Sunday 31 August 2014

Special, Sunday 31 Aug 2014, Saral

Three answers per commenter (with annotations) till 6PM.

1   Norse god overwhelmed by prayer for abundance  (8)
5   Dad, say follows mother with original yellow flower   (6)
10  Appreciates publicity note about society (7)
11  New black attire that's worn by heads of clergy (7)
12 Load some escargots   (5)
13 Crooked directions when one's abandoned principles ? (9)
14 A brief quarrel, father left with anger - ultimately  I have to try hard (6)
16 Old boy not in a passion  for a meeting (7)
19 Storm ripped apart  a party (7)
21 Headgear modest son left for wife (6)
23 Rags  lying around the fishes (9)
25 Plump round bees all over the place (5)
27 Leading specialist leaves a deduction of disease (7)
28 A man has no time for lawyer's schedules (7)
29 Can endlessly trade showy ornament (6)
30 Articles on achievement by Mexican city (8)

1   Dictated to put a fish (6)
2   Gem merchant stores a variety of wheat (5)
3   Instrument played by a choir man (9)
4   Ash to settle around university (7)
6   Salesman left mender a clotheshorse (5)
7   Ability yet to be developed (9)
8   Lauding President who’s  moving to higher position (8)
9   A vehicle carrying accountant looking up at a calculating machine (6)
15 Waterproof canvas art spoiled by Paul at home (9)
17 A few nearly skip fast when drowsy (9)
18 A men's party with new worker is dull (8)
20 Scorn at Edward , giving flowery speech (6)
21 Loss of direction at a platform (7)
22 Sumptuous meals fellow eats out with sister 6)
24 Student with one easterner for example upset a feudal lord (5)
26 The French retiring with the German ,is a senior (5)

Across lite version can be accessed at the following link SARAL 2


No 2806, Sunday 31 Aug 2014

1   A quiet Italian river location may be suitable (8) APPOSITE {A}{P}{PO}{SITE}
5   A wife, after lively dances, brings out puzzle (6) JIGSAW {JIGS}{A}{W}
9   A tiger, for example, better groomed by mother (3-5) MAN-EATER {MA}{N-EATER}
10 Armed guard in foreign sector (6) ESCORT*
12 Small drop to drink before opening of Anouilh play (5) DRAMA {DRAM}{Anouilh}
13 Arranger ran orgies in resort (9) ORGANISER*
14 Everything's ready - Sally nervously checks zip (3,7,2) ALL SYSTEMS GO {ALL SY}*{STEMS} {GO}
18 Fail utterly in warehouse to get articles placed round piano (2,4,3,3) GO DOWN THE PAN {GO DOWN} {THE} {P}{AN}
21 Hostile military command makes one uncomfortable (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE {ILL} {AT EASE}
23 Cold leaving chest tender (5) OFFER cOFFER
24 Attempt to secure one pound for a hat (6) TRILBY {TR{1}{LB}Y}
25 Amusement caused by it during Spring term at Oxford (8) HILARITY {HILAR{IT}Y}
26 Hand-rolled cigarette in jacket (6) REEFER [DD]
27 Ship carrying right flag (8) STREAMER {ST{R}EAMER}

1   Navy member, a US lawyer (6) ARMADA {ARM}{A}{DA}
2   Friendly foreign correspondent? (3,3) PEN-PAL [CD]
3   Naval base was focal point, primarily in the wars (5,4) SCAPA FLOW {WAS+FOCAL +Point}* Found after googling and anno reverse engineered. 
4   Those people getting to a super new play (3,9) THE MOUSETRAP {THE M}{TO+A+SUPER}* Again found after googling with anno reverse engineered later
6   Playwright at home having caught disease (5) IBSEN {I{BSE}N}
7   Director crosses off last character in scene (8) SCORSESE {CROSSES*}{scenE}
8   Battle song (8) WATERLOO [DD]
11 Encourages Arnold, perhaps, to get something for breakfast? (4,8) EGGS BENEDICT {EGGS} {BENEDICT}
15 Expand on complex (9) ELABORATE [DD]
16 Shiny silver paper in the street? (8) AGLITTER {AG}{LITTER}
17 Ring found over in a river in Australian city (8) ADELAIDE {A}{DE{LAID<=}E}
19 Declare one's commitment to a small female company (6) AFFIRM {A}{F}{FIRM}
20 Earnest request made by pair over New Year (6) PRAYER {PR}{YEAR*}
22 Story about bishop and food (5) TABLE {TAB{L}E}

Saturday 30 August 2014

No.11177, Saturday 30 Aug 14, xChequer

Devious as ever from xChequer with involved wordplays and well disguised definitions. Couple of new words that I hadn't seen before (CRURAL, INDABA), but the subsidiary indications were clear enough to get them.

