Friday 31 July 2015

No 11461, Friday 31 Jul 2015, Neyartha


1   Revolutionary takes back a cutting tool to Isle of Man with some celestial beings (8) CHERUBIM {CHE}{RUB<=}{IM}
5   Commands for some celestial beings (6) POWERS [DD]
9   Illegible handwriting of the lawyer sheltered by a reporter (8) SCRIBBLE {SCRIB{BL}E}
10 Wardrobe item found in an aircraft parking structure reportedly (6) HANGER (~hangar)
11 Chief with ego connects with some celestial beings (14) PRINCIPALITIES {PRINCIPAL}{I}{TIES}
14 Snake in a logic circuit (5) ADDER [DD]
16 Marc hyped arrangement with an insensitive person (9) PACHYDERM*
17 Collapse after receiving the volunteers' son's small cup of black coffee (9) DEMITASSE {DEMI{TA}{S}SE}
19 Stingy hoarder Tom is erring to some extent (5) MISER [T]
20 Methods that might irk a purist? (14) NONTRADITIONAL [CD]
23 Principal ignores the average number (6) AMOUNT parAMOUNT
24 Female horses going west carry a Greek character and some celestial beings (8) SERAPHIM {SERA{PHI}M<=}
25 Stand against sister at fault (6) RESIST*
26 Broadcast answer for the princess and got defamed (8) ASPERSED (-di+a)ASPERSED

1   Safe to get a modest box for the spade (4) COSY {CO{S}Y}
2   Panic after losing the opener is a mistake (5) ERROR tERROR
3   Almost miss out on the submariner awkwardly showing a higher degree of refinement (7) URBANER sUBmARiNER*
4   Opposed to breaking spoiled lids (3-8) ILL-DISPOSED*
6   Cover rolled up and put inside the oddity with the missing cleric showed cloudiness (7) OPACITY {Odd{PAC<=}ITY}
7   Meg's tiger agitated by some sandglasses (3,6) EGG TIMERS*
8   Left under pressure? (6,4) STRESS MARK [CD]  ?
12 Intense scan reveals antiquity (11) ANCIENTNESS*
13 Young lady with the vocal German man gets a fern (10) MAIDENHAIR {MAIDEN}{HAIR}(~herr)
15 Party with the attendants in the territories (9) DOMINIONS {DO}{MINIONS}
18 Letters from goldsmith Ron established the seats of power (7) THRONES [T]
19 Fee for docking in the space was returned on time (7) MOORAGE {MOOR<=}{AGE}
21 Desires to get bonfire leftovers with Charlie for the first son (5) ACHES A(-s+c)CHES
22 Surrounded by the domestic help's agents, initially at the wrong place (4) AMID (+a)AM(-a)ID


Thursday 30 July 2015

No.11460, Thursday 30 July 2015, Neyartha

Neyartha is all abuzz ...

7 Solemnly took out a vitamin from the yellowish concoction (8) OWLISHLY (YELLOWISH-E)*
9 Employee's wife gets rid of the power hog (6) WORKER ((W-P}ORKER)
10 Generic tea brewed by a relative (5-5) GREAT-NIECE (GENERIC TEA)*
11 Its many teeth might help in parting (4)  COMB (CD)
12 Quick to partially grasp Rydberg's theory (4) SPRY (T)
13 Want Nile written out in a language used in scientific circles (3,5) NEW LATIN (WANT NILE)*
16 Snake found wrapped around the Rhode Island instrument (7)  MARIMBA (MA(RI)MBA)
18 Letter about meet with bull from the east has the quality of being strikingly unusual (7) EXOTISM ( (SIT OX)<- in EM)
20 Most extreme rafts are designed to consume thorium energy (8) FARTHEST ((TH E) in RAFTS*)
21 Charlie goes off with a fool to the sand ridge (4) DUNE (DUNcE)
23 Shiver, lacking wings, in a receptacle meant to house bees (4) HIVE (sHIVEr)
24 Cheat the family (one with a Greek character) on the way back to the association (10) CONSORTIUM (CON SORT I MU<-)
25 Mutation removes the vitamin and iodine in goat meat (8) MUTTON (MUTaTiON) Wrond enu .. should be 6
26 Revolutionary army in India encounters an overturned sign in the windflowers (8) ANEMONES ( (OMEN<-) in SENA<-)

