Sunday 31 May 2015

Special, Sunday 31 May 2015, Bruno

Three answers per commenter as usual (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM
Please try to provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Broken sculpture (4)
3   Something like a lungi could be a hit in Washington circuit (10)
9   Travelling grim worker? (7)
10 Sun behind desert-palm (6)
11 Bundle of what’s dispersed in outer-space (6)
12 Announced bad deal in press (8)
15 Dirty women make love fully-covered (8)
17 A mainly nationalistic people’s song (6)
19 Tone of log’s last entry went up a notch (6)
21 Him? Saint? Ridiculous! It could make one break out in hives! (8)
24 New head of gallery occupies one’s vehicle, goes around to the best seats in the arena (8)
25 Even self defence can be a struggle (6)
28 Greedy one’s hesitant to overlook new source of Rupees (6)
29 At the start of spring (roughly April) a type of boat is loaded with squid (7)
30 Most advanced unit in jungle (10)
31 Wind, in the end, blew away branch (4)

1   Escapee, perhaps, hid doctor and that woman at an underground hiding place (4-7)
2   Greek symbol of inclusivity? (5)
4   Protestors arrested without thought (4)
5   Carefree in empty palatial area (6)
6   Learn a new skill on the subject of Fall coming after end of August (7)
7   Star spangled banner contained defence of division among people? (2,3,4)
8   F in E out? Figure that! (6)
13 Rama’s heading into territory led by Ravana, perhaps causing protest (11)
14 Investment bankers tend to be mostly… (3)
16 Casanova, for one, is more knowledgeable about love and people (9)
18 Tip over container (3)
20 Castro’s ariatic composition on flowers (7)
22 Fightin’ for a meal? (6)
23 Loved to join mineral in the middle (6)
26 Eyes copper in crude oil (5)
27 System’s starting to become lost without change (2-2)

Across Lite version can be accessed at BRUNO 7


No 2843, Sunday 31 May 2015

New setter of Everyman has raised the bar over the past few weeks.

1   Permit cry of pain in rage? No time (7) EMPOWER {tEMP{OW}ER}
5   Base linked to era producing amount of film (7) FOOTAGE {FOOT}{AGE}
9   Delivery from popular vocalist carrying weight (9) INSWINGER {IN}{S{W}INGER}
10 Get over being annoyed (5) CROSS [DD]
11 Opening achieved by one in working for diamonds (7) ORIFICE {OR{1}F*}{ICE}
12 Reach junction going west in Welsh town (7) MAESTEG {MAES}{TEG}<= With Google help
13 Not allowed to be hostile for example with hint, dropping name (12) ILLEGITIMATE {ILL}{EG}{InTIMATE}
17 Caught by evil demon, state criticism (12) CONDEMNATION {C}{DEMON*}{NATION}
20 Rowing boat stuck behind loud river transport (7) FREIGHT {F}{R}{EIGHT}
22 Followers showing energy come together and run around (7) RETINUE {E}{UNITE}{R}<=
23 Correct people engaged by editor (5) EMEND {E{MEN}D}
24 Silent pal bothered one involved in radio quiz? (9) PANELLIST*
25 Swindled, receiving instrument reduced in strength (7) DILUTED {DI{LUTE}D}
26 Serious about following novelist endlessly (7) AUSTERE {AUSTEn}{RE}

1   Broadcast is copied in serial form (8) EPISODIC*
2   Sweet old man not moving east (8) PASTILLE {PA}{STILL}{E}
3   One can, entertained by joker, miss point in play (7,3,5) WAITING FOR GODOT {WA{1}{TIN}G} {FOR GO}{DOT} Thanks to Google again
4   Lamented bird appearing on front of tabloid in colour (9) REGRETTED {R{EGRET}{Ta...d}ED}
5   Place for discussion in university in fashion (5) FORUM {FOR{U}M}
6   Conducted groups high above small seats for audience (9,6) ORCHESTRA STALLS {ORCHESTRA S}{TALL}{S}
7   Takes on commercial work, climbing street (6) ADOPTS {AD}{OP}{TS<=}
8   Officer among aliens ignored (6) ENSIGN [T]
14 Notes Roman made all over the place (9) MEMORANDA*
15 Important person is being excited, accepting Oscar (3,5) BIG NOISE {BIG N{O}ISE*}
16 Upset head of state trapped by upper-class weed (8) UNSETTLE {U}{N{State}ETTLE}
18 Bad result hurt (6) OFFEND {OFF}{END}
19 Delight about answer let out (6) REVEAL {REVE{A}L}
21 I had to support favourite, taken up without enthusiasm (5) TEPID {TEP}<={I'D}


PS: As per reports elsewhere, the old setter of Everyman, Alan Scott has retired and the new setter is Colin Gumbrel.

