Tuesday, 3 May 2016

No 11690, Tuesday 03 May 2016, Incognito

8   Food for a king in church (4) CAKE {C{A}{K}E}
9   Pimpri smelter has a refractor (5) PRISM [T]
10 Six balls are completed (4) OVER [DD]
11 Grandma, in America, idiotic clot left welcome mat in tatters (6) MEEMAW {WElcoME+MAt}*
12 Robbery of a town on the French railway (8) BURGLARY {BURG}{LA}{RY}
13 Killer's half an inch behind fools (8) ASSASSIN {ASS}{ASS}{INch}
15 Parsee can make a shawl (6) SERAPE*
17 Subject's sailing ship has some yellow coloured sails initially (7) PHYSICS {Ye...w}{Co...d}{Sa..s} in {SHIP}*
19 Churchmen's normal male issues (7) PARSONS {PAR}{SONS}
22 A shoe with straps? It may smell good when burnt (6) SANDAL [DD]
24 Container has unknown, initially liquid, group of chemicals (8) CARBOXYL {CARBO{X}Y}{Li...d}
26 Break French law before old city election at first (8) FRACTURE {FR}{ACT}{UR}{El...n}
28 Chap may go before Walker for a drink (6) JOHNNY (~johnnie)
30 Some tobacco for a pound (4) QUID [DD]
31 Nails levy on air (5) TACKS (~ tax)
32 Dash to garage front for ladder part (4) RUNG {RUN}{Ga...e}

1   Stun Azed at sea (4) DAZE*
2   Denigrates Elizabeth hugging setter and a king (8) BESMEARS {BES{ME}{A}{R}S}
3   Man on board (on board a ship) deposits eggs (6) SPAWNS {S{PAWN}S}
4   Grabbing excitedly without right led to large explosion (3,4) BIG BANG GrABBING*
5   After morning, brothers have first invocation along with a food for the gods (8) AMBROSIA {AM}{BROS}{In...n}{A}
6   English lexicographer's a hunter of birds (6) FOWLER [DD]
7   Buzzer, before first round, gets a beverage (4) BEER {BEE}{Ro..d}
14 Cyrillic letter in possession of Schwarzenegger (5) SCHWA [T]
16 Famous Quaker's Chinese money — a coin (5) PENNY {PENN}{Y}
18 California reduced travel allowance to old Indian city (8) CALCUTTA {CAL}{CUT}{TA}
20 Suffocates small mummies (8) SMOTHERS {S}{MOTHERS}
21 For starters, study chemistry, that is, new chemical equations at first, as part of this (7) SCIENCE {St..y}{Ch...y}{IE}{N}{Ch...l}{Eq...n}
23 Solve: Put a fish in a river (6) DECODE {DE{COD}E}
25 She is confused after jar is returned to Jatin 'Kaka' Khanna (6) RAJESH {RAJ<=}{SHE*}
27 Run out leads to utter defeat (4) ROUT {R}{O}{UTter}
29 Nobody's sister, I hear (4) NONE (~nun)

Monday, 2 May 2016

Holiday, Monday 02 May 2016

No CW today in the online and print editions. Presumably due to May Day yesterday. Too late to set up a special for today.

PS: The blog may not appear on 4th and 5th as I am off to Bandipur on a holiday where internet connectivity may not be there as per the advisory given on the website of the resort. I am not asking anyone else to blog on those days as some setters have complained about other setters blogging/commenting on their CWs, which I personally feel is unwarranted.