Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2869), Sunday 29 Nov 2015

1   Not coy, working for magnate (6) TYCOON*
4   Man in supreme command (6) BEHEST {BE{HE}ST}
8   Despite reputation, getting behind idiot in drama (15) NOTWITHSTANDING {NO{TWIT}H}{STANDING}
10 Less than appropriate promise (9) UNDERTAKE {UNDER}{TAKE}
11 Arbiter, since retiring, in less danger (5) SAFER {SA}{FER}<=
12 Find clue with odd parts missing? That's useless (4) IDLE {fInD+cLuE}
13 Pal became excited about hot dessert (5,5)  PEACH MELBA* {H} in {PAL+BECAME}*
16 Songwriter taking firm line with journalist, right away (4,6) COLE PORTER {CO}{L}{rE PORTER}
18 Stagger, being wounded – not good (4) STUN STUNg
21 Praise former partner with revolutionary group (5) EXTOL {EX}{TOL<=}
22 Some junk now in garage in the dark (9) UNKNOWING [T]
23 Avoid attracting attention of warlike people running riot (4,1,3,7) KEEP A LOW PROFILE {OF+WARLIKE+PEOPLE}*
24 Head for alpine trail to make this? (6) ASCENT {Al...e}{SCENT} &lit
25 Recall varied stock of wine (6) CELLAR*

1   Facetious language followed by creep with cry of mock horror (6-2-5) TONGUE-IN-CHEEK {TONGUE}-{IN-CH}{EEK}
2   Controlled a nervous movement up in fortress (7) CITADEL {CIT}{A}{DEL}<=
3   Willows and wild roses covering island (6) OSIERS {I} in ROSES*
4   Wash tub's last two articles (5) BATHE {tuB}{A}{THE}
5   Corruption of demon has to be substantial (8) HANDSOME*
6   Learner in boat endlessly going over tips from unconventional expert (7) SKILFUL {SKI{L}Ff}{Un...aL}
7   Bird in display filled with passion (8) WHEATEAR {W{HEAT}EAR}
9   Feminist from different era emerging with hesitation (8,5) GERMAINE GREER {ERA+EMERGING}* {ER}
14 Examinations inhibit us, keeping quiet (5-3) CHECK-UPS {CHECK}-{U{P}S}
15 Wise to restrict pressure before bad overflow (8) SPILLAGE {S{P}{ILL}AGE}
17 Characters in correspondence (7) LETTERS [DD]
19 Test involving iodine, very little (7) TRIVIAL {TR{I}{V}IAL}
20 Sombre doctor stood up (6) MOROSE {MO}{ROSE}
22 Engineer about to reveal submarine (1-4) U-BOAT*


Saturday, 28 November 2015

No 11561, Saturday 28 Nov 2015, The Phantom

Off to drop children to school. Will add the usual colours when I get back
Addendum - Added the colors. Thanks Col. for updating the Anno for Viva Voce & Usual


1 Pen writing for example in pinkish colour (6) CORRAL {COR{R}AL} 4 Accepting growing old having retired forever (8) AGREEING {AG{REE<=}ING} 10 Naked, in other words nude, without clothing (9) UNDRESSED {NUDE}* around {DRESS} 11 Throw out old fur coat with the passage of time (5) EXPEL {EX}{PELt} 12 Soldier chasing my dog (5) CORGI {COR}{GI}
13 Bulk of salt regularly extracted from Americium bromide (9) AMPLITUDE {AM}{PLatITUDE} 14 Canoe abandoned in the deep (5) OCEAN {CANOE}* 16 Writer possessing suit of this colour? (3-5) PEA-GREEN {PE{A GREE}N} 19 In disguise Arab is touring Israel's capital (8) BRASILIA {ARAB IS}* around IL 20 With practice, record … (5) WRITE {W}{RITE} 23 … next time broadcast all over radio and TV (9) IMMEDIATE {TIME}* around {MEDIA} 24 Child carrying article lost in an estate house (5) MANOR {M(-in+AN)OR} 26 Country’s national wearing ceremonial robe (5) TONGA {TO{N}GA} 27 Clearly out, bowled, in a cruel manner after scoring ninety-nine (9) OBVIOUSLY {O}{B}{VicIOUSLY} 28 Stylish dresses, clothing model’s highlighted (8) STRESSED {DRESSES}* around T 29 Let woman out of hospital board van (6) LEASED {LEA{ShE}D}


1 Cling // to power (6) CLUTCH (DD) 2 Horseman to free the queen (5) RIDER {RID}{ER} 3 Their chief being absent, Canadian minister negotiated with natives (8,7) AMERICAN INDIANS {CANADIAN MINIStER}* 5 Trouble following sea’s rising? Best wishes for safe journey (8) GODSPEED {GOD S PEED <=} 6 Flower cultivation improves green covering at home (7,8) EVENING PRIMROSE {IMPROVES GREEN}* around IN
7 Irresponsible brat turned criminal (9) IMPRUDENT {IMP}{TURNED*} 8 Ships in the middle of sea, surrounded by large volumes of water, for example (8) GALLEONS {GALL{sEa}ONS} 9 Normal people acceptable to generally everyone (5) USUAL {US}{U}{ALl} Generally=Mostly All 15 Pitman finds a large hole in the middle, that’s bottomless! (4,5) COAL MINER {CO{A}{L}{MINE}Re} 17 Prevents revolting odour using scent regularly all over (8) OBVIATES {OB<=}{VIA}{TnEcS<=} 18 Six against an English bowler of “the bodyline series” in a test (4,4) VIVA VOCE {VI}{V}{A} {VOCE} 21 Courage is never to yield (5) NERVE {NEVER*} 22 Begged, being primarily poor and always bankrupt (6) PRAYED Anno Pending P{R{AY}ED} See comments 25 Negative votes block essential passage of bills (5) NOSES {NO{pasSage}ES}

Reference list

Forever=E'er, Old=Ex, Soldier=GI, My=Cor(Exclamation), Israel=Il, With=W, Article=An, National=N, Out=O, Bowled=B, Ninety nine=IC, Model=M, Woman=W, Hospital=H 
Queen=ER, At home=In, People=Us, Acceptable=U, Large=L, Odour=BO(Body Odour), Six=VI, Against=V, An=A, Always=Ay

Color/Font Scheme

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