Saturday 30 May 2015

No 11408, Saturday 30 May 2015, Arden


9 Rest of money's safe (7) LEISURE {LEI}{SURE}
10 Ally with more characters in Sicily (7) PALERMO {PAL}{ERMO*}
11 One embarrassed after she was brought backback on payroll (7) REHIRED {REH<=}{I}{RED}
12 General call for looking lecherous (7) LEERING {LEE}{RING}
13 Accept invitation with club's list (4,5) COME CLEAN {COME} {C}{LEAN}
15 Does a tailless beast have an inner self? (5) ANIMA {ANIMAl}
16 Neat slide of a flower (7) COWSLIP {COW}{SLIP}

19 New vice-president slashed prices it shows (7) EVIDENT {Vice prEsIDENT*}
20 Flyer's sorry to lose navigator ultimately (5) EGRET {rEGRET}
21 Softly boy lay on girl, could it lead to this? (9) PREGNANCY {P}{REG}{NANCY} Semi &lit
25 Capital then rebuilt, took a long time (7) TEHERAN {TEH{ERA}N*}
26 Smart to grab centre stage with a hacker (7) CLEAVER {CLE{A}VER}

28 Half the nobility are rejecting the inner parts (7) VISCERA {VISCount}{ERA<=}
29 Perhaps turn in, only to meet (3,4) RUN INT0 {TURN IN O}*


1 Finally, historic relic restored by a man of God (6) CLERIC {historiC}{LERIC*}
2 Housekeeper gets an hour to raise some money (6) DIRHAM {DI{RH}AM}<=
3 Protect against loss of top dental gum (4) GUAR GUARd

4 Footballer has two days to show his wares (6) PEDDLE {PE{D}{D}LE}
5 Stifled cry in the past, at such affluence (8) OPULENCE {O{PULE}NCE} Not sure if this anno is correct See comments
6 No sense of belonging in a strange country, reportedly (10) ALIENATION {~ALIEN NATION}
7 Mechanic, not first rate, showing craftiness (8) ARTIFICE ARTIFICEr
8 Moving page, noting a change (8) POIGNANT {P}{OIGNANT*}
14 Withdrawal from Iceland? (4,6) COLD TURKEY {COLD}{TURKEY}
16 Imaginative, but not even 'Carmen' can resurrect another musical (8) CREATIVE {CaRmEn}{ATIVE<=}
17 Watchers may be funding the election (3,5) WAR CHEST {WATCHERS*} May be on double duty?
18 Parrot’s invitation to bird (8) POPINJAY {POP IN}{JAY}
22 Played once, then over and over again (6) ENCORE {ENCO*}{RE}
23 Send contents after a month with a prayer (6) NOVENA {NOV}{sENd}{A}
24 Fuss about a growing plant (6) YARROW {Y{A}RROW<=}

27 Werner von Braun was bit of a flyer (4) ERNE (T)

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Friday 29 May 2015

No 11407, Friday 29 May 2015, Arden

6   Compare initially with little I know (5) LIKEN {Li...e}{I}{KEN}
7   All there is in one poem (8) UNIVERSE {UNI}{VERSE}
10 Finally secret agent got new line (7) TANGENT {s...eT}{A{N}GENT}
11 Rush back with egg of animal (3,4) ROE DEER {ROE} {DEER<=}
12 It's produced in the Islets of Langerhans (7) INSULIN [GK]
13 Our neighbour converts many in a month (7) MYANMAR {M{MANY*}AR}
14 Played Salsa loudly for a festival (3,5,3) ALL SOULS DAY*
19 Got up, had a feeling which is overly optimistic (7) ROSEATE {ROSE}{ATE}
21 With fastness managed this language (7) FORTRAN {FORT}{RAN}
23 It's a nuisance to keep writing to a sibling (7) BROTHER {B{R}OTHER}
25 Medicine covers rules, essentially (7) CAPSULE {CAPS}{rULEs}
26 I roam all around this American city (8) AMARILLO*
27 Rallying point for a dark novel (5) DAKAR {A+DARK}*

1   Continental border to check bovine paralysis (8) AKINESIA {A{KINE}SIA}
2   Make it tough for a boy to support a girl (6) ANNEAL {ANNE}{AL}
3   Draw one into conversation — however not over fault (10) BUTTONHOLE {BUT}{TON<=}{HOLE}
4   Pioneer — individual went and landed here (4) PIER PIoneER
5   Voiced agreement over players reputation (6) ESTEEM (~yes){ES}{TEEM}(~team)
6   Almost dead, going through the country (6) LATVIA {LATe}{VIA}
8   The French dream about Beryl (7) EMERALD {LE+DREAM}*
9   Ten million rupees in the centre (5) CRORE {C{R}ORE}
13 Two fellows — say, a hero, and a villain (10) MALEFACTOR {MALE}{F}{ACTOR}
15 Hide article in King's possession (7) LEATHER {LEA{THE}R}
16 Luke and Mary made to cover heads (8) YARMULKE*
17 Inducement makes Bible change hands (5) BRIBE BIB(-l+r)RE*
18 Close attention please! (6) ENDEAR {END}{EAR}
20 Money in account for rainy.... (6) STORMY {STOR{M}Y}
22 ....roving pairs check depth in parts of river (6) RAPIDS {RAPI{D}S*}
24 Take time off to sing by the stream (4) RILL tRILL


Thursday 28 May 2015

No 11406, Thursday 28 May 2015, Arden

Reclining in his sofa Arden has collected lot of interest in the game today.