1 The moving crowd becomes friendly after the Pole goes to the top (5) SWARM ((+S)WARM(-s))
2 Setbacks for the princess and fool with the soft medicinal salves (15) DISAPPOINTMENTS (DI SAP P OINTMENTS)
3 Wyoming bridge partners shelter the short clergyman going north with some dragons (7) WYVERNS (WY(REV<-)NS)
4 Dainty microblog message was cut short (4) TWEE (TWEEt)
5 Stalling to adjust pin on aristocrat (15) PROCRASTINATION (PIN ON ARISTROCRAT)*
6 Most appropriate to smile at sea when wearing tees awkwardly (9) SEEMLIEST (TEES* around (SMILE*))
8 Sweet term of endearment (5) HONEY (2)
14 Increase in acts of vigorous hitting reported (3) WAX (~whacks)
15 Predatory quarrel in retreat about the bill and promise to pay (9) RAPACIOUS (AC IOU in SPAR<-)
17 In one's bonnet, it might be harped on (3) BEE (CD)
19 Bet on Ian smuggling in the posh UK college attender (7) ETONIAN (T)
21 An idler's unmanned aerial vehicle? (5)  DRONE (2)
22 Odd for the Roman leader to get dismissed by the new king's wife (5) QUEEN (QUEE(-r+N))
24 Staff getting historical tribute on the radio (4) CANE (~cain) Did not know that Cain was an archaic word for tribute. It's there in the BRB

Wednesday 29 July 2015

No.11459, Wednesday 29 July 2015, Gridman

Gridman's fifth puzzle in this streak!

    1  Huge book isn't completed – American, I know by report, is ahead (10) VOLUMINOUS (VOLUMe I ~NO US)

  10  Palm off good old short fellow taking a lot of time (7) GEONOMA (G(EON)O MAnHad to confirm with Wiki
  11  Fish suffered cut (7) HADDOCK (HAD DOCK)
  12  Let out: fifty sent back for the support of artist (5) EASEL (LEASE with L sent back)
  13  Agent Rani despatched to a foreign country (9) ARGENTINA (AGENT RANI)*
  15  Surinamese-Dutch boxer's power in air (5) SPONG (S(P)ONG) Had to confirm with Wiki
  17  Gives evidence again about a Tamil leader's investigations (9) REATTESTS (RE A T TESTS)
  20  Old Bob is undecided: old female after female forgoes frugality (6,3) SPENDS OFF(S PENDS O F F)
  23  Tipped learner to be involved in persevering (5) ATILT (AT I(L)T)
  24  What a host giving a treat at a hotel would do (3,3,3) PAY THE TAB CD
  26  Home that is out in the cold (5) IGLOO CD
  28  It's a light that darkens (7) SUNLAMP CD
  30  The French restriction on a country (7) LEBANON (LE BAN ON)
  31  Tom endures beating that's awesome (10) TREMENDOUS (TOM ENDURES)*

    2  Wanderers with no hard musical instruments (5) OBOES (hOBOES)
    3  Not bound, I bludgeon wildly (9) UNOBLIGED (I BLUDGEON)*
    4  When you're wearing trousers, you are __ __ __ of them (2,1,4) IN A PAIR CD
    5  Pleased cry from Winnie throwing hat away? (3) OOH (pOOH)
    6  Chair car? (5) SEDAN 2
    7  Moves on without the first two she-monsters (8) OGRESSES (prOGRESSES)
    8  Ink - kilos - spilled to win a Polish family name (8) KOLINSKI (INK KILOS)*
    9  Partially took rare vegetable (4) OKRA T
  14  Tourist location where keeper gives up falsehood (3) GOA (GOAlie)
  16  Singly but not making eleven (3,2,3) ONE BY ONE CD
  18  Will it catch you sleeping? (4,2,3) TRAP IN BED CD
  19  These civil disobedience movements do have a standing (8) SITDOWNS CD
  21  Choose old training (3) OPT (O PT)
  22  Bones lie over other bones, not new (7) FIBULAE (FIB ULnAE )
  24  Make the grade in football play (4) PASS 2
  25  Listen to model spirit (5) HEART (HEAR T)
  27  Arrive by trap in a town in Pakistan (5) LANDU (LAND U)  
  29  Bar? Rhyme? (3) POE (Def. by examples :when Bard=Bar, Rhymer=Rhyme, Poet= Poe)


Tuesday 28 July 2015

No 11458, Tuesday 28 Jul 2015, Gridman

RIP Dr Abdul Kalam

1   Animal skin in reserve in safe place (8) HIDEAWAY {HIDE}{AWAY}
5   Almost mention America's reputation (6) STATUS {STATe}{US}
10 Shall we sound green? (7) LETTUCE (~let us)
11 Abjectly servile son's over-indulgent (7) SLAVISH {S}{LAVISH}
12 Lifted the article (without head) by newspaperman (6) HEFTED {tHE}{FT}{ED}
13 Strained voice in squabble following trip not being completed (8) FALSETTO {FALl}{SET TO}
15 Big lie: No female's up to the task (4) ABLE fABLE
16 Excellent vehicle for good old ship employee-trader (10) SUPERCARGO {SUPER}{CAR}{G}{O}
18 Niche I can't yield to the craftsman (10) TECHNICIAN*
20 Fourth letter and the fifth returned? One needs time to correct (4) EDIT {abcDE<=}{1}{T}
23 Pro's to-do to put up lintel support (8) DOORPOST*
24 Mask that is knocked over deliberately? (6) DOMINO [DD]
26 Measure lawyers try to ban (7) EMBARGO {EM}{BAR}{GO}
27 Railway track employee turns over conventioneer's pin-on (4,3) NAME TAG <=
28 Levels precious stone left out of plan (6) STRATA STRATAgem
29 Short boy, white, trips badly on vessel's prow (8) BOWSPRIT {BOy}{W}{TRIPS*}

