Wednesday, 2 September 2015

No 11489, Wednesday 02 Sep 2015, Neyartha

Not sure of the SW corner.

1   Musical compositions making the cat hide inside the torn coats (8) TOCCATAS {TO{CAT}TAS*}
5   Mother returns to embrace difficult duty in the church's chancel (6) ADYTUM {A{DUTY*}M<=}
9   Violations of battle codes by Washington at church on the border with Spain (3,6) WAR CRIMES {WA}{R C}{RIM}{ES} 
11 Eccentric neurotic rankled to some extent (5) CRANK [T]
12 Hospital diagnostic found in a container placed outside the Austrian Supreme Court (1,1,1,4) C A T SCAN {C{AT} {SC}AN}
14 Irradiate by accident after loss of note in an attack by armed planes (3,4) AIR RAID  IRRADIAte*
15 Criminal hackers muted by an outdated currency (8,4) DEUTSCHE MARK*
17 Choose to run out with the student around a city for a type of capacitor (12) ELECTROLYTIC {ELECT}{RO}{L}{YTIC<=}
20 Noble's correct to follow the superior power (7) UPRIGHT {U}{P}{RIGHT}
22 Spinner capable of wreaking havoc? (7) CYCLONE [CD]
23 Subject's flat (5) PROSE / PLANE ? [DD]
24 Urgency oddly lacking before expression of hesitation by criminal lying down (9) RECUMBENT {uRgEnCy}{UM}{BENT}
26 Stop and oppose the Republican leader getting expelled by a Democrat (6) DESIST (-r+d)DESIST
27 Obliquely sew daisy in an intricate manner (8) SIDEWAYS*

1   Strike for the patchwork processed by the missing pro (6) THWACK pATCHWorK*
2   Sing about the opening into a mine from the south near a major artery (9) CAROTIDAL {CARO{TIDA<=}L}
3   Manner of the beneficiary in conversation (3) AIR (~ ?) (~ heir) - See comments
4   Ram's tradition misinterpreted by the chief executive (13) ADMINISTRATOR*
6   Opinionated about rich king going up to get rid of the gem initially having two colours (11) DICHROMATIC DICHROMATIC {D{(-r)ICH(+r)R}OgMATIC} King is going up or down?
7   In Croatia, Raja finds a jewelled headdress (5) TIARA [T]
8   Japanese emperor's sacred chant in retreat interrupted by an Islamic judge's rising ego (6) MIKADO {M{(+i)IKAD(-i)}O<=}
10 Coach clips toy smeared with some bacteria (13) STAPHYLOCOCCI*
13 Some religious people with a former British PM (not sick) go with hesitation on Sabbath (11) CHURCHGOERS {CHURCHill}{GO}{ER}{S}
16 Work on stage after hearing mythical bird in a type of music album (4,5) ROCK OPERA  (~roc){ROCK} {OP}{ERA} Era and Stage? Opera and album? See comments
18 Tense with excitement when questioned persistently (6) PUMPED [DD]
19 Odd pages making some Protestant clergymen renounce a right (6) RECTOS RECTOrS
21 Are these taken for acceptance? (5) ROOTS / ROARS ? [CD]
25 Crazed daughter makes way for the Oriental — a famous Miss West (3) MAE MA(-d+e)E


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

No 11488, Tuesday 01 Sep 2015, Gridman

1   They are “just looking” on the Net (8) BROWSERS [CD]
5   Journalist tore around to catch princess (6) EDITOR {E{DI}TOR*}
9   Learner's reality endlessly translating word for word (7) LITERAL {L}{rEALITy}*
10 Switzerland weapons supplier is a smooth operator (7) CHARMER {CH}{ARMER}
11 Frank's turn to coast (9) FREEWHEEL {FREE}{WHEEL}
12 On with morning paper pack (4) REAM {RE}{AM}
14 Miss openings available in good Indian realty launches (4) GIRL Acrostic
15 Straying from the subject and making message unintelligible (10) SCRAMBLING {SC}{RAMBLING} SC for Science?
17 He finishes off period in a reversal of twaddle (10) TERMINATOR {TERM}{IN}{A}{TOR<=}
19 Ruler withdraws from supra-state (4) TSAR [T<=]
22 Said to run away from a kind of market (4) FLEA (~flee)
23 Tamil leader developing roofing material (9) THATCHING {Ta..l}{HATCHING}
25 Try to contain struggle that is more massive (7) HEAVIER {HEA{VIE}R}
26 How funds may be held under guardianship (2,5) IN TRUST [CD}
27 Obese, that woman's relative (6) FATHER {FAT}{HER}
28 More knotty in larger formation (8) GNARLIER*

1   Struggles against headstrong one at sporting events (10) BULLFIGHTS {BULL}{FIGHTS}
2   Last longer in clothes that are not “in” (7) OUTWEAR {OUT}{WEAR}
3   Son's slow speed in writing (6) SCRAWL {S}{CRAWL}
4   Wave to ship from fairground ride (13) ROLLERCOASTER {ROLLER}{COASTER}
6   Vitriolic venting in violent tirade about Information Bureau (8) DIATRIBE {DIATR{IB}E*}
7   Man's criticism on one percussion set (7) TIMPANI {TIM}{PAN}{1}
8   Hard to come by in Agra residences (4) RARE [T]
10 Joint work by fifty in company science room, with speech following (13) COLLABORATION {CO}{L{L}AB}{ORATION}
13 Garret agog about one who collects things (10) AGGREGATOR*
16 Activate A-list I've put together (8) VITALISE*
18 Dependent on broken nail on the tip of instrument (7) RELIANT {RE}{NAIL*}{i...nT}
20 Incentives from university in outstretched limits (7) STIMULI {STIM{U}LI*}
21 Duck rest frolicking outside company (6) SCOTER {S{CO}TER*}
24 Head dismisses one cook (4) CHEF CHiEF*