Thursday, 29 January 2015

No 11304, Thursday 29 Jan 2015, Afterdark

A pangram with something to do with R-Day? Saw Gandhi and Swaraj couldn't find the rest. I'm bad when it comes to History.

1   Jews losing margins on capital deposited earlier on tree (6) CASHEW {CASH}{jEWs}
5   Cuba’s capital, say is wrong at the end (6) CLIMAX {Cuba}{LIMA}{X} Capital on double duty
10 As reformed sage, I wield a weapon (7) ASSEGAI {AS}{SAGE*}{I}
11 New villa baron occupied at England is habitable (7) LIVABLE {LIVA{B}L*}{E}
12 To appear indistinct, heartless cheat hid amidst valley (6) DARKLE {DA{RooK}LE}
15 Mother-in-law by the new icehouse chose to leave the location (6) MILIEU {M-I-L}{IcEhoUse}
16 Yes, road laid by military leader and short railway worker (7) YARDMAN {YA}{RD}{Mi...y}{ANd}
17 Leaders of Indian republic and Qatar seen in another country (4) IRAQ Acrostic
18 Look, go back with the French... (4) OGLE {OG<=}{LE}
19 ...old fellow on new Ford/Alto designed for travelling (3-4) OFF-ROAD {O}{F}{F-ROAD*}
20 Used Iodine and Vanadium to make a weapon (4) SHIV {SH}{I}{V} SH for second hand?
22 Army at Line of Control, discharged a round to get a mineral (4) TALC {TA}{LoC}
25 Maple leaf trimmed on both sides, fermented to make a drink (4,3) PALE ALE {mAPLE+LEAf}*
27 Animal moves about further high, consumes a bit of sherry and misbehaves (4,2) ACTS UP {CAT*}{Sh...y} {UP} (Addendum - {(-c)A(+c)CT}{Sh...y} {UP} - See comments)
28 Sick seamen given injections, perhaps (6) ENEMAS*
31 And lutetium introduced in with Uranium makes top abrasive (7) ALUNDUM {A{LU}ND}{U}{Makes}
32 Bulb onion Northern Ireland exported is a parody (7) LAMPOON {LAMP}{OniON}
33 Write, scribble about husband being more pale (6) WHITER {W{H}ITER*}
34 Complain about light infantry's confidence (6) BELIEF {BE{LI}EF}

2   Gold on road, river at Iowa and another country (7) AUSTRIA {AU}{ST}{R}{IA}
3   Tall lady is heartless, very much (6) HIGHLY {HIGH}{ladY}
4   To move quickly, wife and husband first zipped past the island (4) WHIZ {W}{H}{I}{Zi...d}
5   To seal leak, evacuate accountant first (4) CALK {CA}{LeaK}
6   Fruitless to regularly sign a villain, out bedridden (2,4) IN VAIN {sIgN} {VillAIN}
7   Wandering with one Doctor Lingam before noon passed (7) AMBLING {A}{MB}{LINGam}
8   Leader's handshake accepted by soldier (6) GANDHI {G{HAND*}I}
9   Overthrown Burmese king ran away in a daze (6) BEMUSE BUrMESE*
13 Listener at French capital to fold perhaps, a cover (7) EARFLAP {EAR}{Fr...h}{LAP}
14 Crowned king after a party, service by earl and duke followed (7) ADORNED {A}{DO}{RN}{E}{D}
15 Restrain person taking gold from prophet (7) MANACLE {MAN}{orACLE}
20 Netaji's war, a justifiable part of self-rule in India (6) SWARAJ [T]
21 Fact revealed by hit & run accident around the junction (2,5) IN TRUTH {IN {T}RUTH*}
23 Deranged mother-in-law's twin out to make an opening in the garment (7) ARMHOLE MOtHER-in-LAw*
24 Nothing left after accountant's error at gambling den (6) CASINO {CA}{SIN}{O}
25 Expert in joke died, his heart tripped first (6) PUNDIT {PUN}{D}{hIs}{Tr...d}
26 Coat of animal about to be taken off by nurse coming earlier (6) ENAMEL {EN}{cAMEL}
29 General appearance of man inside... (4) AMIR {A{M}IR}
30 of a lout throwing son upfront (4) SLOB (+s)SLOB(-s)


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

No 11303, Wednesday 28 Jan 2015, Afterdark

1   Emphasis on a cricket club to pick specialist (6) ACCENT {A}{CC}{ENT}
4   Opt out of autopsies doctor did on a dog breed (6) AUSSIE AUtopSIES*
9   Feeling weak and sick (4) WILL {W}{ILL}
10 Pardons sloppy animals lacking brain (10) REMISSIONS Anno pending (Addendum - {REMISS}{lIONS} - See comments)
11 City to return cooking implement of India (6) OTTAWA {OT<=}{TAWA}
12 Wrong call left listener with a signal that danger is over (3,5) ALL CLEAR {ALL C}*{L}{EAR}
13 Comes again with cut fruits... (9) REAPPEARS {REAP}{PEARS}
15 ... and Russian drink cocktail on Virginia ship (5) KVASS {cocK}{VA}{SS}
16 Devastated outcasts, left USA with a famous slave (5) SCOTT OuTCasTS*
18 A serious discord at bender about burial places (9) OSSUARIES {OSSUARIE}*{S}
22 Nude dad danced with maiden as attachment (8) ADDENDUM {ADDENDU*}{M}
23 Public relations is sadly empty and formal (6) PRISSY {PR}{IS}{SadlY}
25 Marriage, for instance restrained by loyalty (10) ALLEGIANCE {ALL{EG}IANCE}
26 A bird stranger released at waterfall (4) LINN LINNet
27 As guards surround alien property... (6) ASSETS {AS}{S{ET}S}
28 ...main course, Bush hides behind corner (6) ENTREE {EN}{TREE}

1   Let tail wag a bit (1,6) A LITTLE*
2   Name a plant (5) CALLA {CALL}{A}
3   Report on fraternal fight, without head or tail (7) NARRATE fRATERNAl*
5   Union leader to spell out about offering more to same customers (6) UPSELL {Union}{SPELL*}
6   Side effect of pills, son took earlier is done with (9) SPILLOVER {(+s)SPILL(-s)}{OVER}
7   Groups of nine seen and destroyed (7) ENNEADS*
8   Oriental doctor, by mistake arrests man in guilt (13) EMBARRASSMENT {E}{MB}{ARRASSMENT*}
14 Laggards on drug, sick, rest around emergency room (9) PUTTERERS {PUT}{T{ER}ERS*} PUT/on drug ? (Correction - POTTERERS {POT}{{T{ER}ERS*} - See comments)
17 Conservative editor run down, for adding a mark to change pronunciation (7) CEDILLA {C}{ED}{ILL}{A}
19 Many an equipment designed to find IQ out (7) UMPTEEN EqUiPMENT*
20 Character spoiled scene following partner's direction (7) ESSENCE {E}{S}{SCENE*}
21 Dad angry on cocaine being taken by IT fiend (6) ADDICT {DAD*}{I{C}T}
24 More sick? Pill, erythromycin will contain (5) ILLER [T]