1   When 50 per cent of willingness is absent (4-11) HALF-HEARTEDNESS [CD]
2   Conscientiously compliant in saying “levy complete” (7) DUTIFUL (~duty full)
3   Employer follows sailor — one who might mistreat (6) ABUSER {AB}{USER}
4   Got on with a good engineering design, for starters (4) AGED Acrostic
6   Carry on business with security group in field (8) TRANSACT {TRA{NSA}CT}
7   Giggle about women in social network (7) TWITTER {T{W}ITTER}
8   Is it where pupils get ideas? (6,2,7) SCHOOL OF THOUGHT [CD]
9   Relaxed ace at rest in station wagon (6,3) ESTATE CAR*
14 Heir's victory on operating room (9) SUCCESSOR {SUCCESS}{OR}
17 Encourage — apparently thus when you can't be at a place where you should be? (8) INSPIRIT [CD]
19 Defeat Chennai's top tennis player, at times (7) CLOBBER {Ch...i}{LOBBER}
21 Nomad more ironic about newspaper (7) DRIFTER {DRI{FT}ER}
22 Orderly universe of commanding officers and medical officers (6) COSMOS {CO'S}{MO'S}
25 And the German officer's to cancel an action (4) UNDO {UND}{O}


Monday 27 July 2015

No 11457, Monday 27 Jul 2015, Gridman

1   Guaranteed a wretched duress (7) ASSURED {A}{DURESS*}
5   Piece about second Election Commission cut (6) BISECT {BI{S}{EC}T}
9   Study follows a measure of German seaport (5) EMDEN {EM}{DEN}
10 How an arithmetician is included, presumably (7,2) COUNTED ON [CD] (Correction COUNTED IN [CD] - See comments)
11 Every ogre banished at a brisk speed (7) ALLEGRO {ALL}{OGRE*}
12 TT wear? (7) DOUBLET {DOUBLE T}
13 Bad things administered in small quantities (5) DOSES [DD]
14 Criticise girl's dad changing gear (9) DISPARAGE {DI'S}{PA}{GEAR*}
16 Take into consideration distraught trainee holding the books (9) ENTERTAIN {E{NT}ERTAIN*}
19 They have bare presence in art studios (5) NUDES [CD]
21 Pan perhaps, and union leader falls silent (7) UTENSIL {Un..n}{SILENT*}
23 Authorise eastern politician to get debtor (7) EMPOWER {E}{MP}{OWER}
24 A teacher returns to let out philosopher (9) ARISTOTLE {A}{RIS<+}{TO}{LET*}
25 National leaders of Indian republic are quite infuriated (5) IRAQI Acrostic
26 Overlook police officer's refusal to engineer (6) IGNORE {IG}{NO}{RE}
27 Christmas tradition — say you will record (4,3) YULE LOG (~you'll){YULE} {LOG}

1   Drink anon and strangely rude, uppity Uncle blended for novelist (9,5) ALEXANDRE DUMAS {ALE}{X}{AND}{RE DU*}{MAS<=}
2   Restricts theologian involved in deals (7) SADDLES {SA{DD}LES}
3   Withdraws from these general retreats (7) RENEGES [T]
4   Conrad hid dangerously creeping perennial (9) DICHONDRA*
5   Certain to be tied up (5) BOUND [DD]
6   Fruit, a necessity when going up (7) SATSUMA {SA}{TSUM}{A}<=
7   Mark up everything on the first of the last month (7) CEDILLA {CED}{1}{LLA}<=
8   An overnighter's order for second helping or more (7,7) ANOTHER SERVING*
15 Way to end a letter because trust is needed (9) SINCERELY [CD]
17 Packed for yoking, by the sound of it (7) TEEMING (~teaming)
18 “Too much,” old teacher returns rice dish (7) RISOTTO {RIS}{O}{TTO}<=
19 Terrible plaint about union leader's congress (7) NUPTIAL {N{Un..n}PTIAL*}
20 We had gone up, fellow, with everyone to see deposition of moisture (7) DEWFALL {D'EW<=}{F}{ALL}
22 Brightened up on a liquid measure (5) LITRE {LIT}{RE}


Sunday 26 July 2015

Special, Sunday 26 Jul 2015, Bombadil

Welcome to our new setter Bombadil.
Brickbats and bouquets welcome.
Three answers per commenter as usual (annotations compulsory) till 6PM.
Please try and give all your answers in one comment.


