Monday 1 April 2024

No 14137, Monday 01 Apr 2024, Karaoke

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Chinese system of iron housing development, excludes parsonage essentially (4,4) FENG SHUI {FE}{HoUSING}*
6   Inactive? Nail in charge! (6) SUPINE {SU{PIN}E}
9   Without initial experience, nun gets around musical instruments (6) SISTRA  {SISTeR}{A}
10 Training at hill station in Kerala to review every year (3,5) PER ANNUM {PE}{MUNNAR<=}
11 Winsome move? - No, it is a bad situation (6,4) PRETTY PASS {PRETTY}{PASS}
12 Cut of meat from wild animal, swapping internally (4) LOIN L(I<=>O}N
13 Criticize maliciously in damaging whisper (8) BADMOUTH {BAD}{MOUTH}
15 Times forgotten in light conversation during drink (6) CHICHA CHIt CHAt
16 Absent-minded Tom settles in filthy dwelling (6) SCATTY {S{CAT}TY}
18 Private party with setter at branch shortly (8) DOMESTIC {DO}{ME}{STICk}
20 Opposing content of share (4) ANTI {quANTIty}
21 Flight attendant wets a dress in turbulence (10) STEWARDESS*
23 Naughty Romeos at restaurants (3,5) TEA ROOMS*
24 Warrior from bustling Oman takes over banks of Zambia (6) AMAZON {OMAN}* over {Za..iA<=}
25 Inspirational song by worker near border (6) ANTHEM {ANT}{HEM}
26 Rifles in bag worn by persons of ordinary grade (8) R?N?A?K?  (Addendum - RANSACKS {RAN{SAC}KS} - See comments)

2   Desperate retainer leaves Norway for African state (7) ERITREA RETAInER*
3   Reach gallery main gate on return (3,2) GET AT {TATE}{Gate}<=
4   Enduring oppressive tax (5-4) HEAVY-DUTY {HEAVY}{DUTY}
5   Cast doubt on Indian lawmaker on every atrocity, criminal happening basically (7) IMPEACH {I}{MP}{Ev..y}{At...y}{Cr...l}{Ha...g}
6   Husband leaves boxers' groups (5) SORTS ShORTS
7   Forfeits plane crashing on foreign site (9) PENALTIES {PLANE*}{SITE*}
8   Nurse works in our specialty hospital mainly (7) NOURISH {IN+OUR}*{Sp...y{Ho...l}
14 Head of the family felt sumptuous about a recipe (9) MATRIARCH {MAT}{RI{A}{R}CH}
15 What did you say about egomaniac? (4,5) COME AGAIN*
17 Punish rook at hideout stashing money (7) CONDEMN {CON}{DE{M}N}
18 Maid's cabinet (7) DRESSER [DD]
19 Hot merchandise on the shelves (2,5) IN STOCK {IN}{STOCK}
21 Sort out matters first to attack suddenly (5) STORM {SORT*}{Ma...s}
22 Theatrical entertainment rewound from handycam ardently (5) DRAMA [T<=]

Reference List
Around = A, Training = PE, Time = T, Party = DO, Norway = N, Husband = H, Recipe = R, Money = M


  1. 18A. Brach= Stick ?. Was rummaging few synonyms but couldn't land properly

  2. Replies
    1. Has to be from reading of the clue, not quite okay though.

  3. Do we all get fooled by the setter today? Karaoke does not attempt it, but then he did not know his CW would come up today.

  4. Good start to the month and week!
    BTW I'd never say 'come again' to an egomaniac!!
    Incidentally 15dn happens to be my COD 😊

  5. 26a Ransacks -
    - ordinary grade=ranks
    Bag=sac and rifles= ransacks

  6. It has be written as-

  7. ...with worn by as containment indicator.

  8. I found it a little tough - as compared to usual Karaoke. Is that the April 1 joke?