Wednesday 31 October 2018

No 12460, Wednesday 31 Oct 2018, Skuldugger

Skuldugger favouring women today!

9   Broadcast mama's nice speech. Way to go! (6,9) ESCAPE MECHANISM*
10 Creatures filled with hopeless ennui, baloney (7) BUNNIES {ENNUI}* in {BS}
12 It provides immunity for accountant sneaking into plant (7) VACCINE {V{ACC}INE} 
13 Animal droppings, discharge in boxes (9) IGUANODON {I{GUANO}{DO}N}
14 Middle Easterner overwhelmed by megalomania (5) OMANI [T]
15 Wait up in order to avoid finishing off hash brownies (7) EDIBLES {BIDE<=}{LESt}
18 Resilient English shoe built on this island by sea (7) ELASTIC {E}{LAST}{I}{C} Homophone indicator missing
21 Animal subsequently switched sides (5) RATEL (-l+r)RATE(-r+l)L
23 Issue in away season (9) OFFSPRING {OFF}{SPRING}
25 More places for posh principals around number one academy (7) UTOPIAS {U}{TOP{1}{A}S}
26 Magnificent venture to cloak ordinary sexism perhaps (7) BIGOTRY {BIG}{O}{TRY}
29 It ends up at gallows after Lambert stabbed liar for gossip (15) FLIBBERTIGIBBET {F{L}IBBER}{IT<=}{GIBBET}

1   Plant for motherboard components (4) HERB [T]
2   Someone admired for independent study (4) ICON {I}{CON}
3   Non-essential sound work for artist (8) OPTIONAL {OP}TIONAL Anno pending (Addendum - (-ra+op)OPTIONAL - See comments)
4   Fascinated by medusa at sea (6) AMUSED*
5   Legal body to inflict punishment for hunt (8) SCAVENGE {SC}{AVENGE}
6   Short, clumsy, old cowboy (6) GAUCHO {GAUCHe}{O}
7   Drunk police officer hits worker, she files suit (8) LITIGANT {LIT}{IG}{ANT} What's the role of 'hits'?
8   Forgetful woman dressed as iceman (8) AMNESIAC*
11 Recommended outrigger evenly placed on windward side (5) URGED {oUtRiGgEr}{w...rD}
15 Trimmed facial hair messes up cold-weather headwear (8) EARMUFFS {bEARd}{MUFFS}
16 Allow entry to popular stars regularly, ordinary man rejected (8) INTROMIT {IN}{sTaRs}{O}{TIM<=}
17 They help keep you on the wagon! (8) SPONSORS [DD?] Second definition not clear [CD] See comments
19 Broken chord in chaotic opera gig (8) ARPEGGIO*
20 Criminal renouncing wickedness finally might fid such peace (5) INNER sINNER
22 Crafty bachelor daily set aside money for the future (4,2) LAID BY {B+DAILY}*
24 Material from marvellous device's core (6) FABRIC {FAB}{tRICk}
27 Join up as band member (4) TUBA <=
28 Nepali legend has the old Italian upset (4) YETI {YE}{IT<=}


Tuesday 30 October 2018

No 12459, Tuesday 30 Oct 2018, xChequer

 Poultry keeping tip: ducks quack (6) PHONEY  Anno pending (Addendum - {Po...y}{HONEY} - See comments)
8   Group all identical features washed out (6) PALLID [T]
10 Malignant matter over a tumour (8) TERATOMA {MATTER+O}*{A}
11 Group forbidden to start (3,3) SET OUT {SET} {OUT}
12 Pinch-hit (5) SWIPE [DD]
14 Dedicated, least remote leader at the centre (7) EARNEST (-n)EAR(+n)NEST
15 Draw the logical conclusions from the Reverend's account when caught inside skirts (4,2,3,6) FILL IN THE BLANKS {(-b+f)FILL} {IN THE} {(-f+b)BLANKS} Not sure of Anno
18 Fit to be tied down with debts (7) FURIOUS {FUR}{IOUS}
19 Mug, German one by the way (5) STEIN {ST}{EIN}
20 No more energy, out cold for a period of time (6) DECADE {DE{C}AD}{E}
21 Remote possibility of escape, fellow died taking flight (8) OUTLYING {OUT}{fLYING}
23 Dunce (not observing PC) caught on, ready to follow (6) C?E?I? (Addendum - CRETIN {C}{RE}{TIN} - See comments)
24 While backtracking network name hacked historical records (6) ANNALS {AS} over {LAN}{N}<=