7 Pertaining to the leg involving clubs in the countryside (6) CRURAL [Clubs + in the countryside=RURAL]
8 Tore off page in reference work bordering on insolence (8) GALLOPED [insolence=GALL + Page inside reference work=OED]
9 Still back in office during leave due to transfer (8) QUIETUDE [officE inside leave=QUIT + DUE*]
10 Pain starting to disappear with a massage from this angel (6) CHERUB [pain=aCHE + massage=RUB]
11 Guarded enclosure with bars at yard (5) CAGEY [enclosure with bars=CAGE + Yard]
12 Writer with a poor name returning from conference (6) INDABA [writer=I + A + poor=BAD + Name<-]
14 Enjoying a luxurious existence, being fancy, earning and spending millions (6,4,1,4) LIVING LIKE A KING [being=LIVING + fancy=LIKE + earning=mAKING]
17 Fool police officer, new to post (6) ASSIGN [fool=ASS + police officer=IG + New]
18 ‘Express' may be 'Ordinary' when limited by some shortcoming (5) VOICE [Ordinary inside shortcoming=VICE]
22 Smooth paint having a sheen (6) PATINA [PAINT* + A]
23 Gave a prize in recognition of plant without drawback (8) REWARDED [plant=REED outside DRAW<-]
24 Stupid person in love had been wandering around (8) BONEHEAD [love=O HAD BEEN]*
25 Hurries to show hands between tricks (6) RUSHES [Hands inside tricks=RUSES]

1 Market going up without cause, essentially a nervous reaction that's very disturbing (9) TRAUMATIC [market=MART<- outside caUse + A + nervous reaction=TIC]
2 Simple task, fine for bachelor to preserve food (6) FREEZE [simple task=BREEZE with Fine for Bachelor]
3 Roughly, a barbarian with influence (5) CLOUT [roughly=C + barbarian=LOUT]
4 Backlog at work, engineer creating an obstruction (8) BLOCKAGE [BACKLOG* + Engineer]
5 Ask someone to return with a quick reply? (8) COMEBACK [COME BACK]
6 Rising star foiled by former partner's connection (5) NEXUS [star=SUN<- outside former partner=EX]
8 With a natural ability for gardening or cultivating, engender grief? (5-8) GREEN-FINGERED [ENGENDER GRIEF]*
13 Tired technique getting Spain embarrassed (9) KNACKERED [technique=KNACK + Spain=E + embarrassed=RED]
15 Presumed independent lawyer will probe quarry at depth (8) IMAGINED [Independent + lawyer=AG inside quarry=MINE + Depth]
16 Gradually develops good plantations (8) GESTATES [Good + plantations=ESTATES]
19 Bolt about to lead with a forward surge (6) ONRUSH [about=ON + bolt=RUSH]
20 Congestion will rise otherwise, it's serious (5) MAJOR [congestion=JAM<- + otherwise=OR]
21 Brand succeeded based on promise (5) SWORD [Succeeded + promise=WORD]

Friday 29 August 2014

No.11176, Friday 29 Aug 2014, xChequer

Excellent one from xC with some awesome cluing in 1d, 8d etc, etc. Kindly send me the cigar at the earliest, xC. Make it a Havana, if you please; if you send me a 'chutta', I will raise a 17 with it ...  On the other hand, I might have missed something and he would be justified in saying 14!

Noticed a few twins in the puzzle like END (clued in as close and object) and HEAD (clued in as boss and chief), but I am not complaining! Great deception by putting in pairs of related words like Groom and bride and gowns and hoods
7 Sounds like drunk's left in wonder for a moment (6) AWHILE (HI~high L in AWE)
8 Charge that's fixed is settled by the boss (8) OVERHEAD (OVER HEAD)
9 Chief's ancestry secures title (8) HEADLINE (HEAD LINE)
10 Flowery discourse about Newton (6) ORNATE (ORATE about N)
11 Soldiers pen gripping narrative (5) STORY (STY gripping OR)
12 Buffet is hungry to accumulate — an obsession? (6) FETISH (T)
          Warren Buffet being hungry and eating a buffet is hilarious!
14 Almost tame gnus eat broccoli! (5,3,2,5) CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR (GNUS EAT BROCCOLI)*
17 Married to bureaucrat, mother raising a stink (6) MIASMA (M IAS M A) on the other hand, mother could be interpreted as MA ... A small doubt whether bureaucrat =IAS or IAS officer. IMO, IAS could be bureaucracy and not bureaucrat.
          No doubt they are called bureaucrats because they believe in filing everything and putting them in bureaus, so that they are never found again!
18 Heart-breaking jerks, they're 13 perhaps (5) THUGS (H in TUGS)
22 Day with close companion (6) FRIEND (FRIday END)
          Today's a Fry day too, with Ganesh Chaturthi eats on the menu, including FRItters ...
23 Trim at the top/cut near base (8) TRUNCATE (T CUTNEAR*)
24 When right, always object — it is worthy of being respected (8) REVEREND (R EVER END)
25 Smear track with concrete mixture perhaps (6) SLURRY (SLUR RY)

