Tuesday, 6 October 2015

No 11518, Tuesday 06 Oct 2015, Neyartha

Mr Bean's day today.

7   Identify contraption involving the Spanish without doubt (10) DEFINITELY {EL} in{IDENTIFY}*
9   Learner abandoned flute with the fuel (4) PEAT PlEAT
10 Blast around the long-standing delta is a result of placer mining (4,4) GOLD DUST {G{OLD} {D}UST}
11 In the chat, Reddy exhibited disgust (6) HATRED [T]
12 Colour of the jam and egg replaced by an adult (5) BLACK BL(-o+a)ACK
13 What a batsman needs to get right for a boundary assignment (9) PLACEMENT [DD]
14 Ravi almost went back to the speaker's urban district with the college team (7) VARSITY {iVAR<=}{SITY}(~ city)
17 Senior citizens yell uncontrollably on catching the counter colour (7) ELDERLY {EL{DER<=}LY*}
20 Speak uneasily after showing lack of knowledge in a bird and some beans (9) CHICKPEAS {CHICk}{SPEAK*} (Addendum - {CHICken}{SPEAK*} - See comments) I enjoy eating these straight from the pod 
22 Unruly mob following the hot British leader with a dangerous weapon (1-4) H-BOMB {H}-{Br...h}{MOB*}
25 Find and settle (6) LOCATE [DD]
26 Rob goes back with a note including a share of a type of bean (8) BORLOTTI {BOR}{LOT}{TI}
27 Leaders of the farmers and vintners avoid a type of bean (4) FAVA Acrostic
28 Henry's out of the passage at the clinic after losing margins with a type of bean (10) CANNELLINI {ChANNEL}{cLINIc}

1   Reaction to the Election Commission getting entrapped in the churn (6) RECOIL {R{EC}OIL}
2   It need not be literally done to become alert (3,2) SIT UP [CD]
3   Projector part getting a revolutionary illuminated ring with some beans (7) LENTILS {LEN{TIL<=}S}
4   Pretended to get awfully itchy as the French sickness spread around (8) MYTHICAL {M{ITCHY*}AL}
5   Must strangely cover up the plutonium with phlegm (6) SPUTUM {S{PU}TUM*}
6   Protective of the one kicked out of the disorderly parliament after commencement (8) MATERNAL pARLiAMENT*
8   Installs the main duct system partially (7) INDUCTS [T]
15 New form of trachoma resulting from a type of lens system (8) ACHROMAT*
16 One might not give it for something not cared about (8) TUPPENCE [CD]
18 Mix up by short male friend getting a coating of calcium hydroxide from the south (7) EMBROIL {BRO} in {EMIL<=}
19 Malt Ben brewed is having a gentle glow (7) LAMBENT*
21 Right to go up in an automobile with a tank for neckwear (6) CRAVAT {C(+r)RA(-r)}{VAT}
23 Yankee getting rid of the German leader in silencing the rebellion (6) MUTINY MUTIN(-g+y)Y
24 Projecting window design in the circular letter sounds authentic (5) ORIEL {O}{RIEL}(~ real)


Monday, 5 October 2015

No 11517, Monday 05 Oct 2015, Neyartha

1   Lively rower at sea in the Chinese waterway (6,5) YELLOW RIVER*
9   Tunic, ornate, hides a mythical creature (7) UNICORN [T]
10 The beginning of a printing process (6) OFFSET [DD]
11 A dark one might be an unexpected winner (5) HORSE [CD]
12 Leave with the American tout's apprentice to the castle (7) SCARPER SCA(-l+r)RPER
15 Start off with a mistake in a place for prayer (4) APSE lAPSE
16 Broken rattle in the middle of a food shop counter was neglected (3-7) ILL-TREATED {RATTLE}* in {ILED} <=
18 Watch the baseball wicket-keeper's stunner (3-7) EYE-CATCHER {EYE}-{CATCHER}
20 Leaders of the native inhabitants look enthusiastically at the waterway (4) NILE Acrostic
23 Green foliage in the road that is a part of the staged revue (7) VERDURE {RD} in {REVUE}*
24 Members of a certain religion need no introduction to this waterway (5) INDUS hINDUS
26 Preserved in a can with a hollow brought about by boxing at home (6) TINNED {IN} in {DENT<=}
27 A musical composition on the mercy of the queen making way for a model (7) QUARTET QUARTE(-r+t)T R for Queen is there in Chambers
28 Land between two major waterways, site of many an ancient civilization (11) MESOPOTAMIA [CD] Also found between 7 and 8 :-)

2   French missile collection reportedly spotted behind the exhibition without power (6) EXOCET {EXpO}{CET}(~set)
3   Floor covering with the animal's name moved up slightly (4) LINO LI(+n)NO(-n)
4   Court Washington with the voice of an axe wielder in a forest (10) WOODCUTTER {WOO}{DC}{UTTER}
5   Strangely reconfirm Charlie's absence for the spy (8) INFORMER {REcONFIRM}*
6   A factor in the natural environment (7) ELEMENT [DD]
7   Parsee hut damaged by a waterway (9) EUPHRATES*
8   Waterway in Haiti? Grist production in Iraq depended on it (6) TIGRIS [T]
13 Timepiece used in communication with a type of bedside alarm (5,5) CLOCK RADIO {CLOCK} {RADIO}
14 Bad luck to clean dirty vase (9) ADVERSITY*
17 Admirer of the lawyer's no good at the ball with a provocative courtship dance (8) FANDANGO {FAN}{DA}{N}{G}{O}
19 Couple of Orientals confiscating timer sent up by a Christian recluse (7) EREMITE {E}{REMIT<=}{E}
21 Write and accuse in speech (6) INDITE (~ indict)
22 I'd go up before raising a directive on the island festival (6) DIWALI {DI<=}{WAL<=}{I}
25 Lung aiding divers? (4) AQUA [CD]