Tuesday, 2 September 2014

No 11179, Tuesday 02 Sep 2014, Afterdark

At Afterdark's awesome chemistry class today, though it was never my favourite subject. Trouble in the NE.

1   Group of organic compounds I took out from Chari's body Ron cremated (11) HYDROCARBON {CHARi+BODY+RON}*
9   After cutting a bit of avocado, apple, raspberry, strawberry, sprinkle garam masala to the mixture (7) AMALGAM {GaraM+MAsALA}*
10 Immobile old man sent out, guards take his place (7) S?S?I?? (Addendum - SESSILE SE(-n+ss)SSILE - See comments)
11 Test century outside, extremely risky (3,2) TRY ON {T{RiskY} ON}
12 Strengthened the mangled iron you fixed inside the barn (9) NOURISHED {NO{U}RI*}{SHED}
13 Gather the animal around mother (5) AMASS {A{MA}SS}
15 Perplexing why we hear Honduras has no water (9) ANHYDROUS {ANH{Y(~why)}DROUS*}
18 Rendezvous saint had with American president made an impression (4,5) DATE STAMP {DATE} {ST}{AM}{P}
21 Idly visualise Isis flying to where Iris is (5) UVEAL VisUALisE*
22 Action initiated by agent with Tom's ally to lose weight and attract girl (9) CATALYSIS {CAT}{ALlY}{SIS}
24 Eat, maybe an young butterfly from the east after a sip of lemonade (3,2) LAP UP {Lemonade}{AP UP<=}
26 Liking pineapples is inherent in an important person (7) KINGPIN [T]
27 Charge model caught in violent unrest (7) ENTRUST {EN{T}RUST*}
28 Rigid medico loses love in a rage (11) DOCTRINAIRE {DOCToR}{IN}{A}{IRE} New word for me

1   Scorched earth, lynched leader and had central region (9) HEARTLAND {EARTH*}{Lynched}{AND}
2   Journal has boring wrapper, one article inside (5) DIARY {D{1}{A}RY}
3   Orange juice is consumed by leading Sheriff and Marshals (9) ORGANISES {ORGAN{IS}E*}{Sheriff}
4   Frenzied mania around doctor's compound (7) AMMONIA {AM{MO}NIA*}
5   Bi? Bizarre. Bust him (7) BISMUTH*
6   Japanese ABCD? (5) NISEI [CD] Definition not clear See comments
7   Memory in a corner on the alloy... (8) NICHROME {NICH{ROM}E}
8   ...the first on the element (4) ???D (Addendum - LEAD [DD] - See comments)
14 At sea, Titanic crashed — 99 perished (8) ASTATINE {SEA+TITANic}*
16 Chief has awful trouble, losing king and a pair (9) DOUBLETON {D{TrOUBLE*}ON}
17 Sailor with bad temper shells out money to get gunpowder (9) SALTPETRE {SALT}{TEmPER*}
19 As canister broke, tea spilled out (7) ARSENIC CANIStER*
20 Regret coming back behind ancient chemist (7) PASTEUR {PAST}{EUR<=}
22 Drug, strangle, and take time out (4) COKE ChOKE Time=Hour=H?
23 Wrongly implied, me not fat (5) LIPID ImPLIeD*
25 Physicist's note to be extracted from boiling peanut oil (5) PAULI {PeAnUt+oIL}*

 Cartoon by Rishi


Monday, 1 September 2014

No.11178, Monday 01 Sep 2014, The Phantom

The Ghost who sets has handled the long ones nicely, but I find that 'ship' for SS and 'a new' for AN being used more than once

1 Unfortunate one’s first target for pervert (6) SADIST (SAD 1'S T)
4 Achilles’ heel perhaps is not about sore foot trouble (4,4) SOFT SPOT (SORE-RE FT SPOT)
10 Back expert’s experience to manage hospital and a new children’s home (9) ORPHANAGE (PRO< AGE to manage H A N )
11 Plot left empty primarily for a deciduous tree (5) MAPLE (MAP L E)
12 A ship’s crossing near the depths of the ocean (5) ABYSS (A SS crossing BY)
13 Dismiss and banish knight, say in anger for blasphemy (9) SACRILEGE (SACK-K, EG in RILE)
14 Antelope inhabits pasturelands (5) ELAND (T)
16 English aristocrat provides support (8) BACKBONE (CD) (E NOB<) Rev. reversal
19 Intoxicated, drunk with power for thrilling moment (4,4) HIGH SPOT (HIGH SOT with P)
20 For starters, speed’s not apparent in lumbering slow mover (5) SNAIL (acrostic)
23 Most Irish are organised or haphazard? (3-2-4) HIT OR MISS (MOST IRISH)*
24 Greeting uttered by overexcited individual (5) HYPER (~HI PER)  imo, hyper is an adjective, short for hyperactive, and not a noun, whereas the defn. here is anoun
26 Doctor nursing strange ill-tempered person (5) GRUMP (GP nursing RUM)
27 I and anti-beer? Wrong, I’m a drunk (9) INEBRIATE (I ANTI-BEER)*
28 Drug, medicine in short applied around head for relief (8) EMBOSSED (E MED around BOSS) imo, embossed would be moulded or carved in relief, not just relief itself, which would usually be used in this sense as 'in relief'
29 Many outsiders cross Indian city (6) MYSORE (ManY SORE)

1 Work hard on a new jingle (6) SLOGAN (SLOG A N)
2 Inactive? Perform exercises essentially in gym (5) DOPEY (DO PE Y)
3 Flag ship carrying sailors accompanied by band (5,3,7) STARS AND STRIPES (SS carrying TARS AND STRIPE)
5 Wear a cover to keep warm with this? (8) OVERCOAT (A COVER TO)*
6 Anyone tardy? Drink mocha for a change (3,4,3,5) TOM DICK AND HARRY (TARDY DRINK MOCHA)*
7 Fellow’s consumed very quietly, half chopped onions and sausage (9) PEPPERONI (PEER consumed PP ONIons)
8 Duke after having rum unhesitatingly in peg after peg, staggered (8) TEETERED (RUM-UM  in TEE TEE D)
9 Lift’s saving power? Congratulations! (5) RAISE (PRAISE-P)
15 Icon for an idea brilliantly provided by Edison (9) LIGHTBULB (CD,DD) should the enu have
been 5 4 or 5-4)? Chambers lists it with a space in between but Merriam-Webster treats it as a single word.

By Rishi
17 Mark often used to escort governor’s husband to Dutch parliament (3,5) THE HAGUE (TAG UsEd to escort HE H)
18 Chief Inspector and plainclothesmen probe domestic’s murder (8) HOMICIDE (I and CID in HOMIE)
21 Son's in Assam raising capital (5) ASSET (S'S in TEA<)
22 Bees’ sound carried across river by wind (6) BREEZE (BEEZE~bees across R)
25 One in sleep roused by ring of musical instrument (5) PIANO (1 in NAP< O)