Monday, 23 May 2022

No 13563, Monday 23 May 2022, Gussalufz

Solution to 7D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Any novice to identify the theme and the Nina.

9   Famous setter seen every now and then in retreat in La Sierra (a club, abroad) (9) ARAUCARIA {lA+sIeRrA+a+ClUb+AbRoAd}<=
10 Rook captured by a minor piece and king, perhaps (5) PRAWN {P{R}AWN}
11 Famous Gothic opera on frequently ignored warning signal (7) FOGHORN {FamOus+GotHic+OpeRa+oN}
12 Tree with unusual floral activity finally replaced by kiss in Hindi cinema (7) BOXWOOD {BO(-lly+x)XWOOD}
13 Made a mistake? Offer redress to some extent (5) ERRED [T]
14 Appalled, I scorn appropriating hip-hop for some junk metal (5,4) SCRAP IRON {I+SCORN}* over {RAP}
16 Sticky substance (a polymer) starts to thicken, unleashing inflammation and warmth (4-11) GOOD-NATUREDNESS {GOO}{DNA}{Th...n}{Un...g}{REDNESS}
19 Extremely crude bots redesigned to incorporate sight (9) OBSCENEST {OB{SCENE}ST*}
22 Family members least nuanced about hugging? (5) AUNTS [T<=]
24 Strip, subjugating husband with extremely lascivious poetry (7) GHAZALS {G{H}AZA}{La...uS}
26 Peacekeepers getting terribly bored took off clothes (7) UNROBED {UN}{BORED*}
27 Even unfinished and sloppy lacquer gets rid of the onset of corrosion (5)  EQUAL LAcQUEr*
28 In the morning, they might offer guidance for show; after a bit of breakfast, they are surprisingly offensive! (9) AMBUSHERS {AM} and {USHERS}<=>{Br...t}

1   Turning a long way, endlessly left — playing for draw? (6) RAFFLE {FAR<=}{LEFt*}
2   Sure about acquiring flamboyant angora jumper? (8) KANGAROO {OK<=} over {ANGORA}*
3   Article about my steps for harmony (10) ACCORDANCE {A}{C}{COR}{DANCE}
4   Bradman accumulates runs with England’s seaming openers and goes on and on (6) DRONES {D{R}ON}{En...d}{Se...g}
5   Pitcher full of bad, spoiled beer gets one mouthing off (8) JABBERER {JA{B}{BEER*}R}
6   “Nap/sex?” — partners going for tip (4) APEX {nAP+sEX}
7   Appreciate one avoiding unnecessary expenditure for auditors (6) ?A?O?R (Addendum - SAVOUR (~ saver) - See comments)
8   Anyone suffering after swallowing some dubiously “special” painkillers? (8) ANODYNES {ANO{Du...y}YNE*}{S}
15 Doctor’s regularly used app, or compiler of detailed records over time (10) PODIATRIST {aPp+Or}{DIA{T}RIST}
16 George Eliot was a girl? This further confused Leelawati so badly (8) GROGGIER {GROGGIER+LEELAWATI=GEORGE+ELIOT+WAS+A+GIRL} [CA]
17 After putting away all jackets, why must butler say archly, “What you normally order?” (3,5) THE USUAL  {wHy+mUSt+bUTLEr+sAy}*
18 Dignified short hat lying around, oddly rejected already (8) ENNOBLED {BONNEt<=}{aLrEaDy}
20 Purchase pans (4,2) SNAP UP {PANS}* [RA]
21 These may go up and down during an election? (6) THUMBS [CD]
23 Secretly admires a distinctly evil person (6) SADIST [T]
25 Bless Bertie’s bloody partner! (4) ALLY bALLY

Reference List
Rook = R, Kiss = X, Husband = H, About = C, My = COR, Runs = R, Bad = B, Partners = N,s {north and South in Bridge card game), Special = S, Time = T, Bertie = B

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Special, Sunday 22 May 2022, Ajji