1   Is on mendgo for another option (6,4,4) CHANGE ONES MIND {IS+ON+MEND}*
10 Stick with purchase, disregard age (5) LEVER LEVERage
11 Exciting when it holds a flower (9) THRILLING {TH{RILL}ING}
12 Vehicle blocking road, unruly mob is a terror threat (3,4) CAR BOMB {CA{R} B}{MOB*}
13 Record — it protects the name (7) EPITHET {EP}{I{THE}T}
14 Direction given orally causes ferment (5) YEAST (~east)
16 Just one militant grabs power (9) IMPARTIAL {1}{M{P}ARTIAL}
19 I ask hotel accommodation very fast (4,1,4) LIKE A SHOT*
20 New notice board removed — too bad, or is it better? (5) NICER Anno not clear (Addendum - {NotICE+boaRd}* - See comments)
22 Rejected seed is for retribution (7) NEMESIS {NEMES<=}{IS}
25 Burden of work with Iron (7) OPPRESS {OP}{PRESS}
27 Business with our full representation is abloom (9) COLOURFUL {CO}{OUR+FULL}*
28 Right to collect interest, for an extended retirement (3-2) LIE-IN {LIE-{I}N}
29 Cornered them at random in a game (5-4,5) THREE-CARD MONTE*

2   Hesitate with rifle as it holds soldier's belongings (9) HAVERSACK {HAVE}{ER}{SACK} (Addendum {HAVER}{SACK} - See comments)
3   A seminar conducted for some in drug enforcement (5) NARCO [T]
4   Found ignorance mostly — covered with undue haste (9) ESTABLISH {ESTA{BLISs}H*}
5   One holds it in determination (5) NERVE [CD]
6   Continue with doctor — senior gets old (7,2) SOLDIER ON {SENIOR}* around OLD
7   Half broken rice found in his hybrid Paddy (5) IRISH {I{RIce}SH*}
8   Understand it, everything's detailed with numbers (7) DIGITAL {DIG}{IT}{ALl}
9   Gutsy midshipman is fortunate (6) PLUCKY {shiPman}{LUCKY}
15 Said to be in a daze, no volume change (9) TRANSMUTE (~trance){TRANS}{MUTE}
17 Scouted for an anonymous sponsor for a growing computer maker (9) PATROLLED {PATROn}{LLED<=} Anonymous = Nameless = No N
18 Stormy rise by changing sides (9) INCLEMENT INC(-r+l)LEMENT
19 Wild lion's injured, gets relief in print (7) LINOCUT {LION*}{CUT}
21 Hate it when dispatched again (6) RESENT {RE}{SENT}
23 Clueless about molecular grinder (5) MOLAR MOLeculAR
24 Interest in furniture is capital... (5) SOFIA {SOF{I}A}
26 ....interest in a game could be a handicap (5) POLIO {POL{I}O}


Wednesday 27 May 2015

No 11405, Wednesday 27 May 2015, Arden

Takes time to shift to Arden style from Buzzer style.

1   Cruelty I see in man (6) MALICE {MAL{I}{C}E}
4   Caused by extremely careful characters — it’s dead end (3,2,3) CUL DE SAC {CAUSED+Ca...uL}* What is the AInd? Though I'm still not convinced about it, see comments.
9   Poisonous gas is near ground (6) ARSINE*
10 Shadow boxing, say taken to higher level (8) DOGFIGHT {DOG}{FIGHT} Semi&lit
12 He's dispatched to keep shifting gear in service (8) SERGEANT {SE{GEAR*}NT}
13 By and large, Byrd goes out with a girl (6) ANGELA {by+ANd+LArGE}*
15 Press a number, and the country follows (6,6) FOURTH ESTATE {FOUR}{TH E}{STATE}
18 Wrong — vice versa, not right (12) CONSERVATIVE*
21 Tool setter's in the back (6) REAMER {REA{ME}R}
22 Herb's most uneasy inside car by day's end (8) COSTMARY {C{MOST*}AR}{daY}
24 Hold up group, it's on line (8) BANDITRY {BAND}{IT}{RY}
25 Self control not often lost in ancient text (6) SCROLL {SeLf+ContROL}*
26 Showed respect — blunt side used (8) CURTSIED {CURT}{SIDE*}
27 Big toe's well known (6) LEGEND {LEG}{END}

