Thursday, 2 October 2014

No 11205, Thursday 02 Oct 2014, Gridman

On seeing an out-of-turn Gridman, I thought the special would be something to do with Gandhi but it turned out to be for Ayudha Pooja. 
Stumped by 2D

1   Provided security device for an implement (8) GAVELOCK {GAVE}{LOCK}
6   Tiresome sort to make a hole (4) BORE [DD]
9   Shifts legs to an order: “Start moving!” (4,2) LETS GO*
10 Policeman carrying hard weapon (7) CHOPPER {C{H}OPPER}
13 She's holding large, moveable lifting gear (5,4) SHEAR LEGS {SHE{AR LEG*}S}
14 Plead with leaders of safe environment falling off tree (5) BEECH BEseECH
15 One not working x (4) IDLE Anno not clear (Addendum - INTO {1}{NOT*} - See comments)
16 Enthusiast gets woman to accept right bolt turner (3,6) NUT WRENCH {NUT} {W{R}ENCH}
19 Idle talk about perils in dropping grasping tools (3,6)  GAS PLIERS {GAS} {PERILS*}
21 Choose a tool (4) PICK [DD]
24 Chart can be made out of mechanical tool (5) RATCH*
25 German in the outskirts of Cochin finds trap in separating machine (6,3) COTTON GIN {Coc{OTTO}hiN} {GIN}
26 Farming machine company's bad result leaving son out (7) COULTER {CO}{REsULT*}
27 Learner in lady's private room is a fan (6) BLOWER {B{L}OWER}
28 Small residue in window frame (4) SASH {S}{ASH}
29 A robber's broken shield (8) ABSORBER*

2   Live-in representative having a spine that is crooked because of antiquity (3-4) A?E-?E?L (Addendum - AGE-BENT {AGE-{BE}NT} - See comments)
3   Make certain that reprimand doesn't start (6) ENSURE cENSURE
4   How a man may be down to win the hand of a woman, perhaps (2,3,4) ON ONE KNEE [CD]
5   Thrills in boots? (5) KICKS [DD]
7   Parentless kid having energy is enchanting (7) ORPHEAN {ORPH{E}AN} New word for me
8   Mostly gather Krishna is in a different avatar of great importance (12) EARTHSHAKING {GATHEr+KRISHNA}*
11 Variety of sandpiper in neat attempt to circle head of rooster (6) OXBIRD {OX}{BI{R}D} Anno not clear  See comments
12 Sellers' figures when magnate meddles around the middle of sacks (6,6) ASKING PRICES {AS}{KING} {PRI{saCks}ES}
17 Trials about a form of transport for containers in the lab (4,5) TEST TUBES {TEST {TUBE}S}
18 Ancient headgear no longer in fashion (3,3) OLD HAT {OLD} {HAT}
20 Not that you shouldn't stand taking fresh air in these places in homes (3-4) SIT-OUTS [CD]
22 Italian's English (7) INGLESE [E]
23 One might die, say, for this (6) HONOUR [CD] (Addendum - COLOUR (dye~die) - See comments)
25 It's about spooky group kidnapping leaders of racist company (5) CIRCA {CI{R}{C}A}



  1. 15 One not working x (4) IDLE Anno not clear

    I NOT* = INTO = X

  2. 11 Variety of sandpiper in neat attempt to circle head of rooster (6) OXBIRD OX{BI{R}D} Anno not clear

    OX+ BI(R)D. OX = Neat

  3. I had 2d as AGE BENT which seemed meaningless?

    1. I had 2d as AGE BENT which seemed meaningless?

      AGE-(BE)NT Rep= AGENT. Live = BE. In= BE inside AGENT.

  4. 23 One might die, say, for this (6) HONOUR [CD]
    COLOUR = DIE ~ Dye

    1. Gridman does come up with unusual CDs and I too thought it was "honour" initially. But on cheating found it could also be colour ;)

  5. Raghunath in form collecting the right 'tools'.

  6. Filled in 12D, but not sure about anno.
    Earth did not shake for me!
    Coulter was new, but the crossings helped.
    Gridman's mode of wishing us all on the occasion of Ayudha Pooja.

