Friday 30 November 2012

No.10632, Friday 30 Nov 12, Sankalak

Sankalak = Enjoyable puzzle

1 Notice rep dancing at party (9) RECEPTION (NOTICE REP)*
5 Two points connected by first class, large spikes (5) NAILS (NS outside A1 + L)
8 Belief in the healer in the east getting right return (8) DOCTRINE (DOC + IN E outside RT<=)
9 Gums dry without a trace of resistance, turn dirty (6) SMUDGY (GUMS DrY)*
11 Cotton fabric seen here as such in ordinary use (5) CHINO (T)
12 A slattern at large – interpret that (9) TRANSLATE (A SLATTERN)*
13 Animal type has tail cut off for money (6) SPECIE (SPECIEs)
14 Damage caused by advancing years after an interval (8) BREAKAGE (AGE after BREAK)
16 Equip Pal, oddly, for some needlework (8) APPLIQUE (EQUIP PAL)*
18 Wave created by a hair-dresser? (6) COMBER (DD)
22 Assurance of quality makes aunt agree to change (9) GUARANTEE (AUNT AGREE)*
23 Heat in breakfast food leads to offensive words (5) OATHS (H inside OATS)
24 Keep control with reserve force (6) RETAIN (REIN outside TA)
25 One joining the army included in an alien list erroneously (8) ENLISTER (T)
26 Cruel one in a display beginning to nauseate (5) DEMON (DEMO + N)
27 Dray going back with list is manageable (9) TRACTABLE (CART<= + TABLE)

1 The socialist reportedly exploits and subdues (7) REDUCES (RED + ~USES)
2 Drug for a company account in the East (7) COCAINE (CO + CA + IN + E)
3 An avatar with an opinion reacts if found wrong (15) PERSONIFICATION (OPINION REACTS IF)*
4 Natural in a pub – tea being spoilt (6) INNATE (INN + TEA*)
5 He collects money not necessarily for its face value (15) NUMISMATOLOGIST (CD)
6 Countryman beginning to appreciate American state (7) INDIANA (INDIAN + A)
7 Hydrocarbon that is a bit nasty, renewable though (7) STYRENE (T)
10 Potter, say, to keep attacking (5) HARRY (DD)
15 Allocation given to a place in Rajasthan, reportedly (5) QUOTA (~KOTA)
16 Infuriated by exploding grenade (7)  ANGERED (GRENADE)*
17 Something imagined by the eponymous hero of a Leroux work (7) PHANTOM (DD)
19 Means of getting clean but getting back with high bill (7) BATHTUB (BUT + H + TAB)<=
20 Book, // keep for future use (7) RESERVE (DD)
21 Hare in suffering – it may need surgery (6) HERNIA (HARE IN)*

Thursday 29 November 2012

No 10631, Thursday 29 Nov 12, Sankalak

 In a hurry, off to the lab for some blood tests.

1   Identify – when there is no doubt (9) ASCERTAIN {AS}{CERTAIN}
5   Star circle dismayed about celestial bodies (5) ASTRO {STAR+O}*
8   Assumed to be a military engineer in performance (6) DEEMED {DEE{ME}D}
9   Girl and daughter, skilled, could be sidestepped (8) EVADABLE {EVA}{D}{ABLE}
11 In truth, Vera got dropped in an urban location (4) CITY veraCITY
12 Bess has the appropriate name for intelligence (10) BRIGHTNESS {B{RIGHT}{N}ESS}
14 They spread to support growth (5) ROOTS [CD]
15 Insect that can move fast and take to the air (7) BLOWFLY {BLOW}{FLY}
16 Almost twenty, a Greek character with love – that’s a sign (7) SCORPIO {SCORe}{PI}{O}
17 Grassy plain that is the reverse of everything, no? ( 5) LLANO {LLA}{NO}<=
19 Relax, Thea: I could perhaps bring you happiness (10) EXHILARATE*
20 This, to architects, includes a portico (4) STOA [T]
22 Not a quality expected of a toper! (8) SOBRIETY [CD]
23 Gun in a bottle of wine (6) MAGNUM [DD]
24 Chemical found in an inter-mixture (5) NITRE*
25 Man of religion is educated and given a halo! (9) CANONISED {CANON}{IS}{ED}

