Monday, 26 September 2022

No 13670, Monday 26 Sep 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 11D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Painter's drawing in hospital with a flower (6) DAHLIA {DA{H}LI}{A}
4   Setter's bored by the German boxer's doctrine (8) IDEALISM {I{DE}{ALI'S}M}
9   Destroy one virus caught spreading ultimately deadly disease (6) SCURVY {ViRUS+C}*{d...lY}
10 Letters from cycling buddy encourage husband to move ahead (8) ALPHABET {(-p)AL(+p)P} and {ABET}<=>{H}
12 Spooner's hair colour for formal wear (5-3) DRESS-TIE (~ tress dye to dress tie)
13 You and I can get working (6) USABLE {US}{ABLE}
15 Two women with shields fighting in rodeo (4,4,4) WILD WEST SHOW {TWO+W+W+SHIELDS}*
18 How a model performs or protests? (7,1,4) STRIKES A POSE [DD]
21 Assumes largely reliable president's boring America (6) USURPS {U{SURe}{P}S}
22 Cook tosses English eggs in free dessert, say (4,4) RICH FOOD {CHeF}{00} in {RID}
24 Scrap's worth (5,3) THROW OUT {WORTH}* [RA]
25 Bored Anu runs wild in sex (2,1,3) IN A RUT {ANU+R}* in {IT}
26 Married lives need time to weather tear and abuse (8) MISTREAT {M}{IS}{TEAR*}{T}
27 Old country's part of upper Sialkot (6) PERSIA [T]

1   Eat quickly and throw on the ground (4,4)  DASH DOWN [DD]
2   Bug in fuse tripping perfect boxes (8) HOUSEFLY {HO{FUSE*}LY}
3   Give authority to stop and interview West Haryana's leading criminal (6,4,5) INVEST WITH POWER {STOP+INTERVIEW+W+Ha...a}*
5   Decorative object looking lovely basically! (4) DOLL Acrostic #lit
6   Slim odds of a new stagecoach wandering without horse at the lead (1,5,2,1,6) A GHOST OF A CHANCE {OF+A+N+STAGECOACH}* over {Ho..e}
7   Swallow that is biting many birds in bushes initially (6) IMBIBE {I{Many}{Bi..s}{In}{Bu...s}E}
8   Parent taking time to make home run (6) MOTHER {MO{T}HE*}{R}
11 Connection finally back on board (7) ?I?S?I? (Addendum - KINSHIP {bacK}{IN SHIP} - See comments) 
14 Comic hero tries bananas in  American's sack (7) ASTERIX {TRIES}* in {AX}
16 Hence, reporters skip over stops (8) SOJOURNS {SO}{JOURNoS}
17 Some chatted never bringing up bad blood (8) VENDETTA [T<=]
19 Copper gets most used for 23, perhaps (6) CUSTOM {CU}{MOST*}
20 Durga attacking with Shakti, primarily protects (6) GUARDS {DURGA*}{Sh...i}
23 Starts to pray using japa and ritual for Navartri (4) PUJA Acrostic

Reference List
Hospital = H, The in German = DE, Caught = C, Women = W, With = W, President = P, English = E, Runs =R, Sex = IT, Married = M, Time = T, West = W, New = N, American sack = AX, Over = O 

Sunday, 25 September 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3221, Sunday 25 Sep 2022

1   Centralised arrangement for employment qualifications (11) CREDENTIALS*
9   Ransome’s written about a group in a boat (7) OARSMEN*
10 Revolutionary painting? Very upset: it’s hard work (7) TRAVAIL {ART<=}{V}{AIL<=}
11 Leaves out some whom I.T. suggests (5) OMITS [T]
12 Blasted duck – or beautiful bird (8) FLAMINGO {FLAMING}{O}
14 United appoint endlessly wealthy Australian dietician, ultimately opposed to apple pie? (10) UNAMERICAN {U}{NAME}{RICh}{A}{d...aN}
15 Everyman finally did change a lightbulb – in a manner of speaking (4) IDEA {I}{diD}{c...gE}{A}
17 Friends: they’ll give you flowers (4) BUDS [DD]
19 Mountain rock by cape; piercing yell – who’s making it? (7,3) SCREECH OWL {SCREE}{C}{HOWL}
21 Male bird of prey one captured with weapon (8) TOMAHAWK {TOM}{HAWK} over {A}
23 Provide new container for flipping drunkard (5) REPOT <=
25 Land in trouble tucking into dodgy cure (7) ECUADOR {ECU{ADO}R*}
26 No longer working, detective, unerring marksman (4-3) DEAD-EYE {DEAD}{EYE}
27 Blockbusting books from footballer and comedian (11) BESTSELLERS {BEST}{SELLERS}

