Thursday, 2 October 2014

No 11205, Thursday 02 Oct 2014, Gridman

On seeing an out-of-turn Gridman, I thought the special would be something to do with Gandhi but it turned out to be for Ayudha Pooja. 
Stumped by 2D

1   Provided security device for an implement (8) GAVELOCK {GAVE}{LOCK}
6   Tiresome sort to make a hole (4) BORE [DD]
9   Shifts legs to an order: “Start moving!” (4,2) LETS GO*
10 Policeman carrying hard weapon (7) CHOPPER {C{H}OPPER}
13 She's holding large, moveable lifting gear (5,4) SHEAR LEGS {SHE{AR LEG*}S}
14 Plead with leaders of safe environment falling off tree (5) BEECH BEseECH
15 One not working x (4) IDLE Anno not clear (Addendum - INTO {1}{NOT*} - See comments)
16 Enthusiast gets woman to accept right bolt turner (3,6) NUT WRENCH {NUT} {W{R}ENCH}
19 Idle talk about perils in dropping grasping tools (3,6)  GAS PLIERS {GAS} {PERILS*}
21 Choose a tool (4) PICK [DD]
24 Chart can be made out of mechanical tool (5) RATCH*
25 German in the outskirts of Cochin finds trap in separating machine (6,3) COTTON GIN {Coc{OTTO}hiN} {GIN}
26 Farming machine company's bad result leaving son out (7) COULTER {CO}{REsULT*}
27 Learner in lady's private room is a fan (6) BLOWER {B{L}OWER}
28 Small residue in window frame (4) SASH {S}{ASH}
29 A robber's broken shield (8) ABSORBER*

2   Live-in representative having a spine that is crooked because of antiquity (3-4) A?E-?E?L (Addendum - AGE-BENT {AGE-{BE}NT} - See comments)
3   Make certain that reprimand doesn't start (6) ENSURE cENSURE
4   How a man may be down to win the hand of a woman, perhaps (2,3,4) ON ONE KNEE [CD]
5   Thrills in boots? (5) KICKS [DD]
7   Parentless kid having energy is enchanting (7) ORPHEAN {ORPH{E}AN} New word for me
8   Mostly gather Krishna is in a different avatar of great importance (12) EARTHSHAKING {GATHEr+KRISHNA}*
11 Variety of sandpiper in neat attempt to circle head of rooster (6) OXBIRD {OX}{BI{R}D} Anno not clear  See comments
12 Sellers' figures when magnate meddles around the middle of sacks (6,6) ASKING PRICES {AS}{KING} {PRI{saCks}ES}
17 Trials about a form of transport for containers in the lab (4,5) TEST TUBES {TEST {TUBE}S}
18 Ancient headgear no longer in fashion (3,3) OLD HAT {OLD} {HAT}
20 Not that you shouldn't stand taking fresh air in these places in homes (3-4) SIT-OUTS [CD]
22 Italian's English (7) INGLESE [E]
23 One might die, say, for this (6) HONOUR [CD] (Addendum - COLOUR (dye~die) - See comments)
25 It's about spooky group kidnapping leaders of racist company (5) CIRCA {CI{R}{C}A}


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

No 11204, Wednesday 01 Oct 2014, Anon

Greetings to our new setter Anon. A welcome offering to our hungry gang members ;-)

1   Secret believer loses naivety initially (6) COVERT COnVERT
4   A team's digressions (6) ASIDES {A}{SIDES}
9   Slain American journalist beheaded by nobleman? (4) EARL pEARL
10 Displayed ground cereal grains sourced in outhouse (10) FLOURISHED {FLOUR}{In}{SHED}
11 Governors capture, surround a woman leader (6) NAWABS {N{A}{W}ABS}
12 Built spy to aid Orwellian 1984-like setting (8) DYSTOPIA*
13 Spider hit, smashed lab equipment (5,4) PETRI DISH*
15 Strike the head of one to get fire (5) INGLE sINGLE
16 Thin and weak West Indian secret agent (5) WISPY {WI}{SPY}
18 Privacy of counsel is questionable (9) SECLUSION*
22 Praised the corrupted? Perhaps not! (8) ADULATED ADULterATED Deletion of 'ter' not clear
23 Queen comes back to team lodge (6) RESIDE {RE<=}{SIDE}
25 Suitability of Chief doctor for initial reaping of knowledge (10) EXPERIENCE EXPE(-d+r)RIENCE (Correction - EXPEDIENCE EXPE(-r+d)DIENCE - See comments)
26 To run slowly back is a civil wrong? (4) TORT <=
27 He initially tried to vary, waver (6) DITHER {He+TRIED}*
28 Receptacle loses first hinge, goes wide (6) ASTRAY AShTRAY

1   It's a farce to burn a deed partly (7) CHARADE {CHAR}{A}{DEed}
2   House that rogue is not in (5) VILLA VILLAin
3   Said no to combine sheltered by communist (7) REFUSED {RE{FUSE}D}
5   Pressure on top of steel lock (6) STRESS {S}{TRESS} S for 'steel' acceptable? See comments
6   Number of noblemen beginning to go for rebates (9) DISCOUNTS {D}{vISCOUNTS}
7   Places I resolved to be significant (7) SPECIAL*
8   Criminal coming down, patronizing (13) CONDESCENDING {CON}{DESCENDING}
14 Disgusting outcast returning from fasting period (9) REPELLENT {REPEL<=}{LENT}
17 Unquestionably accepted the unknown, catalogued it (7) INDEXED {INDE{X}ED}
19 Donation given to a massive ship (7) LARGESS {LARGE}{SS}
20 Neat hospital attendant (7) ORDERLY [DD]
21 Wise man teeming with controversy (6) STRIFE {ST}{RIFE}
24 Celebrity without one musical instrument (5) SITAR {S{1}TAR}