Monday, 27 February 2017

No 11941, Monday, 27 Feb 2017, Arden

Arden continues .. a hattrick today
17d remains a bit of a mystery...thanks to Bhavan for the explanation--see below
Some rather interesting points - use of  invasion as inclusion indicator in 29a is rather clever..
1d..well we thought we had seen every variation of Sudoku.. but heres a new one !
Enjoyed the use of "felt" in 7d
And well 2d is unconventionally rather pleasant..isnt it?

9. Do release force, it's affected (7) UNCTION {(-F)UNCTION}
10. Say "Rent-a-car" and Charlie goes around (7) NARRATE (RENT A CAR - C)*
11. Blocknot even once clued correctly (7) OCCLUDE (OnCe)(CLUED)*
12. City bum talked regularly (7) SEATTLE (SEAT)(TaLkEd)
13. Ran about acquiring large working capital (4,5) ULAN BATOR (RAN ABOUT L)*

15. Gum from diesel emission (5) ELEMI (T)
16. Parched by morning — drank last of the juice, rejected wine (7) MADEIRA {ARI(juicE)D)(AM)<==
19. Two styles — lacking the French humility (7) MODESTY (MODE)(STYle)
20. Rag chase? (5) TEASE (TEA = CHA)(SE)
21. Regulation to exchange Dinar in the past (9) ORDINANCE (DINAR)* in ONCE
25. Cringle as group of ministers encountered internal resistance (7) GROMMET R(RESISTANCE) in (GOM)(MET)
26. He had a drink with 60 soldiers once (7) MANIPLE NIP in MALE
28. Our intervention in turn disembarked woman traveler (7) TOURIST (OUR) in T(-W)IST
29. Striking second time there is foreign invasion (7) SALIENT ALIEN (foreign) in (Second)(Time)

1. Puzzle to solve during London to New York flight (6) SUDOKU (DO)solve in (UK) (US)<==
2. Undercurrents vital even though it's thorny (6) ACACIA (AC)(AC)(vItAl)
3. Place to sleep with you, I heard (4) LIEU (LIE)(U)
4. Thought of camping... (6) INTENT DD/CD
5.'s too close, most of the capital's under fear (8) ANGSTROM (ANGST)(ROM(-E))
6. Equip old fellow for the final conflict (10) ARMAGEDDON (ARM)(AGED)(DON)
7. Felt presence of hair on the bed (8) MATTRESS (MAT)(TRESS)
8. Hidden virtue still surfacedsuch audacity (8) TEMERITY (MERIT) in (YET)<==
14. Bishop takes the bus daily, she helps in the union (10) BRIDESMAID (B)(RIDES)(MAID)

16. Interest in a university entrance exam will help (8) MITIGATE I(interest) in (MIT)(GATE)
17. Too sick to climb, use no intermediary for talk (8) DIALOGUE (LAID UP)(GO UP)(UsE) See Comments
18. A poor nation, no choice for a renegade (8) APOSTATE (A)(POor)(STATE)
22. Check petition for some fine material (6) DAMASK (DAM)(ASK)
23. New copies left in the city (6) NAPLES (N) L in APES

24. They are held, one finally escapes (6) EVENTS (onE)(VENTS)
27. Nothing exceptional on top of the flower (4) NILE (NIL)(Exceptional)


Legend : Definition, Solution, Letters in wordplay, Indicators (of all sorts)

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Special, Sunday 26 Feb 2017, Bruno

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Harry’s no joint-family material (8)
5   I visited Nepal; surprisingly its mountainous (6)
9   Part of society endlessly progressing towards the west (7)
10 Summer bird tucks head behind tail and relaxes (7)
11 More experienced midfielders? (5)
12 Weather condition’s unpredictable in Mars or Neptune’s core (9)
13 Thinking of arrest? (12)
17 Dance partners love teal ensemble or blue (12)
20 Fruit container has a lot crushed on top (9)
22 Tiara worn with rope? (5)
23 Guy sat around gobbling Mexican food (7)
24 Enchilada, man tasted, contained a hard substance (7)
25 Troubled Western Territory seceded and was reattached (6)
26 Talking and talking… head’s falling off (8)

1   Smiled falsely? (6)
2   Setter’s right to tear into boys’ masters (6)
3   One with magical powers to cure our herpes (9)
4   Break in time and space’s closing; energy’s being released in discharge (13)
6   Sings little short tunes when on vacation (5)
7   Setter’s love’s not returned by one – starting to cause a kind of tension (8)
8   Bottom of plane scraping top part of building, gets right to land (8)
10 Worthlessly expensive health plan I tweet about? ALT-left out! (5,8)
14 Every other liberal, essentially, needs to disrupt alt-right’s new hate-spewing leader (9)
15 Trainer of high class pet travelled around and around (8)
16 Waves with vigour… having landed from overseas (8)
18 Is about to go over a long distance tour (6)
19 Make America great, free of prejudice at last, grand, and diverse (6)
21 Happy at the start of afternoon… by midnight, sad (5)

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