Sunday, 21 September 2014

No 2809, Sunday 21 Sep 2014

1   Front man whole number precede (10) FIGUREHEAD {FIGURE}{HEAD}
6   Ornamental case used in piqu√© tuition (4) ETUI [T]
10 Get rid of member bringing gun (7) FIREARM {FIRE}{ARM}
11 Punishment - type man dished out (7) PAYMENT*
12 Fruit, choice by London station (8,4) VICTORIA PLUM {VICTORIA}{PLUM}
15 Endless disease in horses makes one reel (7) STAGGER STAGGERs
16 A salary and gratuity aboard ship (7) STIPEND {S{TIP}END}
17 Hold-up, unfortunately, behind start of race for reindeer (7) RUDOLPH {Race}{HOLD-UP}*
19 Complete one's training in shop as souter (4,3) PASS OUT [T]
20 Children's author's wife brought in fresh √©clairs and burger bun (5,7) LEWIS CARROLL {LE{W}IS CAR*}{ROLL}
23 Item of clothing found in untidy manger by second of stalls (7) GARMENT {MANGER}*{sTalls}
24 Beginning, briefly, to frame American and Japanese art (7) ORIGAMI {ORIG}{AM}In}
25 Reckless prang, not chauffeur's first (4) RASH cRASH
26 Put in jeopardy as grenade exploded next to border (10) ENDANGERED {END}{GRENADE}*

1   Female provided with English flute (4) FIFE {F}{IF}{E}
2   Origin of Danger Mouse (4) GERM [T]
3   Berkshire university - good girls may wear these during tutorials (7,7) READING GLASSES {READING} {G}{LASSES}
4   Rodent in middle of the stream, swimming (7) HAMSTER {tHe}{STREAM}*
5   Has an ambitious plan when shown round tower (7) ASPIRES {A{SPIRE}S}
7   Artist's subject, unhappy little chappie (3,4,3) THE BLUE BOY [C&DD]
8   Secret involving one dead cow (10) INTIMIDATE {INTIM{1}{D}ATE}
9   Dodgy business practice that began in ancient Egypt? (7,7)  PYRAMID SELLING [C&DD]
13 Expert on houses? (10) ASTROLOGER [CD]
14 Crooked undertakings causing one to argue (5,5) BANDY WORDS {BANDY} {WORDS}
18 Number, following try, cheer (7) HEARTEN {HEAR}{TEN}
19 This'll support climbers galore, scrambling under pressure (7) PERGOLA {P}{GALORE}*
21 Pretty fine tune (4) FAIR {F}{AIR}
22 Impulsive dramatist? Sounds like it (4) WILD (~Wilde)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

No. 11195, Saturday 20 Sep 14, Arden

Good tricky puzzle. Lot of good clues as one expects from Arden, but DISPATCH is my COD for the devious surface that had nothing to do with the final answer.

1 Strangely, See inner fury misdirected (6) EERILY [see=ELY fury=IRE<=]
4 Beading of silver in starry environs (8) ASTRAGAL [silver=AG inside starry=ASTRAL]
10 Material man, first take note (9) GEORGETTE [man=GEORGE + Take + note=TE]
11 Saying man follows one God (in Latin) (5) IDIOM [1 + DIO + Man] Dio is Italian for God?
12 Singlet used to shine (7) GLISTEN [SINGLET]*
13 Show two workers (7) PAGEANT [workers= PAGE, ANT]
14 Not hard to cross river with a pole, for example (5) NORTH [NOT + Hard outside River]
15 Fish on top of a menu for the perfectionist (8) IDEALIST [fish=IDE + A + menu=LIST]
18 Ship well inside the channel (8) DISPATCH [well=SPA inside channel=DITCH]
20 May be mousetrap on a flat ground (5) PLAYA [mousetrap=PLAY + A]
23 Comeback with funny old priest (7) RIPOSTE [Old PRIEST]*
25 Her report on the whole thing (7) SHEBANG [her=SHE + report=BANG]
26 An issue about never-ending crime (5) ARSON [an issue=A SON outside neveR]
27 Land here to redo works in a capital city (9) AERODROME [REDO* inside A + capital city=ROME]
28 Dampen subject of recent medical research (4,4) STEM CELL [Anno pending] (Addendum - {STEM} {CELL} - See comments)
29 Diamond shaped gallery's not large (6) ARGYLE [GAlLERY]* shaped on double duty?

1 Fascinating to know England is getting old (8) ENGAGING [ENGland + is getting old=AGING]
2 Bigger or more independent, perhaps (7) ROOMIER [OR MORE Independent]*
3 His plight at sea with the beacon (9) LIGHTSHIP [HIS PLIGHT]*
5 Runners set off — people without work mix some drinks (14) STEEPLECHASERS [SET* + PEopLE* + CHASERS]
6 Regretting the absence of law in the judgement (5) RUING [judgement=RUlING]
7 Instruments to place it in sugar solution (7) GUITARS [IT inside SUGAR]
8 Stops militants fighting, sacks worker (6) LIMITS [MILITantS]*
9 Agent in hit list turns unpleasant in the end (5,2,3,4) STING IN THE TAIL [AGENT IN HIT LIST]*
16 Spooner's horse is numero uno — he can follow one from a distance (3,6) LIP READER [~horse=RIP number uno=LEADER]

Cartoon by Rishi

17 Frenchman chases criminals — it could be life threatening (8) GANGRENE [criminals=GANG + Frenchman=RENE]
19 Logjam that is keeping our representatives crowding around thus (7) IMPASSE [that is=I E outside our representatives=MPS outside thus=AS]
21 A group's on my subject (7) ANATOMY [A + group=NATO + MY]
22 Is apprehensive about excluding fathers (6) DREADS [about=RE inside fathers=DADS]
24 Appreciation cut short due to noise (5) SONIC [appreciation=SO NICe]