1   Mention reason for notice on the Italian dictator (6) ADDUCE {AD}{DUCE}
2   Out there a fabric was destroyed by one given to unchanging routine (8,2,5) CREATURE OF HABIT*
3   Some rock? Right, with the charge raised (4) REEF {R}{EEF<=}
4   Gavin confused over the power and seaworthiness of craft (12) NAVIGABILITY {GAVIN*}{ABILITY}
5   Alan did it, love – that is more than usual! (10) ADDITIONAL {ALAN+DID+IT+O}*
6   It is usually in the beginning of a book, and can tell the reader what is in store (5,2,8) TABLE OF CONTENTS [E]
7   Excessively modest about quiet close to party (7) OVERSHY {OVER}{SH}{Y}
10 Blue-blooded, but in reality with only red blood (12) ARISTOCRATIC [CD]
13 Clip US move to turn irresistibly exciting (10) COMPULSIVE*
16 A hat? Let it stay, boy (7) STETSON {STET}{SON}
18 Caught leaving seemingly protected by magic, caused injury (6) HARMED cHARMED
21 Man on board, one used by others (4) PAWN [DD]

Wednesday 28 November 2012

No 10630, Wednesday 28 Nov 11, Sankalak

 Sankalak will always be Sankalakesque :-)

1   Typical quality of an archaic crest, it crumbles (14) CHARACTERISTIC*
8   The indigenous way to refrain from a thing (6) DESIST {DESI}{ST}
9   Infidelity of a grown-up youth suppressing hesitation (8) ADULTERY {ADULT}{ER}{Y}
11 One racing feverishly in a state of bliss? (9) IGNORANCE*
12 Perfume, a bit of what Tartars used (5) ATTAR [T]
13 My accepting Hindu god of fire? Fine, blow it up! (7) MAGNIFY {M{AGNI}{F}Y}
15 Top of ulna, cut up all around and washed off (7) SLUICED {SL{U}ICED}
17 Money matters put African party in splendid surroundings (7) FINANCE {FIN{ANC}E}
19 Child student, working in Middle-east town (7) BABYLON {BABY}{L}{ON}
21 Bone of the Titan who got punished (5) ATLAS [DD]
23 Kind of court for a second hearing (9) APPELLATE [E]
25 Could be domesticated, like the Bard’s shrew? (8) TAMEABLE [E]
26 One of those found in the Dead Sea (6) SCROLL [GK]
27 Devious diarist insults people engaged in important economic activity (14) INDUSTRIALISTS*

1   The element in mad music played without a trace of style (7) CADMIUM {MAD+MUsIC}*
2   Boy follows rejected artist, setting fire to property (5) ARSON {AR<=}{SON}
3   A firm statement by southern notaries falsified (9) ASSERTION {S+NOTARIES}*
4   Compensation for socialist — topless costume (7) REDRESS {RED}{dRESS}
5   Music played by some vassals admirably (5) SALSA [T]
6   Just the same, perfection could carry new, uncontrolled movement (9) IDENTICAL {IDE{N}{TIC}AL}
7   Vocally greeting a girl to be married, non-eastern, of mixed parentage (6) HYBRID (~hi){HY}{BRIDe}
10 Green-eyed monster, shorter version (4) ENVY ? Anno  pending (See comments)
14 A refined person, like Jeeves was to Wooster? (9) GENTLEMAN [DD]
16 The sort of connection that a baby has with its mother (9) UMBILICAL [GK]
17 Allegiance that a youth leader felt to be wrong (6) FEALTY {A+Y+FELT}*
18 Ornamental piece worn on shoulder by alien escorting saint close to collapse (7) EPAULET {E}{PAUL}{ET}
19 Knocks suffered by surgeon having operation (4) BOPS {B{OP}S}

20 Causes irritation with sharp objects (7) NEEDLES [DD]
22 Chaos resulting from Union supporters’ uprising (5) SNAFU {SNAF}{U}<= Follow the link if you don't know the origin of this Acronym
24 They are a source of energy when seen nabbing cats (5) ATOMS {A{TOM}S}

Tuesday 27 November 2012

No.10629, Tuesday 27 Nov 12, xChequer

Warm welcome to Xchequer who starts off with a good puzzle - nice surfaces and wordplay. I particularly like the quirky reference in 27A.

1 Scope for inspiration to captivate a large number (7) BREADTH (BREATH outside D)
5 Computer manufacturer joins pen producer, outcome acrimonious (7) ACERBIC (ACER + BIC)

