Sunday 30 June 2013

Special, Sunday 30 Jun 13, Afterdark

Three answers per commenter, with annotations

1   Victory I’ve is in order (10)
6   Has love, wife & partnership (4)
10 Surprised nun laments endlessly about the cancellation (9)
11 Morning I proceed with a friend (5)
12 Fighter assessed after reported coma and moved abroad (13)
14 Corners by using no & yes, yes reportedly! (5)
15 Country & capital answer to the same call (3,6)
17 Perhaps, poor if sick endlessly, will resort to narcotic (9)
21 Rathi swaps sides to wield a cane (5)
22 First use basil & oil base, cook & get French stew (13)
24 Lament composed from a ridge (5)
25 Settle on a muddled river to build a bell tower (9)
26 Pull the American (4)
27 Nomads lose thousand but take fifty to become washermen (10)

1   Scrutinise note on promontory to identify shortage (10)
2   Coup outside disturbed Natal for a fruit (9)
3   Employs disoriented lines around the street (7)
4   If life was ranked first in biology, then this is the last (7)
5   Experienced animal doctor managed with innate ease (7)
7   500 in the rear of the bank is bizzare (5)
8   Hence working early (4)
9   Chant can release atman trapped in life (6)
13 Courtesy demands that police release many in exchange of the model at the headland (10)
16 Insulin test in emergency ward reveals guts (9)
18 Overthrow queen to take a computer device (6)
19 Federacion Esparola de Limalama Unificada Asociada takes small measure to revive the sailing boat (7)
20 Two fellows partner to become a hawker (7)
21 Heard plant on time can lead to seepage (7)
22 Grant right inside to unearth an element (5)
23 Nervous characters from scorched gymnasium (4) 

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No 2745, Sunday 30 Jun 13

1   Fight fire in Bergen? (8) RUCKSACK {RUCK}{SACK}
5   Briefly visit doctor, at home after work (4,2) DROP IN {DR}{OP} {IN}
9   10 intercepted by the French in game (8) LACROSSE {L{ACROSS}E}
10 A bad-tempered over (6) ACROSS {A}{CROSS}
12 Impassive, one cutting incomplete pile of cards after a deal (5) STOIC {STO{1}Ck}
13 Without thinking, I slump lazily in one (2,7) ON IMPULSE {ON {I SLUMP}*E}
14 Substitute in back row (6,6) SECOND STRING {SECOND} {STRING}
18 Actor offering beer (cold), and stout (4,8) ALEC GUINNESS {ALE}{C} {GUINNESS}
21 The oldest service provider? (5,4) PRESS GANG [CD]
23 Girl from fine Hebridean island (5) FIONA {F}{IONA}
24 Fashionable elsewhere, to some extent (2,1,3) IN A WAY {IN} {A WAY}
25 Cast a spell on the way in (8) ENTRANCE [DD]
26 Deal with Italy, ultimately establishing alliance (6) TREATY {TREAT}{italY}
27 Wall hanging records experiment (8) TAPESTRY {TAPES}{TRY}

1   Portion of mackerel - is hollandaise sauce required? (6) RELISH [T]
2   Protect famous clown willing to participate (6) COCOON {COCO}{ON}
3   Take whisky, for example, before good savoury item (6,3) SCOTCH EGG {SCOTCH} {EG}{G}
4   In a magazine, a cocktail for a man of the world (12) COSMOPOLITAN [MD]
6   Step right up and one may get run over (5) RECAP {PACE}{R}<=
7   Make a public announcement in favour of demand (8) PROCLAIM {PRO}{CLAIM}
8   Gets gen off about Society and savings (4,4) NEST EGGS {NE{S}T EGGS*}
11 Deed Ghandi forged with an ulterior motive (6,6) HIDDEN AGENDA {DEED+GHANDI+AN}* Gandhiji must be turning in his grave to see the new spelling of his name, though I'm sure Everyman had no ulterior motives.
15 Little time to request Church of England to form a working party (4,5) TASK FORCE {T}{ASK FOR}{CE}
16 Trouble concealing blemish? Just the opposite with cosmetics (3,5) WAR PAINT {WAR {PAIN}T}
17 Demote king's English envoy (8) RELEGATE {R}{E}{LEGATE}
19 American hood seen in German city, and in Paris (6) BONNET {BONN}{ET}
20 Only just see under counter (6) BARELY {BAR}{ELY}
22 Small market, well-kept (5) SMART {S}{MART}

