Tuesday, 12 May 2015

No 11392, Tuesday 12 May 2015, Afterdark

1   Sheriff fenced all over the place to let Henry fellow escape clashes (11) DIFFERENCES {ShERRIF+fENCED}*
9   Son longed to get moped essentially and bought (7) SWOOPED {S}{WOO{moPed}ED} (Addendum - SHOPPED {S}{HOP{moPed}ED} - See comments)
10 Inspire nurse, consequently get ecstasy (7) ENTHUSE {EN}{THUS}{E}
11 Say, a bird's part fell off hill (5) RIDGE partRIDGE
12 Spoke about experiment on stitching dress with a bit of exposure (9) EXPRESSED {EXP}{RESS{Ex...e}D*}
13 Scrolls of college web address seen on street primarily (5) CURLS {C}{URL}{St...t}
15 Rush armies to liberate America in operations (9) SURGERIES {SURGE}{aRmIES}
18 Pleased with arrangement of Id fiestas (9) SATISFIED*
21 Basketball player is more careful while leaving India (5) CAGER CAGiER
22 English comic has no point on the subject (9) ECONOMICS {E}{CO{NO}MIC}{S}
24 Dangerous to contain displeasure (5) ANGER [T]
26 Agent cooks clean hen spending energy (7) CHANNEL {CLEAN+HeN}*
27 Dismisses teams regularly in slog overs (7) REMOVES {R{tEaMs}OVES*}
28 Children at last have medieval music around on Sunday (11) DESCENDANTS {DESC{END}ANT}{S}

1   Blocks princess hard at the centre of Nasik (9) DISTRICTS {DI}{STRICT}{naSik}
2   Crazy fool gets down at stream (5) FLOOD {FOOL}*{D}
3   Queens could be vamps removing shirt tension-free (9) EMPRESSES tEMPtRESSES
4   Letters from boyfriend lessens but constant (7) ENDLESS [T]
5   Dear French, taking a copy is more economical (7) CHEAPER {CHE{APE}R}
6   Sub Inspector had a tango with Eastern composer (5) SATIE {S{A}{T}I}{E}
7   Blowing up Brit's gun in revolt... (8) BURSTING*
8   ...must be one education somewhat (4) NEED [T]
14 Reasonable to desert a lion in distress (8) RATIONAL {RAT}{A+LION}*
16 She at last climaxed wildly and shouted (9) EXCLAIMED {shE}{CLIMAXED}* Ahem!!
17 Forces go after American uprising by end of December and stuns (9) SURPRISES {SU<=}{d...eR}{PRISES}
19 In charge lies about having caught emotionally cold persons (7) ICICLES {IC}{{I{C}LES*}
20 Warrant for stevedore in disguise to leave (7) DESERVE StEVEDoRE*
22 Every individual has terrible ache (4) EACH*
23 Possessed Arden won some coming back (5) OWNED [T<=]
25 Likely that George IV is with earl mid-morning (5) GIVEN {G}{IV}{E}{morNing}



  1. The demand for samosas should go up today

    1. Not in my case! MIssed out on 16ac CURLS & 1dn DISTRICTS. Thanks though Afterdark. Enjoyed those I could do. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I had it as shopped too. Longed =Hoped

  3. in 16D was AD making up for Scintillator's absence ?

    1. Reminds me of a clue I'd once come up with: Excitedly climaxes and ejaculates (8)

    2. This clue requires double Ahem!!, beside the answer. :)

  4. 23D The devil hasn't got me yet...lol

  5. 16Dn Clue reg : Not CLIMAXED but EXCLAIMED reminds me of a joke :

    "Harry, love," exclaimed Mrs. Knowall to her husband, on his return one evening from the office, "I have b-been d-dreadfully insulted!"

    "Insulted?" exclaimed Harry, love. "By whom?"

    "B-by your m-mother," answered the young wife, bursting into tears.

    "My mother, Flora? Nonsense! She's miles away!"

    Flora dried her tears.

    "I'll tell you all about it, Harry, love," she said. "A letter came to you this morning, addressed in your mother's writing, so, of course, I—I opened it."

    "Of course," repeated Harry, love, dryly.

    "It—it was written to you all the way through. Do you understand?"

    "I understand. But where does the insult to you come in?"

    "It—it came in the p-p-postscript," cried the wife, bursting into fresh floods of briny. "It s-said: 'P-P-P. S.—D-dear Flora, d-don't f-fail to give this l-letter to Harry. I w-want him to have it.'"

    1. Thanks for sharing. MB. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. Excellent PS!! Thank you,enjoyed it.

  7. SDo near, yet so far from samosas. Blocks,flood,part falling off. had a nice time though. Thank you AD.

  8. Flood and Ridge denied me samosas! Rest gave me happiness

  9. Lovely cw.wonderful wordplay. Intriguing yet interesting clues. Of the lot, 11A,1,3,19D stand out.17D - prises 'prises' deep-set from within us. Thanks AD.

  10. Samosas at dinner for me.

  11. Samosas at dinner for me.

  12. Flood and Ridge denied me samosas! Rest gave me happiness