Wednesday, 4 October 2023

No 13986, Wednesday 04 Oct 2023, Arden

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Instant a sport organization becomes an old beast (11) TRICERATOPS {TRICE}{A+SPORT}*
7   Hog right away or stole? (3) BOA BOAr
9   Upset victory is snatched, not reacting at all (5) INERT INvERT
10 His hold on old country mountain ranges (9) HIMALAYAS {HI{MALAYA}S}
11 Sombre inside, nothing less outside — not a whiff (9) ODOURLESS {O}{DOUR}{LESS}
12 Burn one, fifty gone! (5) SINGE SINGlE
13 Essentially need to keep watch over the recluse (7) EREMITE {nE{TIMER<=}Ed}
15 Criticize the bid (4) SLAM [DD]
18 Extremely stressful work on sewage water (4) SLOP {St...uL}{OP}
20 Old sea farers had six cards... (7) VIKINGS {VI}{KINGS}
23 ...others got one finally to turn off and on again (5) RESET {RES{onE}T}
24 Usual sides go into cheer a natural reproductive process (9) OVULATION {OV{UsuaL}ATION}
26 Girl — one caught in the blaze, perhaps (9) ELIZABETH {1} in {THE+BLAZE}*
27 Reading about most cruel attack (5) STORM {STO{R}M*}
28 Toiled regularly for a match (3) TIE ToIlEd
29 Mere startup making hearing aids (3,8) EAR TRUMPETS*

1   Adapted or followed around? (8) TAILORED {TAIL{OR}ED}
2   Frozen, not even inches over the channel port (4,4) ICED OVER {InChEs}{DOVER}
3   Smallest error while handling a chemical (5) ESTER [T]
4   Two articles allowed inside "Sportstar" (7) ATHLETE {A}{TH{LET}E}
5   Average return with top money invested — is it slow assimilation? (7) OSMOSIS {SO{Mo..y}SO}<={IS}<=
6   What you need to sell? Pursue drinking few beers (5,4) SALES TALK {S{ALES}TALK}
7   Further pledge, having short sight (6) BEYOND {B{EYe}OND}
8   Writer places America between one and ten (6) AUSTEN {A}{US}{TEN}
14 All I see at random, showing nervousness (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE*
16 Medicine against love (8) ANTIDOTE {ANTI}{DOTE}
17 Must rise, morning is for those monster waves (8) ?S?N?M?S ()
19 First one in port (7) PIONEER {PI{ONE}ER}
20 Told to guarantee her ticket (7) VOUCHER {VOUCH}{HER}
21 Zealous with my time (6) ARDENT {ARDEN}{T}
22 Endeavour of a father to keep quiet (6) ASPIRE {A}{S{P}IRE}
25 A service set up in state (5) ASSAM {A}{MASS<=}

Reference List
Right = R, Victory = V, Fifty = L, Reading = R, Time = T, Quiet = P

Tuesday, 3 October 2023

No 13985, Tuesday 03 Oct 2023, Arden

Solution to 27A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

6   Tea drinking in the country (5) CHINA {CH{IN}A}
7   Humiliated? Undoubtedly, about average (8) DEMEANED {DE{MEAN}ED}
10 Fame — even sacred in most appalling circumstances (7) STARDOM {ST{sAcReD}OM*}
11 Simplest through recall inside accommodation (7) NAIVEST {N{VIA<=}EST}
12 Saw reflection on one seat... (7) OTTOMAN {MOTTO<=}{AN}
13 ...for a figure of speech, saw again (7) PROVERB {PRO}{VERB}
14 Blue cab I started in an advantageous position (7,4) CATBIRD SEAT*
19 Finished, left missing run (7) COMPETE COMPlETE
21 State turnover excluding money as capital (7) YEREVAN {YE{AVER<=}N}
23 Agitation challenging King (7) MONARCH {M{ON}ARCH}
25 Some heard rumblings, was it because of this? (7) EARDRUM [T] Semi&lit
26 Soldier follows passion for dance (8) FLAMENCO {NCO}<=>{FLAME}
27 Girl shows interest over the plant (5) S?S?L (Addendum - SISAL {LAS{I}S}<= - See comments)

