Wednesday, 24 July 2019

No 12686, Wednesday 24 Jul 2019, Dr. X

Solved while enroute to  Disneyland in LA.

1   Poor husband besieged by poet, a boastful person (8) BLOWHARD {B{LOW}{H}ARD}
5   Help to secure new permit (6) ASSENT {ASSE{N}T}
10 Glossy fabric in stores at India (5) SATIN [T]
11 What a fisherman might do to keep in touch? (4,1,4) DROP A LINE [DD]
12 Bad time to enter perfect precision marching unit (5,4) DRILL TEAM {DR{ILL}{T}EAM}
13 Incompetent, unresponsive Republican becomes President (5) INEPT INE(-r+p)PT
14 Female is about to ruin brutes (6) FIENDS {F}{I{END}S}
15 Jointly presents expenses to maintain house (2-5) CO-HOSTS {CO{HO}STS}
18 Having fever, weary one dropped the boards (7) THEATRE {Ti{HEAT}RE}
20 Wander around emporium gutted in fire (6) REMOVE {R{Em...uM}OVE}
22 Worthless, crazy son kicked out (5) INANE INsANE
24 Very obvious! Compose a letter to win heart of mesmerizing gal easily (4,5) WRIT LARGE {WRIT{LA{m...eRi...g}G*}E}
25 Yank – a fellow with perfect grimace (4,1,4) PULL A FACE {PULL}{A}{F}{ACE}
26 Hallucinatory experience on Ecstasy? Nonsense (5) TRIPE {TRIP}{E}
27 British ballet dancer to prosper (6) DOWELL {DO}{WELL}
28 Writer's point? Be silent perhaps (5,3) STEEL NIB*

1   Close to where a nurse might be dropping daughter (6) BESIDE BEdSIDE
2   Abuse of nicotine keeps husband in a precarious situation (2,4,3) ON THIN ICE {NICOTINE}* over {H}
3 . A reason for dismissal of student involved in throwing the party (8,3,4) HANDLING THE BALL {HAND{L}ING}{BALL}
4   Right to change clothes (7) REDRESS [DD]
6   It seems hotel's prepared to include roast dish from Europe (7,8) SPANISH OMELETTE {IT+SEEMS+HOTEL}* over {PAN}
7   Refugee in complex I lease (5) EXILE [T]
8   Study time! Get up suppressing worry (8) TREATISE {T}{R{EAT}ISE}
9   Huge clown entertains son (6) COSMIC {CO{S}MIC}
16 Queen left England overwhelmed by gesture (9) SOVEREIGN {S{OVER}{E}IGN}
17 Son made a mistake, dispossessed (8) STRIPPED {S}{TRIPPED}
19 Envelope from model leaving Antwerp sadly (6) ENWRAP ANtWRAP*
20 Plan to wear torn garments (7) RAIMENT {R{AIM}ENT}
21 Echo effect always found in Rhythm & Blues (6) REVERB {EVER} in {R&B}
23 Authorise construction of wall around Mexico at last (5) ALLOW {WALL}* over {m...cO}

Reference List
Husband = H, New = N, Republican = R, President = P, Female = F, House = HO, Fellow = F, Ecstasy = E, Daughter = D, Student = L, Time = T, Son = S, England = E, Model = T, 


Tuesday, 23 July 2019

No 12685, Tuesday 23 Jul 2019, Dr. X

Solved enroute while driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles all along the West Coast. A beautifully scenic drive.

1   Seize endless photographs featuring hot visual images (8) GRAPHICS {GRAb}{P{H}ICS}
5   Soldiers about to chase man in float – a terrorist (6) BOMBER {RE}<= after {BO{M}B}
10 United in passionate love, turned emotional (7) MAUDLIN {MA{U}D}{NIL<=}
11 Worm in lane, possibly dead (7) ANNELID {IN+LANE}*{D}
12 One stealing undergarments finally abandons strange fetish (5) THIEF FETIsH*
13 Obnoxious heels in bar cause a commotion (5,4) RAISE HELL {RAI{HEELS*}L}
14 Turning frog into prince! Extremely far out paranormal ability (12) PRECOGNITION {frOG+INTO+PRINCE}*
18 What a car assembly worker might do to treat one vulnerable cruelly? (3,3,4,2) PUT THE BOOT IN [DD]
21 Brutal raid organised to capture a criminal by noon (9) DRACONIAN {DR{A}{CON}IA*}{N}
23 Bucket here contains a volatile liquid (5) ETHER [T]
24 Disabling scheme to divide Chinese dynasty (7) MAIMING {M{AIM}ING}
25 Bond frames plan to engage in pretence (4-3) PLAY-ACT {P{LAY}ACT}
26 Potent in bed having knowledge (6) COGENT {CO{GEN}T}
27 Upset by director chasing one model in a passage (8) AGITATED {D} after {A}{G{1}{T}ATE}

1   Plot to keep alien in cell (6) GAMETE {GAM{ET}E}
2   Neighbour's endless worry about an inability to act decisively (6) ABULIA {ABUt}{AIL<=}
3   Couple of husbands touring prehistoric castle speak at length (4,5) HOLD FORTH {H}{OLD}{FORT}{H}
4   Tense wife captures king at last in card game (8,6) CONTRACT BRIDGE {CONTRACT}{BRID{kinG}E}
6   Scrap after taking bit of umbrage (5) OUNCE {O{Um...e}NCE}
7   Newsflash – shot at home (8) BULLETIN {BULLET}{IN}
8   Fragrant rose given to win heart of beloved (8) REDOLENT {RED}{belOved}{LENT}
9   What one might be doing after washing's dried up is humiliating (6,4,1,3) TAKING DOWN A PEG [DD]
15 Traveller in the train, angrily ignoring husband (9) ITINERANT {IN+ThE+TRAIN}*
16 Record by one medic about plague (8) EPIDEMIC {EP}{1}{MEDIC*}
17 Taking ale frantically in distress (8) STEALING {ST{ALE*}ING}
19 Stop scoundrel about to grab hot woman in front of bar (6) THWART {T{H}{W}AR<=}{T}
20 Cheat upset about charge made a speech (6) ORATED {DO<=} over {RATE}
22 Bit of unpleasantness disregarded for love in marriage, it could make one cry (5) ONION (u+o)ONION

Reference List
Hot = H, United = U, Dead = D, Noon = N, Director = D, Husband = H, Love = O