Thursday 30 November 2017

No 12176, Thursday 30 Nov 2017, Incognito

Vingt mille lieues sous les mers and Voyage au centre de la Terre  with a lot of water

8   Express gratitude after giving up initial hate and go down (4) TANK ThANK
9   Support the tail-less canines, for example (5) TEETH {TEE}{THe}
10 I am hugged by Lawrence ... at one o'clock, perhaps (4) TIME {T{I'M}E}
11 Place a small coin on the midpoint (6) CENTRE {CENT}{RE}
12 Plentiful supply (a thousand kilos) to Yankee leads to overconsumption of food (8) GLUTTONY {GLUT}{TON}{Y}
13 Amiability of good French buddy (8) BONHOMIE {BON}{HOMIE}
15 A royal fights with missiles (6) ARROWS {A}{R}{ROWS}
17 That chap's an advertising professional, boss (7) HEADMAN {HE}{ADMAN}
19 Skilfully shows a department's extreme lunacy (7) ADEPTLY {A}{DEPT}{Lu..cY}
22 Married nude criminal has sex appeal (6) UNITED {IT} in {NUDE}*
24 Concern Indian queen in quiz (8) INTEREST {IN}{T{ER}EST}
26 Perhaps punch superior Ugandan, initially, in court (8) UPPERCUT {UPPER}{C{U}T}
28 Jacob brewed ale, sir (6) ISRAEL*
30 Insect flies backwards in Baltistan gorge (4) GNAT [T<=]
31 Mud fireplace does not have heat in the beginning (5) EARTH hEARTH
32 Yes, at one time, a queen got 12 months (4) YEAR {YE}{A}{R}

1   Superior, perhaps, minced kale (4) LAKE*
2   To start with, Scottish king engraved and drew (8) SKETCHED {Sc...h}{King}{ETCHED}
3   Master wandered around rivulet (6) STREAM*
4   Shake a leg before starting to badly use clubs (7) LEAGUES {A+LEG}*{USE*}
5   Io, wearing spectacles, represents M or K, perhaps (8) THOUSAND Anno pending (Addendum - {Io}{00} - See comments)
6   Motor part and model ring held by lead man (6) STATOR {STA{T}{O}R}
7   Sign order of merit with directions (4) OMEN {OM}{E}{N}
14 No ace's at sea in the Pacific, for example (5) OCEAN*
16 Watt measures sources of water (5) WELLS {W}{ELLS}
18 Bud acted badly. Got “Kidnapped” (8) ABDUCTED*
20 Shows harbour fishes (8) PORTRAYS {PORT}{RAYS}
21 This story does not have beginnings — it just records the past (7) HISTORY {tHIS}{sTORY}
23 Score one-fifth of a century (6) TWENTY [DD]
25 A chit passed around by setter displayed a martial art (3,3) TAI CHI {A+CHIT}* {I}
27 Pilgrim leader's aboard first dromon on the Atlantic (4) POND {Pi...m}{ON}{Dr...n}
29 Test former partner with a bit of malice (4) EXAM {EX}{A}{Ma...e}


Wednesday 29 November 2017

No 12175, Wednesday 29 Nov 2017, Incognito

Long time since I read a good Piccadilly Western.

8   Mafia boss had egg on his headgear (4) CAPO {CAP}{O}
9   Kitchen garment ... it is normally used by pilots (5) APRON [DD]
10 These creatures can be found returning amongst earthworms, leeches, etc. (4) EELS [T<=]
11 Bopped in the company outhouse (6) COSHED {CO}{SHED}
12 Triple success for a bowler, say, at deception (3,5) HAT TRICK {HAT} {TRICK} &lit
13 Sailor with pipe or kidnapper? (8) ABDUCTOR {AB}{DUCT}{OR}
15 The French trollop was heard in city (6) LAHORE {LA}{HORE}(~whore)
17 Owned a wharf for fish (7) HADDOCK {HAD}{DOCK}
19 A street travel on a horse (7) ASTRIDE {A}{ST}{RIDE}
22 Bay for Hardy's mate (6) LAUREL [DD]
24 Pockets and pants (8) TROUSERS [DD]
26 Bread roll consumed during case in the legal forum (8) TRIBUNAL {TRI{BUN}AL}
28 Jim Green's riding unsaddled after getting rid of crooked lad (6) SUDDEN UNSadDlED*
30 Got back love for country (4) TOGO {GOT<=}{O}
31 Detest, after losing time, dashing to get a horse (5) STEED DETESt*
32 Number held by the Omani newspaperman (4) NINE [T]

