Friday, 15 May 2015

No 11395, Friday 15 May 2015, Exa

1   Part of composer's act (4) POSE [T]
3   They're employed by a prince in places needing renovation (10) APPLIANCES {A}{P}{IN+PLACES}*
10 I will return after beer, dancing and running, to show resistance (9) REBELLION {BEER}*{LLI<=}{ON}
11 Easily tempted by French beer I’m told (5) FRAIL {FR}{AIL}(~ale)
12 Love writer's content in verse for the first few lines (7) OPENERS {O}{PEN}{vERSe}
13 Wet site gets cleaned up during day (7) MOISTEN {MO{SITE}*N}
14 Has difficulty in breathing in vapour that’s extremely poisonous (5) GASPS {GAS}{Po...uS}
15 Illegitimate one acts up really frequently (7) NATURAL {oNe}{AcTs}{uP}{ReAlLy} Illegitimate or Legitimate? See comments
18 Cocktail (a cider) ordered after a bit of schmooze (7) SIDECAR {Sc...e}{A+CIDER}*
21 Poorly portrayed actit can be refined (5) ANTIC* (Addendum - ATTIC* - See comments)
24 Birds found in huge quarries (7) OSPREYS {OS}{PREYS}
26 Stupid man barges in and makes a loud noise (7) CRASHES {CRAS{HE}S}
27 Sniffed bone belonging to Eddard Stark (5) NOSED NOS{Ed..rD} Anno pending (Addendum {N{OS}ED} - See comments)
28 Be rude and vulgar in speech/conversation (9) DISCOURSE {DIS}{COURSE}(~coarse)
29 A spare shed built for the leaders (10) SPEARHEADS*
30 Top shape (4) BEST ? (Addendum - BEAT [DD] - See comments)

1   Drop an itinerant for free (6) PARDON*
2   Dipped in blue (9) SUBMERGED [CD]
4   Those displaying powers to hold rites legitimately (7) PRIESTS P{RITES}*S} &lit P'S for Powers?
5   American football player gets large home and title on retiring (7) LINEMAN {L}{IN}{EMAN<=}
6   A couple of fellows drunk caught in distress greatly (7) AFFLICT {A}{FF}{LI{C}T}
7   John will have hot water in between to sing a song (5) CHANT {C{H}AN}{waTer}
8   Listen properly to lady's tips without making any noise (8) SILENTLY {LISTEN}*{LadY}
9   Takes a nap in small, enjoyable places on vacation (6) SLEEPS  {SmalL}En...lE}{Pl...eS}
16 Chose rare variety animal for a contest (9) RACEHORSE*
17 Dazzles a model engaged in music (8) ASTOUNDS {A}{S{T}OUNDS}
19 Cold, unopened bar drinks he would down with cheese (7) CHEDDAR {C}{HE'D}{D}{bAR}
20 Rest like to live outside university (7) RESIDUE {RESID{U}E} Why LIKE ?
21 One taken to court after committing crime starts to get sued badly (7) ACCUSED {Af..r}{Co...g}{Cr..e}
22 Small duck wiping its bottom and top about in a vessel meant for brewing (6) TEAPOT {TEAl}{POT<=}
23 Insist upon a lock up (6) ASSERT {A}{SSERT<=}
25 Tapes wound with glue (5) PASTE*



  1. 27 Sniffed bone belonging to Eddard Stark (5) NOSED NOS{Ed..rD} Anno pending

    from Wikipedia:
    Eddard "Ned" Stark is a fictional character in the first book of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels and the first season of its television adaptation

    1. Thanks Raghu. I was wondering about that as Edward would have done equally well if just E...D was to be taken. I should have realised something was afoot with that unusual spelling

    2. I just put in eddard stark and googled.

    3. I don't think anyone would get this anno without the help of Google unless they had read the book.

    4. The TV adaption (Game of Thrones) is possibly the hottest show on the planet, right now.
      I managed to get the reference without having read the books or seen the show

    5. Mohsin you are an exception to the rules :-)

  2. I too filled in BEAT. Which is both Top & Shape( Beat into shape)

    1. From Chambers:

      7 (also beat something out) a to make or shape it by repeatedly striking the raw material

    2. Chambers Thesaurus for BEAT: 7 beat metal hammer, forge, knock, fashion, form, shape, stamp formal malleate

    3. But Chambers gives BEAT = SHAPE both in meanings and synonyms. I've heard that word being used in metal forming.

  3. Nicely constructed clues. Some are a bit tricky.

  4. Quite a few are tricky and I got caught, especially in the NW corner.
    I had the same doubt as Col. for 15A. Any clarification?


