Tuesday 28 February 2017

No 11942, Tuesday 28 Feb 2017, Arden

What a big goof up at the 23's yesterday!

1   PM's constrained, bandicoots totally reject his popularity (7) STARDOM {MODi}{RATS}<=
5   Winch able to check past rewinding (7) CAPSTAN {PAST}* in {CAN}
9   Amusement turned out to be not same, not realised yet (5) UNMET amUseMENT*
10 New one and old — having consumed food felt like throwing up (9) NAUSEATED {N}{A}{USE{ATE}D}
11 Original native voice, in case of a dialect (9) CANTONESE {CA{Na...e}{TONE}SE}
12 Choose a negative entity, reject boy (5) ELECT ELECTron
13 It could be dead give away (4) WILL [CD]
15 Everyone will check out, back at the capital (8) VALLETTA {V{ALL}ET}{AT<=}
18 Box train joins others right away... (3,5) TEA CHEST {TEA CH}{rEST}
19 ...can't rob? (4) LOOT {tool over} (Addendum - LOO'T - See comments)
22 Face the other way — it's high time (5) EPOCH {COPE<=}{H}
24 Enforcer leaving it in a mess (9) VIGILANTE*
26 Like to be sure to establish (9) ASCERTAIN {AS}{CERTAIN}
27 Animal will take the wheel (5) STEER [DD]
28 Studied at regular speed on land (7) PERUSED {PERU}{SpEeD}
29 Cancel score (7) SCRATCH [DD]

1   Gate opens finally, I clue it differently (6) SLUICE {o..nS}{I+CLUE}*
2   Stone him — in denial perhaps... (9) ALMANDINE {MAN} in {DENIAL}*
3   ...same time do it correctly (5) DITTO {T+DO+IT}*
4   Evasive action works (9) MANOEUVRE [CD]
5   Make sauce? (5) CAUSE*
6   It's eaten before and after church, little at a time (9) PIECEMEAL {PIE}{CE}{MEAL}
7   Birdman used to be paid once (5) TITHE {TIT}{HE}
8   Full monty possible in duty (6) NUDITY*
14 Get into a tiff with hair shorn off (4,5) LOCK HORNS {LOCK} {SHORN}*
16 They fight when drunk, and one thousand workers support (9) LITIGANTS {LIT}{1}{G}{ANTS}
17 Wild rhino held in check — most difficult to handle (9) THORNIEST {T{RHINO*}EST}
20 Run for a month at half current (6) DECAMP {DEC}{AMPere}
21 It often gets hot high above ground (6) HEARTH {H}{EARTH}
23 Prize for a stretch limousine, perhaps (5) OSCAR {OS}{CAR}
24 Food comes through New Delhi (5) VIAND {VIA}{ND}
25 His resolve improved a bit, but he wasn't successful (5) LOSER [T<=]


Monday 27 February 2017

No 11941, Monday, 27 Feb 2017, Arden

Arden continues .. a hattrick today
17d remains a bit of a mystery...thanks to Bhavan for the explanation--see below
Some rather interesting points - use of  invasion as inclusion indicator in 29a is rather clever..
1d..well we thought we had seen every variation of Sudoku.. but heres a new one !
Enjoyed the use of "felt" in 7d
And well 2d is unconventionally rather pleasant..isnt it?

9. Do release force, it's affected (7) UNCTION {(-F)UNCTION}
10. Say "Rent-a-car" and Charlie goes around (7) NARRATE (RENT A CAR - C)*
11. Blocknot even once clued correctly (7) OCCLUDE (OnCe)(CLUED)*
12. City bum talked regularly (7) SEATTLE (SEAT)(TaLkEd)
13. Ran about acquiring large working capital (4,5) ULAN BATOR (RAN ABOUT L)*

15. Gum from diesel emission (5) ELEMI (T)
16. Parched by morning — drank last of the juice, rejected wine (7) MADEIRA {ARI(juicE)D)(AM)<==
19. Two styles — lacking the French humility (7) MODESTY (MODE)(STYle)
20. Rag chase? (5) TEASE (TEA = CHA)(SE)
21. Regulation to exchange Dinar in the past (9) ORDINANCE (DINAR)* in ONCE
25. Cringle as group of ministers encountered internal resistance (7) GROMMET R(RESISTANCE) in (GOM)(MET)
26. He had a drink with 60 soldiers once (7) MANIPLE NIP in MALE
28. Our intervention in turn disembarked woman traveler (7) TOURIST (OUR) in T(-W)IST
29. Striking second time there is foreign invasion (7) SALIENT ALIEN (foreign) in (Second)(Time)

1. Puzzle to solve during London to New York flight (6) SUDOKU (DO)solve in (UK) (US)<==
2. Undercurrents vital even though it's thorny (6) ACACIA (AC)(AC)(vItAl)
3. Place to sleep with you, I heard (4) LIEU (LIE)(U)
4. Thought of camping... (6) INTENT DD/CD
5. ...it's too close, most of the capital's under fear (8) ANGSTROM (ANGST)(ROM(-E))
6. Equip old fellow for the final conflict (10) ARMAGEDDON (ARM)(AGED)(DON)
7. Felt presence of hair on the bed (8) MATTRESS (MAT)(TRESS)
8. Hidden virtue still surfacedsuch audacity (8) TEMERITY (MERIT) in (YET)<==
14. Bishop takes the bus daily, she helps in the union (10) BRIDESMAID (B)(RIDES)(MAID)