1   Papa had nothing for skirting (4) DADO {DAD}{O}
2   Baffle one dog and get another dog (8) FOXHOUND {FOX}{HOUND}
3   Gangster's group has sex appeal (6) BANDIT {BAND}{IT}
4   A Roman Catholic Yankee corrals that lady to display shooting sport (7) ARCHERY {A}{RC}{HER}{Y}
5   Establishes places where the moonshine was made (8) INSTILLS {IN}{STILLS}
6   Look for south-eastern building feature (6) SEARCH {SE}{ARCH}
7   Inconclusively stall a group of nations (4) BLOC BLOCk
14 Intoxicated nawab becomes boss in Kenya (5) BWANA*
16 Condition of one who is 19 (5) RIDER [DD]
18 Occupier : is tenant at first (8) COLONIST {COLON}{IS}{Te...t}
20 Head of state without power is just an occupant (8) RESIDENT pRESIDENT
21 Old Bob spoke and followed (7) STALKED {S}{TALKED}
23 Kick again to restart the computer (6) REBOOT {RE}{BOOT}
25 One went around little Sidney ... Not offside! (6) ONSIDE {ON{SIDney}E}
27 Bird on board? (4) ROOK [DD]
29 Mountain erupts tamely, not agitatedly, in the beginning (4) ETNA Acrostic


Tuesday 28 November 2017

No 12174, Tuesday 28 Nov 2017, Arden

1   Gloomy end for the players (8) OVERCAST {OVER}{CAST}
5   Farmer in Oklahoma corrals his sheep (6) MERINO [T]
10 Here the Turks are against old church (7) ANTIOCH {ANTI}{O}{CH}
11 International event arranged, I go in as I'm called (7) INVITEE {I}{NV{I}TEE*}
12 Money — not happy over uniform investment (5) EUROS {SOR{U}E}<=
13 Good to allow his entry for spreading seeds (9) DEHISCENT {DE{HIS}CENT}
14 Process of assigning to another person at the exact place (12) REALLOCATION {REAL}{LOCATION}
18 Put my set under hearts and diamonds as he fell from his perch (6,6) HUMPTY DUMPTY {H}{PUT+MY}* {D}{PUT+MY}*
21 Country music is sad, one can tell (9) BLUEGRASS {BLUE}{GRASS}

23 Usual tips while raising a cat — it will shed hair (5) MOULT {UsuaL} in {TOM<=}
24 It's bound to affect, surely (2,5) NO DOUBT*
25 Harry Smith led us to a narrow strip of land (7) ISTHMUS {SMITH*}{US}
26 Second best, but it's funny (6) SCREAM {S}{CREAM}
27 Iodine transported, strange it didn't react (5,3) INERT GAS {I}{STRANGE*}

1   Over time the monarch became an ass (6) ONAGER {ON}{AGE}{R}
2   Characters text or ring, as told (6) EXTORT* As told? (Addendum - (~wring) - See comments)
3   Snow drift in the peak, look out! (5,4) CROWS NEST {CR{SNOW*}EST}
4   Organised group exploited historically (9,5) SCHEDULED CASTE {SCHEDULED} {CASTE} &lit
6   Vessel at sea, keeps out small mischief makers (5) ELVES VEsSEL*
7   Troublesome, mean spirited — not same as being fearless (8) INTREPID {meaN+sPIRITED}*
8   Feeling is obvious, it's individual (8) OVERTONE {OVERT}{ONE}
9   Substantial cut goes to the embassy (4,10) HIGH COMMISSION {HIGH} {COMMISSION}
15 It indicates the height of change, takes time (9) ALTIMETER {AL{TIME}TER}
16 Her reports on shelters (8) SHEBANGS {SHE}{BANGS}
17 Fire will carry as Mike replaces Henry (8) SMOULDER S(-h+m)MOULDER
19 Herb's crazy to accompany girl (6) NUTMEG {NUT}{MEG}
20 Assist movement when nothing moves (6) STASIS*
22 State stores even curd and cheese (5) GOUDA {GO{cUrD}A}


Monday 27 November 2017

No 12173, Monday 27 Nov 2017, Arden

1   Wall has painting of beach showing everything (5,3,3) WARTS AND ALL {W{ART}{SAND}ALL}
7   Electric transport line (3) BUS [DD]
9   Royal review on booze (5) REGAL <=
10 Contract involving thousands on the run (5,4) GRAND SLAM {GRANDS}{LAM}
11 Taken to task as a doctor entered, went on for a while (9) LAMBASTED {L{A}{MB}ASTED}
12 Mark's time out with a foreign character (5) SIGMA StIGMA
13 Ground plans altered, drag out puzzle (7) NONPLUS {grOUNd+PLaNS}*
15 Light close to noon time (4) NEON {nooN}{EON}
18 Overeat in American town (4) ENID <=
20 Go around volcano in the country (7) VIETNAM {VI{ETNA}M}
23 Party game, not even a thing that people believe in (5) DOGMA {DO}{GaMe}{A}
24 Standard one in a funnel shaped exterior (9) CANONICAL {C{AN}ONICAL}
26 Veterinary surgeon not yearning to make advances (9) OVERTURES {VETeRinary+SURgEOn}*
27 10 for example will reject fur (5) GENET {TEN}{EG}<=
28 Roar heard partly in the stomach (3) TUM TUMult
29 Rail about evil monster (11) REMONSTRATE {RE}{MONSTR{AT}E*}  AT from? (Correction - {R{MONSTER*}ATE} &lit)