1   Kiss a person half-drunk, that's social in high places? (5-3)  APRES-SKI {KISS+A+PERson}*
2   A stiff northerly wind (4) BORA {A}{ROB}<= &lit
3   Engineer's approach in suit (6) BECOME {BE}{COME}
4   Originally born as flier, becoming one floating in a cage (5,3) FALSE RIB {Born+A+FLIER}*
5   Still wearing metal leash (3,3,4) ALL THE SAME*
6   Simply following upcoming lawyer's tune (6) ADJUST {DA<=}{JUST}
9 Mashed oaf wandering round a hotel gets butchered (4,1,4,2) MADE A HASH OF {MASHED+OAF}* over {A}{H}
13 Oppressed setter will take care of editor (3-7) ILL-TREATED {I'LL}{TREAT}{ED}
16 New erection planned (8) NEOTERIC*
17 Style, a point for consideration (8) KINDNESS {KIND}{NESS}
18 Al coming out in the open air for this kind of picture (6) FRESCO alFRESCO
19 Gratifying to be smart, possessing answer (6) SATING {S{A}TING}
22 Longest period of time on a date? (4) YEAR [CD]


Bhargav's Talepiece

The "me too" movement has in a way MADE A HASH of the life of many a person.

At times a vague statement, that a particular person, a DECADE back had sought ADJUSTMENT. The ILL TREATED persons are FURIOUS and rightly so.

Quite a few have boldly exposed PHONEY characters.

Wish everyone has an EARNEST desire to treat persons of the opposite (or same) sex with KINDNESS and compassion.

ALL THE SAME things will remain very much the same.

Some say : Boys will remain boys!!

And what is your response to that?



Monday 29 October 2018

No 12458, Monday 30 Oct 2018, xChequer

7   Bug indicator (6) NEEDLE [DD]
8   Men heard to make fun of say, lady's tresses (6) ORCHID {OR}{CHID}(~kid)
10 Title conveyed by rent control act? On the contrary (3,2,3)  LET IT RIP {TITLE}*{RIP}
11 Excess went unchecked, cause of intestinal disorder (6) GLUTEN {GLUT}{wENt}
12 Delicacy, one cut very small moreover (5) VIAND {Very}{1}{AND}
14 Embarrassed when adult education films shot (7) ABASHED {A}{BASH}{ED}
15 Sailing close to the wind, pity while faring poorly (7,4,4) PLAYING WITH FIRE*
18 Pathetic old fuel tanks (7) DOLEFUL*
19 Inferior to the Spanish in yield (5) BELOW {B{EL}OW}
20 Animal in park covered with tarry mix, losing skin (6) WAPITI {WA{P}IT}{mIx}
21 The profound depths to which one can sink? (5,3) OCEAN BED [CD]
23 I get so uppity! (6) EGOIST* &lit
24 Centre of learning for Marine group (6) SCHOOL [DD]

1   Adventurous travel in space (8) INTERVAL*
2   Smoke pipe closing lid (4) KEPI [T]
3   Red-faced when American state renounces America (6) FLORID FLORIDa
4   Trumpeter's habit running contrary to good technique (8) BRAGGART {GARB<=}{G}{ART}
5   Difficult to keep husband stuffed, little caring (10) THOUGHTFUL {T{H}OUGH}T{FULlT from?
6   Notice old Penny's objective, in sum, one such figure (6) ADDEND {AD}{D}{END}
9   Spooner's feeble term of praise (5,4,2) SPEAK WELL OF {(-w+sp)SPEAK}{(-sp+w)WELL}{OF}
13 Song making royal din, revolting number (3,3,4) ANY OLD IRON {ROYAL+DIN}*{NO<=}

16 Fool protecting fellow first covering one's back, most handy (8) NIFTIEST {NI{F}T}{1{onE}ST}
17 Unpolished diamonds on sale, original products of the shaft? (3,5) RAW DEALS {RAW}{D}{SALE*}
18 Parrot caged by doctor died, must have hung (6) DRAPED {DR}{APE}{D}
19 High mountain chain left fractured in quake (6) BLENCH {B{L}EN}{CH}
22 A time when hands are joined, thumbs down either way (4) NOON {NO}{NO<=}


Sunday 28 October 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 3019, Sunday 28 Oct 2018

1   Justification given by one interrupting singer (5) BASIS {BAS{1}S}
4   Listless learner, I gather, suffering with cold (9) LETHARGIC {L}{I+GATHER}*{C}
9   Accidentally popular number, latest from vocalist in association with partner (15) UNINTENTIONALLY {UN{IN}{TEN}{v...sT}ION}{ALLY}
10 Revolutionary book that is full of verse arousing intense feeling (7) EMOTIVE {TOME<=}{I{V}E}
11 Face religious group, ignoring singular form of language (7) DIALECT {DIAL}{sECT}
12 Cross after anarchic act in capital leads to disappointment (10) ANTICLIMAX {ACT+IN}*{LIMA}{X}
14 Completion of filming western followed by strike (4) WRAP {W}{RAP}
17 Proper time for performance by two (4) DUET {DUE}{T}
18 Fly down by trunk keeping dry (10) BLUEBOTTLE {BLUE}{BO{TT}LE}
20 Difficulty with bishop in part contained by head of government (7) PROBLEM {P{RO{B}LE}M}
21 Get around parking strip (7) DEPRIVE {DE{P}RIVE}
22 Are young viewers prepared for film star? (9,6) SIGOURNEY WEAVER*
23 Without fixed limits, start over (4-5) OPEN-ENDED {OPEN}{ENDED}
24 Scrap with Romeo dividing cast (5) SHRED {SH{R}ED}

