shady bluish money, at the start (7) PUBLISH {P}{BLUISH*}
11 Officer's gut feel oddly ignored (7) COLONEL {COLON}{fEeL}
12 A purist's probably at a higher level (8) UPSTAIRS*
13 Wipe crumpled suits with a little ethanol (6) TISSUE {SUITS*}{Et...l}
15 Every retiring man gets a cent (4) EACH {H{A}{C}E<=}
17 Metal superhero becomes scrap dealer? (9) SCAVENGER {SC}{AVENGER}
20 'People of action' — describes setter's bosses! (9) DOMINEERS {DO{MINE}ERS}
21 Employed American editor (4) USED {US}{ED}
24 Beginning from zero, set up home (6) ORIGIN {0}{RIG}{IN}
25 Goodbye, we're unfortunately in the midst of decline! (8) FAREWELL {FA{WERE*}LL}
28 I used to set beyond boundaries! (7) OUTSIDE*
29 Run one into the ground with ludicrous house tax, showing no love (7) EXHAUST {HoUSE+TAX}*
30 A little amount of publicity inherent in questionable links with extremists, basically (8) SPRINKLE {S{PR}INKL*}{Ex...s}
31 Senior people saluted in mutiny, forcing out egregious leader (6) ADULTS SALUTeD*

Caught and healed on getting relevant injection (8) CAPTURED {C{APT}URED}
2   On inhaling drug, steals garments (5) ROBES {ROB{E}S}
3   Plane returned for pet (6) ANIMAL<=
5   Staple food item's cost having no upper cap! (4) RICE pRICE
6   Aggressive investor is taking on bars of gold (8) BULLIONS {BULL}{I{ON}S}
7   Railings of stairs bent out of place with the passage of time (9) BANISTERS {STAIRS+BENt}*
8   Shouted when worn out, let out a cry of pain (6) YELLED YELLowED
9   Sign laws protecting a community upfront (9) CHARACTER {CHAR{A}{Co...y}TER}
14 Under too much pressure as dead criminal retreats to hideout! (9) OVERLADEN {OVER}{AL<=}{DEN}
16 One recruited by extraordinary orchestra wanting a singer (9) CHORISTER {1} in {ORCHESTRa}*
18 Ultimately protested one's idea of alienation (8) DIVISION {p...eD}{1}{VISION}
19 Admires person of age taking a test endlessly (8) ADULATES {ADUL{A}T}{tESt}
22 Secures boats having model turbines (6) MOTORS {MO{T}ORS}
23 Formula found by head of department (6) METHOD {MET}{HOD}
26 Make qualification inherently uniform! (5) EQUAL [T]
27 Genuine currency (4) REAL [DD]

Reference List
Rookie = L, Money = P, Cent = C, Love = 0, Drug = E, Time = T, Criminal = AL, Model = T

Tuesday 24 December 2019

No 12814, Tuesday 24 Dec 2019, Dr. X

 Takes the blame and moves to prison (7,3,3) CARRIES THE RAP [DD?] Second part of definition not clear (Addendum - CARRIES THE CAN {CARRIES}{THE CAN} - See comments)
8   What botanists study in seminars about origin of life? (5) FLORA {F{Life}ORA}
9   Begs Congress to reorganize after absorbing results at Centre (9) SCROUNGES {CONGRESS}* over {resUlts}
11 She drives with purpose, pursuing essentially drunk fellow in anger (10) CHAUFFEUSE {USE} after {CHA{drUnk}{F}FE}
12 One pursuing drug dealers sprinted around club (4) NARC {RAN<=}{C}
14 Craving alcoholic spirit for a period of five years (7) LUSTRUM {LUST}{RUM}
16 Criminal in detention after killing wife with oriental poison (7) ACONITE {wA{CON}IT}{E}
17 Fool about to tackle girl beginning to exercise in that place (7) THEREIN {NIT<=} over {HER}{Ex...e}
19 Smoke a cigarette and become happy (5,2) LIGHT UP [DD]
21 Drags husband away from ruffians (4) TUGS ThUGS
22 A commotion by good maiden grabbed by bare film star (7,3) LEADING MAN {LE{A}{DIN}{G}{M}AN}
25 Ross happily enters to consume sponge cake (5,4) SWISS ROLL {SWI{ROSS*}LL}
26 Set fire to rubbish around church (5) TORCH {ROT<=}{CH}
27 Joke that’s expressed casually — not what a fisherman might do? (9,4) THROWAWAY LINE [DD]