1 Blarney: Southern, small-time town (a village essentially), close to Cork (5,4) SWEET TALK (S WEE T T A L K)
2 German children may be more loving (6) KINDER (2)
3 Seek charity at home because that's where it should _____? (5) BEGIN (BEG IN) also as fitb based on the adage "Charity begins at home"
4 Exclamation of joy from excited groom in ecstasy (8) GERONIMO (GROOM IN E)*
          I had heard of this for the first time when I read about some American paratroopers taking a jump
5 Kidnapped editor freed in this city (8) SHANGHAI (SHANGHAIED-ED)
          Don't know which is worse, being Shanghaied or being Bangalored (or should it now be Bengalurued)
6 Details fine deeds (5) FACTS (F ACTS)
8 Too highly rated, old, no energy to peak, team lost in one day (13) OVERESTIMATED (O EVEREST-E,TEAM* in 1D
13 Strange weaves in edges of gowns and hoods (9) GANGSTERS (STRANGE* in GownS)
15 Stewed duck initially served as starter, the beginning of dinner (8) SIMMERED (IMMERSE with S moved up D)
16 Groom and bride infused with spirit (8) BRANDIED (AND BRIDE)*
19 Thick-skinned copper approaching chief of police with a problem (6) HICCUP (tHICk CU P)
20 Type system command (5) ORDER (3)
21 Switch sides in a heartbeat to get a prize (5) PURSE (PULSE-L+R)


Thursday 28 August 2014

No 11175, Thursday 28 Aug 2014, Sunnet

Liked this one from Sunnet. Our Pangram specialist doesn't fail to deliver.

1   Staff has right to deny food (6) STARVE {STA{R}VE}
4   Regarding an article by man known for patience at work (2,3,3) ON THE JOB {ON} {THE} {JOB}
10 Jog's about to cheat (3,6) RUN AROUND [DD]
11 Fashionable to help backward state (5) INDIA {IN}{DIA<=}
12 Expenditure's not in travel (5) OUTGO {OUT}{GO}
13 Releases a French card game's pot (9) UNLOOSENS {UN}{LOO}{SENS}
14 Long time ago? Twelve Months. (4,3) YEAR DOT {YEAR}{.}
16 Cry out measure by yards (4) YELL {Y}{ELL}
19 Left some equity (4) QUIT [T]
21 Revolutionary Tamizh accepted university's angle (7) AZIMUTH {AZIM{U}TH*}
24 Writer's AIDS raised stink and a bit of sympathy (9) INKSTANDS {STINK*}{AND}{Sympathy} AIDS?
25 Made up of small cushioned footstools (5) POUFS {UP+OF}*{S}
26 Drove auditor's stock (5) HORDE (~hoard)
27 And others following a hairstyle that's proceeding from the base (9) ACROPETAL {A}{CROP}{ETAL}
28 Chases soldiers for Master of foxhounds and his party (8) HUNTSMEN {HUNTS}{MEN}
29 Kind of cell division seen in my large island (6) MYOSIS {MY}{OS}{IS}

1   Gemstone strangely adorns a couple of unknowns (8) SARDONYX {ADORNS}*{Y}{X}
2   Bag Nathaniel's jawless fish (8) AGNATHAN [T] Bag on double duty See comments
3   Sign of six run attempt (5) VIRGO {VI}{R}{GO}
5   Acknowledgement by friend at an intersection (7) NODALLY {NOD}{ALLY}
6   The populace of jittery Ohio is holding one referendum (3,6) HOI POLLOI {HO{1} {POLL}OI*}
7   Heard it is badly dug in half of Jeddah (6) JUDGED {J{DUG*}EDdah}
8   Stew a pinch of bread's leaven (6) BRAISE {B}{RAISE}
9   Gold puff befitting a lord (6) AUGUST {AU}{GUST}
15 Spirited Democrat without relative? (9) DAUNTLESS {D}{AUNT LESS}
17 An emperor respected by America (8) AUGUSTUS {AUGUST}{US}
18 Emits a signal in the French card game at first (8) WHISTLES {WHIST}{LES}
20 Train agent on vessel's capacity (7) TONNAGE*
21 Ridiculous rating the root of 11 for example (6) ABSURD {AB}{SURD}
22 Henry moved all the way down from peak octave (6) EIGHTH (-h)EIGHT(+h)H
23 Film about Rugby's inclined trail (3,3) SKI RUN {SKI {RU}N}
25 Dad to take Paraguay's flower (5) POPPY {POP}{PY}


Wednesday 27 August 2014

No 11174, Wednesday 27 Aug 2014, Vulcan

Vulcan has me all knotted up in the SE corner.