  7. Raghunath's grey cells firing on all cylenders! :)

  8. Haha, till 9:24, it was Raghunath's show all the way. A rocking intro solo

  9. List of tools-
    Shear Legs
    Nut Wrench
    Gas Pliers
    Cotton Gin

    Wow! That makes it 10. He has planned all the tools to be in Ac. clues. I am sure many of us may not have known more than about six of these. Correct day to remember and know the others.

    saraswati Pooja wishes to all.

  10. Sorry. I made a mistake in writing the first one- Gavelock.

  11. I had a doubt about 'into' indicating multiplication, though we use it in conversation. I was surprised on checking with Free Dictionary that it indicates DIVISION. I am surprised & confused. Any clarifications?

  12. When an imaginary depilatory cream manufacturer introduces a new version of ages-old product in a fresh colourful pack, the company might call it MudiPo 4x.
    4x means it's 4 times more effective.
    Here x is a multiplicator.
    4 times 6 is 24.
    For 'times' don't we use x in multiplication tables?

    1. Like Padmanabhan said Times = Into is purely in Indian context. Dics give 'into' as 'division'.

      Also, I felt the surface meaning wasn't clear.

  13. Chambers also clearly says it is division-
    I think it is 'times' for multiplication as in five times two is ten.

  14. Please look at

  15. Padmanabhan@10:19,
    3 goes into 9 (exactly) three times = 9 divided by 3 is 3.

  16. Other than entree which came up recently as starter/main course and into above. There is a similar usage issue with 'by ' too.

    A 4 by 6 slat of wood is 4 x 6 = 24 sq units
    A one by two coffee in Bangalore is just 1/2 or half

    I am not sure how it works in a two-by-two cloth ...

    1. I understand it is something to do with the weave

    2. Pl look at caption below first photo in

    3. That is putting two and two together

  17. One by two coffee in Chennai is also half ! (meaning it is common everywhere- in India?)
    Another specialty is the MISSED call- it is also nowadays being freely used in many Ad's.

    1. "missed call" by itself is correct, but asking some to give a missed call?

    2. To insist that the seller does not want you spend even the cost of a call to contact him- customer service at its best! (at the cost of the service provider!)

  18. In Hyd, in Irani hotel when two persons order one 'chai", the waiter will bring a cup of tea with an "empty cup", w/o your asking. 1/2 is implicitly understood. So if one of them doesn't want tea he'd have to say no to the "empty cup", while ordering.

    1. In B'lore, the initial 'one' is sometimes implicit. They ask for 'by two coffee'. If they want two half portions of coffee, they say 'two by-two coffees'. In fact, the usage was so prevalent that hotels started serving what is now called a 'mini-coffee' or 'half-coffee'

  19. Kishore,
    There is also 2 by 1 in textiles, which is slightly coarser than 2 by 2. Maybe one of the 2 threads may be finer.

    1. In 2 x 2 cambric fabric which is usually used for the blouse variety, both warp and weft yarns used are 2-ply yarns and hence the term 2 x 2.

      In 2 x 1, the warp yarn will be 2-ply and the weft yarn is single ( usually the coarser yarn) and hence 2 x 1.

      Though the Twill weave has 2 x 2 and 2 x 1 type, what is commonly described is not the Twill variety.

  20. Col.,
    What about tomorrow's 15 by 15? Will we have it in the TH on line & if so at what time?
    If not, any special on hand?

    1. We here will have it in the paper edition

  21. We will put up the clues of the CW with link to the grid in a post at 6 AM so that everyone can solve it. You will have to take a printout of the grid in case you want to solve it on paper. Don't put in any comments as this post will be deleted once the regular post appears at 8:30

  22. No paper tomorrow & day after in Hyderabad