Thursday, 12 October 2017

No 12135, Thursday 12 Oct 2017, Neyartha

1   Bellied patron pilloried after consuming an underground root (11) PROTUBERANT {TUBER} in {PATRON}*
9   Clasp and extract the hidden synthetic material (7) SPANDEX [T]
10 Class of plants providing almonds, coconuts, and cashews in abundance initially (6) ACACIA Acrostic
11 Synthetic material in the colouring stick needs no introduction (5) RAYON cRAYON
12 Character not to be trusted? (7) SKETCHY [DD]
15 Contact associate (4) LINK [DD]
16 Wild cougars circling the westbound salesman and the ship's officer (10) SUPERCARGO {SU{REP<=}CARGO*}
18 Pontoon reportedly pierced the rafter covering (10) BARGEBOARD {BARGE}{BOARD}(~bored)
20 Cards with the son put in front with the valuable goods (4) SWAG (+s)SWAG(-s)
23 European side-show gets freakish after Oscar's eviction (7) SWEDISH {SIDE+SHoW}*
24 Runway structure's power taken out by a gas used to make a synthetic material (5) NYLON (-p+n)NYLON
26 One leaves an Ukrainian city with a gibbon to get a synthetic material (6) KEVLAR {KiEV}{LAR}
27 Article on plea by the student in-charge to get a synthetic material (7) ACRYLIC {A}{CRY}{L}{IC}
28 Frank's scheme to get hold of an Indian wheel component (11) PLAINSPOKEN {PLA{IN}{SPOKE}N}

2   Fee includes party in retreat with an animal (6) RODENT {R{DO<=}ENT}
3   Words in an SMS (4) TEXT [CD]
4   Need to live with the bishop in the outskirts of Bellary to get a fruit (10) BLACKBERRY {LACK}{BE}{RR} in {Be...rY}
5   Heart melts after embracing Tom coming up to connect again (8) REATTACH {REAT{CAT<=}H*}
6   Infernal enclosure for one with a reply to a bad choice (7) NEITHER {NE{1}THER}
Albatrosses at sea abandoned ship with an old navigation instrument (9) ASTROLABE ALBATROssES*
8   Grand one has the Colorado at its bottom (6) CANYON [CD/GK]
13 Moody's motivated by orders (3,2,5) OUT OF SORTS {OUT} {OF} {SORTS}
14 Bully with energy gets rid of the single mark under the auditor's tight collar (9) ROUGHNECK (~ruff){ROUGH}{N(-i+e)ECK}
17 Spoilt wine held in the capital (3,5) NEW DELHI*
19 Uncooked offering pointing to poor treatment? (3,4) RAW DEAL {RAW} {DEAL}
21 Wife composing idyll with great enthusiasm (6) WILDLY {W}{IDYLL}*
22 Dishonest Greek character upset by model in front of the French street (6) UNTRUE {NU<=}{T}{RUE}
25 Part of a garland adorning the lower part of a wall (4) DADO [T]



  1. 1a (tube)(r). Tuber is underground stem. My understanding.

  2. Potato is a typical tuber. It is an outgrowth from a root or stem.

  3. Col.
    Thank you for the informative links- there are always quite a few in Neyartha CW.
    BTW- Is this out of turn?

  4. 'tuber' as a whole means 'underground root'. Ginger, e.g., is a tuber. So no need to look at it as 'tube r'. My suggestion.

  5. Paddy's comment was not there when I came in and typed.

    1. Still a 3 min. gap between our comments.

    2. refresh of blog, particularly mobile version, seems to have lag time. could be my phones refresh settings but its happening. i had to delete few comments in last few days because they were repeat.

  6. Could get to the puzzle only during lunch break. Thought I did a Neyartha puzzle after a long time.This was a typical Neyartha offering. Quite enjoyable.

  7. I solved 1ac as "Couchpotato" and got fixated on it and lost the satisfaction of solving relatively easy synthetic puzzle today

    1. Then enu should have been (5,6) & not 11.

  8. Neyartha is quite natural and not synthetic in his compilation. KEVLAR & SPANDEX are brand names ? Hearing these for the first time. Enjoyed getting the long phrases amd words.