Wednesday, 22 October 2014

No 11221, Wednesday 22 Oct 2014, Neyartha


Neyartha has me craving for an early dinner so that I can wade dig into all these yummies (except 11A which I personally don't like) besides using the other food items.

1   Unstable democracies ban parties providing a cold dessert (3,5) ICE CREAM dEMoCRACIEs*
5   Oblong pastry found with note inside rice has been returned (6) ECLAIR {EC{LA}IR<=}
9   At sea, chasten Matt after losing an international cricket game, say (4,5) TEST MATCH {CHaSTEn MATT}* Why say?
11 Take off Roy over smuggling of a dessert (5) FROYO [T]
12 Stuffed Jewish snacks Victor exchanged for quiet cutting tools (7) KNISHES KNI(-v+sh)SHES
14 Lead for the salesman finally moving to the front with a nut, reportedly (7) PRECEDE {(+p)PRE(-p)}{CEED}(~ seed)
15 Cut after the German and the Frenchman's procedure for tattoo removal (12) DERMABRASION {DER}{M}{ABRASION}
17 Confection for corrupt Sharma mostly found inside shrubs (12) MARSHMALLOWS {M{SHARMa*}ALLOWS}
20 Automaton behind a variety of consumer electronics devices (7) ANDROID [GK]
22 Cuban leader in Spain leans back to get the refuse holder (7) CESSPIT {C}{ES}{SPIT<=}
23 It could make a good cake even better (5) ICING [CD]
24 Produce envelope for note with Muslim commander's pardon (4,5) COME AGAIN {CO{ME} {AGA}IN}
26 Pungent rhizome with an orange-brown colour (6) GINGER [GK]
27 Food item has been sent back for distribution around North Dakota and Wisconsin by Charlie (8) SANDWICH {SA{ND}{WI}{C}H<=}

1   Kind of valve that is found outside a salvaged tank (6) INTAKE {I{TANK*}E}
2   Company responsible for a subcontinent's subjugation (4,5) EAST INDIA [GK]
3   Border of an upset Russian village (3) RIM <=
4   Inebriated dipsomaniacs go around the model with a remedy for convulsions (13) ANTISPASMODIC AN{T}SPASMODIC*
6   One might find baristas here (6,5) COFFEE SHOPS [GK]
7   Roused from sleep as damaged cookware brought out an expression of surprise (5) AWOKE coOKWArE*
8   Letters from Mario terrorise the insurgent (6) RIOTER [T]
10 Abnormally high blood sugar in America (13) HYPERGLYCEMIA [E]
13 Turn hostage around with a tropical fern (5-6) HARTS-TONGUE*
16 Old model brought up by a witch on the island gets gullets (9) OESOPHAGI {O}{ESOP<=}{HAG}{I}
18 Kind of the French to leave a gap (6) CARING CleARING
19 Check the quarter for a bad smell (6) STENCH ST(-a+e)ENCH
21 Vocal native of Denmark may stoop (5) DEIGN (~ dane)
25 Supplement with father's article has been misplaced (3) ADD (+a)AD(-a)D



Congrats to the joint winners Maddy, Srivathsan and Raghunath and thanks to all who participated in CWE -2. A special thanks to CV for a stupendous analysis. Was away with guests for most of the day and came in late into the night (by my standards). 

Ok, friends, Indians, Maddy and Srivathsan (Raghunath, I think, will not mind since he has cleverly opted out) , though I am not 'the' winner of the previous CWE (others' clues were better by far), if you don't mind, I shall foolhardily venture to stick my neck out and pick up the proverbial gauntlet or as our DIY-COW friends call it, the Albatross (as in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner), and carry it (or them?) till I pass it/them on to the person who earns it, in my h.o., though my reviews may not be as sound or detailed as CV's. The winner will surely empathise with Joy, coupled with a realisation of  the daunting task ahead, when he encounters the Hindi words 'Haseen Dard' or the 'Delightful pain', which about describes the winner's state of mind.  

The good word, continuing the trend of Indian words,  that you need to tighten your belts with is CUMMERBUND. Please note that no other spelling variant of the given word is allowed. I am well known to have a rather high specific gravity at times, hence I request entrants to kindly give the full annotation, so that my denseness does not imperil their chances.

Finally, the fine print  (it is perfectly fine if you want to print it):
(What follows is a cut, paste and edit from CWE -2): One entry per person in the Comments section. Note that once posted the entry cannot be edited. Nor do I expect you to delete an entry and repost an edited clue. So think well before posting your clue. You have a lot of time - the closing time for this CWE is  Saturday, Oct 25,  23.59. Results may be posted post IXL submission on 26th.
The long duration is given so that more people can take part by using their spare time which may differ from person to person.

Finally, the winner may perhaps take on the mantle of conducting the next CWE at his/her own pace without being  deterred by time constraints or work pressure.