 9 A grand GRE portal for all put together (9) AGGREGATE (A + G + GRE + GATE)
10 Starters of bacon and noodles consumed uncooked to get strength (5) BRAWN (B N outside RAW)
11 Missile exercise providing cover for fashion magazine (6) PELLET (PT outside ELLE)
12 Using old coin to discharge, financial obligations can be met (7) SOLVENT (SOL + VENT)
14 Bare-bodied Eastern horse goes west (4) NUDE (E + DUN)<=
15 Place lodger alongside a mid-ranking officer (10) LIEUTENANT (LIEU + TENANT)
19 Extensive feast occurring almost everywhere (10) WIDESPREAD (WIDE + SPREAD)
20 Worry from France and in France (4) FRET (FR + ET)
22 Query Church about article with disbelief (7) ASKANCE (ASK + CE outside AN)
25 With a kind of lease occupies island (6) ITHAKI (T)
27 Premier given scout sign and song of praise (5) PSALM (PM outside SALute)
28 Odour-suppressing substance, a point idiot to rave about (9) DEODORANT (E inside DODO + RANT)

29 Discovers steed galloping outside court (7) DETECTS (STEED* outside CT)
30 Those who revel in others’ pain affected by sorrow, good man is captured (7) SADISTS (SAD + IS outside ST)

1 Beast’s calibre spoken of (4) BOAR (~BORE)
 2 Intellectual that got laid, chief journalist (9) EGGHEADED (EGG + HEAD + ED)
3 Lives possessed by dread, well secured though (6) DWELLS (T)
4 Fitter to mend their switches (9) HEALTHIER (HEAL + THEIR*)
5 Helps Lincoln on the way up (5) ABETS (ABE + ST<=)
6 He undertakes to disguise member the French uprising held prisoner (8) EMBALMER (MEMBER* outside LA)
7 Note idle burst of fire (5) BLAZE (B + LAZE)
8 Set up criminal institute, not popular (10) CONSTITUTE (CON + inSTITUTE)
13 Topped, topped by crack, like Mt. Blanc maybe? (10) SNOWCAPPED (CAPPED after SNOW)
 16 All agreed that international body found love mingled with hatred (9) UNANIMOUS (UN + O inside ANIMUS)
17 When starstruck from afar, Sanskrit, a mystical language’s revealed (9) AFRIKAANS (AFAR SANsKrIt a)*
18 In my opinion con is deplorably given equal legal status (8) ISONOMIC (IMO CON IS)*
21 Conceal with silence and dour expression (6) SHROUD (SH + DOUR*)
23 Reptile artist packed with baggage (5) KRAIT (RA inside KIT)
24 Ideas change, love takes over a distinctive intellectual character (5) EIDOS (IDEa(+O)S)*
26 Native Americans caught in a shootout, especially in Colorado (4) UTES (T)

Monday 26 November 2012

No 10628, Monday 26 Nov 12, Sunnet

That's not cricket? Or is it? ;-) Not as good as Saturdays offering(see comments). Totally clueless on 17 & 18D.
Discontinuing the BLANK GRID link as solution grid is being provided.

1   Position in 14; Remove after almost half a minute (3-3) MID-OFF {MIn}{D-OFF}
4   One that 12,16,19,25 can possibly fetch in 14; March your band differently (8) BOUNDARY*
10 Reserve coach introduced to everyone else (9) RESTRAINT {RES{TRAIN}T}
11 Presenter charms a note out of mourner (5) GIVER GrIeVER
12 A hit in 14; Handle ambition (5) DRIVE [DD]
13 Exchanging stinking table top for needle creations (9) KNITTINGS {STINKING+T}*
14 Is it unfair when it is not this game? (7) CRICKET [CD]
16 A hit in 14; Catch telephone cradle (4) HOOK [DD]
19 A hit in 14; Strain to inhale deeply (4) PULL [DD]
21 Sirius is after mariner (3,4) DOG STAR {DOG S}{TAR}
24 Sympathies voiced in a royal manner (4,5) LIKE KINGS (~likings)
25 A hit in 14; Clear range (5) SIXER [CD] (Addendum SWEEP [DD] - See comments)
26 Bull from Pakistan and India (5) NANDI [T]
27 Drew one card to confuse (9) CARTOONED*
28 Reagent I introduced to precipitate mineral (8) ENARGITE {REAGENT+I}*
29 Indifference of a chap at Hyde Park (6) APATHY [T]

