Tuesday 31 May 2022

No 13570, Tuesday 31 May 2022, Avtaar

Solution to 9A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   John returned home drunk (6) CANNED {CAN}{DEN<=}
4   I don't know what the passenger in a hurry might have told airport security (6,2) SEARCH ME [DD]
9   Translation of “Happy Prince” getting scrapped by master, possibly? (6) M?Y?A? (Addendum - MAYHAP {HA(-p+ma)MAY}* - See comments)
10 Topical article backing a mass movement (8) THEMATIC {THE}{A+M<=}{TIC}
11 Lively interiors of Nice inspired poet's first published work (6,8) EDITIO PRINCEPS {nICe+INSPIRED+POET}*
13 Revolutionary youth checks quiz with a clue about seminal work on socialism (3,7) DAS KAPITAL {LAD<=} over {ASK}{A}{TIP<=}
14 Like some proof I safely turned over (2,2) AS IF [T<=]
16 Women, chiefly from old Ottoman sultans' courts (4) WOOS {W}{Old}{Ot...s}{Su...s}
18 Creep hired busy code-breaker (10) DECIPHERER*
21 Study of heat flow in “Applied Chemistry and Elements of Organic Microanalysis” (14) THERMODYNAMICS {CHEMISTRY+AND+Or...c+Mi...s}*
23 Ordinary soft drinks these days exhibit a milky iridescence (8) OPALESCE {O}{P}{ALES}{CE}
24 Fellows trespassing close to the milk shed (6) EFFUSE {thE}{FF}{USE}
25 Endless test? (4,4) TAME DRAW [CD]
26 Charge on beer bottles (6) ALLEGE {AL{LEG}E}

1   Avtaar's about to visit church for a shoot (4) CYME {C{MY<=}E}
2   A Democrat caught between negative and positive responses for executions by drowning (7) NOYADES {NO}{Y{A}{D}ES}
3   English artist joins maverick saint who believes the state should control religion (8) ERASTIAN {E}{RA}{SAINT*}
5   Urge husband to replace pictures at the entrance while transportation to another country (11) EXHORTATION EX(-p+h)HORTATION
6   Land in vacated ranches for European city residents (6) ROMANS {Ran{OMAN}cheS}
7   About to leave game for a short time? At the end, press Alt+F4 and Ctrl-Alt-Del, maybe? (3,4) HOT KEYS {HO(-c+t)TKEY}{p..sS}
8   A poor example of former pro getting wrong cues (6,3) EXCUSE FOR {EX}{CUES*}{FOR}
12 Random remarks of judge over rambling diatribe about court (6,5)  OBITER DICTA {O}{BITERDI{CT}A*}
13 Keep away from party by West Indian dealer outside hotel (2,7) DO WITHOUT {DO}{WI}{T{H}OUT}
15 Spurious fuel supply? Outrageous! (8) SHAMEFUL {SHAM}{FUEL*}
17 Scratching backside, move rear around with upper limb going across the shoulder (7) OVERARM {MOVe+REAR}*
19 Retiring on what I compose for the audience (7) RECLUSE {RE}{CLUSE(~clues)}
20 Commencement of indispensable repair jams power loom (6)  IMPEND {In...e}{M{P}END}
22 Entertain female mentees every now and then (4) FETE {F}{mEnTeEs}

Reference List
John = CAN, Mass = M, Women = W, Ordinary = O, Soft = P, These days = CE, Fellow = F, On = LEG, Church = CE, Democrat = D, English = E, Artist = RA, Husband = H, About = C, Over = O, Court = CT, Party = DO, Hotel = H, On = RE, Power = P, Female = F

