Friday, 19 December 2014

No.11270, Friday 19 Dec 2014, xChequer

Devious as ever, but probably a wee bit easier than yesterday ;-) With xC, mere solving is but one step, the anno is a different ballgame altogether. 8d my COD

7 Hands card with threat (6) MENACE (MEN ACE)
8 Cancelled plenty of shifts (8) OFFLOADS (OFF LOADS)
9 Chap mainly needed on machine breaking down (8) MECHANIC (Chap +MACHINE)* &LIT
10 Puts up with upright son (6) ERECTS (ERECT S)
11 Tough bow? Just the opposite (5) STERN (2) ref to bow of a ship
12 Paid for pleasure, ecstasy missing in the act (6) FUNDED (FUN DeED)
14 Resistance in essence comes to mere stonewalling, one at a time or in parallel (15) CORRESPONDINGLY (R in CORE(=essence) + POND= Mere stonewalling? in SINGLY=one at a time) See comments
17 Revolting act associated with a very old profession (6) AVOWAL (A V O LAW<)
18 Fancy display by an unknown entity (5) SHOWY (SHOW Y)
22 Condition requiring learner to wear scrubs (6) HEALTH (L in HEATH=scrubs)
23 Undecided hands overcome by inertia replaced (2,3,3) IN THE AIR (H in INERTIA*)
24 Inevitably execution has man getting axed (8) PERFORCE (PERFORmanCE)
25 Throw a fit to date man about town (6) SEETHE (SEE HE around T)
         Mohsin, couldn't help but remember you here ... ;-)
1 School noticed holding record for cheating (9) DECEPTION (NOTICED* holding EP)
2 Marshal revealing gun to man pursued by Rangers (6) GATHER (GAT HE R)
3 Stands for instruments (5) MEANS (2)
4 Away at finish, journalist gets upset (8) OFFENDED (OFF END ED)
5 Model to wear clothes originally intended for a god (8) POSEIDON (POSE DON around Intended)
6 Notice to sit properly in passages for access (5) ADITS (AD SIT*)
8 Formerly used at the start in old novel, ancient poem (4,4,1,4) ONCE UPON A TIME (Used in Old (ANCIENT POEM)*)  phew!
13 Class in boxing with primarily young people in general going through a set of steps (9) FLYWEIGHT (Young WE (people in general) in FLIGHT=set of steps)
15 Touching upon each and every condition on earth in the practical world (4,4) REAL LIFE (RE ALL(each and every) IF(condition) Earth)
16 Extremely silly to keep mum if suffocating (8) SMOTHERY (MOTHER in SillY)
19 Paid careful attention to hours polling required (6) HEEDED (H nEEDED?) polling=cutting the horns/hair off.   Next time, I'm gonna ask my hairdresser to poll me. I hope he does not refer the dictionary and behead me! Watch this space!
20 Craft beer having distribution cap (5) BERET (BEER* T)
21 Band holds tickets initially in reserve (5) STASH (Tickets in SASH)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

No 11269, Thursday 18 Dec 2014, xChequer

An out of turn xChequer and I'm in the soup. Requesting Kishore to complete it as I have to go out to take Cocoa to my wife's school for Pet day.

Special thanks to those who chipped in with answers and annos. Well solved, everyone.

7   Know any foreign national? (6) KENYAN {KEN}{ANY*}
8   Resounding when mouth's almost stuffed! (8) VOICEFUL (VOICE FULl)
9   Elated state seen in heroic dancing (8) EUPHORIC {E{UP}HORIC*}
10 In conclusion, appeal succeeded (6) ENSUED {EN{SUE}D}
11 Cow died at the BBC, but that's not shown (5) DAUNT (D+ AUNTie)
12 Bring up born pest (6) BROACH (B ROACH)
14 Sailor's mock oath in airy rhyme, bit remiss to include verse (6,2,7) SHIVER ME MY TIMBERS  ((RHYME BIT REMISS)* around V)
17 Devout covering some distance to get to sermon (6) HOMILY (HO(MI)LY)
18 Fire in bachelor lounge (5) BLAZE {B}{LAZE}
22 Buzz in lively bar dance (6) RHUMBA (R(HUM)BA*)
23 Eccentric mint chewing poetic setter's on the way (8) IMMINENT {IM{MINE}NT*}
24 Meet, rest, off in planes (8) JOINTERS (JOIN REST*)
25 Is trapped male governed by reason? What an odd idea! (6) WHIMSY {WH{I{M}S}Y}

1   Abuse the dummy winning heat hands down (9) BEQUEATH (ABUSE THE)* around Q=heat)
2   Dash north to support husband featuring in extravagant publicity (6) HYPHEN {HYP{H}E}{N}
3   Outrage essentially shown in nasal discharge (5) SNORT {SNO{outRage}T}&lit
4   Intellectuals can be drunk at times before it boomerangs (8) LITERATI {LIT}{ERA}{TI<=}
5   Alibi has me mixed up protecting respected Indian lady (8) MEMSAHIB (HASME* protecting I) part Anno pending  (T<)
6   Cauliflower head with excellent stuffing made well (5) CURED (E in CURD)
8   Offices of sovereign representative failing to meet regal commitments (13) VICEROYALTIES (VICE ROYAL TIES)
13 Duty surrounding Nazi rule fraught with insanity (9) CRAZINESS {C{R}{AZIN*}ESS}
15 Passionate opening keeping everyone initially on edge (8) VEHEMENT (E HEM in VENT)
16 Summoned after sheep ran wild (8) RAMPAGED (RAM PAGED)
19 Long flowing garments left privates unconstrained (6) LUNGIS ? {L}UN{GIS} UN constrained= UN is held in
20 Flights picked up some flowering plants (5) PHLOX (~FLOCKS=flights)
21 Diving ducks appearing as small seagulls (5) SMEWS {S}{MEWS}