6   The fire gets bigger (7) HEFTIER*
7   Incredible large scale project, high-rise tower (7) STEEPLE Anno pending (Addendum - {STEEP}{L}{scalE} - See comments}
9   Gas of oxygen filling up this place? (5) OZONE {O}{ZONE}
10 I contend with mass produced sauce (9) CONDIMENT {I+CONTEND+M}*
11 As a consequence, press gets support (7) ANDIRON {AND}{IRON}
13 Crash left nothing, in a race (6) SLALOM {SLA{L}{O}M}
15 Bold and audacious — a very tremendous performance in the end (13) ADVENTURESOME {A+V+TREMENDOUS+thE}*
19 If in fast surroundings, calm down (6) PACIFY {PAC{IF}Y}
20 What it wouldn't be if the clue was just not straight! (7) CRYPTIC [CD]
23 Repeat with nothing new in entertainer's sloppy show (9) REITERATE EnTERTAInER*
24 It's nothing new, money lost, $1000 to be precise (5) OLDIE Anno pending (Addendum - {gOLD}{IE} - See comments)
26 An oil used in lotion, extremely fatty substance (7) LANOLIN {Lot{AN+OIL}*ioN}
27 Afternoon's feature release: A Spielberg film coming back (7) T?A?I?T (Addendum - TEATIME {TE}{A}{TIME}<= - See comments)

1   Word for a curly style (4) AFRO* &lit
2   Relating to length of a ship, and area inside (6) LINEAR {LINE{A}R}
3   Musical signal to play once in good speed (5,4) GRACE NOTE {G}{RA{CE NO*}TE} Thanks to Google
4   Old politician's dodgy replies about corrupt leader (8) PERICLES{PERI{Corrupt}LES*}
5   Need a ticket? Go beyond this (5,5) SPEED LIMIT [CD]
6   Pipe to blow and get a high (6) HOOKAH {HOOK}{A}{H}
7   Second to courage (4) S?N? (Addendum - SAND {S}{AND} - See comments)
8   Lay to rest? Hospital ward has mob riled up (6) ENTOMB {ENT}{MOB*}
12 Special discounted offers (10) DEDUCTIONS* &lit
14 Father's professional approach starting to get recognition in the Island (9) PROCREATE {PRO}{CRE{A}TE}
16 In a vessel beef needs to flip and drain (8) ENFEEBLE [T<=]
17 Circular wind (6) SPIRAL [DD]
18 Agree to assume office (6) ACCEPT [DD] (Correction - ACCEDE [DD] - See comments)
21 Official in the old country (6) YEOMEN {YE{O}MEN} Official or Officials? (Addendum - YEOMAN {YE}{OMAN} - See comments)
22 Building for new court coming up (4) BARN {BAR}{N}<=  Something wrong here. The court is not coming up.
25 Pussycat died. May it rest in peace (4) DRIP {D}{RIP} Why 'may it'?


Tuesday 26 August 2014

No.11173, Tuesday 26 Aug 2014, Lightning

Nice one from L. Is there a media theme?

1 Extremely worried about final course (8) DESSERTS (STRESSED)<
5 International member, last to threaten (6) IMPEND (I MP END)
9 Very independent doctor aimed to adopt a middle ground (3,5) VIA MEDIA (V I AIMED* taking in A)
10 Customs services to seize silver (6) USAGES (AG in USES)
12 Top credit established (5) CREST (CR EST.)
13 Is Romania to be restructured as a part of Turkey? (4,5) ASIA MINOR (IS ROMANIA)* One of the few trans-continental countries, the others being the Russian Federation and Egypt
14 Code zero (6) CIPHER (2)
16 Quoted one note, in retrospect, with extraordinary clarity (7) EIDETIC (CITED 1 E)<
19 Censored record breaking run (7) BLEEPED (EP in BLEED)
21 Sailor stuck in base? It's possible (6) VIABLE (AB in VILE)
23 One new company beside a railway hospital (9) INFIRMARY (1 N FIRM A RY)
25 Proceed to bring action against harbours, say (5) SEGUE (SUE around EG)
26 A circle around endless labyrinth by northern river (6) AMAZON (A (MAZe) O N)
27 For the most part, pass up worker lacking education (8) IGNORANT (IGNORe ANT)
28 Encounters European on the way back showing respect (6) ESTEEM (E MEETS<)
29 Abandons popular tennis stroke (4,4) DROP SHOT (DROPS HOT)