1   I’m taken aback and largely ill on a French island (7) CORSICA {COR}{SICk}{A}
2   Needs hem altering, being tangled up (8) ENMESHED*
3   Eagle – rather nautical eagle, primarily? (4) ERNE Acrostic &lit
4   Tantalised by a little bird, I will have dined on starter of duck (10) TITILLATED {TIT}{I'LL}{ATE}{Duck}
5   Rattle and bell, often (5) ALARM [DD]
6   A little barista in Edinburgh is covered in blotches (7) STAINED [T]
7   Unhealthy cornet cut out, assuming bachelor’s wanting vegan fare (7,6) COCONUT BUTTER {CORNET+CUT+OUT} over {B}
8   Regrettably, a tour fell flat making you nervous (3,2,1,7)  ALL OF A FLUTTER*
13 Minister having disagreement about church to speak with delicacy (5,5) MINCE WORDS {MIN}{CE}{WORDS}
16 Protection from wind given to top pilot in film (8) SCARFACE {SCARF}{ACE}
18 Chump and onion that’s hard to see? (3,4) DIM BULB {DIM}{BULB}
20 Shore up revival for legendary musician (7) ORPHEUS*
22 Doesn’t show animals' skin (5) HIDES [DD]
24 Superstar’s out of work, we’re told (4) IDOL (~idle)

Reference List
Very = V, United = U, Australian = A, Cape = C, Trouble = ADO, Bachelor = B, Church = CE 

Saturday, 24 September 2022

No 13669, Saturday 24 Sep 2022, Avtaar


1   Free, like the character of Dasaratha in the Ramayana, maybe? (6) PAROLE {PA ROLE}
4   Headdress irked star, eh? (5,3) STRAW HAT {STAR}*{WHAT}
9   Training in stylish, small two-wheelers (6)  MOPEDS {MO{PE}D}{S}
10 Riot-control device exploded - Bang! Out near London's East End (5,3) BATON GUN {BANG+OUT}*{l...oN}
11 Online travel portal? (7,7) RAILWAY STATION [CD]
13 "Lake of the Boundless Valley" - fantastic hit on the way up (4-6) HALF-VOLLEY {L+OF+tHe+VALLEY}*
14 Fine, fermented drink made from cashew or coconut (4) FENI*
16 Champion wins maiden crown (4) ACME {AC{M}E}
18 Amidst breaks, cycling coach bonds (10) RESTRAINTS {REST{(-t)RAIN(+t)T}S}
21 Lock assemblies that are ready-to-use? (7,7) TURNKEY SYSTEMS [C&DD]
23 Barred point in pass (8) EXCEPTED {EXCE{PT}ED}
24 Hiding love, mother's starting to torment revolutionary (6) MAOIST {MA}{0}{IS}{To...t}
25 Fine head of solicitors, through slogging and legwork, finally became adviser to the Queen (4,4) TOOK SILK {TO{OK}{So...s}IL}{l...rK}
26 Even characters in Boeing gladly ceded land that was divided in the 1940s (6) BENGAL {BoEiNg+GlAdLy}


