Friday, 17 August 2018

No 12398, Friday 17 Aug 2018, Arden

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6   Throw up writing, make an impression (5) RETCH {R}{ETCH}
7   Soon the lawyer assumed Bill is a South American resident (8) ANACONDA {AN{AC}ON}{DA}
10 Credit allowed in former name of business (7) CONCERN {C{ONCE}R}{N}
11 Killer Fishsort of reproduced parrot-fashion (7) PIRANHA {PARROT-FASHION - (sort of)}* [CA]
12 First one in the dock (7) PIONEER {PI{ONE}ER}
13 Soldiers retreat — essentially oppose revenge (7) NEMESIS {MEN<=}{rESISt}
14 Favourite cover for a smuggler (5-6) FRONT-RUNNER {FRONT}-{RUNNER}
19 Show friend about what's good, no force used (7) MATINEE {MAT{fINE}E}
21 Time allowed to intercept text message for a Dutch theologian (7) ERASMUS {ERA}{SM{U}S}
23 Do imbibe, lift a tumbler (7) ACROBAT {AC{ROB}{A}T}
25 Show of devotion — not over, OK? (7) TONSURE {NOT<=}{SURE}
26 Girl's husband — he is from Limerick (8) IRISHMAN {IRIS}{H}{MAN}
27 Empty container at the back of the boat (5) CRAFT {Co...eR}{AFT}

1   Way one will lift impasse (8) STANDOFF {ST}{AN}{DOFF}
2   Asked to say it before you're shot — opposing churches find peace finally (6) CHEESE{CH}{SEE<=}{p..cE}
3   Coffee breaks for underground public utility (10) LAUNDRETTE {LA{UNDER*}TTE}
4   Complain about fish (4) CARP [DD]
5   One is protecting a criminal, God! (6) ADONIS {A}{DON}{IS}
6   Cooking riceprovide tips (6) RECIPE {RICE*}{Pr...dE} Semi&lit
8   Warning to take back most of the boat crew (7) OARSMEN {O{ARSe}MEN}
9   Resident of Australia — he made a pact with the devil (5) FAUST [T]
13 New gold chairs are disgusting (10) NAUSEATING {N}{AU}{SEATING}
15 An anthology on public transport (7) OMNIBUS [DD]
16 Noted scientist had a doubt about fruit (8) RAMBUTAN {RAM{BUT}AN}
17 Capital infusion in Tammany Hall, say (5) AMMAN [T]
18 Looka group keeps quiet! (6) ASPECT {A}{S{P}ECT}
20 Bullfighter gets rent on half the place (6) TORERO {TORE}{ROom}
22 Can air become balmy? (6) ARNICA*
24 Book millions in digital form (4) TOME {TO{M}E}

Thursday, 16 August 2018

No 12397, Thursday 16 Aug 2018, Arden

1   Follow othersget white dhoti laundered (2,4,3,4) GO WITH THE TIDE*
10 Drug starts once patient is under medication (5) OPIUM Acrostic
11 Masthead, oddly near a temple complex (9) NAMEPLATE {NeAr}{A+TEMPLE}*
12 Girls on the beach, marking time perhaps (9) SANDGLASS {SAND}{G}{LASS}
13 About to change a set of principles (5) CREDO {C}{REDO}
14 Simple to cover cost, not only for the drug (7) ECSTASY {E{CoST}ASY}
16 Computerises play, score gains momentum (7) IMPETUS coMPUTErISes* [CA]
18 Sleep hard, that’s mostly chemical (7) NAPHTHA {NAP}{H}{THAt}
20 Teacher not a sucker (7) EDUCTOR EDUCaTOR
22 European city — one, one by one (5) TURIN {TUR{1}N} or 1 in TURN
24 He gets the set price that is on contract (9) RECIPIENT {PRICE*}{IE}{NT}
26 Done by President to win a trick (9) OVERTRUMP {OVER}{TRUMP}
27 A camera to capture a muse (5) ERATO [T]
28 Trained and is miles away from modern weaponry (6,7) GUIDED MISSILE {GUIDED} {IS+MILES}*

2   Tries on ground and turns towards east (7) ORIENTS*
3   Acknowledgement by one who's moving in (9) IMMIGRANT {I'M}{MIGRANT} Semi&lit
4   Colour makes it hard for a woman to rise (5) HENNA {H}{ANNE<=}
5   High current use in part of Southern England (9) HAMPSHIRE {H}{AMPS}{HIRE}
6   Subject to choose shortly (5) TOPIC {TO}{PICk}
7   Jargon confined to English court (7) DIALECT {LAID<=}{E}{CT} Dial/Confined? Anno corrected, see comments
8   Broadcast contents on air, there's horror (13) CONSTERNATION*
9   Show Dickens writing is kept in place (13) DEMONSTRATION {DEMON}{ST{R}ATION} Demon/Dickens? See comments
15 Errand you run all 365 days (4-5) YEAR-ROUND*
17 Being fat, politician gets three points in addition (9) PLUMPNESS {PLU{MP}{N}{E}{S}S}
19 Upstart finds average place cramped (7) PARVENU {PAR}{VENUe}
21 One turns in the back, it's hard (7) TOENAIL {T{ONE*}AIL}
23 No boy is taken into account (5) NOTED {NO}{TED}
25 In the Pacific, a private island (5) CAPRI [T]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 101


The TOPIC of the day in Shangri=la was about the arrival of an IMMIGRANT from the ORIENT wearing a green CAPRI.

Not a SANDGLASS figure but with some PLUMPNESS she was rumoured to be a NOTED belly dancer and the RECEPIENT of several awards.

And she was going to provide the much needed IMPETUS to the performances in Shangri-la!!

What happened next?