2   Open declarations of war primarily embodied by firing a salvo (7) AVOWALS {War} in {A+SALVO}*
3   Feared criminal controlling syndicate testified again (10) REAFFIRMED {REAF{FIRM}ED*}
4   Scoring runs, secure result (5) ENSUE ENSUrE
5   Escapes from trouble after revolution on street (5,4) TURNS TAIL {AIL} after {TURN}{ST}
6   Item useful to trap birds (4) EMUS [T]
7   Neighbour’s good husband held by a fiend with knife at Centre (7) AFGHANI {A}{F{G}{H}AN}{knIfe}
8   Assists one drunk American model encircled by mugs (11) FACILITATES {FAC{1}{LIT}{A}{T}ES}
10 Cock-up! Hes run out scoring zero — an unexpected blow (6,5) SUCKER PUNCH {CoCK+UP+HES+RUN}*
13 Incorrigible cheat, cheerful after ensnaring model (10) CONGENITAL {CON}{GENI{T}AL}
15 Drunkard stabbing men in a sozzled state in America (9) MINNESOTA {SOT} in {MEN+IN+A}*
18 Hot single naughtily shows tongue (7) ENGLISH {H+SINGLE}*
20 South American monkey in a train angrily bites man (7) TAMARIN {A+TRAIN}* over {M}
23 Greek character beginning to dance, knocking back drink around bar (5) DELTA {Da..e}{A{T}LE<=}
24 Old wife leaves uninteresting city in Europe (4) OSLO {O}{SLOw}

Refereence List
Fellow = F, Club = C, Wife = W, Oriental = E, Husband = H, Good = G, Maiden = M, Church = CH, Runs = R, Street = ST, American = A, Model = T, Hot = H, Man = M, Bar = T

Monday 23 December 2019

No 12813, Monday 23 Dec 2019, Dr. X

1   Rush around ineffectually or sit alone sadly after husband enters dispute (5,4,4) CHASE ONES TAIL {C{H}ASE}{SIT+ALONE}*
8   Where one might apply chalk at the correct moment (2,3) ON CUE [DD]
9   Draw attention to minor stealing purse (9) SPOTLIGHT {S{POT}LIGHT}
11 Female, drunk after consuming a bit of rum, jumping into a dalliance (10) FLIRTATION {F}{LI{Rum}T}{INTO+A}*
12 Reviewing broadcast about England’s troubles (4) WOES {S{E}OW<=}
14 Gibberish by wife after knocking back spirit in confusion (7) HOGWASH {H{GO<=}{W}ASH}
16 Fierce tennis played by end of game (7) INTENSE {TENNIS*}{gamE}
17 A form of dancing where boor shakes with spasm (7) ROBOTIC {BOOR*}{TIC}
19 Confine unmarried chaps caught with miss (7) ENCLOSE {mEN}{C}{LOSE}
21 Sahib isn’t trapping bird (4) IBIS [T]
22 New rent is about to upset bachelor causing moments of great anxiety (4,6) NAIL BITERS {RENT+IS}* over {AIL}{B}
25 High on drugs, hotshot director interrupts shoot (6,3) SPACED OUT {SP{ACE}{D}OUT}
26 Males don’t have it? Nothing to disagree (5) OVARY {O}{VARY}
27 Understand what paparazzi want to do? (3,3,7) SEE THE PICTURE [DD] (Addendum - GET THE PICTURE - See comments)