1   Learnt law, first course was educative (8) DIDACTIC {DID}{ACT}{1}{C}
2   Arbitrary and within limited capital (6) RANDOM {R{AND}OMe}
3   To detain a man wrongly is very hard (10) ADAMANTINE*
4   Essentially gypsy land (4) OMAN rOMANy
5   Remove flower around block (6) DELETE {DE{LET}E}
6   Wheel of automobile allows brief halt (6) CASTOR {CA{STOp}R}
8   A question about a girl, could be fat (7) ADIPOSE {A}{DI}{POSE}
9   Small vessels with a smokey past (5) STUBS {S}{TUBS}
13 Damned ploy worked! It's sweet too (10) PADDYMELON*
15 More changes under article and proposition (7) THEOREM {MORE}*<=>{THE}
16 To Japan! Not new for a Russian comrade (8) TOVARISH {TO}{VARnISH}
17 Little devil in a small settlement (5) SCAMP {S}{CAMP}
18 PolishEnglish name on letterhead (6) ENAMEL {E}{NAME}{Le...d}
20 China and the French blend (6) MINGLE {MING}{LE}
22 Extremely exceptional soldiers and others (6) RAREST {RA}{REST}
24 Clue for "slender from top to bottom" (4) HINT (-t)HIN(+t)T

Reference List
Left = L, Interest = I, Girl = DI, Small = S, New = N, English = E, The in French = LE, Soldiers = RA(Royal Artillery)

Monday, 2 October 2023

No 13984, Monday 02 Oct 2023, Arden

Artwork by Prasanna
Solution to 2D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Movie direction — teams are conservative... (4,4,5) WEST SIDE STORY {WEST}{SIDES}{TORY}
10 protecting top secret code (5) MORSE {MOR{Se...t}E}
11 Pancake reduces figure (4,5) DROP SCONE {DROPS}{CONE}
12 Haggle for what I get at one, maybe (9) NEGOTIATE*
13 Leaders asking votes — again in limited use (5) AVAIL Acrostic
14 Crazy having to criticize — they aren't hiding anything (7) NUDISTS {NU{DIS}TS}
16 Perhaps I must involve private banks to get momentum (7) IMPETUS {I+MUST}* over {Pr...tE}
18 Bank is back in terminal (7) DEPOSIT {DEPO{IS<=}T}
20 Shape tetragonal, not missing? Yes, missing (2,5) AT LARGE TEtRAGonAL*
22 Feeling, hearing animal noises made (5) MOOED (~mood)
24 Soldiers try and try again (9) REATTEMPT {RE}{ATTEMPT}
26 Indian role in China providing knowledge (9) IMPARTING {I}{M{PART}ING}
27 Ex-PM heard the blast (5) BLARE (~blair)
28 Set up cameleer's tentyou don't see much of them (5,8) TRACE ELEMENTS*

2   Cross? See red finally (7) E?R?G?D (Addendum - ENRAGED {EN{RAGE}D} - See comments))
3   See artist working on monographs (9) TREATISES*
4   After one, another one becomes part of a political group in the country (5) INDIA {1}{ND{1}A}
5   One going north has ordered tories to get specialized knowledge (9) ESOTERICA {ACE<=} over {TORIES}*
6   Inventor least bothered (5) TESLA*
7   Warning about winding tract around the moon (4,3) RIOT ACT {TRACT}* over {IO}
8   Grand party by the sea — the government has the power to expropriate private property for public use (7,6) EMINENT DOMAIN {EMINENT}{DO}{MAIN}
 Let best seller become beautiful literary work (6,7) BELLES LETTRES*
15 Odd state, without offer it's gloomy (9) SATURNINE {StAtE} over {TURN IN}
17 What can be eaten in Chinaa list (9) PALATABLE {PAL}{A}{TABLE}
19 Is it correct to circle the pole to succeed? (7) PROSPER {PRO{S}PER}
21 Bit of butter on top for security (7) RAMPART {PART}<=>{RAM}
23 Scientist's vehicle papers held up (5) DIRAC {CAR}{ID}<=
25 Fish comes between tangled lines (5) ANGLE [T]

Reference List
Criticize = DIS, Soldiers = RE(Royal Engineers), Party = DO, Papers = ID

