Saturday, 18 April 2015

No 11372, Saturday 18 Apr 2015, Gridman

1   Lower the record in clothing (7) DEPRESS {D{EP}RESS}
5   Check very fiery disposition (6) VERIFY {V}{FIERY*}
9   Spirit of a slender maiden? (5) SYLPH [DD]
10 Will students take it and worshippers say it before time? (9) TESTAMENT {TEST}{AMEN}{T}
11 Rare ornamentation around geometric pattern for frequent patron (7) REGULAR {RE{GUL}AR}
12 Cordial gathering at a fair (7) RATAFIA*
13 Means to shake lions' prides (5) MANES*
14 Little boy in one country or another (9) AUSTRALIA {AUSTR{AL}IA}
16 Slur envoy put out in a state of apprehension (9) NERVOUSLY*
19 Place of birth (5) NATAL [DD]
21 Walks quietly to provide info to vacuous examinees (7) TIPTOES {TIP}{TO}{Ex...eS}
23 Equip group with sleeve adornment (7) ARMBAND {ARM}{BAND}
24 If you do this, things may not go off the shelf quickly (9) OVERSTOCK [CD]
25 Hang medical man's animal (5) DRAPE {DR}{APE}
26 Sailor boy? One of four (6) SEASON {SEA}{SON}
27 Botched-up medical lecture (7) DECLAIM*

1   Record on border by one country is of class distinction (14) DISCRIMINATION {DISC}{RIM}{1}{NATION}
2   Only GOP can make out the figure (7) POLYGON*
3   Once healthy, son lets it all out (7) EXHALES {EX}{HALE}{S}
4   Relaxed, to begin with, such are these times! (9) SATURDAYS [CD] With SAT at the beginning
5   A face-saving device in Medieval times (5) VISOR [CD]
6   Church official acquires a pile (7) REACTOR {RE{A}CTOR}
7   Dissatisfied with French flute going awry (7) FRETFUL {FR}{FLUTE*}
8   What a disappointed person might say after awakening (2,3,3,1,5) IT WAS ALL A DREAM [CD]
15 Journalist, going after bird, indulged in frolic (9) SKYLARKED {SKYLARK}{ED}
17 Agent, allowed ultimate luxuriance, is fully satisfied (7) REPLETE {REP}{LET}{l...cE}
18 They are found among the reeds (7) OBOISTS [CD]
19 Wandering in-charge follows rise of Pythias's friend (7) NOMADIC {NOMAD<=}{IC}
20 Singsong syllables from coach — old, old cricketer (3-2-2) TRA-LA-LA TRA-{LA-LA} Anno for TRA pending
22 Clipped opening of speech on crescent part (5) SHORN {Sp...h}{HORN}



All the best to all participants. May the best person win.