8   Take out without opening gift (4)
9   International organization—one mostly behind real problem that is one-sided (10)
10 Big private parts vibrated (6)
11 It is done in rebellion (8)
12 He constructed a grid that required a clue for getting 1 Across (8)
14 You ultimately will get absorbed in a book and manage to escape (6)
16 Smack or crack is smuggled across borders (4)
17 “A Passage to India” at last meets “A Call from the East” (5)
18 Points of no return? (4)
19 When it gets dark, we hear the Lord (6)
21 Essay on Arabian prisoners-- so long (8)
23 Dirty leering would result if I were removed! (8)
26 "Of Mice and Men" possibly outlined origins of urban-rural interdependence (6)
27 Property of most genuine tea, perhaps? (4,6)
28 Suited for upwardly mobile Italian town (4)

1   India totally in disarray—Leaders of your locality need to be ousted for widening gap (10)
2   A group of hot, middle-aged, B-type stars? (8)
3   Bat over a score of zero almost, facing leg break (6)
4   Ram’s abode? (4)
5   A policeman overwhelmed by English novelist’s printed work (8)
6   Group of seven stars, mainly on record, sought in the end by someone from outer space (6)
7   Pithy extract from an unfinished story receives love (4)
13 Lonely lost souls (5)
15 Without making any mistakes, rune decoded by circle - extremely lovely (10)
17 Star from East possibly takes chance (8)
18 Strange criminal follows a second-grade Christie novel (8)
20 Without a bit of insensitivity laugh about a group of people (6)
22 Post 4th of July, some Americans get married, and lament (6)
24 Alpine butter? (4)
25 Style of lean management (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at BOMBADIL - MEA CULPA.


No 2851, Sunday 26 Jul 2015

1   Drop round, breaking engagement, being wretched (8) DESOLATE {D{ESOL<=}ATE}
5   Some aghast at usurper's position (6) STATUS [T]
9   Clever type getting support with folder for incoming messages (8) BRAINBOX {BRA}{INBOX}
10 Duty abandoned, freeze (6) OFFICE {OFF}{ICE}
12 Declaration in part of speech with substance that's binding (13) PRONOUNCEMENT {PRONOUN}{CEMENT}
14 Area of water in middle of land behind old church (5) OCEAN {O}{CE}{lANd}
15 Soldier deployed near ridge (9) GRENADIER*
17 Embarrass party minute before match (9) DISCOMFIT {DISCO}{M}{FIT}
19 Nut about to enter enclosure (5) PECAN {PE{CA}N}
20 Campaigning body urges proper reforms, holding us back (8,5) PRESSURE GROUP {URGES+PROPER}* around {US<=}
23 Single leprechaun I question partially (6) UNIQUE [T]
24 Area with unusual heat in north of capital city (8) ATHENIAN {A}{HEAT+IN}*{N}
25 Revolutionary encounters English judge (6) ESTEEM {E}{STEEM}<=
26 Retired, overwhelmed by change? That's affectation (8) PRETENCE {P{RET}ENCE}

1   Liability in first performance, not united (4) DEBT DEBuT
2   Clarity from head of state, quietly in control (9) SHARPNESS {St..e}{HAR{P}NESS}
3   Nothing upset firm line followed by new president (7) LINCOLN {LIN<=}{CO}{L}{N}
4   Moving of earth around uneven road (12) THOROUGHFARE {OF+EARTH}* around {ROUGH}
6   Employees without leader going over odd bits of extra material (7) TAFFETA {sTAFF}{ExTrA}
7   Observance after time lacking originality (5) TRITE {T}{RITE}
8   Doctor grew silent, getting uncomfortably hot (10) SWELTERING*
11 Detective wearing singlet on air got rattled (12) INVESTIGATOR {IN VEST}{AIR+GOT}*
13 Stirring up old men - me, George Sand? (3,2,5) NOM DE PLUME*
16 One working under Conservative in incompetent establishment (9) INCEPTION {IN{C}EPT}{1}{ON}
18 Unknown book penned by sailor? Correct (7) OBSCURE {O{B}S}{CURE}
19 Complaint from annoying person full of rubbish (7) PROTEST {P{ROT}EST}
21 Be second in departure (5) EXIST {EXI{S}T}
22 Joint work's ending most of poverty (4) KNEE {worK}{NEEd}