Sunday, 1 October 2023

The Sunday Crossword No 3274, Sunday 01 Oct 2023

1   Wise woman displays this in advance of chemistry? (10) PRESCIENCE {PRE}{SCIENCE}
6   Spy’s promise (4) BOND [DD]
9   Robots care about language (5-5) SERBO-CROAT*
10 Refrain from organ piece (4) STOP [DD]
12 Man and lady host gathering for poet (5,6) DYLAN THOMAS {MAN+LADY+HOST}*
15 Illicitly trade in what may protect limb (7) BOOTLEG {BOOT}{LEG}
16 Fails modern subject and blows a fuse (5,2) LOSES IT {LOSES}{IT}
17 Free lunch: main but no starters (7) UNCHAIN {lUNCH}{mAIN}
19 That man, fat, vacuous: Everyman with uncertain expression, having gained weight (7) HEFTIER {HE}{FaT}{I}{ER}
20 Lack of effort in cloakroom (11) CONVENIENCE [DD]
23 Wally rejected covering for playing area (4) TARP<=
24 Roving over dunes with Zulu? It’s a date! (10) RENDEZVOUS {OVER+DUNES+Z}*
25 Reportedly avoided where tears may be flowing (4) DUCT (~ducked)
26 Open-air locations where gunpowder may be disposed of? (3,7) TEA GARDENS [C&DD]

1   What’s held by Royal Mail employee, in more ways than one? (4) POST [DD]
2   What’s enumerated Zion’s returnees assiduously, primarily? (4) EZRA Acrostic Semi&lit
3   Run, after group of three – pray for draw (5-7) CROWD-PLEASER {R}<=>{CROWD}{PLEASE}
4   Listen to Cockneys: drink up, one’s headed for the canal (7) EARPLUG {(~'ear)EAR}{GULP<=}
5   BBC1, perhaps in gutter (7) CHANNEL [DD]
7   Looking up, eye’s taking in fine rain over island (10) OPTIMISTIC {OPTI{MIST}{I}C}
8   Droopy ties rearranged in store (10) DEPOSITORY*
11 Children unbound by rules breaking zester, faulty appliance (5,7) CHEST FREEZER {CH}{EST{FREE}ZER*}
13 Old boy doomed to circle American cape hidden by fog? (10) OBFUSCATED {OB}{F{US}{C}ATED}
14 Little money invested in two scams, one’s fleeced in certain circles thus? (10) CONCENTRIC {CON}{CENT}{tRICk
18 Some tuna Ive tenderised in state of ignorance (7) NAIVETE [T]
19 Spooner's cursed swine with guilty look (7) HANGDOG (~dang hog to hangdog)
21 Drill giving you headache? (4) BORE [C&DD]
22 Fantasist somewhat unchanged (2,2) AS IS [T]

Reference List

Saturday, 30 September 2023

No 13984, Saturday 30 Sep 2023, Spinner

Welcome back Spinner after a long break.

1   Get involved with soldiers trapped in corrupt pleasure (13) ENTERTAINMENT {ENTER}{TAIN{MEN}T}
10 English attack loses leader, short of score by a dozen (5) EIGHT {E}{fIGHT}
11 Former flame criticises Spinner about development (9) EXPANSION {EX}{PANS}{I}{ON}
12 American pop singer's extremely sharp listeners (6) SPEARS {SharP}{EARS}
13 Primarily doctors with specialisation in solving teethy situations, for starters (8) DENTISTS {Do...s}{ENT}{In}{So...g}{Te...y}{Si...s} Semi&lit
15 Silence is a good man's complaint (9) STILLNESS {ST}{ILLNESS}
16 Perform twice for moron (4) DODO {DO}{DO}
20 Letters from boyfriend signalling conclusion, many times over (4) ENDS [T]
21 Comedy arc masquerading as constitutional government (9) DEMOCRACY*
24 Thrilling, unfinished tie - game cut short, interrupted by rains essentially! (8) DRAMATIC {DRAw}{MAT{raIns}TCh}
26 Sympathised with elderly getting irked regularly (6) AGREED {AG{iRkEd}ED}
28 Spinner back on stage, overcoming traces of intense scheduling stress (9) EMPHASISE {ME<=}{PHAS{In...e}{Sc...g}E}
29 Bond protecting tin shield (5) TITLE {TI{TL}E} Anno for TL not clear See comments
30 Spinner trained near ground in Greece or Spain (13) MEDITERRANEAN {ME}{TRAINED+NEAR}*