1 Plan by democrat initially exposed illegal activity (6) DEVICE (D E VICE)
2 Room and stage where 3 could be located? (5-4) SPACE TIME (SPACE TIME)
3 Regular turnout primarily for tournament (5) EVENT (EVEN T)
4 Void in art representation describing greeting (4,3) THIN AIR ((IN ART)* around HI)
6 News outlets surprisingly missed a mega affair to begin with (4,5) MASS MEDIA ((MISSED A M)* A)
7 Urge for example, lost without energy (3,2) EGG ON (EG GONe)
8 Confuse detective inspector with second pamphlet (8) DISTRACT (DI S TRACT)
11 Excavation in Miami neighbourhood (4) MINE (T)
15 Exaggeration in curve, not fully evident at first (9) HYPERBOLE (HYPERBOLa E)
17 Cable broadcast — great help (9) TELEGRAPH (GREAT HELP)*
18 A bishop caught stealing couple of diamonds had to resign (8) ABDICATE (DI in A B C, ATE) my theory breaks down at this point, AT from?
20 Attractive daughter getting attention (4) DEAR (D EAR)
21 Journeyman in NASA's mission? (7) VOYAGER (CD,DD)
22 Group of six tweet regularly after intercourse (6) SEXTET (TwEeT after SEX)
24 Quick to consume English meal prepared elaborately (5) FEAST (FAST consumes E)
25 Investigate head of staff with no work (5) SNOOP (S NO OP)
Cartoon by Rishi


Monday 25 August 2014

No 11172, Monday 25 Aug 2014, Klue Klux Klan

Is KKK being morbid today?  Was scratching around for a while till things fell into place. Learnt some new words today. 

1   I define raft gone to pieces by its defining characteristics (11) DIFFERENTIA*
9   Expand the street passing through Big clock (7) BROADEN {B{ROAD}EN}
10 Removing it from caption makes it understated (6) SUBTLE SUBTitLE
11 Pope takes down clock tower by order (5) EDICT benEDICT
12 With pickaxes initially, start off for settlement to plunder (7) PILLAGE {Pickaxes}{vILLAGE}
15 Make amends for allowing opener an extra run (4) ABYE {Allowing}{BYE}
16 Tree for distinguished humourist (6,4) AUGUST PLUM {AUGUST} {PLUM}
18 English tend to half the armiesappeals (10) ENTREATIES {E}{TREAT}{armIES}
20 Sophisticated coward lacking cognizance (4) CHIC CHICken
23 Pedestrian in favour of regular sea biscuit (7) PROSAIC {PRO}{SeA}{bIsCiut} Same query as in the special yesterday regarding fodder for regular/alternate etc
24 First lover of Austen’s heroine gets preliminary proposition (5) LEMMA {Lover}{EMMA} New word for me
26 Fish comes to pond with intrinsically Indian origins (6) DIPNOI {POND+Intrinsically+Indian}* Where's the AInd? Had to cheat for this one
27 Kill administrator by removing drips (7) EXECUTE EXECUTivE
28 Dismissal from the faction might lead to death (6,5) FIRING PARTY {FIRING} {PARTY} 'might' or 'will' ?

2   Write to signal loss of accountant (6) INDITE INDIcaTE
3   Letting out criminals from cages is admirable (4) FINE conFINEs
4   Restores some regard for all but top two schools (10) RESTITUTES {REgard}{inSTITUTES} How much regard? Another new word
5   The aristocracy source opium for upright leader who is marriageable (8) NOBILITY N(-u+o)OBILITY

Cartoon by Rishi
6   Criminal, sick, held most of the endowment (7) ILLEGAL {IL{LEGAcy}L}
7   Sailor from North East confined, denied… (9) ABNEGATED {AB}{NE}{GATED}
8   … harmony of American university found in modest surrounds (6) COMITY {CO{MIT}Y}
13 Restraining the brusque, sickly (10) CURTAILING {CURT}{AILING}
14 Freed; lost initial nervous predisposition; became thin (9) EMACIATED EMAnCIpATED
17 First of his kin lies injured in European capital (8) HELSINIKI {His}{KIN+LIES}*
19 Countermining characters at destinations (7) TERMINI [T]
21 Croon into hidden microphone? Rubbish! (6) HUMBUG {HUM}{BUG} Into is misleading
22 Head of church’s perjury of sacred text to patron (6) CLIENT {Church}{LIE}{NT}
25 Testing stage for Indian son (4) BETA [DD]

Sunday 24 August 2014

Special, Sunday 24 Aug 2014, Gigabyte

Three answers per commenter (with annotations) as usual till 6 PM.