Monday 30 May 2022

No 13569, Monday 30 May 2022, WrdPlougher

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

7   Blowing top, criticises old cars (5) BUSES aBUSES 
8   PA system’s first electronic call conveying right flight information (9) SECRETARY {Sy...m}{E}{C{R}{ETA}RY}
10 Having at first deviously confused you, earlier clue’s first half is unclear (6) CLOUDY {De...y} in {YOU}*<=>{CLue
11 Speak with caddy regularly to find groove back in time for third round at Augusta, say? (8) SATURDAY {S{cA{RUT<=}dDy}AY}
12 Statesman Gore shifty about very fundamentally wrong backtracking (8) GOVERNOR {GO{V}ER*}{wRONg<=}
13 Flower flowed (4) ROSE [DD]
15 Rises and falls like echoes in between non-regular stereo woofers — hollow (7) SEESAWS {AS<=} in {StErEo}{Wo...rS}
17 Covering event briefly, working in a newspaper company (7) BATHING {B{A}{TH}INGe} Not sure of anno
20 Excavators starting to assess large piece of land (4) ASIA {ASI}{As...s}
22 At the Centre, stingy decision-makers providing cuts (8) INJURIES {stINgy}{JURIES}
25 Large unlimited menu cooked finally, just in case (8) ARGUMENT {lARGe}{MENU*}{jusT}
26 Hid dames rocks with luck in the end (6) MASKED {DAMES+lucK}*
27 Fought again to overcome key enemy, besieged by two sides, altogether crushed by leaderless squad (9) QUARRELED  {R{R{En...y}L}E} in {sQUAD}
28 Date of Xi’s return? (5) NINTH {IX<=} 

1   Beast of burden bolstered by rest near river, building heavy machinery (9) BULLDOZER {BULL}{DOZE}{R}
2   Judge exhausted, unwilling to meet returning expats (8) REFUGEES {REF}{Un...nG}{SEE<=}
3   Locked up cobbler (7) DESSERT<=
4   Measures time taken by muezzin and imam usually (8) CRITERIA {CRI{T}ER}{ImAm}
5   Data-gathering seminar finally begins (6) STARTS {STA{s...aR}TS}
6   Experimental process undertaken in the dock? (5) TRIAL [DD]
9   Carol heard a man (4) HYMN (~him)
14 Absorbs companies (9) INTERESTS [DD]
16 Detached about king, she finally lost power (8) WEAKENED  {WEA{K}{shE}NED}
18 Dish shattered in pointless bitter struggle (8) HARDSHIP {sHAR{DISH*}P}
19 Releasing Spring, Bruce to tour the heart of Texas with one sweet little number? (7) SIXTEEN {springS{1}{teXas}TEEN}
21 19’s mathematical relationship with 4? (6) SQUARE [CD]
23 Bound to be lively (4) JUMP [DD]
24 Grumpy lady’s audition skipping ending of play (5) ?R?U? (Addendum - TROUT TRyOUT - See comments)

Reference List
Electronic = E, Right = R, Very = V, Again = RE, River = R, Time = T,  King = K 

Sunday 29 May 2022

Special, Sunday 29 May 2022, SS

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3204, Sunday 29 May 2022

1   Doles out insulting remarks, hiding compliments (11) DISTRIBUTES {DIS{TRIBUTE}S}
9   Primarily, Arnauts' land; Balkan; Adriatic notably; Ionian additionally! (7) ALBANIA  Acrostic &lit
10 A conflict between UN and Spain is unenlightened (7) UNAWARE {UN}{A}{WAR}{E}
11 King George welcoming a toast (5) GONER {G{ONE}R}
12 Scratching nail into neck (8) SCRAPING {SCRA{PIN}G}
14 Popular recording about alien life form is giving too much away (10) INDISCREET {IN}{DISC}{RE}{ET}
15 Tolerate a beast (4) BEAR [DD]
17 Intact, we're told: there's a gap! (4) HOLE (~whole)
19 British field marshal and Mexican artist in conversation in upscale resort (5,5) MONTE CARLO (~ monty kahlo)
21 Anxious card player with twitch hiding money (8) NEUROTIC {N}{EURO}{TIC}
23 Oddly ignored odour before booze consumed with gusto (3,2) DUG IN {oDoUr}{GIN}
25 Not having fun seeing some letters in Learn Estonian (7) EARNEST [T]
26 French perhaps fabricated accounts of love (7) ROMANCE [DD]
27 In the end, England falling short with runs: idiots! (11) DUNDERHEADS {e...nD}{UNDER}{HEADS}