1   Brawling could be trilling (8) WARBLING*
2   Animal rearing, soldiers go into a fighting unit (8) REGIMENT {MEN} in {TIGER<=}
3   Rehearsal, say for staging a dance (5) SALSA [T]

4   Contradicts as seen to promote assumed name (7) NEGATES {SE{TAG}EN}<=
5   A commotion about boy in a fairy tale (7) ALADDIN {A}{LAD}{DIN}
6   Could be oldest one's attractive in a way (9) LODESTONE {OLDEST*}{ONE}
7   Perhaps, double agent noted something's fishy (6) BELUGA {doUBLE+AGent}*
8   Bridge takes up entire morning on a boat (6) SAMPAN {S{AM}PAN}
14 Correct scan will go into future house (9) LANCASTER {LA{SCAN*}TER}
16 A crook enters and is followed by a snake (8) ANACONDA {AN{A}{CON}D}{A}
17 Contents in post, something to eat (8) OMELETTE {sOME}{LETTEr} Anno not clear (Addendum - (hOME}{LETTEr} - See comments)
19 Strange code, strange propriety (7) DECORUM {CODE*}{RUM}
20 It could be cooked in ovens (7) VENISON* Semi&lit
21 Expert keeps it below crossroad (6) ADROIT {ROAD*}{IT}
22 Bright and nimble, one leaves by morning... (6) AGLEAM {AGiLE}{AM}
25 ...dark play, it's on twelfth (5) NIGHT [CD]


Sunday 26 November 2017

Special, Sunday 26 Nov 2017, Amrita

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Officer's gone away to a big city (7)
5   Worn the caps as covers (7)
9   Area is in chaos without a lift (5)
10 Blasphemy ! Making eclairs round for example? (9)
11 Sign outside that man's book (9)
12 Long period of time starting now (5)
13 Clubs for motorists (7)
15 Gusher to butter up properly? (3,4)
17 Strange, reddish hidden sore (7)
19 Man at university almost bored with regular hall concert (7)
21 A bit unlikely to enter engagement devoid of love and honesty (5)
23 Snort excitedly receiving celebrities jewels (9)
25 Difficulty arising from big limo having an odd roof (9)
26 Drama or talk show channel (5)
27 Rinse mug Elizabeth overturned containing vegetables (7)
28 Spots fake diamonds on speed head? (7)

1   Indian bread carried by scoundrel in a vessel (7)
2   Badger, lion, tiger…ambling about…(9)
3   Mysterious great actress (5)
4   Safeguards nearly all points protecting mobile user (7)
5   Almost decide upon a top sketch by a very famous artist (7)
6  Three wheeled drive's front tyres with plastic circles are bought from Egypt essentially? (9)
7   Yeah, kind of over new one with a piercing laugh? (5)
8   Abnormal rentals for area around the centre (7)
14 Lowly creature of either sex with a heartbeat at the onset (9)
16 Church raised money and most of the food stuff for oddball (9)
17 A new adventure right away in soldier's quarter? (7)
18 Twice as many drawings (7)
19 Fidgety son inside, idle in the month of rains (7)
20  Mark intercepting the French sailors (7)
22 States petition for Turk (5)
24 Designed some antique stores (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at AMRITA 3


The Sunday Crossword No 2971, Sunday 26 Nov 2017

1   Arrive with young dog filled with restless desire (5,2) PITCH UP {P{ITCH}UP}
5   Group in party back in past (4) BODY {B{DO<=}Y}
9   Staying smooth in scene, artists are dancing (6-9) CREASE-RESISTANT*
10 Variable fund turning crazy (5) LOOPY {Y}{POOL}<=
11 Established lyric finally about tree by sea (9) CONFIRMED {l..iC}{ON}{FIR}{MED}
12 Working out about time for knocking off (9) DEDUCTING {DEDUC{T}ING}
15 Learner miserable without small vehicle (5) LORRY {L}{sORRY}
16 Voice belonging to forgotten orator (5) TENOR [T]
17 Able to reach remote targets, only securing relative gain initially (4-5) LONG-RANGE {GRAN}{Gain} in {LONE}
19 Repeat ceremony, retaining energy and pace (9) REITERATE {R{E}ITE}{RATE}
21 Provide food and regular helpings of craft beer (5) CATER {CrAfT+bEeR}
22 Trying to help editor, going after source with purpose (4-11) WELL-INTENTIONED {WELL}-{INTENTION}{ED}
23 Stern breed (4) REAR [DD]
24 Beam, beginning to take payment (7) TRANSOM {Take}{RANSOM}

