Monday, 18 May 2015

No 11397, Monday 18 May 2015, Gridman

Thanks Gridman and get well soon. Stumped by 2D.

1   Finishing conclusion in gossip (6,2) ENDING UP {END}{IN}{G UP}
5   Even one in the nude is covered by it (6) DERMIS [CD]
9   This vehicle would fetch urn (8) RUNABOUT URN*
10 Do such assets flow and spill out? (6) LIQUID [CD]
12 Always note clergyman returning (4) EVER {E}{VER}<=
13 Anticipates with dread that there will be arrests (10) APPREHENDS [DD]
15 Will this fool's jokes be not so bright? (6) DIMWIT &lit
17 Go wrong and get incomplete help in West Asian peninsula (5) SINAI {SIN}{AId}
20 And in Germany I had fixed a word-processing error (5) UNDID {UND}{I'D}
21 Angry, terrible daughter leaves (6) IREFUL dIREFUL
24 Neglected, a French vehicle's forced out, without a bit of compunction (7-3) UNCARED-FOR {UN}{CAR}{ED-FORc}*
27 Just mother in France (4) MERE [DD]
29 Gets black circles (6) BRINGS {B}{RINGS}
30 Soldier hopelessly sterile and most feminine (8) GIRLIEST {GI}{STERILE}* There's an extra E in the fodder
31 Fly hastened first in order (6) RANKED {RAN}{KED}
32 Cheat — what a beggar might say while crossing street (8) IMPOSTOR {I'M PO{ST}OR}

1   Student — no beginner — is moneymaker (6) EARNER lEARNER
2   So, with this, a somersault will become one-sided (6) D?N?E? (Addendum - DENIED {DENIED+SO}* = ONE-SIDED}- See comments)
3   Writer's points (4) NIBS [CD]
4   Assume it's not quite certain in north-western state (5) USURP {U{SURe}P}
6   Wharton, the American writer, for one (5) EDITH [GK]
7   Grief of ultra leader expressed in daybreak (8) MOURNING {MO{Ultra}RNING}
8   An airplane movement that results in the emergence of desi? (8) SIDESLIP DESI*
11 Agonise over legal document on conclusions of crash course (6) WRITHE {WRIT}{c..sH}{c..sE}
14 Outer coat no-good in bullwork (4) RIND gRIND
16 Eccentric western ride furious and extremely jumpy (6) WEIRDY {W}{RIDE}*{j..pY}
17 Avoid second marauder (4) SHUN {S}{HUN}
18 Exemplarily cool salad ingredient (8) CUCUMBER [C&DD]
19 Elicitation that the top of retailers has abandoned discount (8) EDUCTION rEDUCTION
22 Trickery employed by church in tide-churning (6) DECEIT {DE{CE}IT*}
23 Sage's direction gets store's rearmost section shifted (6) NESTOR {N}{(+e}ESTOR(-e)}
25 Villain's gore spilled around entrance to Udumalpet (5) ROGUE {ROG{Ud...t}E*}
26 Disapproval of prince falling off platform (5) ODIUM pODIUM
28 Muse about animal having lost its tail (4) CLIO {C}{LIOn}



  1. 2D So, with this, a somersault will become one-sided (6) DENIED


  2. 12 Always note clergyman returning (4) EVER

  3. Great one SP. I was denied this and 'Runabout' too.
    I put in 'Sidespin' for 8D. Fits in too.

  4. Most enjoyable clues .Dermis was nice.
    NW state & UP?

  5. Wondering why no comments from you for a long time. Joining the well wishers list.

  6. Praying for early recovery, CV Sir