1   In bed, upset and down, there's Everyman, lacking spine etc (7) DEBONED {BED<=}{ONE}{D}
2   Son to strip off warm-weather wear (8) SUNDRESS {S}{UNDRESS}
3   Heading off in wide thoroughfare (4) ROAD bROAD
4   Performing Schubert: Trout and Alleluja's openings providing something to chew on? (10) BRUSCHETTA {SCHUBERT}*{Tr..t}{Al...a}
5   Comeuppance for a bounder having stolen one item belonging to princess (5) TIARA {A}{RAT}<= over {1}
6   Digression following home counties coast (7) SEASIDE {ASIDE}<=>{SE}
7   Thrifty shopper unearthing bra, pants (7,6) BARGAIN HUNTER*
8   Touring Greece, playing instrument (6,7) GEIGER COUNTER*
13 Titled lord recollected the animals were his friends (2,8) DR DOLITTLE*
16 A stinker finally strove to aspire to ascend in scholarly life (8) ACADEMIA {A}{CAD}{s...vE}{AIM<=}
18 Museum director's in arrangement with boards (7) LOUVRED {LOUVRE}{D} 
20 Royals are beheaded, chaps (7) REGENTS {aRE}{GENTS}
22 Poem concerning classical theatre (5) ODEON {ODE}{ON}
24 Cunning aspect of anarchosyndicalism (4) ARCH [T]

Reference List
Insulting remarks = DISS, Spain = E, King George = GR, Popular = IN, About = RE, Alien life form = ET, Card player = N(North in Bridge), Down = D, Everyman = I(one), Son = S, Home counties = SE, nDirector = D, Concerning = ON

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday # 80, Sunday 29 May 2022, Lightning

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday can be accessed at the link given below. You need to register and sign in using an email ID and password, subscription may or may not be required.
The crossword is not being blogged as the annotations are provided in the interactive version itself which can be seen if you click on 'Show a hint' under the 'reveal' tab on the top.

The same will be posted on every Sunday at 6 AM.


Saturday 28 May 2022

No 13568, Saturday 28 May 2022, Incognito


7   For starters, rotate on left leg and tumble (4) ROLL Acrostic
8   Choice, including time, for surgical procedure (9) OPERATION {OP{ERA}TION}
10 Edited photo with model and heated soup dish (6) HOTPOT {PHOTO*}{T}
11 State, “After West Indian cricket player gets out of intoxicated state” (6,2) SOBERS UP  {UP}<=>{SOBERS}
12 Yes, in Spain... Called and pilfered (8) SIPHONED {SI}{PHONED}
14 Having expended energy, dummies ordered snack (3,3) DIM SUM DUMMIeS*
16 Human, for example, confiscates couple of consecutive letters in capital (7) BEIJING {BE{I}{J}ING}
18 Erode tea (3,4) EAT AWAY {TEA}* [RA]
21 Croon about prince’s vault (6) SPRING {S{PR}ING}
23 Chinese women travel after consuming Indian noodle dish (4,4) CHOW MEIN {CH}{OWM{I}EN*}
25 Reduce length of agreement (8) CONTRACT [DD]
27/30 Kissing, in absence of Charlie, with love a popular poultry preparation (6,4) PEKING DUCK {PEcKING}{DUCK}