1   Drunk induced to follow preference (7) PICKLED {PICK}{LED}
2   Sitcom and longer delights remade (3,6,5) THE GOLDEN GIRLS*
3   Hurried with fodder across street (5) HASTY {HA{ST}Y}
4   Bottle, receiving a shake, mostly narrow (9) PAROCHIAL {P{A}{ROCk}HIAL}
5   For this reason, breaking point coming up for wild ox (5) BISON {SO} in {NIB<=}
6   One making spirits fade, keeping quiet? Right (9) DISTILLER {DI{STILL}E}{R}
7   Histrionic actor dons garment unusually vigorously (6,3,5) HAMMER AND TONGS {HAM}{DONS+GARMENT}*
8   Heavy dog sadly kept in enclosure (6) STODGY {ST{DOG*}Y}
13 Member of order chosen after appeal, not hard (9) CARMELITE {ChARM}{ELITE}
14 Whisk egg in turn, making biscuit (6,3) GINGER NUT*
16 Projected seat in hearing (6) THROWN (~throne)
18 Status of nobleman playing mad role (7) EARLDOM*
20 Change in contractual terms (5) ALTER [T]
21 Feature on area producing porcelain (5) CHINA {CHIN}{A}


Saturday 25 November 2017

No 12172, Saturday 25 Nov 2017, Arden

6   Skirt pulled back, indeed a very tempting sight (5) EVADE [T<=]
7   A collector got posted, but he isn't here (8) ABSENTEE {A}{B{SENT}EE}
10 Overlook figure without dress (7) CONDONE {CON{DON}E}
11 Weapons — Indian army follows a middle path (7) ARSENAL {A} and {SENA} between R and L
12 I go back and go forth, in between there is ban (7) EMBARGO {ME<=}{BAR}{GO} Ban on double duty
13 Her bid to return to Japan (7) SHELLAC {SHE}{CALL<=}
14 Entailments way to make them soppy (11) SENTIMENTAL*
19 Take back a home, it's worth it (7) BARGAIN {GRAB<=}{A}{IN}
21 New Orleans, once a battle venue (7) SALERNO*
23 He has invested moneygoing in to get fruit (7) TANGELO {T{ANGEL}O}
25 Able to accompany youngster to a place of entertainment (7) CANTEEN {CAN}{TEEN}
26 Prepare a diet, pick a bone and get abuse (8) DIATRIBE {RIB} in {A+DIET}*
27 Small picture of the fashion brigade (5) INSET {IN}{SET}

1   Arrest for breaking in, maybe briefly casing joint (8) CANNABIS {NAB} in {CASINg}*
2   Routed around bypass (6) DETOUR*
3   Tossed coin and grabbed beer, scotch (10) CALEDONIAN {COIN+AND}* over {ALE}
4   India is a rising power, as a part of this (4) ASIA [T<=] Semi&lit
5   Boys meet back to back in the doghouse (6) KENNEL {KEN}{LEN<=}
6   Basically it's best to ruminate and reject (6) ESCHEW {bESt}{CHEW}
8   Close to Sunrise, it is the beginning (7) NASCENT {suN}{ASCENT}
9   Fairy tale character caught in a deception (5) ALICE {A}{LI{C}E}
13 Absolute fool, discarding hard material (10) SEERSUCKER {ShEER}{SUCKER}
15 Cleanest accommodation, without food (7) NEATEST {N{EAT}EST}
16 Money given away for gearless transport (8) LARGESSE*
17 Reduce taking lamb patties regularly (5) ABATE {lAmB+pAtTiEs}
18 Cap on verse, depends on size initially (6) BONNET {-s+b)BONNET
20 Divide in the middle, I would say it's spoilt (6) RANCID {bRANCh}{I'D}
22 Pulse is fast, not even idle (6) LENTIL {LENT}{IdLe}
24 Heartless figure of a poet (4) OVID OVoID

Reference List
Collector= BEE, Posted=SENT, Dress=DON, Indian Army=SENA, Bid=CALL, Investor=ANGEL, Bone=RIB, Brigade=SET, Arrest=NAB, Beer=ALE, Boys=KEN,LEN, Ruminate=CHEW, Caught=C, Deception=LIE, Big and Small=B,S, Fast=LENT