1   Same feat reproduced in the old kitchen (4,4) MEAT SAFE* Used to be a standard item of furniture issued to us in all army houses.
2   Passion turned sour in glossy (8) LUSTROUS {LUST}{SOUR*}
3   For once, niceties exchanged with sweets (15) CONFECTIONERIES*
5   Not business voucher on top (4) UPON coUPON
6   The sure thing (8,7) DEFINITE ARTICLE &lit
7   Ring It's gone, love lost sadly (6) SIGNET {ITS+GoNE}*
8   Sleep over, fight for breath getting up (6) CATNAP {CA}{TNAP<=}
11 Perhaps sent in, a quarter deep (7) INTENSE {SENT+IN}*{E}
14 Beginning shortly — Music festival's rising fame (7) STARDOM {STARt}{DOM Anno not clear (Addendum {STARt}{DOM<= - See comments)
16 Drink up — a warning overall (8) PINAFORE {PIN<=}{A}{FORE}
17 One round in shade — did something eco-friendly (8) RECYCLED {RE{CYCLE}D}
19 Spies in Langley have a local picking up what's spoken in Baghdad (6) ARABIC {A{RAB}IC}<=
20 He went into battle, loveless but composed (6) WAGNER {WA{GoNE}R}
23 Poetry doesn't start with language (4) ERSE vERSE


Tuesday 26 May 2015

No 11404, Tuesday 26 May 2015, Buzzer

Another entertainer from Bhavan, with some Aha! type telescopic clues.

9   Paperwork bore sign, name, pic essentially (7) ORIGAMI {bORe}{sIGn}{nAMe}{pIc}
10 Serving of red wine, about the best (7) PORTION {PORT}{1ON<=}
11 Material to lie on (5) FABLE [CD] (Addendum - FIBRE {FIB}{RE} - See comments)
12 An aromatic drink removed ale breath (6,3) HERBAL TEA*
13 Castigate a rap artist producing trash (4,5) TEAR APART [T]
14 Took steps and managed to halve the capital (5) LOPED Anno pending (Addendum - (-c+l)LOPED - See comments)
15 Completely taken by detailed story (2,5) IN TOTAL {IN TO}{TALe}
17 Hollow rings to praise and acclaim (7) PLAUDIT {P{LAUD}IT}
19 One charming dog, not loud (5) WOOER WOOfER
20 Fellow left union for a companion (9) COLLEAGUE {CO}{L}{LEAGUE} CO for fellow? See comments
22 Proof of uncontrolled rattiness (9) RESISTANT*
24 Jumped in a field exercise (5) LEAPT {LEA}{PT}
25 Tense about working this evening (7) TONIGHT {T{ON}IGHT}
26 Overlook or look over and over (7) CONDONE {CON}{DONE}

1   Piece of colour, it often gets thrown around (8) CONFETTI {Co...r}{IT+OFTEN}*
2   New sailboat docked at Portuguese capital (6) LISBOA SAILBOat*
3   Criminal, he has influence (10) MALEFACTOR {MALE}{FACTOR}
4   Part of leg from top to bottom, to give trouble in run (8) HIGHTAIL {(-t)HIGH(+t)T}{AIL}
5   Liquor bottle (6) SPIRIT [DD]
6   Whale right about below the surface of ocean (4) ORCA {Oc...n}{R}{CA}
7   Edition carrying blurred page printed erroneously (8) MISTYPED {MISTY}{P}{ED}
8   Remaining free (6) UNPAID [DD]
14 Refrain from touching sample, a veal on egg rolls (5,5) LEAVE ALONE [T]
16 A number of handouts reprinted (8) THOUSAND*
17 Capitol is not a building for government affairs? (8) POLITICS {CaPITOL+IS}*
18 Scores left during match ending in loss (8) TWENTIES {T{WENT}IE}{losS}
19 Fire with gun killing one (6) WARMTH {Wi{ARM}TH} Not sure if this is right
20 Simple tea set-up (6) CHASTE {CHA}{SET*}
21 Desert state of India without lake (2,4) GO AWOL {GO A}{WO}{L}
23 No hanging loose with starch? (4) SAGO {SAG}{O}


Monday 25 May 2015

No 11403, Monday 25 May 2015, Buzzer

A nice start to the week. Thanks Buzzer. Liked the crisp clues at 14A, 18A and 17D.

1   Plan for a power failure with more than one kit (3-3) SET-UPS {SET}-{UPS} (Addendum - GET-UPS {GET}-{UPS} - See comments)
5   Money put aside initially for a satellite (6) EUROPA {EURO}{Put}{As..e}
10 Thoroughly topsy-turvy (6,3) INSIDE OUT [DD]
11 Tenet backing claim to be a superhuman being (5) DOGMA {DOG}{MA}<=
12 Antique piece of handheld e-reader (5) ELDER [T]
13 Imprison Russian leader heading for judicial trouble (3,2,4) PUT IN JAIL {PUT IN} {Ju...l}{AIL}
14 Horn, it's blown briefly (2,5) IN SHORT*
16 Relatively meaningless English rank describing politician (7) EMPTIER {E}{MP}{TIER}
18 Old squeeze say (7) EXPRESS {EX}{PRESS}
20 American friend hacked into NASA? (7) ACRONYM {A{CRONY}M}
21 Weedless ground surrounding one alpine plant (9) EDELWEISS {EDELWE{1}SS*}
23 Parent missing her first is not the same (5) OTHER mOTHER
25 Brave man seen around street, revolting (5) GUTSY {GU{TS<=}Y}
26 Soft cloth rug I see is sensible (9) PRAGMATIC {P}{RAG}{MAT}{I}{C}
27 Sound of a seal or small swan (6) CYGNET (~signet)
28 Crude is vulgar, yeah about right (6) EARTHY {EA{RT}HY*}