1   Composer, upper-class, turned up in person in street (9) BOULEVARD {RAVEL}{U}<= in {BOD}
2   Insolence in smooth and villainous tone, huge error in speech (4,2,3,6) SLIP OF THE TONGUE {S{LIP}OFT}{HUGE+TONE}*
3   Solid part in rehearsed manoeuvre (3,5) SET PIECE {SET}{PIECE}
4   Weapon, look, no good (5) LANCE gLANCE
5   Inferior article about one on road with informer (5-4) THIRD-RATE {TH{1}{RD}{RAT}E}
6   Awning usable at regular intervals yearly (6) ANNUAL {AwNiNg}{UsAbLe}
7   Dog, familiar in type, leapt finally with energy into stream (6,9) GOLDEN RETRIEVER {G{OLD}ENRE}{l...pT}{RI{E}VER}
8   Exclamation over platinum in vault (5) CRYPT {CRY}{PT}
13 Unlucky guys taken in by silly old lie (3-6) ILL-OMENED {MEN} in {OLD+LIE}*
15 Favoured arbiter made a mistake under pressure (9) PREFERRED {P}{REF}{ERRED}
16 Politician breaking hearts with start of spending squeeze (8) COMPRESS {CO{MP}RES}{Sp...g}
19 Reason to accept large part of contract (6) CLAUSE {C{L}AUSE}
20 Sauce essential to recipe stockpiled (5) PESTO [T]
21 Nymph not interesting flier? (5) DRYAD {DRY}{AD}


Saturday 27 October 2018

No 12457, Saturday 27 Oct 2018, Vulcan


1. A level unlocked in this movie (3,5,3) ALL ABOUT EVE (A LEVEL=ALL ABOUT EVE)
8. Retain some of the best etchings (4) STET (T)
9. Starting with cocktail of gin, it ain't with ice at the start (10) INITIATING {GIN+IT+AINT+Ice*}
10. Basically sad to live as an unfair person (6) SEXIST {Sad}{EXIST}
11. Country in very eastern edge of Africa (7) SOMALIA {SO}{MALI}{Africa} &lit
13. Place used to store gold, in China (9) PORCELAIN {PLACE*} around {OR}+{IN}
15. Reportedly hysterical poet (5) WILDE {~WILD}
16. Peacock's way/habit (5) STRUT {ST}{RUT} &lit
18. New date rule, right, he's not a criminal anymore (9) ADULTERER {DATE+RULE+R*}
22. State expected to not have a leader's backing (7) MENTION {MEaNT}{NO 1<=}
23. International organisation getting funds after putting pressure, outstanding (6) UNPAID {UN}{P}{AID}
26. Bob's in an old car with date! (4,6) ANNO DOMINI {AN}{NO D}{O}{MINI}
27. Move or to stand (4) STEP (DD)
28. Most honest state with right plans (11) STRAIGHTEST {STATE+RIGHT*} One s short?


1. Traced out old design style (3,4) ART DECO {TRACED*}{O}
2. Police staff (5) LATHI (CD)
3. City's not quite lively — band's upset (7)  BRISTOL {BRISk}{LOT<=}
4. Module university can back (4) UNIT {U}{TIN<=}
5. He indeed is one inventor (6) EDISON (T) &lit
6. Taximeter running for additional period (5,4) EXTRA TIME {TAXIMETER*}
7. Resented having to contest in the final stage (6) ENVIED {EN{VIE}D}
12. Society not accepting U/A film (5) GILDA {GuILD}{A}
14. Polite to keep decorum every second when inside trains (9) COURTEOUS {COURT{dEcOrUm}S}
17. Caffeine you had consumed at home (6) THEINE {THE{IN}E}
19. It's gross to have misused his authority — leader ousted to start with (7) LOUTISH {cLOUT}{HIS*}
20. Crying old man — one separated (7) EXIGENT {EX}{I}{GENT}
21. Shade of polish without second coating — mostly grey (6) COLOUR {COoL}{dOUR} Mostly can also mean removal of first letter? (Correction - {sC{OLd}OUR} - See comments)
24. Group of friends sit around, smoke primarily (5) POSSE {POS{Smoke}E}
25. Small film initially showed (4) MINI (T)

Reference List

Very=So, Gold=Or, Right=R, Leader=No 1, International Organisation=UN,  Pressure=P,  Old=O, Car=Mini
University=U, Old=Ex, One=I

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 26 October 2018

No 12456, Friday 26 Oct 2018, Anon

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only 

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM.

Liked the short and sweet clues.

