Saturday, 25 March 2023

No 13822, Saturday 25 Mar 2023, Dr. X

1   Give fruit salad right away to refugee (8) FUGITIVE {GIVE+FrUIT}*
5   Billion accepted in banknotes for castle in N. African town (6) CASBAH {CAS{B}{A}H} Accepted/A? It's there in Chambers dictionary
10 Time to accumulate runs with bit of ease in match (5) AGREE {AG{R}E}{Ease}
11 Emission percentage cut by revolutionary contribution (9) RADIATION {RA{AID<=}TION}
12 Cackling back, gigantic creature grabs raptor's head (9) GIBBERING {BIG<=}{BE{Ra...r}ING}
13 What baby wears to sleep extremely peacefully? (5) NAPPY {NAP}{Pe...lY}
14 Shudder as criminal finally enters court (6) BLENCH {B{c...aL}ENCH}
15 Old boy starting to turn impolite and impose in an unwelcome way (7) OBTRUDE {OB}{Turn}{RUDE}
18 Fantastic bistro alongside lake in English city (7) BRISTOL {BISTRO*}{L}
20 Owing money, one criminal returns to smuggle heroin at Cambodia (2,4) IN HOCK {1}{CO{H}N<=}{K}
22 Right after sacrificing rook, captures queen resulting in mate (5) EQUAL {rE{QU}AL}
24 Composed a nice tune, say (9) ENUNCIATE*
25 I hear vicar went berserk, scoring ecstasy in noisy mock serenade (9) CHARIVARI {I+HeAR+VICAR}*
26 Yellowish-green colour, a little garish for large pointed arch (5) OGIVE O(-l+g)GIVE
27 Sledge, insult endlessly to crush England's opener (6) SLEIGH {SL{En...d}IGHt}
28 Revelations by meek gal as rogue wants money (8) LEAKAGES {mEEK+GAL+AS}*

 Fine footpath having good raised edge (6) FLANGE {F}{LAN{G}E}
2   Briefly return to pick up racy loose blouse (9) GARIBALDI {GA{RIBALD}In}
3   It's impossible to know with certainty as raconteur is absent? (6,2,7) THERES NO TELLING [C&DD]
4   Leave rupees inside coat (7) VARNISH {VA{R}NISH}
6   Acting with haste, hit and bolt as fast as possible (7,3,5) AGAINST THE CLOCK {ACTING+HASTE}*{LOCK} 
7   Airship starting to malfunction in unforeseen irregularity (5) BLIMP {BLI{Ma...n}P}
8   Sharpen tip of dagger to pierce tree for sugary secretion (8) HONEYDEW {HONE}{Y{Da...r}EW}
9   A cheat ensnaring American girl on island slowly (6) ADAGIO {A}{D{A}{G}{I}O}
16 Applying packs, treat acne that's persistent (9) UNCEASING {U{ACNE*}SING}
17 Releases repressed emotions in seedy cabarets (8) ABREACTS*
19 Lodge has small revolting room (6) LEEWAY {L{WEE<=}AY}
20 One maniac at store kills fellow - pointless (7) INUTILE {1}{NUT}{fILE}
21 Warns comrade tersely to hide (6) DETERS [T]
23 University teacher's rule (5) USAGE {U}{SAGE}

Reference List
Right = R, Billion = B, Accepted = A, Runs = R, Old boy = OB, Lake = L, Herion = H, Cambodia = K(Kampuchea), Rook = R, Queen = QU, Ecstasy = E, Large = L, Money = M, Fine = F, Good = G, RACY = RIBALD,  Rupees = R, Cheat = DO, American = A, Girl = G, Fellow = F, University = U

Friday, 24 March 2023

No 13821, Friday 24 Mar 23, Dr. X

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

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1   Atones with a sorry note in correct way of achieving objective (1,5,2,2,3) A MEANS TO AN END {ATONES+A}*{N} in {AMEND}
8   Revised topic relating to vision (5) OPTIC*
9   Alcoholic drinks limiting stern criminal's vigilance (9) ALERTNESS {ALE{STERN*}S}
11 Miserly person's hoard in fancy casket (10) CHEAPSKATE {C{HEAP}SKATE*}
12 Run away with female for good fun (4) FLEE (-g+f)FLEE
14 Retired couple touring Thailand fight in public (7) OUTWARD {DUO<=} over {T}{WAR}
16 Annulet in fairgroundelegant (7) ROUNDEL [T]
17 Director does nothing about primarily dirty swindles (7) DIDDLES {D}{ID{Di..y}LES}
19 Put off by American president in broadcast (7) SUSPEND {S{US}{P}END}
21 Impresario wants to tour American state (4) IOWA [T]
22 Boldness of couple of criminals concealing identity (10) CONFIDENCE {CON}{F{ID}ENCE}
25 Apply a lotion and cream to be cured (9) EMBROCATE {CREAM+TO+BE}*
26 Where one might see studs from east involved in flings (5) LOBES {LOB{E}S}
27 How a person with concussion might be conceited (7-6) SWOLLEN-HEADED [DD]

2   Couple beginning to snuggle inside rug, getting most intimate (7) MATIEST {MA{TIE}{Sn...e}T}
3   Reasonable move after champion captures c-pawn (10) ACCEPTABLE {TABLE}<=>{AC{C}E}{P}
4   Spank groom's butt in bed (5) SMACK {S{g..oM}ACK} 
5   Obvious ruse perhaps in opening moves (9) OVERTURES {OVERT}{RUSE*}
6   Wild model picked up by star in retreat (4) NUTS {S{T}UN<=}
7   Wanted to protect student getting harassed (7) NEEDLED {NEED{L}ED}
8   Individual consuming cocaine at noisy inn turned ecstatic (2,5,4) ON CLOUD NINE {ON{C}{LOUD}{INN*}E}
10 Large snakes chasing domestic animals around climbing frames (11) STEPLADDERS {L}{ADDERS}<=>{PETS<=}
13 Miserable and sick, tucking into most impudent woman's Mexican dish (10) QUESADILLA {SAD}{ILL} in {QUEAn}
15 Isolated perhaps to contain primarily contagious strain (9) DISLOCATE {DISLO{Co...s}ATE*}
18 Complete expression of wonder, taking in new boy's violin stroke (7) DOWNBOW {DO}{W{N}{B}OW}
20 Been long, desperately wants good raise (7) ENNOBLE {BEEN+LONg}*
23 Fine woman upset about son becoming impudent (5) FRESH {F}{H{S}ER<=}
24 Unflustered, talk amorously with lady (4) COOL {COO}{L}

Reference List
Note = N, Female = F, Good = G, Thailand = T, Directoer = D, President = P, Criminals = CON, FENCE, Identity = ID, East = E, Pawn = P, Model = T, Student = L, Cocaine = C, Large = L, New = N, Boy = B, Good = G, Fine = F, Son = S, Lady = L