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3203, Sunday 22 May 2022

1   Gadgets displaying pretension (3,7) TIN OPENERS*
6   Yin's antithesis – nature's governor, to begin with? (4) YANG Acrostic Semi&lit
9   Swan Island's latest script (10) PENMANSHIP {PEN}{MAN'S}{HIP}
10 German lad looking back and forth? (4) OTTO <=>
11 Unsettling joke welcomed by bachelor, relaxing (4-8) BONE-CHILLING {ONE} in {B} {CHILLING}
15 Wear out car part (7) EXHAUST [DD]
16 Washing facility, bar and hotel bill in retreat (7) BATHTUB{BUT}{H}{TAB}<=
17 Some French ate aubergines in their big house? (7) CHATEAU [T]
19 Over-use worn-out bodies of work (7) OEUVRES*
20 Drunk eager to follow competition, Rangers gutted (4-8) BEER-SWILLING {WILLING}<=>{BEE}{Ra...rS}
23 Good to throw a ball (4) GLOB {G}{LOB}
24 Charitable gesture in which writer's backing tyranny (10) DOMINATION {DO{I'M<=}NATION}
25 Hairy beasts' jaws (4) YAKS [DD]
26 Stresses from unfortunate mishaps, see? (10) EMPHASISES*

1   Ends giving clues (4) TIPS [DD]
2   Grandma's somewhat bananas (4) NANA [T]
3   Engineer ruins tape: no help for musicians (5,6) PIANO TUNERS*
4   Nostrils running, you say? Easily fixed! (2,5) NO SWEAT (~ nose wet)
5   Perhaps Victoria's sporting mostly blue hair (4,3) RAIL HUB {BLUe+HAIR}*
7   That man's Conservative: the old are first thing to study (3,7) ART HISTORY  {HIS}{TORY}<=>{ART}
8   He defeated Gore; he bugs Gore terribly (6,4) GEORGE BUSH*
12 EU members shun Italian reforms (11) LITHUANIANS*
13 Bravo for every malfunctioning vehicle (5,5) BEACH BUGGY {B}{EACH}{BUGGY}
14 Tourist guide, Romeo during season, with hygiene problem? Yes (6,4) PHRASE BOOK {PH{R}ASE}{BO}{OK}
18 All the same, perhaps, Oxford students (7) UNIFORM {UNI}{FORM}
19 Spooner's expressed imperial desire to be like Saudi Arabia (3-4) OIL-RICH (~royal itch to oil rich)
21 Pork pies in France leading to intestinal discomfort (4) FIBS {F}{IBS}
22 Pubs in which Everyman sits finally absorbing news (4) INNS {I}{sitS} over {NN}

Reference List
Joke = ONE, Bachelor = B, Hotel = H, Good = G, Bravo B, Romeo = R, Hygiene problem = BO(Body odour), France = F, News = NN

Saturday, 21 May 2022

No 13562, Saturday 21 May 2022, Hypatia


1   Got a new hybrid vehicle (5) TONGA*
4   Xi follows America secretly (5) ASIDE {SIDE}<=>{A}
11 Busy judge losing focus during conclusion (7) ENGAGED {EN{GAuGE}D}
12 Returns to occupy a bar counter (7) AGAINST {A}{GAINS}{T}
13 Board line moving to the end of aircraft (5) PANEL P(-l)ANE(+l)L
14 Boycott scores at one ground (9) OSTRACISE {SCORES+AT+1}*
15 “Burn” — popular movie review? (10) INCINERATE {IN}{CINE}{RATE}
17 Primarily get your muscles strengthened in these places (4) GYMS Acrostic Semi&lit
19 Peck, in “Moby Dick”, is sensational (4) KISS [T]
21 Crooked crimes may proliferate over time (10) ASYMMETRIC {CRIMES+MAY}* over {T}
25 “Jack Spree”, introduced by Spooner to local host (9) BARTENDER (~tar bender to bartender)
27 Inference point frequently in dreams thru REM (5) DATUM {DreAms+ThrU+reM}
28 Time to overcome resistance in order to defeat (7) TANKING (-r+t)TANKING
29 Novice, for sure (3,4) NEW USER {SURE}* [RA]
30 Daughter and divorced wife provided backing to firm (5) FIXED {D}{EX}{IF}<=
31 Bohemian in revolutionary plays (Pygmalion?) (5) GYPSY [T<=]