Saturday 29 June 2013

No 10812, Saturday 29 Jun 13, Gridman

1   Wax for artist fellows in suffering (8) PARAFFIN {PA{RA}{FF}IN}
6   A body of detectives becoming sour (4) ACID {A}{CID}
9   Wise one: “Top of boat blown off” (6) ORACLE cORACLE
10 Bears English force without limit (7) ENDURES {EN}{DURESs}
13 They are not of the present time (5,4) OLDEN DAYS [CD]
14 Something you shouldn’t do! (5) TABOO [E]
15 ABCDFGHIJKMN…? (4) NOEL (~no l) (Addendum - {NO}{E}{L} - See comments)
16 Not the artillery for light infantry (5,5) HEAVY STUFF [CD]
19 Great hotel renovated completely (10) ALTOGETHER* Reminds me of how we come into this world.
21 Mischievous child born to traitor (4) BRAT {B}{RAT}
24 Nibs scattered around eastern dramatist (5) IBSEN {IBS{E}N*} Popular dramatist among setters.
25 Dress for Bill, returning to French city, with nothing new (9) CAPARISON {CA<=}{PARIS}{O}{N}
26 It may be laid over the top of a house (7) SHINGLE [GK]
27 Being natural, public house took the bait, so to say (6) INNATE {INN}{ATE}
28 Advantage that isn’t central (4) EDGE [DD]
29 Indeed detective is giving full particulars (8) DETAILED {DE{TAIL}ED}

2   Shorten a dentist’s work (7) ABRIDGE {A}{BRIDGE}
3   American Rear Admiral going round to preserve obscure matters (6) ARCANA {A}{R{CAN}A}
4   Release a man — representative having no constraints (4,5) FREE AGENT {FREE} {A}{GENT}
5   These are required to be met if one is not to be deprived (5) NEEDS [CD]
7   Cartoon character, not ill, holds bone of Arctic deer (7) CARIBOU {CAill{RIB}OU} Never heard of this cartoon series
8   Gifts Dominic distributed are embarrassing (12) DISCOMFITING*
11 Hate journalist coming up to examine (6) DETEST {DE<=}{TEST}
12 Utopian’s site reveals question that is debatable (5,2,5) POINT AT ISSUE*
17 Perspective on position from where you may admire scenery (9) VIEWPOINT {VIEW}{POINT}
18 Urge for no-good drink (6) EGGNOG {EGG}{NO}{G} YUK!!
20 Trying to time a deceptive operation (7) TASTING {T}{A}{STING}
22 Gridman, for one, last now first, given round badge of honour (7) ROSETTE {(+r)R{O}SETTE(-r)}
23 Be one going around to manage the country (6) BRUNEI {B{RUN}E}{1}
25 Faith American Indian placed on Delhi leader (5) CREED {CREE}{D}

Friday 28 June 2013

No.10811, Friday 28 Jun 13, Gridman

Gridman opens across clues with CLOSING (DATE) and closes them with OPENING (MOVE). Just like Microsoft, which hides its 'Shut Down' button under the 'Start' menu. Some pairings observed in this crossword: Unchain/Strap (displaying the same contrariness), Stay Apart/Move About. In addition, we have the Inamorata/Courtroom/Stay Apart trilogy of events and the African quad of Sudan, Serengeti, Botswana and Tripoli. On the whole, in sum, Entertaining.

