Thursday, 14 May 2015

No 11394, Thursday 14 May 2015, Spinner

1   Way to vent one’s heart (6) ARTERY [C&DD]
4   When there’s no empty hive, no honeybee goes off individually (3,2,3) ONE BY ONE {NO + hONEYBEe - HivE}*
10 Decree leading to Commonwealth annexing Union Territory (7) STATUTE {STAT{UT}E}
11 Husband interferes in unmarried woman’s haircut (7) SHINGLE {S{H}INGLE}
12 Birth of nano-science leaves no impression initially (8) NASCENCE {NAno-SCiENCE}
13 Exploits retards (6) STUNTS [DD]
15 Crack Spinner’s first set (4) SLOT {Sp...r}{LOT}
16 Competes with one player needing no introduction and wins (9) VICTORIES {V{I}{aCTOR}IES}
20 Melts butter to refine éclairs if spoilt (9) CLARIFIES*
21 Comprehensive database includes a scripture (4) VEDA [T]
24 Rupee affected with onset of oligopoly in the Occident (6) EUROPE {RUPEE+Oc...t}*
26 Constrain with out-swing at the start to get bail flying (8) OBLIGATE {Ou...g}{GET+BAIL}*
28 Dirty old man has trimmed mane (7) UNCLEAN {UNCLE}{mANe} Uncle and Old Man?
29 Tunic, ornaments concealing mythical creature (7) UNICORN [T]
30 Unmasking former flame’s faking (8) EXPOSING {EX}{POSING}
31 Discharges extremely irate visitors after some underwear goes missing (6) EGESTS {i...tE}{GuESTS}

1   Criminal, perhaps in roasts (8) ARSONIST*
2   A mushroom is an animal’s pedestal (9) TOADSTOOL {TOAD}{STOOL}
3   Ways to conquer disheartened emperors (6) ROUTES {ROUT}{Em...rS}
5   Basically, no external sportsman triumphs in Kiwi-home? (4) NEST Acrostic
6   Bumps caused by friction in group of second-grade performers (8) BLISTERS {B-LISTERS}
7   Playing raga after dropping note, on instrument (5) ORGAN {RAGa+ON}*
8   Nevertheless, beaten seven-love (4,2) EVEN SO {EVEN S}*{O}
9   They’re dropped as a sign of interest by the Queen to get King and overlords by her side (9) KERCHIEFS {K}{ER}{CHIEFS}
14 An element of my tribute’s funny (9) YTTERBIUM*
17 Lifts dress to reveal sister’s top (9) ELEVATORS {T+REVEAL}*{Si...r}
18 Western musician’s covers (8) WRAPPERS {W}{RAPPERS}
19 Parades leading to huffs and puffs with oldness creeping in (8) PAGEANTS {P{AGE}ANTS}
22 40-40? Accepts draw to conclude! (6) DEDUCE {DE{D}UCE}
23 Upcoming band is divided (6) RISING {R{IS}ING}
25 Review fast bowler’s run-up (5) RECAP <=
27 Privy to letters from Latino nation (2,2) IN ON [T]



  1. I became an old man when I was 35 ;)

    1. Didn't expect that you married that late. I thought your generation married early;)

    2. OLDER MAN for UNCLE would fit better.

    3. I think I mentioned this earlier. My dad was an uncle the day he was born, as his sister was much elder to him and already married and had children

    4. @Ramesh. Precisely because of (early) marriage we get old faster ;) (Not fair to comment I think when wife's not around)

    5. Ajeesh seems to carry an old head on young shoulders! :)

  2. Nice puzzle. Enjoyed solving. Just 3 blanks - ARTERY, EGESTS & TOADSTOOL.

    17Dn anno needs a dekko pl.

  3. Samosas though with a little help. Last to fall was rising.
    I was an 8 year old (?)/ young uncle once. Brothers were much elder.

  4. Have a doubt in 16A . How come 'ctor' gets inside 'vies' ?? Otherwise a cool puzzle. I have no issues with the uncle part. Was one when I was just 5 yrs. A total brain freeze happened to me in 19D - somehow Parade as a word never struck me at all till I saw the blog. I was connecting it to some wandering and all .. :(

    1. 'with' as in 'having' intended to be the containment indicator.

    2. With is generally used if its attached. Else its within or without. That's what my understanding is

    3. Can be used to indicate possession also:
      From Chambers: 17 in or under (the specified circumstances) • I can't go abroad with my mother so ill. 18 featuring; starring • 'Seven' with Brad Pitt. 19 in the care of someone • leave the key with the neighbours

  5. Annos for 16 & 20 A need to be corrected.

    16A VIES around I aCTOR
    20A if also needs to be highlighted

  6. Top spin from the Top. 1,3A heart rending ones.Delighted at the tennis reference.25d simply bowled over.Overall a nice puzzle Thank you Spinner.

  7. A very happy Birthday to SP and many happy returns of the day!
    May you keep cracking CW's for all time to come. Pleasure reading your solutions of tough ones.

  8. Happy Birthday to the Anno Expert Madam!

    1. Ditto! Many happy returns of the day.

    2. Thank you Ram & Richard!

  9. I used the term 'uncle' for 'old man' as it is common practice (at least in India) to address men who are appreciably older than oneself by using 'uncle'.

    'Older man' would've made it clearer, but does 'old man' make it farfetched?

  10. 1D was initially clued differently.
    Pondered leaving the clue as -

    Criminal in roasts (8) to make it an &lit, but I felt
    the link between 'roast' and 'set fire' was not that direct. Thoughts on this? Does it work as an &lit?

  11. Many more happy returns of the day Sandy