2   Natural gas mostly stored in iron tanks with carbon (7) ORGANIC {OR{GAs}NI*}{C}
3   Amusement of soldier leading horse to fish (8) GIGGLING {GI}{GG}{LING}
5   Gosh! Am always filled with hot air (6) SHAMAL [T]
6   Studies with youngster, initially, about sex and body (7) DENSITY {DENS}{Yo...r} over {IT}
7   President resides in capital — an old city (6) DELPHI {DEL{P}HI}
8   Notice sweetheart taking time out shifts and stays (8) ADJOURNS {AD}{JO}{tURNS}
9   Inclination for hypocrisy (4) CANT [DD]
10 Moms heading out to rest (6) OTHERS mOTHERS
16 Crushed mint? A rad ingredient in sambar! (8) TAMARIND*
18 Complete a course after school and discharge (4,4) SEND AWAY {END}{A}{WAY}<=>{S}
19 Interfere just a little in Kazakhstan (6) KIBITZ {K{1}{BIT}Z}
20 Shortened sargam in versatile instrument (7) SARANGI {SARGAm+IN}*
22 Stranger stops others at school and checks again (7) RETESTS {R{ET}EST}{S}
23 Setter in vehicle with a moviemaker (6) CAMERA {CA{ME}R}{A}
24 Dirty filter’s half immersed in river (6) DEFILE {DE{FILter}E}
26 Likes insults (4) DIGS [DD]

Reference List

New = N, XI = SIDE, America = A, Bar = T, Line = L, Popular = IN, Time = T, Jack = TAR, Spree = BENDER, Resistance = R, Daughter = D, Divorced wife = EX
Soldier = GI, Horse = GG, Studies = DENS, Sex = IT, President = P, Notice = AD, Sweetheart = JO, School = S, Kazakhstan = KZ,Stranger = ET 

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday, 20 May 2022

No 13561, Friday 20 May 2022, Vidwan


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

7   Vegetable roll — one pence (6) TURNIP {TURN}{1}{P}
8   Battle of Athens partly won by Roman manoeuvring (8) MARATHON {MAR{ATHens}ON*}
9   Groovy street talk, short and powerful, having revolutionary strain (8) STRIATED {ST}{TED} over {AIR<=}
10 I am back in Godfather territory (6) DOMAIN {DO{I+AM<=}N} 
11 Yes! No gym is free of anti-women attitude (8) MISOGYNY {Y+NO+GYM+IS}*
12 Steal the Spanish money (6) NICKEL {NICK}{EL}
13 Spooner says chap sticks wrappers! (11) CELLOPHANES (~ fellow canes to cellophanes) Doubtful Spoonerism
18 Heard Knight swear at Piccadilly for instance (6) CIRCUS (~ sir cuss)
20 Meeting of a music arranger and top new model (8) ADJACENT {A}{DJ}{ACE}{N}{T}
22 One who changes habit, dress, clothing on set regularly (6) WEANER {WEA{oN+sEt}R}
23 Natives pull the plug on electronic audio equipment (8) ENDEMICS {END}{E}{MICS}
24 To hum is to mock! (8) BADMOUTH  {TO+HUM}* [RA]
25 Oversensitive youth worried about core of democracy (6) TOUCHY {TOU{d..oCr..y}HY*}

