Tuesday 31 March 2015

No 11356, Tuesday 31 Mar 2015, Skulldugger

Enjoyable one from Skulldugger.

5   Two-thirds of the dealers provide gripping gizmos (6) PLIERS supPLIERS
6   Sated artist consuming the last of the ouzo? This might go to his head (6) FEDORA {FED}{ouzO}{RA}
9   Provide evidence for being examined (6) ATTEST {AT}{TEST}
10 United in league, celebration turning bloody, Chelsea finally broke (8) FEDERATE {FE{DER<=}{c...eA}TE}
11 Got out article that Caesar sported? (4) TOGA {GOT*}{A}
12 Small house emits a tone that's eerie (10) MAISONETTE*
13 Feathered friend unusually genial at bedtime (11) NIGHTINGALE {NIGHT}{GENIAL*}
18 Unkempt furniture, old and rough without lacquer, for starters (10) BEDRAGGLED {BED}{RAGG{La...r}ED}
21 Page for important work, half-censored, read regularly (2-2) OP-ED {OPus}-{rEaD}
22 Furtively observe American girlfriend in childhood game (8) PEEKABOO {PEEK}{A}{BOO}
23 Publicly proclaim that king is surrounded by absolute beauty (6) PREACH {P{R}EACH}
24 Era not dedicated to shortwave broadcast on tube (2,4) TV SHOW SHOrTWaVe*
25 List to move on screen (6) SCROLL [DD]

1   Well-read lot inebriated, irate, lost the plot (8) LITERATI {LIT}{IRATE*}
2   Ace abandoning A-team for now (3,3) PRO TEM {PRO} {TEaM}
3   Reckless revolutionary had no leg (8) HEADLONG*
4   Move freely through a series of lessons (6) COURSE [DD]
5   Poignancy in approach employed by Mavericks, say (6) PATHOS {PATH}{OS}
7   ...sharp as King Canute, in the end (6) ASTUTE {AS}{TUT}{c...tE}
8   Homicidal toff beheaded and mutilated by the powers that be (11) OFFICIALDOM {hOMICIDAL+tOFF}*
14 Intellectual baron gets into intoxicated disagreement (8) HIGHBROW {HIGH}{B}{ROW}
15 Seer finding love at end of meditation in spectator (6-2) LOOKER-ON {LOOKER}-{O}{m...oN}
16 Delaware folks that primarily make crackers (6) DEMENT {DE}{MEN}{That}
17 Lead instrument that's mightier than the épée? (6) PENCIL [CD]
19 Sharp like garden tool? (6) RAKISH [DD]
20 Portray in nude picture (6) DEPICT [T]


Monday 30 March 2015

No 11355, Monday 30 Mar 2015, Incognito

Incognito is still broadcasting in code.

8   Michael's microphone (4) MIKE [DD]
9   Bill head office first created for this in Latin (2,3) AD HOC {AD} {HO}{Cr...d}
10 Italian one has company with rum for a Scot (4) UNCO {UN}{CO}
11 Bear malformed kid eating nothing before a king (6) KODIAK {K{O}DI*}{A}{K}
12 Auditor's wiser after male issue gets solar protector (3,5) SUN VISOR (~ son wiser)
13 Newer hay may be spread at whichever place (8) ANYWHERE*
15 Nonsense! Tangled net is spoilt (6) ROTTEN {ROT}{NET*}
17 Bucket in the Dahl's chocolate factory (7) CHARLIE [GK]
19 Dance with animal on the run (7) FOXTROT {FOX}{TROT}
22 What Spanish engineer created at first in Canadian province (6) QUEBEC {QUE}{BE}{Cr...d}
24 No member lost opening match around five (8) NOVEMBER {NO}{V}{mEMBER} Definition seems to be missing
26 Go away from bad oracle and a couple of females (5,3) CLEAR OFF {CLEAR O}*{FF}
28 A spot on a horse's face is on fire (6) ABLAZE {A}{BLAZE}
30 Boer leader's lost some shining dust (4) SMUT SMUTs
31 Told endlessly about short time in Austrian state (5) TYROL {T{YR}OLd}
32 Flog about a game (4) GOLF*

1   Loki's troubled about weight (4) KILO*
2   He gives a second look at female sheep that has fallen into receding river (8) REVIEWER {REVI{EWE}R<=}
3   American pulls without direction but with ease, I hear (6) YANKEE {YANKs}{EE(~ease)}
4   West has his main drink (7) WHISKEY {W}{HIS}{KEY}
5   Plot has incomplete scene with a Spanish flower (8) SCENARIO {SCENe}{A}{RIO}
6   Heroine's got one alien after an endless month (6) JULIET {JULy}{1}{ET}
7   Repeat “After delta” (4) ECHO [DD]
14 Urn he remodelled for former Prime Minister (5) NEHRU*
16 Arouse lady consuming oyster kebabs for starters (5) EVOKE {EV{Oy...r}{Ke...s}E}
18 Undeveloped part of foot has corn with some eczema (8) INCHOATE {INCH}{OAT}{Ec...a}
20 Delays caused by megaliths metamorphosing in absence of primary heat (4,4) TIME LAGS MEGALIThS*
21 Regular peacekeepers have one shape (7) UNIFORM {UN}{1}{FORM}
23 Swain has an empty tray for a dish (6) BEAUTY {BEAU}{TraY}
25 Six can be workable (6) VIABLE {VI}{ABLE}
27 Circular mail in South American city (4) LIMA*
29 South African has pot behind the menagerie, I hear (4) ZULU (~ zoo loo)