29 Cried, “Fire!”, stirring Asian food (5,4) FRIED RICE*
30 See 27


1   Settle, “Part of intestine is visible at last” (8) COLONISE {COLON}{IS}{v...lE}
2   Hit friends when returning (4) SLAP<=
3   No town may make dumpling (6) WONTON*
4   In short, debutante returns and dies horribly next to sleeping place (7) BEDSIDE {DEB<=}{DIES*}
5   Macao bid changed for Kampuchea (8) CAMBODIA*
6   To some extent, familiarise Pinocchio, for example (4) LIAR [T]
9   Sodium and uranium found on outskirts of old city-state in Micronesian island (5) NAURU {NA}{U} over {UR}
13 Religious traveller, having arranged journey, joins Islamic leaders (5) HAJJI Acrostic
15 Some arrhythmias mean predisposition to disease (5) MIASM [T]
17 Misers drag sign in a disorderly manner (8) NIGGARDS*
19 A vision about including carbon for making aircraft electronics (8) AVIONICS {A}{VIONI{C}S*}
20 City has developed in central Eurasian region (7) SCYTHIA*
22 Evidence found in Wipro office (5) PROOF [T]
24 Large pyre built for bird (6) OSPREY {OS}{PYRE*}
26 Damaged trail bike in absence of biker... Follow? (4) TAIL {TrAIL+bike} Biker should have been damaged
28 King is with one daughters children (4) KIDS {K}{1}{D'S}

Reference List

Choice = OPTION, Time = ERA, Model = T, State = UP, Yes in Spanish = SI, Energy = E, Prince = PR, Chinese = CH, Indian = I, Charlie = C, Love = DUCK
Sodium = NA, Uranium = U, Old city = UR, Carbon = C, Large = OS, King = K, Daughter = D

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 27 May 2022

No 13567, Friday 27 May 2022, Hypatia


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

7   Fast food service in Mumbai terminal’s clean counters (8) BHELPURI {B{HELP}UR<=}{m...aI}
9   State of American ship in Rhode Island, close to sea (6) RUSSIA {R{USS}I}{seA}
10 Observe fesepoys frequently (4) ESPY {fEw+SePoYs}
11 Wise guys will not ask anyhow (4-2-4) KNOW-IT-ALLS*
12 Cold above temple’s roof shelter (6) COVERT {C}{OVER}{Te...e}
14 Remove from below (5,3) ELBOW OUT {BELOW}* [RA]
15 Repacking items from her lap in baggage (13) PARAPHERNALIA  Letter Bank of (IN+HER+LAP)
18 Hypatia’s friend describing old city’s naive (8) IMMATURE {I'M}{MAT{UR}E}
20 One pound featuring England long time ago (3,3) ICE AGE {1}{C{E}AGE}
21 Hostesses look around in nine newly vacant rooms (10) INNKEEPERS {INN{PEEK<=}E*}{RoomS}
22 Firm Indian rope’s primary constituent! (4) COIR {CO}{In...n}{Rope} Semi&lit
23 Iraq’s opening with nicer manoeuvres aimed at peace (6) IRENIC {Iraq}{NICER*}
24 Rascal returns quietly to steal spectacles and cap (8) TARBOOSH {BRAT<=}{OO}{SH}

1   Bet hes co-operating to suppress breaking news, say (3,5) THE SCOOP [T]
2   Destroy plants in cycles (4) SLAY (+s)SLAY(-s)
3   Can Bob take out diamonds in wager (6) BUCKET {B{dUCK}ET}
4   Roll, perhaps in Spooner’s savage game (5,3) FRUIT BUN ( ~ brute fun to fruit bun)
5   Mark, excited to get introduced to old English author (5,5) OSCAR WILDE {O{SCAR}{WILD}E}
6   Irrational students joining a University — Rice, say? (6) PILLAU {PI}{LL}{A}{U}
8   He or I, say periodically remain so comfortable? (2,4,7) IN ONES ELEMENT [C&DD]
13 Beginning to explain I rang up about notice for reserving (10) EARMARKING {Ex...n}and {I+RANG}* over {MARK}
16 Mostly bad-tempered during small change in economy (8) PRUDENCE {P{RUDe}ENCE}
17 Small granite rocks becoming most heated (8) ANGRIEST {S+GRANITE}*
19 Vedic hymn picked up from Mozartnamely (6) MANTRA [T<=]
20 Fashionable group welcomes radical advertisement (6) INSERT {IN}{SE{R}T}
22 Shout from a section of an auditorium (4) CROW C-ROW

Reference List
American ship = USS, Cold = C, Old city = UR, England = E, Firm = CO, Quirtly = SH, Spectacles = OO, Diamonds = D, Old English = OE, Student = L, University = U,  Small = S, Fashionable = IN, Radical = R