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Friday 24 November 2017

No 12171, Friday 24 Nov 2017, Arden

1   Not so familiar dealing with rationalisation (13) FORMALISATION*
10 Former Aussie captain's bowled out, tell him to go (5) ORDER bORDER
11 It's immoral to even claim Wooster's assumed name (9) LIBERTINE {cLaIm}{BERTI{N}E}
12 Sound meant to shatter the sky (9) FIRMAMENT {FIRM}{MEANT*}
13 Trainer's tips, one will track (5) TRACE {Tr...eR}{ACE}
14 Whenever there is a tiny mistake, half of them are rejected (7) ANYTIME {A}{TINY*}{thEM<=}
16 Be a boy or be a girl? Confused (7) GABRIEL*
18 Remains among others but extremely reckless (7) RASHEST {R{AS}EST}
20 Half the crowd admitted rightly and in a lasting manner (7) DURABLY {DURbar}{ABLY}
22 Parting words at retreating animal (5) TAPIR {RIP}{AT}<=
24 Under the warmth of setting sun he will draw (9) UNSHEATHE {SUN*}{HEAT}{HE}
26 Amplify on land (9) OVERSTATE {OVER}{STATE}
27 Nothing sent out in the beginning (5) ONSET {O}{SENT*}
28 The scab will hit the wave (13) STRIKEBREAKER {STRIKE}{BREAKER}

2   Attendant is very organised (7) ORDERLY [DD]
3   Fat fish found in the sea (9) MARGARINE {MAR{GAR}INE}
 Life is empty, full of sickness in French city (5) LILLE {Li{ILL}fE}
5   Rickety boats, are old and scuttled (9) SABOTAGED {BOATS*}{AGED}
 It involves reading — child has a right (5) TAROT {T{A}{R}OT}
7   Only with a grim resolve one can give form to paper (7) ORIGAMI {O}{A+GRIM}*{1}
8   Against standard quota? Things will go up in flames (13) CONFLAGRATION {CON}{FLAG}{RATION}
 Employers tend to resort to these to effectively manage their resources (13) REDEPLOYMENTS* &lit
15 At present our agenda is included, some of them they follow (9) ENTOURAGE [T]
17 Caught in the open, arrange loan in the city (9) BARCELONA {BAR{C}E}{LOAN*}
19 "A relationship breaks" posted a human (7) SAPIENT {S{A}{PI}ENT}
21 Material used in combat is Teflon (7) BATISTE [T]
23 He can't become Christian (5) RISHI [CD] (Addendum - RISHIcant [CA] - See comments)
25 Missile, last one in box (5) SPEAR {SP{onE}AR}


Thursday 23 November 2017

No 12170, Thursday 23 Nov 2017, Buzzer

9   Issue made evident by wise man, a teacher (7) EMANATE [T]
10 Child going about test without taking a breather (7) NOSTRIL {SON<=}{TRIaL}
11 A gasket seal — dull, beginning to fade (1,4) O RING bORING
12 Properly done cluing all but joy (5,4) CLOUD NINE {DONE+CLUINg}*
13 Furious with finals fate where beaten all ends up (2,1,6) IN A LATHER {fINALs}{fATe}{wHERe}
14 Spy put into the ground (5) PLANT [DD]
15 Old actress and mother you caught on street (3,4) MAE WEST {MA}(~you){EWE}{ST}
17 Shape of DIY pram made-to-order (7) PYRAMID*
19 Poured into a lot, liquid compost (5) MULCH {MU{L}CH}
20 Civil rights activist or revolutionary, an inspiration around American society (4,5) ROSA PARKS {OR<=}{S{A}PARK}{S}
22 C-commotion or stew (9) CARBONADO {CARBON}{ADO}
24 SMS generation have heads buried in accessory (5) EXTRA {tEXT}{eRA}
25 A server let us in after hacking (7) UTENSIL*
26 Being able to adapt in epic final takes pressure off (7) ELASTIC {Ep{LAST}IC}

DOWN1   Manuscript author to write about relative bias (8) NEPOTISM {MS}{I}{TO}{PEN}<=
2   Polite form of address from UP when greeting bachelor (6) SAHIBA {AS<=}{HI}{BA}
3   Country boy he's wild following! (10) BANGLADESH {BANG}{LAD}{HES*} BANG from? See comments
4   Every hotel surrounded by bar in a seaside shack (5,3) BEACH HUT {B{EACH}{H}UT}
5   Starting off with outline for travelling (2,4) ON TOUR cONTOUR
6   ABC non-functional so ... old (4) USED {USE}{D}
7   Those seen entering Charminar market together (3,2,3) ARM IN ARM [T]
8   Natural for hospital wing to be under viral attack (6) FLUENT {FLU}{ENT}
14 Help repair malfunctioning printer say (10) PERIPHERAL*
16 What makes big shots in general filthy rich's capital? (8) ENLARGER {Rich} in {GENERAL}*
17 Revolting to swallow fly in a piece of cake (8) PUSHOVER {SUP<=}{HOVER}
18 First ball to cover in the gap (8) DISTANCE {D{1ST}ANCE}
19 Model heading to jail 20 times more (4-2) MOCK-UP (-l+m)MOCKUP (50x20=1000 or Lx20=M)
20 Team up again in a true sense (6) REALLY {RE ALLY}
21 Rust wore away wheel... (6) ROTATE {ROT}{ATE}
23 ... some corrosion not oddly (2,2) OR SO cOrRoSiOn


