Saturday, 13 February 2016

No 11624, Saturday 13 Feb 2016, Gridman

1   Authenticate watch (7) WITNESS [DD]
5   Younger learner has title confused (6) LITTLE {L}{TITLE*}
9   Come to terms with a sin, but not entirely (5) AGREED {A}{GREEd}
10 Clan to run away at night (9) NOCTURNAL*
11 Extremely hearty, rounded-up alien is transparent (7) HYALINE {HeartY}{ALIEN*}
12 River of soil causes animal to retreat to every other mound in front (7) MUDFLOW {MoUnD}{FLOW<=}
13 Origins of announced courses (5) ROOTS (~routes)
14 Somehow parse note in international language (9) ESPERANTO*
16 A person with this keypad skill does not lack connection (9) TOUCHTYPE [CD]
19 Pause in invitation to fellow trailing off repeatedly (5) COMMA {COMe}{MAn}
21 Never short of such unbelievable stories? (7) TALLISH [CD]
23 Conclusion about central group having played more (7) ENCORED {EN{CORE}D}
24 Undergoes? On the contrary, surmounts (9) OVERCOMES {OVER}{COMES} Opposites
25 Income? On the contrary, expenditure (5) OUTGO {OUT}{GO} Opposites
26 Nation's beginning to decline, it's mentioned (6) STATED {STATE}{De...e}
27 Society's fine journalist got fatter (7) SWELLED {S}{WELL}{ED}

1   If told, saint to go round where Meteorologists work (7,7) WEATHER STATION (~whether){WEATHER}{SAINT+TO*)
2   Road not taken in windstorm (7) TORNADO*
3   You can’t see if these are closed (7) EYELIDS [GK]
4   Truly, it might be at the end of a letter (9) SINCERELY [DD]
5   See copper's man as stand-in (5) LOCUM {LO}{CU}{M}
6   Most of the subordinate boom from above (7) THUNDER {THe}{UNDER}
7   Nil loan provided for manufacturing wool extract (7) LANOLIN*
8   Vacillate, as winds may in different seasons (4,3,3,4) BLOW HOT AND COLD [C&DD]
15 Looks closely around essentially lesser noblewomen (9) PEERESSES {PEER{lESSEr}S}
17 String falsehoods in Union Territory — most unattractive (7) UGLIEST {G}{LIES} in {UT}
18 That's when one has some locks removed (7) HAIRCUT [CD]
19 Bike around two sections of Ongole in tropical storm (7) CYCLONE {ONgole} in {CYCLE}
20 Wedded almost entirely to one in shop at front (7) MARITAL {MAR{I}T}{ALl}
22 Chum identified as being partly clammy (5) HUMID [T]

Friday, 12 February 2016

No 11623, Friday 12 Feb 2016, Gridman

It's one of those days, Gridman has stumped me in the SE corner today.

1   Star-shapeda Star-Trek empath flanked by son and daughter (7) ASTROID {A}{S}{TROI}{D}
5   Stormy ocean? A five hundred travelled by water (6) CANOED {OCEAN*}{D}
10 Spartan case working on nervous complaint (7) ASCETIC {CASE*}{TIC}
11 Small working boat, powerful hitter (7) SLUGGER {S}{LUGGER}
12 Sympathetic sort about to give credit to worker in textile industry (9) (Addendum - CALENDRER - {LEND} in {CARER} - See comments)
13 Depend on door device (5) HINGE [DD]
14 Acquire vessel, say (4) EARN (~ urn)
15 Avoids saying what a dog might do when a stranger attacks it (5,4) BITES BACK [C&DD]
18 Large pips? People with these are of generous nature (3,6) BIG HEARTS [C&DD]
20 Shape, the head of which gives a hint of it (4) OVAL ? [CD] See comments
24 Despatch immediately. Poles are lost. Provide funds (5) ENDOW {sEND}{nOW}
25 Card player's confession sits uncomfortably with those who are not practical (9) IDEALISTS {I}{DEAL}{SITS*}
26 One in the pool working on DPhil (7) DOLPHIN*
27 Not all said top English drug is explosive material (7) (Addendum - TOLUENE  {TOLd}{U}{EN}{E} - See comments)
28 Owner changed name to attain fame (6) RENOWN {OWNER*}{N}
29 Brief fervour over old woman in ladies' quarters (7) ZENANAS {NANA} in {ZESt}

2   A quarter of the eye omits nothing of the worldly (7) SECULAR {SE}{oCULAR}
3   Assessment of NCO sailor? (6) RATING [DD]
4   No dicta in Iran resulted in canonical enlistment (13) INCARDINATION*
6   A chum's endless practice in an emirate (3,5) ABU DHABI {A}{BU D}{HABIt}
7   Ball's racing away, that's natural (7) ORGANIC {O}{RACING*}
8   Ran around in the German sewer (6) DARNER {RAN}* in {DER}
9   Observed what the guard did (7) WATCHED [DD]
11 Drama by the way (6,7) STREET THEATRE [CD]
16 Dog — see and explain that twice (4,4) CHOW CHOW {C}{HOW} {C}{HOW}
17 Criticise big assessor (7) ( Addendum - BLISTER {B}{LISTER} - See comments)
19 Dyestuff gets our country's limited ruling (7) INDULIN {IND}{rULINg}
21 Design varies to include a Central leader's guts (7) VISCERA {Ce...l} in {VARIES}*
22 Do really move to hospital section (6) RENDER ? {REND}{ER}
23 Everyone about a Scotsman's limited speech disorder (6) ALEXIA Anno pending (Addendum - ALALIA {AL{A}L}{IAn} - See comments)