16. Interest in a university entrance exam will help (8) MITIGATE I(interest) in (MIT)(GATE)
17. Too sick to climb, use no intermediary for talk (8) DIALOGUE (LAID UP)(GO UP)(UsE) See Comments
18. A poor nation, no choice for a renegade (8) APOSTATE (A)(POor)(STATE)
22. Check petition for some fine material (6) DAMASK (DAM)(ASK)
23. New copies left in the city (6) NAPLES (N) L in APES

24. They are held, one finally escapes (6) EVENTS (onE)(VENTS)
27. Nothing exceptional on top of the flower (4) NILE (NIL)(Exceptional)


Legend : Definition, Solution, Letters in wordplay, Indicators (of all sorts)

Sunday 26 February 2017

Special, Sunday 26 Feb 2017, Bruno

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Harry’s no joint-family material (8)
5   I visited Nepal; surprisingly its mountainous (6)
9   Part of society endlessly progressing towards the west (7)
10 Summer bird tucks head behind tail and relaxes (7)
11 More experienced midfielders? (5)
12 Weather condition’s unpredictable in Mars or Neptune’s core (9)
13 Thinking of arrest? (12)
17 Dance partners love teal ensemble or blue (12)
20 Fruit container has a lot crushed on top (9)
22 Tiara worn with rope? (5)
23 Guy sat around gobbling Mexican food (7)
24 Enchilada, man tasted, contained a hard substance (7)
25 Troubled Western Territory seceded and was reattached (6)
26 Talking and talking… head’s falling off (8)

1   Smiled falsely? (6)
2   Setter’s right to tear into boys’ masters (6)
3   One with magical powers to cure our herpes (9)
4   Break in time and space’s closing; energy’s being released in discharge (13)
6   Sings little short tunes when on vacation (5)
7   Setter’s love’s not returned by one – starting to cause a kind of tension (8)
8   Bottom of plane scraping top part of building, gets right to land (8)
10 Worthlessly expensive health plan I tweet about? ALT-left out! (5,8)
14 Every other liberal, essentially, needs to disrupt alt-right’s new hate-spewing leader (9)
15 Trainer of high class pet travelled around and around (8)
16 Waves with vigour… having landed from overseas (8)
18 Is about to go over a long distance tour (6)
19 Make America great, free of prejudice at last, grand, and diverse (6)
21 Happy at the start of afternoon… by midnight, sad (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at BRUNO 13


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 26 Feb 2017

1   Party in middle of tragedy following old-fashioned drill (6-7) SQUARE-BASHING {SQUARE}-{BASH}{IN}{traGedy}
9   Free revolutionary for example raised band (5) RIDGE {RID}{EG<=}
10 Repetitive song, after fashion, endlessly incisive (9) TRENCHANT {TRENd}{CHANT}
11 Number, by end of episode in yarn, endangered (10) THREATENED  {TEN}{e...dE} in {THREAD}
12 Solid mass behind tree (4) FIRM {FIR}{M}
14 Book with translation of woeful poem (7) BEOWULF {B}{WOEFUL}*
15 Relish, in south and north, energy in language (7) SLOVENE {S}{LOVE}{N}{E}
16 Understanding map they revised (7) EMPATHY*
18 Picture that is, around edge, not right (7) IMAGINE {I{MArGIN}E}
20 Studied colour in speech (4) READ (~red)
21 Total class trained regardless of expense (2,3,5) AT ALL COSTS*
24 Novel told one about man receiving benefit (2,3,4) ON THE DOLE {TOLD+ONE}* over {HE}
25 Stumble, beginning to explain nonsense (5) TRIPE {TRIP}{Ex...n}
26 Dance creator in job with reverse of average work ahead of her (13) CHOREOGRAPHER {CHORE}{GO<=}{PAR<=}{HER}

1   Odds on rodent getting fish (5) SPRAT {SP}{RAT}
2   Open, admitting hesitation before good experience (7) UNDERGO {UND{ER}{G}O}
3   Turn up with answer, overdue, about university review (2-8) RE-EVALUATE {RE-EV<=}{A}{L{U}ATE}
4   Complete race, second last in event, restricted by poor swimming style (9,6) BUTTERFLY STROKE {B{UTTER}{FLY} {S}{evenT}ROKE}
5   Pest revels, being mistaken for film director (6,9) STEVEN SPIELBERG*
6   Distance covered by main character (4) INCH [T]
7   Stone jar containing nickel (7) GRANITE {GRA{NI}TE}
8   Politician in sedate broadcast in charge (8) STAMPEDE {MP} in {SEDATE}*
13 Number on course breaking through in province (4,6) NOVA SCOTIA {NO}{V{A SCOT}IA}
14 Insect with steady pace consuming old vegetable (8) BEETROOT {BEE}{TR{O}OT}
17 Insincere in company about wine (7) PLASTIC {PLC} about {ASTI}
19 One page on change missing tons in town (7) IPSWICH {1}{P}{SWItCH}
22 Promise small display (5) SWEAR {S}{WEAR}
23 Prohibition some have tolerated (4) VETO [T]