1   "Apple in Post Office" by Avtaar (4) POME {PO}{ME}
2   For the audience, Nadal is a great artist (7) RAPHAEL (~rafael) 
3   Girlfriend flirted overtly skipping right behind young man (4-4) LADY-LOVE {OVErtLY}*<=>{LAD}
5   Playing tennis? Try attacking lobs, to start with, for a short while (11) TRANSIENTLY {TENNIS+TRY+At...g+Lobs}*
6   Decapod alien groups having no feet (6) APODAL [T]
7   Fellow admitting Azed's original crossword is torment (7) HAGRIDE {H{Azed}{GRID}E}
8   The hotel lost Mrs Reagan and Mrs Sinatra's possessions (9) TENANCIES {ThE}{NANCIES}
12 Path across river with fountain outside Vatican seems good but is not adequate (3,4,4) ALL VERY WELL {ALL{V}E{R}Y}{WELL}
13 Almost fully breathe out and take pulse (9) HEARTBEAT {BREATHe}*{EAT}
15 Louisiana and Tennessee dons - like Corleone, perhaps? (4,4) LAST NAME {L}{AS}{T}{NAME} (Addendum - {LA}{S{TN}AME} - See comments)
17 Land is turned out in dry wind, south of Missouri (7) MOROCCO {siROCCO}<=>{MO}
19 Freezing Emergency Room avoided by Count (7) NUMBING NUMBerING
20 Pesky, mischievous son chats online (6) SKYPES {PESKY}*{S}
22 ... and others turned up dead (2,2) ET AL LATE<=

Reference List

Eh = WHAT, Training = PE, Stylish = MOD, Small = S, Lake = L, Champion = ACE, Maiden = M, Breaks = REDSTS, Coach = TRAIN, Point = PT, Pass = EXCEED, Love =0, Mother's = MA'S, Fine = OK, Slogging = TOIL
Post Office = PO< Avtaar = ME, Right = RT, Young man = LAD, Fellow = HE, Crossword = GRID, Hotel = H, Path = ALLEY, River = R, Fountain = WELL, Vatican = V, Take = EAT, Louisiana = LA. Teneessee = TN, Like = SAME, Missouri = MO, Emergency Room = ER, Count = NUMBERING, Son = S, Dead = LATE

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday, 23 September 2022

No 13668, Friday 23 Sep 2022, Bruno


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Set of numbers essentially formatted with rating: 1-10? (6) MATRIX {forMATted}{R}{I}{X}
4   Soft at the edges, low in the middle, hard and flat (6) SMOOTH {So{MOO}fT}{H}
8   Hazy nuclear explosion (7) UNCLEAR*
9   English Channel featuring article on English school (7) EDUCATE {E}{DUC{A}T}{E}
11 Complex expression from Olympian's swimming around back half of pool (10) POLYNOMIAL {P{poOL}YNOMIAL*}
12 Excited for a drink right away (4) AGOG {A}{GrOG}
13 Plants from US state lack identification (5) FLORA FLORidA
14 Family cashed in chips (8) ECHIDNAS*
16 Truth is: mood around colleges' extremely cagey (8) ACCURACY {A{C}{C}URA}{CageY}
18 Fraction of supply ultimately stolen (5) RATIO RATIOn
20 Current fashion immodestly revealed (4) MODE [T]
21 One way to summarize numbers from Shakespeare's first act — its twice played (10) STATISTICS {Sh...e+ACT+ITS+ITS}*
23 Fabric worn by graduate — one inspecting tracks (7) LINEMAN {LINE{MA}N}
24 Operator starts to don iron eyeshade (7) DIVISOR {Don}{Iron}{VISOR}
25 Old weapons adjusted to make body armour? (6) GUSSET {GUnS}{SET}
26 Picked up Dark Horse? (6) KNIGHT (~night)

1   Fellow's attempt to get something sweet (5) MANGO {MAN}{GO}
2   Majority of those have captured friend — go get them! (5-2) TALLY-HO {T{ALLY}HOse}
3   Lover wandering at Marina with love (9) INAMORATA {AT+MARINA+0}*
5   Setter raised son for award (5) MEDAL {ME}{LAD<=}
6   You can get fruits here or a vegetable (7) ORCHARD {OR}{CHARD}
7   Asian stew with a tomato's skin that's hard to handle (3,6) HOT POTATO {HOTPOT}{A}{To...tO}
10 Worker's body part has many boils (9) LIVERYMAN {LIVER}{MANY}
13 Resolving to put sealant at the bottom of feature (9) FACTORING {O-RING}<=>{FACT}
15 Function at girl's college's popular around America (9) HERMITIAN {HER}{MIT}{I{A}N}
17 Inept tennis player Monica visited America (7) USELESS {U{SELES}S}
19 AT&T made money (1000 dollars) on needlework (7) TATTING {ATT}*{TIN}{G}
21 Resort in front of church has room (5) SPACE {SPA}{CE}
22 Pick bottom of inkpot to support pen (2-3) CO-OPT {i...oT}<=>{COOP}