Sunday 29 March 2015

Special, Sunday 29 Mar 2015, Agnya

Welcome to our new setter Agnya. Bouquets and Brickbats welcome with comments.
As it's a 13 X 13 today, only two answers per commenter (with annotations compulsorily)till 6 PM

7   Differently able seaman and I end a meal (6)
8   Clowns opposed to computer science (6)
9   Gotten thousand in a county? (4)
10 Fracture a bone, then take an hour to pay attention ( 4, 4)
11 Oddly, Rita with Patel broke a record (7)
13 Take away from the 150th year speech (5)
15 Might hear Spanish before causing pain (5)
16 Stab little sister and become a musician (7)
18 Chant conceals complaint on A-Team (8)
19 Ruptured the base of a column (4)
21 Variant in an orchestra I needed (6)
22 Behead ivory and go fashionably fashionable (6)  

1   An artist is, first of all, mature, intelligent, modest and enigmatic (4)
2   Asylum built on Aluminum is related to an organization (13)
3   Marketed with a mark (7)
4   Food, we hear, passed with A (5)
5   It obtains sail to achieve normalcy (13)
6   Footwear around a perceived sea of gossip (8)
12 Invert alien animal and cover (8)
14 Master of Arts and Lee go for a masculine id ( 4, 3)
17 This carta is epic? (5)
20 River goes tailless to be torn apart (4)

Across lite version can be accessed at AGNYA 1


No 2834, Sunday 29 Mar 2015

1   Living quarters round a royal residence (6) PALACE {P{A}LACE}
4   Musician having grand spot close to microphone in pub (8) BAGPIPER {BA{G}{PIP}{m...nE}R}
10 Playwright's role hasn't changed (9) ROSENTHAL*
11 Raccoon-like animal in Japan, dangerous (5) PANDA [T]
12 A toasted sandwich and rice our mosque unexpectedly produced around noon (6-8) CROQUE-MONSIEUR {RICE+OUR+MOSQUE}* around {N}
14 Conservative entering draw for money (5) LUCRE {LU{C}RE}
16 Sponsor of daughter university rejected, surprisingly (9) GODFATHER* {OF+DAuGHTER}*
17 Hotly pursuing filly, run unwisely having caught cold (2,4,3) IN FULL CRY {IN FULL {C}RY*}
19 Sprinkle right into casserole (5) STREW {ST{R}EW}
20 Use this when driving off at first? (4-4,6) REAR-VIEW MIRROR [CD]
23 Loaded in large Yemeni port (5) LADEN {L}{ADEN}
24 Troubled by brief that's limited (9) CURTAILED {CUR}{TAILED} {CURT}{AILED} - See comments
25 Aide-memoire concerning bodyguard (8) REMINDER {RE}{MINDER}
26 Terrible rage after child makes accusation (6) CHARGE {CH}{RAGE*}

1   Seen from 13, perhaps, in harbour, copper is checking lines (10) PORTCULLIS {PORT}{CU}{LL}{IS}
2   Rope in young woman, opposed at first (5) LASSO {LASS}{Op...d}
3   Eat whole amount in wafer (7) CONSUME {CON{SUM}E}
5   Everyone amazed, reportedly, over effort accepted as part of normal routine (3,2,1,4,4) ALL IN A DAYS WORK {ALL} {(~in a daze)IN A DAYS} {WORK}
6   A hot spice dad and I got in park abroad (7) PAPRIKA {PA}{PR{I}KA*}
7   Clerk in stall with drug dealer (9) PENPUSHER {PEN}{PUSHER}
8   Not quite willing to study (4) READ READy
9   Article on wonderful revolution in British society (3,5,6) THE MAGIC CIRCLE {THE} {MAGIC} {CIRCLE}
13 To tie game this may have been deployed in defence (10) DRAWBRIDGE {DRAW}{BRIDGE}
15 Record, a minute about proposal made to get a watertight structure (9) COFFERDAM {C{OFFER}D}{A}{M}
18 Spectacles - girl has lost a good number inside (7) LORGNON {LOR{G}{NO}Na}
19 Go round, check about a vegetable (7) SPINACH {SPIN}{A}{CH}
21 King, say - one responsible for a line? (5) RULER [DD]
22 Short publisher's puff leaves a confused impression (4) BLUR BLURb