1 After which competition entries are barred (7,4) CLOSING DATE (CD)
9 Let loose international series of letters (7) UNCHAIN (UN CHAIN)
          When one is unchained, he can sing THIS
10 Racket around a sacred chant is offensive (7) NOISOME (NOISE around OM)
11 Trunk is approximately on tabletop (5) TORSO (T OR SO)
12 What an eavesdropper does (7,2) LISTENS IN (CD)
          And here I had thought Prism was a light manipulator. Maybe it does something in the Optical Fibre Cables, hence 
          Prism. Probably that was the whole idea of shifting to OFCs. Talk of locitus interruptus ...
13 Work long time on musical composition (5) OPERA (OP ERA)
15 A Tatar spy managed to live separately (4,5) STAY APART (A TATAR SPY)*
18 Go from place to place to get U-boat? (4,5) MOVE ABOUT (Reverse anagram of U-BOAT, which is ABOUT*)
21 Small, feverish throng (5) SWARM (S WARM)
22 Plain green site traversed (9) SERENGETI (GREEN SITE)
          Those African plains are never ending, occasionally interrupted by a Thorn tree here and a Thorn tree there,
          and you can spot wildlife from quite a distance
24 As used to bind together recoiling bits (5) STRAP (PARTS<)
26 Indicates node affected by setback (7) DENOTES (NODE* SET<)
27 If i get caught in core-transformation, there's opening (7) ORIFICE (CORE* around IF I)
          I like my water neat; or if ice is available, on the rocks... of Vagator
28 Eve moping on botched-up start to a chess game (7,4) OPENING MOVE (EVE MOPING ON)*
          Reminded me of e4, the title of the first paragraph in Mukul Sharma's Mindsport.
         Correspondingly, the last para was titled 'End Game'.  Missing that column like the hell after being
         a regular there for nearly two decades ! Read more about Mindsport here. I am very nostalgic about the very last 
         puzzle there which I had solved with my son (the whole exercise taking about 2 gruelling hours) and was gratified 
         to hear that only 11 persons had solved it. Here's a sample from 2008 (in which your's truly's response was published).  
        The site was hacked and lost quite a bit of data and was never repaired fully.

1 Where people have a trying time (9) COURTROOM (CD)
2 Happen to have a small measure in our midst (5) OCCUR (CubicCentimeter in OUR)
3 Animator’s drawn to a mistress (9) INAMORATA (ANIMATOR* A)
4 Man gets the French falcons that are trained (7) GENTLES (GENT LES)
5 As a result of which a name is confused (7) AMNESIA (A NAME IS)* &LIT
          I have forgotten what I wanted to say here
6 Cut short the priest the journalist backed (5) ELIDE (ELI ED<)
          Contrast Elision with the Prothesis glide, addition of a sound in the beginning eg: i-school in Hindi
7 Country to which baton was switched (8) BOTSWANA (BATON WAS)*
8 Sensitive enough to express grief over the dead (4) KEEN DD
14 One is surrounded by them (8) ENVIRONS (E, NON CRYPTIC)
16 Helping one cheat to follow the fool (9) ASSISTING (1 STING after ASS)
17 A bit of horological instrument (9) TIMEPIECE (CD)
          One way to multiply your stock of timepieces is to run it over with a vehicle and end up with  more timepieces
19 Supervise deliveries to the bishop’s domain (7) OVERSEE (OVER SEE)
20 Journey ol’ one put together for Mediterranean capital (7) TRIPOLI (TRIP OL 1)
22 African country’s article thrown away: “Bubbles” (4) SUDS (SUDan'S)
23 Explosive overturns our empty container (5) NITRO (OuR TIN)<
25 Animal horn I chopped up (5) RHINO (HORN I)*
          In the Horn of Africa ?

Thursday 27 June 2013

No 10810, Thursday 27 Jun 13, Gridman

 Welcome Gridman.

