Monday, 20 October 2014

No.11219, Monday 20 October 2014, Gridman

While I liked 5a for its brevity, I loved 1d the most! The Me! cartoonist detected the theme on Friday and Bhavan found one on Saturday, but I am not able to figure out one here ...

1 Made light of editing, perhaps (7) IGNITED (EDITING)*
5 Tell, say (6) ARCHER (our old Swiss Bill, William Tell, the Archer) Defn. by example
9 Team, fashionable, not on the margin (3,2) SET IN (SET IN)
10 Dismiss the priesthood, as a sign of contrition (9) SACKCLOTH (SACK CLOTH)
11 Find a new home for that woman going back with nil employment (7) REHOUSE (HER< O USE)
12 Becoming more drunk, sire falls after extra amount (7) TIPSIER (TIP SIRE*)
13 A classic song Senior left the private (5) OLDIE (SOLDIER - SR.)
14 Very small payment to a man in charge (9) SUBATOMIC (SUBscription (TO A) M A TOM I C) How does TO A become ATO? Please see comments
16 Nature's of disturbed vampire (9) NOSFERATU (NATURES OF)*
19 Ask about Senator's prinicipal legal support group (5) POSSE (POSE about S)
21 Helped sailor and alien boy (7) ABETTED (AB ET TED)
23 Dumpling has leading gastronomer returning negative vote to Greek character (7) GNOCCHI (G CON< CHI)
24 Zealot tar gets broken down in locker (9) LAZARETTO (ZEALOT TAR)* New word for me
25 Primarily, under new formula, Indians tend to be disqualified (5) UNFIT (Acrostic)
26 Refuge Yankee found in a rundown area (6) ASYLUM (Y in A SLUM)
27 To defeat soundly, the woman will get a leading champion (7) SHELLAC (SHE'LL A C)

1 Just can't get over that writhing US man in trouble (14) INSURMOUNTABLE (US MAN IN TROUBLE)* Nice usage of a possible anind as part of fodder ...
2 Nick's appeared but not revolutionary daughter (7) NOTCHED (NOT CHE D)
3 Not going back! Certain to have a shaved crown (7) TONSURE (NOT< SURE)
4 A spy spied in a roundabout way causing a queasy feeling (9) DYSPEPSIA (A SPY SPIED)*
5 Tie at a derby? (5) ASCOT (2)
6 Show off and end up where the pilot sits (7) COCKPIT (COCK TIP<)
7 Self-centredness. Somehow it goes to man's head (7) EGOTISM (IT GOES* M)
8 The way how someone in a play or a novel behaves is appropriate (14) CHARACTERISTIC (CHARACTER IS TIC)
15 Anti-Communist type? (9) BOURGEOIS (CD)
17 Has a cold reaction, eliciting a blessing perhaps (7) SNEEZES (CD) Gesundheit !
          A person sounding a-tishoo may need a tissue ...
18 Learn, after injury, to hold the short grip (7) ENTHRAL (LEARN* around THe)
19 Public Relations Officer's current safeguard is excessive (7) PROFUSE (PRO FUSE)
20 Cask's tilted! Almost complete! That's a large quantity! (7) SACKFUL (CASK* FULL)
22 Fact is trade union is involved in obstruction (5) DATUM (TU in DAM)



  1. Soliciting your attention and entries to CWE - 3 launched earlier today.

  2. 14a {sub} {a} {tom}{ic}

    1. We had a man instead of a cat today

    2. I've been often asked, "Are yot a man or a mouse?". Tom, on the other hand, can be asked, " Are you a man or a cat?"

  3. You do not have a mous(tach)e - so why do they ask?!

    1. I had one long back, but the motgs ate it

    2. Sorry, they were moths , not motgs

    3. I have read Perry mason in 'The case of the Moth eaten Mink', but not heard about a moth eaten mustache!

  4. I was almost there- but for the vampire that did not bless me ( I did not sneeze but 'freeze')
    A few surprising anind's. I also was initially misled as pointed out by K in 1 D and also missed 'injury' in 18D.

    1. Only Google machan could have helped you there

  5. He too needs a good input to come out with the right answer, but I had been hit by the vampire himself!
    BTW, back home?

  6. We seem to be jumping from one BUND to another in our search for the perfect clue!

    1. Earlier we were jumping from bust to bust, like onr does in the statuary ...

    2. But the stauary have gone from Bust to Life.

  7. Found the crossie tough today. Surmounted the insurmountable but chatecteristically stumped by the vampire. Patted myself for getting Lazaretto & Bourgeois. On the whole a very good learning experience. Shall tighten my Cummerbund for CWE3

  8. Kishore,

    Typo in 7D. It should be EGOTISM.

  9. Did not understand 5D second part. Also Nick = notched?

    1. Ascot is the location of the Derby races.

      Probably I should have marked Nick's appeared as defn, if nicks have appeared on my walking stick, it is now notched.

    2. Just remembered you what with the wet weather here!

    3. ;-) I was there yesterday