Sunday, 24 October 2021

The Sunday Crossword No 3173, Sunday 24 Oct 2021

1   12 sheep delay broadcast (10) SLEEPYHEAD* (See 12 below)
6   Employs guessers now and then (4) USES gUeSsErS
9   Traditional musician's fiddle enthralling ol' Kansas (4,6) FOLK SINGER {F{OL}{KS}INGER}
10 Fossil fuel in eyeliner, we're told (4) COAL (~kohl)
12 Somnolent type to tear open vehicle with seafood (3,3,6) RIP VAN WINKLE {RIP}{VAN}{WINKLE}
15 A little unclear, nervous beginner (7) LEARNER [T]
16 Gets in boats to resort (7) OBTAINS*
17 Spend a lot, swell place obtained (7) SPLURGE {S{PL}URGE}
19 Go Dutch, splash out, save penny – stroke of luck! (7) GODSEND {GO}{D}{SpEND}
20 I saw Gary race around roads (12) CARRIAGEWAYS*
23 Highway travelled by horse noisily (4) ROAD (~rode)
24 Fastidious Everyman given time: 'silly not to deliver' (10) METICULOUS {ME}{T}{ridICULOUS}
25 Egyptian city where god's rejected (4) SUEZ<=
26 Ungodliest, harrowing: together they circle the world (10) LONGITUDES*

1   Primarily, spiritualist ultimately finding ihsān? (4) SUFI Acrostic &lit
2   Beauty magazine, whichever way you look at it (4) ELLE [GK]
3   Granadilla spread one consumed on Friday. Peeled? Quite (7,5) PASSION FRUIT {PASS{1}ON}{FR}{qUITe}
4   Constituents of Antioch, an overseas principality once (7) HANOVER [T]
 I tucked into tea, not ardently consumed (3,4) ATE INTO {I} in {TEA+NOT}*
7   Bouillon for starters: pungent, inedible, the French food not yet eaten? (10) STOCKPILES {STOCK}{Pu...t}{In...e}{LES}
8   No end of fish and beef (10) SILVERSIDE SILVERSIDEs 
11 The raw bananas: I try a dish, but ... (8,4) BIRTHDAY SUIT*
13 Vulgar wiseacre's teaching aids (5,5) FLASH CARDS {FLASH}{CARDS}
14 Bespoke material old duke ordered (6-4) TAILOR-MADE {MATERIAL+O+D}*
18 Artist representing Creole? Good (2,5) EL GRECO {CREOLE+G}*
19 Slack-jawed at first, getting affectionate with royal (7) GAWKING {Ge...g}{Af...e}{With}{KING}
21 Spy giving up date of birth (including name) (4) BOND {BO{N}D<=}
22 Wife avoiding insects and snakes (4) ASPS wASPS

Reference List
Place = PL, Dutch = D, Penny = P, Time = T, The in French = LES, Old = O, Duke = D, Good = G, Date of birth = DOB, Name = N, Wife = W

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