Wednesday, 23 May 2018

No 12324, Wednesday 23 May 2018, Arden

1   Overtake the animal in lead — end of Derby (4,2) PASS BY {P{ASS}B}{derbY}
4   Caught the wind, sick and bent over (8) BILLOWED {B{ILL}OWED}
9   Herb for head splitting pain (6) ORACHE {fOR}{ACHE}
10 Front exposed, minister's bang-on (8) ACCURATE {fACe}{CURATE}
12 Discharge the final assignment (8) EMISSION {thE}{MISSION}
13 I am a character, with bloated head (6) SETTER (-l+s)SETTER Not sure how L becomes S
15 Animosity creates alarm — turning green in frigid conditions (12) BELLIGERENCY {BELL}{I{GREEN*}CY}
18 Dog sauntered around the fern (6,6) ADDERS TONGUE*
21 It's painful to see a girl embracing American soldier (6) ANGINA {AN{GI}NA}
22 I would get back eyesight in part (8) DIVISION {I'D<=}{VISION}
24 Deals with love, I'm good looking (8) HANDSOME {HANDS}{O}{ME}
25 Be angry with master in the boat (6) BIREME {B{IRE}{M}E}
26 Starts implementing government regulations in state — it's a headache (8) MIGRAINE {M{Im...g}{Go...t}{Re...s}AINE}
27 Abuses model riding fancy car (6) TROLLS {T}{ROLLS}

1   Show starts repeating basically same axioms (8) PROVERBS {PROVE}{Re...g}{Ba...y}{Same}
2   Painless way to treat dogs (8) SPANIELS*
3   After Britain, one has a country supporting its language (6,9) BAHASA INDONESIA {B}{A}{HAS}{A} {INDONESIA} Thanks to Google
5   Winced and ran out a short distance (4) INCH flINCHed
6   Made up or real cover, in lieu of parts he played (8,7) LAURENCE OLIVIER {REAL+COVER+IN+LIEU}*
7   Artist enters with a ghost (6) WRAITH {W{RA}ITH}
8   Dull, back breaking duty, it’s heartless (6) DREARY {Du{REAR}tY}
11 Treasured by two men (7) COVETED {COVE}{TED}
14 Collector's drunk wine, he is terrible (7) BEASTIE {BE{ASTI}E}
16 Example of investment — in the beginning trade is what one strives for (3,5) EGO IDEAL {EG}{Of} {In...t}{DEAL}
17 Spite lands girl in trouble (8) MEANNESS {ME{ANNE}SS}
19 Disturbance keeps PM on edge (6) MAYHEM {MAY}{HEM}
20 Prod and the pain essentially shoots up — it's the drink (6) EGGNOG {EGG}{paiN}{GO<=} (Addendum - {EGG}{aGONy<=} - See comments)
23 Land covered from another direction (4) OMAN [T]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 44

There is no place like home.

No man is an island.

Such PROVERBS would describe the peaceful life in and around Shangri-la.

EMISSION from fire places BILLOWED out of the chimneys in the cottages.

A rich resident who spoke BAHASA INDONESIA and had returned from distant OMAN had leased a portion of Shangri-la and set up a mini theater. Residents enjoyed movies like Rebecca, Pride and Prejudice featuring the then famous LAURENCE OLIVIER and pushed DREARY afternoons.

Persons like the Romanian and SS who showed their BELLIGERENCY were forgotten.

The bouncer's child was well taken care of by the nurse and had grown into a HANDSOME young baby.

And the person who COVETED this dream place was yet to arrive...

What happened next?

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

No 12323, Tuesday 22 May 2018, Spinner

Someone to spell out the theme and theme words

1   Call captain instead of vice-captain at the start to provoke (6) INCITE IN(-v+c)CITE
4   Spinner, upset, is describing unending period of stress (8) EMPHASIS {ME<=}{PHASe}{IS}
10 Candy for devoted worker (7) FONDANT {FOND}{ANT}
11 River turning west a second time on Russia’s borders (7) NIAGARA {AGAIN<=}{Ru..iA}
12 Pain is masked by nicety (8) NUISANCE {NU{IS}ANCE}
13 Watch and tend endlessly to get tip (6) CAREEN {CARE}{tENd}
15 Age of multimedia content (4) TIME [T]
16 Leader of the pack quickly drove around part of town with some henchmen onboard (9) SPEARHEAD {SPE{AR{He...n}EA}D}
20 With no empty chair, standing maybe an indicator of having fitness? (9) EDIBILITY crEDIBILITY
21 Spirit very low? Takes a bit of understanding! (4) SOUL {SO}{Un...g}{L}
24 Self-important guy loses head getting over quiet depression (6) UPPITY {gU{P}{PIT}Y}
26 Finish off rookie in battle (8) COMPLETE {COMP{L}ETE}
28 They speak about wife as they cut wood (7) SAWYERS {SA{W}YERS}
29 Truth is perhaps a lie wearing extremely radiant finery, at the end! (7) REALITY {Radi{A+LIE}*anT}{f...rY}
30 Every one that woman loves ultimately dies (8) PERISHES {PER}{1}{SHE}{l..eS}
31 Guide helped to eat greens every now and then (6) LEGEND {LE{GrEeNs}D}

1   Extensiveness of one tiny, transforming glove for arm (8) INFINITY {1}{N{FIN}ITY*} Fin/Arm? See comments
2   Fraud dismissed with involvement of money established (9) CONFIRMED {CON}{FIR{M}ED}
3   Crowns brilliant artisan in knight’s absence (6) TIARAS ARTISAn*
5   Heart of witness stands in the way of rolling back ill-defined judgement (4) MIND {DIM}<= over {witNess}
6   After hollering initially, every engineer comes to grips with commercial issue (8) HEADACHE {Ho...g}{E{AD}ACH}{E}
7   Play for second position with league basically lost (5) SPACE {S}{PlACE}
8   Lengths of time with woman produces kids (6) SPAWNS {SPA{W}NS}
9   Pick fancy scarf wraps from store (9) STOCKPILE {STO{PICK*}LE}
14 A thousand of them form a unit designed to shut war (9) WATTHOURS* (From KiloWatt Hour)
17 Pay raise issue back in the day (2,3,4) AT ONE TIME {ATONE}{EMIT<=}
18 They help one improve oneself, essentially (8) ABETTERS {A}{BETTER}{oneSelf}
19 Having the backing of those running the show, unfairly duel by taking drugs (4-4) BLUE-EYED {DUEL+BY}* over {EE}
22 Aggravates, manages with raise (4,2) RUNS UP {RUNS} {UP}
23 Record deceased’s identity, for starters (1-5) L-PLATE {LP}{LATE}
25 Pressure on holder, after dropping point, to show competency (5) POWER {P}{OWnER}
27 Sri Lanka, say, sent on a wild goose chase that's endless (4) ISLE  mISLEd

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 43

With Rita having CONFIRMED her joining the team, SS was on cloud nine. The three together could SPEARHEAD his plan to take over Shangri-la, after his leasing a portion and commencing his Club INFINITY operations.

First his EMPHASIS should be to build up crEDIBILITY with the people of the hamlet. Then put his heart and SOUL into his plan to INCITE the residents with some seductive dances.

What he had in MIND was that  AT ONE TIME the bouncer should leave the place by himself. Then entire Shangri-la will be his without any payment!

The four came to Shangri-la in a car which CAREENED inside just missing a huge tree.

SS had in his excitement  COMPLETELY forgotten Uncle Sam and his POWER to foil his plan by proving to be a constant HEADACHE.

What happened next?