Saturday 28 March 2015

No 11354, Saturday 28 Mar 2015, Incognito

Incognito is on radio today


1 Display vessels and flying machines (8) AIRSHIPS {AIR}{SHIPS}
Champion queen does not have Indian article (6) VICTOR {VICTORia}
10 Queue has soldiers with sex appeal (5) PLAIT {PLA}{IT}
11 Compound amines found behind broken pot are alkaloids (9) PTOMAINES {POT*}{AMINES*}
12 Lager mixture has an unknown quantity by design (6) ARGYLE {ARG{Y}LE*}
13 Face to face encounter where none followed person with egg (3-2-3) ONE-ON-ONE {ONE}-{O}{N}-{ONE} / {ONE}-{O}{N-ONE} (see comments)
15 Support very old word of encouragement (5) BRAVO {BRA}{V}{O}
17 Repentman! Corruption is eternal (9) PERMANENT {REPENT MAN*}
19 Scarlet haired revolutionary chief editor (9) REDHEADED {RED}{HEAD}{ED}
20 Award for big vehicle (5) OSCAR {OS}{CAR}
21 Silviculture for East Street railway (8) FORESTRY [FOR][E][ST][RY]
23 Yes, Spanish make mistake on a mountain (6) SIERRA [SI][ERR][A]
27 Ahem, Carl was confused about first item: material used for making paint brushes (5,4) CAMEL HAIR {AHEM CARL Item*}
28 Citadel is rebuilt in absence of in-charge of estuary (5) DELTA [ciTADEL*}
29 Oedema caused by globules of yeast initially (6) DROPSY {DROPS}{Y}
30 I hear, sin by a soft sister causes fusion of chromosomes (8) SYNAPSIS {~SIN}{A}{P}{SIS}


First letter to a Greek student from a medical pharmacy (5) ALPHA (T)
2 Bring up sentry for defence of the hind (9) REARGUARD {REAR}{GUARD}
Accommodation for hot English student (5) HOTEL [HOT}{E}{L}
Italian pope has two personal assistants (4) PAPA {PA}{PA}
6 Mad! Main speaker has no right lover (9) INAMORATO {MAIN*}{ORATOr}
7 Brown! Try and dance (5) TANGO {TAN}{GO}
8 Revere her Cockney venerator (9) RESPECTER {RESPECT}{ER}
9 Feather quality leads to a demotion (9) DOWNGRADE {DOWN}{GRADE}
14 Peter Parker heard, “Look next to the German male” (9) SPIDERMAN {~SPY}{DER}{MAN}
15 A sort of liar who is clean shaved? (9) BAREFACED (CD)
16 Exaggerates: Finished second on lengths (9) OVERSELLS {OVER}{S}{ELLS}
18 Plants key on a flummoxed loser (9) ESCAROLES {ESC}{LOSER*} {ESC}{A}{LOSER*}(see comments)
22 Capital had nothing for a hero (5) ROMEO {ROME}{O}
24 Country in main diagram (5) INDIA (T)
25 A ceremony to gather ... (5) AMASS {A}{MASS}
26 ... ten artists before you start showing a medical photo (4) XRAY {X}{RA}{Y}


Indian=I,Article=A,Unknown Quantity=y,Sex Appeal=IT,No=N,Egg=OVery=V,Old=O,Editor=ED,Big=OS,East=E,Street=ST,Railway=RYYes Spanish = SI,In-Charge=IC,Sister=SIS,English=E,Student=L,Personal Assistant=PA,The German= DER,Second=S,Key=ESC,Nothing=O,Ten=X,Artists=RA

Friday 27 March 2015

No 11353, Friday 27 Mar 2015, Scintillator

1   Government and Indian army at sea once awhile (6) SENATE {SENA}{aTsEa}
4   UK's split? Cede grounds without harm (4,4) SCOT FREE [DD] (Addendum - SCOTland's FREE - See comments)
9   Dismal sight in cricket – Sri Lankan openers departing, nicking behind (6) EDGING slEDGING
10 Retailer, relinquishing ego to make love, thrusts hip (4,4) BOOK SHOP {BOOK S}{H(-i+o)OP} Not sure if this is right (Addendum - TUCK SHOP {TUCK S}{H(-i+o)OP} - See comments)
12 Models gently stroke waterbirds (8) PATTERNS {PAT}{TERNS}
13 Blemish? Partially whiten building material (6) MARBLE {MAR}{BLEach}
15 Banter inventor comes up with? (4) RAIL <=
16 Team leader has to study factories and equipment (10) TREADMILLS {Team}{READ}{MILLS}
19 Spruce clue by editing later in the day (10) CREPUSCULE*
20 That which is said to symbolise power (4) WATT (~what)
23 The Arabic history links to New England (6) ALBION {AL}{BIO}{N}
25 Killer with cheek to hide an offence (8) ASSASSIN {A}{S{SASS}IN}
27 Animal and I get cart moving (5,3) TIGER CAT*
28 Think of independent, drug-consuming partner (6) IDEATE {I}DEAT{E} Anno pending (Addendum - {I}{D{E}ATE} - See comments)
29 Shout comes to a stop as lecturer breaks glasses (8) CRYSTALS {CRY}{STAlLS}
30 Bush to withdraw hospital's licence (6) TICKET ThICKET