Reference List
Rating = R, Low = MOO, Hard = H, English = E, Right = R, Identification = ID, College = C, Graduate = MA, Sealant = O-RING, Popular = IN, America = A, Money = TIN, 1000 dollars = G, Church = CE

Thursday, 22 September 2022

No 13667, Thursday 22 Sep 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 1D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

7   English parliamentarian interrupts trials to cause commotions (8) TEMPESTS {T{E}{MP}ESTS}
9   Must hold us at fault (6) SHOULD*
10 Roasts in pots (4) PANS [DD]
11 Presently approach and question Spooner (4,3,3) HERE AND NOW (~ near and how to here and now)
12 People from South failing Hindi (6)  SINDHI {S}{HINDI*}
14 Support group hires new criminal lawyer for contract killer? (8) ANACONDA {A{N}A}{CON}{DA}
15 Pretty simple ones, yet he struggles (4,2,3,4) EASY ON THE EYES {EASY}{ONES+YET+HE}*
18 Not possible to store dill without covers or fresh leaves (8) CILANTRO {C{dILl}ANT}{OR*}
20 Graceful female close to you donated clothes (6) FLUENT {F}{L{yoU}ENT}
21 Possibly in fun, setter's set about that lady - It's not done! (10) UNFINISHED {IN+FUN}*{I'{SHE}D}
22 Poor Anarkali initially separated from her lover (4) SLIM SaLIM
23 Contents of cellar can expose secret (6) ARCANE [T]
24 Study about concealed weapon brought in focus (8) NARROWED {N{ARROW}ED<=}

1   Perhaps Uncle, about 50, had drip injected (8) ?E?A?I?E (Addendum - RELATIVE {RE}{L}{AT{IV}E} - See comments))
2   Discharge after old work (4) OPUS {PUS}<=>{O}
3   Doctor Smith joining current strips of tissue (6) ISTHMI {SMITH*}{I}
4   Lift computer key in the middle, far behind (8) ESCALATE {ESC}{fAr}{LATE}
5   Wholesome words of praise (4,3,3) GOOD FOR YOU [DD]
6   Seed of a plum joined regularly (6) ALMOND {A+pLuM+jOiNeD}
8   Overstretched in hard step at indoor exercises (6,3,4) SPREAD TOO THIN {H+STEP+AT+INDOOR}*
13 Carnegie, say almost accepts request and a suggestion about book (3,7) DAS KAPITAL {D{ASK}A{A+TIP<=}Le} (Correction - {D{ASK}{A}{TIP<=}ALe} - See comments)
16 Got a debit on mobile (8) OBTAINED*
17 Guard dispatched home well within limits (8) SENTINEL {SENT}{IN}{wELl}
19 Overlook independent company protecting neither partner (6) IGNORE {I}{G{NOR}E}
20 Part of stuffed orangutan's hat (6) FEDORA [T]
22 Pickle stain (4) SPOT [DD}

Reference List
English = E, South = S, Support group = AA(Alcoholics Anonymous), New = N, Criminal = AL(Capone), Lawyer = DA, Female = F, About = RE, Fifty = L, Drip = IV, Old = O, Current = I, Computer key = ESC, Hard = H, Home = IN, Independent = I, Company = GE