Thursday 26 May 2022

No 13566, Thursday 26 May 2022, Vidwan

Solution to 16A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   ‘SexyBond is mad about fitness rating (4,4,5) BODY MASS INDEX*
10 ‘Unofficial advisers’— back inthe nicest careers’! (7,8) KITCHEN CABINETS*
11 Untruth, for example, about lord (5) LIEGE {LIE}{EG<=}
12 Cut down fat, say for a few months of pregnancy (9) TRIMESTER {TRIM}{ESTER}
14 Conservative people quietly sneaking out to have sex (8) COPULATE {C}{pOPULATE}
16 Patchwork, like retired top bureaucrats in corporate firm (6) ?O?A?C (Addendum - MOSAIC {CO{IAS}M}<= - See comments)
21 Woods uses it for power, say (6) PUTTER {P}{UTTER}
23 Seeking success, a special one raced ahead of time (8) ASPIRANT {A}{SP}{1}{RAN}{T}
25 Short working memory comprises substantiation essentially (9) MOMENTARY {MEMORY}* over {s...aNTi....n} There's an A short in the cluing if essentially is to be taken as the exact centre.
28 Popular ‘Dog and Bear’ (5) INCUR {IN}{CUR}
29 Removing old love letters? (15) EXCOMMUNICATION {EX COMMUNICATION}
30 Saigon’s liquor lacks essence, I mean sounds hard and occasionally chintzy (2,3,4,4) HO CHI MINH CITY  {HOoCH}{I}{(~mean)MIN}{H}{ChInTzY}

2   Honesty mostly gives best returns straight away (2,3,4) ON THE SPOT {HONESTy}*{TOP<=}
3   Sort of heavy god (5) YAHVE*
4   Often than not, a teacher has to add small explanation (8) ANNOTATE [T]
5   Still it’s retrospectively rejected numerical fact (6) STATIC STATIstiC
6   Sound cool after losing power following final election (5) NOISE {pOISE}<=>{e...oN}
7   Get back! Run away! She’s a tennis legend (5) EVERT rEVERT
8   Plucks a large wild flower (8) SKULLCAP {PLUCKS+A+L}*
9   Russia was 66% of this and 66% of Russia could be this! (4) USSR {RUSSia}*
13 Communication is part of journalism syllabus (3) SMS [T]
15 Rest inside shelter (3) LIE [DD] (Addendum - LEE sLEEp See comments)
17 Naked superhero’s charm (3) OBI rOBIn
18 A drug detective assassinated dons! Small revolutionary! (9) ANARCHIST {A}{NARC}{HI{S}T}
19 Party food? Warm sandwiches, extremely topline! (8) CATERING {CA{To...nE}RING}
20 Iran says “Barbaric one was from earlier Iraq” (8) ASSYRIAN*
22 An article from North East (3) THE [T]
24 Gap? No matter! (6) VACUUM [DD]
25 Inverted start of week, kind of subdued (4) MEEK (-w+m)MEEK
26 City where Chairman framed borders of China (5) MACAO {MA{ChinA}O}
27 Some acronym, phrase meaning spirit (5)  NYMPH [T]
28 One’s dad crossed limits and a bit callously offered him as sacrifice (5) ISAAC {1'S}{dAd}{A}{Ca...y} Semi&lit

Reference List
Conservative = C, Quietly = P, Power = P, Special = SP, Time = T, Popular = IN, Hard = H, Run = R, Large = L, Drug detective = NARC, Small = S