1   Double agent for the land of Nod? (7) SLEEPER [C&DD]
2   Sound of horse and bird hours after sunset (5-4) NIGHT-TIME (~ neigh ?) Anno pending (Addendum - (~knight){NIGHT}-{TIME} - See comments)
3   Fallen nutritional contents coming up in tubular passage (6) TUNNEL [T<=]
5   Dull noise from a large swallow (4) C?O? (Addendum - CHUG [DD] - See comments)
6   Karate masters extremely disposed to fight (4,4) TAKE ARMS {TAKE AR+Ma...rS}*
7   Pshaw! Her Majesty's up, staging recovery from abuse (5) REHAB {RE}{HAB}<=
8   In the past, media clearly stated ... (7) EXPRESS {EX}{PRESS}
11 … where trains are following schedule (2,5) ON TRACK [DD]
14 Heavy material explosion around Alabama (7) BALLAST {B{AL}LAST}
17 Look, listen, comprehend answer for an usurer (4,5) LOAN SHARK {LO}{AN S}{HARK}
18 Caution exercised in releasing traitor and despot (8) AUTOCRAT {CAUTiOn}*{RAT}
19 Disorderly to a chic transformation (7) CHAOTIC*
21 Charlatan gently conceals different line of thought (7) TANGENT [T]
22 Leader of Ghana's arrested as well, near India's capital (6) GANDHI {G{AND}H}{I}
24 Featured regularly in book, geeky devil (5) BOGEY {BoOk GeEkY}
26 British head released from prison — on this? (4) BAIL {B}{jAIL} Semi&lit


Thursday 26 March 2015

No 11352, Thursday 26 Mar 2015, Arden

Awesome long anagrams from Arden again.

1   Running back and forth, finding organ to transplant (5,3,6) TOING AND FROING*
10 Antibody is said to be staying dormant for a longer time (5) LYSIN (~ lies in)
11 Hesitate to move out, with internal injury (9) VACILLATE {VAC{ILL}ATE}
12 Weight may be questionableobese kept out (7) QUINTAL QUesTIoNAbLe* My weight!!
13 Painful to go through — not rejecting a hypothetical particle (7) TACHYON {T{ACHY}ON<=}
14 Headless people do make laws (5) ENACT {mEN}{ACT}
16 Took back writing in a rush (9) RETRACTED {RE{TRACT}ED}
19 Minister's extremely critical on work done, surprising many (9) CLERGYMAN {Cr...aL}{ERG}{MANY*}
20 Henry for the first time will bother to hang around (5) TARRY (-h+t)TARRY
22 John the Baptist recalled some of those who knelt so patiently (7) APOSTLE [T<=]
25 Three perfect scores — so, Tamil Nadu has good relations with other states (7) ENTENTE {tEN}{TEN}{TEn}
27 For breaking into a niche, recycle (9) REPROCESS {RE{PRO}CESS}
28 Fungus in loose soil (5) MOULD [DD]
29 Maybe done in latrines, not where people live (3-11) NON-RESIDENTIAL*

2   Cussed river, home is inland (9) OBSTINATE {OB}{ST{IN}ATE}
3   Put up joint composition (5) NONET <=
4   Loved drama production as a duty (2,7) AD VALOREM* The D in LOVED appears to be a typo or an oversight, as it's superfluous in the fodder
5   Money once paid to teach, essentially (5) DUCAT eDUCATe
6   Cruel perhaps to rag heartlessly, when one's unwilling (9) RELUCTANT {CRUEL*}{TAuNT}
7   Land spread evenly across rift valley (5) ITALY rItA vAlLeY
8   Inclined to follow the girl, is what one gathered (7) GLEANED {G}{LEANED}
9   Told to shoot the gang (6) CLIQUE (~click)
15 Drunk guy definitely can't walk over it (9) TIGHTROPE [CD] (Addendum - {TIGHT}{ROPE}Semi&lit - See comments)
17 Trumpet over church and state (9) TENNESSEE {TENNES<=}{SEE}
18 A web master's end producta natural design (9) TARANTULA {p...cT}{A+NATURAL}*
19 Annoyance when drinks are laced with a drop of rum (7) CHAGRIN {CHA}{G{R}IN}
21 Returns and surrenders (6) YIELDS [DD]
23 Alternative to needle plant (5) ORPIN {OR}{PIN}
24 Gum trees — a prophet collected them (5) ELEMI {EL{'EM}I}
26 Lure by rhythm — makes a difference in the end (5) TEMPT TEMP(-o+t)T


