Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2962, Sunday 24 Sep 2017

1   Orbiting object's business fulfilled (5) COMET {CO}{MET}
4   Joker with trick taking in broadcasters? (8) COMEDIAN {CO{MEDIA}N}
8   Novelist, ace in treatment of good raw matter (8,6) MARGARET ATWOOD {A} in {GOOD+RAW+MATTER}* Thanks to Google
10 Democrat in range with a quiet plan (4,3) ROAD MAP {ROA{D} M}{A}{P}
11 Projection: one Oscar for production company (6) STUDIO {STUD}{1}{O}
13 Principal speaker's head of hair (4) MAIN (~mane)
14 Tomfoolery from poet going into air guitar initially (10) SKYLARKING {SKY}{LARKIN}{Gu...r} Thanks to Google again
17 Potter's eye transformed conventional image (10) STEREOTYPE*
18 Song in particular I admire (4) ARIA [T]
20 Handy tips for novice after bounty (6) NEARBY {No..cE}{AfteR}{Bo..tY}
22 Former partner stopped missing husband? That's grand (7) EXALTED {EX}{hALTED}
24 Communication between writers in agreement (14) CORRESPONDENCE [DD]
25 Second novel in stark language (8) SANSKRIT {S}{IN+STARK}*
26 Hides from king in crowd (5) MASKS {MAS{K}S}

1   Making concessions can be embarrassing (12) COMPROMISING [DD]
2   Spread ruin, vicious in rage (9) MARGARINE {MAR}{IN+RAGE}*
3   Shock shown by artist with uncertain expression amid cheers (6) TRAUMA {T{RA}{UM}A}
4   Miserly type, cold fish occupied by collection (10) CHEAPSKATE {C}{HEAP}{SKATE}
5   Flightless bird caught finally in ditch (4) MOAT {MOA}{c...hT}
6   Decline drink with convert (8) DOWNTURN {DOWN}{TURN}
7   Keen to retain old bypass (5) AVOID {AV{O}ID}
9   Opera spoilt by grand poses (5,3,4) PORGY AND BESS*
12 Applauded then dismissed, being of no more use (7-3) CLAPPED-OUT {CLAPPED}-{OUT}
15 One rages about endless ceremony and annoyances (9) IRRITANTS {1}{R{RITe}ANTS}
16 Bar, secure, managed without a fearsome guard dog (8) CERBERUS {BaR+SECURE}*
19 Published title for monk? Not planned (6) RANDOM {RAN}{DOM}
21 Supply answer about love for perfume (5) AROMA {AR{O}M}{A}
23 Ruler in for astonishing upset (4) TSAR [T<=]


Saturday, 23 September 2017

No 12120, Saturday 23 Sep 2017, Gridman

1   Work in concert like members of a cast do? (3,8) ACT TOGETHER [C&DD]
9   Touching on a brown sahib? (7) TANGENT {TAN}{GENT}
10 Non-professional in a mature turn-out (7) AMATEUR*
11 Gather a large amount (5) AMASS {A}{MASS}
12 A helper madly embraces Gridman - it's short-lived! (9) EPHEMERAL {ME} in {A+HELPER}*
13 A jewellery that goes to one's head (5) TIARA [CD]
15 Time minister turned into a theologian (9) TERMINIST {T}{MINISTER*}
18 Bad guy supported by mother in city (9) ROTTERDAM {ROTTER}{DAM}
21 The end reached in the home game (5) OMEGA [T]
22 Lack of hope from admit fees being outrageous (9) DEFEATISM*
24 Do what you do! (5) SOLVE [CD]
26 Somehow clear it for performance (7) RECITAL*
27 Fine. Almost with reservations, reaching island (7) OKINAWA {OK}{IN A WAy}
28 Slogan to get hold of wandering seraph (5,6) CATCH PHRASE {CATCH} {SERAPH}*

1   Students will draw at his bidding (3,6) ART MASTER [CD]
2   Indian vehicle from South Pacific kingdom (5) TONGA [DD]
3   Clearing old writers with speed (4,5) OPEN SPACE {O}{PEN S}{PACE}
4   Beg hospital department to repair tear (7) ENTREAT {ENT}{TEAR*}
5   Get the news about the plant (7) HEATHER {HEA{THE}R}
6   Kingdom not fancied by a great number (5) REALM {REAL}{M}
7   Ursine - describing a panda? (8) BEARLIKE [CD]
8   Spoken lesson doesn't start (4) ORAL mORAL
14 React if I carry off a deceptive manoeuvre (8) ARTIFICE*
16 This minor turned into a metal worker (9) IRONSMITH*
17 Deter a man misusing business identity (5,4) TRADE NAME*
19 Crane, for one, goes up with permitted small quantity (7) DRIBLET {BIRD<=}{LET}
20 A couple of Frenchmen in light aircraft appear bulky (7) MAMMOTH {M{A}{MM}OTH}
22 Daughter on boat is not light (4) DARK {D}{ARK}
23 Excited father abandons ludicrous act (5) ANTIC frANTIC
25 Am completely raising the beast of burden (5) LLAMA {AM}{ALL}<=

Reference List
Sahib = GENT, Mother = DAM, Fine = OK, Crane = BIRD, Frenchman = M, Boat = ARK, Father = FR,

Colour/Font Scheme
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