Monday, 26 September 2022

No 13670, Monday 26 Sep 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 11D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Painter's drawing in hospital with a flower (6) DAHLIA {DA{H}LI}{A}
4   Setter's bored by the German boxer's doctrine (8) IDEALISM {I{DE}{ALI'S}M}
9   Destroy one virus caught spreading ultimately deadly disease (6) SCURVY {ViRUS+C}*{d...lY}
10 Letters from cycling buddy encourage husband to move ahead (8) ALPHABET {(-p)AL(+p)P} and {ABET}<=>{H}
12 Spooner's hair colour for formal wear (5-3) DRESS-TIE (~ tress dye to dress tie)
13 You and I can get working (6) USABLE {US}{ABLE}
15 Two women with shields fighting in rodeo (4,4,4) WILD WEST SHOW {TWO+W+W+SHIELDS}*
18 How a model performs or protests? (7,1,4) STRIKES A POSE [DD]
21 Assumes largely reliable president's boring America (6) USURPS {U{SURe}{P}S}
22 Cook tosses English eggs in free dessert, say (4,4) RICH FOOD {CHeF}{00} in {RID}
24 Scrap's worth (5,3) THROW OUT {WORTH}* [RA]
25 Bored Anu runs wild in sex (2,1,3) IN A RUT {ANU+R}* in {IT}
26 Married lives need time to weather tear and abuse (8) MISTREAT {M}{IS}{TEAR*}{T}
27 Old country's part of upper Sialkot (6) PERSIA [T]

1   Eat quickly and throw on the ground (4,4)  DASH DOWN [DD]
2   Bug in fuse tripping perfect boxes (8) HOUSEFLY {HO{FUSE*}LY}
3   Give authority to stop and interview West Haryana's leading criminal (6,4,5) INVEST WITH POWER {STOP+INTERVIEW+W+Ha...a}*
5   Decorative object looking lovely basically! (4) DOLL Acrostic #lit
6   Slim odds of a new stagecoach wandering without horse at the lead (1,5,2,1,6) A GHOST OF A CHANCE {OF+A+N+STAGECOACH}* over {Ho..e}
7   Swallow that is biting many birds in bushes initially (6) IMBIBE {I{Many}{Bi..s}{In}{Bu...s}E}
8   Parent taking time to make home run (6) MOTHER {MO{T}HE*}{R}
11 Connection finally back on board (7) ?I?S?I? (Addendum - KINSHIP {bacK}{IN SHIP} - See comments) 
14 Comic hero tries bananas in  American's sack (7) ASTERIX {TRIES}* in {AX}
16 Hence, reporters skip over stops (8) SOJOURNS {SO}{JOURNoS}
17 Some chatted never bringing up bad blood (8) VENDETTA [T<=]
19 Copper gets most used for 23, perhaps (6) CUSTOM {CU}{MOST*}
20 Durga attacking with Shakti, primarily protects (6) GUARDS {DURGA*}{Sh...i}
23 Starts to pray using japa and ritual for Navartri (4) PUJA Acrostic

Reference List
Hospital = H, The in German = DE, Caught = C, Women = W, With = W, President = P, English = E, Runs =R, Sex = IT, Married = M, Time = T, West = W, New = N, American sack = AX, Over = O 

Sunday, 25 September 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3221, Sunday 25 Sep 2022

1   Centralised arrangement for employment qualifications (11) CREDENTIALS*
9   Ransome’s written about a group in a boat (7) OARSMEN*
10 Revolutionary painting? Very upset: it’s hard work (7) TRAVAIL {ART<=}{V}{AIL<=}
11 Leaves out some whom I.T. suggests (5) OMITS [T]
12 Blasted duck – or beautiful bird (8) FLAMINGO {FLAMING}{O}
14 United appoint endlessly wealthy Australian dietician, ultimately opposed to apple pie? (10) UNAMERICAN {U}{NAME}{RICh}{A}{d...aN}
15 Everyman finally did change a lightbulb – in a manner of speaking (4) IDEA {I}{diD}{c...gE}{A}
17 Friends: they’ll give you flowers (4) BUDS [DD]
19 Mountain rock by cape; piercing yell – who’s making it? (7,3) SCREECH OWL {SCREE}{C}{HOWL}
21 Male bird of prey one captured with weapon (8) TOMAHAWK {TOM}{HAWK} over {A}
23 Provide new container for flipping drunkard (5) REPOT <=
25 Land in trouble tucking into dodgy cure (7) ECUADOR {ECU{ADO}R*}
26 No longer working, detective, unerring marksman (4-3) DEAD-EYE {DEAD}{EYE}
27 Blockbusting books from footballer and comedian (11) BESTSELLERS {BEST}{SELLERS}

1   I’m taken aback and largely ill on a French island (7) CORSICA {COR}{SICk}{A}
2   Needs hem altering, being tangled up (8) ENMESHED*
3   Eagle – rather nautical eagle, primarily? (4) ERNE Acrostic &lit
4   Tantalised by a little bird, I will have dined on starter of duck (10) TITILLATED {TIT}{I'LL}{ATE}{Duck}
5   Rattle and bell, often (5) ALARM [DD]
6   A little barista in Edinburgh is covered in blotches (7) STAINED [T]
7   Unhealthy cornet cut out, assuming bachelor’s wanting vegan fare (7,6) COCONUT BUTTER {CORNET+CUT+OUT} over {B}
8   Regrettably, a tour fell flat making you nervous (3,2,1,7)  ALL OF A FLUTTER*
13 Minister having disagreement about church to speak with delicacy (5,5) MINCE WORDS {MIN}{CE}{WORDS}
16 Protection from wind given to top pilot in film (8) SCARFACE {SCARF}{ACE}
18 Chump and onion that’s hard to see? (3,4) DIM BULB {DIM}{BULB}
20 Shore up revival for legendary musician (7) ORPHEUS*
22 Doesn’t show animals' skin (5) HIDES [DD]
24 Superstar’s out of work, we’re told (4) IDOL (~idle)

Reference List
Very = V, United = U, Australian = A, Cape = C, Trouble = ADO, Bachelor = B, Church = CE