1   Arch & dome built for Babylonian god (8) MERODACH*
2   Discourage little girl taking hard liquor (8) DISPIRIT {DI}{SPIRIT}
3   Fake furnace (5) FORGE [DD]
5   One reality challenged wealthy landlord beheaded and taken to the front (7) OSTRICH {hOST}{RICH}
6   From dusk to dawn recollecting the endless longing (9) NIGHTLONG {THe+LONGING}*
7   Start daring activity without high class engineers (6) ADVENT ADVENT(u)(re)
8   Training Asian stray to be the quickest (6) YAREST {E+STRAY}*
9   A strip in 14; Gate for a service window (6) WICKET [DD]
15 Rubbing with fingers, Ken oddly knocking off head of baby (9) KNUCKLING {KeN}{dUCKLING}
17 Air bag network perhaps (8) ?T?X?N?T (Addendum - ETHERNET [CD] - See comments)
18 Timidly run inside without enthusiasm (8) ?R?R?D?Y (Addendum - TREPIDLY {{T{R}EPIDLY} - See comments}
20 Engraving an instruction to switch cameras (7) LINOCUT LINO{CUT} Anno pending {Addendum - LINECUT {LINE}{CUT} - See comments)
21 Boy raised hand to allay hostility (6) DISARM {DIS<=}{ARM}
22 A hit in 14; Look polished consuming a bit of nectarine (6) GLANCE {GLA{N}CE}
23 Ask and upset an Indian God (6) SKANDA*
25 A hit in 14; Dish out breaking news (5) SCOOP [DD]

Sunday 25 November 2012

No 2714, Sunday 25 Nov 12

1   - Ruling party millions elected at home on third of August (10)  - DOMINATING {DO}{M}{IN}{AT}{IN}{G}
6   - Better, deleting the last letter in the last word (4)  - AMEN AMENd
9   - Reproduction of sound in car with disc on (5)  - AUDIO {AUDI}{O}
10 - Crooks ruined top firm (4-5)  - ROCK-SOLID {ROCK-SO*}{LID}
12 - Siren in stories, the French one (7)  - LORELEI {LORE}{LE}{1}
13 - Man sees slack in a body (2,5)  - EN MASSE*
14 - Cocktails and mixed gins at either side of Pearl, so drunk (9,6)  - SINGAPORE SLINGS {GINS*}{PEARL SO*}{GINS*}
17 - I'm Toby, cranky and eccentric, opposing local development (3,2,2,4,4)  - NOT IN MY BACK YARD*
20 - Large pub in capital (7)  - TALLINN {TALL}{INN}
22 - Three-pronged spear I'd found in English river (7)  - TRIDENT {TR{I'D}ENT}
23 - Material girl (9)  - GEORGETTE [DD]
24 - Port of Omaha, if asked (5)  - HAIFA [T]
25 - Travel free by Tube, ultimately (4)  - RIDE {RID}{E}
26 - Didn't let on in park, kitted out (4,2,4)  - KEPT IT DARK*

1   - Unerring on square, batting with pride? (6,3)  - DEADLY SIN {DEADLY} {S}{IN}
2   - Position for cricketer around Irish golf club (7)  - MIDIRON {MID{IR}ON}
3   - Somewhat unattractive description of a watercolour? (2,3,8)  - NO OIL PAINTING [CD]
4   - Awful riot described by boy in region (9)  - TERRITORY {TER{RIOT*}RY}
5   - Particularly suitable position of hotel in French resort (5)  - NICHE {NIC{H}E}
7   - Curse married girl (7)  - MALISON {M}{ALISON}
8   - Glass initially embedded in exposed elbow (5)  - NUDGE {NUD{G}E}
11 - Film title shook me badly, I admitted (4,4,2,3)  - SOME LIKE IT HOT {SOME LIKE {I}T HOT*}
15 - Command performance (9)  -  ENACTMENT [DD]
16 - Distract team on course (9)  - SIDETRACK {SIDE}{TRACK}
18 - Part of motel (for drivers) in a Shropshire town (7)  - TELFORD [T]
19 - A maiden, girl in West Side Story song (7)  - AMERICA {A}{M}{ERICA}

20 - Row about golf and golfer? (5) - TIGER {TI{G}ER}
21 - Fool about with saltpetre (5) - NITRE {NIT}{RE}

Saturday 24 November 2012

No 10627, Saturday 24 Nov 12, Vulcan

Entertaining offering from Vulcan. My COD 27A.

1   Morgue scene extremely disturbing and shocking (8) GRUESOME {MORGUE+ScenE}*
5   In trouble after having spicy fast food (3,3) HOT DOG {HOT} {DOG}
9   2.7182X + 3.14159O! Dying for an answer (8) EXPIRING {E}{X}{PI}{RING}
10 Disturbed sleep ending in frustration and anger (6) SPLEEN {SLEEP*}{N}
12 Bustling region hub for Sri Lanka! (9) NEIGHBOUR*
13 Follow the directions and make an appeal (5) ENSUE {EN}{SUE}
14 Superstar’s effigy (4) ICON [DD]
16 Trouble with fool leading attack (6) ASSAIL {ASS}{AIL}
18 Dance style from Gangnam region — revolutionary stuff (6) GERMAN [T<=]
20 Yield of rice decrease (4) CEDE [T]
23 Terrace atop one building (5) PATIO {ATOP+1}*
24 Cheese cake not satisfactory one bit. Portion sent back (9)  MOUSETRAP {MOUsSE}{TRAP<=}
27 Doctor cures athlete’s foot for free (6) RESCUE {CURES*}{E}
28 Married a teetotaller and suffered (8) ATTACHED {A}{TT}{ACHED}
29 Stay in a ship with grand interior (6) LINGER {LIN{G}ER}
30 Bearing gifts, say (8) PRESENCE (~presents)