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

No 13666, Wednesday 21 Sep 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 19D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Trying book to tackle anger issues finally (8) TIRESOME {T{IRE}{i...eS}OME}
5   Kid about to taste largely pungent bulb (6) GARLIC {RAG<=}{LICk}
10 Endless confrontation, having knocked back drink in European country (7) BELARUS {B{ALE<=}RUSh}
11 Prohibition during Christmas withdrawn in Middle Eastern country (7) LEBANON {LE{BAN}ON<=}
12 Girl turning down fellow is blunt (5) GRUFF {G}{FUR<=}{F}
13 What conjuror says as the rope levitates magically at last, perhaps (3,6) HEY PRESTO {THE+ROPE+l...eS+m...lY}*
14 Wake up! Get going, like the Sun? (4,3,5) RISE AND SHINE [DD]
18 Company people concealing hard evidence (12) CONFIRMATION {CO}{N{FIRM}ATION}
21 Experiencing difficulties like panic attacks (2,1,6) IN A PICKLE*
23 National party backing gangster in city of Zambia (5) NDOLA {N}{DO}{AL<=}
24 Criminal is arrogant, embodies evil (7) VILLAIN {V{ILL}AIN}
25 Honour ensemble touring city in Spain (7) OURENSE [T]
26 Bit of damage in more primitive steering mechanism (6) RUDDER {RUD{Da...e}ER}
27 Howled as outstanding person backtracked, breaking date (8) ULULATED {LULU<=}{DATE*}

1   Proceed after boat's repaired in Caribbean island (6) TOBAGO {GO}<=>{BOAT}*
2   Arrive in bar without date, turn to entice (4,2) ROLL UP {ROd}{PULL<=}
3   Small ornate gift, one incorporating greatly revolutionary decorative techniques (9) SGRAFFITI {S}{GIFT+1}* over {FAR<=}
4   Action of stirring up trouble by foremost among imams irritated ruler (8-6) MISCHIEF-MAKING {MIS{CHIEF}MA*}{KING}
6   Yellow marble rolling out of line (5) AMBER MARBlE*
7   Want model possessing posh, outstanding quality (4,4) LONG SUIT {LONG}{S{U}IT}
8   Disregards racket by Mafia bosses smuggling ecstasy (8) CONDONES {CON}{DON{E}S}
9   Enthralled by pot, plan wild night with English female for messing around (7,3,4) PLAYING THE FOOL {P{LAY}{NIGHT*}{E}{F}OOL}
15 Rascal removing the underclothes naughtily (9) SCOUNDREL UNDERCLOtheS*
16 Pain to control one extremely immature performer (8) ACHIEVER {ACH{1}E}{VERy}
17 Resulted in detective finding bit of evidence in conclusion (8) ENTAILED {EN{TAIL}{Ev...e}D}
19 Musical instrument in my bag (6) ?O?N?T (Addendum - CORNET - {COR}{NET} - See comments)
20 Fancy dope inside stub of cigarette (3,3) FAG END {FA{GEN}D}
22 Frivolous associate in bar getting drug (5) INANE {IN{A}N}{E}

Reference List
Book = TOME, Kid = RAG, Christms = NOEL, Girl = G, Down = FUR, Fellow = F, Company = CO, National = N, Party = DO, Gangster = AL(Capone), Date = D, Small =S, Line = L, Model = SIT, Posh = U, Racket = CON, Ecstasy = E, Pot = POOL, English = E, Female = F, My = COR, Dope = GEN, Associate = A, Drug = E

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

No 13665, Tuesday 20 Sep 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Vehicle with princess chased by a vehicle! Stop — it could be fatal (7,6) CARDIAC ARREST {CAR}{DI}{A}{CAR}{REST}
8   Sepulchre in mountain, terrifying (5) INTER [T]
9   Caught in photos misbehaving with child in playground game (9) HOPSCOTCH {HOPS{C}OT*}{CH}
11 Commander hands over gangster giving orders for imprisonment (10) COMMITTALS {COM}{MITT{AL}S}
12 Quell riots after queen's assassinated in last Jewish month (4) ELUL qUELL*
14 Intoxicated hags in retro bar chatter in Scottish dialect (7) NASHGAB {HAGS}* in {BAN<=}
16 Receive subtle hint to hold back anger (7) INHERIT {INH{IRE<=}T*}
17 Stage of deterioration after consuming second alcoholic drink (7) ROSTRUM {RO{S}T}{RUM}
19 Allowed to include extravagant French dance (7) GAVOTTE {GAV{OTT}E}
21 Expresses pleasure well, I hear (4) OOHS (~ooze}
22 Container ordered online, filled with large tubes of pasta (10) CANNELLONI {CAN}{NEL{L}ONI*}
25 English miss, most apologetic about one handling defeat badly (4,5) SORE LOSER {SOR{E}{LOSE}Ry}
26 Giving the thumbs-up to relatives enthralled by knocking back spirit (5) OKING {O{KIN}G<=}
27 Cooked foie gras paste for ceremony marking a milestone (4,2,7) RITE OF PASSAGE*