Saturday 25 July 2015

No 11456, Saturday 25 Jul 2015, Gridman


1 One saint hesitates following prison case (8) CANISTER {CAN}{I}{ST}{ER}
5 Strip joints run by leader of terrorists (6) DIVEST {DIVES}{Terr...t}
9 Cop to notice central characters operating automatically (7) ROBOTIC {ROB}{nOTICe}
10 Lower record in clothing (7) DEPRESS {D{EP}RESS}
11 Eel twisting in the mind is powerful (9) ELEMENTAL {ELE*}{MENTAL}
12 Thought that is not all perfect (4) IDEA {IDEAl}
14 Technical school // of this month? (4) INST (DD)
15 Not having been satisfied, world body had a session on single different date (10) UNSATIATED {UN}{SAT}{I}{ATED*}
17 Perfectly suitable as it's not just off the hook (6-4) TAILOR-MADE (CD)
19 Only atma is heard (4) SOLE {~SOUL}
22 Accustomed to having // previously-owned (4) USED (DD)
23 Villain's mistake is to interrupt Tourist Trophy (9) TERRORIST {T{ERROR}{IS}T}
25 Try to find one maiden — sweet! (7) IMPEACH {I}{M}{PEACH}
26 Desperately err with maid? He's the boyfriend! (7) ADMIRER {ERR MAID}*
27 I would pick up female ahead and squirm (6) FIDGET {F}{I'D}{GET}
28 Look at the ship — it enhances the look (8) EYELINER {EYE}{LINER}


1 Fleeting professionals? (10) CAREERISTS (CD)
2 Arresting officers to stop back Serb on the run (7) NABBERS {NAB<=}{BERS*}
3 Gridman's // dog? (6) SETTER (DD)

4 Former wife quoting correspondence in spine-tingling partnership (8,5) EXCITING MATCH {EX}{CITING} {MATCH}
6 It's taken for granted guilelessness has no extremes (8) IMPLICIT {sIMPLICITy}
7 Woman and the others in peak (7) EVEREST {EVE}{REST}

8 Time to question the assignment (4) TASK {T}{ASK}
10 Ruder landlady, in a fix, is lacking liveliness twice over (4,3,6) DULL AND DREARY {RUDER LANDLADY}*
13 A daughter, risk-taker and brave person (10) ADVENTURER {A}{D}{VENTURER}
16 This makes characters thick (8) BOLDFACE (CD)
18 At home taste half-an-idli — it's not piquant (7) INSIPID {IN}{SIP}{IDli}
20 O, it's very short Greek character (7) OMICRON {O}{MICRON}
21 Nothing casual for mother before 50 (6) FORMAL {FOR}{MA}{L}
24 Be resolute not to start quarrel (4) TIFF {sTIFF}

Reference list

One=I, Saint=St, Hesitates=Er, Record=EP, World body=UN, Single=I, Tourist Trophy=TT, Maiden=M Female=F 
Woman=W, Time=T, Daughter=D, Mother=Ma, 50=L 

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator


Friday 24 July 2015

No 11455, Friday 24 Jul 2015, Gridman

Gridman being the ladies man today.

1   Misty Verne hero dupe led the wrong way (6,2) FOGGED UP {FOGG}{ED UP*} or is it {FOGG}{(+e)ED UP(-e)}
6   Chilly powder? (4) SNOW [DD]
9   Wreckage in sea beside Brisbane (6) DEBRIS [T]
10 Yelled badly about king being aged (7) ELDERLY {ELDE{R}LY*}
13 Appropriate each home in temporary accommodation (9) PERTINTENT {PER}{T{IN}ENT}
14 One is embraced by laid-back religious leader in Florida city (5) MIAMI {M{1}AMI<=}
15 Red worker to talk wildly (4) RANT {R}{ANT}
16 Big tree with bit of rot (10) BALDERDASH {B}{ALDER}{DASH}
19 Somehow I lead anchors back into where women may powder their noses (6,4) LADIES ROOM {I+LEAD}*{S ROOM<=}
21 Repeat honour in gambling game (4) ECHO {E{CH}O}
24 Fellow backing journalist is identified (5) NAMED {NAM<=}{ED}
25 Firm in Bangalore's original East station having to be restructured (9) OBSTINATE {Ba...e+E+STATION}*
26 Money holders with everyone set out (7) WALLETS {W}{ALL}{SET*}
27 Escape from old Union Territory's charter (6) OUTLET  {O}{UT}{LET}
28 Well-ordered time with Indian deputy (4) TIDY {T}{I}{DY}
29 Refined try with female university learner (8) TASTEFUL {TASTE}{F}{U}{L}