1   Alternative energy nearly eco-friendly (5) GREEN ENERGy*
2   You finally got the fantastic new ipad? Outstanding! (6) UNPAID {yoU}{N}{IPAD*}
3   A rash reckless girl (5) SARAH*
4   Weather satellite circling round the poles (7) MONSOON {M{O}{NS}OON}
6   Burdened by work — squeezed (9) OPPRESSED {OP}{PRESSED}
7   Leather used in say, expensive coat (8) DEERSKIN (~dear){DEER}{SKIN} Why 'used'?
8   Crowds around East River (6) GANGES {GANG{E}S}
11 A song’s backing vocal part (4) ARIA {A}{RIA<=}
15 Tranquillity and oxygen in Colorado State guaranteed (9) COMPOSURE {C{O}{MP}O}{SURE} Anno not clear (See comments)
17 Chuck’s flight is on time — boarding (8) JETTISON {JET}{T}{IS}{ON}
19 One, for example leaving emergency room paralysed (4) NUMB NUMBer
20 Vessel (large) used in mess (7) CLUTTER {C{L}UTTER}
21 Rise of Parisleft after revolution (6) SPIRAL {PARIS+L}*
22 Harp on about a mystery movie (6) ORPHAN*
25 Rewrite same ten papers (5) EXAMS {SAME+X}*
26 Father’s a doctor in Pennsylvania (in top 2) (5) PADRE {P{A}{DR}E}

Friday 23 November 2012

No.10626, Friday 23 Nov 12, Lightning

Very entertaining puzzle from Lightning with good surfaces and matching wordplays. I'd like to take this opportunity to reciprocate the best wishes. It is not easy to add a nina to the grid and avoid too many obscure words, so kudos to Lightning in managing the balance well.

8 The Destroyer, held back by Brahma, Vishnu (4) SIVA (T<=)
9 Not present at home? Sailor dispatched to the heart of Arabian Sea (2,8) IN, ABSENTIA (IN + AB + SENT + IA)
10 Soft, well-ordered, elegant, without a trace of arrogance (6) GENTLE (ELEGaNT)*
11 Rutherford’s element – a vital ingredient in most fertilizers (8) NITROGEN (E)
12 Run around without energy – it is a case of damaged nerves (8) NEURITIS (RUN<= outside E + IT IS)
14 Stopped preparing dessert and removed a bit of sugar (6) RESTED (DESsERT)*
16 Stained little finger? Wipe the top off (4) INKY (pINKY)
17 His logic is propositional (5) STOIC (E)
18 Description partly suspect (4) SPEC (T)
19 Excitement in a match full of suspense – half over to go (6) THRILL (THRILLer)
21 Madly keen on expensive stocking (4-4) KNEE-HIGH (KEEN* + HIGH)
23 Movie about eccentric geniusone who believes in selective breeding (8) EUGENIST (ET outside GENIUS*)
26 Dutch farmer receives second grade black custom made motorcycle (6) BOBBER (BOER outside B + B)
27 Footwear comfortable at last? Well, exercise with some enthusiasm (10) ESPADRILLE (E + SPA + DRILL + E)
28 Queen from Middle Eastern country – one that stepped down (4) RANI (iRANI)

1 By the last birthday of adolescence, nearly 90 per cent consume a small dose of Ecstasy (10) NINETEENTH (NINE-TENTH outside E)
2 A type of wind seen on resurrection day at the outskirts of Langley (8) EASTERLY (EASTER + LangleY)
3 U.S. State in say, its Pacific coast is largest in extent (6) WIDEST (IDaho inside WEST)
4 Pointlessly long for a tale (4) YARN (YeARN)
5 Arcane, peculiar coteries (8) ESOTERIC (COTERIES*)
6 Girl flirts topless and provokes (6) ANNOYS (ANN + tOYS)
7 Start off the newlywed on a journey (4) RIDE (bRIDE)
13 Supply // cattle (5) STOCK (DD)
15 First lady heartily endorsing eco-friendly party’s core proposition for these plants (10) EVERGREENS (EVE + R + GREEN'S)
17 One admitted inside to unite southern troopers (8) SOLDIERS (I inside SOLDER + S)
18 Butchers moved by this Austrian composer (8) SCHUBERT (BUTCHERS)*
20 Provider of cold comfort? (3,3) ICE, BAG (CD)
22 A badge for a doctor entering endless revolutionary fight (6) EMBLEM (MB inside MELEe<=)
24 America, at the start of sixties, close to war with this former state (1,1,1,1) USSR (US + S + R)
25 Indian musical pattern produced from an instrument with no bass (4) TALA (TAbLA)