1   USA’s pathetic attempt, not the last, to form a nation (7) AUSTRIA {USA*}{TRIAl}
2   Treatment of ‘I dont eat’ condition (8) ANTIDOTE*
3   Inconsistent, bit soft and slightly crazy (6) SPOTTY {Soft}{POTTY}
4   A Gridman’s cryptic instrument (8) MRIDANGA*
5   A time mantra starts to impact consciousness at extremely micro-level (6) ATOMIC {A}{T}{OM}{Im...t}{Co...s}
6   Seen as inverse of 1/10 + 100 (7) NOTICED {DECI}{TON}<=
8   A mega hydra shaped poor province (6,7)  MADHYA PRADESH {A+M+HYDRA+SHAPED}*
14 Glowing with desire and reddish, liberated upper-class female (8) LUSTROUS {LUST}{RufOUS}
15 Tribute to mother protecting child's heart, supporting, making one rise over smallest of challenges (8) ENCOMIUM {M{chIld}UM}<=>{O{Ch..s}NE<=}
16 Preservative used in grave (7) VINEGAR*
17 Dumpling made without basically any coaching (7) GNOCCHI COaCHING*
19 Back in same nicpicture gallery (6) CINEMA [T<=]
21 Queen of Jews usually deified ithe Hebrew sources (6) JUDITH Acrostic

Reference List
Pence = P, Yes = Y, The in Spanish = EL, New = N, Model = T, Electronic = E, Time = T, Mantra = OM, 1/100 = DECI, Mega = M, Upper-class = U, Female = F

Thursday, 19 May 2022

No 13560, Thursday 19 May 2022, Incognito

Solution to 19A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Big embrace by European (4) HUGE {HUG}{E}
9   Say monotonously, “Performed around middle of March” (5) DRONE {D{maRch}ONE}
10 More than 6 balls (4) OVER [DD]
11 Current producer may nod animatedly (6) DYNAMO*
12 Animals lost at last in development of marshes (8) HAMSTERS {HAMS{losT}ERS}
13 Unmarried lady goes around with the exotic Roman in the beginning (8) SPINSTER {SPINS}{The}{Ex...c}{Ro..n}
15 Indian duck’s infatuated (2,4) IN LOVE {IN}{LOVE}
17 Taller gymnast has reason for discomfort (7)ALLERGY [T]
19 This kind of person probably knows what you are going to say... (7) ?S?C?I? (Addendum - PSYCHIC [CD] - See comments)
22 Ashraf Ghani’s nationality (6) AFGHAN [T} &lit
24 Perhaps, what was done to the toast, say, in resting place (8) BUTTERED {B{UTTER}ED}
26 Capital relative possesses in South Africa (8) KINSHASA {KIN}{S{HAS}A}
28 Concurred, “A sin!” (6) AGREED {A}{GREED}
30 Thomas gets English book that is rather large (4) TOME {TOM}{E}
31 Animals take in a bit of nourishment and grind (5) MINCE {MI{No...t}CE}
32 Bone found in Gokul Nagar (4) ULNA [T]

1   Occupied vehicle with Yankee (4) BUSY {BUS}{Y}
2   German apprentice gives up right for person in custody (8) DETAINEE {DE}{TrAINEE}
3   A medico starting to intubate in operation theatre is adept (6) ADROIT {A}{DR}{O{In...e}T}
4   Present at this place? Not at any location! (7) NOWHERE {NOW HERE}
5   Mike excitedly dreams about starting to interview legendary ladies (8) MERMAIDS {M}{ERMA{In...s}DS*}
6   Left aluminium door (6) PORTAL {PORT}{AL}
7   Don’s attire (4) WEAR [DD]
14 Head of Intelligence in Chinese army gets fine rice dish (5) PILAF {P{In...e}LA}{F}
16 Say, “Sin to consume egg” (5) VOICE {V{0}ICE}
18 Grenade exploded around maiden and armed policeman in France (8) GENDARME {GENDAR{M}E*}
20 Arranged free lunch after nomad leader leaves. Happy? (8) CHEERFUL {FREE+LUnCH}
21 Gets insurance after boat is damaged (7) OBTAINS* {INS}<=>{BOAT*}
23 Rush! Possesses one short to make a team (6) HASTEN {HAS}{TEN(11-1)}
25 Model has setter thrown in river (6) THAMES {T}{HA{ME}S}
27 Decrease morphine production without using chopped up hemp (4) IRON  mORphINe*
29 Alien gets sodium in volcano (4) ETNA {ET}{NA}