Wednesday 22 November 2017

No 12169, Wednesday 22 Nov 2017, Gridman

1   Get close to squelch fire in corner (8) BEFRIEND {BE{FIRE*}ND}
5   Reportedly sees limit to Polar covering (3,3) ICE CAP (~eyes){ICE} {CAP}
10 Debase revolutionary with a writer (7) CHEAPEN {CHE}{A}{PEN}
11 A church official’s one deductive (1,6) A PRIORI {A}{PRIOR}{1}
12 Bring out from Felicity’s heart? (6) ELICIT [T]
13 Writer, with one temporary accommodation, is in a sorry state (8) PENITENT {PEN}{1}{TENT}
15 Wild revelry takes gory turn (4) ORGY*
16 Smuggled goods from carton disposed of by group (10) CONTRABAND {CARTON*}{BAND}
18 Ignoring complexity, one politician with rota, enters thus (10) SIMPLISTIC {S{1}{MP}{LIST}IC}
20 Girl going around the Spanish restaurant (4) DELI {D{EL}I}
23 Expose to risk Vendan gerrymandering in interior parts (8) ENDANGER [T]
24 Lawful pattern? (6) MOSAIC [DD]
26 Rest with half a record on business (7) RECLINE {RECord}{LINE}
27 National might be a female I hang about (7) AFGHANI {A}{F}{HANG+I}*
28 Praise European Union's record with extreme sincerity (6) EULOGY {EU}{LOG}{s...tY}
29 In which state one doesn't do anything (8) IDLENESS [CD]

1   Yet one with this educational qualification may be married (9,6) BACHELORS DEGREE [CD]
2   Throw over the middle of greens causes sensation (7) FEELING {F{grEEns}LING}
3   Damage from mischievous child's broadcast (6) IMPAIR {IMP}{AIR}
4   Desirable cloud for one to be on? (4) NINE [CD]
6   Papal appointment of basic importance (8) CARDINAL [DD]
7   Chennai's top artist gets depression caused by deadly disease (7) CHOLERA {Ch...i}{HOLE}{RA}
8   Current layouts impress journalist groups (7,8) PRINTED CIRCUITS {PRINT}{ED} {CIRCUITS}
9   Narrow victory gets father in terrible excitement after point (5-4) WAFER-THIN {W}{FATHER+IN}*
14 Sew and hoover furiously — in any manner (9) HOWSOEVER {SEW+HOOVER}*
17 Designing puts a bit of novelty in carpenter's work (8) PLANNING {PLAN{No...y}ING}
19 Claimed to be in a way curative (7) MEDICAL*
21 Issue is raising alien with a title (7) EMANATE {ET}{A}{NAME}<=
22 Shake injured leg after run (6) JOGGLE {JOG}{LEG*}
25 Charge hospital section (4) WARD [DD]


Tuesday 21 November 2017

No 12168, Tuesday 21 Nov 2017, Gridman

1   Wimp gets the most out of old political leader (7) MILKSOP {MILKS}{O}{Po...l}
5   Wives perhaps hold evening prayer (6) VESPER [T]
9   At first, kisans rake and accumulate leaves from South African pen (5) KRAAL Acrostic
10 Crazy to signal a desire for the good old times (9) NOSTALGIA*
11 Caesar's friend married? No, it's the opposite (7) ANTONYM {ANTONY}{M}
12 Almost state Raja's out of brisk movement (7) ALLEGRO {ALLEGe}{R}{O}
13 Child's dispute (5) ISSUE [DD]
14 One who doesn't sit hard on a mount (4,5) EASY RIDER [CD]
16 Huge third outing of a supari, perhaps (5,4) HIRED THUG*
19 A small, small photograph of cold mould (5) ASPIC {A}{S}{PIC}
21 Work big problem for marsupial (7) OPOSSUM {OP}{OS}{SUM}
23 Walker briefly besieged by Spanish bull is wreck (7) TORPEDO {TOR{PED}O}
24 A latrine i remodelled, among other things (5,4) INTER ALIA*
25 A party with primarily inadmissible legal defence (5) ALIBI {A}{LIB}{In...e}
26 Initially cut, largely obscure diamond-shaped pattern (6) ARGYLE lARGELY*
27 Wet blanket over his torn kitchen cloth (7) DISHRAG {D{HIS*}RAG}