1   Priest finally managed troublesome pest in part of church (8) TRANSEPT {T}{RAN}{PEST*}
5   Determined in advance to have soft trees felled (6) PRESET {P}{TREES*}
9   Non-liability of one politician’s factory having extreme irresponsibility (8) IMPUNITY {1}{MP}{UNIT}{Y}
10 Hands-up time? (6) TWELVE [CD]
12 Pitcher, more recent, loses head (4) EWER nEWER
13 Hot Poles in roll for a kind of biscuit (6,4) BRANDY SNAP Not sure if this is right. Anno pending (Addendum - {B{RANDY} {SN}AP} - See comments)
15 Servant briefly takes one’s travelling bag (6) VALISE {VAL{1'S}Et}
17 Straightens the woman with partners (5) EVENS {EVE}{NS}
20 Alien after one month gets a singing group (5) OCTET {OCT}{ET}
21 No outstanding demonstrations by workers (3-3) SIT-INS [CD]
24 Advert Naga created is unconventional (5-5) AVANT-GARDE*
27 Inviting word (4) COME [CD]
29 Prepare principal turf (6) DOMAIN {DO}{MAIN}
30 Trip backward leader abandoned for you and me sparks discussion (8) EXCURSUS {EXCURS(ion<=)}{US} New word for me
31 Separate queen’s present (6) RENDER {REND}{ER}
32 Ben lined up sheets and pillowcases (3,5) BED LINEN*

1   Don’t start fight for tabletop serving aid (6) TRIVET {sTRIVE}{T}
2   Fruit time in Java? (6) APPLET {APPLE}{T}
3   One might break into it for a small amount (4) SONG [DD]
4   Look closely around treasurer’s top safe (5) PETER {PE{T}ER} Never knew this meaning.
6   Rough word on young lawless fellow (5) ROWDY {WORD*}{Y}
7   Therefore one coming ashore gets box that looks like a book (8) SOLANDER {SO}{LANDER}
8   Go over a boundary and cause shock across health centre (8) TRESPASS {TRE{SPA}SS}
11 Place face of Rosie in blown-up detail (6) INSERT {INSE{R}T}
14 Seasoning for sailor? (4) SALT [DD]
16 A sort of strain in insect stage (6) INSTAR*
17 English worker going up Sicilian mountain (4) ETNA {E}{TNA<=}
18 Think about mother’s source of perfume (8) POMANDER {PO{MA}NDER}
19 Person of no substance wants arm twisted (8) STRAWMAN*
22 Firm’s primarily unjust wrong to relative (6) COUSIN {CO}{U}{SIN}
23 Hold Mandela? (6) NELSON [DD]
25 Brit dispersed extremely hostile group of natives (5) TRIBE {BRIT*}{E}
26 Expire holding team’s camp-kettle (5) DIXIE {DI{XI}E}
28 Brood over fabric? (4) MULL [DD]

Wednesday 26 June 2013

No.10809, Wednesday 26 Jun 13, Sankalak

 Sankalak is in form and the old format's back again !

1 By the seacoast, I turned up an accomplice (9) ASSOCIATE (SEACOAST I)*
5 More depraved bachelors about to return (5) BASER (BAS RE<)  
          We had BASHER yesterday
8 I leave the stormy Caspian with two knights to get a bag (8)  KNAPSACK (CASPiAN KK)*
9 Confront retired accountant with a charge (6)  ACCOST (CA< COST)
11The antenna, say, of a gazelle (5) ARIEL (~AERIAL)

12 The meaning of the position taken under a U-boat perhaps (9)  SUBSTANCE (STANCE under SUB)  
          Unter unterseeboot ? If it's not waterproof, my socks will get wet
13 Relish disturbing guest after dinner starts (6) DEGUST (D GUEST*)  
          I used to relish the Reader's Degust
14 A certain dip in the Mediterranean that is deliberate (8) MEASURED (A SURE in MED.)
16 Kind of colour given to a blunder about a quarrel, new (8)  BROWNISH (BISH around ROW N)
18 Inn with permit clipped by the people (6) PUBLIC (PUB LICence)
          MakkaL in Tamil
22 Broadcaster of a disembodied voice? (9) AKASHVANI (CD,DD)
          Remember the lilting sound with which it used to wake up, once upon a time
23 A right taken off in the advent of a competitor (5)  RIVAL (a r RIVAL)
24 Officer carrying travel permit in a brood pouch! (6) OVISAC (OC around VISA)
          This is what a poultry farmer uses to collect eggs, just like a fisherman uses a creel
25 Sponge, could be, a robber’s undoing (8)  ABSORBER (A ROBBERS)*
26 Indian gold? Right, for a sound system (5) SONAR (SONA R)
          Tagore wrote 'Amar Sonar Bangla', which was later adopted as Bangladesh's national anthem
27 What the arbiter reportedly intended to say in his decision (9) JUDGEMENT (JUDGE ~MEANT)
          Richard mentioned the declaration of Emergency yesterday. It was effective from today 26th
          June, 1975 and was a direct result of the Judgement of the Allahabad High Court. Kuldip
          Nayar wrote a book The Judgement on this.