Reference List
European = E, Indian = IN, English = E, Yankee = Y, German = DE, Right = R, Operation Theatre = OT, Mike = M, Chinese army = PLA< Fine = F, Maiden = M, Insurance = INS, Model = T, Alien = ET, Sodium = NA

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

No 13559, Wednesday 18 May 2022, Incognito

Solution to 29D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Vehicle pool (4) TANK [DD]
9   Rubbery sap produced by plant after time? Wrong! (5) LATEX {LATE}{X}
10 Extraordinary graduate throwing dart gets fever (4) AGUE GradUAtE*
11 What one may do with a drum? Scram! (4,2) BEAT IT [DD]
12 Swap old coins of low value (8) EXCHANGE {EX}{CHANGE}
13 European representative possesses initial indications showing stress (8) EMPHASIS {E}{MP}{HAS}{In...s}{Sh...g}
15 Alliances set up wrongly around one (3-3) TIE-UPS {SET+UP}* over {1}
17 Prohibit that lady with English spirit (7) BANSHEE {BAN}{SHE}{E}
19 Step by step cooking of guar dal (7) GRADUAL*
22 Illuminated Chinese island fruit (6) LITCHI {LIT}{CH}{I}
24 Indian tribals accompanied by a king with independent city (8) NAGASAKI {NAGAS}{A}{K}{I}
26 Copied gyrating morris dancer throwing cans (8) MIRRORED {MORRIs+DancER}*
28 Cot carrying little Robert floated up and down (6) BOBBED {BED}<=>{BOB}
30 Make scary sound, start to terrorise and kick (4) BOOT {BOO}{Te...e}
31 Casual worker’s love for speed (5) TEMPO {TEMP}{0}
32 Birds nesting in Salem, U.S.A. (4) EMUS [T]

1   Perhaps, horrible animosity towards enemy in the beginning (4) HATE Acrostic Semi&lit
2   Draws some part of basket/chest (8) SKETCHES [T]
3   Female flower for American president’s wife, in short (6) FLOTUS {F}{LOTUS}
4   Non-believer in god? Transformed? Eat this! (7) ATHEIST*
5   Next to river, copper starts to torture opposing relatives for person authorised to act under testamentary document (8) EXECUTOR {EXE}{CU}{To...e}{Op...g}{Re...s}
6   Coffee shop has a royal liquid container (6) CARAFE {C{A}{R}AFE}
7   Container contains new variety of bean (4) MUNG {MU{N}G}
14 Military Intelligence with French friend in American city (5) MIAMI {MI}{AMI}
16 Park redesigned to accommodate knight’s lark (5) PRANK {PRA{N}K*}
18 First German residing in a middle eastern country means to leave one’s country (8) EMIGRATE {EMI{Ge...n}RATE}
20 “Incapacitated,” said incorrectly, “and lost vital fluid” (8) DISABLED {SAID*}{BLED}
21 Sad man goes around middle of September giving wreaths to place on heads (7) ANADEMS {SAD+MAN}* over {s..tEm..r}
23 Churchman’s box contains uranium (6) CURATE {C{U}RATE}
25 Type of snake egg found in African country (6) GABOON {GAB{0}ON}
27 Metal found in Adirondack (4) IRON [T]
29 Ceremonial boxing, in Flores island, in small case (4) E?U?  (Addendum - ETUI {ETU}{I} - See comments)

Reference List
Wrong = X, European = E, Representative = MP, English = E, Chinese = CH, Island = I, King = K, Independent = I, Female = F, Royal = R, New = N, Military Intelligence = MI, Friend in French = AMI, Knight = N