2   Relieved leader in let-off (5) EASED lEASED
3   Experienced government yielding to cabinet's latest suggestion (9) UNDERTONE UNDER(-g+t)TONE
4   Exciting to be in second place in a field event (4,3) SHOT PUT {S}{HOT} {PUT}
5   Patent, it lends to an extent to give someone rights (7) ENTITLE [T]
6   Member of a noble group managed without work (5) RADON {RA{DO}N}
7   Mythical king lay moping around (9) PYGMALION*
8   Mechanical power is key in erecting building (7,6) KINETIC ENERGY*
9   Fine everyone starting at grand event for lapse (4,4,5) FALL FROM GRACE {F}{ALL} {FROM} {G}{RACE}
15 Penalty is dodged in a shrewd manner (9) SAPIENTLY*
17 A past actor (9) PERFORMER {PER}{FORMER}
19 Scrap with nails drawn up like a cat (7) SNIPPET {SNIP<=}{PET}
20 Calm like a guru holding court essentially (7) ASSUAGE {AS}{S{coUrt}AGE}
22 Entrance with a feminine principle (3,2) WAY IN {W}{A}{Y IN}
24 Unforeseen problem for couple (5) HITCH [DD]


Sunday 24 May 2015

Special, Sunday 24 May 2015, Ramki Krishnan

Three answers per commenter (annotations compulsory) as usual till 6 PM

1   Common man can perform miracle, at last (4,3)
5   Mean to wear torn dress (7)
9   Reportedly look at channels to protect river fish (9)
10 Scoff at one who runs away (5)
11 Revolutionary does initially sing about a Russian city (6)
12 Waves in desert sun - a mirage! (7)
14 Doctor dies in the middle of the month (4)
15 Shipwrecked, a wild lion reaches a Caribbean island (10)
19 Anthem about one who promotes mercy, finally (10)
20 Woman's love? (4)
22 Meeting leader of Spain inside? Sounds revolting! (7)
25 Wet clothing worn by a communist (6)
27 Love a Malayali being shown on TV (2,3)
28 Sick, at home, with lots of time for chit-chats (9)
29 Immortal bird drowns in fermented ale (7)
30 Actress accepts suitable part (7)

1   Only project about origin of science (4)
2   Ambassador to focus on Panama, for example (9)
3   Revoke a promise, extremely sleepy and tired (6)
4   Possibly easiest to consume bits of cocaine and sugar for thrills (9)
5   Hate? No-no, adjust! (5)
6   Flowing in funnel, it is liquid (8)
7   Swelling a bit, excitedly made out (5)
8   Killer's condition to enter Iran, possibly (10)
13 It could be used to blow up stuff in the lab (10)
16 “Father dear, I’m terribly cold – call him for help!” (9)
17 Careless supervision? (9)
18 Troops in formation for a small charge (8)
21 Millet or maize, for example – each helps protect the eyes (6)
23 Smooth, except around a hair-pin bend (5)
24 Scientist's first break during Christmas (5)
26 King of performing arts (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at RAMKI 2


No 2842, Sunday 24 May 2015

It's Bye Bye's today

1   Phrase used on leaving single northern girl, initially (2,4) SO LONG {SO LO}{N}{Girl}
5   Draw strangely fashionable Australian port (6) DARWIN {DRAW}*{IN}
11 A short record about love, then it's arrivederci (5) ADIOS {A}{DI{O}Sc}
12 Under control? No, ratings out of control (2,1,6) ON A STRING*
13 Saucy dance? (5) SALSA [DD]
14 Apiarist, perhaps bitter about English preserve (9) BEEKEEPER {BE{E}{KEEP}ER}
15 Wrote 'False Alarm', staggering novel (1,8,2,4) A FAREWELL TO ARMS*
18 Film of Surrey, one Loy made, unknown (3,4,4,4) FOR YOUR EYES ONLY {OF+SURREY+ONE+LOY}*{Y}
21 His topic, a strange nut (9) PISTACHIO*
22 A win once more (5) AGAIN {A}{GAIN}
24 Bar, place abroad stocking soft fruit (4,5) CRAB APPLE {CRAB A{P}PLE}*
25 Previous abbot's deputy (5) PRIOR [DD]
26 Watch cutter swing (6) SEESAW {SEE}{SAW}
27 Leader of expedition brought in beer to begin journey (3,3) SET OUT {S{Ex...n}T OUT}

