Wednesday, 10 August 2022

No 13631, Wednesday 10 Aug 2022, Lightning

Solution to 23A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Everything that exists in a French poem is gripping individual (8) UNIVERSE {UN}{1}{VERSE}
5   Design by alien for earth, perhaps (6) PLANET {PLAN}{ET}
9   Specialist doctor at hospital, not new, filled with excitement (8) ENTHUSED {ENT}{H}{USED}
10 Division of group of fish partly is methodical to begin with (6) SCHISM {SCHool}{IS}{Me...l}
12 Praise guest contributing to smooth transition (5) SEGUE [T]
13 Reasoning ability of fashionable cashier curtailed by court (9) INTELLECT {IN}{TELLEr}{CT}
14 Party with couple of unknowns in Andromeda, perhaps (6) GALAXY {GALA}{X}{Y}
16 King is missing the first holy book causing laughter (7) RISIBLE {R}{IS}{bIBLE}
19 Camera I lost in country (7) AMERICA*
21 Hasty escape after row in a place of confusion (6) BEDLAM {LAM}<=>{BED}
23 What may be happening to one mark of error pending a correction (9) E?P?N?I?G (Addendum - EXPANDING - {X+PENDING+A}* - See comments)
25 Searches dissolute person joining society (5) RAKES {RAKE}{S}
26 Medium, second perhaps, not left in what one is made of (6) MATTER {M}{lATTER}
27 Influence more or less substantial (8) HANDSOME {HAND}{SOME}
28 Where a batsman might start to feel nervous (6) NINETY [CD]
29 Use sling to change grotesque appearance (8) UGLINESS*

1   Anxious peacekeepers essentially annoy many in the end (6) UNEASY {UN}{tEASe}{manY}
2   Giant tree chopped up to make part of larger unit (9) INTEGRATE*
3   Avoid press release wasted in the beginning (5) ELUDE prELUDE
 State's commercial venture provided yen (7) SPECIFY {SPEC}{IF}{Y}
6   Scaled oil rig restricted to a place (9) LOCALISED*
7   Innocent citizen leaving Thailand (5) NAIVE NAtIVE
8   Cook to steam ordinary vegetables (8) TOMATOES {TO+STEAM+O}*
11 It's primary shining throughout a region (4) STAR Acrostic Semi&lit
15 Lamenting misplaced alliance (9) ALIGNMENT*
17 Left behind outside with depression — one may not get out of it (5,4) BLACK HOLE {B{L}ACK}{HOLE}
18 Beer introduced in ship by gent — he can be persuasive (8) SALESMAN {S{ALE}S}{MAN}
20 A police branch is sharp (4) ACID {A}{CID}
21 Large explosion — it's supposed to have created one (3,4) BIG BANG {BIG}{BANG}
22 Reckon beasts of burden slow at first (6) ASSESS {ASSES}{Slow}
24 Where a race car may stop with side spike (5) PITON {PIT}{ON}
25 Primarily rectified a distraught individual's important bones (5) RADII Acrostic

Reference List
A in French = UN, Individual = I, Alien = ET, Specialist doctor = ENT, Hospital = H, Fashionable = IN, Court = CT, Unknowns = X,Y, King = R, Mark of error = X, Society = S, Medium = M, Left = L, Peacekeepers =- UN, Yen = Y, Thailand = T, Ordinary = O, Ship = SS, Side = ON

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

No 13630, Tuesday 09 Aug 2022, Incognito

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Large container with a fish (4) TUNA {TUN}{A}
9   Icelandic animal? (5) ELAND [T]
10 English mother makes cheese (4) EDAM {E}{DAM}
11 Thrust thick cord into empty pail (6) PROPEL {Pa{ROPE}iL}
12 Following orders and wriggling toe in bed (8) OBEDIENT*
13 Justifies tirades after conflict (8) WARRANTS {RANTS}<=>{WAR}
15 Praises a lieutenant during wild sex (6) EXALTS {EX{A}{LT}S*}
17 In favour of drink? Abandon! (7) FORSAKE {FOR}{SAKE}
19 Saint fared badly and attacked repeatedly from low-flying aircraft (7) STRAFED {ST}{FARED*}
22 Wild rage in front of an American president (6) REAGAN {RAGE*}{AN}
24 Wrongly get and weigh albumen (3,5) EGG WHITE {GET+WEIGH}*
26 Auditor takes loan giver's machine (8) ?A?E?D?R (Addendum - CALENDER {CA}{LENDER} - See comments)
28 Plump insect goes around Spanish hotel (6) FLESHY {FL{ES}{H}Y}
30 Vehicle with energy protection (4) CARE {CAR}{E}
31 Guy's starting to investigate acute madness (5) MANIA {MAN}{In...e}{Ac..e}
32 Carve child following alien (4) ETCH {CH}<=>{ET}

1   Funnily, Portugal releases plot for a kind of bean (4) GUAR poRtUGAl*
2   Fortifications containing animal bits (8) RAMPARTS {RAM}{PARTS}
3   German capital found invested in rubber lingerie (6) BERLIN [T]
4   Virginia and animal go away (7) VAMOOSE {VA}{MOOSE}
5   Then read damaged sticker (8) ADHERENT*
6   Perhaps the press and TV covered new city (6) MEDINA {MEDI{N}A}
7   Waving wand to make sun rise? (4) DAWN*
14 Residence built using adobe components (5) ABODE*
16 Two models carrying rescue equipment abroad initially give medical care (5) TREAT {T}{Re...e}{Eq...t}{Ab...d}{T}
18 Itinerant monks dig in countries ruled by monarchs (8) KINGDOMS*
20 Met a Chinese First lady carrying one daughter (8) ACHIEVED {A}{CH}{EVE}{D} over {1}
21 Fish having that lady's piece of jewellery (7) HERRING {HER}{RING}
23 Selfish desire to posses yen became older (6) GREYED {GRE{Y}ED}
25 Joker returns, carrying uniform, with a couple of females, getting huge laughter (6) GUFFAW G{U}{FF}AW<=}
27 Sadly, salad is rejected, after removing out a bit of dressing (4) ALAS SALAd<=
29 Pledge pawn (4) HOCK [DD]

Reference List
English = E, Mother = DAM, Saint = ST, Spanish = ES, Hotel = H, Energy = E, Child = CH, Alien = ET, New = N, Model = T, Chinese = CH, Daughter = D, Yen = Y, Uniform = U, Female = F