2   Nation's leader, voted in with gusto initially, failed to take care (9) NEGLECTED {Na...s}{E{Gu..o}LECTED}
3   Crazy tennis player, taking no naps, running at 100% (8) ENTIRELY {TEnNIs+pLaYER}*
4   Endless road, one having many branches (4) TREE sTREEt
5   One's broken promises beginning to nurture suspicion (10) IMPRESSION {1}{PROMISES*}{Nu...e}
6   Home saved by quiet baby (6) MINUTE {M{IN}UTE}
7   Fixes distress between partners (5) NAILS {N}{AIL}{S}
8   Chief's a monster (5) BEAST {BE{A}ST}
9   Sadly, he's not getting love in singular window of opportunity (3,4) ONE SHOT {HES+NOT}* over {O}
14 Unpredictably dive since pursuing one blowing hot and cold (10) INDECISIVE {DIVE+SINCE}<=>{1}
17 Captain features in extraordinary star/hero team that plays together (9) ORCHESTRA {C} in {STAR+HERA}*
18 Irritates too much, endlessly (7) NEEDLES NEEDLESs
19 Disturb broken finger while taking hit on the sides (8) FRIGHTEN {FINGER}* over {HiT}
22 Retiring is about a long distance journey! (6) SAFARI {IS<=} over {A}{FAR}
23 Faintly touched ball, caught in a tight space - Wicket gone! (5) EDGED wEDGED
25 When losing head, a little becomes a lot! (5) AMPLE sAMPLE
27 Look after a piece of rare artwork (4) REAR [T]

Reference List
English = E, Former flame = EX, Good man = ST, Home = IN, Partners = N,S(North and South in Bridge card game), Captain = C

Friday, 29 September 2023

No 13982, Friday 29 Sep 2023, Karaoke

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Drink over drink - It's a drinking spree (4-2) PISS-UP{SIP<=}{SUP}
5   Spooner's defender followed old maid, maybe (4,4) CARD GAME (~ guard came to card game)
9 Tightening to catch thieves chiefly for shoplifting (8) STEALING {S{Th...s}EALING}
10 Pass through evil blood (4,2) SINK IN {SIN}{KIN}
11 They cared for perimeters essentially in struggle (5,5) ARMED FORCE {CARED+FOR+periMEters}* &lit
12 Wine biscuits available partly on counter (4) ASTI [T<=]
13 Low-rent? 50 less for hooter! (5) OWLET {lOW}{LET}
14 Get hold of scoundrel in bishop's diocese (6) SECURE {SE{CUR}E}
17 Wine bar back in airportSiberia (6) BISTRO [T<=]
19 Animal's long laugh outside (5) HYENA {H{YEN}A}
22 Encouraging expression from compound periodically (4) CMON {CoMpOuNd}
24 Training at noon, that maybe marathon mostly or another athletic event (10) PENTATHLON {PE}{N}{THAT*}{LONg}
25 I hear marketing drink makes sense (4,2) ADDS UP {(~ad)ADD}{SUP}
26 Instruments found in radio car in a shed (8) OCARINAS [T]
27 Second slip position (8) BACKDROP {BACK}{DROP}
28 One of two plus one in number (6) EITHER {E{1}THER}

2   Detain one after the other, I say (6) INTERN (~ in turn)
3   Extremely sadistic animals get bunny (9) SCAPEGOAT {Sa...iC}{APE}{GOAT}
4   Traumatic chill essentially disturbing sleep on retirement? Take flu shot (7) PAINFUL {N{chIll}AP}<={FLU*}
5   Primarily cancer institute gives admission readily excluding tobacconists for a whiff (7) CIGARET Acrostic Semi&lit
6   Resorts concocted registers (7) ROSTERS*
7   Intoxicating preparation smuggled out of MichiganJackson (5) GANJA [T]
8   Jogging suit in extra sweat (8) MOISTURE {MO{SUIT*}RE}
15 Edit the technique of weight-loss (5,4) CRASH DIET {EDIT}* [RA]
16 A way between extremes through press, maybe (3,5) VIA MEDIA {VIA}{MEDIA}
18 Ideally, where do you see this grid? (2,5) ON PAPER [C&DD]
19 No-hoper mostly failing to catch cock mainly in cage (3-4) HEN-COOP {NO+HOPEr}* over {Cock}
20 Man-eater roaming freely passing over river in spring (7) EMANATE {MAN+EATEr}*
21 Take measure party-wise (6) DOSAGE {DO}{SAGE}
23 Indian agricultural worker from the South in town (5) NASIK<=

