Friday, 1 May 2015

No 11383, Friday 01 May 2015, Incognito

Pangram with 11A*=15A*=22A*=28A*=3D*=6D*=23D*=25D*

8   Master of meditation's funny bear (4) YOGI [DD]
9   West Indian dance in place for the un-baptized (5) LIMBO [DD]
10 Fiends have one representative “Bob” (4) IMPS {1}{MP}{S} I presume Bob = Shilling = S
11 Admits confused Yeltsin after Yankee went away (4,2) LETS IN yELTSIN*
12 Stuart is trying hiding brilliance of a painter, for example (8) ARTISTRY [T]
13 Questioners ask endlessly before first section starts (8) QUERISTS {QUERy}{1ST}{Se...n}
15 Period before Easter's advanced (2,4) IS LENT {IS} {LENT}
17 Fish Tintin's friend consumed on wharf (7) HADDOCK {HAD}{DOCK}
19 The French have the first right in this port (2,5) LE HAVRE {LE} {HAV{Right}E}
22 South Indian gave money to mum (6) SILENT {S}{I}{LENT}
24 Mark around a premier tech institute with a sword (8) SCIMITAR {SC{1}{MIT}AR}
26 Zebu doll runs around cow (8) BULLDOZE*
28 Hear! Trainee setter has a gun (6) LISTEN {L}{I}{STEN}
30 Promises “Five-Zero” to two Bridge players (4) VOWS {V}{O}{W}{S}
31 First schedule for a finalist who has lost a fin (1-4) A-LIST finALIST
32 One bird, to begin with, is a bird (4) IBIS {1}{Bird}{IS}

1   Funny story: Take a particular card and cut off its end (4) JOKE JOKEr
2   Female is certain: “Dead and disintegrated” (8) FISSURED {F}{IS}{SURE}{D}
3   Electronic intelligence inputs obtained from scrambled teleprinters after R. Peter left (6) ELINTS  TELeprINterS*
4   Setter goes back with fish (yellow at first) to diplomatic office (7) EMBASSY {EM<=}{BASS}{Ye...w}
5   Tie roots around a creature (8) TORTOISE*
6   Showy material made from can with Selenium corner (6) TINSEL {TIN}{SE}{L}
7   Fight with a strut (4) SPAR [DD]
14 INA worked under United Nations school of medicine (5) UNANI {UN}{INA*}
16 She might have a ruined manor (5) NORMA*
18 Selina Kyle had chap chasing pair behind accountant (8) CATWOMAN {CA}{TWO}{MAN}
20 Broke maid's hip halfway between bow and stern of a vessel (8) AMIDSHIP*
21 Put sulphur into a type of acid for a hermit (7) ASCETIC {A{S}CETIC}
23 Jump line on street and sign up (6) ENLIST {LINE*}{ST}
25 23 mad coves (6) INLETS ENLIST*
27 State “Working over” (4) UPON {UP}{ON}
29 Alien captures team at the egress (4) EXIT {E{XI}T}



  1. Many Happy Returns of the Day, AVM. :)

  2. Nice puzzle with a different type of Pangram! Missed samosas but enjoyed solving. :)

  3. A breezy enjoyable x word. The last to fall was ELINTS which reminded of the 2014 movie The Imitation Game.

  4. Many Happy Returns of the Day, AVM.

  5. Joining the Birthday wishers. Wishing the May Day boy many happy returns of the day.
    Sniffing distance of the samosa, but ut became an 'If'. Missed 'Elints' (in spite of it being an anagram!) and Querists. An enjoyable holiday ride. Thank you Incognito.

  6. Many happy returns of the day, bachelor boy!


    2. No idea if the bachelor boy had enjoyed this song! But I did!! Thanks, Kishore. :)

  7. Put QUERIERS in the place of querists and got stuck for elints. Same pinch Paddy! So near to Samosas; yet so far. Ok other answers gave happiness.

    Happy Birthday A V M

  8. M'aide AVM, Many Happy Returns! But you cant be "therty" for ever!

    1. Many happy returns of the day, Ajeesh.

      No, I won't call you AVM, since the initials remind me of A V Meiyappan, the movie-maker. I have watched some enjoyble Hindi movies made by him under the AVM banner.

  9. Happy Birthday Ajeesh. I was wondering who was AVM all this while.

    Beautiful crossword Kishore

  10. Very nice crossword, Kishore.

    Happy birthday, Ajeesh!

  11. Ajeesh, you share your day with Manna Da!

    1. No because we celebrate only pirannal:-)

  12. Incognito! Another lovely puzzle.. Enjoyable :-)

  13. Thanks for solving, folks!