1   Happiness of criminal at camp with valets at last (11) CONTENTMENT {CON}{TENT}{MEN}{aT}
9   Rum cocktail in labour agitation (7) TURMOIL {T{RUM*}OIL}
10 One who gives, needing no introduction, thin (6) LENDER sLENDER
11 Linger with odd peer’s beer (5) LAGER {LAG}{pEeR}
12 At last, punish short friend (7) FINALLY {FINe}{ALLY}
15 Aunt cooks fish (4) TUNA*
16 Editor to imitate lector (10) COPYREADER {COPY}{READER}
18 Interpreting illegible counter-sign without equipment initially (10) CONSTRUING {COUNTeRSIGN}*
20 Horse in dust storm (4) STUD*
23 Enamoured by first silk glove (7) SMITTEN {Silk}{MITTEN}
24 Police start to press for removal (5) PURGE {Po...e}{URGE}
26 Atrocious headgear for troublemaker (3,3) BAD HAT {BAD} {HAT}
27 Blackout maddened men in continent (7) AMNESIA {A{MEN*}SIA}
28 Lose right, protect like confused raja of Mexican city (11) GUADALAJARA {GUArD}{ALA}{RAJA*}

2   Smells sullen in offices’ limits (6) ODOURS {Off{DOUR}iceS}
3   Republican escaping online offender’s strike (4) TOLL TrOLL
4   Avoiding unfailingly to remove adult doctor (10) NULLIFYING {UNFaILINGLY}*
5   Ordered husband, old fashioned (8) MANDATED {MAN}{DATED}
6   Irritated miss, started looking extremely dejected (7) NEEDLED {NEED}{Lo...g}{Ex...y}{De...dShould have been 'starts' not 'started'
7   Tampered with cheat list of sport (9) ATHLETICS*
8   Mythical creature to last unnecessarily long (6) DRAGON {DRAG ON}
13 Massive cenotaph for a labour leader (10) MONUMENTAL {MONUMENT}{A}{La...r}
14 Wife overwhelmed, left practice on horse path (9) BRIDLEWAY {BRID{L}E}{WAY}
17 Mended odd sets, irritated (8) STITCHED {SeTs}{ITCHED}
19 New trauma induced by demon (7) NAMTARU {N}{TRAUMA*}
21 Force husband into custody (6) THRUST {T{H}RUST}
22 Musical drama nearly overwhelms English batsman (6) OPENER {OP{EN}ERa}
25 Starts humming aloud during journey to Mecca (4) HADJ Acrostic Journey on double duty


Thursday 25 October 2018

No 12455, Thursday 25 Oct 2018, Lightning

1   Very enthusiastic initially, captivated by significance of campaign (8) MOVEMENT {MO{V}{En...c}MENT}
5   Primates go around place for fruits (6) APPLES {AP{PL}ES}
9   To set free a rebelit could be disastrous (8) LIBERATE*
10 Small rings at first really attractive (6) PRETTY {P{Ri..s}ETTY}
12 Caught and bowled lacking fight, slowly walk (5) CRAWL {C}{bRAWL}
13 Leading ruler’s son curtailed institute with friend (9) PRINCIPAL {PRINCe}{I}{PAL}
14 Clear one politician breaking cover (6) LIMPID {L{1}{MP}ID}
16 Resistance parting ways with ones that help network (7) ROUTERS {ROUTE{R}S}
19 King replaced new standards for money managers (7) BANKERS BAN(-n+k)KERS
21 Partly forego new American state (6) OREGON [T]
23 Finding dance precise (9) DISCOVERY {DISCO}{VERY}
25 Search top of pink garment (5) PROBE {Pink}{ROBE}
26 Festival where sun rises by English river (6) EASTER {EAST}{E}{R}
27 Surprise greatly since century is hard (8) ASTONISH {AS}{TON}{IS}{H}
28 Businessman in Asian country with power supplanted (6) TAIPAN TAI(-w+p)PAN Semi&lit
29 Removing English, nosy spies rewrote short summary (8) SYNOPSIS {NOSY+SPIeS}*

1   Weapon outside left by one with spite (6) MALICE {MA{L}{1}CE}
2   Back and forth motion of an orbit, one very peculiar (9)  VIBRATION {AN+ORBIT+1+V}*
3   Painting miles of mountain range (5) MURAL {M}{URAL}
4   For a change, adopt new electronic book for writing (7) NOTEPAD {ADOPT+N+E}*
6   Normal height entering dangerous landing device (9) PARACHUTE {PAR}{AC{H}UTE}
7   Allow state to slowdown (3-2) LET-UP {LET}{UP}
8   Agent (girl) smuggling grand telescope (8) SPYGLASS {SPY}{G}{LASS}
11 Restrict royal grade (4) TIER {TIE}{R}
15 Occurrences of bird with warning sign interrupting secretary (9) PHENOMENA {P{HEN}{OMEN}A}
17 Master old, concise treatment of subject (9) ECONOMICS {M+O+CONCISE}*
18 Yielding to order, one buried in depression (8) OBEDIENT {OBE}{D{1}ENT}
20 Church right to get prophet (4) SEER {SEE}{R}
21 Not in top shape, students easily disheartened in journey (7) ODYSSEY {bODY}{St...tS}{Ea..lY}
22 Engages governor amidst confusion (6) MESHES {MES{HE}S}
24 Dish gets us high in part (5) SUSHI [T]
25 Publicity for doctor (5) PROMO {PRO}{MO}


Wednesday 24 October 2018

No 12454, Wednesday 24 Oct 2018, Incognito

Another African Safari from Incognito.

