Friday, 30 September 2016

No 11814, Friday 30 Sep 2016, Buzzer

1   Criminal famously left out of protection (6) ASYLUM fAMoUSLY*
5   Wove around model endless leathery fabric (7) TISSUED {SIT<=}{SUEDe}
9   Sorry boy in a group, Red Cross? (1,3,4,6) I BEG YOUR PARDON*
11 Brief affair lady ends in a calm manner (6) EVENLY {EVENt}{LadY}
12 Cable TV reaching an Indian village (8) TELEGRAM {TELE}{GRAM}
13 Leader to be deposed absolutely Home Secretary promises (5) OATHS {TAO<=}{HS} Not sure if this is correct (Addendum - {tO A T}{HS} - See comments)
14 German army to win empty deserted settlement (5,4) GHOST TOWN {G}{HOST} TO}{WiN}
16 Counter velocity to walk up and down area beyond moon's orbit (4,5) DEEP SPACE {DEEP S<=}{PACE}
18 Instant profit for French painter (5) MONET {MO}{NET}
20 Uncommon clairvoyance perceivable every now and then (8) ESPECIAL {ESP}{pErCeIvAbLe}
22 At home with American edition books to go over (4,2) USED TO {US}{ED} {OT<=}
24 Important cause kicked up a fuss (5,2,1,6) STORM IN A TEACUP* &lit
25 Winding? No, short letter (7) NOTELET Anno pending (Addendum - {NO}{LETTEr}* Semi&lit
26 Hospital department put in place year full of supply (6) PLENTY {PL}{ENT}{Y}

2   National issue (7) SUBJECT [DD]
3   Juvenile gal is essentially carrying sanctions (9) LEGALISES [T]
4.  Catcall setter? It pains (4) MEOW {ME}{OW}
5   See mother rocking triplet (9) THREESOME*
6   Uniform wearing guard is charming (5) SUAVE {S{U}AVE}
7   Endure piece of work in open (7) UNDERGO {ERG} in {UNDO}
8   Face value of a religious sect (12) DENOMINATION [DD]
10 You support a child (6,6) SECOND PERSON {SECOND} {PER}{SON}
14 Conflict in western state gets tense (2,7) GO AGAINST {GO A}{GAINS}{T}
15 Hard in Emirates splitting jointly owned property (9) TIMESHARE* {H} in {EMIRATES}*
17 Heroic act from old guide I noticed close to the end (7) EXPLOIT {EX}{P(-i)LO(+i)IT}
19 Set to bound surely (2,5) NO DOUBT*
21 Periodically claim/tell one can go without food or drink for long periods (5) CAMEL {ClAiM+tElL}
23 Dance unit, favourites to advance (4) STEP <=


Thursday, 29 September 2016

No 11813, Thursday 29 Sep 2016, Neyartha

1   Anchor report on the amphibian spotted around the bags in retreat (8) NEWSCAST {SACS<=} in {NEWT}
5   Part of the sermon I espoused to get funds (6) MONIES [T]
9   Protozoa found in crushed ice's besieging the westbound detective (8) CILIATES {TAIL<=} in {ICES}*
10 Arrangements for the son to replace good outfits (6) SETUPS (-g+s)SETUPS
11 Swelling of the body part of a domestic help? (10,4) HOUSEMAIDS KNEE &lit
14 Briefly jeopardize the public showings (5) EXPOS EXPOSe
16 Cooked enchiladas left outside in the Spanish ranches (9) HACIENDAS ENCHIlADAS*
17 Book jacket with promotional info for a protective covering for equipment (4,5) DUST COVER [DD]
19 Bird with the Roman deity entertaining the conservative (5) JUNCO {JUN{C}O}
20 A complaint on the capital baked dish (4,10) BEEF WELLINGTON {BEEF} {WELLINGTON}
23 Our cleverness in audition fetches a vessel for hot gravy (6) ARGYLE (~our guile)
24 Fence for the posh luxury car gets intelligent coverage (8) SURROUND {RR} in {SOUND} (Correction - {U}{RR} in {SOUND} - See comments}
25 Certificates with the second son bartered for a model's book (6) SCRIPT SCRIP(-s+t)T
26 Fast musical passage trimmed on the ship after the Spanish revolutionary becomes fidgety (8) RESTLESS {pRESTo}{EL<=}{SS}

1   Taking risks might involve sticking this out (4) NECK [CD]
2   Warrant officer employs a mirrored command line interface to generate a reply on the radio (5) WILCO {CLI<=} in {WO}
3   Masochists in disguise chase Tom away to find a skeleton (7) CHASSIS mASoCHIStS*
4   Type of excavator bringing up the last two quarters in the squad's shacks (5,6) STEAM SHOVEL {(+s)STEAM(-s)} {(+s)SHOVEL(-s)}
6   Supervise the letters from Bob being put to verse effortlessly (7) OVERSEE [T] Too many superfluous words
7   Elected to confiscate fertilizer with note on an extinct herbivore (9) IGUANODON  {GUANO} in {I DO} with {N} (Addendum - {IN} over {GUANO}{DO} - See comments)
8   Removal of a mechanical system for absorbing shock (10) SUSPENSION [DD]
12 Somehow retied tunic with doubt (11) INCERTITUDE*
13 Whirlpool, after a short time, reportedly reveals plush toys (5,5) TEDDY BEARS {Time}{EDDY} {BEARS}(~bares)
15 Green spas arranged for someone on a voyage? (9) PASSENGER*
18 Bullies student and a northbound Greek character with a spring flower (7) COWSLIP {COWS}{L}{PI<=}
19 Jack gets on top of the grotto at sea with moderate pace (3,4) JOG TROT {J}{OG TROT}*
21 Om vigorously undertakes long experiments initially to find a reproductive cell (5) OVULE Acrostic
22 One might lay these to make an unfavourable bet (4) ODDS [CD]