Saturday, 25 June 2016

No 11736, Saturday 25 Jun 2016, Buzzer


1 Crew without leader falling to pieces (6) RAGGED {bRAGGED}
5 Bus on the way back expected to overrun (6) SUBDUE {SUB<=}{DUE}
10 Is lay sung out of tune unattractive? (4,2,3) UGLY AS SIN {IS LAY SUNG}*
11 Help carry out present (5) SERVE (MD)
12 Percussion instrument set, a blaring to get over (5) TABLA (T)
13 Inebriated are elated with one supplying drink (3-6) TEA-DEALER {ARE ELATED}*
14 Shame with dupe crossing all limits to overact (3,2,2)  HAM IT UP {sHAMe wITh dUPe}
16 Ending in picture is artificial (7) PLASTIC {P{LAST}IC}
18 Missile shot packing power to kill (7) TORPEDO {TOR{P}E}{DO}
20 Disliked person sadly saidI must be leaving soon” (2-3-2) SO-AND-SO {SAiD+SOON}*
21 Display skin for the audience in this occupation (9) CHAUFFEUR {~SHOW FUR}
23 Hybrid car noises muffled frequently (5) CROSS {CaRnOiSeS}
25 Be an uninitiated bigot (5) EXIST {sEXIST}
26 Gradual loss of charm's heartbreaking for one (9) ATTRITION {ATTR{-ac+I}TION}
27 Master's run in a golf club (6) MASHIE {MA}{S}{HIE}
28 Rage of being comparatively thin, not large (6) SIMMER {SlIMMER}


2 Mostly excuse hugging date spontaneously (2,3) AD LIB {A{D} LIBi}
3 Tipsy aunt eager to provide assurance (9) GUARANTEE {AUNT EAGER}*
4 Data encryption standard 1024 bits, best for a computer (7) DESKTOP {DES}{K}{TOP}
5 Light source, small one missing initially in circuit (3-4) SUN-LAMP {S}{UN}{LA{Missing}P}
6 Wet meat has low temperature on the inside (5) BASTE {BAS{T}E} Correction-Removed the extraneous marking for 'has'. See comments
7 New neutral editor for Independent (9) UNRELATED {NEUTRAL}*{ED}
8 Fair growth of trees around for environment, extremely appropriate thing (4,3,6) JUST THE TICKET {JUST}{TH{Environmen T}ICKET}
9 Big restricted zone cars pulled up to admit pedestrians ultimately (5,8) ZEBRA CROSSING {BIG r ZONE CARS}* around pedestrianS} &lit ?
15 Spoil kid turning up with it, a cocktail (9) MARGARITA {MAR}{GAR<=}{IT}{A}
17 Disorder as in march going out of step (9) ANARCHISM {AS IN MARCH}*
19 Pilot training talk is inspiring (7) OPERATE {O{PE}RATE}
20 Dark low cloud standing over river (7) STRATUS {ST{R{ATUS}
22 Fine cut to bring ... (5) FETCH {F}{ETCH}
24 ... delayed single securing a century (2,3) ON ICE {ON {I}{C}E}

Reference list

Power=P, One=I, Master=MA, Large=L
Date=D, 1024 bits=K, Small=S, One=Un, Temperature=T, Editor=Ed, Training=PE, River=R, Fine=F, A=I(A=One=I), Century=C

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Friday, 24 June 2016

No 11735, Friday 24 Jun 2016, Neyartha

1   Vets fed toper afflicted with a febrile disease (7,5) SPOTTED FEVER*
8   Job of a longshoreman's wife going out for the right computer memory (7) STORAGE STO(-w+r)RAGE
9   Remove part of the crab later (6) ABLATE [T]
11 Land of the slaves, once upon a time (4,5) DEEP SOUTH [GK]
12 Sturdy and reliable (5) SOLID [DD]
14 Foreign trait's complexities resolved after removal of half the sample (9) EXOTICISM COMpleXITIES*
16 Amy goes west around Cuba for a welfare movement (1,1,1,1) Y M C A {YM{C}A<=}
18 Call to do a bakery chore for the auditor (4) NEED (~knead)
19 Letter published prior to imprisonment shows fortitude (9) ENDURANCE {EN}{DURANCE}
21 Condition of the assets needs no introduction (5) STATE eSTATE
22 Libya interferes in transfer of the person making a formal statement (9) DECLARANT {DEC{LAR}ANT}
23 City's silent before the incentive gets detailed (6) MUMBAI {MUM}{BAIt}
25 It's charged back by a rash student quitting with clamour (7) NOISILY {ION<=}{SIlLY}
26 Cloud feature showing all is not lost? (6,6) SILVER LINING [CD]

2   Preliminary discussions for the German pool designed with Oriental input (11) PROLEGOMENA {E} in {GERMAN+POOL}*
3   Carry mints prepared after the return of the painting (8) TRANSMIT {ART<=}{MINTS*}
4   Administrator to perform around the four with... (9) EXECUTIVE {EXECUT{IV}E}
5   ...Ray to get a type of memory (5) FLASH [DD]
6   Sensible Democrat overwhelmed by the bridge opponents' travel bag (6) VALISE VALI(-d+se)SE
7   Animal with a sailor from the south (3) RAT <=
8   Cook sends nudes in haste (10) SUDDENNESS*
10 The lady can jet around to find how related items are placed on a market shelf (10) ADJACENTLY*
13 Grief of someone showing courage accepting the last word of the volunteers on time (11) LAMENTATION {L{AMEN}{TA}{T}ION}
15 Decoration placed around the unfinished flavoured sugar topping is therapeutic (9) MEDICINAL {MED{ICINg}AL}
17 Crumpled raincoat of a man from Eastern Europe (8) CROATIAN*
20 Revolutionary, free in France, is after the German leader's desert animal (6) GERBIL {Ge...n}{LIBRE<=}
22 Ambition of one looking for pearls, perhaps, to move right up (5) DRIVE D(+r)RIVE(-r)
24 Group selling concealed battery-sporting equipment to handle load shedding? (1,1,1) U P S [T]