Wednesday, 23 July 2014

No 11144, Wednesday 23 Jul 2014, xChequer

Excellent as usual from xChequer.
Got bogged down after a blazing start in the NW corner but finally prevailed, unlike the last time around. 12A was last to fall after cheating!

1   Features etc. contorted with snakes coiling around (7) ASPECTS {ASP{ETC*}S}
5   Uncertainty of obligation overcoming one in nine (7) DUBIETY {DU{B{1}E}TY} Be from 9
9   Be prepared: Rule by mother-in-law (9) BERYLLIUM {RULE+BY+M-I-L}*
10 Additional article in gold (5) OTHER {O{THE}R}
11 Name dropping in this language? Polish maybe (6) FINISH FINnISH
12 Musical instrument is held by thumb, a stringed instrument perhaps (7) SISTRUM {S{IS}TRUM} Very devious construction by xChequer as this is a percussion instrument
14 Green light is beyond line of sight (4) LOOK {L}{O}{OK}
15 Feelings conveyed by son over essentially painful occasion (10) SENTIMENTS {SEN{TIME}{paiNful}T}{S} (Correction - {SE{paiNful}{TIME}NT}{S})
19 Ignoring son's bedtime in general (10) BOYCOTTING {BOY}{COT}{T}{IN}{G}
20 Correct time to repent (4) TRUE {T}{RUE}
22 Visible understanding? (7) INSIGHT {IN}{SIGHT}
25 Account with money to cover outstanding operation (6) ACTION {AC}{TI{O}N}
27 Further sex trade curbed (5) EXTRA [T]
28 Army officer in prison having a rough ride (9) BRIGADIER {BRIG}{A}{RIDE*}
29 Alarm from empty resort installed in flat (7) STARTLE {STA{ResorT}LE}
30 Marched on England, primarily an error by Germany (7) ELAPSED {E}{LAPSE}{D}

1   Sailor, bachelor, a father (4) ABBA {AB}{B}{A}
 "Bachelor Boy"

When I was young, my father said,
"Son, I've got something to say."
And what he told me I'll never forget until my dying day.

[Chorus 1:]
He said, "Son, you'll be a bachelor boy
And that's the way to stay.
Son, you'll be a bachelor boy until your dying day."
                       Cartoon by Bhargav
2   Prison may spread a streak of meanness (9) PARSIMONY*

Cartoon by Rishi

3   Company, extremely loyal, that's a dog (6) COLLIE {CO}{LoyaL}{IE}
4   Tricky exam to say the least? (9) SLIGHTEST {~sleight test)
5   Barriers broken by oriental women (5) DAMES {DAM{E}S}
6   Small section in buds and flowers (8) BLOSSOMS {BLO{S}{S}OMS}
7   Underground, nitrogen missing in air (5) ETHER nETHER
8   Railway official may arrest criminal carrying diamonds (10) YARDMASTER {YAR{D}MASTER*}
13 Bureau head hides dog with obesity (10) FLABBINESS {F{LAB}BI}{NESS}
16 Gallery filled by four past ten? Not sure (9) TENTATIVE {TEN}{TAT{IV}E}
17 Clients regularly drifting around former princely state for illegal drugs (9) NARCOTICS {N{ARCOT}ICSlet*}
18 Long to embrace, almost going crazy touching (8) POIGNANT {P{GOINg*}ANT}
21 Levels achieved by soprano above A-sharp while ascending (6) STRATA {S}{TRAT<=}{A}
23 Literary truths in Sanskrit from Dasaratha's wife, I'm left uplifted (5) SUTRA SUmiTRA
24 Finally appoint competent board (5) TABLE {appoinT}{ABLE}
26 Brought up food — through the mouth? (4) BRED (~bread)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

No 11143, Tuesday 22 Jul 2014, Sunnet

Blistering Barnacles! Sunnet's pangram gave me a run for my money in the NW corner.

1   Cheroots obtained from vehicles carrying police officer (6)  CIGARS {C{IG}ARS}
4   Hay fever sent back model in one hour (8)  RHINITIS {RH}{1}{NI}{TIS}<=
10 Arm yearns to express (9) LONGSWORD {LONGS}{WORD}
                 Cartoon by Bhargav
11 Sew cut in garment (5) TUNIC*
12 One Spanish railway having a single component (5) UNARY {UN}{A}{RY}
13 Discard headless salt water fish? (4,1,4) DROP A LINE {DROP} {sA LINE}
14 Legendary being reformed Roman Catholic union (7) UNICORN {RC+UNION}*
16 Tighten equipment holding nitrogen (4) KNIT {K{N}IT}
19 Nothing found by contraction of the ear (4) OTIC {O}{TIC}
21 Islander's brewing ingredient has a point (7) MALTESE {MALT}{ESE}
24 Divided, captured prey without resistance, like eagles perhaps (5-4) SHARP-EYED {SHAR{Pr-EY}ED}
25 US fan's untidy mess (5) SNAFU*
26 A shortage of woe! (5) ALACK {A}{LACK}
27 Customs and I.T. raid on Technology leader ordered (9) TRADITION {IT+RAID+ON+Technology}*
28 O! Tipsy lady is going around recklessly (8) DARINGLY {DA{RING}LY*}
29 Knave's direction produced discordant sound (6) JANGLE {J}{ANGLE}

1   Stone's ring contains copper found near America (8) CALCULUS {CAL{CU}L}{US}
2   Poem of firearm and drink around modern times (5,3) GUNGA DIN {GUN}{G{A D}IN}
3   Copper is not as good as it used to be (5) RUSTY [DD]
5   Ate cut fish (7) HADDOCK {HAD}{DOCK}
6   He built Thana-Jog line (9) NATHANIEL {THANA*}{LINE*}
7   Can money reveal adventurous reporter? (6) TINTIN {TIN}{TIN}
8   Nearly leak confidential information (6) SECRET SECRETe
9   Information about historic fair (6) GOLDEN {G{OLD}EN}
15 Frank exposes sack to a trace of nitroglycerine (9) OUTSPOKEN {OUTS}{POKE}{N}
17 Engineers with money, cutting and taking it easy (8) RELAXING {RE}{L}{AXING}
18 Order to demolish Queen's church (8) SEQUENCE {QUEENS}*{CE}
20 Clear appeal stumped American gangster (7) CRYSTAL {CRY}{ST}{AL}
21 In the middle of maiden voyage (6) MEDIAN*
22 Perhaps Australia's area (6) ISLAND [CD]
23 Asian market to block accepting American state's associate (6) BAZAAR {B{AZ}{A}AR}
25 He is considered the destroyer of rash Ivanovic (5) SHIVA [T]