Saturday 25 February 2017

No 11940, Saturday 25 Feb 2017, Arden


1. Tense, in agony under a coat (6) PATINA {PA{T}IN}{A}
4. Skip the feast (8) PASSOVER {PASS}{OVER}
9. My hand breaks a banker (4,2) DEAR ME {DE{AR M}E}
10. After college, two choices which allow free passage (8) CORRIDOR {C}{OR}{RID}{OR}
12. Understood stock market involvement it could be cosmetic (8) CLEANSER {CLEA{NSE}R}
13. Lives reviewed, solicitor will recuse (3,3) SIT OUT {SI<=}{T OUT}
15. Calls for internal resistance, watches scene from the top (5,3,4) BIRDS EYE VIEW {BI{R}DS} {EYE} {VIEW}
18. Mountaineers correct tallies (12) ENUMERATIONS {MOUNTAINEERS}*
21. Not for keeping empty vase in the back (6) AVERSE {A{VasE}RSE}
22. Chemicals in a liquid state (8) ACETATES {ACE}{STATE*} Ace from A
24. 21 in other words — a port for a womaniser (8) LOTHARIO {LOTH}{A}{RIO}
25. It's novel to see tail wagging (6) LOLITA {LO}{TAIL*}
26. After many years, not only absent but effete (8)  DECADENT {DECADE}{NoT}
27. Hey Presto! — the missing cuckoo bird (6) OSPREY {HEY+PRESTO-THE}*


1. Go up half way with basic transport rickshaws (8) PEDICABS {DEPart<=}{BASIC*}
2. Betrayer damaged a plant (8) TEABERRY {BETRAYER*}
3. Saw man on Indian lass, panting... (2,3,2,2,6) NO MAN IS AN ISLAND {MAN ON INDIAN LASS}*
5. ... over promoting anti-terror law (4) ATOP {POTA<=}
6. Keeps supporting the mass as they provide the gas (7,8) SERVICE STATIONS {SERVICE}{STATIONS}
7. See very big tapes (6) VIDEOS {VIDE}{OS}
8. Try air force, once in a while (6) RARITY {TRY+AIR}*
11. Make out without relying regularly on preaching the Gospel (7) KERYGMA  {MAKE}* around {RelYinG} New word for me
14. Ordering caviare is sin (7)  AVARICE {CAVIARE}*
16. It's dearer because pound is deposited in bank (8) COSTLIER {COS}{T{L}IER}
17. Geological equilibrium is zero, stays in order (8) ISOSTASY{IS}{O}{STAYS*}
19. Given about two lakhs initially all white (6) PALLID {PA{Lakhs}{Lakhs}ID}
20. Doctor inspected endlessly it's infected (6) SEPTIC {InSPECTed}* See comments Endlessly seems to indicate NSPECTE
23. Strange to give up a right (4) LIEN {aLIEN}

Tense=T, College=C, Resistance=R, A=Ace, Port=Rio, Only=O
See=Vide, Very big=OS, Because=Cos, Pound=L, Zero=O

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 24 February 2017

No 11939, Friday 24 Feb 2017, Arden

6   Extremist getting some useful training (5) ULTRA [T]
7   Drop of cordial for a round of Gin? It doesn’t make sense (8) CLAPTRAP {Co...l}{LAP}{TRAP}
10 A hard place in Colorado (7) BOULDER [DD]
11 A cheap alternative to acquire new style (7) PANACHE {N} in {A+CHEAP}*
12 Search over — hard hat cracks hydrocarbon (7) NAPHTHA {PAN<=}{H}{HAT}*
13 Article becomes more of an accepted idea (7) THEOREM {THE}{MORE}*
14 Hundreds are sick, it's a complaint (11) TONSILLITIS {TONS}{ILL}{IT}{IS}
19 Players pick a new area for game (7) CANASTA {C{A}{N}AST}{A}
21 Beer is clearly visible — not a trick (7) SLEIGHT {S{aLE}IGHT} Is a containment indicator missing? See comments
23 Financially sound, shows liquidity (7) SOLVENT [DD]
25 It's a bad bad sign if it bulges (7) ABDOMEN {BAD}*{OMEN} &lit
26 Before Aishwarya got married, it was on the menu (8) PASTRAMI {PAST}{RA{M}I}
27 Particularly strange, not typical of the countryside (5) RURAL paRticULARLy*