2   Conquer two features of a cricket match (7) OVERRUN {OVER}{RUN}
3   Miss, that is a sexist address (6) GIRLIE {GIRL}{IE}
4   Sir paired characters in tumbledown condition (9) DISREPAIR*
5   Wrinkle noticed in purple attire (5) PLEAT [T]
7   Nair wanders around vehicle in bliss (7) NIRVANA {NIR{VAN}A*}
8   Ladies' man's attitude (3,4,5) WAY WITH WOMEN [CD]
11 Shy pirate's potable tossed back into the river (6) DEMURE {DE{MUR<=}E}
12 Bright humour from exciting walking trips (9,3) SPARKLING WIT*
17 They prevent full closings at entrances (9) DOORSTOPS [CD]
18 Interfere with the decoration, by the sound of it (6) MEDDLE (~medal)
20 Having dents, gave nothing away for the mischievous boy (7) DIMPLED D(-o+imp}IMPLED
22 Cat’s given water in French castle (7) CHATEAU {CHAT}{EAU}
23 Tell in a roundabout way about itnot much (6) LITTLE {L{IT}TLE*}
25 Initial stage on filming locale (5) ONSET {ON}{SET}


Thursday 23 July 2015

No 11454, Thursday 23 Jul 2015, Mac

9   Eagle manoeuvring about in descent (7) LINEAGE {L{IN}EAGE*}
10 Eliminate old boy essentially cheating in contest (7) OBVIATE {OB}{VI{cheATing}E}
11 Teen lad involved in an accident became toothless (7) EDENTAL*
12 Water bottle carried by African teenagers (7) CANTEEN [T]
13 Source of oil/fuel won battling in the borders of Salvador (9) SUNFLOWER {Salv{FUEL+WON}*adoR}
15 Small, feathered limb to move back and forth (5) SWING {S}{WING}
16 Incompetent dignitary (7) NOTABLE {NOT}{ABLE}
19 Atoner to bid farewell to parish leader and go through the door, not for the first time (2-5) RE-ENTER REpENTER
20 Without a bit of apprehension, approach one who’s doomed (5) GONER {GO}{NEaR}
21 Ridiculousness of International Space Station orbiting a planet without any trace of urbanisation! (9) INEPTNESS {I{NEPTuNE}SS}
25 Glass roller? (7) TUMBLER [DD]
26 In Japan, there resides a ferocious animal (7) PANTHER [T]
28 Deer meat cooked in ovens (7) VENISON*
29 After removing the tail, sear and eat fish (7) SARDINE {SeAR}{DINE}

1   Dock trapped animal’s tail with small cutting tool (6) PLIERS {P{a...aL}IER}{S}
2   Trainee in the Royal Navy had to be discharged without notice (6) INTERN {IN}{ThE}{RN}
3   Don’t eat food quickly (4) FAST [DD]
4   Chicken-hearted, one might do this when hurt (6) YELLOW {YELL}{OW}
5   Spelling wizard (8) SORCERER [CD]
6   Fugitive's escape after a 'breaking and entering' incident (10) EVANESCENT {EV{AN}{ESC}ENT} Had to cheat for this one
7   “Planet is in disarray”, reveals committee member (8) PANELIST*
8   Nasty agreement to disown male adolescent (8) TEENAGER AGREEmENT*
14 A libeler is set free (10) LIBERALISE*
16 Refusal to eat veg in mess (8) NEGATIVE*
17 X-men, without the heart of Wolverine and their leader, are perhaps flat (8) TENEMENT {TEN-{w...E...e}MEN}{Their}
18 Irritated German resident left Dresden, heading off to become an expatriate (8) EMIGRANT {GERMAN+RESIDENT-dRESDEN}*
22 Lay bare for topless sex position (6) EXPOSE {sEX}{POSE}
23 Tribal dance of the north-east Indian community leaders (6) ETHNIC {THE*}{North}{In...n}{Co...y}
24 Beat eggs, for starters, in order to make dessert (6) SORBET {SOR{Beat}{Eggs}T} Like the ice lolly we get on the roadside, especially near schools!!
27 Average of ten or more (4) NORM [T]


Wednesday 22 July 2015

No 11453, Wednesday 22 Jul 2015, Exa

Exa seems to have visited many locals to guzzzle beer while setting this one.

1   Agent’s grudge against journalist showed (11) REPRESENTED {REP}{RESENT}{ED}
9   Green? It could make one number (7) INTEGER*
10 Fugitive paces around with drugs (7) ESCAPEE {PACES*}{EE}
11 Neighbour’s home is a delightful place (4) EDEN {E}{DEN} E for neighbour? See comments
12 Power affected sincere engineer — a remarkable power (10) PRESCIENCE {P}{SINCERE*}{CE}
13 Old family member dances to ragtime records (8) ANCESTOR [T] Nice telescopic. Didn't get it till the end
16 Sweet stall (5) FUDGE [DD]
17 Stores — vessel stores a constituent of draught beer (5) SHOPS {S{HOP}S}
19 Learner gears up in a contest with that which can improve concentration (8) EARPLUGS {L+GEARS+UP}*
21 Aint too bad entering pub in periods of stress (10) INTONATION {IN{AINT+TOO}*N}
23 Pledge bachelor beer in conversation (4) BAIL {B}{AIL}(~ale)
26 Scared if iceberg submerges house (7) EDIFICE [T]
27 Shooting model in bold setting (7) DARTING {DAR{T}ING}
28 Rate site URL exceptionally for printed materials (11) LITERATURES*