2   Pawning a bit of stuff away? Disgraceful (7) HOCKING sHOCKING
3   Wife in house huffs and puffs in exercise outfit (10) SWEATPANTS {S{W}EAT}{PANTS}
4   Attack by Dhoni in the middle, close to marvellous in Final (5) ONSET {dhOni}{N{m...uS}ET}
5   Save director left in ruin over fraud by leading official (9) ECONOMISE {dE{CON}{Of...l}MISE}
6   Time for wife to leave work (4) TILL (-w+t)TILL
7   Native beginning to grumble and fight in bar (7) INGROWN {IN{Gr...e}{ROW}N}
8   Deranged, abandoned man bitten by dogs (3,3,5) OFF THE RAILS {OFF}{T{HE}RAILS}
10 Rumours about man avoiding arrest with cunning cheaply (11) TASTELESSLY {TA{STEm}LES}{SLY}
13 Tough having stroke — beginning to intrepidly carry on (5,2,3) STICK IT OUT{S{TICK}{In...y}TOUT}
15 Horse with a supplementary bridle (9) HACKAMORE {HACK}{A}{MORE}
18 Unit ordered to carry equipment (7) BRIGADE {B{RIG}ADE}
20 Outside broadcasting involves training (4,3) OPEN AIR {PE} in {ON AIR}
23 Stick held by criminal at highway (5) LATHI [T]
24 Religious cult caught in lodge (4) SECT {SE{C}T}

Reference List
Husband = H, Female = F, England = E, Wife = W, Married = M, Caught = C, Bachelor = B, Director = D, Time = T, Man = M, Training = PE

Sunday 22 December 2019

The Sunday Crossword No 3079, Sunday 22 Dec 2019

Found this tough with some obscure words.

1   Elected absurdity that only amuses some (2-4) IN-JOKE {IN}JOKE Anno for JOKE pending (Addendum - {IN}{JOKE} - See comments)
4   As to this charge: are you sure? (2,4,2) IS THAT SO*
9   Ditching North, retire to Piedmont location (5) TURIN {TURn IN}
10 Unconventional bunch of cheques for the auditor? (9) BOHEMIANS (from ~ czechs)
11 First two notes in wrong order? Try again (4) REDO {DO}<=>{RE}
12 Invested in 'About a Boy' (4) CLAD {C}{LAD}
13 Scottish speciality – flipping internal organ! – not liked at first (5) NEEPS SPlEEN<=
15 Determined chaps united to get food at agreed price (3,4) SET MENU {SET}{MEN}{U}
16 We're told massage is a necessity (4) NEED (~knead)
19 Ladies given latitude to opine online (4) BLOG {B{L}OG}
20 Little baby going around city causing rampage (3,4) RUN RIOT {RUN{RIO}T}
23 Country dancing yankee shaking behind (5) KENYA YANKEe*
24 Rascal, no-good rascal (4) ROUE ROgUE
25 Removing silver plating, asking to reveal surface (4) SKIN aSKINg
27 Expert put on weight for TV show (9) PROGRAMME {PRO}{GRAMME}
28 A Spanish greeting: in return, a Hawaiian greeting (5) ALOHA {A}{HOLA}<=
29 A fight? What might end a fight? (4-4) DING-DONG [DD]
30 Perhaps quark's revolutionary energy covering casing of electrons (6) CHEESE {CHE}{El...nS}{E}