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

No 13558, Tuesday 17 May 2022, Incognito

Solution to 6D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Ilium partly destroyed (4) TROY [T]
9   Paper on which one may jot down ideas got when on the throne? (6,4) TOILET-ROLL [CD]
10 Reptile queen, in short, is on American road (6) LIZARD {LIZ}{A}{RD}
11 Adder returned gobbling cooking utensil and endangered animal (3,5) RED PANDA {RED{PAN}DA<=}
12 Sight-seers’ face protection devices have sex appeal (8) VISITORS {VIS{IT}ORS}
14 Left monk with small animals (6) LLAMAS {L}{LAMA}{S}
16 Identification papers with the French unemployed (4) IDLE {ID}{LE}
17 Flying Sikh protects a tribe from Meghalaya (5) KHASI {KH{A}SI*}
18 Unadulterated paste has no energy (4) PURE PUREe
19 Rodents, having one form of arthritis, on island (6) AGOUTI {A}{GOUT}{I}
21 Told, “Ran back before traitor edited data initially” (8) NARRATED {RAN<=}{RAT}{Ed...d}{Data}
23 Bit a king (English) consumed in the past (8) PARTAKEN {PART}{A}{K}{EN}
26 Vehicle operator died beside stream (6) DRIVER {D}{RIVER}
27 Roosters walk around old maiden in godowns (10) STOREROOMS {STORERO{O}{M}S*}
28 Famous bishop’s dress (4) TUTU [DD]

1   A porridge cooked around one for North American creature (7,3) PRAIRIE DOG {A+PORRIDGE}* over {1}
2   Indy team moulded an explosive substance (8) DYNAMITE*
3   Hunk getting perfect score (or half a score?) in artist’s workplace (6) STUDIO {STUD}{10}
4   Right after food at jetty (4) PIER {R}<=>{PIE}
5   Wine held wrongly in capital (3,5) NEW DELHI*
6   Spanish navy member with awfully damaged anchor for starters (6) ?R?A?A (Addendum - ARMADA {ARM}{Aw...y}{Da...d}{An...r} - See comments)
7   Good boy is happy (4) GLAD {G}{LAD}
13 Bath popular in country (5) SPAIN {SPA}{IN}
15 Deals with violent sergeant protecting setter (10) AGREEMENTS {AGREE{ME}NTS*}
17 Perhaps, footballers have new shorts (8) KNICKERS {K{N}ICKERS}
18 Musicians and religious saints possess a nickel symbol (8) PIANISTS {PI}{A}{NI}{STS}
20 Says, “Total before commencement of school” (6) UTTERS {UTTER}{Sc...l}
22 Vegetable used in Andhra dishes (6) RADISH [T]
24 Cast away deeds (4) ACTS*
25 It’s 12 anyway (4) NOON<=>

Reference List
American = A, Sex Appeal = IT, Left = L, Small = S, The in French = LE, Energy = E, Island = I, King = K, English = EN, Died = D,Old = O, Maiden = M, Right = R, Good = G, Popular = IN, New = N, Religious = PI, Saints = STS 

Monday, 16 May 2022

No 13557, Monday 16 May 2022, Lightning

Art work by Prasanna

Solution to 21D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Sticking together with prisoner going around this place on time (8) COHERENT {CO{HERE}N}{T}
5   Short place for storing valuables at eastern Java perhaps (6) COFFEE {COFFEr}{E}
9   Prime concern of religious house without appeal (8) PRIORITY {PRIOR{IT}Y}
10 About to break group’s confidential information (6) SECRET {SEC{RE}T}
12 Learner moving to the end to rent art stand (5) EASEL (-l)EASE(+l)L
13 Essential substance in a radio broadcast? (9) RADIATION {subsTance} in {IN+A+RADIO}* &lit
14 Primarily feature of species seen imprinted later (6) FOSSIL Acrostic &lit
16 Six trapped in lawsuit that is meaningless (7) TRIVIAL {TRI{VI}AL}
19 Tone down a painting material (7) TEMPERA {TEMPER}{A}
21 Black coal left aside to set ablaze (6) IGNITE lIGNITE
23 Head of technology replacing carbon to give confidence to company (9) ENTOURAGE EN(-c+t)TOURAGE
25 Poetry very brief — lacking introduction (5) VERSE {V}{tERSE}
26 Ranger managed to shelter Einstein say (6) GERMAN [T]
27 Choice to go around last university — it may be simple (8) PENDULUM {P{END}{U}LUM}
28 A week in hospital emergency room for salesman (6) HAWKER {H}{A}{WK}{ER}
29 Lacking knowledge of rating on liquid (8) IGNORANT*