    2. Thank you Ajeesh,but really surprising.


      1. logical, normal, reasonable, valid, legitimate ?

    4. If you scroll further down under the 2nd head of Natural (adj.) Item number 9 says : Born to parents who are not married to each other:
      baseborn, bastard, illegitimate, misbegotten, spurious, unlawful.

  5. Beautiful puzzle. Thanks Exa

  6. Had put 21A as 'ATTIC' as in Attic Greek. But ANTIC also fits well

    1. Exa says he intended ATTIC. Shall amend the main post after I get back home.

  7. Nice puzzle. Found it tough in NW corner. My COD is 23Dn ASSERT. Thanks Exa.

  8. First time samosas from EXA! Thank you Exa.

  9. Lovely surfaces and very well handled wordplay. GASPS, ACCUSED and SLEEPS were my favourites.

    Re 4D: I believe the intended anno was PS = "those displaying powers", i.e. the (outside) letters which display the word. Not entirely convinced, though.

    In 5D, "gets" doesn't quite seem to work as a connector. Also, in = "at home"?
    And in 20D, the "like" seems intrusive, as already pointed out.

    1. Originally it is "In" = at home and then down to just 'home' these days.'at home' in fact is more correct.
      Chambers "in": 2 at home or work

      "gets" as a conn is more appropriate when wordplay 'gets' answer.

    2. Exactly. In the current form, it should have been 'gotten from'.

  10. Nice puzzle.Clues with easy leads walked us along the garden path.18a sidecar-cocktail,15a - natural- illegit.22d- teal- a duck -exa(mine)'s wordpower. 23d- really locked me up.Kudos to x-ha. Thank you,sir.

  11. Thanks for the comprehensive comments everyone (all are valued) and to Col. for his inputs (and putting up an awesome picture of a sidecar for my clue!),
    Posting this whaile in Boston with my family and I'm just here to pitch my thoughts on all the doubts since there were quite a few today, I may b be wrong/I may not...

    15A Illegitimate son of 'xyz' is the bastard/natural son of 'xyz' as MB and Ajeesh pointed out..does that make 'natural' a contranym?

    21A the ambiguity in the answer is an inadvertent error... while writing the clue I didn't realize that the answer
    could just as well be 'ANTIC', so I basically fell i into an unlucky ttrap that could have been avoided with a 'could be' instead of 'can be'..-> in my defense,'X be refined' as an instruction to anagram 'X' hurts the cryptic grammar and doesn't seem to work too well, and the definition 'poorly portrayed act' for 'antic' is a a stretch too as it's 'antics' according to all dictionaries, leaving 'attic' as the right answer..

    27A As Mohsin has pointed out, I was a bit surprised that many didn't get this reference straight away..
    and it's easily verifiable as it's the first result that pops up on a google search..

    30A Raghunath uncle has echoed my thoughts in the context where 'beat' and 'shape' are synonymous..perhaps the crossings weren't

    4D Mohsin has correctly mentioned my intention, I too was in doubt about 'PS' but thought I'd give it a try and
    see what the majority think..

    20D "like" was intended as a connector between definition and wordplay, I am still in doubt if this is to be considered "intrusive"
    in this context, though it works theoretically? ..

    5D I agree that def 'gets' wordplay doesn't work outright... my take on 'in' is that both 'home' and 'at home' are equally fine,
    I'm 'at home' = I'm 'in'
    I'm 'home' = I'm 'in'
    This is probably my longest post here, excuse any typos and take care all!