1   Bury the hatchet finally, suppressing second concern (8) INTEREST {INTER}{thE}{S}{h...eT}
2   Civic responsibility that might involve a lot of time? (4,4) JURY DUTY [CD]
3   Philosopher's hypocrisy is called out (4) KANT (~cant)
5   Send a rude chef out with malicious glee (13) SCHADENFREUDESolved using anagram finder
6   'Perhaps you smell sort of benign,' Australian admitted (5,5) HUMAN BEING {HUM}{A}{BENIGN*}
7   River Tees engulfing northern home (6) THAMES {HAME} in {T'S}
8   To dominate, bosses about (6) OBSESS*
10 Story with endless bile, filth's from Italian capital (13) BILDUNGSROMAN {BILe}{DUNGS}{ROMAN} Cheated on this one
14 Substantial raving cleared club (4,6) REAL MADRID {REAL MAD}{RID}
17 Learner quits close-knit organisation with excuse for opting out (4,4) SICK NOTE {ClOSE+KNIT}*
18 Wise to suppress mood when primitive men seen (5,3) STONE AGE {S{TONE}AGE}
21 Broadcaster with power: leading journalist made a high-tech connection (6) SKYPED {SKY}{P}{ED}
22 Joke's non-starter (cry of dismay heard) needing to be cut (6) UNMOWN {pUN}{MOWN}(~moan)
26 He wrote Lutheran Masses in Welsh, my friend (4) BACH [DD?Anno pending See comments

Reference List
North = N, About = C, United = U, Latitude = L, Good = G, Revolutionary = CHE, Energy = E, Second = S, Australian = A, Learner = L, Power = P

Saturday 21 December 2019

No 12812, Saturday 21 Dec 2019, Dr. X

1   One understanding about modern art very quickly (2,1,5) IN A TRICE {I}{N{ART*} ICE}
5   Low-budget inferior film beginning to bore one in travel (1,5) B MOVIE {Bore}{MOV{I}E}
10 Gaining power, allocate new file (7) SHARPEN {SHAR{P}E}{N}
11 Italian film director collapsed on island (7) FELLINI {FELL IN}{I}

12 Comical figure embracing queen (5) DROLL {D{R}OLL}
13 Right information in notes about units of ionising radiation (9) ROENTGENS {R}{NOTES*} around {GEN}
14 Woman desiring hot love affair wants a man — it’s midnight (8,4) WITCHING HOUR {W}{ITCHING}{H}{amOUR}
18 Hippies beginning to face menace quietly elope abroad (6,6) FLOWER PEOPLE {Face}{LOWER}{P}{ELOPE*}
21 Forgive and forget or start to eventually cheat around in anger (9) RECONCILE {R{Eventually}{CON}{C}ILE}
23 Which orb holds the blood of the Gods? (5) ICHOR (T)
24 Kind to shelter one pagan (7) GENTILE {GENT{I}LE}
25 Slips away when date’s about to consume drinks (7) ELAPSES {E{LAPS}ES<=}
26 Watch determined person giving up cigarettes at last (6) TICKER {sTICKER}
27 Ditch partner after starting to brawl in a vicious manner (8) BRUTALLY {Brawl}{RUT}{ALLY}

1   Abandoning female, fiend is breaking heart (6) INSIDE {fIEND+IS*}
2   Strong aggressive woman in a menagerie abruptly cuts staff (6) AMAZON {A}{MA{ZOo}N}
3   Pure evil spreading around society is sickening (9) REPULSIVE {PURE+EVIL*} around {S}
4   They are meant to forestall issues? (14) CONTRACEPTIVES (CD)
6   Pull up agent clumsily collecting fine (5) MULCT (T<=)
7   One making speech is evil, suppressing primarily obnoxious case (5,3) VOICE BOX {V{Obnoxious}ICE}{BOX}
8   Disregarding wife, sap embraces damsel in liaison (8) EMISSARY {wE{MISS}ARY}
9   A stinging rebuff  // is a reason to meet ENT specialist? (1,4,2,4,3) A FLEA IN ONE'S EAR (DD)
15 Ex-convict going round drunk steals vehicle to gad about (9) GALLIVANT {LAG<=}{LI{VAN}T}
16 Couple of females in a real panic (8) AFFRIGHT {A}{FF}{RIGHT}

