Tuesday, 31 March 2015

No 11356, Tuesday 31 Mar 2015, Skulldugger

Enjoyable one from Skulldugger.

5   Two-thirds of the dealers provide gripping gizmos (6) PLIERS supPLIERS
6   Sated artist consuming the last of the ouzo? This might go to his head (6) FEDORA {FED}{ouzO}{RA}
9   Provide evidence for being examined (6) ATTEST {AT}{TEST}
10 United in league, celebration turning bloody, Chelsea finally broke (8) FEDERATE {FE{DER<=}{c...eA}TE}
11 Got out article that Caesar sported? (4) TOGA {GOT*}{A}
12 Small house emits a tone that's eerie (10) MAISONETTE*
13 Feathered friend unusually genial at bedtime (11) NIGHTINGALE {NIGHT}{GENIAL*}
18 Unkempt furniture, old and rough without lacquer, for starters (10) BEDRAGGLED {BED}{RAGG{La...r}ED}
21 Page for important work, half-censored, read regularly (2-2) OP-ED {OPus}-{rEaD}
22 Furtively observe American girlfriend in childhood game (8) PEEKABOO {PEEK}{A}{BOO}
23 Publicly proclaim that king is surrounded by absolute beauty (6) PREACH {P{R}EACH}
24 Era not dedicated to shortwave broadcast on tube (2,4) TV SHOW SHOrTWaVe*
25 List to move on screen (6) SCROLL [DD]

1   Well-read lot inebriated, irate, lost the plot (8) LITERATI {LIT}{IRATE*}
2   Ace abandoning A-team for now (3,3) PRO TEM {PRO} {TEaM}
3   Reckless revolutionary had no leg (8) HEADLONG*
4   Move freely through a series of lessons (6) COURSE [DD]
5   Poignancy in approach employed by Mavericks, say (6) PATHOS {PATH}{OS}
7   ...sharp as King Canute, in the end (6) ASTUTE {AS}{TUT}{c...tE}
8   Homicidal toff beheaded and mutilated by the powers that be (11) OFFICIALDOM {hOMICIDAL+tOFF}*
14 Intellectual baron gets into intoxicated disagreement (8) HIGHBROW {HIGH}{B}{ROW}
15 Seer finding love at end of meditation in spectator (6-2) LOOKER-ON {LOOKER}-{O}{m...oN}
16 Delaware folks that primarily make crackers (6) DEMENT {DE}{MEN}{That}
17 Lead instrument that's mightier than the épée? (6) PENCIL [CD]
19 Sharp like garden tool? (6) RAKISH [DD]
20 Portray in nude picture (6) DEPICT [T]



  1. I have a hat that goes to my head occasionally. I didn't it was a fedora.

    1. My wife says it's not only hat that goes to my head. She refused to say what else.

  2. Have you seen the following post made earlier in the day:


    1. Since it is just below this post everyone is bound to see it when they scroll down to the bottom of this post when they first log in to add a comment

  3. True. But if someone doesn't scroll down enough, one might miss it. Hence I thought of providing the link to make a pointed reference to it. I realise it might be superfluous.

  4. Nice one from Skulldugger. Tough going in South-West corner otherwise enjoyed solving it. :)

  5. 8 Homicidal toff beheaded and mutilated by the powers that be (11) OFFICIALDOM {hOMICIDAL+tOFF}*

    Beheading of letters involves here two words. Any limit? Can it be more than two?

    1. Shall we say all words before 'Beheaded', irrespective of nos.?

    2. I used the letter count of the entry to tell me how many words needed to be "beheaded"! :) I agree with Padmanabhan here - the "beheaded" can be taken to apply to all the preceding words.

    3. Thanks, Abhay! Shall follow your technique hereafter!! :)

  6. How about

    Homicidal toff beheaded twice over and mutilated by the powers that be (11)

    Jus' kidding.

  7. A few blanks (SW like MB), a few doubts on annotation, but still enjoyed the nice CW.
    Seer- I was bowled. Not a sage, but a looker- falls in the category of flower for a river.
    Also, long since I played Peekaboo with my grandson. Well, tha sums up the SW.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed this - thank you, Skulldugger! Several remarkable clues in there - OFFICIALDOM, NIGHTINGALE, TOGA, PLIERS, to name a few.

    Thank you to DG for the blog, especially for the parsing of FEDERATE - I got the word from the checking letters and the approximate definition, but hadn't a clue about the wordplay till your annotation made it seem so obvious!

    I have doubts about two of the clues:
    - 10a: "United in league" suggests that the answer is in the past tense (FEDERATED). "Unite in league" would have been right, IMO.
    - 24a: Given that the letters of "era" don't appear in that order in "shortwave", shouldn't the removal indicator be accompanied by an anind?

  9. I don't see a problem with definition in 10A... Federate is also an adjective...