Sunday, 23 April 2017

Special, Sunday 23 Apr 2017, K Koteswar Rao

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Safe stadia for play? It smells foul! (10)
6   Sir Isaac Newton has a complaint visibly (4)
10 Pull down in a true fashion (7)
11 Snake moves around Rhode Island for a musical instrument (7)
12 Troubling hasty power cut? Be careful (5,4,4)
14 Lara walks out of international design (9)
16 Trainer makes parrot utter back what is told (5)
17 Discard end of trough sound lost midway for drain beginning (5)
19 Endless accord most possibly for the ruler of the world (9)
21 Lives through again! Déjà vu? (2-11)
24 Coming on air obituary news relates to capital (7)
25 Old man rides around centre of trike. It’s spicy (7)
26 Enliven wildly, nothing goes smooth (4)
27 Scientist Henry is prepared for laughing uncontrollably (2 8)

1   Indian city leaves nothing in the market place (4)
2   Follow and conform the current opinions (4,4,3,4)
3   Knock down apartment number (7)
4   You gnash them when you complain angrily (5)
5   At a loss for words endlessly and located special delights (9)
7   Committee throws away to find a way of living (4,2,5,4)
8   Annoy with old when each had food (10)
9   Dirty tryout often generates fungus (3,3)
13 An act that prevents presence of Mohinder ancestry (10)
15 Penetration is inclusion by changing side and moving down (9)
18 A short jump by the animal. It’s a caterpillar (3,3)
20 One occupant hurriedly leaves article part behind the head (7) 
22 Expiate that is not necessary for one who is not in the country (5)
23 Set match randomly highlights the retrograde big ones (4)

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The Sunday Crossword No 2940, Sunday 23 Apr 2017

TH has resumed the numbering again. Didn't notice if it was there last week.

1   Gangster without assistance seizing crown (2,6) AL CAPONE {AL {CAP}ONE}
5   Direct debit cutting very large price (4) ODDS {O{DD}S}
10 Cheat turning to automatic machine (5) ROBOT {ROB}{TO<=}
11 Convey elevation in case (9) CARTRIDGE {CART}{RIDGE}
12 Writes about river safari, initially poor (9) PENNILESS {PEN{NILE}S}{Sa...i}
13 Popular point about English being awkward (5) INEPT {IN}{E}{PT}
14 Go for it, needing that leg-up, keen to work (4,3,6) TAKE THE PLUNGE*
17 Angry protests after damage outside new buildings (13) CONSTRUCTIONS {CO{N}ST}{RUCTIONS}
21 Some now energetic in retirement begin again (5) RENEW [T<=]
22 Distance after day covered by game bird (9) GOLDFINCH {GOL{D}F}{INCH}
24 Explain concern, not small, about public relations (9) INTERPRET {INTEREsT} around {PR}
25 Cross island with speed (5) IRATE {I}{RATE}
26 Chatters, getting power in voice back (4) YAPS {YA{P}S<=}
27 Left chosen ground, beginning to seek monster's abode? (4,4) LOCH NESS {L}{CHOSEN}*{Seek}

1   Brisk sailor with routine, quietly absorbed (6) ABRUPT {AB}{RU{P}T}
2   Group in government showing it can be complicated (7) CABINET*
3   Role involving a prank, worry for actor (7,7) PATRICK STEWART {P{A}{TRICK} {STEW}ART}
4   Hour during pleasant recess (5) NICHE {NIC{H}E}
6   Failure with information about old resentment (7) DUDGEON {DUD}{GE{O}N}
7   Time put into search over half of area in plant (5,3) SWEET PEA {SWEE{T} P}{arEA}
8   Be successful mostly on court in view (8) PROSPECT {PROSPEr}{CT}
9   Official threat shaking strong belief (7,2,5) ARTICLE OF FAITH*
15 Violent behaviour almost embraced in test (8) THUGGERY {T{HUGGEd}RY}
16 Shortage having lasting effect on urban area (8) SCARCITY {SCAR}{CITY}
18 Constant drama, north and south, before summit (3-4) NON-STOP {NO}{N}-{S}{TOP}
19 Soldier perhaps in secure state capital (5,2) SANTA FE {S{ANT}A FE}
20 Layers in places drilled by man (6) SHEETS {S{HE}ETS}
23 Learner with excessive love for game (5) LOTTO {L}{OTT}{O}