2   Promiscuous mates having sex in retreat every so often (2,5) AT TIMES {AT{IT<=}MES*}
3   Pistols shown by rebellious communist groups without hesitation (10) DERRINGERS {RED<=}{RING{ER}S}
 A royal headgear for enlightened monk (5) ARHAT {A}{R}{HAT}
5   Awful programme's irksome, not good (9)  APPALLING {APP}{gALLING}
6   Lively gleam after entertaining century (4) RACY {RA{C}Y}
7   Colonist's dog biting criminal's butt (7) SETTLER {SETT{c...aL}ER}
8   Inappropriate racket conducted by guru is on reels (11) INCONGRUOUS {CON} in {GURU+IS+ON}*
10 What best man will do to monitor a dispute without getting involved in it? (4,3,4) HOLD THE RING [DD]
13 Heroic champion turned saviour protecting many (10) CHIVALROUS {CH}{IVA{L}ROUS*}
15 Using bubbly boys to entertain miserable female (2,5,2) BY MEANS OF {BY{MEAN}SO*}{F}
18 Lively movements by special songstress with endless energy (7) SCHERZI {S}{CHER}{ZIp}
20 Blowing horn excessively can get annoying finally (7) TOOTING {TOO}{TIN}{a...nG}
23 Water wheel is working, rotated by breeze from the south (5) NORIA {NO<=}{AIR<=}
24 Bond girl, naughty, going topless (4) ?L?E (Addendum - GLUE {G}{bLUE} - See comments))

Reference List
Princess = DI, Caught = C, Child = CH, Commander = COM, Gangster = AL(Capone), Queen = Q, Second = S, Extravagant = OTT(Over the top), Large = L, English = E, Spirit = GO, Sex = IT, Hesitation = ER, Royal = R, Programme = APP, Century = C, Good = G, Racket = CON, Champion = CH, Many = L, Female = F, Special = S, Excessively = TOO, Girl = G

Monday, 19 September 2022

No 13664. Monday 19 Sep 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 7D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Comfortable clothes, popular for picnic (8) SINECURE {S{IN}ECURE}
5   Upset by couple of fellows breaking regulation (6) RUFFLE {RU{FF}LE}
10 Native American hut in hamlet, one in a higher position (7) WICKIUP {WICK}{1}{UP}
11 Centre hosting full moon party, close to Phuket presumably (2,5) NO DOUBT {N{O}{DO}UB}{p...eT}
12 Blow up as fool gets noisy (2,3) GO OFF {GOOF}{F}
13 Endless ruckus by deranged radical (9) ELEMENTAL {mELEe}{MENTAL}
14 What chauffeur might do to deceive? (4,3,1,4) TAKE FOR A RIDE [DD]
18 Particle physics concept is incorrect, trying other ideas finally (6,6) STRING THEORY {TRYING+OTHER+i..aS}*
21 Rising in an excited state, arousing date in bed (4,5) COUP DETAT  {CO{UP}{DATE*}T}
23 Priest avoiding extremes of avarice perhaps (5) VICAR {aVARICe}*
24 In my opinion, embodies ancient painting technique (7) IMPASTO {IM{PAST}O}
25 Greek character purloins mobile, runs away (7) UPSILON PUrLOINS*
26 Striking Oslo workers conducting a form of industrial action (2-4) GO-SLOW [T]
27 Give up or reduce consuming dope on reflection (8) ABNEGATE {AB{GEN<=}ATE} 