7   Central Intelligence Agency circular letter spells out what may be said on departure (4) CIAO {CIA}{O}
8   All five try to construct a geological feature (4,6) RIFT VALLEY*
10 Clement ex-PM, a model general (6) ATTLEE {A}{T}{T}{LEE} Second T from?
11 Trouble by conducting silly rite around Rita (8) IRRITATE {IR{RITA}TE*}
12 Volcanic island has half-monster king and a tailless amphibian (8) KRAKATOA {KRAken}{K}{A}{TOAd}
14 Trip leaders of American females wearing Indian dress (6) SAFARI {S{A}{F}ARI}
16 Upper class person takes in air in African capital (7) NAIROBI {N{AIR}OB}{I}
18 Teach by placing old coin between two Euros (7) EDUCATE {E}{DUCAT}{E}
21 Sprayers made by South Korea with United Nations, knight and son (6) SKUNKS {SK}{UN}{K}{S}
23 Spies return colouring material — stuff used by Indians (3,5) WAR PAINT {RAW<=} {PAINT}
25 Aristocratic person and a little churchman become haughty (8) SNOBBISH {SNOB}{BISHop}
27 Movie shown by Omaha tar industrialist (6) HATARI [T]
29 Fish carried by girl reveals bacteria (10) SALMONELLA {SALMON}{ELLA}
30 Dehusk sesame and grind — it remains unaltered (4) SAME sESAMe*

1   Queen’s winner is above an American (8) VICTORIA {VICTOR}{1}{A}
2   Unknown bird's cry (4) YOWL {Y}{OWL}
3   Old town male is pressing (6) URGENT {UR}{GENT}
 Person from the Dark Continent may reconstitute California after removal of oil cracking (7) AFRICAN CAliFoRNIA*
5   Finished before American editor employed beyond reason (8) OVERUSED {OVER}{US}{ED}
6   Spot British site (4) BLOT {B}{LOT}
 Go inteen's confused before king! (5) ENTER {TEEN}*{R}
13 Townsfolk are not holding author of Out of Africa (5) KAREN [T]
15 Initially, foreign agents' (spies) dash (5) FACIA {Fo...n}{Ag...s}{CIA}
17 Snob goes back carrying wine to strongholds (8) BASTIONS {B{ASTI}ONS<=}
19 Puzzle pieces are brown and have little weights, I hear (8) TANGRAMS {TAN}{GRAMS}
20 Wish Ali changes language (7) SWAHILI*
22 Yank travelling around East African country (5) KENYA {K{E}NYA*}
24 Warm again, when heater is repaired (6) REHEAT*
26 Church podium beam's warped (4) BEMA*
28 Source of ivory got from leaders of tribal unions stripping Kenya (4) TUSK Acrostic


Tuesday 23 October 2018

No12453, Tuesday 23 Oct 2018, Incognito

Pangram less a Z.

1   Divides into 4 residential units (8) QUARTERS [DD]
5   Appeared genetic material contained traces of extinct mammoth (6) SEEMED {SEE{Ex...t}{Ma...h}ED}
10 Flower from East Eritrea (5) ASTER [T]
11 Inspector General left responsibilities and offerings to God (9) OBLATIONS OBLigATIONS
12 Place to raid when hungry and get fat, hesitatingly (6) LARDER {LARD}{ER}
13 Dislike for a variant (8) AVERSION {A}{VERSION}
15 Emotion displayed on the warpath after losing a penny (5) WRATH WaRpATH
17 Additional time for actor in crowd, model, and Indian setter (5,4) EXTRA TIME {EXTRA} {T}{I}{ME}
19 Great Greek mathematician becomes a type of cartoon character (9) SUPERHERO {SUPER}{HERO}
20 Nozzles, and nothing more, can be converted into loops (5) NOSES NOoSES
21 Beast holds trap for dark haired person (8) BRUNETTE {BRU{NET}TE}
23 Usurped (without right), mixed and consumed (4,2) USED UP USUrPED*
27 Then, orlop was modified at this place (5,4) NORTH POLE*
28 Important rank in the army (5) MAJOR [DD]
29 Subscribed after being singed badly (6) SIGNED*
30 A colour-blind person possibly named a yellow flight recorder thus (5,3) BLACK BOX [CD]