Reference List
50 = L, Bishop's diocese = SEE, Training = PE, Noon = N, Marketing = AD, Drink = SUP, River = R, Party = DO

Thursday, 28 September 2023

No 13981, Thursday 28 Sep 2023, Gussalufz

Solution to 1D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Names everyone in class, discontentedly (5) CALLS {Cla{ALL}sS}
4   Drove naked, sustained by shocks and green lights (9) APPROVALS {APP{dROVe}ALS}
9   Revitalised an empty settlement (7) PAYMENT*
10 Seabird with a bit of gas, breathing heavily (7) PUFFING {PUFFIN}{Gas}
11 Boy, getting old (around ten, almost), ran off (6) BOLTED {B}{OL{TEn}D}
12 Chair sides with motion at the outset, amidst apprehensions (8) ARMRESTS {AR{Mo...n}RESTS}
14 Essentially set lay crossword - style is simple (4) EASY {sEt}{lAy}{c..sSw..d}{stYle}
15 Speech following last month's award (10) DECORATION {ORATION}<=>{DEC}
18 Herb medics ground and smeared? (10) BESMIRCHED*
19 Partition between India and Pakistan, after not the best union? (4) BLOC {LOC}<=>{B}
22 College community claimed: "A campus that has bounced back substantially" (8) ACADEMIA [T<=]
24 Oddly, CEO branded as a key component of our vision (6) CORNEA {CeO+bRaNdEd+As}
26 Solo, featured-in-a-movie, clothed-in-wild-garb dance (7) BHANGRA {B{HAN}GRA*}
27 Nike perhaps goes over dad's limits, son (7) GODDESS {GO{DaD}ES}{S}
28 "Leaf's quality?" Gardener: "Nonsense - so uneven!" (9) GREENNESS {GaRdEnEr+NoNsEnSe+So}
29 CSK: Siraj's reverse carries dangers (5) RISKS [T<=]

1   Spooner says, give money to TV provider with competence (7) C?P?B?E (Addendum CAPABLE (~pay cable to capable) - See comments)
2   Employ A-list stars, mostly for fans (9) LOYALISTS [T]
3   A drop of eggnog replacing egg in scones leads to tantrums (6) SCENES SC(-o+e)ENES
4   Author abruptly kills husband in vehicle (4) AUTO AUThOr
5   Notes from The Hindu say: "Gussalufz carrying on, yes" (5,5) PAPER MONEY {PAPER}{M{ON}E}{Y}
6   Delivery from Gussalufz's baker? (3,5) OFF BREAK {BAKER}* [RA] (Anind is Gussalufz = Crossword)
7   Actress Bhatt's other name (5) ALIAS {ALIA'S}
8   Girl getting involved in two crimes registers presence (5,2) SIGNS IN {SI{G}N}{SIN}
13 Tear C. Vitae's redraft, start once again (10) REACTIVATE*
16 One disparages Sri Lankans? (9) ISLANDERS {1}{SLANDERS}
17 Fantastic HR guide! New professional, known to transform one's life conclusively (5,3) HIRED GUN {HR+GUIDE}*{N}
18 New-gen baba gets a cushy seat (4,3) BEAN BAG*
20 Research Assistant hides body (7) CHASSIS [T]
21 One caught in a conflict backed red cosmetic (6) POWDER {POW}{RED<=}
23 American women are well-informed (5) AWARE {A}{W}{ARE}
25 Food drives? (4) EGGS [DD]

Reference List
Boy = B, Not the best = B, Son = S, Husband = H, Yes = Y, Girl = G, New = N, American = A, Women = W

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

No 13980, Wednesday 27 Sep 2023, Avtaar

Solution to 22D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Frisk vehicle containing traces of valium and opium (6) CAVORT {CA{Va...m}{Op..m}RT}
5   Female writer (one among siblings) releases book about a grand forecourt (8) FRONTAGE {F}{bRONT{A}{G}E}
 I cycled around munching a tasty eatable (8) DELICACY {I+CYCLED}* over A
10 Music-maker turned out in red (6) CLARET CLARinET
11 When one can say “Aye” to Congress? (3,2,7) AGE OF CONSENT [CD]
13 Characters seen regularly in loud party game (4) LUDO {LoUd}{DO}
14 10 1/2 cherries around the far edge of dinner platter (8) TRENCHER {T{d...eR}EN}{CHERries}
17 Very loud, boring leader of outing annoyed about hotel in a foreign country (8) OFFSHORE {Ou...g}{FF}{S{H}ORE}
18 Element of oily fluid causing noise from pen? (4) OINK {Oily}{INK}
20 American President mostly gets charged when ignored (7,5) BRUSHED ASIDE {B{RUSHED}{AS}IDEn}
23 Singular chap leaving a grave (6) SOLEMN {SOLE}{MaN}
24 Interchange, finally cut off by policemen backing supremo (8) DICTATOR {ROTATe}{CID}<=
25 Unknown solvent, initially dropped in, say, tetracycline base (8) KEYSTONE {KE{Y}{So...t}TONE}
26 Venom-spewing poisonous lizards - extremely energetic nasties, basically (6) SPLEEN Acrostic 

