Tuesday, 11 December 2018

No 12494, Tuesday 11 Dec 2018, Gridman

1   It's rash to leave radical but it's bold (8) IMPUDENT IMPrUDENT
5   Male's pointer to get vegetable (6) MARROW {M}{ARROW}
10 Fatness of old, big model in extremely earthy surroundings (7) OBESITY {O}{B}{Ear{SIT}thY}
11 Turn to trios to get an Italian dish (7) RISOTTO*
12 Fired up, Chennai leader flounced out — left! (6) EXITED EXcITED
13 Spooner's sage, striking sound gets shrill (8) PIERCING {seer ping to ~peer sing}
15 Melodic pattern issues forth from an Agra garden (4) RAGA [T]
16 Modest — when ruler falls short (5-5) SMALL-SCALE {SMALL)(SCALE}
18 Everything added up, it may still be mean! (5,5) GRAND TOTAL [CD]
20 Good, free network (4) GRID {G}{RID}
23 Use priest’s new ultimately safe measuring device (8) TAPELINE {TAP}{ELI}{N}{safE}
24 Hold over nerd peculiarly having outgrowth on head (6) HORNED {H}{O}{NERD}*
26 Adore one solid construction by leading engineer (7) IDOLISE {1}{SOLID*}{En...r}
27 Finished — singly, without help of lord (3,4) ALL DONE {AL{LD}ONE}
28 Poverty revealed by a great many on this planet (6) DEARTH {D}{EARTH}
29 Avoids sailor with stigmas (8) ABSTAINS {AB}{STAINS}

1   Thus, even a Leftie is sane (2,4,5,4) IN ONES RIGHT MIND [CD]
2   What's inquisitive Tom doing? (7) PEEPING [CD]
3   Go in a car with learner for foolish talk (6) DRIVEL {DRIVE}{L}
4   They are against 'yeas' (4) NAYS [GK]
6   Busts are developed but difficult to be perceived (8) ABSTRUSE*
7   Some retainers consume wrong wine (7) RETSINA {RET{SIN}Ainers}
8   Needed sash — by obstinacy (5-10) WRONG-HEADEDNESS {NEEDED+SASH}* [RA}
9   School charge is a huge amount! (9) TRAINLOAD {TRAIN}{LOAD}
14 I am one who beats — I am one who seizes (9) IMPOUNDER {I'M}{POUNDER}
17 One deputy still wandering as pastoral poet (8) IDYLLIST {1}{DY}{STILL}*
19 A politician with artist goes around house for a jar (7) AMPHORA {A}{MP}{HO}{RA}
21 Called old hearty Lilian to see floor decoration (7) RANGOLI {RANG}{O}{liLIan}
22 Relax... Drunk appears after sweet talk (4,2) COOL IT {COO}{LIT}
25 Brother comes up with a black sting (4) BARB {BR}{A}{B}<=


Monday, 10 December 2018

No 12493, Monday 10 Dec 2018, Aspartame

9   Cool teahouses often come prepared for dessert (9,6) CHOCOLATE MOUSSE {COOL+TEAHOUSES+CoMe}*
10 Rows are regular for him (7) OARSMAN [CD]
12 Surplus that's too old to be useful (7) OVERAGE [CD]
13 Treat daughter having an insect bite around fingertip (9) DISINFECT {D}{1}{SIN{Fi...p}ECT*}
14 Unit protects one northern animal (5) RHINO {RH{1}{N}O}
15 Eccentric coward has debts (7) CURIOUS {CUR}{IOUS}
18 Retaking possession that's seen during bridge (2-5) RE-ENTRY Anno pending
21 Mad villain killed a leftist leader with tool (5) ANVIL V1lLAIN*
23 Starting off with message to keep moderate urbane, happy (9) EXUBERANT {tEX{URBANE*}T}
25 Vital Phosphorus vial to be maintained (7) PIVOTAL {P+VIAL+TO}*
26 Plants ought to be sheltered to yield grains (7) SHADOWS {S{HAD}OWS} Ought/Had? Definition a bit far fetched
29 Note — trainee is taking meal as part of a learning program (9,6) REFRESHER {RE}{FRESHER}{COURSE}

1   Remains of English politician (4) ECHO {E}{CHO}
2   Addresses made to the second person in a year included old and upper class (4) YOUR {Y{O}{U}R}
3   Sitcom man dodges concealed fighter (8) COMMANDO [T]
4   Sandwich made from fresh sardine duke discarded (6) SARNIE SARdINE*
5   I adopt a round mammal (3,5) SEA OTTER {SE{A}{O}TTER}
6   He pretends to feel apologetic about burning spoons regularly, at first (6) POSEUR {sPoOnS}{RUE<=}
7   Writer took the crown from sassiest youth doctor (8) ESSAYIST {sASSIEST+Y}*
8   Man got good money demonstrating leadership (8) HEGEMONY {HE}{G}{MONEY}*
11 A water droplet reportedly signifies goodbye (5) ADIEU {A}{DIEU}(~dew)
15 Dictionary boy sold to get penny for drinks (7) CHAMPERS CHAM(-b+pe)PERS
16 Give energy to umpire having caught 66 yorkers at the start (8) REVIVIFY {RE{VI}{VI}F}{Yo...s}
17 Man has tasty cocktail in secret (8) STEALTHY ?
19 Muscle used to reach a higher level (8) ELEVATOR [DD]
20 Come back to regional heads meeting at central cinema to start watching.. (5) RENEW {REg...l}{ciNEma}{Wa...g} Heads for first two letters?
22 ...maybe a film about leaders of Turkish tribes (6) LETTER {LE{Tu...h}{Tr...s}ER<=}
24 You say nurse is bad? That's doubtful (6) UNSURE (~you){U}{NURSE}*
27 Stores kept raw vegetable (4) OKRA Anno pending
28 Foundation stone (4) SEED [DD]