1   Code of conduct is presently having errors — rectify for starters (6) CIPHER Acrostic
2   Physical injury restrains one lost at sea in heavy downpour (9) HAILSTORM {HA{1}{LOST*}RM}
3   River essentially pure, and a lake characteristic of country (5) RURAL {R}{pURe}{A}{L}
4   Ancient city in South African province is not artificial (7) NATURAL {NAT{UR}AL}
6   Speech about physical education for an activity (9) OPERATION {O{PE}RATION}
7   Scientist reshaped engineering firm (5) FERMI [E+FIRM}*
8   Net cast with inclination to snare (8) ENTANGLE {NET*}{ANGLE}
11 Correct course, turn back (4) EDIT<=
15 Please cut out risk (9) SPECULATE*
17 Break spent very intensely active at first among other things (5,4) INTER ALIA {INTERvAL}{In...y}{Ac...e}
18 Basically good talent, hard to be shaped fully (2,6) AT LENGTH {Good+TALENT+H}*
20 A container is partially open (4) AJAR {A}{JAR}
21 Half of instrument to remain and regularly drag floater (7) I?E?E?G (Addendum - ICEBERG {devICE}{BE}{dRaG} - See comments)
22 License for every American university (6) PERMIT {PER}{MIT}
24 Fling bed cover (5) THROW [DD]
25 Instruction to see old film that is recorded (5) VIDEO {VIDE}{O}

Reference List
Time = T, Eastern = E, Appeal = IT, About = RE, Learner = L, Left = L, Very = V, University = U, Hospital = H, Emergency Room = ER, River = R, Lake = L, Physical Education = PE, Engineering = E, Good = G, Hard = H, Old = O

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Special, Sunday 15 May 2022, Coolcat

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3202, Sunday 15 May 2022

1   They're in the kitchen, people cooking with toaster (6,7) POTATO PEELERS {PEOPLE+TOASTER}*
8   Family enthralled by magic lantern (4) CLAN [T]
9   Getting on with ace Baptist, excitable Italian (1,3,4,2)  A BIT PAST IT {A}{BAPTIST*}{IT}
10 Country record spun, transfixing an American (6) ANGOLA {LOG}<= in {AN}{A}
11 Aimlessly nod off in a vehicle (2,6) AT RANDOM {A}{TRA{NOD*}M}
12 Musician's cheap shoddy bell shaken (9) PACHELBEL {CHEAP*}{BELL*}
14 First-born voiced affectations (4) AIRS (~heirs)
15 Grill something with a sole (4) PUMP [DD]
16 Queen and King cast out losers, perfect! (9) ERRORLESS {ER}{R}{LOSERS*}
20 Everyman's in lounge with drink, sweetie (8) LOLLIPOP {LOLL}{I}{POP}
21 Drifts – some of the Drifters? (6) TENORS [DD]
23 Brat in layette regularly in shock (4,6) HOLY TERROR {HO{LaYeTtE}RROR}
24 Loudly loads casks (4) TUNS (~tons)
25 Drivers should avoid these pets, only a pint drunk (7,6) PENALTY POINTS

1   Porridgey offering, long eaten near the Adriatic for starters? (7) POLENTA Acrostic &lit
2   Foxtrot's ending – another dance? (5) TANGO {f...oT}
3   Route incorporating avenue is a slog (7) TRAVAIL {TR{AV}AIL}
4   Forbidding words on a sign in WC worried ladylike model within (7,8) PRIVATE PROPERTY {PRIV{ATE}{PROPER}{T}Y}
5   Old flame with strong wine and strong beer (6) EXPORT {EX}{PORT}
6   Most important net sales I falsified (9) ESSENTIAL*
7   Admirers flatter old Russians heartlessly (7) SUITORS {SUIT}{O}{Ru...nS}
13 That man, in the manner of French, offered up refusal, high and mighty (9) HIMALAYAN {HIM}{ALA}{NAY<=}
15 Sweltering in rear of ship for PR event (5,2) PHOTO OP {P{HOT}OOP}
17 In Vermont, a riotous part of N America (7) ONTARIO [T]
18 Water running in vaults (7) SPRINGS [DD]
19 Charm shown by a prince with ring (6) APPEAL {A}{P}{PEAL}
22 Unacceptable, whichever way you look at it! (3,2) NOT ON <=>

