Friday, 29 August 2014

No.11176, Friday 29 Aug 2014, xChequer

Excellent one from xC with some awesome cluing in 1d, 8d etc, etc. Kindly send me the cigar at the earliest, xC. Make it a Havana, if you please; if you send me a 'chutta', I will raise a 17 with it ...  On the other hand, I might have missed something and he would be justified in saying 14!

Noticed a few twins in the puzzle like END (clued in as close and object) and HEAD (clued in as boss and chief), but I am not complaining! Great deception by putting in pairs of related words like Groom and bride and gowns and hoods
7 Sounds like drunk's left in wonder for a moment (6) AWHILE (HI~high L in AWE)
8 Charge that's fixed is settled by the boss (8) OVERHEAD (OVER HEAD)
9 Chief's ancestry secures title (8) HEADLINE (HEAD LINE)
10 Flowery discourse about Newton (6) ORNATE (ORATE about N)
11 Soldiers pen gripping narrative (5) STORY (STY gripping OR)
12 Buffet is hungry to accumulate — an obsession? (6) FETISH (T)
          Warren Buffet being hungry and eating a buffet is hilarious!
14 Almost tame gnus eat broccoli! (5,3,2,5) CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR (GNUS EAT BROCCOLI)*
17 Married to bureaucrat, mother raising a stink (6) MIASMA (M IAS M A) on the other hand, mother could be interpreted as MA ... A small doubt whether bureaucrat =IAS or IAS officer. IMO, IAS could be bureaucracy and not bureaucrat.
          No doubt they are called bureaucrats because they believe in filing everything and putting them in bureaus, so that they are never found again!
18 Heart-breaking jerks, they're 13 perhaps (5) THUGS (H in TUGS)
22 Day with close companion (6) FRIEND (FRIday END)
          Today's a Fry day too, with Ganesh Chaturthi eats on the menu, including FRItters ...
23 Trim at the top/cut near base (8) TRUNCATE (T CUTNEAR*)
24 When right, always object — it is worthy of being respected (8) REVEREND (R EVER END)
25 Smear track with concrete mixture perhaps (6) SLURRY (SLUR RY)

1 Blarney: Southern, small-time town (a village essentially), close to Cork (5,4) SWEET TALK (S WEE T T A L K)
2 German children may be more loving (6) KINDER (2)
3 Seek charity at home because that's where it should _____? (5) BEGIN (BEG IN) also as fitb based on the adage "Charity begins at home"
4 Exclamation of joy from excited groom in ecstasy (8) GERONIMO (GROOM IN E)*
          I had heard of this for the first time when I read about some American paratroopers taking a jump
5 Kidnapped editor freed in this city (8) SHANGHAI (SHANGHAIED-ED)
          Don't know which is worse, being Shanghaied or being Bangalored (or should it now be Bengalurued)
6 Details fine deeds (5) FACTS (F ACTS)
8 Too highly rated, old, no energy to peak, team lost in one day (13) OVERESTIMATED (O EVEREST-E,TEAM* in 1D
13 Strange weaves in edges of gowns and hoods (9) GANGSTERS (STRANGE* in GownS)
15 Stewed duck initially served as starter, the beginning of dinner (8) SIMMERED (IMMERSE with S moved up D)
16 Groom and bride infused with spirit (8) BRANDIED (AND BRIDE)*
19 Thick-skinned copper approaching chief of police with a problem (6) HICCUP (tHICk CU P)
20 Type system command (5) ORDER (3)
21 Switch sides in a heartbeat to get a prize (5) PURSE (PULSE-L+R)


Thursday, 28 August 2014

No 11175, Thursday 28 Aug 2014, Sunnet

Liked this one from Sunnet. Our Pangram specialist doesn't fail to deliver.

1   Staff has right to deny food (6) STARVE {STA{R}VE}
4   Regarding an article by man known for patience at work (2,3,3) ON THE JOB {ON} {THE} {JOB}
10 Jog's about to cheat (3,6) RUN AROUND [DD]
11 Fashionable to help backward state (5) INDIA {IN}{DIA<=}
12 Expenditure's not in travel (5) OUTGO {OUT}{GO}
13 Releases a French card game's pot (9) UNLOOSENS {UN}{LOO}{SENS}
14 Long time ago? Twelve Months. (4,3) YEAR DOT {YEAR}{.}
16 Cry out measure by yards (4) YELL {Y}{ELL}
19 Left some equity (4) QUIT [T]
21 Revolutionary Tamizh accepted university's angle (7) AZIMUTH {AZIM{U}TH*}
24 Writer's AIDS raised stink and a bit of sympathy (9) INKSTANDS {STINK*}{AND}{Sympathy} AIDS?
25 Made up of small cushioned footstools (5) POUFS {UP+OF}*{S}
26 Drove auditor's stock (5) HORDE (~hoard)
27 And others following a hairstyle that's proceeding from the base (9) ACROPETAL {A}{CROP}{ETAL}
28 Chases soldiers for Master of foxhounds and his party (8) HUNTSMEN {HUNTS}{MEN}
29 Kind of cell division seen in my large island (6) MYOSIS {MY}{OS}{IS}

1   Gemstone strangely adorns a couple of unknowns (8) SARDONYX {ADORNS}*{Y}{X}
2   Bag Nathaniel's jawless fish (8) AGNATHAN [T] Bag on double duty See comments
3   Sign of six run attempt (5) VIRGO {VI}{R}{GO}
5   Acknowledgement by friend at an intersection (7) NODALLY {NOD}{ALLY}
6   The populace of jittery Ohio is holding one referendum (3,6) HOI POLLOI {HO{1} {POLL}OI*}
7   Heard it is badly dug in half of Jeddah (6) JUDGED {J{DUG*}EDdah}
8   Stew a pinch of bread's leaven (6) BRAISE {B}{RAISE}
9   Gold puff befitting a lord (6) AUGUST {AU}{GUST}
15 Spirited Democrat without relative? (9) DAUNTLESS {D}{AUNT LESS}
17 An emperor respected by America (8) AUGUSTUS {AUGUST}{US}
18 Emits a signal in the French card game at first (8) WHISTLES {WHIST}{LES}
20 Train agent on vessel's capacity (7) TONNAGE*
21 Ridiculous rating the root of 11 for example (6) ABSURD {AB}{SURD}
22 Henry moved all the way down from peak octave (6) EIGHTH (-h)EIGHT(+h)H
23 Film about Rugby's inclined trail (3,3) SKI RUN {SKI {RU}N}
25 Dad to take Paraguay's flower (5) POPPY {POP}{PY}