Tuesday, 29 November 2022

No 13723, Tuesday 29 Nov 2022, Karaoke

Solution to 7D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Audience get endlessly motivated here (5,7) MOVIE THEATRE {MOTIVATEd+HERE}* Semi&lit What's the Anind?
9   Hotel worker secretly rears bird (5) OWLET [T]
10 Go-getter wears essentially priceless synthetic fabric (9) GEORGETTE {GOGETTER+p..cEl..s}*
11 Some mediocre American milk substitute (7) CREAMER [T]
12 Non-stop entertainment, hide bishop in closet (7) CABINET {CAbar{B}{IN}ET}
13 A-One bird flying, carefree (8) DEBONAIR*
14 Snake in the banks of Ganges catches your breath (5) GASPS {Gan{ASP}geS}
18 Almost deep cut (5) SEVER SEVERe
20 Firm rejected dialogue to include some bonus in pay out (8) DISBURSE {DISco{Bo..s}URSE}
24 Cataract patient gets computer aided diagnosis primarily (7) CASCADE {CAS{Co...r}{Ai..d}{Di...s}E}
26 Left-leaning state scores on information, software and technology initially (7) MARXIST {(~marks)MARX}{In...n}{So...e}{Te...y}
27 She works at home with fake surname and papers (9) NURSEMAID {SURNAME*}{ID}
28 Cut corners and avoid getting married (5) SKIMP {SKI{M}P}
29 Setter indulged in manipulating mandate to win repeatedly (4,3,5) TIME AND AGAIN {I} in {MANDATE}* and {GAIN}

1   Easily influenced by master, learner drawn in by beer can (9) MALLEABLE {M{AL{L}E}{ABLE}
2   Organic compound from critical colliery with depleted ends (7) VITAMIN {VITAl}{MINe}
3   Using log finally figure out time for aubergine product (8) EGGFRUIT {loG+FIGURE}*{T} How is this related to 'Aubergine'? See comments
Jerk up and down consuming pot heartily with strong liquor (6) HOOTCH {HO{pOt}TCH}
5   All get bras shortened! - It helps to solve problems (7) ALGEBRA {ALl+GEt+BRAs}
6   Public official mostly returns to shop (3,2) RAT ON NOTARy<=
7   Do I hear nut to yield? (7) ?O?C?D?  (Addendum - CONCEDE {CON}{(~seed)CEDE} - See comments)
8   Amateur leaves shed slowly (5) LENTO LEaN-TO
15 Hell with ambiguous prediction sparing clubs (9) PERDITION {PREDIcTION}*
16 A middle course by means of communication (3,5) VIA MEDIA {VIA}{MEDIA}
17 Maybe 26 cut needless official procedure (3,4) RED TAPE {RED}{TAPE} Anno for TAPE not clear See comments
19 The French display case at Greece poorly without basic courtesy (7) ETAGERE {AT+GREEcE}*
21 Coffeemaker's staff get limited chance to take advance (7) BARISTA {BA{RISk}T}{A}
22 I testify loudly for killing (5) ICING {I}{(~sing)CING}
23 Intern in particular cleared licentiate at final examination (6) DETAIN {DETAIl}{e...oN}
25 Khan in rotten serial, never-ending (5) SERAI SERIAl*

Reference List
Bishop = B, Firm = CO, Papers = ID, Married = M, Master = M, Learner = L, Time = T, Amateur = A, Clubs = C, Advance = A, Licentiate = L

Monday, 28 November 2022

No 13722, Monday 28 Nov 2022, Avtaar

Solution to 21D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Some years ago, Iberians turned over fuel from waste (6) BIOGAS [T<=]
5   Lack of current in European river - water contaminated with trace of red copper (5,3) POWER CUT  {PO}{WE{Red}{CU}T}
9   Ordering of song with cello, striking front end of stick (3,5) COL LEGNO {sONG+CELLO}* &lit
10 Crooks having the French replaced by the Spanish messengers (6) ANGELS ANG(-le+el)ELS
11 This easy life can turn romantic, perhaps? (8,4) PRIMROSE PATH {PRIMROSE PATH + CAN = ROMANTIC PERHAPS} [CA]
13 Learner entertained by John's online publication (4) BLOG {B{L}OG}
14 Dealer in elastic and rubber, principally all over India (8) SUPPLIER {SUPPL{I}E}{Ru...r}
17 Possibly, New Delhi's not originally near the boundaries of Khilji's capital? (8) HELSINKI {N+dELHIS}*{Kh..jI}
18 Haphazardly swerve, leaving corner (4) VEER swERVE* Semi&lit
20 Awe-inspiring Pranayama, maybe? (12) BREATHTAKING [DD]
23 Moon rocks our planet at regular intervals (6) EUROPA {OUR+PlAnEt}*
24 Tomb carries assassin - heartless and cruel (8) INHUMANE {INHUM{As...iN}E}
25 Picked up freezing bird moving out with young 'uns (8) CHILDREN {(~chilled) CHILD}{wREN}
26 South American female, say, in a place south of London (6) SUSSEX {S}{US}{SEX}

2   Hero in pink gown stripped every now and then (4) IKON pInK+gOwN
3   US lawyer barred from temple amidst carnivals in Ecuadorean territory (9) GALAPAGOS {GALA{PAGOda}S}
4   Iguanas killed a curious monkey (6) SAGUIN IGUaNAS* 
5   Delaying tactics of expert in probing anti-Castro revolutionary (15) PROCRASTINATION {PRO}{ANTI+CASTRO}* over {IN}
6   Where one may find folks exchanging messages in straw hats, apparently (8) WHATSAPP [T]
7   Build National Park around Indian state (3,2) RIG UP {GIR<=}{UP 
8   Wanting basic education free, learner enters for primer in French (10) UNLETTERED UN(-f+l)LETTERED
12 Nomadic group, abducted by miscreants, about to spend the night in the open (5,5) SLEEP ROUGH {GROUP}* in {HEELS<=}
15 After losing rhythm in the beginning, Laver goes berserk, winning match #1, 6-0,6-0 (4,5) LOVE GAMES {LAVEr+GOES}* over {Ma..h}
16 Threatening articles on Avtaar carried by popular newspaper at the end (2,3,3) IN THE AIR  {THE}{A}{I} in {IN}{n...eR}
19 Spectacles model wearing pants (6) SIGHTS {SIGH{T}S}
21 Dozen characters from a large islet (5) A?O?L (Addendum - ATOLL {A to L}{L} - See comments) 
22 Former Unionist escaping from leopard (4) ONCE OuNCE

Reference List
The in French = LE, The in Spanish = EL, Learner = L, John = BOG, India = I, New = N, With = W, South = S, US Lawyer = DA(District Attorney), Popular = IN, Model = T, Large = L, Unionist = U