1   Plant me to leave comedy act (5)
4   Mantra shoots him for being a referee (9)
8   President celebrates festival with Iowa Minister (3,4)
9   Square article in dish (6)
10 Crystal Meth? No other option?  (4)
11 Brand a lifeless life made of reduce reuse and recycle (7)
12 Raised money, you say? (4)
13 Heard loud architect (5)
15  Almost authorize commend in short (5)
16 Tempered shadow dance (5)
17 Organize without direction disturbing a gypsy (7)
19 Cross self-estimate (5)
21 A needle points here to a prickly thorn  (5)
23 Drink returned with newspaper for a time (5)
25 Fruit salad harvest (4)
26 Wrap again to mend (7)
28 Game Laundromat oddly played (4)
29 Meeting Point with gangster ends in arrangement being called off (2,4)
30 Quiet – See Colin agonised without love (7)
31 Lead twice for an advantage (4,5)
32 Unknown direction for a catalyst (5)

1   Halogens at a rocky height (5)
2   Tweet vital energy returning a cat call (7)
3   A demonized crazy is easy to find (4-1-5)
4   This endotoxin has nothing against general (1-7)
5   Due peacekeepers approaching Maori village with credentials (6)
6   Helpless grand old lady passed away through Miami in endless state  (7)
7   A life-changing experience to end a heart wrongly (4,5)
14 Club I call unknown mockingly (10)
15 First book notice I give him first  (3,6)
18 A dependent space traveller rested being deficient in Sodium and under trauma to start with (8)
20 Heartless within she picked a card I anguished for (7)
22 God! Setter moved out of one capital to another ancient one (7)
24 Dark and against the law when Indian Currency’s lead is eclipsed by a pound  (3-3)
27 A famous butler (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at GIGABYTE 3


No 2805, Sunday 24 Aug 2014

1   Sergeant major, breaking phone, becomes gloomy (6) DISMAL {DI{SM}AL}
4   Teach group to make a model railway (5,3) TRAIN SET {TRAIN} {SET}
9   Complain in western type of joint (6) WHINGE {W}{HINGE}
10 Eastern girl, a really heartless spy (8) EMISSARY {E}{MISS}{A}{ReallY}
11 Type of cricket clue with dash (3-3-3) TIP-AND-RUN {TIP}-{AND}-{RUN}
13 Scoffed at in course of poetic evening (5) EATEN {'E{AT}EN}
14 Argument over supremo with excellent liquid assets (7,7) WORKING CAPITAL {WOR<=}{KING} {CAPITAL}
18 Gaming machine in dated bar - endless money involved (3-5,6) ONE-ARMED BANDIT {IN+DATED+BAR+MONEy}*
20 Perfect suggestion by learner driver (5) IDEAL {IDEA}{Learner}
22 Tested public opinion, as aviator did? (4,1,4) FLEW A KITE [C&DD]
24 It's fishy, comic's temper tantrum (5,3) HISSY FIT*
25 Clothes worn initially in pews (6) SWEATS {S{Worn}EATS}
26 High-ranking officials decorate section of orchestra (3,5) TOP BRASS [DD]
27 'Times' term, an outstanding example (6) BYWORD {BY}{WORD}

1   Duke won't now broadcast in city centre (8) DOWNTOWN {D}{WONT+NOW}*
2   Runner, representative to cut corners (5) SKIMP {SKI}{MP}
3   Conductor losing son in a South American country (9) ARGENTINA {sARGENT}{IN}{A}
5   Firework, too large to be brought into court! (5,6) ROMAN CANDLE {ROMAN C{AND}{L}E}
6   I prosecute after second matter (5) ISSUE {I}{S}{SUE}
7   Clever character produces a piece of plastic that stores data (5,4) SMART CARD {SMART} {CARD}
8   Testing hearing (6) TRYING [DD]
12 Mostly recreation, in travelling funfairs, for urchins (11) RAGAMUFFINS {RA{GAMe}UFFINS*}
15 As good as gold? Not quite, us! (7-2) RUNNERS-UP [CD]
16 Suffering from how poor performers perform? (2,1,3,3) IN A BAD WAY [C&DD]
17 Emphasised editor is under pressure (8) STRESSED {STRESS}{ED}
19 Up-to-the-minute intelligence prior to strike (4,2) WITH IT {WIT}{H IT}
21 One supplying eggs for plate? (5) LAYER [DD]
23 Mental picture of him, a goalkeeper (5) IMAGO [T]

Saturday 23 August 2014

No.11171, Saturday 23 Aug 2014, Skulldugger

The usual bag of tricks from Skulldugger. Liked IGNORANT, CROSS THE RUBICON, EQUALITY and ELABORATE.

