Friday, 8 May 2015

No 11389, Friday 08 May 2015, Sunnet

Do I need to say who is back and with what and what?

1   Almost a month after gunmen sent back a warrior (6) ARJUNA {AR<=}{JUNe}{A} RA - Royal Artillery
4   Frictions left out from endless daily affairs (8) CHAFINGS {CHAr}{FlINGS}
10 Capone a drug dealer? He tried to make 16 using 19 (9) ALCHEMIST {AL}{CHEMIST}
11 See state of neighbourhood pub (5) LOCAL {LO}{CAL}
12 Place uranium in pipe (5) HOUSE {HO{U}SE}
13 Advantage of whirling viper with one branch (9) PRIVILEGE {PRIV{1}{LEG}E*}
14 Planet's temperature (7) MERCURY [DD]
16 Money in Mongol dominion (4) GOLD [T]
19 Sounding like guided bullets (4) LEAD (~led)
21 Like a certain complex reference book found by one friend (7) OEDIPAL {OED}{1}{PAL}
24 Australia — One spot where this protective top cover is missing (5,4) OZONE HOLE {OZ}{ONE} {HOLE}
25 Rubbed medical man with explosive (5) DRIED {DR}{IED}
26 Designs of Poles following red army (5) PLANS {PLA}{N}{S}
27 Average spell for the moment (9) MEANWHILE {MEAN}{WHILE}
28 Engineers securing outside part of Rockfort by making a second attempt (8) RETRYING {RE}{T{Ro...t}YING}
29 O! For some fresh air! (6) OXYGEN [DD]

1   Curse all articles written by mother (8) ANATHEMA {AN}{A}{THE}{MA}
2   Court's right next to sailor's incomplete loom (8) JACQUARD {JACk}QUARD Anno not clear (Addendum - {JACk}{QUA{R}D} - See comments)
3   Relative backing one German church (5) NIECE {NIE<=}{CE}
5   Striking metallic sound after murder (7) HITTING {HIT}{TING}
6   Satisfied if dull elf is ragged (9) FULFILLED*
7   Scratch the Spanish coin (6) NICKEL {NICK}{EL}
8   Piece where Liberal is pulled down to second spot (6) SILVER S(-l)I(+l)LVER
9   Just a smart card practice (6) SIMPLY {SIM}{PLY}
15 Employ the French arch without any purpose (9) USELESSLY {USE}{LES}SLY}
17 Joining broken lips with a bit of citrus and gin mixture (8) SPLICING {LIPS*}{Ci...s}{GIN*}
18 Batter's bound leg collapsed (8) BLUDGEON*
20 Guard rum and room (7) DOORMAN*
21 A road on which you can't go back (3-3) ONE-WAY [CD]
22 Policeman for every policeman (6) COPPER {COP}{PER}
23 Blue horse's key (6) COBALT {COB}{ALT}
25 Moisture on tool to remove a sticky substance (5) DEWAX {DEW}{AX}



  1. 2 Court's right next to sailor's incomplete loom (8) JACQUARD {JACk}QUARD Anno not clear

    Probably: JAC + QUA(R)D. QUAD = Court

  2. 2 Court's right next to sailor's incomplete loom (8) JACQUARD

    Court QUAD has right R
    next to
    Sailor is incomplete JAC[-k]

  3. 'Elementary' my dear Col! ;-)

    I meant your opening line.

    1. More than elements, these are metals.

  4. You can include Oxygen, Ozone & Alchemist making a chemistry class.

    Alchemist, Anathema - nice clues

  5. A brain teasing puzzle! I was almost there but for ARJUNA!! Couldn't parse JACQUARD & COBALT. Never new HIT means MURDER. Overall enjoyed solving. Thanks Sunnet. :)

  6. Ypu should def. be knowing hitman as a murderer.
    Same pinch as far as the misses are concerned.
    So that makes it a hit & miss.

  7. Suresh,there are several claimants. You are not alone.

  8. Very interesting cw thanks to interesting &intriguing type of clues.1,10,21A,2,23d Even blind shots worked.All told a well rounded entertainer. Thanks Sunnet.

  9. Thanks for all the comments. All the elements marked by Col. were known to Alchemists. Discovery of oxygen is considered as the end of alchemy & beginning of chemistry

  10. Oh! Really! That's interesting. I never read about it nor thought along those lines. Now that you mention it it sounds logical.Thank you for this interesting info in addition to the enjoyable CW.

  11. Lovely clues Ramesh! But missed out Arjuna and Jacquard :-( :-(