Friday, 18 April 2014

No.11062, Friday 18 April 20104, Gridman

Another 6 down puzzle from Gridman

1 Reeling, Leo named a fizzy drink (8) LEMONADE (LEO NAMED)*
5 Spin caused by radical view embraced by single learner (6) SWIVEL (VIEW* in S L)
9 Refuses to acknowledge one’s lost in following set of clues (7) DISOWNS (1'S in DOWNS)
          Till the DNA test confirms paternity!
10 Dry scholar, out of maze, is treated to drinks all round (7) WIZENED (MA out of MAZE, with WINED around)
11 Tree to support the girl leaning back with devotee (6,3) BRAZIL NUT (BRA LIZ< NUT)

12 Told to study the poet (5) READE (~READ)
13 Told to study the woodwind piece (4) REED (~READ)
          Unique combo of two consecutive clues giving two homophones of the same word
14 Oil favourite part with pump limitlessly (9) PETROLEUM (PET  ROLE pUMp)
17 Film female’s charge for weed in kitchen equipment (6,3) COFFEE POT (COF FEE POT)
         TH does it again- some sub. substituting 'film' for fírm'
19 “Roll on, __ deep and dark blue Ocean” (Byron) (4) THOU (GK, f-i-t-b)
          When I first came across a Byron poem, I thought the byline said "By Ron"
23 Fragrant oil extracted back in the time left (5) ELEMI (T<)
24 Voiced disapproval as teacher after teacher left other ranks and fetched Edward (3-6) TUT-TUTTED (TUTor TUTor TED)
          King Tut might want royalty for this clue
25 Brides gaga over a marine flyer (7) SEABIRD (BRIDES* around A)
26 Do nothing to show it (7) NEGLECT CD
27 Long-suffering sort, gentleman is creative at heart (6) MARTYR (MR is ARTY at heard)
28 Father’s father gets a lot of money to father (8) GRANDDAD (GRAND DAD)

1 Insect I’d badly treated going through road (8) LADYBIRD (I'D BADLY through R)
2 Rub group over time (7) MASSAGE (MASS AGE)
3 Beginner said to have been conversant with contest (6) NEWBIE (~KNEW BEE, the spelling contest)
4 Not biased in having resident’s diet altered (13) DISINTERESTED (RESIDENT'S DIET)*
6 Like a magician producing sweet dish endlessly in crafty circumstances (8) WIZARDLY (ZARDa in WILY)
          Zarda is similar to Mutanjan. Yellow, yellow, ...
7 Country vehicle takes a turn at University (7) VANUATU (VAN U AT U)
8 Account book showing advantage in two sides (6) LEDGER (EDGE in L R) semi-&lit?
10 Sprinkles more frequently what increases sudsing power (5,8) WATER SOFTENER (WATERS OFTENER)
          The best water softener, I understand, is of Scottish ori-gin.
15 Natural liking of fifty in a binding (8) AFFINITY (FIFTY IN A)*
16 Unfashionable maybe, but not at home, with a friend and daughter (8) OUTDATED (OUT DATE D)
18 Odisha’s top writer to broadcast outside (4-3) OPEN-AIR(O PEN AIR)
20 Impetuous one – could be H (7) HOTHEAD (H could be head of HOT) CD
21 Fast plane Uncle goes after is junk (6)  JETSAM (JET SAM, uncle)
          Elusive stuff, this. Of course it will never be found if the plane did not crash ...
22 Pillager with drink was persistent (4,2) HUNG IN (HUN GIN)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

No 11061, Thursday 17 Apr 2014, Gridman

1   Vegetable – gripe about how it’s stored within (5-3) SPLIT-PEA [T] {griPE-About}
6   Mean somehow to have the last word (4) AMEN*
9   An extreme cover to begin escorting leader (6) TOECAP {TOE}{CAP} As per crossings. Definition not clear (Correction - {TO}{E}{CAP} )
10 Drop of the French perfume (7) DESCENT {DE}{SCENT}
13 Hype let on about plastic material (9) POLYTHENE*
14 I’d return, say, to ring soccer great Maradona (5) DIEGO {D'I<=}{EG}{O}
15 Resting place to doctor (4) TOMB {TO}{MB}
16 Canadian province for odd avocations (4,6) NOVA SCOTIA*
19 Pen shaping fluid events (10) HAPPENINGS*
21 Speak harshly against artist and police officer (4) RASP {RA}{SP}
24 Dog’s classy comeback in Roman tribal division (5) CURIA {CUR}{1A<=}
25 She is one to free in the maternity room (9) DELIVERER [CD]
26 Is one cold when one watches it? (3,4) ICE SHOW [CD]
27 Gift for old money (6) TALENT [DD]
28 Bond leading to girls – lolling, unclad, eager (4) GLUE {G}{L}{U}{E}
29 Disheartened by troublesome deadends (8) SADDENED*

2   Something that needs solving by export, to begin with (7) PROBLEM Anno pending (Addendum - {PRO}BLEM - Considering EXPORT is a typo for EXPERT)
3   Stir up in tourist’s destination, say (6) INCITE {IN}{CITE}(~sight)
4   Go, Evita, for one spicy topping (9) PEPPERONI {PEP}{PERON}{1}
5   Son thrown out of jockey’s seat in fluster (5) ADDLE sADDLE
7   Superlatively humble (7) MEEKEST [E]
8   Kanha, Corbett or Ranthambore? (8,4) NATIONAL PARK [GK]
11 Lure French noble inside, understand? (6) SEDUCE {SE{DUC}E}
12 Inspecting suddenly, what beauty-conscious teenage girls do in front of the mirror? (4-8) SPOT-CHECKING [DD]
17 Cornered, a gnu dealt in a different manner (9) ANGULATED*
18 Has her presenting unoriginal work (6) REHASH*
20 Standard location not fully set up for social climber (7) PARVENU {PAR}{VENUe}
22 Put in order a royal cook stove (7) ARRANGE {A}{R}{RANGE}
23 Trim five trapped by tangled steel (6) SVELTE {S{V}ELTE*}
25 Swallows all the clues in this set? (5) DOWNS [DD]