Tuesday 2 April 2024

No 14138, Tuesday 02 Apr 2024, Vidwan

Solution to 13A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

8   It goes into more than one rule (6) POLITY {POL{IT}Y}
9   Part of Indian diet (3-5) LOK-SABHA [CD]
10 Returns two-fold praise (4) LAUD<=
11 Unmanageable sappers' works, involving resistance (10) REFRAFCTORY {RE}{F{R}ACTORY}
12 Election Victory! Back to people finally! (4) VOTE {V}{TO<=}{p...lE}
13 How to get a message carried by the waves? (10) D?M?D?L?T? (Addendum - DEMODULATE [CD] - See comments)
17 Part of mega lavish celebration (4) GALA [T]
18 Medico retained by business for data repository (2-3) CD-ROM {C{DR}OM}
19 Support black sensitivity (4) BEAR {B}{EAR}
21 Travelling faster than word of mouth? (10) SUPERSONIC [CD]
23 Chance of noble backing king (4) RISK {SIR<=}{K}
24 Can a small magazine art possibly be a symbol of constitutional democracy (5,5) MAGNA CARTA {CAN+A+MAG+ART}*
28 Large, adult, male black sheep (4) LAMB &lit
29 Left ousts judge! Removal leads to poll! (8) ELECTION E(-j+l)LECTION
30 Slight wound (6) INSULT [DD]

1   Beverage Company from California, County Los Angeles (4,4) COCA COLA {CO}{CA}{CO}{LA}
2   Focus on awfully mean, defining quality of a person (6,4) MIDDLE NAME {MIDDLE}{NAME*}
3   Reportedly procure for channel - small derivatives (2-8) BY-PRODUCTS {(~buy)BY}{PRO}{DUCT}{S}
4   It indicates pitch conditions like erodability, flatness basically (4) CLEF Acrostic
5   Right, right! Acres for a vegetable! (4) OKRA {OK}{R}{A}
6   No right plan for unwise (4) DAFT DrAFT
7   Country kid, keeping regularly ahead (6) BHARAT {B{aHeAd}RAT}
14 Run into idle idiot (5) MORON {MO{R}ON}
15 Popular and kind of mostly modern timeless tactic (10) DEMOCRATIC {MODERn+tACTIC}*
16 Independent bills are questionable source of moral belief in individual and political freedom (10) LIBERALISM {I+BILLS+ARE}*{Mo..l}
20 Gathering up litter inside well (8) ASSEMBLY {A{MESS<=}BLY}
22 A new blue rum lacks potency (6) UNABLE {A+N+BLUE}*
25 Part of body of knowledge about Catholic revolutionary (4) NECK {K{C}EN}<=
26 Each item has a receipt (4) CHIT [T]
27 Managed King's file (4) RANK {RAN}{K}

Reference List
Sappers = RE(Royal Engineers), Resistance = r, Victory = V, Business = COM, Black = B, King = K, Left = L, Judge = J, Company = CO, County = CO, Small = S, Right = R, Acres = A, Run = R, Idle = MOON, Independent = I, New = N, Catholic = C


  1. 9a def by example needs an indicator!

    1d from felt out of place and misleading.

    Otherwise a very smooth puzzle.

    1. +1. Had difficulty in both. Midnight solving byPrasad?!

    2. I had no problem with either. I don't think 1A requires any other indicator. It is a cryptic definition and a very good one at that. What exactly bothered you on 1D? Other than the surface reading

    3. Diet is not definition of legislature but an example of (rather name (noun) in some countries) legislature.

    4. The word diet means a deliberative or a formal public assembly. It is not a proper noun. It has a more general meaning as well

    5. In so much as signifying legislative making body (lok sabha) diet is example.
      Lok sabha is not a general congress.

  2. 28a all std abbreviatios! (Not acrostic)

  3. 30a is it DD?
    I mean one is nounal and the other verbal form of the same meaning!

    1. It is a DD. Each of the words mean Insult

    2. Its not the def of DD. It means two different definitions.

    3. There are two different definitions. Slight and wound

    4. The two definitions mean nearly the same thing. Is that acceptable?

    5. Imo, the DD is totally acceptable.

    6. My view is one definition. One is physical harm, the other is mental harm.
      I havent come across "slight"/injure that does not mean harm.
      Would be happy if any bound oed def is shared by owners.

    7. Isn't that the beauty of language?

    8. Is
      Break crush
      DD as per your def?

    9. Slight is an insult
      Wound(of the heart) is an emotional hurt caused by insult.

    10. If it is caused by insult - solution can't be insult.
      Wounding some ones self esteem or pride is INSULT.
      Both slight & wound have one common meaning here (apart from other meanings) which is INSULT.
      My understanding.

    11. DD & CD both work on principal of 'Normal/surface reading' (as one would read any normal sentence or phrase) Vs 'Cryptic reading'. Slight wound in natural reading (in my estimation) would read as a minor injury. Cryptic Reading converts it into DD. There has been lot of discussion on DD and both words having near / close meanings. My take is that as long as surface reading takes the solver adequately away from cryptic reading, it merits as a DD clue! However this is difficult to achieve with regular solvers as they see the cryptic reading first!

  4. Election special given by Vidwan. 9A needed to have more hint. 13A is little more technical. 7D is more of our majority wish. 24A my COD. Otherwise, an enjoyable CW.

  5. Yes,def.enjoyable and as you said timely.

  6. What is the point in just giving the solution without telling us how you got it?

  7. Replies
    1. DEMODULATE. Non-cryptic clue. Or am I missing something

    2. Why do you call it Non-cryptic?

    3. It's a CD.
      Modem is used to send/ receive a message carried by waves.
      Modem- MO dulate/ DEModulate.
      That is expansion of the Modem we have all got used to.
      So to receive is to 'Demodulate'.

    4. To end will be 'Modulate'.

    5. It is still a direct definition, imo.

    6. Like GK in electronics and telecommunications.

    7. I also think it's a direct definition. Nothing cryptic.

    8. Are CD/ DD not part of cryptic CW?

    9. DD is double definition.

    10. All clues in a cryptic crossword need to be cryptic.
      So yeah Direct definition cannot be part of Cryptics.

      CD is def part of cryptics.

    11. However there is no cryptic in this clue. Demodulate has only one definition, get messge from carrier waves.
      Carried by waves is not really a cryptic way of defining carrier waves. Is it?

    12. How to get message from wind surfers!
      Would have been excellent CD.

    13. CD work on principle of 'Normal/surface reading' (as one would read any normal sentence or phrase) Vs 'Cryptic reading'. Surface reading herein was intended to point towards 'message in a bottle carried by sea waves'. Didn't work too well apparently!

  8. Enjoyable cw.
    Didn't know about diet. New to me. Just filled Lok Sabha with crossings.

    Thanx Vidhwan

  9. 9A Part of
    Indian diet(Japanese legislature /parliament)- LOK SABHA.

    I am not able to understand the role of 'part of'

  10. Lok Sabha is only a part of Indian Parliament. The other part is Rajya Sabha.

  11. Thanks for both appreciation and very incisive critical comments. These help to improve.