Thursday 22 November 2012

No 10625, Thursday 22 Nov 12, Klue Klux Klan

KKK's as devious as ever. No clue on 11A.

1   Language of the man and his beer (6) HEBREW {HE}{BREW}
4   Few caught in panic (6) SCARCE {SCAR{C}E}
9   Give away on stage, for the most part (4) STAG STAGe
10 Copy, say, of Chennai locality with tea for bridge players (10) TRIPLICATE {TRIPLICA(-n+t)TE}
11 Well beloved herder? (6) OILMAN ? (Addendum PIGMAN [GK] - See comments)
12 Images of mostly epic books (8) EPITOMES {EPIc}{TOMES}
13 Galore of gallant takeovers (9) BEAUCOUPS {BEAU}{COUPS}
15 Mistress of the French valet? (5) LEMAN {LE}{MAN}
16 Period of retrospective hope overwhelms hundred (5) EPOCH {EPO{C}H<=}
18 Watch wager for Batman, say (9) VIGILANTE {VIGIL}{ANTE}
22 Looking forward to defend worker (8) GUARDANT {GUARD}{ANT}
23 Say no to garbage! (6) REFUSE [DD]
25 Flexibility about one in silence (10) RESILIENCE {RE}{SIL{1}ENCE}
26 King’s mate in castle? (4) ROOK [GK]
27 Beheaded cat-like confusing movie (6) TALKIE {cAT+LIKE}*
28 Limited sex appeal in hunky-dory surroundings (6) FINITE {FIN{IT}E}

1   Direct connection confused the lion? (7) HOTLINE*
2   Lady from Belgium missing long intricate initials (5) BEGUM BElGiUM
3   Fret about antidote missing one vitamin (3,4) EAT INTO {ANTIdOTE}*
5   Gutter for son-less disfigured scullions (6) CULLIS SCULLIons8
6   Jesus Christ Superstar, for one, to sway in semi-open period (4,5) ROCK OPERA {ROCK} {OPen}{ERA}
7   Hold them in additional peaks (7) EXTREMA {EXTR{EM}A} No such word in Chambers
8   Very funny parting around day in March, say (13) SIDESPLITTING {S{IDES}PLITTING}
14 Unfriendly stormy rain cloud (9) UNCORDIAL*
17 Be careful of puritan’s book (7) PRUDENT {PRUDE}{NT}
19 Decapitated British PM becomes an Asian (7) ISRAELI dISRAELI
20 Regular tours painful for silk producing moth (7) TUSSORE {ToUrS}{SORE}
21 Cocktail disheartened Italian poet (6) MARINI MARtINI Should have been MARINO (See comments)
24 At a distance, note language (5) FARSI {FAR}{SI}

Wednesday 21 November 2012

No10624, Wednesday 21 Nov 12, Skulldugger


1   This pope regularly communes with extremely regressive evil spirit (6) TIPPLE {ThIs PoPe}{LivE}
4   Only female servants employed in 19? (6) BARMEN {BAR}{MEN}
9   Sailors docking start to celebrate with British beer (4) BREW (-c+b)BREW
10 Banned Heroin within and without 8, say (10) UNHALLOWED {UN{H}ALLOWED}
11 Stocious rowdies giving up the last of their rupees for fruitcake (6) WEIRDO ROWDIEs*
12 How Vito Corleone spoke of God: Twit in hiding (8) HOARSELY {HO{ARSE}LY}
13 Many a 1 leads to slippery nipples (9) COCKTAILS [CD]
15 A half dozen quarters of Burgundy and Bordeaux (4) VINS {VI}{NS}
16 Might be single but can make you see double (4) MALT [CD]
17 Clues sent out might be delicious (9) ESCULENTS*
21 Vegetable gave little sibling convulsive colic (8) BROCCOLI {BRO}{COLIC*}
22 Thousands of noughty Serbians initially dwelt here (6) KOSOVO [GK]
24 Pickled, Mini’s crass, developing an excessive fondness for the glass (10) NARCISSISM*
25 1 on ships is not right at all (4) PORT [CD]
26 In conclusion, overwhelmed by essay (6) TRENDY {TR{END}Y}
27 Guzzles down a quarter, beginning to totter in boozemakers (6) STILLS S(-w+t)TILLS

