Sunday, 29 March 2015

No 2834, Sunday 29 Mar 2015

1   Living quarters round a royal residence (6) PALACE {P{A}LACE}
4   Musician having grand spot close to microphone in pub (8) BAGPIPER {BA{G}{PIP}{m...nE}R}
10 Playwright's role hasn't changed (9) ROSENTHAL*
11 Raccoon-like animal in Japan, dangerous (5) PANDA [T]
12 A toasted sandwich and rice our mosque unexpectedly produced around noon (6-8) CROQUE-MONSIEUR {RICE+OUR+MOSQUE}* around {N}
14 Conservative entering draw for money (5) LUCRE {LU{C}RE}
16 Sponsor of daughter university rejected, surprisingly (9) GODFATHER* {OF+DAuGHTER}*
17 Hotly pursuing filly, run unwisely having caught cold (2,4,3) IN FULL CRY {IN FULL {C}RY*}
19 Sprinkle right into casserole (5) STREW {ST{R}EW}
20 Use this when driving off at first? (4-4,6) REAR-VIEW MIRROR [CD]
23 Loaded in large Yemeni port (5) LADEN {L}{ADEN}
24 Troubled by brief that's limited (9) CURTAILED {CUR}{TAILED} {CURT}{AILED} - See comments
25 Aide-memoire concerning bodyguard (8) REMINDER {RE}{MINDER}
26 Terrible rage after child makes accusation (6) CHARGE {CH}{RAGE*}

1   Seen from 13, perhaps, in harbour, copper is checking lines (10) PORTCULLIS {PORT}{CU}{LL}{IS}
2   Rope in young woman, opposed at first (5) LASSO {LASS}{Op...d}
3   Eat whole amount in wafer (7) CONSUME {CON{SUM}E}
5   Everyone amazed, reportedly, over effort accepted as part of normal routine (3,2,1,4,4) ALL IN A DAYS WORK {ALL} {(~in a daze)IN A DAYS} {WORK}
6   A hot spice dad and I got in park abroad (7) PAPRIKA {PA}{PR{I}KA*}
7   Clerk in stall with drug dealer (9) PENPUSHER {PEN}{PUSHER}
8   Not quite willing to study (4) READ READy
9   Article on wonderful revolution in British society (3,5,6) THE MAGIC CIRCLE {THE} {MAGIC} {CIRCLE}
13 To tie game this may have been deployed in defence (10) DRAWBRIDGE {DRAW}{BRIDGE}
15 Record, a minute about proposal made to get a watertight structure (9) COFFERDAM {C{OFFER}D}{A}{M}
18 Spectacles - girl has lost a good number inside (7) LORGNON {LOR{G}{NO}Na}
19 Go round, check about a vegetable (7) SPINACH {SPIN}{A}{CH}
21 King, say - one responsible for a line? (5) RULER [DD]
22 Short publisher's puff leaves a confused impression (4) BLUR BLURb



  1. Special at 10:30 by new setter Agnya, it's a 13x13 so the quota will be 2(Two) per commenter

  2. Slightly difficult one today:

    24 Troubled by brief that's limited (9) CURTAILED {CUR}{TAILED}


    1. I was wondering about the cur+tailed split. This is it.

    2. I too was troubled by the earlier anno. Could score 70% only today. :(

  3. All the best for a good World cup final today.
    Participation in today's special may be delayed by it? Or the absence of India will bring in more comments here?

    1. That's why I opted to use the 13x13 I had in stock

  4. Sandwich in place samosa? Did not matter since I did not get it anyway. As Raghu says it is on the difficult side today compared to the last few weeks.