2   Newly-built Loire college (5) ORIEL*
3   Performing animal put inside one (2,5) ON STAGE {ON {STAG}E}
4   Groomed by eccentric carpenter in novella (7,2,5) GOODBYE MR CHIPS {GROOMED BY}* {CHIPS}
6   Traced odd circular letter revealing design style (3,4) ART DECO {ART DEC}*{O}
7   Wife more trendy, fashionable, a huntsman's assistant (7-2) WHIPPER-IN {W}{HIPPER}-{IN}
8   Reign nervously in an African country (5) NIGER*
9   Opera, Parsifal, staffer includes (8) FALSTAFF [T]
10 Every wall oven's shown differently in a series of books (8,6) WAVERLEY NOVELS*
16 Rose incredibly swiftly across the Earth's atmosphere and beyond (9) AEROSPACE {A{ROSE*}PACE} Is the definition correct?
17 For example, on air, I ignored a closing remark (8) SAYONARA {SAY}{ON}{AiR}{A}
19 Anthem can, carried by old girl (1,6) O CANADA {O} {CAN}{ADA}
20 Don't move prop, fixed (4,3) STAY PUT {STAY} {PUT}
21 Experts, after start of polka, showing steps (5) PACES {Polka}{ACES}
23 Cheerio to the French about to depart (5) ADIEU {A{DIE}U}

Saturday 23 May 2015

No 11402, Saturday 23 May 2015, Neyartha

Straight forward one from Neyartha.


1 Gazing into these might reveal a lot (7,5) CRYSTAL BALLS (CD)
8 Continuous // operation (7) RUNNING (DD)
9 Evasive pattern // shown by lightning bolts (6) ZIGZAG (DD)
11 Maoris run out to see the constellation (4,5) URSA MINOR {MAORIS RUN}*
12 Adult's out of place in the country range (5) CHAIN {CH(+A)IN(-A)}
14 Article about humour's hot for that reason (9) THEREWITH {THE}{RE}{WIT}{H}
16 Seal in the Scottish lake reported (4) LOCK (~LOCH)
18 Support the Congress chief to get rid of the new financial institution (4) BACK {BA(-N)(+C)K}
19 Type of wind generated by manufacturing of nitrate after receiving notice (9) ANTITRADE {ANTITR{AD}E}*
21 Withdraw with revolutionary Anu to entertain the Pole and the Yankee (5) UNSAY {UNA<=}{S}{Y}
22 Ignore sap at sea in an island country (9) SINGAPORE {IGNORE SAP}*

23 Knocking sound makes Bharat tattle to some extent (3-3) RAT-TAT (T)
25 Correct for the government to dismiss the Democrat and return to an earlier state (7) REGRESS {RE(-D)(+G)RESS}
26 Characteristic tendency to support ignoring one-third of the initials (6,6) SECOND NATURE {SECOND}{sigNATURE}


2 Crane's scene altered to show rebirths (11) RENASCENCES {CRANE'S SCENE}*
3 Acts skittish around Frenchmen on an island with some undergarments (8) SHIMMIES {SHI{M}{M}{I}ES}
4 Leo disregarded generational variance in the country (9) ARGENTINA {GENeRATIoNAl}*
5 In Cuba, Zarathustra got to the marketplace (5) BAZAR (T)

6 Disheartened Lucy retains pen sent up with the willed property (6) LEGACY {Luc{EGAC<=}Y}
7 Tail-less marine mammal in a large body of salt water (3) SEA {SEAl}
8 Rudely awaken the sailor and heavily sedated ship labourer (10) ROUSTABOUT {ROUST}{AB}{OUT}

10 Troubled sinner considering look up with the hotel managers (10) INNKEEPERS {INN{KEEP<=}ERS}*
13 Accountant enlists Victor and Oscar to meet simpleton with an Arabic fruit (7,4) AVOCADO PEAR {A{V}{O}CA}{DO PE}{AR}

15 Such drivers may flee the scene (3-3-3) HIT-AND-RUN (E)
17 Frank's dilemma in conversation (8) STRAIGHT {~STRAIT}
20 Psychic used chemistry to lose her (6) MYSTIC {CheMISTrY}*
22 American leader tucks into the tiny eggs brought up with a smooth fabric (5)  SATIN {S{A}TIN<=}
24 Innocent // animal (3) ASS (DD)

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Friday 22 May 2015

No 11401, Friday 22 May 2015, Neyartha

Note: Starred clues carry no direct definition, but they are all types of a geometric shape

1   It might get written after a person's departure (8) OBITUARY [E]
5   Rubble found by the young socialite and a gentleman from the east (6) DEBRIS {DEB}{RIS<=}
9   Greek character goes around Romania and America's south-east for the bridal wardrobe (9) TROUSSEAU {T{RO}{US}{SE}AU}
11 A sandwich without the topping for one who advocates (5) URGER bURGER
12 Clumsy boats returning to pick up Bill Knight's medieval musical instrument (7) SACKBUT SACKBUT {S{AC}{K}BUT<=}
14 Lamppost set up without son's hand-held computing device (7) PALMTOP LAMPPOsT*
15 Selected trio in trouble with the polygraphs (3,9) LIE DETECTORS*
17 Factors related to mental measurements (12) PSYCHOMETRIC [E]
20 English poet in Switzerland for sulphur in a dish (7) CHAUCER (-s+ch)CHAUCER
22 Oriental sign found outside the diary with a short poem (7) EULOGIE {E}U{LOG}IE Anno pending. (Addendum - ECLOGUE - {E}{C{LOG}UE} - See comments)
23 Medieval German pope and Italian philosopher condemned for heresy (5) BRUNO [DD/GK]
24 Protestant encountered folded dhotis inside (9) METHODIST {ME{DHOTIS*}T}
26 Rage revealed in letters from the Tennessee theatre ... (6) SEETHE [T]
27 ... next to the leading aspirin dispensary just around central Etowah's new terminal (8) ADJACENT Acrostic