1 A protégé accepting work foregoing gold — that is embarrassing (7) AWKWARD (WorK in A WARD)
2 Shutting up a marine fish? (7)  SEALING (SEA LING)
3 Daydreams (7,2,3,3) CASTLES IN THE AIR (CD)
          Is what a 3d-chess player does when he wants to move a rook and a king on the top deck in the
          same move
4 A measure to exploit and make a charge (6) ACCUSE (A CC USE)
5 A banqueter’s cook, let loose, is again where he started, with no progress (4,2,6,3)  BACK TO SQUARE ONE (A BANQUETERS COOK)*  
          This is what always happens on the Penrose stairs, better known to people through Escher's
6 He said “the kinquering Congs their titles take”! (7) SPOONER (GK)
          A not so young man having heard the daylight saving message on radio 'Time to turn your
          clock back' went straight to the shoe cupboard and picked up the black shoe polish before
          retiring to the loo
7 Give new life to the old tyre (7) RETREAD CD
          Makes sense for people who go bald
10 English baby dressed for church (5) ABBEY (E BABY)*
15 A small, pale city in Africa (5) ASWAN (A S WAN)
          This is the place where the Nile was dammed
16 Could the warning lights be a cheater’s? (7) BEACONS (BE A CONS)
17 Too vain, working for applause (7) OVATION (TOO VAIN)*
19 On the rise, Melba, voluptuous, was somewhat worthy of affection (7) LOVABLE (T<)
          The voluptous Melba might be lovable, not loved, as discussed yesterday
20 Priest, one housed by a sect, was the one at fault (7)  CULPRIT (PR 1 in CULT)
21 Arab sailor who found wrongdoing wicked (6) SINBAD (SIN BAD)
          He was the guy who found himself between a roc and a hard place

No 10809, Wednesday 26 Jun 13, Sankalak

Sankalak's goody bags continue. Trying out the table format one last time.

1 By the seacoast, I turned up an accomplice (9)ASSOCIATEASSOCIATE*
5 More depraved bachelors about to return (5)BASER{BAS}{ER<=}
8 I leave the stormy Caspian with two knights to get a bag (8)KNAPSACK {K{CASPiAN*}K}

9 Confront retired accountant with a charge (6)ACCOST{AC<=}{COST}
11The antenna, say, of a gazelle (5)ARIEL(~aerial)
12The meaning of the position taken under a U-boat perhaps (9)SUBSTANCE{SUB}{STANCE}
13Relish disturbing guest after dinner starts (6)DEGUST {D}{GUEST*}
14A certain dip in the Mediterranean that is deliberate (8)MEASURED{ME{A}{SURE}D}
16Kind of colour given to a blunder about a quarrel, new (8)BROWNISH{B{ROW}{N}ISH}
18Inn with permit clipped by the people (6)PUBLIC{PUB}{LICence}
22Broadcaster of a disembodied voice? (9)AKASHVANI[DD]
23A right taken off in the advent of a competitor (5)RIVALarRIVAL
24Officer carrying travel permit in a brood pouch! (6)OVISAC{O{VISA}C}
25Sponge, could be, a robbers undoing (8)ABSORBER*
26Indian gold? Right, for a sound system (5)SONAR{SONA}{R}
27What the arbiter reportedly intended to say in his decision (9)JUDGEMENT{JUDGE}{MENT}(~meant)
1 A protégé accepting work foregoing gold — that is embarrassing (7)AWKWARD{A}{WorK}{WARD}
2 Shutting up a marine fish? (7)SEALING{SEA}{LING}
3 Daydreams (7,2,3,3)CASTLES IN THE AIR[E]
4 A measure to exploit and make a charge (6)ACCUSE{A}{CC}{USE}
5 A banqueters cook, let loose, is again where he started, with no progress (4,2,6,3)BACK TO SQUARE ONE*
6 He said “the kinquering Congs their titles take”! (7)SPOONER[CD]  
A not so young man having heard the daylight saving message on radio 'Time to turn your clock back' went straight to the shoe cupboard and picked up the black shoe polish before retiring to the loo
7 Give new life to the old tyre (7)RETREADE
10English baby dressed for church (5)ABBEY{E+BABY}*
15A small, pale city in Africa (5)ASWAN{A}{S}{WAN}
16Could the warning lights be a cheater’s? (7)BEACONS{BE}{A}{CONS}
17Too vain, working for applause (7)OVATION*
19On the rise, Melba, voluptuous, was somewhat worthy of affection (7)LOVABLE[T<=]
20Priest, one housed by a sect, was the one at fault (7)CULPRIT{CUL{PR}{1}T}
21 Arab sailor who found wrongdoing wicked (6)SINBAD{SIN}{BAD}