Wednesday 25 March 2015

No 11351, Wednesday 25 Mar 2015, Arden

1   Loads every inch, gets paid on unloading (4,2,8) CASH ON DELIVERY*
10 Boy’s riding it — brought back on waves (5) TIDAL {TI}{DAL}<=
11 Country forced Iranian subject (9) UKRAINIAN {UK}{IRANIAN*}
12 He chooses self, sect and story, essentially (7) ELECTOR {sELf}{sECt}{sTORy}
13 Ed's back while his church's split open (7) DEHISCE {DE<=}{HIS}{CE}
14 Score may upset some in cricket, initially (5) MUSIC Acrostic
16 Confiscator, not of spurious drugs (9) NARCOTICS CoNfISCATOR*
19 Seen from a building, he enters his lodge (9) FREEMASON*
20 Said to have despatched to Cologne (5) SCENT (~sent)
22 Starts with you climbing on top of tree (4,3) WYCH ELM {With}{You}{Cl...g}{H ELM}
25 Drifter gets through with hand out, lacking interest (7) VAGRANT {ViA}{GRANT}
27 He is on the move, say by rail carrying money (9) ITINERANT I{TIN}ERANT Anno pending (Addendum - {I{TIN}E}{RANT} - See comments)
28 Opening batsman gets out of game with top edge (5) RIDGE bRIDGE
29 A promising venture — will become lean before becoming sturdy (6,8) GROWTH INDUSTRY {GROW THIN}{STURDY*}

2   He gets the message to co-opt others restricted by church (9) ADDRESSEE {ADD}{RESt}{SEE}
3   Fancy hotel serf (5) HELOT*
4   In true fashion raised an issue — but they are so small (9) NEUTRINOS {IN+TRUE}*{SON<=}
5   Engineer debarred, not bad — but made a mistake (5) ERRED DEbaRREd*
6   Doctor follows Paddy on board — finds some marine growth (5,4) IRISH MOSS {IRISH} {MO}{SS}
7   Stories with spice, perhaps (5) EPICS*
8   Any problem to solicit from South Americans? (7) YANKEES {ANY*}{KEES<=}
9   Flower for dance master (6) STREAM*
15 Has the ability to vie for a contract (9) COMPETENT {COMPETE}{NT}
17 Made over to Denver with a drunk (9) RENOVATED {TO+DENVER+A}*
18 It's said that I malign a subject (9) ICELANDER (~ I slander)
19 Fellow's a shade subservient (7) FAWNING {F}{AWNING}
21 Called the bird in front (6) TITLED {TIT}{LED}
23 Business climate in the Capital (5) CAIRO {C{AIR}O}
24 Maximise — kinky sex banned in city (5) MIAMI  MAxIMIse*
26 Commence drilling with rigs — building gets ready (5) GIRDS {Dr...g+RIGS}*


Tuesday 24 March 2015

No 11350, Tuesday 24 Mar 2015, Arden

6   A group of people were thrown out, reportedly (5) CASTE (~cast)
7   One way to move a pawn broker's merciless heart (8) UNICYCLE {UN{ICY}CLE}
10 He doesn't believe in what he is teaching (7) ATHEIST [T]
11 Sped away bearing a sense of hopelessness (7) DESPAIR {SPED*}{AIR}
12 She wails — stop her, sweetheart (7) BANSHEE {BAN}{SHE}{swEet}
13 Wine gets rid of a weapon (7) TRIDENT {T{RID}ENT}
14 Kill couple of animals at home and eat, perhaps (11) ASSASSINATE {ASS}{ASS}{IN}{EAT*}
19 Caught under the vehicle is the animal's body (7) CARCASS {CAR}{C}{ASS}
21 I'd allow shifting when one's sick (4,3) LAID LOW*
23 Oxygen supply off — it restricts breathing (7) POLYPUS {O+SUPPLY}*
25 Enthusiast signals shooting (7) CLAPPER [DD]
26 Dislike one side of the story (8) AVERSION {A}{VERSION}
27 From fine leg you hear a lament (5) ELEGY [T]

1   Next, in the continent there will be energy deficiency (8) ASTHENIA {AS{THEN}IA}
2   Heartless female with this strange charm (6) FETISH {Fe..lE}{THIS*}
3   Supports doubtful for locks (10) BUTTRESSES {BUT}{TRESSES}
4   To discover, first investigate — never dismiss initially (4) FIND Acrostic
5   Part will go away with copyright (6) CLEAVE {C}{LEAVE}
6   Keen to collect two blood groups — not happy (6) CRABBY {CR}{AB}{B}Y}
8   Religious school where you once faced god (7) YESHIVA {YE}{SHIVA}
9   Capital said to create friction (5) GRATE (~great)
13 Fall on the way, receive intensive care in Chennai (10) TRIPLICANE {TRIP}{L{IC}ANE}
15 Run away to second home-on-wheels (7) SCAMPER {S}{CAMPER}
16 Self-deception not often used if overshadowed (8) ECLIPSED SELf-DECePtIon*
17 In San Francisco people have some leeway (5) SCOPE [T]
18 First question before we try out keyboard (6) QWERTY {Qu...n}{WE}{TRY*}
20 Ease middlemen out and go through it again (6) RELIVE RELIeVE
22 Pictures of one playing games (6) IMAGES {1}{GAMES*}
24 Killer has no hesitation to snatch (4) SNIP SNIPer


Monday 23 March 2015

No 11349, Monday 23 Mar 2015, Arden

Arden has some awesome clues today, specially 1A and 8D.