1   Gather fresh air at a corner (5) RAISE {AIR*}{SE}
2   Pet bird demonstrated a standard way of moving (7) PATTERN {PAT}{TERN}
3   Lead editor’s aged at heart (4) EDGE {ED}{aGEd}
4   Beginners in empirical research role often repeat this mistake (5) ERROR Acrostic
5   Chest guard (9) TREASURER [CD]
6   Crafty cryptic FT clue I'd cracked by end of puzzle (9) DECEITFUL {FT+CLUE+I'D+p...lE}* Does the clue really indicate the E is part of the Anagram fodder? (Addendum - {DEC{p..lE}ITFUL*} - See comments)
7   Unwrapped a dictionary for writer to go through (6) OPENED {O{PEN}ED}
8   Runs into view that’s extremely nice and peaceful (6) SERENE {SE{R}E}{NicE}
14 Rock salt seen around island is indispensable (9) ESSENTIAL {ESSENT{I}AL*}
15 Questionable matter, hospital department’s medication (9) TREATMENT {MATTER}*{ENT}
17 Split a bit of strong beer (6) SWIPES {SWIPE}{St...g} Didn't know this was a Brit slang for Beer. (Addendum - SLIVER - {S}{LIVER} - See comments from Exa)
18 Acquire boat at sea that’s modern (6) OBTAIN {BOAT*}{IN}
20 Girl and I clear off a large block of ice (7) GLACIER {G}{I+CLEAR}*
22 Love Arden endlessly — right sort (5) ORDER {O}{aRDEn}{R}
24 Designs look great on some tops (5) LOGOS {LO}{G}{O}{S}
25 Twitter started contributing at an earlier time (4) ERST [T]


Tuesday 21 July 2015

No 11452, Tuesday 21 Jul 2015, Spinner

Spinner has spun a lot of clues into the clues today! 10A has  me stumped.

1   Company's hiding electronic links (6) UNITES {UNIT{E}S}
4   Set top clues in two-line rhymes (8) COUPLETS*
10 Give a speech in English to look appealing (7) E?O?U?E (Addendum - ELOCUTE - {E}{LO}{CUTE} - Thanks to Ramesh)
11 Little devil's fantasy is to beg (7) IMPLORE {IMP}{LORE}
12 Refined lustre on vessel unaffected by oxidation (8) RUSTLESS {LUSTRE*}{SS}
13 Actor's soft coat (6) PLAYER {P}{LAYER}
15 Designed bush for wheel parts (4) HUBS*
17 Spinner can't clue complicated word for 'instil' (9) INCULCATE {I}{CANT+CLUE}*
20 Construct fine clue with a bit of 'Neyartha' colour (9) INFLUENCE {FINE+CLUE+Ne...a}*
21 All military men, at first, love firepower (4) AMMO {All}{Mi...y}{Men}{O}
24 From one point of view, home's not home (2,1,3) IN A WAY {IN} {A WAY}
25 Free a tribe questionably captured by the French (8) LIBERATE {L{A+TRIBE}*E}
28 Arranges a sip of drink next to bar (5,2) LINES UP {LINE}{S UP}
29 Absence of a certain type of furniture is conspicuous (7) NOTABLE {NO}{TABLE}
30 Route? Go left! (8) PASSPORT {PASS}{PORT}
31 Desert spot (6) DEFECT [DD]

1   Discovers sun revolving around planet! (8) UNEARTHS {UN{EARTH}S*}
2   Implements required to tackle a course (5) IRONS [CD]
3   Peers initially express reservations, having no money (6) EQUALS {Ex...s}{QUALmS}
5   Exclude outstanding American college (4) OMIT {O}{MIT}
6   Crack a clue fashioned by common people (8) POPULACE {POP}{A+CLUE}*
7   Arrange meets around pleasant community (9) ECOSYSTEM {E{COSY}STEM*}
8   Promises ship to protect Don (6) SWEARS {S{WEAR}S}
9   You can shoot texts with one, but you do not shoot one! (9) MESSENGER [CD]
14 Start off ventures, pursuing interesting roles (9) FUNCTIONS {FUN}{aCTIONS}
16 Old money wrapped in belts/kerchiefs (9) BANDANNAS {BAND{ANNA}S}
18 Solves complex RA clues with practice (6,2) CLEARS UP {CLEARS U*}{P}
19 Campaign more vehement all over the place except here, bizarrely (8) MOVEMENT {MOre+VEheMENT} Not necessarily all over the place :-)
22 Counter-tablet provided for boost (6) FILLIP {FI}{LLIP}<=
23 Eye chef's top main course (6) CENTRE {Chef}{ENTRE} Seems to be an error here 'Entre' is not an alternative spelling for 'Entree' See comments by Spinner
26 Wander with or without right (5) AMBLE rAMBLE
27 Urge found in ambitious pursuits (4) SPUR [T]


Monday 20 July 2015

No 11451, Monday 20 Jul 2015, Aspartame

True to his name Aspartame has sweetened this CW.