1   Place to accommodate the President — one with loose morals (8) STRUMPET {S{TRUMP}ET} Ha, Ha!!
2   The thief was born with it (6) BANDIT {B}{AND}{IT}
3   Complaint on stigma attached to a South American woman (10) SCARLATINA {SCAR}{LATINA}
4   Beef or fish? (4) CARP [DD]
5   Old sailor left a mark (6) LASCAR {L}{A}{SCAR}
6   Polished up a bit, then a brush was used (6) URBANE [T<=]
8   Hit man kept outside the circle (7) TANGENT {TAN}{GENT}
9   Man of science rose and declared himself the arbiter (5) FERMI {I'M}{REF}<=
13 Islam it can work like a charm (10) TALISMANIC*
15 In the beginning one may use ice — yes, and it's essential throughout (7) NASCENT {oNe}{mAy}{uSe}{iCe}{yEs}{aNd}{iTs}
16 Legend about Rome and the big chief (8) SAGAMORE {SAGA}{ROME}*
17 Money for transfer — one raises quietly (1-4) E-CASH {E-CA<=}{SH}
18 One hundred + one fifty unkeyed (6) ATONAL {A}{TON}{A}{L}
20 Poor ailing animal (6) NILGAI*
22 Stand over a river (6) ENDURE {END}{URE}
24 Despicable fellowonly intruding a bit (4) TOAD {T{O}AD}


Thursday 23 February 2017

No 11938, Thursday 23 Feb 2017, Buzzer

Liked the anagrams but I don't like spoonerisms!

1   Become better taking tips from baseball into cricket perhaps (6) GAMBLE {GAM{Ba...aL}E}
5   Like a very cracking boundary (6) FAVOUR {F{A}{V}OUR}
10 Old region entirely without source of increased UV rays (5,4) OZONE HOLE {O}{ZONE} {wHOLE}
11 Not happy hour oddly for a holy man (5) SADHU {SAD}{HoUr}
12 Factor in duration and time (5) AGENT {AGE}{'N}{T}
13 At times be confused? Don’t know (2,5,2) IT BEATS ME*
14 Husband when defeated heartlessly is called a loser (3-4) HAS-BEEN {H}{AS}-{BEatEN}
16 Bird-catcher is good in going around branch (3,4) GIN TRAP {G}{IN} {PART<=}
18 Was a ruler left with no son? (7) REIGNED REsIGNED
20 Relation of Greece with Morocco (7) GRANDMA {GR}{AND}{MA}
21 Gain courage from training in the karate (4,5) TAKE HEART*
23 Personal assistant bringing in a cold drink (5) LASSI [T]
25 Appearances of unity among crew ultimately fictitious (5) MIENS {M{1}EN}{f...uS}
26 Oldest state church perhaps seen as anachronism (3,6) SAN MARINO {ANAchRONISM}* [Composite Anagram]
27 Most jobless? That is having latitude (6) IDLEST {L} in {ID EST}
28 Recently prone to fall into Old English (2,4) OF LATE {O{F LAT}E}

2   Admiration inspiring fine rose (5) AWOKE {AW{OK}E}
3   Inhale air, then be alive (7,2) BREATHE IN*
4   No one hurt in mounting destruction (7) EROSION {NO}{1}{SORE}<=
5   Run-down hotel is second standard according to Spooner (4-3) FLEA-BAG {~ b flag} ?
6   Street divided by a panorama (5) VISTA {VI{ST}A}
7   One local cherry is not sought (9) UNDESIRED {UN}{DESI}{RED}
8   Running after this room briefly (3,1,5,4) FOR A SHORT TIME*
9   Pickup ute MPH as I so neatly demonstrated is highlight (3,8,2) PUT EMPHASIS ON [T]
15 Criticism, vehemently deny is a disaster (6,3) STICKY END {STICK}{Y END*}
17 Bulk of lane rally jammed up (6,3) NEARLY ALL*
19 Certain saltwater lake bottomless tract ultimately (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD SEa}{t..cT}
20 Upset say with colour of dress (3,4) GET INTO {EG<=}{T INT}{O}
22 Initially lacking decent speed (5) HASTE cHASTE
24 A garment to go around (5) SKIRT [DD]


Wednesday 22 February 2017

No 11937, Wednesday 22 Feb 2017, Neyartha

1   Runway arrival line has been shortened (7,5) LANDING STRIP {LANDING} {STRIPe}
8   Notice in retreat about time to fight over the grill (7) NETWORK {T}{ROW<=} in {KEN<=}
9   Became racist while smuggling an imaging device (6) CAMERA [T]
11 Saturated hillside hazards put slim dudes in trouble (9) MUDSLIDES*
12 Moving pictures of an American songbird with the daughter brought in for the queen (5) VIDEO VI(-r+d)DEO
14 Borat's upset by the bill sent back with the meat dish (5,4) ROAST BEEF {ROAST B}*{FEE<=}
16 Does it bring one closer to the action? (4) ZOOM [CD]
18 Pitch for an attack (4) TILT [DD]
19 Informal survey to win a drinking aid in the beginning (5,4) STRAW POLL {STRAW} {POLL} Poll/Win?
21 Military serviceman edges away to find a familiar track (5) OLDIE sOLDIEr
22 Infected rat bit pie divided into two sections (9) BIPARTITE*
23 Push Oscar forward after the partner's first son misplaced the musical compositions (6) OPUSES Anno pending (Addendum - (+o)O(-s)P(-o)USE(+s)S - See comments)
25 Bleaches lace from the east secured by a careless wish (7) WHITENS {WHI{NET<=}S*}
26 Point, descriptive of the Pole on top? (12) NORTHERNMOST [CD]