Reference List
Ace = A, Italian = IT, American = A, Queen = ER, King = R, T = TANGO, Avenue = AV, Model = T, Old flame = EX, Old = O, Prince = P

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday # 79, Sunday 15 May 2022, Arden

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Saturday, 14 May 2022

No 13556, Saturday 14 May 2022, Arden

Solution to 9A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Devil-may-care fighting unit with perhaps, a sole follower (7) RAFFISH {RAF}{FISH}
5   Lug into fight and offer support (4,3) BEAR OUT {B{EAR}OUT}
9   Money, one that goes into the loo (5) M?A?S (Addendum - MEANS {ME{A}NS} - See comments))
10 With husband in prison, strives to get endowments (9) CHANTRIES {C{H}AN}{TRIES}
11 Tailor asking her about reduction in size (9)  SHRINKAGE*
12 Heathen quiet once more, losing interest (5) PAGAN {P}{AGAiN}
13 Insect behaving naturally when trapped (4) GNAT [T]
15 West ends gone, badly disconnected (8) OCCIDENT dIsCONneCTED*
18 Booze, eating meat led to his heart complaint (4,4) BERI BERI {BE{RIB}ER}{hIs}
19 Told to see the place (4) SITE (~sight)
22 She springs into existence right in the middle of Australia (5) ALICE [C&DD]
24 Thief going around with mask, rough and ready (9)  MAKESHIFT {THIEF+MASK}*
26 Stops accepting money transfer? Definitely not! (2,2,5) BY NO MEANS {B{MONEY*}ANS}
27 He pays money essentially to go through the portal (5) DONOR {DO{moNey}OR}
28 Born with a voice, raised to get a title (7) BARONET {B}{A}{TENOR<=}
29 Lazy question about choice before Kings (4-3) WORK-SHY {W{OR}{K'S}HY}

1   Give up a carriage (6) REMISE [DD]
2   Starts growing roses again in the country — such sweet smell! (9) FRAGRANCE {FRA{Gr...g}{Ro..s}{Ag..n}NCE}
3   Playwright bar hopping in Brisbane (5) IBSEN brISBaNE*
4   Cut one extra, make a headgear (9) HACKAMORE {HACK}{A}{MORE}
5   Support for a couple (5) BRACE [DD]
6   Does it pan out like the Poles? (9) ANTIPODES*
7   Due to win in up coming game (5) OWING {O{WIN}G<=}
8   When a situation arises, has some herbal tea (6) TISANE [T<=]
14 Term used with 3 to describe 16 perhaps (9) TRIBESMEN {TERM+IBSEN}*
16 In Kurukshetra, both sides saying they were brave (9) CHICKASAW {CHIC}{Ku...rA}{SAW}
17 Second time dives into river during sunrise, they keep you healthy (9) NUTRIENTS {NU{TR{tIme}ENT}S<=}
20 Some blood groups contribute to growth in Africa (6) BAOBAB Letter Bank
21 Anecdote about the bottom floor (6) STOREY {STOR{thE}Y}
23 Those who do bad things exposed, they’re close to centre (5)  INNER sINNERs
24 Last man in playing team mattered (5) MEANT {MEA{maN}T*}
25 Somethings ordered especially for the upcoming feast (5) SEDER [T<=]

Reference List
Husband = H, Quiet = P, Born = B, Kings = K'S, In = CHIC, Saying = SAW, Blood groups = A,O,B