2   Lying Bill assumes stand (4) ABED {A{BE}D}
3   Having eggs and duck soup blended with refined-oil-free ravioli (9) OVIPAROUS* {O+SOUP+RAVIoli}*
4   One dealing in retrospective of colour paintings (6) TRADER {RED}{ART}<=
5   Doctor had left one unoccupied luxury hospital confines - couple of females become very angry (3,3,3,6) FLY OFF THE HANDLE {HAD+LEFT+ONE+Lu..rY+H}* over {FF}
6   Working with business head, reviewed the initiation of robotic electric vehicle's detailed test (4-4) ONCE-OVER {ON}{CEO} with {Ro...c}{El...c}{Ve...e}<=
7   Catches bugs holding end of plier (5) TRAPS {T{p..eR}APS}
8   Source of vegetable protein in banger seen coming off (5,5) GREEN BEANS*
12 Protected area is sandy with primarily flora-less frozen, dirty earth (6,4) BUFFER ZONE {BUFf}{FROZEN*}{E}
15 About to be deprived of everything, wins 100 in photo finish (5,4) CLOSE CALL{C}{LOSE ALL} over {C}
16 Inherit land and building? Not I! (4,4) COME INTO {COME}{NOT+I}*
19 When travelling Copernicus avoids open show on stage with animals etc. (6) CIRCUS CopeRnICUS*
21 Requirements from Supreme Court covering training on closure of cases (5) SPECS {S{PE}C}{c..eS}
22 An ending in love stories of a traditional kind (4) ?O?E (Addendum - LORE - L or E - See comments) 'Ends of love, ... ' would have been better. See discussion in comments below.

Reference List
Book = B, Grand = G, Party = DO, Very loud = FF, Hotel = H, When = AS, Unknown = Y, Bill = AD, Fellow = F, Hospital = H, Earth = E, About = C, 100 = C, Training = PE

Tuesday, 26 September 2023

No 13979, Tuesday 26 Sep 2023, Hypatia

Solution to 6D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Educated student lost and made money (6) EARNED lEARNED
4   Primarily a round object not fully closed inside (5,3) ABOVE ALL {A}{B{OVEr}ALL}
9   Anointed after king's annoyed (6) ROILED {OILED}<=>{R}
10 Marching band entertains friend (8) RALLYING {R{ALLY}ING}
11 Average inns not prepared for meat eaters (3-11) NON-VEGETARIANS*
13 Totals set to stay intact (4,2,4) MADE TO LAST {TOTALS}* [RA]
14 Starts to feel elated, nursing Indian liquor (4) FENI Acrostic
16 Excavates cracks (4) DIGS [DD]
18 Ordering unfinished bouquet is so servile (10) OBSEQUIOUS {BOUQUEt+IS+SO}*
21 Important directions from bird shows? (8,6) CARDINAL POINTS {CARDINAL}{POINTS}
23 Periodic movement in cattle, eating quietly, leaving hot shelter (4,4) NEAP TIDE {NEA{P}T}{hIDE}
24 Reverend demands two beverages for exercise (6) TAICHI (~ chai tea to taichi)
25 Essay on Arabs protecting Japanese for so long (8) SAYONARA [T]
26 Leaders of countries yield control locally ending some revolutions (6) CYCLES Acrostic