1   Moving to Algiers when they offer something to drink (8,5) WATERING HOLES*
10 Some prefer Michael to Enrico, perhaps (5) FERMI [T]
11 Tough on Scotsman — no letter came back (9) DRACONIAN {DRAC<=}{ON}{IAN} (Addendum - {DRAC}{ON}<={IAN} - See comments)
12 Come from Nigeria to represent (9) ORIGINATE*
13 It turns as servomotor moves — moves away (5) ROTOR seRvomOTOR
14 Before I got it he was in retreat (7) EREMITE {ERE}{M{IT}E}
16 Entering difficult, resigns (7) INGRESS*
18 Place outside Indian city revisited, will keep mobs away (4,3) TEAR GAS {TE{AR GA}S}<=
20 Next holy book released is enough for illustration (7) EXAMPLE {nEXt}{AMPLE}
22 Bad write-ups no use to the fool (5) TWIRP WRITe-uPs*
24 Extremely mischievous of the French, to sneak through the gate (9) WICKEDEST {WICKE{DES}T}
26 End of a British prime minister's retirement — make it an extended retirement (9) OVERSLEEP {OVER}{S'LEEP<=}
27 An advantage once more (5) AGAIN {A}{GAIN}
28 GATT is clearly designed keeping one's interest in mind (13) STRATEGICALLY*

2   Cockney's crack about travel enterprise (7) 'AIRLINE hAIRLINE
3   Evoking the prophet by quoting (9) ELICITING {ELI}{CITING}
4   Do you find I am covering the country? (5) INDIA [T]
5   Gossip is a crime in given difficult circumstances (9) GRAPEVINE {G{RAPE}VINE*}
6   Quality that's old and joyless (5) ODOUR {O}{DOUR}
7   Letter written with ease, holding unloaded gun (7) EPISTLE {E{PISToL}E} A round is unloaded from the gun :-)
8   A place gets another offer to plant trees (13) AFFORESTATION {A}{OFFER*}{STATION}
9   Reflecting on the army — suspending operations without checking (13) INTROSPECTING {IN{TROops}SPECTING}
15 Wheels turned before, but in some other place (9) ELSEWHERE {WHEELS*}{ERE}
17 Note presence in an island, in the manner of a country (9) GUATEMALA {GUA{TE}M}{A'LA}
19 Food complaint? interchange two characters (7) ALIMENT A(I<=>L)MENT
21 Pressure on a damaged liver will persist (7) PREVAIL {P}{A+LIVER}*
23 Something to eat — not before one (5) PASTA {PAST}{A}
25 Island's partly unpredictable (5) CAPRI CAPRIcious


Sunday 22 March 2015

Special, Sunday 22 Mar 2015, Pluralist

Three answers per commenter (annotations to be compulsorily provided with answer) till 6 PM.

1   Harrowingly lose initial round in a roundabout manner (10)
6   A feature in Dali's paintings turns air into skimpy underwear! (4)
10 Was not able to compute with obsolete storage format (7)
11 Mysterious clunk in empty karaoke joint (7)
12 Surface pairs of exudative octagonal rings nestle in glands not secreting directly into the blood (8)
13 French industrial town to the east was famous for fast deliveries (6)
15 Ordering tactics deployed by possible user of notorious couch? (7,8)
17 Turn around rowdy scrap – or turn down without a second thought (6,3,2,4)
20 To pour out is to wipe out… (6)
22 …remark about changing misconception at the outset (8)
25 Review routine location of expected arrival (2,5)
26 Where to in the company of the woman you picked up? (7)
27 Cattleman – that's right – hiding in Austrian city… (4)
28…is taking in Thailand rock band fanatics (10)

1   Goddess of fortune in bounty chest (5)
2   This kind of noise on the radio could stun you - and me! (7)
3   Supports Juan's dreary primness uniformly (9)
4   Doing something wrong until atheist's assertion takes over (2,2,2,4)
5   Approve of third gospel omitting oral pronoun for the first person (4)
7   Twice mark item on Rorschach's test (7)
8   Unreliable federal report leaves a lot to be desired (9)
9   Spicy egg dish almost entirely for mongrel (4)
14 Bloom seen in haze over setters' river (10)
15 Caught provoking drunken revelry (9)
16 Odious discharge has rotten fume overwhelming six down with flu (9)
18 One down in Rome liking fish (7)
19 Descends with a gentle step at first (7)
21 Warning call to the spear side? (4)
23 Rules illustrating possible outcome of privatising British postal system? (5)
24 Play prank that hugely offends angry Xhosa leaders (4)

Across Lit version can be accessed at PLURALIST 4


No 2833, Sunday 22 Mar 2015

Viewer discretion is advised as the image at 11 is 9 :-)