1 Office component loaned out is wonderful (9) EXCELLENT [MS Office component=EXCEL + loaned out=LENT]
6 Remains horizontal climbing up during abseiling (4) LIES [T<=] abseil is to go down? 'up' as reversal indicator in an across clue?
8 Uninformed national leader orating animatedly (8) IGNORANT [N ORATING]*
9 Strange trance brought on by essence of jasmine, for instance (6) NECTAR [TRANCE]*
10 When tipsy, I consort with dancing cherubs and make unalterable decisions (5,3,7) CROSS THE RUBICON [I CONSORT CHERUBS]*
11 Lavish meal for a religious celebration (5) FEAST [DD]
13 Pedestrian always encounters many Ambassadors, primarily between junctions (8) EVERYDAY [always=EVER + many=D + Ambassadors inside junctions=Y Y]
15 The cutting-edge of haute couture? (8) SCISSORS [CD]
18 Like legendary creature that’s lost its tail, for now (2,3) AS YET [like=AS legendary creature=YETi]
20 Bob urged sinners to go off and sever ties with the past (4,4,7) BURN ONES BRIDGES [BOB URGED SINNERS]*
23 Key ingredient in Bollywood and butter chicken (6) MASALA [CD]
24 Uniformity is an oriental trait (8) EQUALITY [oriental=E + trait=QUALITY]
25 American law officials primarily frisk Easterners, detain some (4) FEDS [Acrostic]
26 Today to tomorrow (9) YESTERDAY [E]

1 Like the proverbial beaver with eagle-head, penguin-heart and woodpecker-tail (5) EAGER [EAgle + penGuin + woodpeckER] Some beaver that must be with two heads, one heart and two tails.
2 Goes beyond XXX (7) CROSSES [X=CROSS]
3 Smallest besieged by terrible asthma (5) LEAST [T]
4 Severe, detailed additional measure used on Japanese finally (7) EXTREME [additional=EXTRa + measure=EM + JapanesE]
5 Topless nationalists travelled around (8) TONSURED [travelled=TOURED outside nationalists=N'S]
6 Pluck lily heads off, by chance (7) LUCKILY [pLUCK lILY]
7 Involved online work at Junglee, in the end? (9) ELABORATE [online work=E-LABOR + AT + JungleE]
12 Urge companions to abandon cross for cocaine (9) ENCOURAGE [companions=ENTOURAGE with Cocaine for cross=T?]
14 It goes by around and around (8) BOUNDARY [BY AROUND]* 'and' between anagram fodder and indicator is intrusive.
16 Holidays are sweet desserts to the auditor (7) SUNDAYS [~sweet desserts=SUNDAES]

17 Daisy stems boast complex organisations (7) SYSTEMS [T]
19 Leaving wife wrapped in bandages and burdened (7) SADDLED [wrapped in bandages=SWADDLED - Wife]
21 External ringleader heading North to forge path (5) ROUTE [external=OUTER with R moving up]
22 Watchman’s beginning to go in (5) ENTRY [sENTRY]

Friday 22 August 2014

No 11170, Friday 22 Aug 2014, Incognito

7   Gabriel Garcia Marquez's girl has a tailless snake chasing her (4) GABO {G}{A}{BOa}
8   Fair troublemaker has a Right to Information application lodged, for starters (9) IMPARTIAL {IMP}{A}{R}{T}{I}{A}{L}
10 Confused, mad dad took the lead (6) ADDLED {DAD*}{LED}
11 Hold minced sole in talon to make a salad dish (8) COLESLAW {C{SOLE*}LAW}
12 A type of competition where tailless prawn is cooked with rice (5,3) PRICE WAR {P{RICE}WARn*}

 Cartoon by Rishi

14 He is well known for a high point of Paris tourism (6) EIFFEL [CD]
16 A little dash in front of woody plants can get you to the main courses (7) ENTREES {EN}{TREES}
18 Sinewy round object in a pigpen (7) STRINGY {ST{RING}Y}
21 After pin was lost, newsprint was torn and scattered (6) STREWN NEWSpRinT*
23 Great devil composed song about setter (8) IMPOSING {IMP}{OS{I}NG*}
25 Clear air turbulence occurs before heater loses a connecting pipe (8) CATHETER {C}{A}{T}{HEaTER} (Addendum - {CAT}{HEaTER} - See comments)
27 Landlord's circular (6) LETTER [DD]
29 Tram lines were modified into airport buildings (9) TERMINALS*
30 Engineer a new legume (4) BEAN {BE}{A}{N}