Tuesday 25 June 2013

No.10808, Tuesday 25 Jun 13, Sankalak

This is yet another well-crafted puzzle from Sankalak. Felt it was slightly more challenging than yesterday but nonetheless entertaining. The long anagram for PASS ROUND THE HAT was really nice.

1 Held in great respect, naval officer tangles with engineer (9)  ADMIRABLE  ADMIRAL & BE enmeshed
5 Father goes around university somewhere in Oceania (5) PAPUA PAPA outside U
8 Water ice served with peaches or better (6) SORBET Hidden
9 Given elaborate treatment, wily, sly editor is confused about time (8) STYLISED (SLY ED IS)* outside T why are two anagram indicators needed? (wily & confused)
11 Confront leaders of Eastern Europe in Montana (4) MEET E E inside MT
12 Creature, a recluse with backing of nuclear researchers (6,4) HERMIT, CRAB HERMIT + BARC <=
14 Eminent northern editor gets hold of the book (5) NOTED N + ED outside OT
15 A talk about the French treatment to contain the onset of tetanus (7) LECTURE LE + CURE outside T
16 Card game for two for which a sly chap has the skill (7) COONCAN COON + CAN My chambers dictionary defines coon: a sly thief, but can't find a reference online
17 Light vehicle removed from the front by railway man (5)  GUARD vanGUARD
19 Sweet, insubstantial stuff in Sweden — fancy! Sold surreptitiously (5,5) CANDY, FLOSS (S + FANCY + SOLD)*
20 60 minutes on the outskirts of Sivakasi for Mr. Indian (4) SHRI HR inside S I
22 Torpor of member, youth leader, crossing Rajasthan desert (8) LETHARGY LEG + Y outside THAR
23 Former Americantennis star in Britain gets a straw hat (6) BASHER ASHE inside BR
24 Thread one’s way through a scree very carefully (5) REEVE Hidden
25 Expert on the cup that cheers (3,6) TEA, TASTER CD

1 Think that there is money in a small enterprise to start with? (6) ASSUME SUM inside A S E
2 She recommended cake for those without bread! (5,10) MARIE ANTOINETTE CD
3 The grass to study, say (4) REED ~ READ
4 Scientist, one of the gloomiest, not to be corrected (12) ENTOMOLOGIST (GLOOMIEST NOT)*
5 An aspiring member or already one? (10) POLITICIAN CD
6 Collect contributions in pounds? Hear that’s complicated (4,5,3,3) PASS, ROUND, THE, HAT (POUNDS HEAR THATS)*
7 German automobile engineer, holding top of loudspeaker, can be heard (7) AUDIBLE AUDI + L inside BE
10 Eminent person showing the way, carefree (7,5) LEADING, LIGHT LEADING + LIGHT
13 It is used to join things with a tough record (6,4) STICKY, TAPE STICKY + TAPE
16 He laughs loudly and caught the king in clear disarray (7) CACKLER C + K inside CLEAR*
18 But does it really show how others see you? (6) MIRROR CD
21 Girl in an illusion (4) MAYA DD

Monday 24 June 2013

No.10807, Monday 24 Jun 13, Sankalak

Great form from Sankalak !