1   Waste most of fixed allowance (6) SEWAGE {SEt}{WAGE}
2   Mexican dish in container returned by emcee unfinished (6) NACHOS {CAN<=}{HOSt}
3   Master thief turned into murderer (9) CHIEFTAIN {C{THIEF*}AIN}
4   Envy after record-breaking part in picture (14) REPRESENTATION {R{EP}{RESENT}ATION}
6   Dancing nude around university is excessive (5) UNDUE {UND{U}E*}
7   Female losing equilibrium finally fell in well (8) F?U?T?I? (Addendum - FOUNTAIN {F}{mOUNTAIN} - See comments)
8   Acclaimed former editor takes charge (8) EXTOLLED {EX}{TOLL}ED}
9   Completely dominated, he's turned on perhaps by spanking bum (5,4,5) UNDER ONES THUMB {HES+TURNED+ON}*{BUM*}
15 Social climber in French Riviera, excited to entertain starlet on vacation (9) ARRIVISTE {RIVIERA}* over {St...eT}
16 Preparing hot, spicy stew — extremely nourishing (8) PSYCHING {HOT+SPICY}*{No...nG}
17 Wins, waves shirt without hesitation — a bit of payback (8) TRIUMPHS TRIUMPHS {SHIRT}* over {UM}{Pa...k}
19 Brief inspection to tackle problem in plant (6) SCILLA {SC{ILL}An}
20 Breaking record — sportsperson's ultimate dream (6) TRANCE {TRA{s...oN}CE}
22 Detective consequently seizes cocaine in nightclub (5) DISCO {DI}{S{C}O} 

Reference List
Popular = IN, Fellow = F, Hamlet = WICK, Centre = NUB, Party = DO, Noisy = F, In my opinion = IMO, Runs = R, Dope = GEN, Record = EP(Extended play), University = U, Female = F, Editor = ED, Hesitation = UM, Detective = DI, Cocaine = C

Sunday, 18 September 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3220, Sunday 18 Sep 2022,

1   Contrived neologisms bringing misery (10) GLOOMINESS*
6   In conversation, all initially relieved by Everyman giving promise to pay late (4) CHIT CH(-a+i}IT
9   In tent, forces on manoeuvres finding kind of chocolate (4,6) SOFT CENTRE*
10 Surrounded by flipping dull Austria (4) AMID {DIM}{A}<=
11 Abundance, supply: holy, kind Amen (4,3,5) MILK AND HONEY*
15 Turned right away, or changed gradually (7) EVOLVED rEVOLVED
16 Clever clogs (Sting, that is) (7) SMARTIE {SMART}{IE}
17 Go off with – largely – the quality of a ninja (7) STEALTH {STEAL}{THe}
19 Source of veal increasingly florid Earl's swallowed (3,4) RED DEER {REDD{E}ER}
20 According to Spooner, ornamental edging peculiar, needing cash (7,5) FOLDING MONEY (~ moulding phoney to folding money)
23 Recess taken from rap session (4) APSE [T]
24 Declaration: 'It's a career' (10) PROFESSION [DD]
25 Poet's boring in retirement (4) BARD<=
26 They dance and sing about Egyptian god's ancestry (6,4) CHORUS LINE {C}{HORUS{LINE}

1   German tree that's cut (4) GASH {G}{ASH}
2   Lounges not opening for louts (4) OAFS lOAFS
3   Very fast with classic greeting, Lord Lieutenant is not half conniving type (11) MACHIAVELLI {MACH 1}{AVE}{LL}{Is}
4   Kind son re-fitted safer kind of tyres (3-4) NON-SKID*
5   Therapists' contracts (7) SHRINKS [DD]
7   In the U.S., aim to alter history, etc. (10) HUMANITIES*
8   Rest day arranged with bed and cuddly companions (5,5) TEDDY BEARS {REST+DAY+BED}*
12 That man's attention is on capital investments? (11) HEADDRESSES {HE ADDRESSES}
13 Ultimately daring, tucking in to the French duck, briefly flambé meaty hunks (4,2,4) LEGS OF LAMB {LE{d...nG}S}{0}{FLAMBe}
14 Near Cram finally, Coe's overtaking: Cram's first runner-up? (4,6) COME CLOSER {CO{craM}E}{Cram}{LOSER}
18 Greedy type, earthy, stripped off for artist (7) HOGARTH {HOG}{eARTHy}
19 Former Test captain getting boundary, loudly cheer on (4,3) ROOT FOR {ROOT}{(~four){FOR}
21 What gives seemingly intelligent robotic intonations, primarily? (4) SIRI Acrostic Semi&lit
22 Stuart monarch, somewhat mannered (4) ANNE [T]