9, 13 Fosters heroic youth for a long-lasting impact (6,3,6,2,7) CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY {FOSTERS+HEROIC+YOUTH}*
10 It always gets subtracted (7) MINUEND [CD]
12 You will report about diary cake (4,3) YULE LOG (~you'll){YULE} {LOG}
14 Before heads of plants resign, increase official remuneration (5) PRIOR Acrostic
15 Carbon pipe is carrying fluid at the centre of a ship (7) CRUISER {C}{R{flUid}ISER}
18 It’s said to be the best attack (7) DEFENCE [CD]
21 Cuts shirt and skirts (5) TRIMS {T}{RIMS}
23, 29 Postmodern Taiwan focusses on development of nuclear bombs (7,2,4,11) WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION*
25 Oddly, noodle found in a container that’s half-opened is sweet (7) CANNOLI {CAN}{NoOdLi}{Ie} (Addendum - {CAN{NoOdLi}Ister} - See comments)
26 Poker is played by dogs (7) PORKIES*

1   Dirty film on rotten individual (4) SCUM [DD]
2   Young deer reportedly found enchanted woods (4) FAWN (~faun) (Addendum - FAUN (~fawn) - See comments)
3   See gross, terrible creatures (8) OGRESSES*
4   Workplace of television company (6) STUDIO [C&DD]
5   West Asian surrounded by Yankee leaders is indeed close to tears (4-4) DEWY-EYED {DE{W}{Y-{E}Y}ED}
6   Work on revolutionary referendum at ball (6) DOLLOP {DO}{LLOP<=}
7   XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX (8) TRILLION [CD] There should have been only 13 of them! See comments

8   Geeks are urged to cook sugar free dish (8) KEDGEREE {GEEKs+aRE+urgED}*
11 Theorize about gin ferment extract (5) INFER [T]
15 Accountant’s account buried in burial place that’s a maze (8) CATACOMB {CA}{T{AC}OMB}
16 Group will employ housing leaders of nations in one neutral institute (8) UNIONISE {U{Na...s}{In}{One}{Ne...l}{In...e}SE}
17 Handling weird sot is most troublesome (8) ROWDIEST*
19 Professional, a little distance ahead, drank sip of Rasna at marathon (8) FOOTRACE {FOOT}{Rasna}{ACE}
20 Check vehicular valve (5) CHOKE [DD]
22 Poor-quality wine needs two drops of sherbet for little taste (6) SHODDY (-t+sh}SHODDY
24 A first-class senator found with topless woman and ecstasy (6) AMPERE {A}{MP}{hER}{E}
27 Bird found among Serengeti bisons (4) IBIS [T]
28 Peacekeepers in the borders of Shivalik went underwater (4) SUNK {Shiv{UN}aliK}

Sunday 19 July 2015

Special, Sunday 19 Jul 2015, Saral

Three answers per commenter (annotations compulsory) till 6 PM.
As far as possible lease provide all your answers in one comment.

8   Sailor's at home with the drink (8)
9   Leaders of Argentina, Chile on line for an agreement (6)
11 Criminal wearing suit falls (7)
12 Passage right inside ship (7)
13 Abandon the French avenue (5)
15 Not a tough time for youth (6,3)
18 Sly person with support for artist (6)
20 Aim like good engineer (6)
23 Urge to replace conservative with model in a retinue (9)
24 Shy, dull Italian returning (5)
26 Model test by the French after first preliminaries (7)
28 Protocol of French company is odd (7)
30 Sign outside litres of wine (6)
31 Broiling fish behind grand resort for starters by a student (8)

1   Invalidate sign changing sides (6)
2   River goddess (4)
3   Sniff at home hard drink (6)
4   Engineers inside that source of serious risks (7)
5   Head skin cell is evenly cut with surgeon's knives (8)
6   Start off gas in the area (4)
7   It's a twist! Wednesday without a news broadcast (4)
10 Drag on, yell hiding pain (5)
14 Notice a point to modify (5)
16 Ring after eleven in the morning, its a principle (5)
17 Closely watch the centre of the hurricane (3)
18 Stores sweet a little bit (3)
19 Furnished house finally cracked (8)
21 Openers are swingers (5)
22 Food suppliers charge the German to get service at first (7)
24 Deal with a challenge (6)
25 Spoil well-formed mega ad (6)
26 Initially each traveller created hand imprint (4)
27 Slightly open cap of achaar can (4)
29 Attack from right with support (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at SARAL 4