2   What one might have done to save time while placing a call (11) AUTODIALLED [CD]
3   Declines to suppress impediment to getting rid of the ball with bits of moisture (8) DROPLETS {LET} in {DROoPS}
4   Send up dangerous snake's skin in an exposed state (9) NAKEDNESS {SEND<=} in {SNAKE}*
5   Belts for the cassock starched partially (5) SOCKS [T]
6   Dismiss aloof model to make way for Victor (6) REMOVE REMO(-t+v)VE
7   Make vibrant sounds for the audience in Latin through... (3) PER (~purr)
8   ...counting by the Greek character with the crumpled Roman tie (10) NUMERATION {NU}{ROMAN+TIE}*
10 Wine service managers, in 2000, met a priest with hesitation to enter an appeal (10) SOMMELIERS {MM}{ELI}{ER} in {SOS}
13 An arrangement of red rosesI do get agents that destroy offensive odours! (11) DEODORISERS*
15 French leader with authority conceals displeasure at the effectiveness of a weapon (9) FIREPOWER {Fr...h}{IRE}{POWER}
17 Bridge player employed by an ad firm's affected by a genetic abnormality (8) DWARFISM {W} in {AD+FIRMS}*
20 Part of a digital imaging device with the inspector on the radio (6) SENSOR (~censor)
22 Dutch painter to finish off the Polish soup without the king (5) BOSCH BOrSCHt
24 Find fault with a shallow metal container (3) PAN [DD]


Tuesday 21 February 2017

No 11936, Tuesday 21 Feb 2017, Gridman

7   Blind Henry left jailhouse in a riot (8) JALOUSIE JAILhOUSE*
9   Soldiers holding sailor back for nothing (6) GRATIS {G{TAR<=}IS}
10 Clairvoyance shows there's ghost around heart of Sicily (10) PRESCIENCE {PRES{siCIly}ENCE}
11 Mentioned citation of farm shelter (4) COTE (~quote)
12 Believed to be kept in custody (4) HELD [DD]
14 You can't get any purchase from such a store (6,4) CLOSED SHOP [CD]
16 Mother's stiff (5) MUMMY [DD]
17 Using some utterly repugnant policy, leaders get to overthrow (5) USURP Acrostic
21 Ill, you, always? Certainly not! How dare you? (4,1,5) WELL I NEVER {WELL I} {NEVER}
22 Some Japanese philatelist's purchase (4) PANE [T]
23 Drink noisily, throw off a bit of payasam and talk indistinctly (4) SLUR SLURp
24 Fatness of heart of pucca royal surrounded by wealth (10) CORPULENCE {puCca}{O{R}PULENCE}
26 Quietly run out and bring every other quid to hide from view (6) SHROUD {SH}{RO}{qUiD}
27 Final showdowns in mega dens broken up (8) ENDGAMES*

1   One might spread disease in vessel (7) CARRIER [DD]
2   Pulls little piggies, say (4) TOWS (~toes)
3   Wasn't upright about large sheds (4-3) LEAN-TOS {LEANT}{OS}
4   Stare at what may be on computer screen as old girl backs out (4) OGLE goOGLE
5   Notice disparate parts that may be on one's hand (10) WATCHSTRAP {WATCH}{PARTS}*
6   I substituted for ace in group? Not true (7) FICTION F(-a+i)ICTION
8   Transfer fellow as a railway transport worker (9) SWITCHMAN {SWITCH}{MAN}
13 Couple's choice in hotel booking, obviously (6,4) DOUBLE ROOM [CD]
15 Relax! No good reason for one to lose this part of a game (4,5) EASY ROUND {EASY} {gROUND} &lit
18 Rich rationale to describe dirty tale (7) WEALTHY {W{TALE*}HY}
19 Where the bishop's concern is — what the manager is expected to do (7) OVERSEE [DD]
20 Fault-finder's means to gain entry into house (7) KNOCKER [DD]
24 Oddly crowd set rules (4) CODE {CrOwD}{sEt}
25 Upper limit raised for engineering test (4) EXAM {MAX}{E}<=


Monday 20 February 2017

No 11935, Monday, 20 Feb 2017, Gridman

As you all get ready to crack open the week...here is a nice one from Gridman to possibly help ya along the way..
Wonder what he wants us to see..a few Look related clues here - Look Into, Blind date, Look-see, Purview - made me search the grid for Ninas..but i fail to spot any !