Some diseases and annoyance (accompanied by medicinal stuff and surgery), 'clothed' 
in various garbs, but still showing a bit of muscle and skin

1 BOARDING SCHOOLWhere pupils may get educated — and sleep (8,6)


In a boarding school, boarding comes first, then education, for us 
'saapaTT-ramas' !
8 ATOMICCat, one caught in current, shows this kind of energy (6)

(TOM 1) in AC (alternating current).
Thought of various alternatives including A (TOM) I C etc., but then
decided to stick with this one
The battery never lasts and the UPS always croaks early
9 BERI-BERIVitamin deficiency, one seen in a North African? I follow (4-4)

1 in BERBER followed by I
11 ANNOYANCEAnyone can be upset by aggravation (9)

12 TEASEIt’s time to relax for one who vexes others (5)

13 TIFFANYSilk-gauze gives very little covering for a doubly fine article (7)

TINY around 1 FF.  For alternative anno, please see comments
15 SCABIESA crust that is small shows skin infection (7)


Is this crust mortal or immortal ?
17 CERAMICClay product from a producer, a microwavable one (7)

19 LADANUMBoy, almost unfeeling, holding a fragrant resin (7)

LAD NUMb around A
This resin does not change even when a bee gets 
embedded in it and it becomes LABDANUM
21 CLASHMoney, about a pound, causes a fight (5)

CASH around L
23 MEDICINALHaving a healing quality, as claimed in error (9)

25 DIASPORAMigration of a community so rapid — a surprise (8)

26 DISOWNAbandon the pig: she’s in a racket (6)


Our marriage invitations invariably have a 'Sow'. But sometimes 
the groom can be a pig !
27 AMERICAN INDIANLincoln, Nehru or Geronimo (8,6)

Exemplary charade: AMERICAN INDIAN from Lincoln, and Nehru
leading to Geronimo

1 BLATANTInfectious disease around African province on the rise? That is glaringly obvious (7)

(TB around NATAL)<
2 ACORNThe fruit of a hard growth on foot (5)

3 DAIRY FARMWhere milk can be had on a Friday, possibly, by heads of rural militia (5,4)

The milkman, Annamalai, comes from this place. To brighten up your
morning, watch Rajini Sir, who is here today. I don't see the good
Doctor here anymore
4 SHEKELSSomething that a visitor to Tel Aviv would need (7)

5 HOISTLift up one held by the innkeeper (5)

1 in HOST

Lifting would be a new move for Procrustes, who is reported to have used
two beds to ensure that his guests were stretched or chopped
6 OPERATIONSurgery that is revealed to contain balance (9)

OPEN containing RATIO
Had a bit of a reservation on ratio=balance, but rationalised that it was 
okay as the substitution can work in the phrase 'to maintain the ratio'
7 BICEPSMuscle built by cooking black spice (6)

10 ONLYJust a bit of onion lying uncooked (4)

14 FIRE ALARMIt warns of a possible flare up (4,5)


Smokers usually know how to get around this
16 ABDUCTIONA black pipe, one working in kidnapping (9)

17 CICADAReportedly ailing, a prosecutor finds a noisy insect (6)

18 CAMBRICMaterial from British river, building block, chopped at the tip (7)

19 LUDOGame played in liberal party around 2nd of July (4)

L DO around U
This was once the mainstay of summer holidays, in an ancient 
bygone era
20 MELANINPigment found to be new in male development (7)

Not only pig, pigmen found here too!
22 HYPEROver-excited drug addict with a touch of rubella (5)


Though HYPE is used as a short form for Hypodermic, I had always 
thought that a druggie was called a Hypo, not a Hype
24 NAOMIName a mantra initially invoking Ruth’s mother-in-law (5)

Instead of the MIL, I would have liked to see Ms Campbell here.
I had met her once on Malindi beach