Saturday, 22 February 2020

No 12865, Saturday 22 Feb 2020, Incognito

 So-called fiddler toured Reno (4) NERO {RENO*}
9   Sketch a spanner and get a contraption installed over the moat (10) DRAWBRIDGE {DRAW}{BRIDGE}
10 Untidy torn cloth label (6) RAGTAG {RAG}{TAG}
11 Think of English face (8) ENVISAGE {EN}{VISAGE}
12 Take back engineers, sailors, and other ranks before beginning of battle (8) REABSORB {RE}{ABS}{OR}{Battle}
14 Some money for a horse (6) AMOUNT {A}{MOUNT}
16 Leer at old girl student with enthusiasm at first (4) OGLE {O}{G}{L|{Enthusiasm}
17 Roman poet without a right to produce watch (5) VIGIL {VIrGIL}
18 Port // bottle stopper (4) CORK (DD)
19 Juliet and Roman girl return getting travel fatigue (3,3) JET LAG {J}{ET}{GAL<=}
21 Small note is accompanied by Middle Eastern currency for monument (8) MEMORIAL {MEMO}{RIAL}
23 Pull car back with energy for an auto competition (4,4) DRAG RACE {DRAG}{CAR<=}{E}
26 “Richard, that is Lord Mountbatten’s pet name” (6) DICKIE {DICK}{IE}
27 Daily has extraordinary grit about commencement of expose... results in a harmless threat (5,5) PAPER TIGER {PAPER}{GRIT*} around {Expose}
28 Sees // spots on coconuts (4) EYES (DD)

1   High flying lawyer? (5,5) LEGAL EAGLE (CD)
2   Wine is fit; can be transported (8) PORTABLE {PORT}{ABLE}
3   An American lawman and soldier at ball give instructions to go slow (6) ADAGIO {A}{DA}{GI}{O}
4   Model has mimic’s measuring device (4) TAPE {T}{APE}
5   Firstly, over everything... (5,3) ABOVE ALL {ABOVE}{ALL}
6   ... fellow initially incorporating a small business can be a failure (6) FIASCO {F}{Incorporating}{A}{S}{CO}
7   Very eager in a synagogue (4) AGOG (T)
13 Ask for monetary dole with hesitation for a married Muslim lady (5) BEGUM {BEG}{UM}
15 Descriptions about locals having a couple of rupees (10) NARRATIVES {NA{RR}TIVES}
17 Virginia permits bums (8) VAGRANTS {VA}{GRANTS}
18 Hundred prophets’ boats (8) CORACLES {C}{ORACLES}
20 Made an entry about dogleg manoeuvring (6) LOGGED {DOGLEG*}
22 Latest method followed by Royal Navy (6) MODERN {MODE}{RN}
24 Widen a hole for 480, 500 or 516 sheets of paper (4) REAM (DD)
25 Placing Director General between Edward and Elizabeth gives an advantage (4) EDGE {E}{DG}{E}

Reference List

English=En, Engineers=RE, Sailors=ABS, Other Ranks=OR, Old=O, Girl=G, Student=L, Right=R, Juliet=J, And Roman=Et, Girl=Gal, Energy=E, That is=I.E.
An=A, American lawman=DA, Soldier=GI, Ball=O, Model=T, Fellow=F, Small=S, Business=Co, Rupee=R, Virginia=Va, Hundred=C, Royal Navy=RN, Director General=DG, Edward=E, Elizabeth=E

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Friday, 21 February 2020

No 12864, Friday 21 Feb 2020, Incognito

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

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The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM.
8 Thanks! With side-car for hire? (4)
9 American emergency room’s customers (5)
10 Hit returning friends (4)
11 Champion consumes and swindles (6)
12 Scurrying mice follow a boor and scholar (8)
13 Now, present book and sticker (8)
15 Portray German with ancient Scot (6)
17 Man from Kigali managed to hold magical stick (7)
19 Stern champ’s pained expression (7)
22 Elves scamper around Saint’s ship (6)
24 Look Duke! Stare! Possibly, it is Polaris (8)
26 Rich and excited flute fan (8)
28 Soon returns carrying special drug and traps (6)
30 Plot in Lapland (4)
31 Helpmates, not wayward pals, can be subject matter (5)
32 Smashing pie after end of dinner’s ready to eat (4)

1 Cab returns with hotel musician (4)
2 Wild animal consumes engineer and vegetable (4,4)
3 Gold ship that is from Down Under (6)
4 Fine writing instrument’s with a lieutenant by end of day (7)
5 I smear Hawaiian, for example (8)
6 Dozing general’s surrounded by snake (6)
7 Waterway in Dharwad, India (4)
14 Prescribed medicine quantity, including a drop of wine and divine groundwater (5)
16 Two military commanders get a drink (5)
18 Horribly laments about current diseases (8)
20 State: “Young woman and heavenly beauty, but not hot” (8)
21 Praise father consuming milky coffee (7)
23 South American queue to get sodium chloride solution (6)
25 Destroyed garden menace (6)
27 Touched soft material (4)
29 For starters, entertainer showed public yellow spot (4)