1  Topic in Communist manifesto has section of students facing difficulty (5,8) CLASS STRUGGLE
8  Leading youth engaged to identify creature (4) YETI Youth Engaged To Identify
9  Set-out direct, clever combination is worthy of praise (10) CREDITABLE (DIRECT)* (ABLE)
10 Vain to have record about Union Territory (6) FUTILE UT in FILE
11 Toilet stuck at rear, not one moving to investigate (4,4) LOOK INTO (LOO)(K)(NOT I)*
12 Yet this romantic arrangement may open one's eyes (5,4)  BLIND DATE (CD)
 14 Father takes seconds to make the grade (4) PASS (PA)(S)(S)
15 Feeble wordplay by Yankee (4) PUNY (PUN)(Y)
16 The woman, educated, leaves alien protected (9) SHELTERED (SHE)(LETTERED - ET)
20 Excited Goras begin making it completely pleasurable (8) ORGASMIC (GORAS)*(Making)(It)(Completely)
21 Gentleman loses his head, with no start to good workplace (6) OFFICE (TOFF)(NICE)
23 In circus they partake of something very hot (4-6) FIRE-EATERS (CD)

24 Tiny bit reclaimed from Australia to India (4) IOTA (REV T)
25 Tell crew speed, properly handled, is admired to a high degree (4-9) WELL-RESPECTED (TELL CREW SPEED)*

1  Dateless college girl not completely fit to be true partner (7) COEQUAL (COED-D)(QUALified) (Addendum - (COEd)(eQUAL) - See comments)
2  A political group has primarily inadmissible defence (5) ALIBI (A)(LIB)(Inadmissible)
3  Follow and make good (7) SUCCEED (DD)
4  Skip the tenth col. carelesslythe story becomes interesting! (3,4,8) THE PLOT THICKENS (SKIP THE TENTH COL)*
5  Not ending one melody in togetherness (6) UNISON (UNIT)(SONG)
6  Life in great disarray? Settle down! (9) GRAVITATE VITA in (GREAT)*
7  Hostile scattering of stone chips (7) EOLITHS (HOSTILE)*
13 Matchless iron panel fabricated (9) NONPAREIL (IRON PANEL)*
15 Scope of almost simple opinion (7) PURVIEW (PURE)(VIEW)
17 Dekko, dekko, dekko (4-3) LOOK-SEE The two words separately and together mean the same :)
18 Animated old edict's redeveloped (7) EXCITED (EX)(EDICT)*
19 Undermine one politician with look (6) IMPAIR (I)(MP)(AIR)
22 Pretend to attack but pass out, reportedly (5) FEINT ~ FAINT

Legend : Words in word play, Indicator (Anagram, addition/subtraction, inclusion etc), Definition, Solution (watch out for the hyperlinks in some words)

Sunday 19 February 2017

Special, Sunday 19 Feb 2017, Avtaar

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment

1   Where one relaxes every now and then, slouching awkwardly (6,6)
8   Father,say, gets a pan for digging (7)
9   Piercing it is needed to write in Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Norwegian and Gaelic, primarily (7)
11 Alimony, perhaps, after distribution of income? (2-8)
12 Silver and gold turned over from the fields (4)
14 Cave in bush fully turned inside (8)
16 A female…  possibly on the radio programme ? (6)
17 Take all through evenly (3)
19 Took apart fancy drapes (6)
21 Emperor's new Plan outlined-  initially  takes 15 (8)
24 Little stag and goat, skinned and fried (4)
25 Change impression about Curie's attendant (10)
27 Some swine are strangled? Most touching! (7)
28 Silly  vow to catch one jerk (7)
29 Visionary politicians - Yankees, maybe? (13)

1   Keep virtually all of delicate nuts (7)
2   Made better design of Villa de Etla, reducing length (10)
3   Reckless hit-and-run (8)
4   After dropping a point, union's showing appreciation (6)
5   One not qualified is not fine, to begin with (4)
6   Drinking rum/gin, bandit's continuing to make progress (5,2)
7   Recognition software at lobby about to be withdrawn (12)
10 Explosion of ageing comet caused by earth's attraction (11)
13 Shames stranded Geminis having no one at the helm (10)
15 One reset time (3)
18 Profitable period for stall (4,4)
20 Withdraw circular following outbreak of rubella and encephalitis (7)
22 Football team cannot reverse… holds up (7)
23 Ways to eat old fashioned, medium hot sandwiches with topping of salsa (6)
26 This chap's not a medium (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at AVTAAR 2


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 19 Feb 2017

1   Bishop managed church department (6) BRANCH {B}{RAN}{CH}
4   Taste article, soft and dainty (8) APPETITE {A}{P}{PETITE}
9   Share speech, omitting nothing (6) RATION oRATION
10 Prompt start of medication with iodine in present (8) REMINDER {RE{Me...n}{I}NDER}
12 Airman, quiet during praise for achievement (14) ACCOMPLISHMENT {AC}{COMPLI{SH}MENT}
14 Deliberate deception by minor communist (10) CONSIDERED {CON}{SIDE}{RED}
16 Passage without a key? (4) ISLE aISLE
18 Wrong weight in your answer, on reflection (4) AWRY {W} in {YR}{A}<=
19 Catch in complicated test we love (10) SWEETHEART {HEAR} in {TEST+WE}*
21 Banter about disturbance thus followed by anger in film (8,2,4) CHARIOTS OF FIRE {CHA{RIOT}{S O}F F}{IRE}

24 Appeal occurs during tea with mother (8) CHARISMA {CHAR}{IS}{MA}
25 Clubs with permission split (6) CLEAVE {C}{LEAVE}
26 Establish communication finally in alien language without force (8) ENTRENCH {E{c...oN}T}{fRENCH}
27 Notice opening time before Christmas (6) ADVENT {AD}{VENT}