1   Scotch wrecked poor Ted (7) TORPEDO*
2   Juice is Acton’s corrupter (5) POWER [GK]
3   Encountering cunning clue, doctor’s taken aback and gets a white sight blight (7) LEUCOMA {CLUE*}{OM<=}{A}
5   Like ice cubes in a drink, but not ‘on the rocks’! (6) AFLOAT [DD]
6   Still made, mostly at night (9) MOONSHINE [CD]
7   Badgers without tails do not require as much (7) NEEDLES NEEDLESs
8   Sacred agent in sacramental wine? (3,4,6) THE HOLY SPIRIT [CD]
14 Unit of yesteryear. A drink finally — one for the road! (9) KILOCYCLE {K}ILO{CYCLE} Anno pending
16 18-year-old chap takes ringroad leading to entrance of TASMAC for cutting (7) MORDANT {M{O}{RD}AN}{T}
18 Dishevelled drunk empties boxes (7) UNKEMPT [T]
19 Servant might get plastered in these (7) TAVERNS*
20 Might get wasted when employed in such a fashion (6) SOUSED {SO}{USED}
23 Phrase palaverer employed might be ‘to gild the lily (5) SEPAL [T]

Tuesday 20 November 2012

No.10623, Tuesday 20 Nov 12, Tester

At the risk of sounding flippant, this puzzle was mostly a write in. On the plus side it was easy and there seemed to be a mini theme of sorts with geographical places appearing in some clues. I particularly liked 17D for its nice surface and wordplay even though Trust means Rely On, not just Rely. On the flip side, some of the surfaces don't mean much which some people (read me) may not like.

7 Revolutionary in tears brings out the torchbearers of the society (8) TEACHERS (CHE inside TEARS)
9 Possessing gin won in wrestling (6) OWNING (GIN WON)*
10 A form of entertainment from Illinois in frequency modulation (4) FILM (IL inside FM)
11 Bowmen roar excitedly for tissue that produces red blood cells (4,6) BONE, MARROW (BOWMEN ROAR)*
12 A female revenue inspector and chartered accountant get to the south of Mediterranean Sea (6) AFRICA (A F R I CA)
14 Inclination to capture back a hiding place at Cyprus (8) TENDENCY (NET>= + DEN + CY)
15 Choose to reform pilferer without the Italian (6) PREFER (PilFERER)*
16 Trades with German leader for short time and assigns a rank (6) GRADES (TRADES with G for T)
19 Bengali, reportedly tense, to get the judgment of conviction (8) SENTENCE (SEN + ~TENSE)
21 General keeps out from using glycerine for shedding tears (6) CRYING (GlYCeRINe)*
23 Peons fared poorly for someone with a severe auditory impairment (4,6) DEAF,PERSON (PEONS FARED)*
24 Ground forces depicted in popular myths (4) ARMY (T)
25 South Carolina man and setter make an elaborate and systematic plan of action (6) SCHEME (SC + HE + ME)
26 King beheaded theist for backup man (8) RELIEVER (R + bELIEVER)

1 Faith of both Priest and Earl in Burkina Faso (6) BELIEF (ELI + E inside B F)
2 Surreptitious camera uncovering a fraudulent business scheme (4) SCAM (T)

3 A thin pliable sheet provided by bubbly barmen in Middle East (8) MEMBRANE (BARMEN* inside M E)
4 Company operating with Frenchmen in the middle is not rare (6) COMMON (CO + ON outside M M)
5 Funny idler turns hostile (10) UNFRIENDLY (FUNNY IDLER)*
6 Reforms free cons and ensures observance of laws and rules (8) ENFORCES (FREE CONS)*
8 An assembly having legislative powers sends Lawrence after Indian armed force (6) SENATE (SENA + TE)
13 I’d brought round definite change and established who I am (10) IDENTIFIED (I'D + DEFINITE*)
15 Falsely repent before Church — that is an unsupportable quality (8) PRETENCE (REPENT* + CE)
17 Trust accepted some money not so long ago (8) RECENTLY (RELY outside CENT)
18 Crone brings in small changes to someone who suppresses what is considered obscene (6) CENSOR (CRONE* outside S)
20 Required editors supporting north-east (6) NEEDED (NE + ED + ED)
22 Not showing any feeling in front of queen to enumerate (6) NUMBER (NUMB + ER)
24 Anglers regularly ignored for a prolonged period of time (4) AGES (AnGlErS)

Monday 19 November 2012

No 10622, Monday 19 Nov 12, Textrous

Unable to access Wiki to provide links. Another excellent CW from Textrous which took me down to the wire.