1   *Pushy four move out after the monarch abdicates (6) OBTUSE OBTrUSivE
2   *Sees coils getting unwound (9) ISOSCELES*
3   Raises part of the teacup set (3) UPS [T]
4   German physicist with an Indian herbal soap turns up for an X-ray (13) ROENTGENOGRAM {ROENTGEN}{OGRAM<=}
6   *Counterpart embracing retail development (11) EQUILATERAL {EQU{RETAIL*}AL}
7   *A religious ceremony for the auditor (5) RIGHT (~rite)
8   Left with no options, one might do this to a barrel's bottom (6) SCRAPE [CD]
10 Revolutionary to cure dependent at sea (13) UNPRECEDENTED*
13 Speaker's split fabric to make a garment (11) BREECHCLOTH (~breach){BREECH}{CLOTH}
16 Identify and appreciate (9) RECOGNISE [DD]
18 Diving apparatuses from South Carolina with Basu's uniform moved to the top (6) SCUBAS {SC}{(+u)UBAS(-u)}
19 Cross gets rid of the pawn in a set of seven and half a dozen (6) SEXTET SE(-p+x)XTET
21 *Copper carried by upset Greek character (5) ACUTE {A{CU}TE<=}
25 Star, becoming bright, needs no introduction to the eggs (3) OVA nOVA


Thursday 21 May 2015

No 11400, Thursday 21 May 2015, Gridman

1   A person with burning desires (8) ARSONIST [E]
5   Excitement from a short hour going through cash register (6) THRILL {T{HR}ILL}
9   Old dynasty's father’s rather lavish without second (7) PAHLAVI {PA}{LAVIsH*}
10 Indistinct car enters, having the colour of the sky (7) BLURRED {BLU{RR}ED}
11 Oman pacer goes around to catch a bird (9) CAMPANERO*
12 Topic of an egoist? (5) THEME {THE}{ME}
13 Brings no black teacup handles (4) EARS bEARS
14 Murder mystery makes Hindu now tense and tremulous (9) WHODUNNIT {HINDU+NOW+T}*
17 Usual memo to refurbish the Taj Mahal, say (9) MAUSOLEUM*
19 Objects to retrieving counterfoil (4) STUB <=
23 B___ heat's awful! Wash is required (5) BATHE {B}{HEAT}*
24 In the last month, a measure by Cyprus exposes grossness (9) INDECENCY {IN}{DEC}{EN}{CY}
25 Time for squaring up? (7) EVENING [DD]
26 National, in short, makes appeal (7) ITALIAN in short is IT
27 Detective gets nothing right! That's weird (6) SPOOKY {SP{O}{OK}Y}
28 Hurt a couple of girls, ever one is troubled (8) AGGRIEVE {A}{GG}{EVER+1}*

1   Faced Ted's pace tremblingly (8) ASPECTED*
2   He plots to have son, married, in good spirits (7) SCHEMER {S}{CHE{M}ER}
3   African animals from U.S. city. “Oh woe.” (6) NYALAS {NY}{ALAS}
4   Terrifying media bias on Egyptian leader's lessening (13) SPINECHILLING {SPIN}{Eg...n}{CHILLING} Lessening as in temperature reduction.
6   In a ghostly sort of way, relative is covered by astringent (8) HAUNTING {H{AUNT}ING}
7   National is lifting king at one (7) ISRAELI {IS}{RAEL<=}{1}
8   It helps one to maintain one's balance (6) LEDGER [CD]
10 Horrifying old OB emerges (13) BLOODCURDLING {OLD+OB}*
15 Star's bloomer is killed, to begin with (8) ASTERISK {ASTER}{IS}{Ki...d}
16 It's up in the airadult Turkish ruler's weapon broken at the top (8) ABEYANCE {A}{BEY}{lANCE}
18 A right code set out for a building design style (3,4) ART DECO {A}{RT} {CODE}*
20 XXX French island for a stretch (7) TENSILE {TENS}{ILE}
21 Dwell on old boy's meeting dismissing retrograde leader (6) OBSESS {OB}{SESS1on<=}
22 Bakery product I clear off (6) ECLAIR*


Wednesday 20 May 2015

No 11399, Wednesday 20 May 2015, Gridman

Enjoyed 16A and 8D.