1   Official objection about a cure mixed with radium (10) BUREAUCRAT {BUT} around {A+CURE}*{RA}
2   Cheers up with mark of approval mostly for loft (5) ATTIC {TA<=}{TICk}
3   Peculiar whim once resulting in dish with noodles (4,4) CHOW MEIN*
5   Public statement with force concerning rent (5,7) PRESS RELEASE {PRESS} {RE}{LEASE}
6   Mystery unravelled in game (6) ENIGMA*
7   Popular ideas on changing nation (9) INDONESIA {IN}{IDEAS+ON}*
8   Make name following attention (4) EARN {EAR}{N}
11 Band foolish to welcome fad (9,3) FLEETWOOD MAC*
13 Hamlet? Singular part, enthralling time after time (10) SETTLEMENT {S}{E{TT}LEMENT}
15 Direction from another wayward saint (5-4) NORTH-EAST {ANOTHER}*{ST}
17 Mixed signals, initially, bad mood caused (8) SHUFFLED {Si...s}{HUFF}{LED}
20 Cook book put up (6) BRAISE {B}{RAISE}
22 Silly part of screen animation coming up (5) INANE [T<=]
23 Time to go north around cold area (4) ACRE {C} in {ERA<=}

Saturday 18 February 2017

No 11934, Saturday 18 Feb 2017, Gridman


5. Appear to be part of the drama (4,2,3,5) COME ON THE SCENE (DD)
9. Belief I can propagate will be doing good (10) BENEFICIAL {BELIEF+I+CAN}*
10. Stone from Khajuraho palace (4) OPAL (T)
11. Idle around in food shop (4) DELI {IDLE}*
12. A model admitting semi-human beings in flat (9) APARTMENT {A}{{PART}{MEN}}{T}
13. Absurd, scholar being kept out of a kind of vocabulary (7) IDIOTIC {IDIOmaTIC}
15. Spectacle by leaf insect (7) PAGEANT {PAGE}{ANT}
19. In midday exam first of chelas finds little opposition (2,7) NO CONTEST {NO {C}ON}{TEST}
22. Despicable bottom (4) BASE (DD)
24. Sometimes we may have to do this on dotted line (4) TEAR (E)
25. The brain — not a colourless thing as it suggests (4,6) GREY MATTER  (D&CD)
26. He may be stopped by the way by TV reporters (3,2,3,6) MAN IN THE STREET (E)


1. Plot by small revolutionary setter (6) SCHEME {S}{CHE}{ME}
2. I am favourite one with energy to make a complaint (8) IMPETIGO {I'M}{PET}{I}{GO}
3. Shot French girl in the course of physical training (6) PELLET {P{ELLE}T}
4. Nun's fate is fixedlet go! (8) UNFASTEN {NUNS+FATE}*
6. Paper art by alternative police officer's friend in Paris (7) ORIGAMI {OR}{IG}{AMI}
7. Mantri balked at the emergence of a clan (6) TRIBAL (T) 'at the emergence' is a hidden word indicator?
8. Picked up French thing (5) CHOSE (DD)
14. It was worn by clownish member of a class (5,3) DUNCE CAP (E)

16. Try volunteers rising and disrupting Met exercise (7) ATTEMPT {TA<=}{MET*}{PT}
17. Bet term I hurled is to cause hard feelings (8) EMBITTER {BET+TERM+I}*
18. Strict always in group that's cut short (6) SEVERE {S{EVER}Et}
20. Kodava lost old dog (5) CORGI {COoRGI}

21. Deny information put up by tea group (6) NEGATE {GEN<=}{TEA*}
23. Works hard to eliminate wastes (6) SWEATS {WASTES*}

Model=T, Scholar=MA
Small=S, Revolutionary=Che, Setter=Me, I am=I'M, Favourite=Pet, One=I, Energy=Go, French girl=Elle, Physical training=PT, Alternative=Or, Police officer=IG, Friend in Paris=Ami, Exercise=PT, Old=O, Information=Gen

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 17 February 2017

No 11933, Friday 17 Feb 2017, Gridman

The Hindu online version has goofed up again. The online version has CW No 11934!! Plus another change in the layout of the paper!!
I wonder if this is Gridman as it is a new grid, and unlike him to have so many errors!

7   Push money in port for mixture of meal and water (8) DRAMMOCK {D{RAM}{M}OCK}
8   Is male going after unhappy, cruel practice? (6) SADISM {SAD}{IS}{M}
10 Earmark a ship — I initially go north (6) ASSIGN {A}{SS}{I}{Go}{N}
11 Describing Viking of the comics (8) HORRIBLE [GK]
12 Urges you finally to lead in destruction of nasty strain (8) SUPERBUG {URGES+yoU+PB}*
13 Locating one in pain (6) SITING {S{1}TING}
14 Search engine encompasses alien initially tasking in pool activity (7) BETTING {B{ET}{Ta...g}ING}
16 Prepared bloaters forgetting a large crustacean (7) LOBSTER BLOaTERS*
19 Kind of law on the floor? (6) MOSAIC [DD]
21 Right Reverend’s away from monkey with anger — in more than a few words (8) LANGUAGE {LANGUr}{rAGE}
23 Crazy men by a day, I see, get a memory device (8) MNEMONIC {MEN}*{MON}{I}{C}
24 Unplanned money comes with mantra (6) RANDOM {RAND}{OM}
25 Regard self having this is good (6) ESTEEM [CD]
26 Smell a small measure — almost super returns in such sessions (5-3) BOOZE-UPS {BO}{OZ}{SUPEr}* Seems to be an error here. as 'almost super returns' will give EPUS See comments