1   Chinese male has remodelled drain (8) MANDARIN {MAN}{DRAIN*}
2   Spin rock (4) ROLL [DD]
3   Opening for lady who has lost her husband around first of November (6) WINDOW {WI{N}DOW}
4   Inspect residence for hidden ghost (7) SPECTRE [T]
5   Funniest 2 enter from French Street (8) DROLLEST {D{ROLL}E}{ST}
6   Give lip service to a King on Indian ship (4) KISS {K}{I}{SS}
9   Ferment without nitrogen and go away (5) LEAVE LEAVEn
13 Turn recreation vehicle carrying cue? Or the other way round? (5) CURVE {CU{RV}E}
15 Organises fires and cooks in oil (5) FRIES*
17 Physicist is stumped having one German on each side (8) EINSTEIN {EIN}{ST}{EIN}
19 Alloy for mashing mung and others (8) GUNMETAL {MUNG*}{ETAL}
20 Daily placing of a pot in the middle of a clock face (7) DIURNAL{DI{URN}AL}
22 Raise a glass to a saint (5) TOAST {TO}{A}{ST}
24 Varnish from Poland (6) POLISH [DD]
26 After I leave, rhino appendage is used in a car (4) HORN RHiNO*
28 Travel underground by electric-train, for starters, in this (4) TUBE Acrostic Semi&lit


Thursday 21 August 2014

No 11169, Thursday 21 Aug 2014, Incognito

Leisurely offering from Incognito. If there is something hidden I didn't find it.

8   Liveliness of brother hugging setter (4) BRIO {BR{I}O}
9   Respond about the dramatic performance (5) REACT {RE}{ACT}
10 Bring up the posterior (4) REAR [DD]

 By Rishi
11 Munch around one site of 1972 massacre (6) MUNICH {MUN{1}CH}
12 Plant Karanth found in a military hospital after losing both extremities (8) AMARANTH {A}{M{kARANTh}H}
13 Radio enthusiast followed Lennon's wife at a Japanese port town (8) YOKOHAMA {YOKO}{HAM}{A}
15 A person who breathes convulsively for a cigarette (6) GASPER [DD]
17 Continue to involve sister in planning technique (7) PERSIST {PER{SIS}T}
19 Rabbits and the like jump in this place (3,4) PET SHOP {PET S}{HOP} &lit
22 Journey where the Royal Air Force flies back between South Africa and India (6) SAFARI {SA}{FAR<=}{I}
24 One law graduate was in prison with son's old fashioned golf clubs (8) NIBLICKS {N{1}{BL}ICK}{S}
26 Watering hole staff seemingly advocate bludgeoning of players (4,4) CLUB TEAM [DD]
28 Comedienne Uma Devi gets wine cask twice (6) TUNTUN {TUN}{TUN}
30 Plague usually has this symptom (4) AGUE [T]
31 Indian stick I left next to first electrical machine (5) LATHE {LATHi}{Electrical}
32 Alien capturing a team led to egress (4) EXIT {E{XI}T}

1   German lady seen after famous psychotherapist leaves a mountain in the Alps (4) FRAU jungFRAU
2   Do mines contain nothing, only spotted tiles? (8) DOMINOES {DO}{MIN{0}ES}
3   Cosmic creator appeared when Abraham was confused after giving up first-aid (6) BRAHMA aBRAHAM*
4   Nuts found in bunches? (7) BANANAS [DD]
5   Saint called the French to cut off air supply (8) STRANGLE {ST}{RANG}{LE}
6   Sounds frogs make when they are dying? Or even when they are living (6) CROAKS [CD]
7   Silly actors have no alternative but to reform into a group of actors (4) CAST ACTorS*
14 Ring for each actor at first for a dramatic performance set to music (5) OPERA {O}{PER}{Actor}
16 Reserve electronically to get a digitalised publication (1-4) E-BOOK [DD]
18 Disease heard of when pigs took off? (5,3) SWINE FLU {SWINE} {FLU}(~flew)
20 I got into cavalry regiment and after losing direction and horse and became thinner (8) SKINNIER {SKINN{I}ERs horse}
21 Enliven tailless animal with endless tea (7) ANIMATE {ANIMAl}{TEa}
23 Spy thriller author was a walker (6) AMBLER [DD]
25 Ram right after western hill (6) BUTTER {BUTTE}{R}
27 Company representation record has nothing (4) LOGO {LOG}{O}
29 Peacekeepers with sex appeal formed a military formation (4) UNIT {UN}{IT}
                            Cartoon by Bhargav