Reference List
Austria = A, Right = R, Earl = E, About = C, German = G, Lord Lieutenant = LL, The in French = LES 

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Saturday, 17 September 2022

No 13663, Saturday 17 Sep 2022, Dr. X


1   Remove one's clothes in outing, captivated by very fine fellow (5,3) STRIP OFF {S{TRIP}O}{F}{F}
5   Capturing rook with king, miss subtly grins (6) SMIRKS {SMI{R}{K}S*}
10 Outline visit to a prison perhaps? (7) CONTOUR {CON TOUR}
11 Man from the east left enthralled by magnificent German physician (7) EHRLICH {HE<=}{R{L}ICH}
12 Treat with new operation controlling onset of retinopathy (5) NURSE {N}{U{Re...y}SE}
13 Anxious unionist annoyed about hint of scandal (9) UNSETTLED {U}{N{Sc...l}ETTLED}
14 Mysterious criminal nurtures a plan to kill nationalist (12) SUPERNATURAL {NURTURES+A+PLAn}*
18 How basketball player might score while still distressed by break-up (2,3,7) ON THE REBOUND [DD]
21 Good progress after tackling a problem in style of painting (9) GRISAILLE {G}{RIS{A}{ILL}E} Problem/Ill? See comments
23 Tossing and turning in dark, every so often overwhelmed by fear (5) AWAKE {AW{dArK}E}
24 Trendy doctor exciting hot nurse at opening (5-2) RIGHT-ON {RIG}{HOT*}{Nu..e}
25 Presses back neck in scrap (7) SNIPPET {PINS}{PET}
26 Bolt breaks record in running (6) LOPING {LO{PIN}G}
27 Quick appraisal of working with mask around beginning of epidemic (4-4) ONCE-OVER {ON}{C{Ep...c}OVER}


1   Mathematical ratio is inadequate, contains a little error (6) SECANT {S{Er..r}CANT}
2   Beer and rye stocks got used up (3,3) RAN DRY [T]
3   Revolutionary colour scheme in abstract technique (9) PROCEDURE {P{DECOR<=}URE}
4   Art of predicting correct roulette number in gamble (7-7) FORTUNE-TELLING {ROULETTE+N}* in {FLING}
6   Member reviewed tax rate (5) MERIT {M}{TIRE<=}
7   Royal really upset about a little insensitive banter (8) RAILLERY {R}{REALLY*} over {In...e}
8   Plan by woman holding clubs and diamonds to dominate right away (8) SCHEDULE {S{C}HE}{D}{rULE}
9   Ultimately eager opponents rose to fight one-on-one (6-2-6) PERSON-TO-PERSON {e..eR+OPPONENTS+ROSE}*
15 Torture and flog gangster in abandoned site (9) TANTALISE {T{ANT}{AL}ISE*} Flog/Ant? (Addendum - {TAN}{T{AL}ISE*} - See comments)
16 Bad poetry by silly George, boring extremely dull (8) DOGGEREL {Dul{GEORGE*}L}
17 Hang frames in retreat to welcome group (6,2) STRING UP {PUTS}<= over {RING}
19 Chess champion concedes as Kasparov moves (6) KARPOV KasPAROV*
20 Black tie, not loud is preferable (6) BETTER {B}{fETTER}
22 Follow a criminal outside bar (3,2) ACT ON {A}{C{T}ON}

Reference List

Outing = TRIP, Very = SO, Fine = F, Fellow = F, Rook = R, King = K, Man = HE, Left =- L, Magnificient = RICH, New = N, Operation = USE, Unionist = U, Annoyed = NETTLED, Nationalist = N, Good = G, Progress = RISE, Problem = ILL, Fear = AWE, Doctor = RIG, Presses back = PINS, Neck = PET, Bolt = PIN, Record = LOG, Working = ON, Mask = COVER
Is inadequate = SCANT, Colour scheme = DECOR, Abstract = PURE, Number = N, Gamble = FLING, Member = M, Tax = TIRE, Royal = R, Clubs = C, Diamomnds = D, To dominate = Rule, Right = R, Gangster = AL, Flolg = TAN, Frames = PUTS, Group = RING, Black = B, Tie = FETTER, Criminal = CON, Bar = T

Colour/Font Scheme

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