1   Respiratory complaint in New Zealand got by adult inhaling pipe (9) INFLUENZA {IN}{FLUE}{NZ}{A}
6   Mack's mate married Magwitch, maybe (5) MABEL {M}{ABEL}
9   Shocking cover - ancient city featured inside (5) LURID {L{UR}ID}
10 Nocturnal animal found in mall, radio broadcast (9) ARMADILLO*
11 Cook Strait? P&O's mistaken (4,5) SPIT ROAST*
12 Stab leader leaving dive (5) LUNGE pLUNGE
13 Pupils may be examined in this branch of medicine (13) OPHTHALMOLOGY [E]
16 British Government out of order, setting out to repress religious education (7,6) DOWNING STREET {DOWN}{ING ST{RE}ET*}
19 Woman repelled by husband suggesting a dye (5) HENNA {H}{ENNA}<=
20 Mum's pie - he used a polite term (9) EUPHEMISM*
22 Tries his cooking before wife produces a dish (5,4) IRISH STEW {IRISH STE*}{W}
23 Fruit, old and turning bad (5) OLIVE {O}{LIVE<=}
24 Fire-raiser's game? (5) POKER [DD]
25 Home team in Italian city losing first three (9) RESIDENCE {floRE{SIDE}NCE}

1   The Italian applied sun oil to create a false impression (8) ILLUSION {IL}{SUN+OIL}*
2   To supply coat by noon is hard (7) FURNISH {FUR}{N}{IS}{H}
3   Indisposed subordinate, a British subject? (5,3,7) UNDER THE WEATHER {UNDER} {THE WEATHER}
4   Antelope found in many a land (5) NYALA [T]
5   Member blowing hard, renowned trumpeter (9) ARMSTRONG {ARM}{STRONG}
6   Central square? (6-2-3-4) MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD [DD]
7   A learner, one taken in by deceptive talk (7) BALONEY {B{AL}{ONE}Y}
8   Relax having free gin at the end (6) LOOSEN {LOOSE}{giN}
14 Queen's favourite city? (9) LEICESTER [GK]
15 Trampled on top of everyone in headlong rush (8) STAMPEDE {STAMPED}{Ev...e}
16 Dingy church in French port (7) DUNKIRK {DUN}{KIRK}
17 Rabble-rousing? Head of state ignored issue (7) EDITION sEDITION
18 Very small person, quiet politician touring Rhode Island (6) SHRIMP {SH}{RI}{MP}
21 Prisoners of war describing ending of captivity in Welsh county (5) POWYS {POW{c...tY}S}

Saturday 21 March 2015

No 11348, Saturday 21 Mar 2015, Buzzer

Some aweseome anagrams from Buzzer


6 Private hospital situated in towering government building (4,4) TOWN HALL {T {OWN} {H}ALL}
9 Prays aloud for approval (6) PRAISE {~PRAYS}
10 Drop by old university (4) OMIT {O}{MIT}
11 Brief Christmastime speech gets embellishment? (10) DECORATION {DEC}{ORATION}
12 Without pens average writer gets mad (6) WHACKO {W{HACK}O}
14 Similar like some sofas or tete-a-tetes (2,1,4) OF A SORT (T)
15 Damaging risks presently to mass irrigation technique (9,6) SPRINKLER SYSTEM {RISKS PRESENTLY}* (Addendum - {RISKS+PRESENTLY}*{M} - See comments)
18 Pick as an alternative retro style of dance music (7) ELECTRO {ELECT}{RO<=}
20 Testing spell of drought (3,3) DRY RUN (DD)
22 Couple of streets badly in a gridlock (10) STANDSTILL {ST}{AND} {ST}{ILL}
23 Dropping rupee set to rise (2,2) GO UP {GrO UP}
24 Paternal relation of big businessman needing no introduction (6) AGNATE {mAGNATE}
25 Figures out Mensa URL (8) NUMERALS {MENSA URL}*


1 Tie in a bunch (4) KNOT (DD)
2 Perhaps Diamond's music style (4,4)
3 Special district/area in a Greek city (6)
4 ICU layout's designed in a prudent way (10)
5 A Highlander's neckwear (5,3)
7 Politician stopping to express appreciation and enthusiasm (5)
8 Travelling folk come into a detachment (4,2,7)
13 Hostility from aircrewman in flight (7,3)
16 Standing before small tailless cat (8)
17 Mixture of certain coating for painter (4,4)
19 Sample disc missing in an appliance (6)
21 Periodically buys out all stock (5)
USUAL {bUyS oUt AlL}
23 Tiger moth's a bug (4)


Hospital=H,Old=O,Without=WO,Alternative=OR,Street=ST,Rupee=R (Addendum Mass=M)