1   Woman backs skill in flying machine (8) AIRCRAFT {AIR<=}{CRAFT}
6   Time edge is put in shape (4) TRIM {T}{RIM}
9   Again troubled, having new heart disease (6) ANGINA {A{N}GINA*}
10 Revulsion is talked over, it is said (7) DISGUST (~discussed)
13 Lifeline between mother and baby (9) UMBILICUS [GK]
14 Select drug that isn’t too potent? (5) ELITE {E}{LITE}
15 Work group was exultant (4) CREW [DD]
16 Shifty VIP enrages rumour mills (10) GRAPEVINES*
19 Could be conjectured helps lose right to the clever (10) SUPPOSABLE {SUPPO(-rt+able}ABLE}
21 Daze son — one leaving AP town (4) STUN {S}{TUNi}
24 School publicist is portly (5) STOUT {S}{TOUT}
25 A Socratic change in a South American country (5,4) COSTA RICA*
26 Tragedy almost all of the rest — learners — get to observe initially (7) OTHELLO {OTHEr}{LL}{Ob...e}
27 Old father's search leaves good man out — it's clouded (6) OPAQUE {O}{PA}{QUEst}
28 Say etiquette demanded the outing of the Himalayan legend (4) YETI [T]
29 Thwarted action, indeed (8) DEFEATED {DE{FEAT}ED}

2   Base in globe destroyed (7) IGNOBLE*
3   Unfriendly country named (6) CHILLY (~chile)
4   Song about a top-class vehicle's growth (9) ARAUCARIA {AR{A}{U}{CAR}IA}
5   Members of tribal group now not unknown to take seconds (5) TODAS {TODAy}{S}
7   A school function in the French island (7) REUNION [DD]
8   New hailstorm felled family members (7-2-3) MOTHERS-IN-LAW*
11 Turn to start court activity to catch workers' leader (6) SWERVE {S{Wo...s}ERVE}
12 It relates no failure (7,5) SUCCESS STORY [CD]
17 Kill — sheen's gone (6,3) POLISH OFF {POLISH} {OFF}
18 Fatal result of extra story being left unfinished repeatedly (6) MORTAL {MORe}{TALe}
20 Visionary in favour of making dog swallow drug (7) PROPHET {PRO}{P{H}ET}
22 But no Tamilian leader included in banal praise (7) TRIBUTE {TRI{BUt}TE}
23 Black fruit no second to this fruit (6) BANANA {B}{ANANAs}
25 Initially catching footloose rogue in assembly (5) CROWD {Ca...g}{ROWDy}


Tuesday 19 May 2015

No 11398, Tuesday 19 May 2015, Gridman

With a little help from Ramesh for 11 and 15A

1   Nothing evil about department's peace symbol (5,6) OLIVE BRANCH {O}{EVIL*} {BRANCH}
9   Servant returns at five, leaving sides behind in city (3,4) TEL AVIV {TEL AV<=}{fIVe}
10 Army officer's support to Oriental place of study (7) COLLEGE {COL}{LEG}{E}
11 Cheers revolutionary abandoning Trichinopoly products (5) ROOTS cheROOTS
12 Poet got so crazy — becomes ruined (4,2,3) GOES TO POT*
13 Eccentric and keen beginner in Texas city (5) WACKO {WAC{Keen}O}
15 Carried out Ted's order for herb (6-3) DESERT-ROD*
18 Deer attack not launched in retrospect (9) HINDSIGHT {HIND}{SlIGHT}
21 Fool crossing extremes of Bellary's chasm (5) ABYSS {A{Be...rY}SS}
22 Dressed up Gujarat village I fed somehow (9) DANDIFIED {DANDI}{I+FED}*
24 Touchy person continuously high-strung (5) HYPER [T]
26 A saint in banian is most expansive (7) VASTEST {V{A}{ST}EST}
27 Boy told to cover up street crime (7) ROBBERY {ROB}{BERY}(~bury)
28 Exotic dancer's puzzle follows comic (11) STRIPTEASER {STRIP}{TEASER}

1   Horn product (9) OUTGROWTH [DD]
2   One good small room in ice house (5) IGLOO {1}{G}{LOO}
3   Imagines noises put out around quarter to six (9) ENVISIONS {NOISES}* around {N}{VI}}
4   Artist to see the old, battle-scarred (7) RAVAGED {RA}{V}{AGED}
5   Central part of uncle's resolution on America (7) NUCLEUS {UNCLE}* {US}
6   The man standing on a patch of land is a serf (5) HELOT {HE}{LOT}
7   Joy, heartless, crosses cat left out: therein lies danger (8) JEOPARDY {Jo{lEOPARD}Y}
8   Win against the cream (4) BEST [DD]
14 Unknown is in church to sanctify (8) CANONISE {C{ANON}{IS}E}
16 Everyone in crowd — except boy — is within one’s grasp (9) REACHABLE {R{EACH}ABbLE}
17 Siva — one taking part in a sea battle (9) DESTROYER [DD]
19 Good surgery pioneer to sparkle (7) GLISTER {G}{LISTER}
20 Stumble over fish in rough water (4,3) TIDE RIP {T{IDE} RIP}
22 No new bed for prima donna (4) DIVA DIVAn
23 The Italian Sue's undergone operation for intestinal obstruction (5) ILEUS {IL}{SUE*}
25 Push the newspapers (5) PRESS [DD]