1   Shiver like a bird (5) QUAIL [DD]
2   Deaf tramp concocted mine gas (9) AFTERDAMP*
3   Number of letters in six (5) THREE [DD]
4   North African returns space (4) ROOM<=
6   Get into convoy after dropping off the rector and amuse (9) ENTERTAIN {ENTER}{TrAIN}
7   New Zealander seen when chairman was on Rhode Island (5) MAORI {MAO}{RI}
8   Deviously strides in and exhumes (9) DISINTERS*
9   Height of what is visible at the front of the house (9) ELEVATION [DD]
14 Ditch animal for Rommel (6,3) DESERT FOX {DESERT} {FOX}
15 Want osseous things like furculae (9) WISHBONES {WISH}{BONES}
16 Good luck charm that one has underfoot when taking part in equestrian events (9) HORSESHOE [C&DD]
18 In-house burglary, for example, where ring is found in possession of biblical character (6,3) INSIDE JOB {IN}{SIDE} {JOB}
22 Dismantle Turing construction after loss of temperature (5) UNRIG tURING*
24 Total air-conditioning for a plant (5) SUMAC {SUM}{AC}
25 Espy Rexford holding borosilicate glass (5) PYREX [T]
26 Cover very esoteric idol lovingly at first (4) VEIL Acrostic


Monday 22 October 2018

Mini S&B at Chennai, 23 Oct 2018

Self and wife will be at Chennai from 22 evening to 24 afternoon. Would like to meet up with those at Chennai with their better halves.

Date - 23 Oct
Time - 12 Noon 7 PM (Time changed to accommodate those who are working)
Location - To be decided Ruby Hall, Terrace of Presidency Club (Access through main Building), Ethiraj Salai, Chennai 

As of now

1. Self and Wife and Cocoa(If permitted) (All Non Veg, Poison-Vodka, Breezer)
2. Bhala (Self only, Poison - Beer?)
3. Rishikesh (Self only, Veg, Poison-Beer)
4. Padmanabhan (Self only, Veg, Poison-TT)
5. Ram ( --- Ditto ---)
6. Ajeesh (Still single, Non Veg, Poison-Brandy)
7. Ramki and wife (Both Veg & Poison-TT)
8. Abhay and wife (Both Veg & Poison-TT)

1. Rengaswamy
2. Bhargav

Any others interested may kindly comment accordingly in the comments section. Everyone is requested to bring their better halves with them.

No 12452, Monday 22 Oct 2018, Buzzer

1   Moving to wide slip keeps runs down (3-8) LOW-SPIRITED {TO+WIDE+SLIP}* over {R}
9   Private leaving navy, a changed person (6) COVERT COnVERT
10 Embarrassed mixing up he's, his penning epistle (8) SHEEPISH {HES+HIS}* over {EP}
11 Small and delicate fish losing front flipper (5) ELFIN {eEL}{FIN}
12 English singer entertaining queen with skill (5,2) EQUAL TO {E}{QU}{ALTO}
13 Battle of Atlanta's listing (2,1,5) AT A SLANT*
15 Look over fashionable hide (4,2) KEEP IN {PEEK<=} {IN}
16 Bolt is second in sprint after 10 metres (6) DECAMP {DECA}{M}{sPr..t}
18 Critical remarks in places of political unrest leaders of hostile parties exchanged (3,5) POT SHOTS {-h+p){POT} {S(-p+h)HOTS}
20 Storm encountered on the way back. It's a nuisance (7) TEMPEST {MET<=}{PEST}
21 Film unit disrupting shift (5) MOVIE {MOV{1}E}
22 Take liberties playing some piano out in the middle (6,2) IMPOSE ON {SOME+PIaNO}*
23 Skirt the edges of gemutlich site of Taj Mahal (6) GHAGRA {Ge...cH}{AGRA}
24 Guide everybody through present disaster (4,7) LEAD BALLOON {LEAD} {B{ALL}OON}

2   Difficult task catching foe masquerading as insider (3,2,2) ONE OF US {ON{FOE*}US}
 It kicks off first round before long delay (3,2) S?T ?N (Addendum - SIT ON {S(-o+it)IT ON} - See comments)
4   Examine where cult members are taking in pastor (7) INSPECT {IN}{S{P}ECT}
5   In kitchen, brunch (kiev) to be had often by cooler (3,6) ICE BUCKET {kItChEn+BrUnCh+KiEv+To}
6   Turn out with old bean (7) EXPULSE {EX}{PULSE}
7   Preparing to memorise absorbing article for later (4,5,4) SOME OTHER TIME {TO+MEMORISE}* over {THE}
8   Splash o' tint hear Manet described as positive influence (1,4,2,3,3) A SHOT IN THE ARM [T]
14 Pick up twig (9) APPREHEND [DD]
17 Excellent registered doctor within radius perhaps (3,4) ARM BONE {R}{MB} in {A ONE}
18 One of Potter's auntie in a way, Lily's relative? (7) PETUNIA {Po...r}{AUNTIE*}
19 Try hard, be well and happy with past (4,1,2) HAVE A GO {H}{AVE}{AGO}
21 Majority of cast entertaining grand and powerful producer (5) MOGUL {MO{G}ULd}


Sunday 21 October 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 3018, Sunday 21 Oct 2018

Found it really tough going today. Doesn't look like the regular Everyman setter.