1   Enjoy fully — without going to the bed at all (4,1,5,2,2) MAKE A NIGHT OF IT [CD]
2   No slate used in temporary sheds (4-3) LEAN-TOS*
3   Still quiet (7) SILENCE [DD]
4   No men check into two factors of Cambodian capital (5,4) PHNOM PENH {PH}{NOM}{P{EN}H} As per word play it is {NO MEN} in  {PH} {PH} but it doesn't seem to work that way
5   Activist alarmed by partial view (5) VISTA [T]
6   Office gadget that is more essential? (7) STAPLER [DD]
7   Kept busy by one who is altar-bound? (7) ENGAGED [DD]
8   When you have to render up accounts... (3,2,9) DAY OF RECKONING [CD]
15 What a storm-tossed ship captain wants to dolight up in type of castle (5,4) SIGHT LAND {LIGHT}* in {SAND}
17 Jumper's rest disturbed by bird (7) ROOSTER {ROO}{REST*}
18 Ruin of the French at ancient city (7) DESTROY {DES}{TROY}
19 Fanny nearly gets to show up overdue items (7) ARREARS {AR{REAR}Se}
20 Top raja in empire jostled (7) PREMIER {P{R}EMIER*}
22 All but gents take slippery partner up in scuffle (5) MELEE {MEn}{EEL<=}


Monday 20 November 2017

No 12167, Monday 20 Nov 2017, Gridman

1   Animal to control backrush (8) REINDEER {REIN}{REED<=}
5   A hollow factor she replaced once again (6) AFRESH {A}{Fa..oR}{SHE*}
9   Seen at the base of nail lice cut into bits (7) CUTICLE*
10 Question the boy extremely firmly to fulfil the requirement (7) QUALIFY {QU}{ALI}{Fi..lY}
11 Plant fairy host in an unconventional way (9) FORSYTHIA*
12 Small fruit in thin glutinous mud (5) SLIME {S}{LIME}
13 Fat person out to group together (4) LUMP pLUMP
14 Rise in setter accepting bit of reward (9) INCREMENT {IN}{C{Re...d}EMENT}
17 Film exposes old slog taking it easy in social group (5,4) FOOLS GOLD {FO{O}{SLOG*}LD}
19 Chase away model from photo-taking session (4) SHOO SHOOt
23 Heading for deed of conveyance (5) TITLE [DD]
24 OK, get up to go around Union Territory house (9) AUTHORISE {A{UT}{HO}RISE}
25 Head of Government permits hangman's structure (7) GALLOWS {Go...t}{ALLOWS}
26 Chatter about garage tool (7) RATCHET*
27 A sailing vessel turning south forever (6) ALWAYS {A}{YAWL<=}{S}
28 It's a shining example of an insect (8) GLOWWORM [CD]

1   Scottish island receiving fine bits from cliff (8) ROCKFALL {ROCK{F}ALL}
2   Meanwhile bury the man from East London (7) INTERIM {INTER}{'IM}
3   Daughter's work on youth's left foot (6) DACTYL {D}{ACT}{Y}{L}
4   Halt passenger destroying plant (8,5) ELEPHANT GRASS*
6   Frightening deployment of seamer (8) FEARSOME*
7   A kind of shortening by the priest at Mumbai suburb (7) ELISION {ELI}{SION}
8   Boisterous girl's hold over boy come back with yen (6) H?Y?E? (Addendum - HOYDEN - {H}{O}{NED+Y<=} - See comments)
10 Shape of campus area subsequently protected by rail installation (13) QUADRILATERAL {QUAD}{RI{LATER}AL*}
15 Really go to rip apart a fable (8) ALLEGORY*
16 Mother has men and workers in drive (8) MOMENTUM {MO{MEN}{TU}M}
18 Bout, if slow, would lead to heads rolling over and discharge (7) OUTFLOW {bOUT}{iF}{sLOW}
20 Joyous shout from man getting high somehow over nothing (5-2) HEIGH-HO {HE}{HIGH*}{O}
21 Disgrace from short agitation by good scholar (6) STIGMA {STIr}{G}{MA}
22 Bow and knock out with two blows (6) KOWTOW {KO}{W}{TWO*}


Sunday 19 November 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2970, Sunday 19 Nov 2017

1   See vine tangled with herb (8) ENVISAGE {VINE}*{SAGE}
5   Abandon thread (6) STRAND [DD]
9   Covered past life initially with relief (8) OVERLAID {OVER}{Life}{AID}
10 Is painful technique used in texting? (6) SMARTS {SM{ART}S}
12 Environmentalist's signal to proceed (5) GREEN [DD]
14 Custom immune to criticism from airman blushing aboard boat (6,3) SACRED COW {AC}{RED} in {SCOW}
15 Propose measure before social gathering for indoor game (5,8) TABLE FOOTBALL {TABLE} {FOOT}{BALL}
17 Certainly sense hot excitement of bout, duo receiving cheers (7,1,5) WITHOUT A DOUBT {WIT}{H}{OU{T A} DOUBT*}
21 Resistance in territory by soldier, cold and calculated (9) STRATEGIC {ST{R}ATE}{GI}{C}
22 Greek character absorbed by argument he tackled (5) THETA [T]
23 License book in revolutionary electronic way (6) ENABLE {E}{L{B}ANE} <=
24 Unlucky one, round in valley, in retreat (3-5) ILL-FATED {1}{LL-{FAT}ED<=}
26 Thirsty to grab attention? Not interesting (6) DREARY {DR{EAR}Y}
27 Linguistic unit in translation of sly label (8) SYLLABLE*

