Thursday, 20 January 2022

No 13458, Thursday 20 Jan 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 27A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Kind son taken in by sponges and wimps (8) MILKSOPS {M{ILK}{S}OPS}
5   Cabins with bags filled with heroin (6) SHACKS {S{H}ACKS}
10 Chance to check equipment in warship (7) FRIGATE {F{RIG}ATE}
11 Lies about receiving small sum of money, mostly as commission (7) LICENSE {LI{CENt}SE*}
12 Use specialist to eliminate president (5) EXERT EXpERT
13 Criminal outside bar meets man getting dope (9) BLOCKHEAD {B{LOCK}{HE}AD}
14 Disfigurement perhaps left permanently in bacterial disease (7,5) SCARLET FEVER {SCAR}{LEFT*}{EVER}
18 Running fast is exercise giving pleasure (12) SATISFACTION {FAST+IS}*{ACTION} 
21 Hot exotic dancer in bar (9) HINDRANCE {H}{DANCER+IN}*
23 Vacation from endless work (5) LEAVE {LEAVEn}
24 Sumo is tense, drinking water (7) MOISTEN [T]
25 Hissing from oxygen canister in corner (7) HOOTING {HO{O}{TIN}G}
26 Pirates, heartily cheerful after capturing grand merchant ship (6) ARGOSY {pirAtes}{R{G}OSY}
27 Ebullient copper nailed by spirited punch (8) ?P?E?C?T (Addendum - UPPERCUT {UP}{PER{CU}T} - See comments)

1   Spoiled by money, female enters silly feud (6) MUFFED {M}{UF{F}ED*}
2   Partner needs a bit of Viagra to have sex, causing delay (6) LOITER LO(-v+it)ITER
3   Gladiator in fight cuts vigorously, crushing head of adversary (9) SPARTACUS {SPAR{T{Ad...y}CUS*}
4   Agonising to keep solving algebra, agreeing to a lesser punishment (4,10) PLEA BARGAINING {P{ALGEBRA*}AINING}
6   Slash over E is diacritical mark (5) HACEK {HAC{E}K} 
7   Maintain firm resolution to stay sober primarily (8) CONSERVE {CO}{N{So..r}ERVE}
8   They pay out money, manipulating press to secure objective (8) SPENDERS {SP{END}ERS*}
9   Where merchandise might be displayed in a disorganised state (3,4,3,4) ALL OVER THE SHOP [DD]
15 Unattached fellow, very uplifted by love, enthralled by miss (9) FOOTLOOSE {F}{TOO<=}{LO{O}SE}
16 It primarily leads to myocardial infarction, embodied by terrible aches (8) ISCHEMIA {It}{SCHE{My...l}{In...n}A*} &lit
17 Model basking outside is gorgeous (8) STUNNING {S{T}UNNING}
19 American goes berserk without hesitation in‘Psycho’ (6) MANIAC AMerICAN*
20 Hot moment after wife removed top (6) HEIGHT {H}{wEIGHT}
22 Somewhat clever at escaping taxes (5) RATES [T]

Reference List
Son = S, Heroin = H, President = P, Hot = H, Grand = G, Female = F, Sex = IT, Fellow = F, Model = T, Wife = W

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

No 13457, Wednesday 19 Jan 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 14A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Only watercolours? Somewhat unattractive (2,3,8) NO OIL PAINTING {NO OIL}{PAINTING}
8   Characters in Mensa, extraordinary (5) NAMES*
9   Dreamed about female, most outstanding, having a round visage (4-5) MOON-FACED {MOON{F}{ACe}ED}
11 Dope in Manali, primarily purest, going wild in do (4,6) PASS MUSTER {P{ASS}{Ma...i}USTER}
12 Stuff revealed by mistress to wife (4) STOW [T]
14 Settling with modern woman leaving cheat (7) N?S?I?G (Addendum - NESTING {NEw}{STING} - See comments) 
16 Choose again to rock on ecstasy and cocaine at bar (7) REELECT {REEL}{E}{C}{T}
17 Spiral shaped clip almost cuts patch up (7) HELICAL {HE{CLIp<=}AL}
19 Small jazz band touring most ancient city in Asia (7) COLOMBO {C{OLd}OMBO}
21 Swelling behind head of pancreas (4) BUMP {BUM}{Pa...s}
22 Unusually erotic ads about condoms finally banned (10) OSTRACISED {EROTICS+ADS}* over {c...mS}
25 Reckless criminal and rogue start to shoot (9) DANGEROUS {AND+ROGUE}*{Sh..t}
26 Pleasurable to cuddle sweetheart finally over mattress (5) FUTON {FU{s...rT}{O}N}
27 Blunder by sleepy pro sadly in perilous course (8,5) SLIPPERY SLOPE {SLIP}{SLEEPY+PRO}*

2   Diffusion of fluid consequently rises with flowerless plant retaining iodine (7) OSMOSIS {SO<=}{MOS{I}S}
3   They keep staying awake in casinos, desperate to win money (10) INSOMNIACS {IN+CASINOS}* over {M}
4   Interrogates politician overwhelmed by knocking back drink (5) PUMPS {PU{MP}S<=}
5   Erotic maiden is artfully showing type of exercise (9) ISOMETRIC {EROTIC+M+IS}*
6   High-protein food in diet of ultramarathoners (4) TOFU [T]
7   Chick extremely enthralled by bag that is a fashion accessory (7) NECKTIE {NE{ChicK}T}{IE}
8   Stop husband starting to undress in bed, high after consuming beer (3,2,3,3) NIP IN THE BUD {H+Un...s+IN+BED}* over {PINT}
10 Overwhelmed by drink, model at bar seeks joint (11) DOWNTRODDEN {DOWN}{T}{ROD}{DEN}
13 Careless dope climbed and fell, cut badly (10) NEGLECTFUL {GEN<=}{FELL+CUT}*
15 Completely stumped, lost tackling calculus (4,5) GALL STONE {G{ALL}{ST}ONE}
18 All shocked about flimsy mini, barely perceptible (7) LIMINAL {L{MINI*}AL}
20 Blunder by young lady to kiss back (7) MISSTEP {MISS}{PET<=}
23 Discoloured gutter outside small yard (5) RUSTY {RU{S}T}{Y}
24 King left for dead in castle, mysterious (4) DEEP (-k+D}DEEP

Reference List
Female = F, Wife = W, Woman = W, Ecstasy = E, Cocaine = C, Bar = T, Over = O, Money = M, Drink = SUP, Maiden = M, Husband = H, Model = T, Dope = GEN, Stumped = ST, Kiss = PET, Small = S, Yard = Y, King = K, Dead = D