1   Excuse certain satisfaction (8) PLEASURE {PLEA}{SURE} Was there in Neyarthas CW yesterday in a different avatar.
5   Beginning with greeting after hesitation letting doctor in (6) EMBRYO {E{MB}R}{YO}
9   Question highest in command (5) TOPIC {TOP}{IC}
10 Old man, very bold, moving with energy in dance (4,5) PASO DOBLE {PA}{SO}{BOLD*}{E}
12 Travel in good group involving zero risk, right? (5-4) GLOBE-TROT {G}{L{O}{BET}{R}OT}
13 Share in rent (5) SPLIT [DD]
14 Fantastic help by clerk at code-breaking headquarters (9,4) BLETCHLEY PARK {HELP+BY+CLERK+AT}*
17 Underrated beginner in ultimate card game babbled, holding diamonds back (13) UNAPPRECIATED {Ul...e}{NAP}{PR{ICE<=}ATED}
21 Produce alien after appeal (5) BEGET {BEG}{ET}
23 Sad poem about soldier perhaps with line in refined style (9) ELEGANTLY {ELEG{ANT}{L}Y}
24 Pasta that pigeons ruined? Not on (9) SPAGHETTI {THAT+PIGEonS}*
25 Father with particular expression of disapproval (5) FROWN {FR}{OWN}
26 Variable merits in wishes (6) YEARNS {Y}{EARNS}
27 Stocky son cutting mass of trees (8) THICKSET {THICK{S}ET}

1   Thick soup in container on time (6) POTAGE {POT}{AGE}
2   Flowering plant first in bloom? Rejoicing about that (9) EUPHORBIA {EUPHOR{Bl..m}IA}
3   Hide final pieces of fabulous treasure on island (7) SECRETE {f...uS}{t...rE}E{CRETE}
4   Speak angrily about pressure for plan without initial reconciliation (13) RAPPROCHEMENT {RA{P}{PRO}{sCHEME}NT}
 Lack of pretension in manner with pen (7) MODESTY {MODE}{STY}
7   One resisting authority figure belittled to some extent (5) REBEL [T]
8   Superior to receive pass (8) OVERTAKE {OVER}{TAKE}
11 One following order in full adjusted his aerial (9,4) SATELLITE DISH {SA{TELL}{I}TED}{HIS*}
15 Car is not damaged in tests (9) AUDITIONS {AUDI}{IS+NOT}*
16 Poor cleric, without work, in the red (8) RUBBISHY {RUB{BISHop}Y
18 Contribute feature below mine (5,2) PITCH IN {PIT}{CHIN}
19 Idiosyncrasy about service following trade (7) TRAFFIC {T{RAF}{F}IC}
20 Tips for calligraphy, given excellent new pen? (6) CYGNET {Ca...rY}{GiveN}{Ex...nT}
22 Country in hour covered by a horse going north (5) GHANA {A}{NA{H}G}<=


Saturday 20 October 2018

No 12451, Saturday 20 Oct 2018, Neyartha

 Neyartha reminds us of our salad days 


7. Rewrote DIG's manual for a cooked mixed salad (10) SALMAGUNDI {DIGS+MANUAL*}
9. Boil yoghurt partially covered with grease (4) OILY (T)
10. Antibiotic, not fully digested, after time's lost at the start (2,6) AB INITIO {ANTIOBIOtIc*}
11. Conversation returns to the auditor's note in front of an item subject to steeping (3,3) TEA BAG {~TE }{GAB<=}
12. Young man concealing the cut in a small British cottage (5) BOTHY {BO{THe}Y}

13. Knight leaves the Yank's building to dig after internal turmoil in a place of worship (9) SYNAGOGUE {YANkS*}{GO(-u)G(+U)E} Thanks Col. for the anno
14. Arrest the conservative trapped in a cloudburst with the Oriental (7) OCCLUDE {CLOUD*} around {C}+{E}
17. Environmental conditions making an apprentice get rid of the wife's jacket material (7) LEATHER {(-w+L)EATHER}
20. Holy cigar smoked in a state governed by a small exclusive class (9) OLIGARCHY {HOLY+CIGAR*}
22. Connected with Oscar to get entertained by a wind instrument from the east (5) ABOUT {TUBA<=} around {O}
25. Leaders of the European states considered under Donald's outreach get some African currency (6) ESCUDO (Acrostic)
26. Value embedded in a Christmas song on the merry-go-round (8) CAROUSEL {CARO{USE}L}
27. Cow generating consistent profit? (4) CASH (CD)
28. Freed from bacteria and made infertile (10) STERILISED (DD)