Wednesday 25 May 2022

No 13565, Wednesday 25 May 2022, Vulcan

Solution to 11A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Pay and resolve (6) SETTLE [DD]
4   A large state, basically separated, also known as The Last Frontier! (6) ALASKA {A}{L}{A{St..e}KA} Semi&lit
8   Very trendy clothes — good to order again! (7) REALIGN {REAL}{I{G}N}
9   Impressive area outside a city (7) GRANADA {GRAN{A}D}{A}
11 Part I scheduled and prescribed (10) ?E?I?L?T?D (Addendum LEGISLATED {LEG I}{SLATED} - See comments)
12 Extremely large device (4) TOOL {TOO}{L}
13 Small change brought about with sea movements (5) TIDES {S}{EDIT}<=
14 Narrowly avoided annoying seminars (4,4) NEAR MISS*
16 Plant seller takes loan regularly to start with (8) LAVENDER {VENDER}<=>{LoAn}
18 Headed back before an unknown hold-up (5) DELAY {LED<=}{A}{Y}
20 Small island in Africa — unoccupied landmass (4) ASIA {Afr{S}{I}icA}
21 The boomers can be difficult (10) BOTHERSOME*
23 A demand is seen in this aromatic flavour (7) ANISEED {A}{N{IS}EED}
24 One very happy about man’s first sexual union (7) ISOGAMY {1}{SO}{GA{Man}Y}
25 Lots of food — no starters (6) OODLES nOODLES
26 Contract is about principles (6) IDEALS {I{DEAL}S}

1   Spotted, say, in a set (5) SCENE (~seen)
2   Agreed with everyone drawn outside (7) TALLIED {T{ALL}IED}
 Is alleged to become decriminalised (9) LEGALISED*
5   Leader of labour union communist drew (5) LURED {Le...r}{U}{RED}
6   Criminal can and must retreat (7) SANCTUM {CAN+MUST}
7   A couple in Russia gets to Libya with difficulty (9) ARDUOUSLY {A}{R{DUO}US}{LY}
10 Whatever the case, a treaty with North America is questionable (2,3,4) AT ANY RATE {A+TREATY+NA}*
13 Attacks one artist badly (5,4) TEARS INTO*
15 Prepared after a day and gave a speech (9) ADDRESSED {DRESSED}<=>{A}{D}
17 Mistake hidden by journalist — slipped by (7) ELAPSED {E{LAPSE}D}
19 Food prices decline in Latin America and North America (7) LASAGNA {LA}{SAG}{NA} What's the role of 'prices'?
21 Note from club revealed (5) BREVE [T]
22 Ideas given by a couple of setters? (5) MEMES {ME}{ME}{'S}

Reference List
Large = L, Trendy = IN, Good = G, Area = A, Small = S, Unknown = Y, Island = I, Union = U, Day = D, Journalist = ED

Tuesday 24 May 2022

No 13564, Tuesday 24 May 2022, Karaoke

Solution to 1A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Restores sugar substance on counter without support (6) ?E?E?S (Addendum RENEWS SW(EET)ENER<=) 
5   Reserved yacht finally occupies place in the beach (3,5) SET ASIDE {SE{y..hT}ASIDE}
9   Identical fairy lands in a mess perhaps (8) SELFSAME {ELF} in {A+MESS}*
10 Current units confused native people (6) INUITS {I}{UNITS*}
11 Strangely cats and canine sleep in shows (10) SPECTACLES {CATS+C+SLEEP}*
12 I hear he repairs pier (4) DOCK (~doc)
13 Unopened gun for consumer (5) EATER {hEATER}
14 Country occupied by senator’s sycophants (6) YESMEN {YE{S}MEN}
17 Exclude battered 10 from constitution’s fabric (6) COTTON COnstiTuTiON
19 Conservative core group accepts communist set of beliefs (5) CREDO {C}{RED}{grOup}
22 Swindler conceals primary records to falsify (4) COOK CrOOK
24 A stern yoga workout — nowhere to be found (4,6) GONE ASTRAY*
25 Expert in promotion of riot trouble (6) ADROIT {AD}{RIOT*}
26 Deserters enjoy medium level protections (8) RAMPARTS {RA{M}{PAR}TS}
27 Perhaps Bride’s superiors angrily left union initially (8) PRIORESS SuPERIORS* Semi&lit
28 Primarily some amount left after recovering your regular payment (6) SALARY Acrostic

