Tuesday, 23 January 2018

No 12221, Tuesday 23 Jan 2018, Gridman

I am stumped by 9A and 10A. Any rookie commenter wants to have a go at it, before the regular aces comment at 10 AM?

1   Head of visitors gets Indian potato dish that is very spicy (8) VINDALOO {Vi...r}{IND}{ALOO}
5   Mark rebel leader in small wood (6) STREAK {S}{T{Re..l}EAK}
9   Cowardly disavowal involving soldiers (8) R?C?E?N? (Addendum - RECREANT - {REC{RE}ANT} - See comments)
10 Lout put out last of grass for foremost of marine shells (6) ?A?P?M (Addendum - WAMPUM - {WAMPU(-s+m)M} - See comments)
12 Animal doesn't complete dash (4) ELAN ELANd
13 Brother's old mantra to fix witchcraft (10) BROOMSTICK {BR}{O}{OM}{STICK}
15 Oddball German withholding one small key (6) MISFIT {M{1}{S}{F}IT}
17 Bombard old newspaper from Mumbai (5) BLITZ [DD]
20 Freight vehicle to leave (5) CARGO {CAR}{GO}
21 Pawn's planted in central body (6) CORPSE {CORP'S}E}
24 I'm one with ad-man in cooking up a Net identification string (6,4) DOMAIN NAME {IM+ONE+ADMAN}*
27 If one's in __, one is queued up (4) LINE [FITB]
29 Selfish trait of learner leaving troubled Limoges (6) EGOISM lIMOGES*
30 With this, we can do what we like (4,4) FREE WILL [CD]
31 Small tract in case (6) SHEATH {S}{HEATH}
32 Son's making quick trips, buying things (8) SHOPPING {S}{HOPPING}

1   Grieve madly one's discarded rule of church official (6) VERGER {GRiEVE}*{R}
2   Cretan's distillation of juice (6) NECTAR*
3   Old French painter rises briefly (4) AGED DEGAs With help from Google
4   He has depressant drug — without an iota of doubt (5) OWNER dOWNER
6   Catches section put up by section (5) TRAPS {PART<=}{S}
7   Clearly stated: withdrawal involves one employed in corporation (8) EXPLICIT  {EX{PL{1}C}IT}
 Karnataka chap holds essentially brazen and reckless person (8) KAMIKAZE {KA}{MIK{brAZen}E}
11 Sailor snatches fifty away from fat person (6) BOATER BlOATER
14 Swimming pool keeps order under cover (4) LIDO {LID}{O}
16 Try to manage holding copper — it will be fruitful! (6) FECUND {FE{CU}ND}
17 Painter ignores basically crass foolish talk (4) BOSH BOScH With more help from Google
18 Fast runners get Secret Service to detain Chennai's top milk producer (8) SCUDDERS {S{Ch...i}{UDDER}S}
19 Bloomer from priggish girl (8) PRIMROSE {PRIM}{ROSE}
22 Almost huge relative gets one swimming dress (6) BIKINI {BIg}{KIN}{1}
23 Travel sickness brings black girl back (3,3) JET LAG {JET} {GAL<=}
25 Small picture mother picked out from principal group (5) INSET {maIN}{SET}
26 Pack up hard for parade (5) MARCH {CRAM<=}{H}
28 Ooze style at first, then go up (4) SEEP {St..e}{PEE<=}


Monday, 22 January 2018

No 12220, Monday 22 Jan 2018, Gridman

Answer and annotation for 20A left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   Agree icon is acting harmfully to the said team (8) COINCIDE {ICON*}{CIDE}(~side)
5   Both move around to find you in French jacuzzi (3,3) HOT TUB {TU} in {BOTH}*
10 Father returns to Mumbai neighbourhood for dress (7) APPAREL {PA<=}{PAREL}
11 Compelled army to get wine (7) MADEIRA {MADE}{IRA}
12 Good fight: Lok Sabha makes unpleasant sounds (6) GROWLS {G}{ROW}{LS}
13 Story told to support what prevents one's prompt arrival by road (8) TAILBACK (~tale){TAIL}{BACK}
15 Spirit shown in short race (4) DASH [DD]
16 A Samaritan wandering in US city (5,5) SANTA MARIA*
18 Nominal chief F? (10) FIGUREHEAD F is head of Figure. How do we classify this clue? Rebus?
20 Madly, team took away dirty tote in a raid (4) ?M?K (Addendum - AMOK {teAM}{toOK} - See comments))
23 Marginal shift is causing concern (8) ALARMING*
24 Son and men starting late to gain fanfare (6) SENNET {S}{mEN}{NET}
26 Engineer's plan abruptly stops a learner in dislodgement (7) REMOVAL {RE}{MOVe}{L}
27 I, Sue, managed to have oil put to good use (7) UTILISE {TIL} in {I+SUE}*
28 Go up and down the Supreme Court list (6) SCROLL {SC}{ROLL}
29 Wishes to give up first year's wages (8) EARNINGS yEARNINGS

1   Diplomat accused of romantic escapades (6,9) CHARGE D'AFFAIRES {CHARGED}{AFFAIRES}
2   Wicked rogue with debts (7) IMPIOUS {IMP}{IOUS}
3   Get round to a group (6) CIRCLE [DD]
4   Tedious leaders of Delhi University lying low (4) DULL Acrostic
6   Ex slamming male fold (3,5) OLD FLAME*
7   A vanishing point that is atop a high mountain (4,3) THIN AIR [DD]
8   These dishonest businessmen might deal in white goods too (5,10) BLACK MARKETEERS [CD]
9   Being fair, one man's taking first section to a learner (9) IMPARTIAL {1}{M}{PART 1}{A}{L}
14 Rough up scholar and composer by an account (9) MANHANDLE {MA}{'N}{HANDLE}(~Handel)
17 First in time, grotesque vampire draws a number (8) PRIMEVAL {VAMPIRE*}{A}{L}
19 Indian mother steeped in good rules — set of language rules (7) GRAMMAR {G}{R}{AMMA}{R}
21 Say, say fellows avoid (7) MENTION (~men shun)
22 Again approve surrender (6) RESIGN {RE}{SIGN}
25 A top-grade artist's glow (4) AURA {A}{U}{RA}

Bhargav's Tale

With prices shooting up at an ALARMING rate,
What will happen to citizen's fate?
The old boy in the HOT TUB wondering how to UTILISE
His meagre income and his dreams realise?
The CHARGE DAFFAIRES waiting for the approval,
For some adjustments and some REMOVAL.
The FM the draft budget does SCROLL
Wanting to be IMPARTIAL on the whole.
For welcome news newsmen will DASH
They don't want stocks to CRASH!!