Friday 20 March 2015

No 11347, Friday 20 Mar 2015, Buzzer

1   Flying UFOs no doubt is prohibited (3,2,6) OUT OF BOUNDS*
9   On reflection, notice mostly clean money in India (6) RUPEES {eRUP}{EES}<=
10 Pub to let drunk choke (6,2) BOTTLE UP*
11 Fifth of Jhelum is covered in many a water lily (5) LOTUS {LOT{jhelUm}S}
12 Temptations kept in check for Rolls (7) LURCHES {LUR{CH}ES}
13 Trim, hack, lop, snip etc., less for some plants (8) ACONITES {hACk}{lOp}{sNIp}{eTc}{lESs}
15 Vest vendor of Vadodara? (6) BANIAN [DD]
16 Like an African nation or belonging to one (6) SOMALI [C&DD] (Addendum - {SO}{MALI} - See comments)
18 Losing opener, kindly server spilled one cold drink (3,5) ICE WATER {nICE} {WAiTER}
20 Exercise a choice at odds with grand and vain person (7) PEACOCK {PE}{A}{ChOiCe}{K}
21 Piece of land round Egypt is available for hire (2,3) TO LET {TO L<=}{ET}
22 My favourite insect remedy? (8) ANTIDOTE {ANT}{I}{DOTE}
23 Crowds seen around eastern holy river (6) GANGES {GANG{E}S}
24 Fancy caterers at one government office (11) SECRETARIAT {CATERERS+AT+1}*

2   Commune ate, naturally sharing leftover (7) UNEATEN [T]
3   Old foundation's beginning to crumble in a sanctuary (5) OASIS {O}{bASIS}
4   Bachelor left amidst beautiful women stutters foolishly (7) BABBLES {BAB{B}{L}ES}
5   Complete lie not fine or OK to express (9) UTTERABLE {UTTER}{fABLE}
6   Aquatic animal toy, one from Finland reportedly (7) DOLPHIN (~ doll finn)
7   Bar insurer firm, comprehensive one-year corporation trading shares freely on stock exchange (6,7) PUBLIC COMPANY {PUB}{LIC} {COMP}{AN}{Y}
8   US retailer has customized bookbinding material (6,7) RUSSIA LEATHER*
14 Flag that is three-line, including chakra at the front and belonging to us (9) TRICOLOUR {TRI{Ch...a}O}{L}{OUR}
17 Attending a broadcast put up simultaneously (2,1,4) AT A TIME {AT} {A} {TIME<=}
18 Selection of bickies, truly most awful (7) ICKIEST [T]
19 City of Natal stormed by army (7) ATLANTA {NATAL*}{TA}
21 Stag in the end snared by rank ferocious animal (5) TIGER {TI{staG}ER}


Thursday 19 March 2015

No 11346, Thursday 19 Mar 2015, Neyartha

CWC 2015 fever has caught up with Neyartha.

Note: The seven starred clues carry no direct definition, but they all belong to a particular list

7   Persistent tailor negotiated withholding of a lease payment (10) TORRENTIAL {TOR{RENT}IAL*}
9   Yahoo's bail-out contribution (4) LOUT [T]
10 *Bend backwards to accommodate bargemen in trouble after losing a precious stone (8) CANBERRA {C{BARgemEN*}RA<=}
11 *Yankee following the Seychelles democrat to the quarter (6) SYDNEY {SY}{D}{NE}{Ya...e}
12 Adult sailor going west with a collection of maps (5) ATLAS {A}{TLAS<=}
13 Condemn Oriental's love in act (9) PRESCRIBE Anno pending (Addendum - PROSCRIBE - PR(-e+o)OSCRIBE - See comments)
14 Most enclaves are set up with this type of bond (7) VALENCE ENCLAVEs*
17 Shoot with hesitation at the criminal follower (7) STALKER {STALK}{ER}
20 *Model of a lemur bone (9) MELBOURNE*
22 *Letters from innkeeper Thomas (5) PERTH [T]
25 Guide in retreat protecting some British sailors with rye grass (6) DARNEL {DA{RN}EL<=}
26 *Sulphur and barium dissolved in a pickling agent (8) BRISBANE {BRI{S}{BA}NE}
27 Worship forbidden by many a religion? (4) IDOL [CD]
28 One way to ride a horse (10) SIDESADDLE [CD]

1   *Gear-cutting tool design (6) HOBART {HOB}{ART}
2   Nasal sound from the Scandinavian's son moving up to the top (5) SNORE (+s)SNOR(-s)E
3   Struggle with the lines about viral breakdown (7) RIVALRY {R{VIRAL*}Y}
4   Dense lump containing two quarters (5-3) CLOSE-SET {CLO{SE}-{SE}T}
5   Scottish ice-cream for an American turtle (6) SLIDER [DD]
6   Woman in an important business position heard the Scottish girl live in recital (5,3) QUEEN BEE {(~quine)QUEEN} {BEE(~be)}
8   No bun in barbecuing arrangement for a type of skeletal structure (3,4) RIB CAGE BARbECuInG*
15 *Revolutionary component of an old telephone found submerged in a Welsh river (8) ADELAIDE {A}{DE{LAID<=}E}
16 Nothing here may leave you in such a state (8) CLUELESS [CD]
18 Auditor's washing liquid on top of a couch for the late riser (3-4) LIE-ABED (~lye){LIE}-{A}{BED}
19 Someone with a guess giving an answer to the New York company (7) ANYBODY {A}{NY}{BODY}
21 An embarrassing mistake by the Uruguay premier replacing a bracelet (6) BUNGLE B(-a+u)UNGLE
23 What stars do when the wife goes missing with a ring (6) TINKLE TwINKLE
24 Original key (5) FIRST [DD]