2   Old vacant property finally disposed without tax (6) EXEMPT {EX}{EMPTy}
3   Methodical to resolve 99 x 15 (9) EFFICIENT {IC} in {FIFTEEN}*
4   The main line worker employed to plug leakage (7) SEALANT {SEA}{L}{ANT}
5   Burglar left gold in shop, surprisingly real! (7) STEALER {STorE}{REAL*}
6   36-9? annoyingly dry (7) THIRSTY {THIRTY Six}*
7   Dirty criminal leaves fish (5) SQUID SQUalID
8   Revolutionary immersed in out-dated objective (8) DETACHED {DETA{CHE}D*}
15 Deficiency of autum! (9) SHORTFALL {SHORT FALL}
16 Helper takes animal to rodeo perhaps (2-6) DO-GOODER {DOG}{RODEO*}
18 Close-knit garment (7) NIGHTIE {NIGH}{TIE}
19 Blackguards have campaigned about unfounded stories (7) CANARDS {CA{RAN<=}DS}
20 Dutch scholar’s important date to review problems (7) ERASMUS {ERAS}{SUM<=} (Correction - {ERA}{SUMS<=} - See comments)
21 One giving spiritual guidance over orthodox religion fundamentally (6) PASTOR {PAST}{Or...x}{Re...n}
23 Japan’s erstwhile capital Kentucky too? Maybe (5) KYOTO {KY}{TOO*}

Reference List
Current = I, Canine = C, Senator = S, Conservative = C, Promotion = AD, Medium = M, Level = PAR, 99 = IC, Line = L, Criminal = AL(Capone), Autumn = FALL

Monday 23 May 2022

No 13563, Monday 23 May 2022, Gussalufz

Solution to 7D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Any novice to identify the theme and the Nina.

9   Famous setter seen every now and then in retreat in La Sierra (a club, abroad) (9) ARAUCARIA {lA+sIeRrA+a+ClUb+AbRoAd}<=
10 Rook captured by a minor piece and king, perhaps (5) PRAWN {P{R}AWN}
11 Famous Gothic opera on frequently ignored warning signal (7) FOGHORN {FamOus+GotHic+OpeRa+oN}
12 Tree with unusual floral activity finally replaced by kiss in Hindi cinema (7) BOXWOOD {BO(-lly+x)XWOOD}
13 Made a mistake? Offer redress to some extent (5) ERRED [T]
14 Appalled, I scorn appropriating hip-hop for some junk metal (5,4) SCRAP IRON {I+SCORN}* over {RAP}
16 Sticky substance (a polymer) starts to thicken, unleashing inflammation and warmth (4-11) GOOD-NATUREDNESS {GOO}{DNA}{Th...n}{Un...g}{REDNESS}
19 Extremely crude bots redesigned to incorporate sight (9) OBSCENEST {OB{SCENE}ST*}
22 Family members least nuanced about hugging? (5) AUNTS [T<=]
24 Strip, subjugating husband with extremely lascivious poetry (7) GHAZALS {G{H}AZA}{La...uS}
26 Peacekeepers getting terribly bored took off clothes (7) UNROBED {UN}{BORED*}
27 Even unfinished and sloppy lacquer gets rid of the onset of corrosion (5)  EQUAL LAcQUEr*
28 In the morning, they might offer guidance for show; after a bit of breakfast, they are surprisingly offensive! (9) AMBUSHERS {AM} and {USHERS}<=>{Br...t}

