Sunday, 26 October 2014

No 2814, Sunday 26 Oct 2014

1   Cave deposit, old - work on it inside (10) STALACTITE {STAL{ACT}{IT}E}
6   Cheerful on a trip (4) HIGH [DD]
10 Excuse a crack about bishop (7) ABSOLVE {A}{B}{SOLVE}
11 Pilot coming from Ottawa, via Toronto (7) AVIATOR [T]
12 Writer, King, with terribly fine whittling tool (8) PENKNIFE {PEN}{K}{FINE*}
13 Perry's Della in the way? (6) STREET [DD]
15 Honour beloved heroine (5,7) GRACE DARLING {GRACE} {DARLING}
18 Yearns to meet rider dropping off son, a docker (12) LONGSHOREMAN {LONGS}{HORsEMAN}
21 Pair left in four-seater car (6) COUPLE {COUP{L}E}
22 Pop out during present sit-in (8) STOPPAGE {ST{POP*}AGE}
24 Sieve, small, lost in coach (7) TRAINER sTRAINER
25 Worker settled in sound city in New Mexico (5,2) SANTA FE {S{ANT}A FE}
26 Uniform happening to be short (4) EVEN EVENt
27 Prince not returning for a dance (10) CHARLESTON {CHARLES}{NOT<=}

1   Rogue, one providing seafood (6) SCAMPI {SCAMP}{1}
2   Nod when ordered to go (6) ASSENT {AS}{SENT}
3   Tired out, girls went swimming, freestyle (3-2,9) ALL-IN WRESTLING {ALL-IN} {GIRLS+WENT}*
4   Article on vote cast for act in talent show (3,1,6) THE X FACTOR {THE} {X} {FOR+ACT}*
5   A drop in drink, drop of rum? (4) TEAR {TEA}{R}
7   Fearless, I printed anyhow (8) INTREPID*
8   Male must leave retreat to claim birthright (8) HERITAGE HERmITAGE
9   Cake covering - top is a spread (8,6) VICTORIA SPONGE*
14 Part of a newspaper's title? Readers initially voted it changed (10) ADVERTISER {READERS+Voted+IT}*
16 Formal or unofficial relationship (5,3) BLACK TIE {BLACK} {TIE}
17 Brood at home on Caribbean island, extremely tactile (8) INCUBATE {IN}{CUBA}{TactilE}
19 Empty tin inside large container (6) VACANT {VA{CAN}T}
20 River cut off any number (6) SEVERN {SEVER}{N}
23 Leading procession miles away (4) ARCH mARCH


  1. Kishore's name missing in Leaderboard for Round 6 of IXL? Another mistake and correction due?

    1. Thank you MB. Probably I did not expect it so lower down. I had made an inadvertant spelling mistake and must have lost a lot of marks.

    2. One typo. That means around 60 got it all correct. I am definitely losing it ! ;-)

    3. NR, actually at No.61. 40 is the score I got

    4. My Standard has been quite Poor this year as I have had no patience since I am Moody as a broody hen!

  2. Cummerbund comes up in the link for 'Black Tie'!

  3. XChequer's case supported.
    A on B in Ac clue taken as AB here at 1 - work on it = (ACT)(IT)

  4. Col.,
    Thank you for all the interesting links provided- many of which were news to me. Some, I filled in but could not explain.

  5. More than the puzzle, I liked the CHARLESTON dance!! Thanks, Colonel Sir. :)

    1. :) you really gotta love the dance forms that originated in the 20s and 30s, like swing, jive, charleston, lindy hop etc - fun expressions.

  6. CWE -3 results are announced....

  7. The ICL was not loading at 11 am. I had to go to plant some saplings in our complex with the kids around and when I returned after half past noon, tried to load and got through with great difficulty. then half -way through, my laptop crashed and when I tried to reboot and log in, my incomplete entry got deleted for good and I got this message"" you have already submitted "". Will have to try on my PC and take a print out to complete but am finally crossed out of this crossie !! Hahah ! talk about bad luck !~!

  8. Maddy's CWE-4 will be launched at 7:30 AM on Monday 27 Oct

    1. Have you thrown in some hint here?

    2. But Raghu, Som not mangal ;-)

    3. Yes, also see the remarks under CWE 3

    4. I don't follow, Col? Remarks at what time? There was a comment I made following CV comment. It's not there?

    5. Click on the 'Load more' button below the last comment and the comments beyond 200 wil get loaded