Friday, 27 May 2016

No 11711, Friday 27 May 2016, Arden

1   Slight change in sensuality, easy to be overlooked (6) INSULT seNSUaLITy*
4   Regular air service (8) EVENSONG {EVEN}{SONG}
10 Look out! Is it becoming funny? (9) FACETIOUS {FACE}{OUT+IS}* 'It' is superfluous and confusing
11 Relish in bringing us together (5) GUSTO [T]
12 School will tend to go online (7) NURSERY {NURSE}{RY}
13 Get together, participate briefly and secure victory (7) ENTWINE {ENT{WIN}Er}
14 In their circle they are all equal (5) RADII [CD]
15 A study of values cut short, not born for study of life (8) AXIOLOGY {AXe}{bIOLOGY}
18 Its whereabouts little children want to know (8) PUSSYCAT [CD]

20 Those people have resistance as a unit (5) THERM {THE{R}M}
23 Place of exile is revisited by ex-chief of secret police in Russia (7) SIBERIA {IS*}{BERIA}
25 Again choose a dance movie featuring Charlie (7) REELECT {REEL}{E{C}T}
26 One had gone back to zero state (5) IDAHO {1}{DAH<=}{O}
27 Sit out, between end of May to end of July, collect pieces that are tiny (4-5) ITSY-BITSY {SIT*}{maY}-{BITS}{julY}

28 Leaves, having the time to wander through slums (8) GHETTOES {THE+T}* in {GOES}
29 Afraid a sports car has entered (6) AGHAST {A}{G{HAS}T}

1   It's fashionable to spread out and go with the men (8) INFANTRY {IN}{FAN}{TRY}
2   Sow gets dog tied up (7) SECURED {SE{CUR}ED}
3   Draws as fish eater is prone to be excluded (9) LOTTERIES {OTTER} in {LIES}
5   May be invested in exchange, street has a stake (6,8) VESTED INTEREST  {VESTED IN}*{STREET*}
6   Short article — drink up after dusk (5) NIGHT {NIG}{eHT}<=
7   Getting rid of head of state during a trip (7) OUSTING {OU{St..e}TING}
8   Girl makes lover cringe (6) GROVEL {G}{LOVER*}
9   Deploys archaic ways to make sugar (14) POLYSACCHARIDE*
16 Refuse to bother with one who makes a mess (9) LITTERBUG {LITTER}{BUG}
17 Violet will make them stay (8) AMETHYST*
19 One is clearly not happy taking it (7) UMBRAGE [CD]
21 Treacle playing a part (7) ELECTRA*
22 Demanding like a Monarch (6) ASKING {AS}{KING}
24 Some not so orderly, climbing up to perch (5) ROOST [T<=]

Thursday, 26 May 2016

No 11710, Thursday 26 May 2016, Buzzer

1   Plain genius, one outstanding fictional scientist (12) FRANKENSTEIN {FRANK}{EiNSTEIN}
8   Time to squeeze a criminal (4) THUG {T}{HUG}
9   Funny one at times is flat (10) MAISONETTE*
11 Army staff screened and classified (4,2) WANT AD {WAN{T A}D}
12 Set off with one friend to work out (8) ESTIMATE {SET*}{1}{MATE}
14 North America these days regressing for nothing (4) NADA {NA}{AD<=}
16 Bound through meadow unburdened (7) LEASHED {LEA}{SHED}
18 Foyer has grass spread around wall front to back (7) HALLWAY {H{(-w)ALL(+w)W}AY}
19 Land mass surrounded by Helsinki to the west (4) ISLE [T<=]
22 Was aware of food shop mentioned in capital city (3,5) NEW DELHI (~knew deli)
23 Single man losing heart in earnest (6) SOLEMN {SOLE}{MaN}
24 Represented thus, Indian? (10) HINDUSTANI* &lit
26 Intellect is not half bright (4) NOUS lumiNOUS
27 Arcade nearly built in 12 months (8,4) CALENDAR YEAR*

2   Hang-glider sailing across top of Times Square (5-6) RIGHT-ANGLED {HANG-GLIDER}* across {Ti..s}
3   Identified growing endless need (5) NAMED DEMANd<=
4   Size up over 50% of news in online journals (1-5) E-ZINES {E-ZI{NEws}S<=}
5   Kind to restrain hot head showing impatience (9) SHORTNESS {S{H}ORT}{NESS}
6   I say look at ... (3) EYE (~ i)
7   ... tastelessly showy man wearing crown (5) CHEAP {C{HE}AP}
10 Air temperature at first to hold within certain limits (6) TETHER {Te...e}{ETHER}
13 Guardroom is cell, an early imprisoning variety (11) MISCELLANEA [T]
15 Nasty snide lady causing anger perhaps (6,3) DEADLY SIN*
17 Mansion with own lake on island (6) HAVELI {HAVE}{L}{I} That reminded me of Master Haveliram of Buniyaad
20 Spy agency to confiscate new age design bug (6) CICADA {CI{CAD}A}
21 Morning time husband spent with loved one (5) AMOUR {AM}{hOUR}
23 Bristled to turn round adversity at last (5) SPINY {SPIN}{a...tY}
25 Pulse ideally must be taken regularly (3) DAL {iDeAlLy}