1   Turning a long way, endlessly left — playing for draw? (6) RAFFLE {FAR<=}{LEFt*}
2   Sure about acquiring flamboyant angora jumper? (8) KANGAROO {OK<=} over {ANGORA}*
3   Article about my steps for harmony (10) ACCORDANCE {A}{C}{COR}{DANCE}
4   Bradman accumulates runs with England’s seaming openers and goes on and on (6) DRONES {D{R}ON}{En...d}{Se...g}
5   Pitcher full of bad, spoiled beer gets one mouthing off (8) JABBERER {JA{B}{BEER*}R}
6   “Nap/sex?” — partners going for tip (4) APEX {nAP+sEX}
7   Appreciate one avoiding unnecessary expenditure for auditors (6) ?A?O?R (Addendum - SAVOUR (~ saver) - See comments)
8   Anyone suffering after swallowing some dubiously “special” painkillers? (8) ANODYNES {ANO{Du...y}YNE*}{S}
15 Doctor’s regularly used app, or compiler of detailed records over time (10) PODIATRIST {aPp+Or}{DIA{T}RIST}
16 George Eliot was a girl? This further confused Leelawati so badly (8) GROGGIER {GROGGIER+LEELAWATI=GEORGE+ELIOT+WAS+A+GIRL} [CA]
17 After putting away all jackets, why must butler say archly, “What you normally order?” (3,5) THE USUAL  {wHy+mUSt+bUTLEr+sAy}*
18 Dignified short hat lying around, oddly rejected already (8) ENNOBLED {BONNEt<=}{aLrEaDy}
20 Purchase pans (4,2) SNAP UP {PANS}* [RA]
21 These may go up and down during an election? (6) THUMBS [CD]
23 Secretly admires a distinctly evil person (6) SADIST [T]
25 Bless Bertie’s bloody partner! (4) ALLY bALLY

Reference List
Rook = R, Kiss = X, Husband = H, About = C, My = COR, Runs = R, Bad = B, Partners = N,s {north and South in Bridge card game), Special = S, Time = T, Bertie = B

Sunday 22 May 2022

Special, Sunday 22 May 2022, Ajji

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3203, Sunday 22 May 2022

1   Gadgets displaying pretension (3,7) TIN OPENERS*
6   Yin's antithesis – nature's governor, to begin with? (4) YANG Acrostic Semi&lit
9   Swan Island's latest script (10) PENMANSHIP {PEN}{MAN'S}{HIP}
10 German lad looking back and forth? (4) OTTO <=>
11 Unsettling joke welcomed by bachelor, relaxing (4-8) BONE-CHILLING {ONE} in {B} {CHILLING}
15 Wear out car part (7) EXHAUST [DD]
16 Washing facility, bar and hotel bill in retreat (7) BATHTUB{BUT}{H}{TAB}<=
17 Some French ate aubergines in their big house? (7) CHATEAU [T]
19 Over-use worn-out bodies of work (7) OEUVRES*
20 Drunk eager to follow competition, Rangers gutted (4-8) BEER-SWILLING {WILLING}<=>{BEE}{Ra...rS}
23 Good to throw a ball (4) GLOB {G}{LOB}
24 Charitable gesture in which writer's backing tyranny (10) DOMINATION {DO{I'M<=}NATION}
25 Hairy beasts' jaws (4) YAKS [DD]
26 Stresses from unfortunate mishaps, see? (10) EMPHASISES*

1   Ends giving clues (4) TIPS [DD]
2   Grandma's somewhat bananas (4) NANA [T]
3   Engineer ruins tape: no help for musicians (5,6) PIANO TUNERS*
4   Nostrils running, you say? Easily fixed! (2,5) NO SWEAT (~ nose wet)
5   Perhaps Victoria's sporting mostly blue hair (4,3) RAIL HUB {BLUe+HAIR}*
7   That man's Conservative: the old are first thing to study (3,7) ART HISTORY  {HIS}{TORY}<=>{ART}
8   He defeated Gore; he bugs Gore terribly (6,4) GEORGE BUSH*
12 EU members shun Italian reforms (11) LITHUANIANS*
13 Bravo for every malfunctioning vehicle (5,5) BEACH BUGGY {B}{EACH}{BUGGY}
14 Tourist guide, Romeo during season, with hygiene problem? Yes (6,4) PHRASE BOOK {PH{R}ASE}{BO}{OK}
18 All the same, perhaps, Oxford students (7) UNIFORM {UNI}{FORM}
19 Spooner's expressed imperial desire to be like Saudi Arabia (3-4) OIL-RICH (~royal itch to oil rich)
21 Pork pies in France leading to intestinal discomfort (4) FIBS {F}{IBS}
22 Pubs in which Everyman sits finally absorbing news (4) INNS {I}{sitS} over {NN}

Reference List
Joke = ONE, Bachelor = B, Hotel = H, Good = G, Bravo B, Romeo = R, Hygiene problem = BO(Body odour), France = F, News = NN