1. Graduate upset by a follower getting immersed in an abridged book on a hollow reed (6) BAMBOO {B{MA<=}{B}OOk}
2. Flag a teenager for hiding a gemstone (5) AGATE (T)
3. Heavy load carried by a northbound tropical Asian bird from, say, start to finish (7) ANTONYM {MYNA<=} around {TON}
4. Strain in a process to box up a pastry (8) FILTRATE {FIL{TART<=}E}
5. Hot one is best handled immediately (6) POTATO (CD)
6. Confident request sent to the top could deliver delight (8) PLEASURE {PLEA}{SURE}
8. Crystalline alcohol prepared by dissolving thorium in lemon juice (7) MENTHOL {LEMON*} around {TH}
15. Acts to pull up son after a mine product's reported in the shredded cabbage (8) COLESLAW {~COAL}{S}{LAW<=} {~COAL}{(+S)LAW(-s)} See comments

16. Room used freely by a rodent (8) DORMOUSE {ROOM+USED*}
18. Absolution at sea after son leaves to get a Mediterranean dish (7) TABOULI {ABsoLUTIOn*}

19. Airplane pre-boarding requirement making one trade places with an Asian bird (7) CHICKEN {CH(-e+I)CK(-i+E)N}
21. Cowboy Oscar replaced by the Oriental lacking social polish (6) GAUCHE {GAUCH(-o+E)
23. Crooked nun excitedly welcoming the first woman ... (6) UNEVEN {NUN*} around {EVE}
24. ... getting benefit from a plant product (5) FRUIT (DD)

Reference List

Time=T, Note=Te, Knight=K, Conservative=C, Oriental=E, Apprentice=L (Learner), Wife=W, Oscar=O
Graduate=MA, A follower=B, Thorium=Th, Son=S, One=I, Asian=E, The first woman=Eve

Colour/Font Scheme

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Friday 19 October 2018

Special, Friday 19 Oct 2018, Karthikeyan

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulosry)
Please provide all your answers in one comment

This crossword variant has three extra features added to the standard THC and the instructions to solve are given below:

1. Each four letters clue’s wordplay indicates one extra letter (appearing anywhere) not required in its solution; for e.g. if the clue reads " Amusement with small wine (4) " wordplay leads us to the answer SPORT; delete the first letter S from SPORT and fit the grid with PORT as the solution; it could also be SPOT after deleting R or SORT after deleting P.

The letter deletion could be anywhere in the answer got from wordplay; solver has to make the appropriate decision on which letter should be deleted as per the solution grid; Also the resultant four letters arrived at will be meaningful.

All such 4-letter clues are starred and they are 10 in count. Across: 10,12,17,20,25,29;    Down: 4,6,26,28.

Rest of the clues are to be solved in normal manner.

2. The letters from the outermost squares upon completion spell out six-word phrase (8,3,5,4,3,5); It is an extra clue to be solved, but only to be announced after the grid is solved.

3.  All the key words of the phrase fit in Across: 13,19,27. Hence no clues are given for them. Fit the phrase words appropriately in the solution grid.

8   Turned outwards after old resort is renovated (8)
9   Mae West demanded "______ , peel me a grape" (6)
10 Behind it, there are no gowns in Washington* (4)
11 Unsound coins concerned with sound (5)
12 Distribute 100 each from treasury* (4)
13 Refer instruction No. 3 (8)
15 Acey-ducey or blitz in football (3,3)
17 Leavening agent, though containing arsenic* (4)
19 Refer instruction No. 3 (5)
20 Italian sauce extracted regularly from press ethos* (4)
21 Sort of confrontation in which pullet is full of flap (4,2)
22 Laud inca playing an organ stop (8)
25 Letter of intent finally generated heat* (4)
27 Refer instruction No. 3 (5)
29 Scoff at gold carried by explosive* (4)
30 Abundant divests initially one-third for a grammatical case (6)
31 Medico needs work permits to administer drips (8)
1   Old pronounced fire to soon disappear (6)
2   Delayed expert performed outside Turkey (10)
3   French American volunteers design truncated cones (6)
4   Occupy heart of a foreigner* (4)
5   Starters made from organic beet & spinach salad contain remedy for blinds (8)
6   House fly genus or a small constellation* (4)
7   Heavyweights boxing painful, yet they move faster than light (8)
14 FIFA18 semifinalist, dropping no good runner in South Africa (5)
16 Of French publicity, one against can be suppressible (10)
18 Sadly Leo leaves ruined stately home, to find a purple quartz (8)
19 Racketeer permits tax to be levied in violent anger (8)
23 Electronic brain reflected from despot, palely (6)
24 A lack of practice in cricket or a reason enough not to go fishing (2,4)
26 A court procedure mostly seen in courts* (4)
28 Aborigine's daughter surrounded by Hindu scripture* (4)

Acrosslite version can be accessed at KARTHIK 6