Monday, 11 May 2015

No 11391, Monday 11 May 2015, Afterdark

Afterdark's quite devious today.

1   Clearly Exa caught leaving precisely after money is put in plate (10) DISTINCTLY {DIS{TIN}C}{exacTLY}
6   Discharge contents of glass pitcher (4) SPIT [T]
10 Cops confine opposition leader having lime juice with cocaine inside (9) POLICEMEN {P{Op...n}{LI{C}EM*}EN}
11 Lloyd breaks toy (5) DOLLY*
12 Consuming a bottle, ten men dance with cheer (13) ENCOURAGEMENT {TEN+MEN}* around COURAGE
14 Drop first slip's cap on point (5) SLIDE {Slip}{LID}{E}
15 Install broken tables first in Salvation Hospital (9) ESTABLISH {TABLES}*{In}{S}{H}
17 Men text (consuming a gin cocktail) with cells (9) ORGANISMS {OR}{A+GIN}*{SMS}
21 Constructing a flat can be disastrous (5) FATAL*
22 Circus master left son, broke free once without love. That's the limits (13) CIRCUMFERENCE {CIRCUs}{M}{FREE*}{oNCE}
24 Idea of denim aged somewhat (5) IMAGE [T]
25 Creating genetic User Experience is killing (9) EXECUTING {GENETIC+UX}* How does Experience become X? See comments
26 Town leaders caught intimidating touring youth (4) CITY Acrostic
27 As per report, studied about electronic screen and regulated (10) RESTRAINED {(~read)RED} aroundt {E}{STRAIN}

1   Player down before media faction released information about low spirits (10) DEPRESSION {D}{E}{PRESS}{factION} D from? See comments
2   Favouring self-catering arrangement's far off... (9) SELECTING SELf-CaTErING*
3   ... rope in one cook uncle, to get noodles essentially (7) INCLUDE {1}{NCLU{nooDles}E*}
4   Be as good as a close friend, without a shred of difference (7) COMPARE COMPAdRE
5   In case being around group's not good, it will be most protracted (7) LONGEST {L{O}{NG}EST}
7   Religious group’s on trial (5) PILOT {PI}{LOT}
8   Ethoxyls often used in making dolls (4) TOYS eThOxYlS
9   Die in brave stunt perhaps often (6) ADVERB D in {BRAVE}*
13 Dared Allen to undress during shift on top of desk (10) CHALLENGED {CHA{aLLEn}NGE}{Desk}
16 Goal in X-Note is to get Anon's article discarded (9) INTENTION {IN}{TEN}{TI}{anON}
18 Never place rook in the middle, player gets butterflies in stomach (6) NERVES {NE(+r)RVE(-r)}{S}
19 Look after son's home and sleep (4-3) SHUT-EYE {S}{HUT}-{EYE}
20 Staff Officer's first fitness examination is the most lenient (7) SOFTEST {SO}{Fi...s}{TEST}
21 A bit of atta and maida flour mixed for recipe (7) FORMULA {Atta+Maida+FLOUR}*
22 Tea with right temperature on table (5) CHART {CHA}{R}{T}
23 +7 is its atomic number (4) ZINC {23+7=30} [GK]



  1. Nice one from Afterdark. Enjoyed solving it.
    9Dn Definition 'PERHAPS OFTEN' means 'often' by example is an Adverb, I think.

  2. Last meaning in the Free Dictionary link given by Col.
    Got caught in the NW corner.
    12A- How do we get courage?

    1. Bottle - one of the meanings is courage

    2. Bottle (N) : (One of the meanings given in Free Dic) : 5. Brit nerve; courage (esp in the phrase lose one's bottle)

  3. 2D is nice. Never realised it is a case of deletion.

  4. 25a UX is short for 'User Experience'. A slightly indirect anagram, though.

    1a made me laugh. Wonder what Exa thought of it :-)

    1. As we speak Exa is on a flight to the USA. Vacation.. So what I said about leaving is right, the money part I don't know

  5. 23+7 for Zinc is just fantastic. Filled in thanks to crossing without realising until I saw the blog. My COD.

  6. Thank you AD for your samosas. Feeling elated!

  7. Thoroughly enjoyable crossword - thank you, Afterdark. Very nice surfaces overall, and some entertaining wordplay - especially the skillful use of Exa and Anon!

    I share DG's question about the source of D in 1d. Also, the reciprocal definitions [dolls for toy and toy for doll(y)] in 8a and 11a, which have a crossing letter in common, were a bit surprising - or is it part of a theme I am missing?

    Thanks to DG for the blog.

    1. It was an oversight regarding dolly & toys .. :(

      About 1 D - well your statement has the answer .. D is from Down. Before , indicates placement of D before E

    2. Ah! That makes sense - I missed that completely.

  8. Further to 'bottle' - the nerve obtained after hitting the bottle is called 'Dutch courage'... ;-)

  9. Anything pseudo is called either Dutch or French by the British!

  10. Wow! Samosa day for me. Thanks AfterDark :-) :-)