Thursday, 7 May 2015

No 11388, Thursday 07 May 2015, xChequer

Wow! I got through a xChequer without a hiccup.

7   Thrusting weapon through before I parry in retreat (6) RAPIER [T<=]
8   Complete boarding English and French on the wagon (8) TEETOTAL {T{E}{ET}OTAL}
9   High pay has winning team providing a breathless experience? (8) ASPHYXIA {PAY+HAS}* around XI
10 Regard female, oddly ugly, as a pretty sight (6) EYEFUL {EYE}{F}{UgLy}
11 Butchers place sliced steaks at the edges (5) SLAYS {Ste{LAY}akS}
12 Outline of small boat (6) SKETCH {S}{KETCH}
14 University caught in dubious set-up, a top tutor forced to retire (3,3,2,7) PUT OUT TO PASTURE {SET-UP+A+TOP+TUTOR}* around U
17 Returning 3 diamonds, East in fix (6) DECIDE {D}{ECI}D}<={E}
18 John, a climber, chases publicity (5) PRIVY {PR}{IVY}
22 Sensual, fair, one very outgoing (6) CARNAL CARN1vAL
23 Outrage over rule breaking into strife (8) ENORMITY {EN{O}{R}MITY}
24 They keep records correct it's said when there's room for a margin of error (8) DIARISTS {ITS+SAID} around {erroR}
25 Discouraging liquid for pen (6) FROSTY {FOR*}{STY}

1   Mother keeps gold only in vault (9) MAUSOLEUM {M{AU}{SOLE}UM}
2   Very tall sides of lobby (6) HIGHLY {HIGH}{LobbY}
3   Substitute for male sexual identity (5) PROXY {PRO}{XY}
4   Retreat in fear, breaking window (8) FENESTRA {FE{NEST}RA*}
5   A bit of waste reduced with home recycling (8) SOMEWHAT {WASTe+HOME}*
6   Greek character entering pistol range (5) GAMUT {GA{MU}T}
8   Gets nooks and awkward corners warmth at last — what a relief! (5,8) THANK GOODNESS {GETS+NOOK+AND}* around {w...tH}
13 Be drawn randomly via target (9) GRAVITATE*
15 Common soldiers joining racket, millions dismissed from army (8) ORDINARY {OR}{DIN}{ARmY}
16 Awkward moment left one silent (8) TICKLISH {TICK}{L}{1}{SH}
19 Strictly supervise staff without arm-twisting (6) RAMROD {R{ARM*}OD}
20 Mad sailor breaks free (5) RABID {R{AB}ID}
21 Females stitching jumpers in shelters (5) ROOFS {ROO{F}S}



  1. Enjoyed this offering from xChequer.

  2. Missed teetotal, proxy (put A- Gent :-() fenestra and roofs .

    Easy puzzles from X chequer this time .. brilliant as usual

    1. Easy puzzle and missing four?

      For me it was more difficult than earlier ones. Devious but excellent surface reading all over.

    2. Still on bed :-( Used hub for clues

  3. Had a hiccup here and there, yet able to complete. What a delight as always!

  4. Excellent clues!

    @Col: In 19D: SUPERVISE needs to be highlighted.

  5. Feels awesome when I'm able to finish xChequers grid... Beautiful clues! Enjoyed thoroughly :-)