1   An acupuncture practitioner may not be  soft on these targets (8,6) PRESSURE POINTS [CD]
2   Approaching the well-known, I'm replacing the Orient (8) IMMINENT {-e+im}{IMMINENT}
3   Vagrant falls over man and boy to mingle (6) HOBNOB {HOB{N}O}{B} N for Man? See comments
4   Son, extremely kinky, excited — very dear (3-4) SKY-HIGH {S}{KinkY}-{HIGH}
5   After drunken sprees, son has a round of coffee (8) ESPRESSO {SPREES}*{S}{O}
6   You may be one giving publicity to short reference work (6) ADDICT {AD}{DICT}
9   Are these breakaways chips of the old block? (8,6) SPLINTER GROUPS [CD]
15 Pinch celebrity's handle (8) NICKNAME {NICK}{NAME}
17 Second question Daren mucked up — result: waste (8) SQUANDER {S}{QU}{DAREN}*
18 Identify brother beginning to overture — this may not be a real cure (7) PLACEBO {PLACE}{B}{Ov...e}
20 Band member allowed (6) ARMLET {ARM}{LET}
22 New missile is not broad (6) NARROW {N}{ARROW}


Thursday 16 February 2017

No 11932, Thursday 16 Feb 2017, Spinner,

1   Clean up some petroleum oil spilt close to Madras North (6) POLISH {Pe...m}{OIL*}{m...aS}{n..tH}
4   Engineer hiding inside empty moat when the day ends (8) MIDNIGHT {HIDING}* in {MoaT}
10 Cleaner to drive away a politician standing in the way (7) SHAMPOO {SH{A}{MP}OO}
11 Bungalow reportedly held revolving gate (7) COTTAGE (~caught){COT}{GATE}*
12 Tenders forged by political head resulting in fakes (8) PRETENDS {Po...l}{TENDERS}*
13 Amount of oleum displaced by tip of venturi (6) VOLUME {Ve...i}{OLEUM}*
15 Sailor returns to second informers (4) RATS {TAR<=}{S}
17 Programme in a chamber, one without accompaniment (1,8) A CAPPELLA {A} {C{APP}ELL}{A}

20 Paper vehicle finally approved by committee (9) CARDBOARD {CAR}{a...eD}{BOARD}
21 Kind, yet failing to keep poise! (4) TYPE {{TY{P}E*}
24 Stand on one's own feet to avoid punishment from partner (6) FRIEND {F{RI}END}
25 Plain small, figure-hugging dress for introduction of ravishing actress (8) STRAIGHT {S}{T{Ra...g}{Ac...s}IGHT}
28 Batting first, tail collapses to provide opening (7) INITIAL {IN}{1}{TAIL}*
29 Twist is due to surface! (7) OUTSIDE*
30 Doctor in agony about terminal condition that's troublesome (8) ANNOYING {IN+AGONY}* over {c...oN}
31 English is part of student's classes (6) GRADES {GRAD{E}S}

1   Ticket to Pennsylvania to be at Phillies' last game! (8) PASSPORT {PA}{p...eS}{SPORT}
2   Start to split on leader's expiry (5) LEAVE cLEAVE
3   Drink before a meal (6) SUPPER {SUP}{PER}
5   Zinc hydride's constituent unit (4) INCH [T]
6   Wacky ringtone's a major part of the atmosphere (8) NITROGEN*
7   Hint surrounding compliment lifted student pursuing girl continuously (9) GRADUALLY {G}{RA{DUAL<=}{L}Y}
8   Newspaper primarily employs Spinner to get extremely hilarious setting, not once, but many times! (6) THEMES {TH}{Em...s}{ME}{h...uS}
9   Croon medley featuring passage by maestro (9) CONDUCTOR {CON{DUCT}OR*}
14 Working on musical form, beginning to improve in abundance! (9) OPERATION {OPERA}{T{Im...e}ON}
16 Established practice is converting it to Dinar (9) TRADITION*
18 Setter initially doubts individual's character (8) IDENTITY {I}{Do...s}{ENTITY}
19 Achievements overshadowing that woman's achievements (8) FEATHERS {FEAT{HER}S}
22 A fair model catches cold in tropical continent (6) AFRICA {A}{FRI{C}A*}
23 He serves liquid with a bit of ice (6) WAITER {WA{Ice}TER}
26 At heart, Spinner overwhelmed by crossword strain (5) GRIND {GRI{spiNner}D}
27 Idea is to sleep with leading lady from the South (4) PLAN {P{Lady}AN<=} You must be joking!