8   Shock about England’s call for help (6) APPEAL {APP{E}AL}
9   Professor, a lowly man, abused mice (8) ACADEMIC {A}{CAD}{MICE*}
10 Nice bed arranged on time for groom (8) BENEDICT {BENEDIC*}{T}
11 Aprils turbulent wind (6) SPIRAL*
12 Destitute fellow wearing a cap (6) BEREFT {BERE{F}T}
13 Type of alcoholic by-product (8) CONGENER [DD]
14 Fellow not happy about top of raised roof (7) MANSARD {MAN}{SA{R}D}
16 Wandering around hospital for a place to rest your butts? (7) ASHTRAY {AS{H}TRAY}
20 A desperate plea to secure excellent fireproof material (8) ASBESTOS {A}{S{BEST}OS}
23 Knight castled by fast-bowler, a trendsetter in cricket (6) PACKER {PAC{K}ER}
25 Agitation about a low-grade parody (6) SATIRE {SAT}{1}{RE} Not sure if anno is correct (Addendum - {S{A}TIR}{E} - See comments)
26 Concerned with farming a place in U.P. getting erratic rain (8) AGRARIAN {AGRA}{RAIN*}
27 Foolishly dare to breach party ally (8) FEDERATE {FE{DARE*}TE}
28 Devious about engineer taking money for rank (6) SEEMLY {S{EE}{M}LY} (Addendum - {S{ME}{L}LY} - See comments)

1   They don’t have long to stitch a border in record time (8) EPHEMERA {EP}{HEM}{ERA}
2   Key to use up no power (6) DELETE DEpLETE
3   Many amble idly around small, secluded place (8) CLOISTER {C}{LOI{S}TER}
4   Pick at model in spoof (7) MATTOCK {M{AT}{T}OCK}
5   One giving up quarter for a church official (6) PARSON P(-e+a)ARSON
6   Obstruction not admitting an architectural structure (8) PEDIMENT imPEDIMENT
7   Face decline in contest (6) VISAGE {VI{SAG}E}
15 Sample mushrooms raised near explosive mine (8) SPECIMEN {SPEC<=}{MINE*}
17 Check the newspapers after drink (8) SUPPRESS {SUP}{PRESS}
18 Willing to allow scholar to turn up at first (8) AMENABLE {AM<=}{ENABLE}
19 Runner paces excitedly, with ease, we hear (7) ESCAPEE {PACES*}{EE}
21 Main base? (6) SEABED [CD]
22 Saw drunk partner run away (6) TREPAN PARTNEr*
24 Escort’s naughty undergarment (6) CORSET*

Sunday 18 November 2012

Special, Sunday 18 Nov 12, Filler

Enjoy the Sunday special from a new setter, Filler.


1.  3 answers per commenter in the comments section.
2.  Annotations to be provided. 

1 Discharge from a taskforce, reportedly (8)  
5 Trick to discard a rare stone has resulted in divisions. (6)
9 The girl added “the sword must change hands to incapacitate”. (7)
11 Amit smiles woefully when lost. (7)
12 Reportedly it’s old. That’s a trick. (5)
13 Some froth and some rocks. It’s more pleasant to view. (9)
14 Duty, concern and a bit of amour provides entertainment for couples. (7,5)
18 Strips girls groups, excluding one (12)
21 Blatant man’s hints (9)
23 Amateurish intelligence while dealing with few epidemics. (5)
24 Do such felines maintain checks? (7)
25 A part of an experience (7)
26 From the beginning, Yash is emotionless. Lonely Devi simply gives up. (6)
27 Recovering a mobile component (an American model) will cause destruction (8)
1 Exchange on 31st December, reportedly to increase the price (6)
2 Reportedly hotels one and two are in place. (2-4)
3 So, see cub poorly to find a gland in the skin (9)
4 Being generous, like a beggar on a cape. (14)
6 Its settled. Use me to retrieve the newspaper. (5)
7 A claim made for a cadaver. Men thoroughly inspect the insides. (8)
8 Mixed choice between donkey and boy. (8)
9 Container for clothes absurdly taken out by Shyam (7,7) 
15 Initiated training by food expert (9)
16 Skillfully designed road in a country (not America) (8)
17 Construct a ship sign. Don’t finish it. (8)
19 Change and improve (6)
20 A bit of silky hair causes anxiety (6)
22 This person supposedly converts a group into a mob (5)

To access the CW at the site follow the link FILLER 1