1   See 2 
2 / 1 Justification of reader is not wrong (6,5) RAISON D ETRE*
3   Never eat pie or sap (8) ENERVATE*
5   Rest of the day in Miss India's regimen? (6,5) BEAUTY SLEEP [CD]
6   Essentially help to fill defunct device with oil on top - it's sticky (6) V?L?R? (Addendum - VELCRO {V{hELp}CR}{Oil} - See comments)
7   Upset by soldier in American gallery (7) AGITATE {A}{GI}{TATE}
8   Record one with audio tapes in the delivery area (9) LOGISTICS {LOG}{1}{(~sticks)STICS}
12 Organ in ball dancing held in grand scale (4,7) GALL BLADDER {BALL}* in {G}{LADDER}
13 Drugs curing endemics around India (9) MEDICINES {MED{I}CINES*}
15 Busy Rani luckily picks up stuff related to cooking (8) CULINARY  [T<=]
17 Young leader gets close to people ultimately in relevant state (7) GERMANY GERMAN(-e+y)Y
19 Model drops to third position in recent visual (7) OPTICAL (-t)OP(+t)TICAL
20 Adventurer seen in comics with money box (6) TINTIN{TIN}{TIN}
22 Victories in matches starting late (4) WINS tWINS

Reference List
Student = L, King = R, Cattle = NEAT, Quietly = P, Hot = H, Grand = G, Model = T

Monday, 25 September 2023

No 13978, Monday 25 Sep 2023, Hypatia

Solution to 23D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Ruffled policeman seizes heroin, possibly from tips (6) CHOPPY {C{H}OP}{Po...lY}
4   Deer regularly rounded up on briar patch (7) CARIBOU {Up+On+BrIaR+pAtCh}<=
9   Resolution and a deviation characterises summit (5,4) NANDA DEVI [T]
10 Editor inspired by origins of vivid imagery characteristic of ancient Hindu texts (5) VEDIC {Vi..d}{ED}{Im...y}{Ch...c}
11 Strangely, winter's not starting still (5) INERT wINTER*
12 Spooner's selfie stance with relative in spectacular bridge? (9) NOSEPIECE (~ pose niece to nosepiece)
13 Inconclusive lawsuit clears individual, producing a blow? (7) MISTRAL MISTRiAL
15 Off without a thought (6) NOTION {NOT ON} over {1}
17 Henry (with the French name) (6) HANDLE {H}{AND}{LE}
19 Tear apart hot aloo at first in bread (7) PARATHA {APART*}{H}{Aloo}
22 Fear drawback in firm freezing target? (9) COWARDICE {CO}{DRAW<=}{ICE}
24 Fancies Hypatia would like to tour Spain (5) IDEAS {I'D}{E}{AS}
26 Soldier chasing my dog (5) CORGI {GI}<=>{COR}
27 What the barber makes is top notch (1,3,5) A CUT ABOVE [DD]
28 Spartan eater wandering around America (7) AUSTERE {A{US}TERE*}
29 Satisfied society, embracing marriage essentially for values (6) MERITS {ME{marRIage}T}{S}

1   Support company backing study (7) CONFIRM {FIRM}<=>{CON}
2   Lightweight predator (5) OUNCE [DD]
3   Covered with make-up and drunk (9) PLASTERED [DD]
4   Red lips caressed by criminal (7) CRIMSON {C{RIMS}ON}
5   Stimulate Spooner, say shortly awake (3,2) REV UP {REV}{UP}
6   Porter's negative feedback (3,6) BAD REPORT {PORTER}* [RA]
7   Cryptic clues entertaining new mamas (6) UNCLES {U{N}CLES*}
8   Herb held up by Allen nefariously (6) FENNEL [T<=]
14 Champions carrying sharp sabre, tense on board (9) STALWARTS {TALWAR}{T} in {SS}
16 Takes time for bud's little girl to run out (9) TERMINATE {T}{gERMINATE}
18 Country builds imaret close to mosque (7) EMIRATE {IMARET*}{m...uE}
19 Supply upper range essentially in agreement before union? (3-3) PRE-NUP {UPPER+raNge}*
20 Responses of readers disheartened after a news broadcast (7) ANSWERS {Re...rS}<=>{A+NEWS}*
21 Plant spies to follow American accountant (6) ACACIA {CIA}<=>{A}{CA}
23 Boost level in reports (5) R?I?E (Addendum - RAISE (~raze) - See comments)
25 Expressive motifs or jolly images, basically! (5) EMOJI Acrostic &lit

Reference List
Heroin = H, Individual = I, Henry = H, The in french = LE, Hot = H, Like = AS, Spain = E, My = COR, Society = S, Study = CON, New = N, Tense = T, Time = T, Accountant = CA