17 Very old container in spot, most likely to explode violently (8) VOLCANIC {V}{O}{L{CAN}IC} Spot=Lic? {V}{O}{L{CAN}ICk} See comments
19 Carpenter’s tool in workbench is elegant (6) CHISEL (T)
20 Dicey to go after fellow in high spirits (6) FRISKY {F}{RISKY}
22 Talk with snitch to trap leader of insurgents (5) NOISE {NO{Insurgents}SE}

Reference List

One=I, Power=P, New=N, Island=I, Queen=R, Right=R, Woman=W, Hot=H, Man=M, Quietly=P, Around=C (Circa)
Female=F, Society=S, Wife=W, Fellow=F

Colour/Font Scheme
DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 20 December 2019

No 12811, Friday 20 Dec 2019, Dr. X

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Please note, solutions without attempting the annotations will be deleted.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   What spiritualists at séances might do to bring about a complete reversal? (4,3,6) TURN THE TABLES [DD]
8   Show-off might abandon wife for leading socialite (5) POSER PO(-w+s)SER
9   Meddling salesperson about to interrupt training (9) TAMPERING {TAM{REP<=}ING}
11 Avant-garde artist decided to feature nude works on a catalogue (10) SURREALIST {SU{woRks}RE}{A}{LIST}
12 Animation when ball reverses, trapping Kohli at last (4) BRIO {O{k..lI}RB<=}
14 Renowned poet shot around foreign isle (1,1,5) T S ELIOT {TOT} over {ISLE}*
16 Shrinking Asian lake further shortened in size (4,3) ARAL SEA {AR{ALSo}EA}
17 State ultimately backing plan to bar most wine shops (7) EMPORIA {s..tE}{M{PORt}IA<=}
19 President is wearing different fur-lined cloak (7) PELISSE {P}{EL{IS}SE}
21 Free content found online (4) UNDO [T]
22 Remember marine struggling in difficulty (4,2,4) BEAR IN MIND {B{MARINE*}IND}
25 Wise guy in hill achieves insight and nirvana at last (4-2-3) KNOW-IT-ALL {KNO{WIT}{n...nA}LL}
26 Broadcasting suave socialite girl leaving (2-3) ON-AIR debONAIR
27 Fanatics start to take part in rally (13) DEMONSTRATION {DEMONS}{Take}{RATION}

2   American wielding power to force escalation (7) UPSURGE {U{P}S}{URGE}
3   Conductor say, spilling fine beer outside van (5,5) NERVE FIBRE {FINE+BEER}* over {RV}
4   Serving up some ale to holidaymakers here? (5) HOTEL [T<=] Semi&lit
5   Maiden in tape with character — it’s seen on digital images (9) TIMESTAMP {TI{M}E}{STAMP}
6   Bit of free booze lifts spirit (4) BEER [T<=]
7   Ones fleeing from horrific regimes? (7) EMIGRES* &lit
8   Idiot involved in spraying ketchup, beginning to brashly evade responsibility (4,3,4) PASS THE BUCK {ASS} in {KETCHUP+Br...y}*
10 Fool facing ruin and end of marriage enters seedy bar to drink a lot of alcohol (2,2,1,6) GO ON A BENDER {GOON}{AB{END}{m...gE}R*}
13 Rescuing from a tight spot when indisposed during fight (7,3) BAILING OUT {B{AILING}OUT}
15 Dealers incorporating detailed strategy for tariff-related economic conflicts (5,4) TRADE WARS {TRADE{WAy}RS}
18 Pack beginning to rob solitary Italian innkeeper (7) PADRONE {PAD}{Rob}{ONE}
20 Fuss after suits sent back Greek dish (7) STIFADO {ADO}<=>{FITS<=}
23 Figure lurking around grabbed head of state (5) RULER [T<=]
24 Manipulate retrogressive, old system of transferring money (4) GIRO {RIG<=}{O}

Reference List
Wife = W, Shot = TOT, President = P, Power = P, Van = RV, Maiden = M, Old = O