Sunday, 27 June 2010

No 2591, Sunday 27 Jun 10

1   - Quiet place visited by a group of policemen (6) – {PL}{A}{CID}
5   - Storyteller getting adult to sit back (5) – {A}{ESOP<-}
8   - Bubbly does it, and port (6) – {ODES*}{SA}
10 - A way through unspoilt meadow (7) – {P{A}{ST}URE}
11 - Actress in Oslo as warning broadcast (6,7) – GLORIA SWANSON*
13 - Floor show has nude appearing in kinky act (7) – {CA{BARE}T*}
15 - First to tackle worker having bizarre fit of bad temper (7) – {T}{ANT}{RUM}
17 - Client's ordered copy (7) – STENCIL*
19 - Claimed to be relaxed in examination (7) – MEDICAL*
20 - The car's passenger, on a trip, is duped? (5,3,1,4) – TAKEN FOR A RIDE [CD]
22 - Swing component must be put back ahead of rest, we're told (7) – {TRAP<-}{EZE}(~ease)
23 - A synopsis to think over (6) – DIGEST [DD]
24 - Following behind leader in race (5) – {LATE}{R}
25 - Fairy godmother finally admitted to malice! (6) – {SP{R}ITE}
2   - Rope left round beast inside (5) – {L}{ASS}{O}
3   - I torch a clapped-out vehicle (7) – CHARIOT*
4   - Advance payment is brought over in terminal (7) – {DEPO{SI<-}T}
5   - Sailor, instead, amazingly, went on the wagon (9) – {AB}{STAINED}
6   - Suppress illegal dealings in game (6,7) – {SQUASH} {RACKETS}
7   - Groom about to be put in prison (5) – {P{RE}EN}
9   - Terriers, say, having meal in mess (4,9) – {DOGS} {BREAKFAST} [CD]
12 - No head for details in book (4) – fACTS
14 - Extraordinary count, rare anecdotalist (9) – RACONTEUR*
16 - Fist fight in factory (4) – MILL [DD]
18 - Animal no less uneasy about one (7) – {L{I}ONESS*}
19 - Wind more vicious round centre of Cadiz (7) – {MEAN{D}ER}
20 - Very young child, alone, drops one that's full (5) – {TOT}{ALone}
21 - Block of gold I obtained around noon (5) – {I}{N}{GOT}


  1. Message from Richard


    Rushing to the airport to see off my Europe-bound elder brother. Yet managed to complete the puzzle pretty fast. But not sure of 16D - M?L?
    Quite an enjoyable one.

    AESOP and RACONTEUR in the same grid.
    8A - ODESSA - SA for sex appeal also known as 'it'.
    I have a point to make on 13A. Will rejoin the discussion later.


  2. Hi
    Without Meandering, let me admit that I had not head Gloria Swanson and had to Google. However, Lake Placid and The Odessa File were good entertainment. Enjoyed being taken on a ride by Squash rackets. Stencil brought back memories of smudged question papers in school.

  3. Re illustration for 20A: It is not still spill free !

  4. 12d ACTS is a book in The Book (The Bible)!

  5. @ Col: Incidentally, you also solved ET 17D Bill finds a way to turn up and get things done (4){AC}{TS<-}

  6. Kishore @ 8:46

    It's really strange how the same word appears in different CW's on the same day. I have seen it happen on a number of occasions.

  7. Hey, when I looked at the previous two posts, I saw another co-incidence. If I had abbreviated Col to Co in 846, the sentence would have read Co: incidentally ! I have also observed many times that Crosswords are prophetic. Eg: The word train pops up when I have to go to the station etc. Of course,it is a trick of the mind. Our mind links up the two. For example: Today MILL appears and I have to take my mum to the MILL for getting stuff ground.

  8. Today's NIE has a peculiar clue :26A. Almost a hundred run easily around in warp-knit fabric (6)

    Run, easily, around, warp and knit can all be interpreted as AnInds.

  9. Deepak, I loved your cartoon for 20A.

  10. Again, none of my business, you would say. Yet -

    I stumbled on the blog of a newspaper reporter. It has interviews with famous people, etc.
    And they are those published in the newspaper of which the blogger is a staffer.

    Now, there is not a line anywhere in the blog that they are previously published in such-and-such a newspaper.

    The point I am trying to make is: would the reporter have gained access to the celebrities without the fact that they belong to the reputed newspaper and that the interview was expected to be published in it?

    Such being the case, is it not imperative that it is acknowledged that the interview (or for that matter any article) was previously published in the newspaper? And also a nod is given to the readers themselves that they are right if they have a sense of deja-vu on reading what they are reading?

    Modern technology has spawned this kind of cut-and-paste publication without due consideration of issues involved.

  11. Kishore:
    "Smudged question papers"?
    Oh yes, I remember.
    They called it "cyclostyling".
    Only out of school did I learn that the copy was a "mimeograph".

  12. @CV: 1400: The worst impact was in maths oriented papers where we were at sixes and sevens wondering if it was eight or nine or zero.

  13. The more we gazed at the paper, more did our wonder grow,
    Wished the Village Schoolmaster was there to help us know !

  14. kishore@16.49

    For the last 2 months I have been reminded of these lines (the original ones-... How such a small head could carry all he knew) from The Village Schoolmaster(learnt in 1964) when I get to read the wealth of information given in this forum esp; by CV sir, Kishoreji, Sureshji, Col.sir, VJ, Richard et al.I wanted to write about this and your comment prompted me to express today. Thank you all and I wish I could make it to the Chennai meet.

  15. As of now the response to the Chennai meet is dismal with just CV, Gita and self having agreed to attend, we need more participation especially from those in and around Chennai, like Bangalore and Hyderabad etc

  16. 13A - Floor show has nude appearing in kinky act (7) – {CA{BARE}T*}

    I had promised to comment on this after my return. In the meantime, a friend says he has been all ears since morning to know what it is.

    It's just a damp squib. The clue has high mischief and naughtiness potential. But the Col's anno cleared my doubt.

    I had not thought of the word 'bare' showing up there and took the clue on its surface value. I only wanted to say that the word 'cabaret' means 'entertainment, usually with music, songs and dancing, performed in a restaurant or a club while the customers eat and drink. It has a 'respectable' air about it.

    But in India, esp. in Bollywood, the word 'cabaret' goes further in its connotation, involving shedding of shame, inhibitions and other things by the so-called 'item bombs'.

  17. Richard, I thought you were gonna share some juicy anecdotes. Well this was the impression I got after reading Col's message.

  18. FIFA special: Directionless chinese food gets him a canary from Germany(9)

    Rich: I thought you were going to bare some bare facts!

  19. Kish 21:30 Unbearable ! Not a bare necessity!

  20. Rich: 2139: Bear necessity from Jungle Book ! Unbearable: An adjective used by a husband to describe his wife who does not conceive, along with other adjectives like inconceivable and impregnable !

  21. Update on FIFA special: The above clue is based on the Eng-Ger match that was held tonight and canary is a euphemism for a coloured canard without an article.

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  23. @ Dr. 1942: You know your Laurel Silversmith ! Thanks for the kind words. I will give you a puzzle of mine: Men have one, women have two. What? If you are a medical man, I expect five answers, if not at least three. Viva la difference ...

  24. Kishore, FRIEDRICH?

    Not sure about the anno.

    Directionless Chinese food = friedrice - E...

    Didn't get your hint (22:01). No idea about the H

  25. VJ: Perfectly correct: FRIEDRICE-E+H. H comes from 'gets him'. Hint was about him getting a yellow card in yesterday night's match. Canary as an euphemism for canard - an=card