Sunday, 18 May 2014

No 2791, Sunday 18 May 2014

1   Agree, initially, about new hotel by new motorway (8) AUTOBAHN {A}{ABOUT*}{H}{N}
5   Pale china stopper (6) PALLID {PAL}{LID}
9   Carry on about heading for Harwich, far off accommodation for ships (8) WHARFAGE {W{H}{FAR*}AGE}
10 Dog's strong point after bit of breeding (6) BASSET {B}{ASSET}
12 Monk astride large beast of burden (5) LLAMA {L{L}AMA}
13 Disabled, one during dash in battle (2,7) EL ALAMEIN {EL A{LAME}{1}N}
15 Pessimist's frame of mind in retreat, confronting trader (4,8) DOOM MERCHANT {DOOM<=} {MERCHANT}
18 Labour group on seminar (7,5) WORKING CLASS [C&DD]
21 Picture that woman getting in pub round (5,4) LOCAL HERO {LOCAL} {HER}{O}
22 Playwright from Troon? Unlikely (5) ORTON*
23 Batsman's stroke, good cut (6) GLANCE {G}{LANCE}
25 Clergyman, one entering cathedral (8) MINISTER {M{1}NISTER}
26 Sailor needs to be given purpose (6) TARGET {TAR}{GET}
27 Information on summit in bureaucratic language (8) NEWSPEAK {NEWS}{PEAK}

1   When one chooses a serge (2,4) AT WILL {A}{T WILL}
2   Eat out, then secure the wherewithal for a drink (3,3) TEA BAG {EAT*} {BAG}
3   Showman from Niagara River port shown on leaflet (7,4) BUFFALO BILL {BUFFALO} {BILL}
4   One clasping crocodile in confusion? (6-6) HUGGER-MUGGER {HUGGER}-{MUGGER} Mugger comes from 'magarmach' the broad snouted indian crococdile.
6   Commander from Niagara (3) AGA [T]
7   Star embraced by young woman in gambling centre (3,5) LAS VEGAS {LAS {VEGA}S}
8   Set off from public school in time (8) DETONATE {D{ETON}ATE}
11 Travelling OK, on reliable part of the London Underground (8,4) BAKERLOO LINE*
14 Accomplices in case? Scores, I suspect (11) ACCESSORIES*
16 Mean to travel round with one learner driver in the gloaming (8) TWILIGHT {T{W}{1}{L}IGHT}
17 Lacking practical expertise, member beginning to criticise musical (8) ARMCHAIR {ARM}{C}{HAIR}
19 Sculpted figure, say, university acquired (6) STATUE {STAT{U}E}
20 Jacket in tan, or a khaki (6) ANORAK [T]
24 Hint, hint left ignored (3) CUE ClUE


  1. Welcome.
    Is traffic moving on a road below the runway? Where did you get this photo from? Interesting.

    1. Photo from internet. Yes the taxitrack crosses the Autobahn

    2. This is at the Leipzig/Halle Airport. The terminal access is south of the railway while one of the two runways parallels the driveway north of the railway, requiring aircraft to taxi on a bridge over the tracks and roads.

      The airport was the filming location for 'Flightplan' and 'Unknown Identity'.

  2. Great! Yes, I saw it on 'Autobahn'. Thank you.
    There is a big controversy in Chennai about the new runway crossing Adyar river!

    1. In Paris the Metro runs under the airport. I have travelled in it.

  3. Nice to see some regulars here in this LOCAL . very addictive, eh?
    How could one ever fail to enjoy such well-crafted crossie? WORKING CLASS< DOOM MERCHANT and NEWSPEAK were nice to fill in. Enjoyed thoroughly !

    Nice Sunday fare, after the SPECIAL by DG.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Didn't fare well, but after seeing the post I'm figuratively kicking myself for not getting 27A. Why? Because I'm reading 1984 at the moment, and in particular the appendix on 'The Principles of Newspeak'!