Saturday, 20 April 2019

No 12605, Saturday 20 Apr 2019, Arden


6. Bum bottom end locked up (5) CADGE {CA{enD}GE} Locked up = Put in Cage,
7. He has his doubts about various coatings (8) AGNOSTIC { COATINGS*}
10. First we lie in wait, perhaps (7) INITIAL {LIE+IN+WAIT-WE*} Is the anno correct?
11. Light allowing regular passage through city (7) GLASGOW {GL{pAsSaGe}OW}
12. Barter trade and business style of architecture (3,4) ART DECO {TRADE*}{CO}
13. Too much! Reviewed tie breaker first (7) SURFEIT {SURF}{TIE<=}
14. Hairnet provided, bring down vegetable (11) CAULIFLOWER {CAUL}{IF}{LOWER}
19. Went through and through together, only missing one dimension (7) BREADTH {Bo{READ}TH}
21. May be bad sign in the middle (7) ABDOMEN {BAD*}{OMEN}
23. Rain too, in a way created the lake (7) ONTARIO {RAIN+TOO*}
25. Peacekeepers certain to go free (7) UNBOUND {UN}{BOUND}
26. Brown man in short is stranded (8) MAROONED {MAROON}{ED}
27. Foolish to take first step, must be mad (5) INANE {INANE}+{Step}={INSANE}


1. Spies pick up, arrest criminal triad here at sea (8) ADRIATIC {CIA<=} around {TRIAD}
2. Cat on the iron rail (6) FELINE {FE}{LINE}
3. Catch European using cosmetic (4,6) NAIL POLISH {NAIL}{POLISH}
4. Obstacle to metals fusing (4) SNAG {SN}{AG}
5. One wrongdoing and joy is cut short (6) SINGLE {SIN}{GLEe}
6. Reptile able to swallow the end (6) CAIMAN {C{AIM}AN}
By Lea Maimone - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.0,

8. Bird making boom noise (7) SPARROW {SPAR}{ROW}
9. What's creating a wide strip (5) SWATH {WHATS*}
13. Amusing lad, turns out to be a mixed bag (10) SALMAGUNDI {AMUSING+LAD*}
15. On the contrary, overstay and suffer (7) UNDERGO (Opposite of {OVER},{STAY})
16. Nobel laureate had a doubt about this fruit (8) RAMBUTAN {RAM{BUT}AN}

17. A book carrying bishop over time becomes a friar (5) ABBOT {A}{B}{B}{O}{T}
18. Regular counsel, dogged but a bit nervous (2,4) ON EDGE {cOuNsEl DoGgEd}
20. Snare lifted in part, never fully (6) ENTRAP (T<=)
22. Call on line, cut short in capital (6) DUBLIN {DUB}{LINe}
24. Animal noise is allowed outside home (4) OINK {O{IN}K}

Reference List

Business=Co, Provided=If, Only=O, Peacekeepers=UN, Man in short=Ed
Spies=CIA, Iron=Fe, Metal=Sn, Metal=Ag, Doubt=But, Book=B, Bishop=B, Over=O, Time=T, Allowed=Ok, Home=In

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Friday, 19 April 2019

No 12604, Friday 19 Apr 2019, Arden

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1   Ferreting away wild shrub (9,4) WAYFARING TREE*
10 Steps are not long in summer, perhaps (5) ADDER lADDER
11 Playing testIndia is the most exquisite (9) DAINTIEST*
12 Consume from bottom to top, reject hot food in the city (9) EDINBURGH {(+e)EDIN(-e)}{H+GRUB<=}
13 Recollect a song? Name is "horny beast" (5) NYALA {A}{LAY}{N}<=
14 Plane on rail, get the drift? (7) MIGRATE {MiG}{RATE}
16 Prickly pear becomes utopian (7) OPUNTIA*
18 Stew about how the German trailed behind (7) CHOWDER {C}{HOW}{DER}
20 Proof to resolve where the shouting comes from (7) ROOFTOP*
22 Said to be an old stunt (5) ANTIC (~ antique)
24 Rain on grass, odd rain creates a medley (9) POTPOURRI {POT}{POUR}{RaIn}
26 Stop print — true/false (9) INTERRUPT*
27 Lost direction? Don't get colder (5) ICIER dIRECtIon*
28 Click a selfie, Ken (3,3,7) GET THE PICTURE [DD]

2   Liberal in supplementing, spoiling it (7) ADDLING {ADD{L{ING}
3   Revolutionary spirit, endless spirit (9) FIREBRAND {FIRE}{BRANDy}
4   Jockey's claws, as they say (5) RIDER (~ clause = RIDER)
5   Another hourbegin with one next to you (9) NEIGHBOUR*
6   Big man in a small function, drinking vermouth (5) TITAN {T{IT}AN}
7   May be neat, on being included (7) ELEGANT {E{LEG}ANT*} Semi&lit
8   "Wet shoe? Get a wiper", you're told (5,8) WATER MOCCASIN {WATER}{MOCCASIN} (~ viper)
9   I sup over a takeaway dish (5,2,6) STEAK AU POIVRE {I+SUP+OVER+A+TAKE}*
15 Working parent will quarrel regularly about transport (9) ENRAPTURE {PARENT*}{qUaRrEl}
17 Treated our people here, it's difficult to get a specialist (9) UROLOGIST {OUR*}{LOG}{ITS*}
19 Musical group exposed, better after a month (7) OCTETTE {OCT}{bETTEr}
21 Hunter's mistake, breaking rank (7) TERRIER {T{ERR}IER}
23 Dolly takes a small weight (5) CARAT {CAR{A}T}
25 African king, accepted in Spain (5) TUTSI {TUT}{SI}

Reference List

Song = LAY, Plane = MiG, Rail = RATE, About = C, The (In german) = DER, Grass = POT, Function = TAN, Vermouth = IT, On = LEG(Side in cricket), People (In Hindi) = LOG, Dolly = CART, Accepted (In Spanish) = SI