Saturday, 16 May 2015

No 11396, Saturday 16 May 2015, Mac

Lovely one from Mac. 
Updated the anagram indicators 


9 Income I’d spent recklessly (7) STIPEND {I'D SPENT}*
10 Grave words of commendation (7) EPITAPH (CD)

11 Generous, firm and devout (7) COPIOUS {CO}{PIOUS}
12 Animal reviler heartlessly captured injured doe (7) ROEDEER {R{OED}vilEER} Roe Deer? See comments

13 It may change your perspective // of a palpebral muscle (9) EYEOPENER (DD)
15 Flowering plant of Central American/African origin (5) ERICA {ERIC}{A}

16 Title used to address a man in Italian, Greek and Latin regions (7) SIGNORE {REGIONS}* 
19 Disadvantage of faulty net play (7) PENALTY {NET PLAY}*
20 ‘Loud’ is not a synonym for ‘soft’ (5)  FAINT {F}{AIN'T}
21 Hospital in the midst of paradigm shift created birth control device (9) DIAPHRAGM {DIAP{H}RAGM}*
25 Santa’s helpers (even Vixen!) had to go out to get presents (7) RENDERS {REiNDEeRS}
26 Posthumous ceremony that’s real fun? Not quite! (7) FUNERAL {REAL FUN}*
28 Girl, upset at first, tries badly to become breezier (7) GUSTIER {G}{U}{STIER}*
29 Reprimanding convicted leader by whipping (7) CHIDING {C}{HIDING}


1 Korean sensation’s revolutionary mind (6) PSYCHE {PSY}{CHE}
2 Unwise minister admitted to crooked lies (6) SIMPLE {SI{MP}LE}*
3 Lead actor in “The Rock” (4) HERO (T)
4 Scientist synthesised isoniazid extract (6) EDISON (T)

5 Model has ornament with a pendant in a shape that’s pointed at the top and rounded at the bottom (8) TEARDROP {T}{EARDROP}
6 This hole is likely a clubhouse (10)  NINETEENTH {CD}
7 Worldly friend collects money (8) MATERIAL {MATE}{RIAL}
8 Drug store’s quick to contain injury (8) PHARMACY {P{HARM}ACY}
14 Artificial substitute for a body part derived from research paper by leading experts (10) PROSTHESIS {PROS}{THESIS}

16 Fill with anger, having been denied essentially vital right to vote (8) SUFFRAGE {StUFF}{RAGE}
17 Fluency marked by insincerity is blessing in disguise (8) GLIBNESS {BLESSING}*
18 They take care to set aside time and protect us consumers (3,5) END USERS {tEND {US}ERS}
22 Bizarre fact about iron’s influence (6) AFFECT {AF{FE}CT}*
23 Scared and frustrated, runaway starts to get help (6) AFRAID {A}{F}{R}{AID}
24 Top businessman quits, blaming organisation for slander (6) MALIGN {bLAMING}*
27 Anil engineered digital growth (4) NAIL {ANIL}*

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  1. Nice and 2d from Mac. As is his wont plenty of anagrams.
    I spent some time to work out the anno for TEARDROP trying P(ointed) and (rounde)D and then concluded that it wasn't so complicated

  2. Roedeer: Roebuck.

    1. The enu as per wiki is (3,4)

    2. Chambers also has 3,4 and thefreedic has both

  3. Neat clues. Loved the anagram indicators. :)

  4. Nice one from Mac. I filled in QUIET for 20ac and got stuck in SW Corner. Missed 20, 25ac & 16dn. Nonetheless an enjoyable solve. Thanks Mac.

  5. For 6d I put EIGHTEENTH and got into a hole.

    1. Nice one. Filling in for Kishore & Richard ?

    2. Filling in the hole created?!

  6. Check Exa's post(10:41pm) for clarification regarding yesterday's clues.

  7. What a treat! Particularly liked 10a 11A13A 25A

  8. 16ac : Title used to address a man in Italian, Greek and Latin regions (7) SIGNORE {REGIONS}*

    What's the anind pl? Greek or Latin?

    1. U mean both Greek and Latin are aninds?

    2. Indicated all the anagram indicators for all the clues

    3. Thanks Ramesh. Saw your upgradation of anagram indicators.

    4. MB, Greek and Latin is an anind (in singular). Or is this all Greek and Latin to you

    5. Thanks Suresh garu! It was all Greek to me intially but now everything is clear!! :)

  9. Sniffed samosas but 'hiding' did not come out for me.
    Superb enjoyable CW. Liked many(why, almost all) clues. Got the nineteenth hole and had a smile.Enjoyable surfaces.Thank you Mac. Would like to have more of you.

  10. 5D reminded me of Sri Lanka which is also known as "Teardrop Island"

  11. Santa's helpers ate my samosas

    1. You should have reined them in

  12. Lovely. Signore, faint, hero, malign are my favourites. Teardrop took my time ..
    Thanks Mac

  13. Wow Mac , very nice & enjoyable CW !

  14. MAC has given me samosas! Thank you MAC. Feeling very happy.This is possible because of this blog and the fellow commentators. Thank you all for the training and teachings!

  15. Enjoyable, elegant, accessible - great work, Mac! Thank you for a great time - and to Ramesh for the blog.

    Too many favourites to list, but I think my COD is FAINT - brilliant surface, and shows that great clues don't have to be complex!

  16. Easy puzzle today. Liked FAINT and STIPEND. Had a few problems with some clues:

    1) REINDEERS was jarring, (but surprisingly Oxford Dictionary seems to agree with the plural!), so were a couple of surfaces - animal 'reviler' and 'grave words of commendation'.
    2) In the latter, why should EPITAPH be associated with commendation? Is it a mix-up between commendation/commemoration or epitaph/eulogy?
    3) 'Top businessman' to mean 'top of businessman': 'Business head' fits better. 'Top businessman' seems more appropriate as an instruction to remove the first letter (top=behead).
    4) Why is 'Not quite' an anagram indicator? Not convinced about 'organization' too, but I guess that would be justifiable.
    5) Somewhat verbose definitions for TENDERS, TEARDROP and SIGNORE.

    1. Also I reckon a research paper is different from a thesis, though a few research papers written cohesively can contribute towards a thesis or a dissertation.

    2. 2. An epitaph is usually writing in praise of a deceased person.
      3. Agreed. "top businessman" isn't well-framed.
      4. "Not quite" seems to work, for me. It suggests the letters aren't quite in the correct order. 'Organization' seems perfectly fine to me. But then again, I'm for nounal anagrinds.
      5. True. But I don't see much wrong there.

    3. Agreed with EPITAPH; it has more contexts than what I thought originally.

      'Not quite' convinced about 'Not quite'. The dictionary entry says 'Not completely', in line with its crossword usage as a tail deletor. To equate 'Not quite' to 'Not quite in order' is a stretch to me.