1   Stretch, with energy left, operating barrier (8) ELONGATE {E}{L}{ON}{GATE}
2   Struggle with unfinished scene (3) VIE VIEw
3   Quiet because occupied by French article (7) SILENCE {SI{LE}NCE}
4   Artist captures nobody's heart? Harsh (12) GAINSBOROUGH {GAINS}{noBOdy}{ROUGH}
6   Paint moderate area (7) TEMPERA {TEMPER}{A}
7   Curtail urge to reform land management (11) AGRICULTURE*
8   Deny any connection with inspector, planted (6) DISOWN {DI}{SOWN}
11 English clubs still followed by supporter very happily (12) ECSTATICALLY {E}{C}{STATIC}{ALLY}
13 Inclination, changing gear, to cut extra hard work (5,6) ELBOW GREASE {BOW}{GEAR*} in {ELSE}
16 Trio, not half oppressed by burden, cross (8) STRADDLE {S{TRio}ADDLE}
18 Gossip time after time going into story? Right (7) TATTLER {TA}{T}{T}LE}{R}
19 Responsible university scientist finally separating new fluid (7) DUTIFUL {U}{s...sT} in {FLUID}*
20 Move up when around goal (6) ASCEND {AS}{C}{END}
25 Clumsy boat yet to capsize (3) TUB <=


Saturday 18 November 2017

No 12166, Saturday 18 Nov 2017, Gridman


1. Unprepared, looking back, Nepal orders fighting machine (8) WARPLANE {RAW<=}{NEPAL*}
5. PAC men hasten to set up tents (6) ENCAMP {PAC MEN}*
9. Fellows add the score in the mind (8) MENTALLY {MEN}{TALLY}
10. Eminence backing withdrawn trap is bad (6) ROTTEN {TOR<=}{NET<=}
12. Story-teller's track is recalled (4) LIAR {RAIL<=}
13. Ignore me on a tour of part of a ship (6,4) ENGINE ROOM {IGNORE ME ON}*
15. Stick with learner to get crayon (6) PASTEL {PASTE}{L}
17. Stunner from vile teachers after exit of revolutionary (5) TASER {TEAcheRS}*
20. King, during the course of morning, sketched (5) DRAWN {D{R}AWN}
21. Mistake a New Delhi's initial mission (6) ERRAND {ERR}{A}{N}{Delhi}
24. Making serious charges, one politician's arriving right away (10) IMPEACHING {I}{MP}{rEACHING}
27. Bet // it's boat (4) PUNT (DD)
29. Ancestry of old dress I gain finally (6) ORIGIN {O}{RIG}{I}{gaiN|
30. In half a minute, bet becomes wrong (8) MISTAKEN {MI{STAKE}Nute}
31. Over there you nearly bump into a crazy nerd (6) YONDER {YOu}{NERD*}
32. News about fashionable, coloured hard cloth (8) WHIPCORD {W{HIP}{C}ORD}


1. Politician involved in cunning gets head cover (6) WIMPLE {WI{MP}LE}

2. Refugee leaves a part of airport (6) RUNWAY {RUNaWAY}
3. Report single advance (4) LOAN {~LONE}
4. Rip only new material (5) NYLON {ONLY N}*
6. Nothing is caught by fixed Sone trap (5) NOOSE {SONE*} around {O}
7. Cinema where in different eras you in the past were seen (3,5) ART HOUSE {EARS*} around {THOU}
8. Writer hesitant about support from shadowy area (8) PENUMBRA {PEN}{UM}{BRA}
11. Hot air in balloon // or unimportant item in newspaper (6) FILLER (DD)
14. Lawyer jolly enough to patch up (4) DARN {DA}{RN}
16. Support to article? “Show canine development” (6) TEETHE {TEE}{THE}
17. Small can get majorly finally (4) TINY {TIN}{majorlY}
18. Using eyeshade during windy day is recommended (8) ADVISORY {DAY*} around {VISOR} Defn ok?
19. Drive about politician's gain by foul means (8) CAMPAIGN {CA}{MP}{GAIN*}
22. Bird's // nuts (6) CUCKOO (DD)
23. High part of roadside not secure to go up (6) STONED (T<=)
25. Stormy lake containing one that is similar (5) ALIKE {LAKE*} around {I}
26. "No" sound from the stable maybe (5) NEIGH (~NAY) See comments
28. Surmounting a revolutionary (4) ATOP {A}{TOP}

Reference List
Leraner=L, Revolutionary=Che, King=R, New=N, One=I, Politician=MP, Right=R, Old=O, Coloured=C
Nothing=O, Writer=Pen, Hesitant=Um, Support=Bra, Lawyer=DA, Jolly=RN (Royal Navy), About=CA

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